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Magical Moments in Emilia Romagna by Kate McCulley Let me tell you about Emilia Romagna—an Italian region

touristed compared to Italy’s more popular regions. You

that is so dear to me.

don’t have to fight through umbrella-toting crowds or

It’s not as famous as Tuscany. There isn’t artwork on every corner like in Florence, nor does it buzz in the way that Rome does, nor is it as picturesque as Venice.

dodge tour buses in Emilia Romagna, and the tourists that do spend time here happen to be Italian themselves. That’s the Italy that I love, and that’s why I’ve been

But there’s something so warm about Emilia Romagna. The people are so friendly and kind. The cities are vibrant and exciting. The small towns are straight out of a painting. The food is exceptional—by far the best I’ve had in Italy.

fantasizing about moving to Bologna, Emilia-Romagna’s largest city, for every day since I left there a few weeks ago! On my latest visit to Emilia-Romagna, I had many magical moments that made me so deeply happy to be

And at the same time, this region is incredibly under-

there in that very moment.


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