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sandwiched between parma ham and cheese by Michael Turtle


hey’re hanging from the ceiling, bat-like, smelly and dusty. In the darkened basement you feel like they could suddenly come alive, turn on you in a swarm and leave you with no defenses. They look menacing—partly because of the dimly-lit and enclosed environment, partly because of their resemblance to cocoons of dangerous and exotic predators, and partly because of the unknown. What are they?

They’re Parma hams. In this cellar underneath an old castle in the Italian region of Emilia Romagna, more than 5,000 pieces of pig are being turned into one of the local delicacies—the “culatello” variety of prosciutto. It is one of the finest pork products you will ever eat! There’s a reason some of the world’s rich and famous order their own supplies from here—see if you can spot a celebrity name in the batch to the right.


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