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Piadina recipe: Cooking piadina and crescione in Rimini by KATHRYN BURRINGTON


had never been to this part of Italy before and it was fantastic to discover such beautiful scenery. It is a little wilder and more rugged than the gentle flowing

now as it was then. Today, it can be found in homes, restaurants and street stalls throughout the region.

hills of its more famous neighbour, Tuscany.

During our day out in the hills of Rimini we were treated to

culinary heart of italy

near the little village of Gemmano. We made crescione, a

a cooking lesson at a delightful inn, Locanda di Onferno,

With its many wonderful ancient towns, stunning

type of the piadina, with their superb chef, Maria.

medieval cities and breathtaking scenery, Emilia

How piadina is made varies a little from town to town,

Romagna is the culinary heart of Italy. It is the birthplace

village to village, and home to home, but we were shown a

of numerous pastas, including the tortellini of Bologna

traditional recipe with a healthy twist in that the lard that

and many other well-known specialities like prosciutto di

is found in an authentic list of ingredients was replaced

Parma and Modena’s balsamic vinegar, to name but two.

with olive oil. At this inn they use an old variety of sweet

Rimini, itself, is home to the ancient flatbread piadina,

red wheat called Gentil Rosso, which grows in the hills of

which dates back to the Romans and is just as popular

Montefetro, to make the flour used for the piadina.


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