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To have an insight about people opinion on future climate challenge, I interviewed an Environmental Expert who works for private environmental consultancy company. Our discussion was focused on four questions outlined below: ?

Me: How would you say climate change is currently affecting your life and that of your community?

My interviewee: According to him “the effect of Climate Change (CC) is being observed on different parts of Ethiopia. These effects include drought, floods and wild fire. As a consequence of these effects there is loss of human life, loss of property, loss of cattle and loss of biodiversity. This has a direct and indirect effect on me and on my community.” ?

Me: How do you think climate change might affect your life and that of your community in the future?

My interviewee: If proper mitigation measures and climate change adaptation strategy are not practiced, climate change will have impact on our food supply, water resources, infrastructure, ecosystems and even our health. These impacts will be observed as a consequence of frequent drought, flood, wildfire, high precipitation, acidification of oceans, sea level rise and surface temperature rise. ?

Me: What changes have you noticed in your behavior or that of others in relation to climate change?

My Interviewee - Related to climate change, the behavioral changes I observed from other people are changing of their life style and relocation. For example, when drought happen farmers change their livelihood to nomadic life style. People relocate from their land to another place. ?

Me- What do you think needs to be done about climate change on a local, national or global

scale? My Interviewee - Climate change interventions fall into two broad categories, these are coping and preventing. To reduce the causes of climate change and apply proper climate change adaptation strategy, the below mentioned actions are needed: •

At local scale – community awareness should be created, and involve the community to be the lead actor on CC adaptation strategy such as afforestation actions.

At national scale – proper climate change adaptation strategy should be formulated, this encompasses improving infrastructure, changing agricultural crops, improving water efficiency, increasing levels of education and awareness. Moreover, climate change aggravating factors such as greenhouse gases emissions should be regulated by formulating proper environmental policy and implementation strategy.

At global scale – formulate proper greenhouse gases emission reduction strategy, countries should work in close relation on issues related to climate change

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Peer assessment 2