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actually enjoyed Faenza a lot, although it would probably never cross my mind to do everything I did there if I was traveling solo. But because it is the city of ceramics, we visited the museum Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche in Faenza and a potter with a small shop nearby (Geminiani Gino at Via Nuova 13).

I rarely go to museums. It would be wrong to say it’s out of my comfort zone, because I don’t really have one like I do with food. I think you should try as many different things as possible. You won’t like everything, but that’s not the point either. However, museums and cultural events like theater, ballet, exhibitions and even concerts are things I just don’t attend unless I have a very good reason (i.e. good company or a press trip). It doesn’t at all mean I don’t enjoy them when I am there, but for some reason I just stay away from them even when traveling (unless we’re talking about cars). However, a few good experiences later and I am now ready to try this more often!

Ceramics are more fascinating than I would have imagined. I made a few pots when I was a kid, but remembering what they looked like I haven’t really thought about the fact that with skills people are able to create pretty epic things with their hands. I actually enjoyed the modern ceramics a lot (the fly, the man coming out from the artwork, the orchid, etc.), it’s the type of style I could see in my own home. And the “squeezed” espresso cups in


all the bright colors—absolutely love them!

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