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lexiForce manufactures a broad range of springs for the overhead door industry using state -of-the -art spring manufacturing equipment.

We stock a full range of wire sizes in galvanized hard drawn wire and oiltempered wire, and we produce spring inside diameters ranging from 1-3/4” through 6” to cover all of your residential and commercial spring applications. Our galvanized springs provide inherent corrosion resistance and a clean appearance that coordinates with our family of galvanized steel hardware products. Several sizes of coned springs are stocked for shorter lead times. Polymer-coated oil-tempered springs are also available and provide another clean alternative to standard oil-tempered springs. Oil-tempered spring snakes up to 16’ long are also available with polymer coating. Spring dimensions and winding stripes are stencilled on all galvanized and coated oil-tempered coned springs, and custom stencilling is available upon request. All FlexiForce springs are color-coded per DASMA standards. We stock a wide variety of coned springs and spring snakes for fast deliver y. Contact your sales representative for a current list of stock sizes. · Phone: 604.854.3660 · Fax: 604.854.3576 Revision 3.0


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FlexiForce Americas Product Catalog Revision 3.0  

FlexiForce Americas Product Catalog Revision 3.0