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I learned pain..

I knew pain..

I defeated pain.

“How much longer are you going to sleep?”

“Get up.”

“But Grandfather what am I supposed to learn when all you do is hurt me?”

“Stupid Boy! I told you already.”

“I do this to make you strong. To teach you pain, to conquer it and to fear nothing.”

“Now let us begin.”




I was impulsive...Brash!

I never looked before leaping

Never thought before speaking

t.... k ou c u t s hat il t a n e s th I wa

“huff” “huff”

“huff” “huff”


“This should be enough for today”

“Damn, it’s hot.” “A day like this should be spent at the lake with the boys”

*cough cough* “Bring me ink, I have one last thing to do”

“You are my legacy. I have passed on as much as I could to you”

“With this I leave it all to you..

Finish the work that I started. Accomplish the things I could not�

He taught me everything I knew. Courage



But even with all his teachings and all my strength I couldn’t help but feel hopeless..

The first atomic bomb has been dropped by a United States aircraft on the Japanese city of Hiroshima. President Harry S Truman, announcing the news from the cruiser, USS Augusta, in the mid-Atlantic, said the device was more than 2,000 times more powerful than the largest bomb used to date. The bomb was dropped from an American B-29. The plane’s crew say they saw a column of smoke rising and intense fires springing up.

In suffering

I found love.

In love I found hope.

And in hope I experienced joy.

With my own two hands I made a home for us

A place to call our own.

And for a long time it was ours.

They say life only gives you what you can handle but even then you can never be prepared for the pain of tragedy.

“Don’t be sad grandpa, I know Grandma and Dad have gone away but I’m still here.”

“I’ll still play with you”

I thought it was you who needed saving.

But looking back I realise it was me who needed to be saved first

you gave an old man a reason to smile again

You saved me.

“Grandpa” “I’m Home”

“How much longer are you going to sleep?”

“Get up!”

“But Grandpa what am I supposed to learn when all you do is hurt me?”

“Don’t be silly. I’ve told you many times already.”

“I do this to make you strong”


this was a project inspired by the idea that knowledge is a journey and the Kuden,the verbal transmission is the path that guides you along.

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