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welcome to the art cities of Emilia Romagna Eat, Feel & Live Like A Local In Italy.


e created this e-book to highlight the jewels located in every art city in Emilia Romagna. The authors of this e-book are travel bloggers who come from all corners of the globe. Each one took part in the Blogville Emilia Romagna project, and this ebook is a collection of their travel stories, tips and advice. It was written for travellers by travellers to help you get the most out of your trip to the Emilia Romagna region. We did this because we wanted to create a fresh and new guide for everyone who wants to experience our cities. We use




Reggio Emilia Modena


Bologna Faenza Forlì



the word “experience” because this is what every blogger wrote about in the different stories—their own experiences. In addition to presenting the cities as traditional guide book does, the authors also showcase their own personal experiences—like connecting with locals and finding delicious restaurants and artisan shops—they had while visiting the region. Inside this ebook, you’ll find a plethora of great hints and travel tips that are perfect for anyone who wants to visit and experience Emilia Romagna like a local. The e-book will follow the ancient Roman road Via Emilia, the “artery” of Emilia Romagna, giving readers an insiders look at all these Emilia Romagna art cities have to offer when it comes to culture, history, motorsports, and wine and food. Starting in northern Emilia Romagna at Piacenza and the Po River, will take you through the region until your


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