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Ponte di Tiberio – Bridging the Centuries by suzanne courtney


After eating our way through Bologna, the food capital of Italy, Kathryn from Travel with Kat and I took the one hour train journey

Rimini’s Centro Storico for a quick exploration before

down to Rimini. There we met up with our fellow

caught my attention was the ancient Bridge of Tiberius

bloggers, Erin and Norbert, and arranged to head into

or Ponte di Tiberio at the end of Via Corso d’Augusto.

sundown. Rimini’s pretty old town has a number of notable historic structures, but the one that really

Ponte di Tiberio dates back to 21 A.D. Can you believe that this bridge is almost 2,000 years old? It’s one of the best preserved bridges from the Roman period and being such an old soldier, it is a bridge with baggage. In 14 A.D., the Emperor Augustus ordered that a bridge be built over the River Marecchia, which would ensure that Via Emilia, one of the Roman Empires’ five most important roads, could

continue its planned route north—the bridge marks the start of Via Emilia. Seven years later in 21 A.D., under the rule of new Emperor Tiberio, the bridge was completed. An inscription on the inner parapet tells as “given by both emperors.” The bridge can also be referred to by its Latin name as Ponte d’Augusto.


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