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an indoor gathering

LIFE CAPTURED p h o t o g r a p hs /


A p h o t o g rap h y a n d m e m o r y - k eepi n g w o r k s h o p h eld i n S y d n e y , g at h ered li k e m i n ded s o ul s t o g et h er t o lear n t h e j o y i n creati n g m e m o rie s a n d d o cu m e n ti n g t h eir li v e s .

an i n d o o r g a t h e r i ng /

life captured

tell us about the venue and your decor… Behind the display table, we taped several oversized black and white prints Our last two workshops have been held to the wall using washi tape. The images at RAW Space – a stunning photographic are all photos that Trish has taken in her studio situated in Waterloo, Sydney, with family documentary work. I simply took an abundance of natural light. The space is filled with the coolest vignettes, which the files along to Officeworks and asked makes it simply perfect for our workshop. them to print the photos as black and white laser prints (A0 size). It was both Studio Neon (one floor up from RAW quick and inexpensive. Such a simple Space) supplied us with three gorgeous decor concept, yet so full of impact. trestle tables and the most eclectic It transformed the white space to a selection of chairs you have ever seen. gallery wall. Everyone at our workshops We set up two of the tables for our always asks us about those posters. attendees and we used the third one In addition to the posters, Trish created as our display table. Trish and I both brought along some of our most cherished a small grid collage using some beautiful prints from Origrami – they were all keepsakes – albums, photo books, scrapbooks and journals – and we happily photos that they'd printed from her laid these out on the table so that people Instagram feed. I was very impressed could browse through them during breaks with the quality of the prints and it was lots of fun for people to walk up to the throughout the day. wall and see the faces of Trish's gorgeous It does feel a little vulnerable to share family smiling back at them. such personal keepsakes so publicly, Lastly, Silvie from Little Gem, provided but seeing as the entire premise of some stunning florals for our space. LIFE : CAPTURED is about being real These included pincushion flowers, and honest, it wouldn't feel right to mock orange, anemone, David Austin do anything but share from the heart roses, rosemary, lavender and king ourselves. Plus, it's quite amazing to protea. There were also succulents to watch the faces of our students as they complement the organic feel of the venue carefully browse their way through our and quandong bark for added texture. books – sometimes you can literally see We adore what Sylvie did and we the wonder in their eyes as they start to contemplate the beautiful keepsakes that especially love the yellow pincushion flowers as they gave our tables the they can start creating for themselves. perfect pop of colour without being overly dominating.



who has attended your workshops? We've had such a variety of different people come along for our workshops. We've had men, women, young workers, expecting mums, parents, grandparents, bloggers and even a few professional photographers! We've even had students fly in from Melbourne, Albury and New Zealand and we know people from Hong Kong who are keen to fly over for our 2014 workshops. Amazing! We feel so thankful that people have embraced our idea for this workshop and we are incredibly humbled by those who trusted us enough to come on board as our first two groups of students! We've loved meeting every single person and everybody's feedback has been so encouraging. tell us about the food, it looks amazing… Aaron Teece from Studio Neon supplied us with tea, coffee and cold drinks all day long, along with the most delicious lunch one could possibly hope for. He also made us the most amazing Anzac biscuits and chocolate brownies for morning tea (I literally could not stop going back for more) and served up quite a cheese platter for us to enjoy for afternoon tea. What can I say – his food is perfection.

travelling at home

FÊTE PRESS ROAD TRIP p h o t o g r aphs / story /



T h e f ê t e tea m pa c k ed u p t h e c ar a n d h it t h e road ( w it h h u s b a n ds i n to w ) c rossi n g t h e b order for a w ee k of s h oots , si g h tseei n g , g reat food a n d m a y h e m i n t h e D a y l esford , K y n eto n a n d b ea u tif u l Ma c edo n R a n g es re g io n .

travelling at home /

This part of the world can get pretty chilly, even in the warmer months, so we were glad we all packed a few layers. Good walking shoes are a must for trekking up hill and down dale as there is much to explore. Indulging in local produce is always high on our agenda and there are countless little eateries in the region ranging from high end restaurants like The Lake House to quirky little coffee spots like Cliffy's where we enjoyed hot chocolates and freshly baked jam drops – ideal on a rainy afternoon. To herald our arrival in Daylesford we treated our team to a celebratory dinner at The Argus Dining Room in nearby Hepburn Springs. This revered restaurant specialises in produce from the region, highlighting the superb quality and quantity of goods available to them.

fête press road trip

The nearby townships of Kyneton, Trentham, Hepburn Springs and Woodend all boast a bounty of places to dine including Colenso, Annie Smithers Bistro and du Fermier. Whilst in Kyneton we stopped at Duck, Duck Goose & Larder for an amazing all-day breakfast of poached eggs on sourdough toast with avocado, tomato and basil salad – a meal we've since replicated many times over since returning home. Their shop is stocked full of local fare, ready to take home and enjoy. The beautiful architecture of the region features charming, quaint weatherboard dwellings and shopfronts, all in a soothing neutral palette and surrounded by story-book picturesque scenery. A drive through this countryside is definitely well worth the planning when next a road trip beckons.

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story /


an e v enin g of g reat food , w ine and c o m pany w it h so m e of o u r fête readers fro m aro u nd t h e c o u ntry .

[ rainbow trout / their scales are like iridescent sparkling jewels ]

[ the relaxing living room with industrial fittings and collected antiques / the white house ]

F ê t e p r e s s d ay l e s f o r d d i n n e r

All our loyal fête readers know this is how we roll – come up with a idea, throw some plans together (usually quite last minute) and worry about how we will pull it off later. Jane and I feel really blessed that we have so many supportive people in our fête community and holding our first pop-up restaurant was an amazing way to give back and get to know who our readers really are. We made a pact that this would be something we would endeavour to do a lot more often, planning to head interstate whenever we could to be inspired by all of our amazing fête friends. There is nothing quite like spending time with a group of likeminded people who really appreciate your work to keep you inspired. We had several Macedon Ranges regional producers keen to work with us on a local menu and the perfect venue in The White House, so as the stars collided it seemed that Daylesford was to be the next location for the second fête pop-up restaurant. It seemed easy enough – organise some local produce, set a dinner table, put the word out on Facebook and it would be as simple as that.

Jane and I enlisted the help of family as usual – everyone was delegated a job – Jane’s husband, John, our talented chef for the evening, my husband, Naish would be in charge of beverage service and general man Friday duties (including chauffeur) and my sister Becc, would be John’s right hand in the kitchen and make sure our guests had everything they needed for a special night. After a long road trip from Adelaide, we all settled into The White House and began to put our plan into action. On the morning of the restaurant, bright and early we were greeted by a knock on the door – on our doorstep was Tammi from Jonai Farms with the most divine pork shoulder straight from the farm to our door. The Jonas family resides on a farm just out of Daylesford where amongst other animals they raise happy, tasty heritage-bred pastured pigs. Tammi enthusiastically explained the care that had been taken with the journey of this pig from paddock to plate. We were excited as you couldn’t help but get the sense that this dinner was a culmination of a great deal of passion and enthusiasm, not only from the fête team but from each and every local producer who banded together to help make it happen.

p re v io u s s p read

o p p o s ite p a g e

1. The beautiful Rainbow Trout from Tuki Trout Farm,

1. The living room at The White House,, with Garden Floral Green Cushion $145,

2. The dining room at The White House, set ready for our guests,

The day continued with a string of deliveries from yoghurt, fruit and vegetables to freshly caught fish. Each producer arrived with a story to tell, what a great way to get to know the locals! Now any chef will tell you 'fresh is best' and John was thrilled with the Murray Cod provided by Tony Butler from Lodden Valley Cod. The Murray Cod, with its firm, white flesh and delicious flavour is not often found on restaurant menus. This breed of indigenous fish – once the most abundant catch in the river – is now a vulnerable species and commercial netting has been banned. Lodden Valley Cod farm their fish and supply a select number of chefs with their coveted prize so we all felt very lucky to be able to include this fish on our menu. John used his experience and skills to adapt the menu as the produce arrived. Keen to keep it local, he worked with what he had, not really knowing what would arrive next. While the kitchen was a hive of activity, Naish and I hit the road, exploring some of the local area and collecting product from further afield, meeting farm gate producers along the way. It was a fantastic way to see some of the sights and meet passionate suppliers from the region.



to start/goats' cheese tarts with onion jam/ smoked trout with potato cake and horseradish creme/mushroom paté on melba toast/ The philosophy behind our pop-up restaurants is to create a warm and welcoming setting. We took cue from the shades of vintage green already in our venue and added a vibrant hue for modernity. I brought over sprigs of fresh clematis from my garden in the Adelaide Hills and they were as perfect for the table as I had imagined. Simple wooden boards, our favourite linens and blackboard menus were the last details. Early in the morning while Jane and I started to set the room, John and Becc prepped all the produce and organised the kitchen so they could get the mammoth worklist completed.

As the produce arrived in the kitchen, John's eyes lit up with each delivery – especially when the fresh Rainbow Trout from Tuki Trout Farm was placed on his bench. This beautiful fish was destined to star as one of our starters but first it was to be smoked, then flaked. John took great delight in rigging up an outdoor smoking contraption – like he has a million times before – and despite the rain, managed to smoke the fish, imbuing the delicate flesh with an added level of flavour. We all worked busily throughout the day with just enough time for a quick change of clothes and a group photograph before it was time to welcome our guests for the evening.

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6. Ivrig Glass $3.95,

[ bl ackboard menus / easy to update as we finessed each course ]

[ trailing white clematis that annabelle picked from her garden before leaving adel aide ]

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