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on horses. Tip: Next to the staircase, there is a loggia where you’ll find the Tourist Information Office.

Fontana Masini

city was a bishop. A few meters from the Cathedral there is an interesting building that reminds us of this period, Palazzo del Ridotto, where you can see the sculpture of Pope Pius VI Braschi, who was actually born in Cesena.

teatro allesandro bonci

In the middle of the square there is a big marble fountain, Fontana Masini, named after the architect that invented it in 1588. The legend says that the fountain was so beautiful that inhabitants of neighboring towns were so jealous that Francesco Masini’s hands were cut off in order to prevent him from creating other monuments similar to that. Piazza del Popolo is particularly lovely on Wednesday and Saturday mornings when a big open air market takes place and the square becomes vibrant and full of life.

Shopping Cavour



For those who love shopping, Corso Cavour is the road to see. At the beginning of the road, you’ll find the Barriera, the ancient entrance gate to the city centre. Today, the Barriera is used by the locals as a meeting point for their Saturday afternoon city strolls. Tip: To enjoy one of the best pizza al taglio (sliced pizza) in town, head to the nearby Pizzeria Barriera.

Last but not least, Cesena is well known for hosting one of the theaters with the best acoustics in Europe: the Teatro Alessandro Bonci, which is really worth a visit especially for its wonderful interiors and frescoes. Nightlife Tip: Next to Teatro Bonci you’ll find a smaller theatre, Teatro Verdi, that during the weekends becomes a popular disco. In addition to that, in the area surrounding the two theaters, there are many bars and pubs that offer a wide variety of drinks and cocktails, making it a fabulous place to enjoy a great night out with friends.

cathedral of cesena Not to miss is also the Cathedral of Cesena dedicated to Saint John the Baptist. For some decades Cesena was part of the Papal States and the first Malatesta who ruled the


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