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rushing around, but before we knew it Fabio took charge and said, “It is best if you take photos after I finish speaking.” And so we listened. We watched, we followed and we hung on his every word.

Let’s Talk Tractors I must say, I have never enjoyed a museum tour so much in my life. We took a tour through history. Starting at the first tractor that Lamborghini ever made. Did you even know that Lamborghini started in the tractor business? Yes, Ferruccio Lamborghini was a farmer. Well that’s what Ferrari told him when he approached them with news that their clutch could use some improvements. Ferrari would have nothing of it, who is this farmer to tell us how to fix our car? So Ferruccio decided to take his knowledge and build his own car. Only bigger and better. Above: Fabio Lamborghini.

What sets Lamborghini apart from any other car is

Below: Early Lamborghini Tractor

how exclusive it is. Not just anyone can own one. You need to be more than wealthy to own one. When we looked up prices during our stay at Blogville, we couldn’t find a car under $300,000!


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