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Tracks, Struts, Angles and Shafts

DURA-HEM Track Selection Guide FlexiForce manufactures DURA-HEM Track and Conventional Track. Use the following guide to select the right track for your company.


Conventional Track

Safety • Smooth edges make installation safer. • Smooth edges are safer for home owners.

Safety • Conventional track has been proven for years, but edges are sharper.

Strength • Hemmed edges distribute loading. • Use gauge equivalency chart to compare with Conventional track.

Strength • Gauge choice depends on door weight, horizontal angle, and installation configu ation.

Cost • Costs the same as Conventional track of similar strength.

Cost • Costs the same as DURA-HEM track of similar strength.

Gauge Equivalency

Gauge Equivalency

.037” .041” .046” .051” .062” .075”

.045” .048” .055” .062” .075” .083”

Frequently asked questions: 1. Which track is most common? Based on customer purchases, DURA-HEM track makes up over 90% of FlexiForce's sales volume. 2. Is the DURA-HEM track just as strong as Conventional track? By using the gauge equivalency chart above combined with the FlexiForce's forward mounted back-hang slots, DURA-HEM track is stiffer than equivalent conventional track and provides similar rollout and twist resistance. 3. What is the heaviest DURA-HEM gauge? .075” is the heaviest gauge we can manufacture. 3” track cannot be manufactured in DURA-HEM.

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