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Summer 2013


Enacting community The recent advert for ‘Carte calmly we will learn to think Noir Coffee Instinct’ invited about our community and people to experience the pray and hope for

God has encountered us in Christ. “Welcome one another, therefore, just as

intensity. No good just it.’ (Dietrich Bonhoeffer in talking about how good this Life Together p38) coffee is, better to The context for care is in experience it. our everyday life. In 1 The church is more than a Thessalonians chapter 2

Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God (Romans.15:7).’ (p34) In this issue we want to share something of the

notion, it is called to be a community where certain things are experienced and real. ‘Christian community is not an ideal we have to

verse 8 Paul writes ‘Just as a nursing mother cares for her children, so we cared for you. Because we loved you so much, we were

realise, but rather a reality created by God in Christ in which we may participate. The more clearly we learn to recognise that the

delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well.’ In other words, it’s is about learning to share our lives

ground and strength and promise of all our community is in Jesus Christ alone, the more

in the ordinary every day tasks and events.

Stonehaven Fetteresso Church

‘Thus God taught us to encounter one another as


reality of the many ways in which we seek to live this out and to be the sort of church where love, forgiveness, grace, and more the realities of life together are not some idea or dream alone, but that together we experience the intensity of life together, as the advert gathered around Jesus Christ.

Rev   Fyfe   Blair Scottish Charity No.011191


With a lot of help and encouragement from Brenda and Andy Robertson, Ineke Smith and Karen Murray we ran our first

a similar age to discuss challenges and strategies.

parenting children course at Fetteresso during April and May.

We thoroughly enjoyed the 5 week course and would recommend it to any parent wanting to do the best they can This is a course for any parent or carer of for their child. children up to ten years old. It is appropriate when all is going well or Feedback received:when facing challenges. It will help equip them for the task of parenting, and "I see my children's needs more clearly building a healthy family life. and understand their differences better." Over the five weekly sessions we looked at practical tools to help

"I found the course invaluable and so did my children, Thanks!"

  - Build a strong family centred on love    - Meet our children's needs

"The course has helped massively to encourage me in what I do well and has

  - Set effective boundaries    - Teach healthy relationships    - Pass on important values.

given me ideas to implement immediately as well as to revisit in the future."

The format of each session is relaxed

We are planning our next course in early

with tea, coffee and cake, fruit or cheese and biscuits. We then watched a DVD lead by Sila and Nicky Lee with clips of parents and children sharing their own experiences and advice from parenting

2014, so if you are interested please come and speak to us at church or visit the Fetteresso web site for more details.

experts including Rob Parsons of Care for the Family. Then we split into small groups with parents who have children of


Janice and Andrew Boggon (parents of Hannah 7, James 5, and Emma 3)


Caring for one another The Pastoral Care Team welcomes this opportunity to explain how we hope to

Pastoral Visitors befriend the

ensure there is good pastoral care for our housebound and isolated within our members and our community.

fellowship, thus maintaining a link with the church. The level of involvement by

The approach now being taken is very

the visitor is tailored to suit the individual

different from what used to happen;

circumstances. We would be very

instead of visiting you at home, we now

pleased to hear of someone you know

operate through a number of Action Groups. Each group targets a particular

who may benefit from this G o o d p a s t o r a l c a re i s service. dependent on each of us acting on the duty and responsibility each of us has Learning Disabled is a new

area of church life or to care for the other. significant life events

group catering for adults with

for members and

start in September this year. It

learning difficulties planned to

others within our parish. This is best

will involve fun, fellowship and food and

illustrated by looking at the work of three

will provide an opportunity for socialising

of the Action Groups.

and sharing for those with learning difficulties and their carers. It also makes

Bereavement Visitors assist the Minister

the statement “Welcome everybody it is

by visiting those recently bereaved,

good to see you here� truly meaningful.

offering comfort, support and encouragement for as long as required to The other Action Groups are Welcome both members and non-members.

Teams, Church Bus, Flower Ministry, Celebratory Visitors and Focus. /



Caring for one another However, the number of Action Groups is

how we have been supported and

not what will determine the quality and

encouraged in difficult times and also

effectiveness of pastoral care in

shared joy in good times. It is the hope of

Fetteresso. Neither is it fair to give over

the Pastoral Care Team that all within our

the responsibility for all pastoral work in a fellowship will have this experience and congregation the size of Fetteresso to the that it overflows out into our community. Minister, excellent and diligent as he is.

We ask that you help us make this hope a reality by telling us of situations known to

Good pastoral care is dependent on

you that would benefit from involvement

each of us acting on the duty and

by one of our Action Groups.

responsibility each of us has to care for Frank Dunn

the other. This is not new to Fetteresso. Many of us have first hand experience of

Drug proof your kids

information they need to encourage their children to have a responsible attitude towards drugs including cigarettes and alcohol and helps them steer their children away from their harmful use.

Anne Adams and Patricia MacEachern are two of nearly 400 facilitators from Exposure to drugs and across the UK who have alcohol is one of the major been trained by Care for the worries faced by parents today. ‘Drugs’ is a word that Family to facilitate ‘How to Drug Proof Your Kids’ in causes fear, confusion and their local communities. denial. ‘How to Drug Proof Their training was Your Kids’ is a community sponsored by Fetteresso based programme Church in September 2010. developed by the national charity, Care for the Family. It They have run seven courses locally supported by gives parents the


Aberdeenshire Council, Community Learning & Development, the Aberdeenshire Drug Partnership and Far & Wide.The courses have been run in Fetteresso Church, Inverbervie, Auchenblae, Laurencekirk & have just finished their third in Stonehaven where the feedback was very positive. Fourteen parents attended the last six-session course where they discovered some of the facts about drug use in their community and learned strategies for communicating with their children and encouraging them to make informed


academies for parents of children P5 – S3.

Katrin Lewis, who attended the course, said: “ It’s an absolutely great course. It is very well and efficiently run, informative yet informal. It affirms lots of positive aspects of parenting, but really changes the way you think about parenting and communication.” The majority of people who have attended the courses have been from a nonchurch background. As facilitators, Anne & Trish have had a tremendous opportunity to come

Care for the Family’s Mission statement is ‘ To strengthen family life and help those hurting because of family difficulty’ This course gives parents a realistic overview of drug use in our society but also highlights the importance of a healthy family environment, where high levels of parent connectedness can reduce the risk of harmful drug use by their children. The emphasis is on prevention. “It’s an absolutely great course. It is very well and efficiently run, informative yet informal. It affirms lots of positive aspects of parenting, but really changes the way you think about parenting and communication.”

alongside & work with a wide variety of people from the community. The The future?? opportunity is there to impact a whole generation in There are two courses a very positive and practical planned, one in Inverbevie way and to help build a in August and one in positive future for young Laurencekirk in January. families and the children of Personally it has been a tomorrow. challenge to encourage They have spoken to Head parents to come along on Teachers and Guidance staff the course and a great deal from both Mearns & Mackie of time and effort has been areas and have been invited invested in running this to give workshops in both course over the past two


and a half years. However, meeting the parents and being there to listen to them and encourage them in their parenting is a real blessing. To have positive feedback, such as “I had a proper conversation with my 13 year old for the first time in a long time”, or to be given flowers and chocolates at the end of the course because it was so much appreciated, makes it worth while. We have often been at a loss as to what to do next or where to go but God has opened doors and lead us forward. After our initial course in Fetteresso we had no funding and no avenues to move forward, but God lead us to partner with CLD at the community centre as one of their staff was on the training course with us. Not long afterwards an Aberdeenshire wide initiative to train Facilitators in DPYK came into being and we are now part of this larger group too, often giving advice and encouragement because we are the two most experienced facilitators in the area!


All this from a listening post evening in We trust God to guide where and when Fetteresso where outside agencies were we run courses and who He will bring invited to come in to speak about drug on them. We pray before each session and alcohol issues in the area. A chance conversation with one of these people who recommended the DPYK course and suggested that two of us from the church train on how to facilitate

that God will guide what we say and how it is received, that it may positively influence these families. We thank God for the opportunity to meet with people and show His love, even if they may not

it, and everything fell into place.

recognise it at the time. Trish MacEachern and Ann Adams



The Meristem Project

The Project aims to promote healthy growth in people’s lives and community life. The Meristem Project started back in June 2011. It is a partnership project between Pillar Kincardine (Stonehaven) and Fetteresso Church. The Meristem Project arises from a shared recognition of local needs in relation to mental health issues. However, we also recognise a wider range of potential future involvements based on other identified excluded and isolated groups.There are weekly gatherings down on the Allotment to weed, plant, water and enjoy some company. There is always some fun. It usually involves a couple of hours on a Wednesday. Recently Pillar have also asked for some help from men for the men’s group that meets Thursdays. It is to spend time with people and chatting and doing ‘men’s stuff’, if you can teach a skill such as carpentry, basic DIY and the like it would be greatly valued. For helping out at either of these contact Pillar directly or via the Church Office. contact - Pillar Kincardine 42-46 Barclay Street Stonehaven AB39 2AX [Crossroads Building] tel: 767222


You Are Not Alone! Many of us have to cope at some time in our lives with feelings of hopelessness and despair. Problems such as anxiety and depression, low self-esteem, or a sudden loss of confidence, can sometimes seem overwhelming. Pillar Kincardine is a place where you will meet other people who have been through many of the same life experiences.  At Pillar you can build a network of friends and contacts and be supported by them as you move along the road to recovery and wellbeing. Pillar is also a place where people can obtain advice and support from qualified staff on every aspect of living with – and recovering from – mental ill health.


The Sunday BUS This has now been in operation for real originals, having been faithful almost twelve years and provides

bus regulars since 2002.

transport for a number of our elderly or more elderly Church

They are now very much a group

members, to and from Kirk on

of close friends who love to

Sunday and to other less regular

worship and who deeply

Fetteresso events such as the

appreciate the weekly lift to

annual Christmas Concert and

Church, without which they might

occasional funerals. It comes

have to remain at home. Their

under the umbrella of Pastoral

caring attitude towards one

Care. While past passenger

another is such that they invariably

numbers have ranged from 11 to

know when one of their number is

18, the current “fares� number 13

ill, and are able to advise the driver

folk who come hail, rain or shine,

accordingly so that the pastoral

will be ready and waiting for a lift.

team can be updated if necessary.

Two of several nonagenarians are

Photo (from left to right) Nan Crighton, Marion Hadden, Emma Shirrien, Renee McCall, Betty Lawson, Polly Carrick, Agnes Chalmers and Margaret Kelman.



The RED BUS During the inward and outward legs, the In the early years, some passengers comfortable, warm (and, of course,

stayed on after the Service whilst others

immaculately driven) minibus allows the

wished to get home immediately, which

ladies to chat, to reminisce, to ‘crit’ the

resulted in two awkward return journeys

Minister’s sermon and to make plans to meet up during the week. For although several are indeed in their 90’s, most

We work alongside Christian leaders to enable them to do their ministries more effectively.

around town being undertaken each Sunday. Courtesy of patient subtle persuasion (or was it sheer arm-twisting) by their minibus drivers, all

lead very busy lives, attending the likes of

passengers now readily stay on to enjoy

Tuesday Focus, art and craft groups such

the fellowship of their own group and

as Paint and Pray, other coffee mornings

other folk over a cuppa. Everyone on the

and events in the town and even helping

congregation’s rota of minibus drivers and

as volunteer shop assistants at Far and

bus helpers regards it as a true privilege


to serve these delightful, chatty and usually serene ladies in this way.

Tuesday Focus

David MacDonald

On the first and third Tuesday of each month between September and May this group meets from two o’clock till four o’clock. It has been a feature of life at Fetteresso for many years and although some aspects of the meeting have changed, some of the activities are unaltered and are thoroughly enjoyed by all who come. There is Scrabble, knitting, card making and seasonal crafts on offer as well as Rummikub. From time to time during the year, we have speakers, gentle exercise sessions occasionally and entertainment - always followed by tea and

made welcome, whether you come for the activities or simply for a blether and some company. It is a relaxing friendly group who support and care for each other, showing Christian love for one another and all who come along. It is a real privilege to be part

‘fine pieces’. Tuesday Focus is generally considered to be for the more mature members of the community, but not exclusively. Everyone is

of Tuesday Focus.


Anne Graham


FAR & WIDE Caring and Sharing Recently this community has gone

home to lunch and that was the start of a very special friendship of getting to know the whole family and supporting them in

through another major flood more trauma and heart ache in loss and folks are not yet back settled in their homes. In all the loss.    No lives were lost but shock and distress.

many difficult situations -         relationships take time to build.   Relationships do not happen through just reading about the kind of relationships we ought to have as believers. They are the

While that goes on others go through result of applying the gospel, God 's word similar experiences and need support and to every area of our lives.   a helping hand.  We have a prayer box in the shop and  God 's favour has rested on this over the years requests have been place community even though some may say otherwise and God whispers -'You are my Beloved'.  A few years ago, well maybe even nine

in the box for healing , for broken relationships to be restored, for the homeless to be housed and jobs for the unemployed.  while we are speaking .

years ago - it was at coffee after a morning service  I was asked to speak to a man who was homeless.  We took him

But God has blessed us richly as we see His provision for the families in this community we see it each week.



FAR & WIDE We don't hear the answers to the

supplied by the church from the previous prayers ..before we call He is answering , Sunday was given .  while we are speaking .. So the congregation blesses the But God has blessed us richly as we see His provision for the families in this community we see it each week.

community feeding the hungry.

This week a nurse came into the shop -

The family of nine years has moved today leaving a 'thank you card' with ....'there will always be a place in our hearts for you

looking for clothes for the elderly lady who had gone into hospital with nothing. With care and concern the ladies working in the shop gathered clothes and toiletries and filled a suitcase . This is the power to

and will miss you terribly'.  We pray they will continue to walk with God and His blessing on their new home and new community. We too have been blessed by getting to know them.

bless others and in return we will be blessed.

Beloved and loved.    Yes and what we have is the God who provides, restores  and is the God of the new beginnings .

Next day it was a call to help a homeless man who had nothing to eat so the food

Barbara MacLean



REMINDER - FAIR TRADE RICE      Fair Trade Malawian Long Grain Rice sale.        

Plenty of White and Brown Malawian Fair Trade Rice still available Yet to try it? – why not? and know that your purchase provides a fair return to farmers and enables them to provide for their families’ needs. Rice available from office, after church or contact Susan Jenkins 763109

JustTradingScotland receives major £276 000 grant from the Scottish Government’s International Development Fund All your hard work selling Malawi Kilombero rice has been rewarded by a £276,000 grant from the Scottish Government. The grant funds a three year programme which will focus on producing high quality Kilombero seed to enable farmers to increase quality and volumes. It will also give assistance to farmers in drying rice and transporting it to market. There will be additional support for JTS to enable us to open up new markets in the UK. Now let’s plan the celebrations! for more VISIT -

FETTERESSO CHURCH Bath Street Stonehaven

AB39 2DH

If you want to find out a bit more: Web or ask at the Office. tel: 767689 Email:

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