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Italian Baroque theater in perfect condition. It was rebuilt

I had never thought of there being a first proscenium

and reopened in 1962. Some consider this to be the first

theater before. Standing in this magnificent space,

proscenium arch theater, which is our standard theater

breathing the air of centuries of theater felt magical. Alas,

architectural format today. It contains the action on the

it was rarely used as a theater but rather, on occasion only,

stage inside a frame so that what divides the audience and

for ducal marriages and state visits.

the stage is a sort of 4th wall, as it is known.

Above: What’s missing? The Palazzo della Pilotta was hit badly during the war. Sometimes you have to look for what’s missing to see the history of a place.

Above: The interior of the Teatro Farnese. You enter through the Palazzo della Pilotta.


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