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Weather Seals


aving the right weather seal product is critical for a successful installation. Purchasing weather seals from the right company is equally important.

FlexiForce carries seals for a wide variety of applications. FlexiForce’s

broad product range is designed to per form in climate

extremes such as Alaska or Arizona. Having a supplier who can offer a full range of weather seals that can withstand hot and cold climates is nice. Having one that can deliver them with the rest of your hardware, springs, and windows is truly exceptional. FlexiForce will periodically update weather seal products or add new items.

Please check with your sales representative to receive current

samples and verify product preferences. · Phone: 604.854.3660 · Fax: 604.854.3576 Revision 3.0


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FlexiForce Americas Product Catalog Revision 3.0  

FlexiForce Americas Product Catalog Revision 3.0