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What Came First DeLorean or Lamborghini? Lamborghini designed a car with gull wing doors long before DeLorean imitated the design and made it famous in Back To The Future.

When I asked Fabio why Lamborghini didn’t pursue this design he replied, “Well, it’s an inefficient design.” Couldn’t argue with that.

The Official Auto of the Vatican is Lamborghini We saw the actual golf cart John Paul II used during his that what you call time in Pope?) The bullet proof glass on it and it was as if the Pope was with us on the seat of the cart.

that Pope reign (is office as was still right there

Ferruccio’s Actual Cars We saw Ferruccio’s own personal car that he drove in the 1948 Mille Miglia and when Fabio asked us to guess how much it is worth, we came up with all sorts of answers, but the true one was “Priceless, It’s not for sale,” he said. And then the finale came when we were allowed to sit in a Lamborghini of our choosing. Ok, we had the choice of two. We chose to sit in the classic Countach, you know the one used in the Canonball Run? Ah, Burt Reynolds and Dom DeLuise at their best, they always looked like they were having so much fun in those movies. And then Fabio was gracious enough to let us all pose for a photo with him. What a nice guy. I got his card too! So we’re thinking, the next


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