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t is common knowledge to all that Kenya has two centers of power, each pulling in the opposite direction. It is against this backdrop that President Kibaki’s spirited efforts to derail the ICC process will fail. This is a blessing in disguise particularly for the victims of violence whose interests and cries for justice have simply fallen on deaf ears three years after the crimes and still counting. VP Kalonzo and his team’s renewed mission to save the precious Ocampo Six from The Hague are on a fools’ errand whose futile outcome is as good as a foregone conclusionnaught. First off, the one half of the government led by PM Raila Odinga is vehemently opposed to the President’s position; in the eyes of the world, the president’s position cannot be the government’s position because a government needs ALL its parts, in this case an entire half is missing and therefore his efforts fail on a technicality alone, the security

council members with veto powers have stated quite clearly as such. So if the president was serious about helping his precious six, the key prerequisite and first order of business would be to disengage from the coalition and take complete and full command of the ICC effort. Quite frankly, disengaging from the coalition is one step Kenyans will be very thankful to him for. Kibaki is not gaining any additional respect by staying in it, in-fact his conciliatory and accommodating ways have only earned him ridicule and scorn, so I say why bother? To the president I would say, cut your losses Mr. President, disengage from the coalition, restore some sanity in government and manage the transition to a new constitution without the bickering and wasteful sideshows, the new constitution still allows you to withdraw. This coalition has subjected Kenya to international ridicule, transferred her sovereignty to foreign powers and weakened her institutions tremendously.

With respect to the precious for political Ocampo Six, frankly the m i l e a g e president is not doing them simply spelt a any favor but is instead death knell on fueling the ICC and the the Ocampo international community’s Six’s bid to resolve to pursue this case. avoid The It is not just that he has Hague. Not to gone about this thing totally mention that the wrong way but he also Author: David Ochwangi Kenyans by bungled the one chance he and large now had to show the world that depend on he valued the rule of law in the the ICC for justice and view it way he recently nominated as their only insurance against people for the CJ and other key the tyranny of the government posts. It served to reinforce the and the powerful. world’s perception that Kenya is not ready to carry out a credible Second, we must keep Prime prosecutorial process of the Minister Raila Odinga honest; PEV when the president failed Raila has maintained that PEV to respect key provisions of a suspects must be tried at The constitution he himself helped Hague before 2012 to avoid pass. If the president makes a violence again. But how is it mockery of Kenya’s brand new that the PEV suspects must constitution, the ICC is not safe face justice at The Hague for either and I don’t think either their illegal acts while Raila the international community Odinga continues to reap the or the ICC itself will allow benefits of those very acts? him to make a mockery of Truth be told, Post-Election its process as well, NO. This Violence put Odinga in office and PM Odinga exploiting as Prime Minister, again, the the situation and milking it Prime Minister’s post in Kenya

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MARCH - APRIL 15, 2011




By Paul Waithaka

go out to shoot at the civilians just because you fter spending millions of Kenyan Tax payers hard have been given orders earned shillings on crisscrossing the globe on wild by your senior. This is diplomatic negotiations led by Kenyan Vice President what Kalonzo seem to be THE KENYA MONITOR Kalonzo Musyoka, these efforts seems to have had just doing. Going against the is published monthly by: the negative effect of painting Kenyans as desperate to continue over 40 million Kenyans on the path of impunity. The United Nations Security Council to try save the Ocampo seems determined to end the era of impunity in Kenya and to six and probably his boss. Publisher: finally get justice to More than 1,300 people who were killed and I say his boss because Alpasons Productions 300,000 displaced in two months of ethnic violence following suddenly our president 810 Washington St. #5 a disputed election between President Mwai Kibaki seems to be Stoughton, MA 02702 and Prime Minister Raila Odinga. more engaged t. 508.232.0382 and having While giving his report after the joy ride, Kalonzo serious vested Editor: justified this waste of our resources by claiming that interest in saving Paul Waithaka Kenya has nations willing to support “Kenyan” case the Ocampo six including withdrawal from ICC. This could not be than any other Layout and Graphic Design: further from the truth. For beginners, let us check issue he has Lucyus Fevrier the kind of allies that Kalonzo is talking about. If handled during Libya – read Gadaffi, Zimbabwe and Ethiopia and his presidency Marketing & Advertising: Egypt- read Mubarak is what he can show as proof Kenyan VP: Kalonzo Musyoka and at the of how successful his trip was, then Kenya we have a expense of his problem. legacy. Kenyans would wish to see him We have a problem because this is one man determined to be and his cabinet put the a president of our great nation at some point in his lifetime yet same kind of energy and he seems to support the loosing side throughout his political urgency in relocating the life. A closer look at some political decision this political student PEV and implementing of former President Moi paints an opportunistic political career the constitution. That and it is a true chilling reminder of the Nyayo era. A time that would be true leadership. most Kenyans would like to not want to remember at all. Unless Kibaki is worried He is the true king of status quo. In recent past he was wrong and about Uhuru Kenyatta, against Kenyans on the issue of Kivuitu the former chairman of Francis Muthaura and the Electoral Commission. Kenyans wanted Kivuitu out, Kalonzo former Police Commissioner Hussein Ali opening a can of worms was against this. He was a staunch supporter of the anti-graft on him at the Hague, then he should let the wishes of most Kenyans czar Aaron Ringera, while the Kenyans wanted Ringera gone be done and that would be taking his friends to the Hague and and now The Hague issue and the list goes on. to stop misusing the public funds on these unnecessary trips by


Kalonzo’s claim that he is acting as an envoy of the president Kalonzo and Co. is also a true copout. He should know by now that you do not



ust after speaker Marende’s ruling on the constitutionality of Kibaki and PNU Judicial and other appointments, Uhuru Kenyatta suddenly became angry and very abusive of his political opponents. He was speaking in his mother tongue about men’s mothers & private organs. In one of the public meeting and switching to Kikuyu he said “they think Kibaki is uncircumcised? He can think for himself ”. Few sentences later he again switches from our national language and back to his mother tongue asking “Is Hague their mother’s? We will go there and defend ourselves”. It is worrying how Uhuru finds comfort to use the abusive language in his Uhuru Kenyatta mother tongue and not when he is speaking

in Swahili or English. He should know that those who stoke the embers of tribalism are living in the past and have no chance of national politics. The national leadership has NO Us and Them. HE should also know that Hague or not, he will not get to state house just because his father was a president. He should (together with his friend Ruto) realize that there are so many other Kenyans who may not be shouting at the top of their voices or throwing tantrums during press conferences who can also be presidents and do a better job.

MARCH - APRIL 15, 2011


Kenya : Nation Must Abolish The Coalition Government Before The ICC can Even consider Deffering Its Case (Cont.) is a direct consequence of PEV of which PM Odinga is the single-most beneficiary, so if he were sincere about fighting impunity, he should lead by example and resign from the position derivative of impunity. Odinga cannot and should not be allowed to have it both ways- fighting crime while benefiting from the same! It is no different than sending a robber to jail while keeping the loot to yourself instead of returning it to its rightful owners. He shouldn’t be allowed to continue benefiting from an illegality. That is an untenable and hypocritical realty we must right. We must not settle for half measures but rather a complete overhaul and clean

break from the unfortunate past; if the precious Ocampo Six must be tried for their actions, we must also do away with the positions and benefits accruing from those actions and chief among them is the Prime Minister’s post. Justice demands equality, equity and fairness and I can’t think of a more perfect scenario where this must be upheld-what’s good for the goose must also be good for the gender. ODM’s so called “rebel MPs” allied to Eldoret North’s William Ruto also need to mature up and quit acting like the spoilt brats they have become. Instead of persistent moaning, whining, bluffs and idle threats about quitting ODM

and threatening to pass a NO CONFIDENCE motion against PM Odinga, do it already! Put your money where your mouths are or simply SHUT UP! They are disingenuous by barking at the PM accusing him of dictatorship and yet continue to enable him to perpetuate dictatorship from his plum and powerful post as Prime Minister. As spelled in the “Accord”, the PM’s post is dependent on ODM’s strength in parliament and if these rebel MPs were serious about stopping PM Odinga, they can do so immediately. The 30 or so of them have the power to effectively end the coalition madness tomorrow if they wanted to, just be brave

enough resign from ODM instead of your cowardly insinuations and the so called “ODM Strength” in parliament will end- tomorrow, sounds like common sense to me. The bickering within ODM as well as between the coalition partners is derailing the implementation of the new constitution and time is fast running out before the next election, doing away with the coalition madness will go a long way in expediting the process. These MPs can help deliver sanity to Kenya.



resident Kibaki could be a humble and visionary man who is also fully in charge of our government affairs as some of his loyalists may possibly argue. He may also be a very popular and pragmatic leader only that his co-principal may be demanding for far too much of the pie- as they claim. And may be he is truly all that his fans assert he is  but then, that may be a review worth

contesting on another day and in a different forum. And so today, I digress but first, who is Emilio Mwai Kibaki- politically speaking? And why do I believe he needs to be prosecuted? Let me explain... Number 1 - Ever since early 1960's when Kibaki joined the Kenyatta government after quite some stint as an economics lecturer in Makerere University, baba jimmy lost touch with the common man and has not even attempted

to understand or Gama Gio Pinto was possibly define a gunned down in the late typical Kenyan sixties, Kibaki was in struggle to put Kenyatta's government. food on the table, When Tom Mboya was pay school fees assasinated in 1968 for their children, possibly due to his rising and secure political star against their doors lest Kenyatta's, Emilio Author: Moses Marango Mungiki strikes at Mwai Kibaki was the 2PM. Close to two minister for Finance. thirds of his life on When JM Kariuki was earth, Kibaki has been an MP, assasinated in 1975, Kibaki subsisting on your taxes. But was still the Finance Minister that is not a crime. And when and the Organizing Secretary the great human rights activist of Gema alongside Njenga

MARCH - APRIL 15, 2011


KENYA - TOWARDS VISION 2030 IS KIBAKI A TRUE AGENT OF CHANGE? OR DOES HE NEED TO BE PROSECUTED ALONGSIDE THE OCAMPO 6? (Cont.) Karume, the late Kihika Kimani and the late Dr. Julius Kiano. All the while, Hon. Mwai Kibaki held his cheque tight to his chest, just as much as he kept his lips tight. He was a 'statesman', they claimed! Number 2 - In early eighties, when the late George Anyona and others fronted for a multiparty democracy in our country via the registration of the now defunct Kenya

Socialist Congress, on the night preceding its formal registration, Moi's govt. connivingly introduced the infamous Section 2A in the old constitution branding Kenya a one party state. Multiparty was thus declared illegal overnight. As these unfolded, Kibaki was Moi's Vice President and Minister for Home Affairs. He still avoided democracy and kept justice at bay as usual.

Number 3 - When Moi introduced the Nyayo Torture Chambers and detention without trial in the early eighties, and when more than 3,000 Wagalla people were massacred in North eastern Kenya, when mtukufu Moi was juu juu zaidi, President Mwai Kibaki was still his Vice President and Minister for Home Affairs....www.

The story continues in my book "The Broken Covenant" call us at 0724-641400 and get your copy today! Moses Marango Author, The Broken Covenant Visit us at and get on the roller coaster. The thrilling and perhaps inconvenient truths to the conniving ruling class. or call us at 0724-641400



ince inception back in 2003 the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) has transformed rural Kenya in ways that central planning and administration of funds did not achieve in more than 40 years of independence. CDF management, however, faces challenges that scale down potential achievements. Problems of corruption and lack of structured priorities, must addressed as a means of stemming losses. Solutions exist, including the public being a watchdog and continually fighting the embezzlement, and using technology to centrally monitor and flag possible fraudulent activities.

funds according to these priorities. Today CDF projects dot the rural areas: clean watering places, schools, clinics, access roads, markets, electricity and more! Grassroots disbursement has positively impacted rural business (e.g. building and road contractors) and provided jobs for a number of people. Some children that could not afford school fees now benefit from these funds.

All said and done, CDF has been good for the local economy and national development. That said CDF faces many challenges. Among these is lack of coordinated development within and across constituencies, corruption (embezzlement is a more appropriate term) and MPs’ CDF anticipate grassroots misuse. Few CDF committees participation in identifyengage services of planners to ing priorities and allocating help establish the best possible

manner of spendused properly as ing the money. Subintended. location and location There are stories committees may ofof CDF committee fer their priorities but members whose lack of professional wealth status skyinput in the planning rockets on being process may lead to Author: Dr. Matunda Nyanchama appointed to CDF misplaced prioricommittees. Peoties. A worse issue is ple whisper about kickbacks where MPs disregard grassgiven to committee members roots recommendations and for favouring certain projallocate the money the way ects. Other allegations point they deem necessary! Usually, fingers at MPs, the supposed this is to reward supporters! true custodians of the funds! MPs have also been accused A recent Daily Nation report of using CDF as slush funds confirms this. In the report to reward cronies and punthe Minister for Planning susish perceived opponents. pended the release of funds for CDF committees are invarinumber constituencies that ably staffed by MPs’ cronies had questionable dealings. and henchmen. PLO Lumumba, director of A bigger problem is corrup- the Kenya Anti-Corruption tion and the challenge is how Commission (KACC), is also to stem the corruption and reported to have said that the ensure that the funds get commission is investigating

MARCH - APRIL 15, 2011


KENYA - TOWARDS VISION 2030 Constituency Development Fund (Cont.) a number of MPs in this re- How many books would have spect. been bought for libraries? How many water wells would It is time this drain on public have been built? , and many, resources were arrested to enmany more. As such despite sure that funds get channeled the amount of development for development and ensure we witness today, we could the community benefits colhave realized much more with lectively, in line with their deproper spending. velopment aspirations. Is this degree of embezzleThe exact percentage of funds ment is sustainable? How lost due to embezzlement is does it impact the realization not clear. However, one can of Vision 2030 and Millenniestimate based on anecdotal um Development Goals? The tales from the field. actual impact is multifaceted. A conversation I overheard Moses Muse Sichei in an essay suggested that, in one constittitled Impact of Corruption uency, 50% of the funds go dion the National Economy[2] rectly to committee members. documents some of the efThis is “negotiated”, according fects of corruption. Among to the conversation, before these is resources diversion even a project is approved; the from productive endeavours, project “owner”/beneficiary for example where money (e.g. the head of a school, congoes into someone’s pocket tractor or supplier), it is said, instead of funding education has to promise a 50% cut that for a needy child. will be divvied up within the CDF committee! Further, corruption increases the cost doing business as in Others speak of price inflation the case where a businessman in CDF-related projects as high must bribe before being alloas 40% of the funds spent. cated a deserved contract; the If one adds other wastage, in- added cost passed on to the cluding unnecessary admin- tax payer. istrative costs, it may be that As well, there is uncertainty only 20~30% of the original to the business environment allocation gets to do anything as where the fate of deserving meaningful for mwananchi. businesses when a new MP As such nationally, between takes office! Kshs 3.6 and Kshs 3.9 billion will be wasted; a measly Kshs There is more! Corruption 1.6 and Kshs 1.8 billion used shifts resources from the poor meaningfully. to the rich. CDF committees members may NOT be overly Imagine the lost opportunity! rich, but they sure are much How many bursaries would better off than many in the have been supported? How constituency such as needy many schools would have students deserving bursaries; had permanent classrooms? or a water well that would

have collectively benefitted the community. Corruption imposes an addition “tax” to the poor and diverts resources to benefit individuals. Given clan and ethnic loyalties, corruption can aggravate exclusion of those that are outside. For example, there was newly MP who suspended projects located in some clan that hadn’t supported him. Corruption can also lead to heavy spending on non-priority projects where returns for the corrupt are sizeable! Thus instead of giving a bursaries here or building a bridge there, CDF committees might favour a large capital project, where absolute spending is high, that may not be a priority!

CDF spending, raising questions as necessary in search of transparency; we must demand ongoing accounting of spending, and conduct citizen audits of CDF-funded projects. What is happening in some constituencies in the Coast Province is worth emulating. Here citizens get information on funds allocation and do site visits to establish how well the money was spent.

We also must encourage, reward and protect whistle blowers. Insiders with information on untoward spending should be encouraged to proffer such information for investigation; where savings are made due to such whistleblowing, the subject should be equally rewarded. In whisOne can ask whether there is tle-blowing, we must protect a way out of this mess. Yes, against propaganda and venthere is! detta, which should be heavFirst, we must understand ily punished as a deterrent. that there is collective loss Matunda Nyanchama, Ph.D, when money meant for public CISSP is the past and founddevelopment goes into private ing president of the  Kenyan hands illegally. Since it is our Community Abroad (KCA), a loss, we must all be vigilant to post from which he retired in protect that which is public. 2002. He was also a member Mali ya umma ni yetu kwa saof the interim committee that babu umma ni sisi! founded the Kenyan ComRemember that those who munity in Ontario, Canada. disburse CDF money are do- Matunda is also listed in the ing so on our behalf; and they Who is Who in Black Canada, should be held accountable 2006 edition. He is an active for embezzlement or some member in the community other misuse, in line with the and a speaker on technology, social contract that holds that politics and development isthose we choose to exercise sues. power on our behalf, should Follow or comment on this exercise that power in line article; http://www.matunda. with our priorities. org/ We must be watchdogs over

MARCH - APRIL 15, 2011



In order to act, you must have a purpose. If you want to act successfully in all but the most mundane affairs, you must embrace that purpose with a burning desire. Many people think they want to be successful, but since they do not back that thought with an intense drive, they never achieve success. Cultivate your desire. Feed it with thoughts of yourself enjoying whatever it is you seek. It’s like stoking the furnace of a steam engine. You need to build up enough pressure to carry yourself over hills; if your desire doesn’t burn hotly enough, you’ll find yourself stalled and rolling backwards. The secret to action is a red-hot desire. Napoleon Hill Foundation By Betty Ndegwa




uying Life Insurance has always been a relatively slow process. The average middle income family does not even have a life insurance policy. Surveys also typically reveal that households are significantly under-insured. Apparently, 5 out of 6 consumers because of human nature, just never get around to meeting with an agent, and even of those that do only some could be considered appropriately insured. Don’t we as a society want those bereaved families to be well taken care of as we want those who survive their breadwinner’s wrongful accidental death? Few really imagine themselves as dying prematurely, and many think that if such a death were to occur, it would necessarily occur in a wrongful accident, and therefore their family could sue the other party for millions. But such thinking is faulty; the

chance of dying from a brain tumor or other unimaginable illness is much greater than the chance of dying from someone’s negligent act. It’s a public disservice to allow individuals to maintain such false beliefs. As a society, we require that parents take lots of actions for their children’s wellbeing (CHILD SAFETY SEATS, VACCINATIONS, ETC); therefore motivating appropriate life insurance coverage is entirely consistent with such well- founded care. Avoiding discussions about life insurance may well be human nature, but that does not mean that it is rational, reasonable, or even good. In many arenas, (social security, mandatory enrollment in 401(k) plans, bicycle helmet laws, mandatory car insurance, vaccination of children, and quite possibly soon- mandatory health insurance, etc.) laws are passed to require individual responsibility. The wisdom of such laws is widely accepted.

While some might family breadwinargue that mandaners into life insurtory auto insurance buyers and ance is designed to speak to society’s protect others that best collective wisone might harm, dom about a subject the life insurance like life insurance. situation is entireAnd when that hapAuthor: Tony Ngari ly analogous; the pens, everyone will “other” being prowin. tected is actually not just any Tony Ngari is a life insur“other”, but a loved one. All ance agent with Primerica that is required is the parent & Annie Gatitu is a life and to view themselves as fiduhealth insurance agent with ciaries with responsibility to Primerica. protect their family’s primary asset (his/her future income stream) or the dependents’ benefit. Imagine an ideal world, where everyone had life insurance. Wouldn’t that help to reduce the cost of life insurance coverage? Quite simply, more effectively motivated life insurance buyers – by using society’s means of collective wisdom  persuasion- to make sure that  their loved ones are appropriately protected (regardless of how they might prematurely die: illness, accident, or wrongful accident), could really turn

MARCH - APRIL 15, 2011




Juice Your Lemons


iza has always been a fan of the apprentice. While watching the celebrity Apprentice season with Brett Michaels, she heard that Mr. Trump was interested in hearing about how the recession was affecting Americans. She had just lost a contract with a school and was mulling over what was next for her business. So she decided to write an email to the show and tell them her story. In a brief email she shared her strong feelings and attached her resume. A few weeks later, she got the call that would change the rest of her life.

Be Adaptable And Open The call was from a producer on the Apprentice. They had a phone conversation which was an interview of sorts and after that she was invited to go to LA and audition for the show. Though she was blown away by the invitation, she had a fulltime job and a family to think about so the audition took a little rearranging and planning. After a few weeks she went to LA for the

longest interview of her life. She was there for six days undergoing interviews, debates and psychological testing. These interviews were even more grueling than the actual show. Liza says that the sessions taught her to fight and defend her position. This began her journey on TV vying to be The Apprentice.

tice. She says that as an immigrant; if you come across as as being open and kind and friendly, people will find something in common with you.

See A Need/Fill A Need

Liza started her companyTexas Techies because she saw wanted more for her kids. The company creates You Are More Prepared technology rich environments that inspire everyone Than You Think to reach their full potential. Looking back she realizes that her background prepared her for the Apprentice. She was involved in public speaking in high school and various student boards in college. She came to the US as an international student from Kenya and had to learn to get along with all kinds of people. Since there were hardly any Kenyans at her school, she build a new community around other international students and Americans. All these experiences taught her how to listen and communicate her point effectively The Apprentice Contestant (Season 10) which led to her placing Liza Mucheru-Wisner in 3rd on The Appren-

Liza is convinced that technology is the bridge for communities because it makes all kinds of information accessible to everyone. She started the company on her kitchen table and started out by researching different ways to teach kids. They started by building a portable computer lab to take to schools to help teachers enhance their lessons. Liza shares her time between her company and her fulltime position with the Elite graduate program at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi.

Know Your Enemy/ Know Your Strategy Liza showed a fighting spirit on the Apprentice. Though she was on the hot seat several times, she made it to third place on the show which was quite an achievement. She says that the show taught her how to defend herself and be her best salesperson. The show also helped her learn a lot about herself and how important it is to know your competition. She had great things to say about Donald Trump and her great admiration for him. She enjoyed

MARCH - APRIL 15, 2011


EMPOWERMENT What We Can Learn From The Amazing Liza Mucheru-Wisner (Cont.) spending four hours on the golf course with him and appreciated his passion for his work and family. His advice to Liza was “be in love with what you are doing and you will find success.” She is living that out.

like she had to take action; she just could not let it go when she saw injustice or inequality. She has learnt to see her passion as a gift and quotes Gandhi saying “we must be the change we want to see in the world”. She loves technology and loves helpYour Passion Is A Gift ing people. She is glad opLiza says she always won- portunities for her business dered why she always felt have opened up and has a

vision of expanding it to Kenya. Since the show she has had a lot to think about and is working on a life plan and a rollout plan for expanding Texas Techies.

don’t. You will face adversities but push through them. If you climb the mountain, there are great things on the other side.”

Please follow this blog to follow or comment on this Her Parting Words article ; http://makutilounge. “It is tough to live your dreams and sometimes you want to throw in the towel and live a mediocre life but


wanted me to study and read shivered when they more books. Furthermore, were cleaned with water. he director asked, my mother can wash “Did you obtain clothes faster than me. This was the first time the any scholarships youth realized that it was this in school?” The The director said, “I have pair of hands that washed the youth answered “none”. a request. When you clothes everyday to enable go back today, go and him to pay the school fee. The director asked, “Was clean your mother’s The bruises in the mother’s it your father who paid for hands, and then see me hands were the price that the your school fees?” The youth tomorrow morning.* mother had to pay for his answered, “My father passed graduation, academic away when I was one year The youth felt that his chance excellence and his future. old, it was my mother who of landing the job was high. paid for my school fees. When he went back, he After finishing the happily requested his mother cleaning of his mother The director asked, “Where to let him clean her hands. His hands, the youth quietly did your mother work?” The mother felt strange, happy washed all the remaining youth answered, “My mother but with mixed feelings, she clothes for his mother. worked as clothes cleaner. showed her hands to the kid. The director requested the That night, mother and son youth to show his hands. The The youth cleaned his talked for a very long time. youth showed a pair of hands mother’s hands slowly. that were smooth and perfect. His tear fell as he did Next morning, the youth that. It was the first time he went to the director’s office. The director asked, “Have noticed that his mother’s you ever helped your hands were so wrinkled, and The Director noticed the mother wash the clothes there were so many bruises in tears in the youth’s eyes, before?” The youth answered, her hands. Some bruises were asked: “Can you tell me “Never, my mother always so painful that his mother what have you done


and in

learned your

yesterday house?”

The youth answered,” I cleaned my mother’s hand, and also finished cleaning all the remaining clothes’ The Director asked, “please tell me your feelings.” The youth said, Number 1, I know now what is appreciation. Without my mother, there would not the successful me today. Number 2, by working together and helping my mother, only I now realize how difficult and tough it is to get something done. Number 3, I have come to appreciate the importance and value of family relationship. The director said, “This is what I am looking for to be my manager. I want to recruit a person

MARCH - APRIL 15, 2011


EMPOWERMENT A Lesson Of Appreciation (Cont.) who can appreciate the help of others, a person who knows the sufferings of others to get things done, and a person who would not put money as his only goal in life. You are hired. Later on, this young person worked very hard, and received the respect of his subordinates. Every employee worked diligently and as a team. The company’s performance improved tremendously. A child, who has been

protected and habitually given whatever he wanted, would develop “entitlement mentality” and would always put himself first. He would be ignorant of his parent’s efforts. When he starts work, he assumes that every person must listen to him, and when he becomes a manager, he would never know the sufferings of his employees and would always blame others. For this kind of people, who may be good academically, may be successful for a while, but eventually would not feel sense of achievement.

He will grumble and be full of hatred and fight for more. If we are this kind of protective parents, are we really showing love or are we destroying the kid instead?* You can let your kid live in a big house, eat a good meal, learn piano, watch a big screen TV. But when you are cutting grass, please let them experience it. After a meal, let them wash their plates and bowls together with their brothers and sisters. It is not because you do not have money to hire a maid, but it is because you want to

love them in a right way. You want them to understand, no matter how rich their parents are, one day their hair will grow gray, same as the mother of that young person. The most important thing is your kid learns how to appreciate the effort and experience the difficulty and learns the ability to work with others to get things done.

MARCH - APRIL 15, 2011




hammer— will have a much harder time convincing the lthough the murworld that they have nothing der of Ugandan to do with his death. gay rights advocate David Kato Over the last few years, and the shooting of Gabri- homophobia has soared elle Giffords in Tucson, AZ, hroughout Africa but espeoccurred 9,000 miles apart, cially in Uganda, where a there are many who believe controversial 2009 Anti-Hothat American hate speech mosexuality Bill proposed is to blame for both crimes. the death penalty for some In Uganda, Kato 's death is homosexuals. The evidence being called tthe direct re- suggests that American sult of the hateful words of evangelicals were involved American evangelicals who in the drafting of the bill. In have publicly fought against March 2009, an American homosexuality and homo- evangelist named Scott Livesexual rights. ly led an anti-gay conference in Kampala. A few days later, The American conservaDavid Bahati, a lawmaker tives accused of making inand a close friend of Lively, flammatory remarks in the introduced the bill in Parliamonths leading up to the ment. Tucson massacre seem to have successfully rebuffed Rev. Kapya Kaoma, a Zambian the allegation that they bear priest who went undercover any responsibility for that to the “viciously homophocrime. They've been helped bic” conference to conduct by the mass media, which research on the rise of hohas focused heavily on the mophobia in Africa, quoted mental illness of shooter Jar- one Ugandan attendee: “Dr. ed Loughner. Scott told us about Brazil where, 10 years ago, homoBut the Americans accused sexuality was unheard of. Toof fueling the homophobia day, it is the capital. There are that many are blaming for people that have been against Kato’s brutal murder—he was homosexuality that are having bludgeoned to death with a to leave because of the pres-


sure and the threats that they are putting on them. That is how serious it is.”

sexuality. But like many laws in African countries, these were never enforced. And as To solidify their the existence of lies, evangelicals those laws obvioustook advantage of ly suggests, UganAuthor: Edwin Okong’o Ugandans’ devodans have known tion to Christianall along that some ity. They knew that Africa's of their fellow citizens are nearly 500 million Chrisgay. It wasn’t until American tians practice their religion evangelicals began flocking with more zeal than the forto the East African country eigners who introduced it to that Ugandans began to see them. Such people are more homosexuality as something likely to act on anything new and evil. that supposedly comes from the Bible. This is evident in Human rights activists and the words of another man governments from around whom Rev. Kaoma quoted the world pressured Uganda after Lively’s speech: “The to shelf the anti-homosexuman of God told us about… ality bill, albeit temporarily. a movement behind the pro- But the damage was already motion of homosexuality. … done. Politicians, journalI got to know that there is a ists and other Ugandans beforce behind homosexuality, came increasingly intolerant which we need to tackle with of people they had lived with force. He also told us that peacefully for decades. Outthese people who are behind ing gays became the fashthis…evil, they have all re- ionable thing to do. A littlesources that they need…to known tabloid called Rolling spread this evil. We need to Stone gained international stand firm to fight homosex- notoriety for publishing the uality.” front page headline "100 PICTURES OF UGANDA’S It is true that for decades TOP HOMOS LEAK." Kato's there have been laws in the photo was among them. Uganda forbidding homo(Africa Section Continued on Page 14)

MARCH - APRIL 15, 2011




By Georgie Mokuasi

"WOW HOW CAN I GET ALL THIS KENYAN TO SING IN ONE ACCORD??” I wondered. It turned out to be a great day. The CPR Crew bought me A Mega phone that I used to deliver the blows and the tunes. Kenyans Showered up in numbers ready to represent our beloved Heroes to Victory. Day one was a great day when we took on WALES. By half time my team had not got any try. We were behind by 12-0. The Boys came from behind to beat them Kenya 19- Wales 12. It was with the help of player number 13 that made all this possible .The boyz had to make sure that we came out of this game with points. The second game was tough. We Played NZ. The game started well till the referee saw it fit to take control of the game and by that I believe he did not want these sons of AFRICA TO Win. We lost to them. Kenya 10-NZ 25, Nothing could stop fans. They were singing songs to cheer the team and they could not spare the referee either. This is one thing I love my Kenya family for. Sometimes I wish they would do the same to our politicians, when they make stupid calls and try to divide us. It was all nice and lovely even though  we lost

to them we still had hopes of coming back strong, we were down but not out. We got up and re-grouped and we made the Uruguay team pay for that. Kenyan team started well with four tries from Collins Injera, it was almost like a family affair because his older brother sealed the deal Kenya beating them 28-7. This pushed Kenya a long way, that saw us to the 1/4 main cup to face England. This is the game that I wanted to get on the field and chapa this ref. Why was it so hard to let the boyz play the game?   Why did he have to frustrate them that much? After all that Kenya has gone through in the past years he still did not want us to rise up to the occasion? But as they say you can’t keep a good man down. We lost the game to England not because my boyz could not play but because the ref did not want Kenya to win! After the game it was all about having fun Rugby style, free style where no one cared how you look or dance, how you dressed or how much money you have in the bank it was about Rugby and that is why we all went out there. Day two started with a bang it was a revenge on what had happened in NZ. WE had to face the Aussies in the

semis plate. That game was so tough I remember shedding tears. This boyz went all out just to see to it that we got the points, We came from behind and got a sweet sweet win needed at the 0:00 minutes, they controlled the ball and kept it till the Cpt, sealed the deal. With a win of Kenya 24- Aussie, 21 and a great we were in the finals facing Samoa We lost 15-26. Special thanks go to the MINISTRY OF RUGBY for a job well done. We are all over the world connecting the fan base. Join the family, KENYA RUGBY 7'S GO KENYA GO, Thanks to all the Kenyans that came to support and thanks to the main sponsors KENYA AIRWAYS, LETS DO IT AGAIN NEXT YEAR. Please go to page 12 for pictures of the Rugby 7’s

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MARCH - APRIL 15, 2011


AFRICA Ugandan Gay Rights Activist Murder A Tale Of Savages In Two Continents (Cont.) “Hang them,” the paper urged. Lively and other evangelicals vehemently deny that they have a hand in igniting homophobia in Uganda. They point to some media reports quoting Ugandan police saying that Kato’s death might have been a robbery gone awry. But it isn’t hard to find

The irony is that as Ugandans were getting ready to “stand firm to fight homosexuality,” Lively was moving from CaliDavid Kato -- Slain Victim fornia to Massachusetts— a state where stories in the same media about the corruption and in- gay marriage is legal—to competence of the same po- open a coffee shop. If it turns out that Kato was murdered lice. because of his sexuality,

nothing will wash his blood off Lively’s hands— not even fair-trade coffee from Uganda. African-born journalist Edwin Okong'o is a storyteller by any medium necessary. To comment on this article or follow Edwin's blog: www.


tre of the region has been shared and ens the East African trenched culture of region celebrate the corruption. caesarean birth of Southern Sudan, Hence Southern Suthe new nation should learn dan should instead from the quagmire of the borrow a leaf from East African states. the tigers of Asian and more specifically Singapore. SinEast Africa has stagnated ecgapore was a pauper and a onomically for the near 50 third world nation in the years of her independence. 1960s,and in the 1970s.Her The independence of East founding father Lee Kwuan Africa has been meaning- chose a path toward prosperless to the majority. Poverty ity based on integrity ,excelhas been the thread hold- lence and handwork. ing together all the states Today Singapore is a first of East Africa. The epicen-


world. The Singapore port is the best run port in the world. Singapore has the best paid and the most efficient civil service on the planet. Singapore is a world class financial centre.

instead chose to blend her ethnicity and created a cocktail of communities, bringing together Chinese, Indians and other communities making them one nation and one economy. The dream of Dr.John Garang was to created a nation of investors and producers. A nation of innovators and entrepreneurs,not a market for foreign goods and foreign ideologies.

Singapore was a hopeless The ruling class now about and a fractured tiny island in to re-engineer Southern the 1960s.Ethnicity and racSudan should build Southism was her set back. They

MARCH - APRIL 15, 2011


AFRICA Southern Sudan Should Not Copy Cat The Legacy Of African Independent Nation! (Cont.) ern Sudan with blocks of tion system where public priintegrity,justice,equality and mary schools and district pubinnovation. lic secondary schools are the most neglected and the most All the tribes and races in ill equipped in the nation. Southern Sudan should be transformed into a dynamic Kenya has three categories of nation using her diversity to schools namely 18 national unleash the creative genius ,a few hundred provincial of every citizen. and over five thousand public district schools. Great nations are driven by talented and gifted people The three categories were regardless of race,gender,sex merely the repackaged coor religion. lonial schools which served the interest of three races; The Arabs in the South namely the White School bashould be embraced and sically the current national blended into a great nation. schools and the Asian now The new nation of Southern the provincial and the black Sudan should never copy the or African Schools currently bad habits of her neighbours. the hopelessly poor district Uganda has been torn between schools. the selfish forces of the NorthSouthern Sudan should not ern Nilotes and Southern Banadmire or copy the Kenyan tus. Kenya on the other hand scenario. has been torn by the forces of a tiny elite feasting on the wealth Indeed the new nation of of corruption as the nation Southern Sudan should go continue to sink into the abyss for education for all the Sudaof chaos and anarchy. nese nationals. They Should go quality schools for every Southern Sudan should becitizen. gin her legacy by crafting a professional civil service and The new elite to be a totally empowering educa- created should not tion system. admire the Kenyan or Ugandan or AfriMany Sudanese Diaspora has can legacy. gone through Kenya educa-

With wisdom and justice They should not allow anySouthern Sudan should one write them a vision or emerge and become a lead- a mission. Foreign doctored ing star in Africa. visions and missions are postponed future disasters . The new born nation should not let the East and the West As a Kenyan I wish the into craft her institutions. fant Sudan a great success. I wish they do not embrace They should learn and borour deadly habits of corruprow technology and ideas tion and tribalism. which transformed great nations. I wish that Southern Sudan will craft her own blue print Indeed the scramble for totally hers and totally grown Southern Sudan is real westin Southern Sudan. ern multinational corporations are pitching tent in Su- They should embrace the dan ready to greedily swallow path of ten millionaires and the new baby. ten million paupers. The eastern multinational corporations are equally ready to feast on the new baby in the name of projects and development. Great and gifted sons and daughters of Sudan should fold their sleeves and work hard to build their own nation.

God forbid! The author is a freelance journalist based in Rift Valley Province of Kenya.

MARCH - APRIL 15, 2011



HE PAID THE PRICE! By Dennis Mutuma


ach and everyday in our lives we wake up to toil and struggle to make ends meet. Reason being that we are pushed to the edge to make sure that things do not fall apart. No one would ever want to be caught on the wrong side of things when not ready and that is why we all struggle to make sure that we lead a better life better than that we had and most of all, to have a strong and good foundation especially for our children. No one would love his or her children go through what some of us went through as we grew up – but by God’s grace, we make it and its something to thank God for. Do not take it for granted.

toil shall you eat [of the fruits] of it all the days of your life… In the sweat of your face shall you eat bread until you return to the ground, …” (Genesis 3:17b, 19a). It is because of this that we find ourselves toiling each and every day in our lives. Nevertheless, there is no one that God has called, he/she obeyed and paid the price that God didn’t honour that. God’s call always comes with its provision once we obey and pay the cost.

I was seated quiet in the presence of God; in silence waiting on him and reflection Sunday’s message by Bishop Dr. J.B Masinde which was a turning point in my life and ministry as well. My desire was for God to reveal his mind to me and lead me into the right path as He wants God has called us and given me to. In the silence, God us a mandate – This mandate brought to me the picture of costs us and it is up to us to the martyrs who had to die determine whether we are because ready to pay of their the price or faith in not. They “It is finished” (John 19:30). C h r i s t . say that I could “nothing “In the world you have disimagine comes in a tress. But be encouraged! I the painsilver plathave conquered the world.” ful death ter” mean(John 16:33) they had ing that to die everything and my that we need heart was to achieve is a matter of our drenched in tears. I realsheer hard work. God said to ized that in our generation, man (Adam) in the garden we may not have to die for of Aden after sinning “…the what we believe in but in ground is under a curse beone way or another, we will cause of you; in sorrow and

face hardships in one way or another. The good thing is that in all these, we do not have to give up because we have people who went ahead of us, they made it and so we shall too make it.

here is to keep our focus on the goal and we will certainly achieve it. Jesus said, “I have told you these things, so that in Me you may have Author: Dennis Mutuma [perfect] peace and confidence. In the world you have tribulation This is the encouragement and trials and distress and Paul gives us. He tells us “Do frustration; but be of good you see what this means - all cheer [take courage; be conthese pioneers who blazed fident, certain, undaunted]! the way, all these veterans For I have overcome the cheering us on? It means we’d world. [I have deprived it of better get on with it. Strip power to harm you and have down, start running – and conquered it for you.]” (John never quit! No extra spiritu- 16:33) We need not to have al fat, no parasitic sins. Keep any worry or fear because your eyes on Jesus, who both Jesus won it all for us. What began and finished this race we need to do is walk in the we’re in. Study how he did it. fullness of the victory that Because he never lost sight of Jesus had. Paul retaliates this where he was headed – that and says “[God] disarmed exhilarating finish in and the principalities and powwith God – he could put up ers that were ranged against with anything along the way: us and made a bold display Cross, shame, whatever. And and public example of them, now he’s there, in the place in triumphing over them in of honor, right alongside Him and in it [the cross].” God. When you find your- (Colossians 2:15). It is so sad selves flagging in your faith, that most of us as Christians, go over that story again, item we are living defeated lives by item, that long litany of simply because we have not hostility he plowed through. understood the power of the That will shoot adrenaline victory of Christ a the Cross. into your souls!” (Hebrew The minute you come to get 12:1-4 – Message bible) Paul the revelation of that; nothencourages us and reminds ing will scare you. This is us that we have many people what Paul says of the Cross… who have gone ahead of us “For the story and message and thus, they are cheering of the cross is sheer absurus also to go ahead and we dity and folly to those who will make it too! The point are perishing and on their

MARCH - APRIL 15, 2011


FAITH He Paid The Price! (Cont.) way to perdition, but to us who are being saved it is the [manifestation of] the power of God.” (1 Corinthians 1:18) Christ overcame for us and He gave us authority. Why then live a defeated life as a Christian? Jesus gave us authority in heaven and on earth. He said “Truly I tell you, whatever you

bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven. “Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” (Matthew 18:18-20) Nothing

needs to bog you down… you got the power to decree and speak to your situations and Spiritual atmosphere to be as you desire. Take and make use of the power that Christ has vested in you as a Prince and Princess in his Kingdom. Do not live like a servant, rather, live as a heir in the kingdom, knowing who you are!!

PS!! next, I will be looking at examples of people who spoke into their lives and atmosphere and changed them. Let us learn from the people and examples in the bible of the witnesses who went ahead of us and they cheering us!

MARCH - APRIL 15, 2011



NEW OBAMA BUDGET EXPANDS SECURE COMMUNITIES PROGRAM N E W A M E R I C A N program authorizes local and Next up from Arizona in the the whole family. MEDIA state officials to check peo- campaign to demonize unBut wait: Why aren’t we enple’s immigration status and documented immigrants: an WA S H I N G T O N — couraging anchor babies, allows them to detain them effort to restrict “birthright espite numerrather than vilifying them? for violation of immigration citizenship.” Under U.S. conous budget cuts in Don’t we want immigrants laws until they are taken into stitutional law, children born the  proposed budto commit to making the federal custody. here are citizens here, irreget for fiscal year United States their home, a spective of their parents’ citi2012, resources to control and According to ICE, 287g is place of firm attachments zenship. Seeking to end this reduce illegal immigration active in 71 jurisdictions in that they help build through purported outrage, Arizona experienced some gains. The 26 states.  their labor and their values, and other states have anproposed budget includes an their ambition and their en“I think the administration nounced plans to challenge expansion of Secure Comergy?  is more fearful of Republican this right, hoping to eventumunities to 97 percent of attacks that criticize them for ally end up in a fight before Which brings us to the orijurisdictions nationwide in being very soft on immigra- the U.S. Supreme Court. The gins of birthright citizenship. 2012.  The Secure Commution control, than criticism more immediate goal, how- The United States has always nities (S-Comm)  program, from Latinos who say they ever, seems to be to stir up had two traditions regarding administered by U.S.  Imare very hard in this area,” controversy. work and belonging. In the migration and Customs Ensaid Frank Sharry, executive one we regularly celebrate, forcement (ICE), checks the Key to whipping up populist director of America’s Voice.  we welcome those with the fingerprints of those arrested fervor is the specter of the gumption to start a new life, against an ICE database to The proposed 2012 budget “anchor baby”: the child born promising that in exchange determine their immigra- includes $132 million to im- here to noncitizen parents, for help building this country, tion status.  prove and expand programs ostensibly as part of a newe will embrace them, or at such as E-Verify and SAVE, It is currently in effect in least their children, as along with funds for 1,030 jurisdictions in 38 full and respected Today’s hysteria about maintenance of states.  “The budget includes members of our birthright citizenship and 33,400 beds for $184 million for  its expannation. “Give anchor babies is really about detainees in sion,” according to Peggy me your tired, the recent wave of Hispanic ICE custody. Sherry, chief financial ofyour poor, and Asian immigration and ficer for the  Department of New your huddled America their—our—future. Homeland Security.  masses yearning Media, Commento breathe free,” we tary, Ian Haney-López , As for 287g, the budget proproudly proclaim, confident Posted: Jan 08, 2011 farious posal maintained its estimatthat in a society unbound by ed expenditure at $68 mil- Let the campaign against plot to establish roots in caste and class, everyone has lion. But DHS members told “anchor babies” begin! I, for this country, thereby securthe ability to contribute and La Opinión that the program one, want to embrace this ing rights to live, work, and merits repayment with the flourish in the United States would be expanded to seven latest disparaging term.  dignity of belonging.  for the child and eventually localities in 2012.  The 287g


MARCH - APRIL 15, 2011


IMMIGRATION PAGE New Obama Budget Expands Secure Communities Program (Cont.) But in another, ignoble tradition, we have often betrayed that promise; for despite our aspirations of equality, we, too, remained a society obsessed with caste—in our case, defined by race. Historically we said to our supposed inferiors, “Thanks for your land and your labor, but you do not belong; you cannot be one of us.” In the years before the Civil War, the infamous Dred Scott decision sought to protect slavery by declaring that, free or not, African Americans could never be citizens. After the war, the country adopted the 14th Amendment to secure the rights of the newly emancipated. Its very first sentence ringingly declared: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.” Birthright citizenship entered the Constitution.

citizenship to Native Americans by manipulating the phrase “subject to the jurisdiction thereof.” Intended to refer to the children of diplomats, Elk used that technical language to ostracize what the dissent lamented remained “a despised and rejected class of persons.” Fourteen years later, the Court reconsidered. In Wong Kim Ark, it granted automatic citizenship to children born to Chinese immigrants—persons at the time barred from entering the country and prohibited from gaining naturalized citizenship. Though they were socially reviled, the Court stopped the excommunication of their U.S.-born children.

Should birthright citizenship end up before the Supreme Court again, lawyers will reargue the reasoning of Dred Scott, Elk, and Wong Kim Ark. The narrow issue will focus on the meaning of Yet caste continued. In 1884, the words “and subject to the the Supreme Court in Elk v. jurisdiction thereof.” But the Wilkins denied birthright real issue will be whether to


resurrect racial distinctions baby is a terrifying spook— in who belongs. the same spook as the tar baby, the savage Indian, and Today’s hysteria about birththe yellow hordes. Or, for right citizenship and anthat matter, the many Eurochor babies is really about pean groups once barred by the recent wave of Hispanic immigration laws as “beaten and Asian immigration and men from beaten races.”  their—our—future. But I aspire to the other viNot so, we’re told— this is sion, in which those who only about people who encommit to make a life here ter the country illegally. Yet through courage and hard honesty requires us to recwork deserve our welcome ognize that today’s swirling and embrace. My mother frenzy about illegal “aliens” was not a citizen when my focuses on persons long seen brother and I were born here. as racially threatening. And No one in this nation of imit also requires us to admit migrants can say different, that even as we encourage if we just look a few generaimmigrants to come here to tions back. In our proudest work, we craft laws that close tradition, we are all anchor routes to full membership. babies. With the latest assault, Arizona now seeks to slam the Ian Haney-López is the John door even on their children.  H. Boalt Professor of Law at the University of California, Whether “anchor baby” Berkeley School of Law, and frightens you depends on the author of a book on race which immigration tradiand citizenship, White by tion you believe in. If you’re Law: The Legal Construcconvinced that some people tion of Race. are so far inferior that they can never be one of “us,” then of course the anchor

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WHO OWNS THE U.S.? by David C. Njoroge


egardless of how much closer Obama’s budget brings our economy into a balance of payments not seen since 2001, we will continue to run deficits for the next decade, and the national debt will keep growing every year that happens. While most of the country’s $14 trillion debt is held by private banks in the U.S., the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve Board estimate that, as of December, about $4.4 trillion of it was held by foreign governments that purchase our treasury securities much as an investor buys shares in a company and comes to own his or her little chunk of the organization.

States they “own,” represented by the latest (2009) state gross domestic product data released by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. Obviously, these creditors won’t actually take states from us as payment on our debts, but it’s fun to imagine what states and national monuments they could assert a claim to. 1. Mainland China Amount of U.S. debt: $891.6 billion Share of total foreign debt: 20.4% Building on the holdings of its associated territories, China is the undisputed largest holder of U.S. foreign debt in the world. Accounting for 20.4% of the total, mainland China’s $891.6 billion in U.S. treasury securities is almost equal to the combined 2009 GDP of Illinois ($630.4 billion) and Indiana ($262.6 billion) in 2009, a shade higher at a combined $893 billion. As President Obama -- who is from Chicago -- wrangles over his proposed budget with Congress he may be wise to remember that his home city may be at stake in the deal.

Looking at the list of our top international creditors, a few overall characteristics show some interesting trends: Three of the top 10 spots are held by China and its constituent parts, and while two of our biggest creditors are fellow English-speaking democracies, a considerable share of our debt is held by oil exporters that tend to be decidedly less friendly in other areas of international 2. Japan relations. Here we break down the top Amount of U.S. debt: $883.6 10 foreign holders of U.S. billion debt, comparing each credi- Share of total foreign debt: tor’s holdings with the equiv- 20.2% alent chunk of the United

The runner-up -- which was named, on the list of our yes, after the island most significant of Jersey in the Enginternational lish Channel. The two creditors goes to states’ combined outJapan, which acput in 2009 came to counts for over a $543.6 billion. fifth of our for- Author: David C. Njoroge [World’s Most Innoeign debt holdvative Companies] ings with $883.6 billion in U.S. treasury se- 4. Oil Exporters curities. That astronomical number is just shy of the Amount of U.S. debt: $218 combined GDP of a signifi- billion cant chunk of the lower 48: Share of total foreign debt: Minnesota ($260.7 billion), 5% Wisconsin ($244.4 billion), Iowa ($142.3 billion) and Another grouped entry, the Missouri ($239.8 billion) oil exporters form another inproduced a combined output ternational bloc with money to burn. The group includes of $887.2 billion in 2009. 15 countries as diverse as the regions they represent: Ecuador, Venezuela, Indonesia, 3. United Kingdom Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Amount of U.S. debt: $541.3 Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, billion the United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Gabon, Libya, and Share of total foreign debt: Nigeria. As a group they hold 12.4% 5% of all American foreign At number three on the list debt, with a combined $218 is perhaps our closest ally on billion of U.S. treasury secuthe world stage, the United rities in their own treasurKingdom (which includes ies. That’s roughly equivalent the British provinces of Eng- to the combined 2009 GDP land, Scotland, Wales and of Nebraska ($86.4 billion) Northern Ireland, as well as and Kansas ($124.9 billion), the Channel Islands and the which seems to be an equal Isle of Man). The U.K. holds trade: The two states pro$541.3 billion in U.S. for- duce a bunch of grain for exeign debt, which is 12.4% of port, which many of the arid our total external debt. That oil producers tend to trade amount is equivalent to the for oil. combined GDP of two East 5. Brazil Coast manufacturing hubs, Delaware ($60.6 billion) and Amount of U.S. debt: $180.8 New Jersey ($483 billion) billion

MARCH - APRIL 15, 2011


OTHER NEWS Who Owns The U.S.? (Cont.) Share of total foreign debt: an extension of some Carib- easy time of it. The com4.1% bean island paradise. bined GDP of Maine ($51.3 billion), New Hampshire Rounding out the top five is [The Top Franchises For the ($59.4 billion) and Vermont the largest economy in South Money] ($25.4 billion) comes close America, Brazil. The country to Canada’s debt holdings at known for its beaches, Car$136.1 billion. naval and the unbridled he- 7. Hong Kong donism that goes along with Residents of the three states Amount of U.S. debt: $138.2 both has made a big investin our extreme northeast billion ment in the U.S., buying up corner should start practic$180.8 billion in American Share of total foreign debt: ing their French: They might debt up to December. That’s 3.2% become Québécois one of almost equal to the $180.5 these days. At No. 7 on the list of our forbillion combined GDP of   Idaho ($54 billion) and Ne- eign creditors is Hong Kong, vada ($126.5 billion), a state a formerly British part of 9. Taiwan that is no stranger to hedo- China that maintains a separate government and eco- Amount of U.S. debt: $131.9 nism itself. nomic ties than the commu- billion    nist mainland. With $138.2 Share of total foreign debt: billion in U.S. treasury secu6. Caribbean Banking Cen3.0% rities, the capitalist enclave ters could lay claim to Yellow- Taiwan, an island barely 100 Amount of U.S. debt: $155.6 stone Park and our nation’s miles off the coast of China, billion capital: The combined GDP is claimed by the People’s Reof Wyoming ($37.5 billion) public of China, despite havShare of total foreign debt: and Washington D.C. ($99.1 ing its own government and 3.6% billion) totaled $136.6 bil- economic relations with the You have to have cash on hand lion in 2009. outside world. Part of those to buy up U.S. government economic relations includes 8. Canada debt, and offshore banking the island’s holding of $131.9 has given six countries the Amount of U.S. debt: $134.6 billion of U.S. debt, roughly combined capital needed to billion  equivalent to the combined make the Caribbean BankGDP of West Virginia ($63.3 Share of total foreign debt: ing Centers our sixth-largest billion) and Hawaii ($66.4 3.1% foreign creditor. The Treabillion), which totals $129.7 sury Department counts They say that a friend in need billion. the Bahamas, Bermuda, the is a friend indeed, and our Unless we get our spending Cayman Islands, the Nether- neighbor to the north has in check, we risk losing some lands Antilles, Panama and proven to be a kind and genof our most visually stunthe British Virgin Islands in erous creditor in our time ning territory (West Virginthis designation, which as a of financial need. Canada ia, obviously) to our friendly group holds $155.6 billion holds about 3.1% of our forneighbors on the other side in U.S. treasury securities. eign debt, or $134.6 billion. of the Pacific Ocean. That’s equivalent to the GDP If friend were to become enof landlocked Kentucky emy and Canada were look- 10. Russia ($156.6 billion), whose resi- ing to annex some U.S. land dents may not actually mind to cover the debt though, Amount of U.S. debt: $106.2 if they were ever to become the country would have an billion 

Share of total foreign debt: 2.4% Starting off the list of our major foreign creditors is Russia, which holds about 2.4% of the U.S. debt pie that sits on the international dinner table. Its $106.2 billion in treasury securities is equivalent to the 2009 GDP of our sparsely populated North: The combined output of North Dakota ($31.9 billion), South Dakota ($38.3 billion) and Montana ($36 billion) matches up nicely with the Russian holdings, at $106.2 billion. Let’s hope Russian president Dmitry Medvedev doesn’t come to collect.

MARCH - APRIL 15, 2011


OTHER NEWS Prime Minister Raila Odinga and Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick will join Kenyans in Boston on April 15th to celebrate Kenyan runners. The Prime Minister will visit the RUN with KENYANS exhibit at the Boston Marathon Health and Fitness Expo at the Hynes Convention. Prime Minister: Raila Odinga

2011 BOSTON MARATHON INTERNATIONAL ELITE FIELD BOSTON, MA, In its 26th year as principal sponsor of the Boston Marathon, John Hancock Financial today announced the elite field for the 115th running of the Boston Marathon on April 18. A complete field list follows. Reigning champions Robert Kiprono Cheruiyot and Teyba Erkesso will defend their titles, but will be fiercely challenged by one of the fastest and deepest men’s and women’s fields ever assembled for the Boston Marathon.  Cheruiyot ran a stunning 2:05:52 course record last year over the difficult Boston course.  In April he will face top contenders that include past and present marathon champions of New York City, Chicago, Seoul, Amsterdam, Houston, Xiamen, Torino, Eindhoven, Phoenix, Monaco, Gyeongju, Milan and Nairobi.  Geoffrey Mutai leads the line-up as the second fastest

man in the world last year with a 2:04:55 best. Joining him are 2:06 men including top American Ryan Hall, Gilbert Yegon, Tadese Tola, Evans Cheruiyot and 2010 Seoul course record holder Sylvester Teimet.

historic race in Boston has been decided over the past three years by three seconds or less. Last year Teyba Erkesso maintained a three second lead to the finish as she held off a charging Tatyana Pushkareva.  This year’s race likely will prove Challenging this group just as competitive with 16 are the 2010 New York women in the field holding City champion Gebreg- times of 2:26:20 or better.  ziabher Gebremariam, the newly crowned Houston Past champions Salina Koscourse record holder Be- gei, Dire Tune and four-time kana Daba and 2010 Boston winner Catherine Ndereba runner-up Tekeste Kebede.  join Erkesso and Pushkareva.  The experienced trio International newcomers to will contest a highly comthe course include Philip San- petitive race that includes ga, Feleke Cherkos, Deressa 2010 international marathon Edae, Stephen Kibiwot, Pe- champions, top Americans ter Kamais and 2011 Xiamen and talented newcomers. winner Robert Kipchumba.  Returning to Boston are Mo- Chasing the Boston chamses Kigen Kipkosgei, Shad- pions are 2010 international rack Kiplagat and American marathon winners including talent Antonio Vega.  Irish Sharon Cherop, who edged Olympian Alistair Cragg and Tirfi Tsegaye Beyene to win Kenyan Moses Mosop will Toronto by one second, and make their marathon debuts.  Caroline Kilel, who won On the women’s side, the Frankfurt after a duel with

Dire Tune. Carpi champion Hellen Mugo is on the team and she joins Amsterdam winner Alice Timbilili. Challenging the group are top Americans Kara Goucher, who finished third in Boston in 2009, and Desiree Davila, the fastest American of 2010 with her fourth place finish in Chicago, and Olympian Blake Russell. International competitors include New Zealand Olympian Kim Smith, former Russian national record holder Galina Bogomolova and young talent Merima Mohammed from Ethiopia. Werknesh Kidane and Florence Kiplagat also bring significant credentials to the race.  Kidane is a multiple junior and senior World Cross Country champion (2 gold, 3 silver, 3 bronze) and Kiplagat, who will make her marathon debut, is a World Half Marathon and World Cross Country champion.  Both women are married to men

MARCH - APRIL 15, 2011


OTHER NEWS 2011 Boston Marathon International Elite Field (Cont.) in the field: Kidane is married to Gebregziabher Gebremariam and Kiplagat is married to Moses Mosop. Additional talent includes Silvia Skvortsova, Teyba Naser, Woynishet Girma and Yuliya Ruban. “Throughout our more than two decade-long sponsorship of the Boston Marathon, John Hancock has each year

honored its commitment to bring the world’s top runners to the race and ensure that the historic Boston Marathon remains among the world’s most premier sporting events,” said Rob Friedman, head of Sponsorship and Event Marketing at John Hancock. “This year’s field once again is filled with outstanding runners who no

Men’s Open Field


Personal Best

Women’s Open Field


Personal Best

Robert Kiprono Cheruiyot Geoffrey Mutai Ryan Hall Gilbert Yegon Evans Cheruiyot Tadese Tola Sylvester Teimet Bekana Daba Philip Kimutai Sanga Shadrack Kiplagat Tekeste Kebede Feleke Abreham Cherkos Deressa Chimsa Edae  Stephen Kibiwot Robert Kipchumba Gebregziabher Gebremariam Moses Kigen Kipkosgei Antonio Vega Peter Kamais Alistair Cragg Moses Mosop Teyba Erkesso Galina Bogomolova Sharon Cherop Tirfi Tsegaye Beyene Merima Mohammed Salina Kosgei Caroline Kilel Dire Tune Alice Timbilili Kim Smith Kara Goucher Tatyana Pushkareva Desiree Davila Teyba Naser Silvia Skvortsova Werknesh Kidane Hellen Mugo Yuliya Ruban Woynishet Girma  Blake Russell Florence Kiplagat

Kenya Kenya USA Kenya Kenya Ethiopia Kenya Ethiopia Kenya Kenya Ethiopia Ethiopia Ethiopia Kenya Kenya Ethiopia Kenya USA Kenya Ireland Kenya

Ethiopia Russia Kenya Ethiopia Ethiopia Kenya Kenya Ethiopia Kenya New Zealand USA Russia USA Ethiopia Russia Ethiopia Kenya Ukraine Ethiopia USA Kenya

doubt will provide the millions of spectators and viewers with yet another thrilling contest. We are counting down the days to April 18th.” “Competitive excellence has been the touchstone for the Boston Marathon for over a century, both among our full field of runners and the magnificent field of professional runners from around

the world recruited by John Hancock,” said Tom Grilk, B.A.A. Executive Director. “John Hancock Financial’s sponsorship of our premier event over the last 26 years -- including support of professional marathoners – has resulted in pre-race excitement, competitive races, and historic performances.”

2:05:52 (Boston, 2010) CR 2:04:55 (Rotterdam, 2010) 2:06:17 (London, 2008) 2:06:18 (Amsterdam, 2009) 2:06:25 (Chicago, 2008) 2:06:31 (Frankfurt, 2010) 2:06:49 (Seoul, 2010) CR 2:07:04 (Houston, 2011) CR 2:07:11 (Frankfurt, 2010) 2:07:53 (Amsterdam, 2007) 2:07:23 (Boston, 2010) 2:07:29 (Amsterdam, 2010) 2:07:54 (Dubai, 2009) 2:07:54 (Praha, 2009) 2:08:07 (Xiamen, 2011) CR 2:08:14 (New York City 2010) 2:10:12 (Nairobi, 2009) CR 2:13:47 (Boston, 2010) 2:14:58 (New York City, 2010) Debut Debut 2:23:53 (Houston, 2010) CR 2:20:47 (Chicago, 2006) 2:22:43 (Toronto, 2010) CR 2:22:44 (Toronto, 2010) 2:23:06 (Toronto, 2010) 2:23:22 (Berlin, 2006) 2:23:25 (Frankfurt, 2010) 2:23:44 (Frankfurt, 2010)  2:25:03 (Amsterdam, 2010) 2:25:21 (London, 2010) 2:25:52 (New York, 2008) 2:26:14 (Boston, 2010) 2:26:20 (Chicago, 2010) 2:26:20 (Los Angeles, 2010) 2:26:24 (Berlin, 2009) 2:27:15 (Dubai, 2011) 2:27:16 (Carpi, 2010) 2:27:44 (Frankfurt, 2010) 2:27:51 (Amsterdam, 2010) 2:29:10 (Chicago, 2005) Debut

2010 Boston Marathon Winner: Robert Kiprono Cheruiyot


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