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Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta, was never finished – leaving that the lord of the city. Sigismondo interesting asymmetrical shape we had an affair with Isotta Degli see today. Inside, there are a series Atti, who first was his mistress of small side chapels with different and then his third and final wife, religious scenes. so he had the idea of building the The Church of St. Augustine is temple as a mausoleum for his the place to go to admire some wife and himself (still buried there beautiful 14th-century frescos to this day). The original design painted by masters of the Rimini was in gothic style and not what Squaquerone Prosciutto Crudo and Squaquerone school, which curiously were not you see today. Somewhere along Fresh Cheese Piadina discovered until 1916 when an the way Sigismondo made sure to “revamp” the temple by designing earthquake destroyed the stucco and its white marble façade with the best architect of the frescos created during the 18th century, as well as scenes time—Leon Battista Alberti. Unfortunately, the building of the life of St. John the Evangelist and Virgin Mary.

The modern times Let’s start the modern times with something lite… the art of eating gelatos and piadinas. This is nothing new in Italy, but it is a must, especially Rimini. Once you’re satisfied beyond pleasure, you can head to Piazza Tre Martiri. In reality this plaza is from the Roman times, but the name it has today is in honor of three partisans who died in 1944—hanged by the retreating Nazis at the end of World War II. But, before the horrors of WW II, this plaza marked the meeting point of the Cardo and Decumanus (the two main streets in Roman times), and

And now, last but not least, there’s the City Museum. Here

it is where the roman forum was located.

historical buildings that are well worth seeing.

is a record of Rimini’s history from ancient Roman times to modern art. Everything from mosaics, amphorae, tiles, kilns, to renaissance paintings and graphic art of the 20th century. One good thing about Rimini is that most (if not all) of its important sights are well labeled, with a brief history, and are also routed according to the era they belong. So, in addition to these samples I showed, there are many more

Piazza Tre Martiri


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