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road trip: The backroads of emilia romagna by janice waugh

The countryside of Emilia Romagna.


ologna is a wonderful city to visit. It’s also a city from which to visit the surrounding area. It sits in the heart of Emilia Romagna, on the

Via Emilia, the ancient road used during Roman times to travel from Rome to the north. There are towns every 30 km along the Via Emilia. The spacing of the towns was determined by the distance that Roman soldiers were expected to walk in a day. From Bologna, the rail system can take you to any of these small towns. But I wanted to get into the countryside. To see the landscape in the Apennines, a mountain range that runs almost the length of Italy, and

some of the villages not serviced by train. For this, I needed to take a car.

Driving for empowerment For me, there’s always a certain amount of excitement when preparing to drive in a new country and culture and a certain amount of anxiety. Step by step, is how I do it. Step one: Get to the car rental office Almost everything is within walking distance in Bologna’s city center, but to pick up a rental car, I had to take a bus. (How to take a local bus is detailed at the end of this post.)


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