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the premiere issue of fête

welcome Welcome to the special launch issue of fête – a bi-monthly, free, online magazine – a collection of simple, beautiful, entertaining ideas for the table, the setting and the host. We believe in making time for family and friends, making it just a little bit special and celebrating. Every idea in fête has to pass our time-poor test.We are the real deal – it's got to be easy, accessible and authentic. We want you to enjoy entertaining as much as we do! Our premiere issue is just a taste of what we will bring to the table in 2012. We wish you and your family a happy Christmas and look forward to celebrating together in the new year. Issue One will be released in February. Please visit our website, and our Facebook site for regular updates.


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a family christmas

by annabelle kerslake photographs by white wall photography


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1. Mercury Glass Ball Vase $39.95,

1. French Mercury Glass Acorns $24.95 each,

2. Danish vintage chairs and table,

2. Tied with White Cotton Tape $0.99 per metre, 3. Handwritten White Scallop Tags $5.95 for a pack of ten,

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a f e s t i v e, fa m i ly g e t-to g e t h e r

Christmas with my family is always relaxed, loads of kids and lots of fun. Harking from a long line of traditionalists it’s just not Christmas for me without all the trimmings so it’s all about finding the perfect compromise.

at home

As our extended family just keeps on growing I have had to simplify the plans a little. Long gone are the days of elaborate floral displays and pristine linen. While I have scaled down on the formalities I never want Christmas lunch at my place to not feel ‘special’ so I always like to add a little bit of sparkle to get everyone in the mood. I found a mercury glass vase – perfect for the white hydrangeas which bloom in abundance in my garden at Christmas – the combination is a foolproof tablecentre. I love mercury glass so inexpensive ornaments were the token ‘gift’ for each of the adults, also doubling as a bit of extra sparkle on the table. It's nice that everyone gets something by which to remember that Christmas, especially as there are so many of us now that we only give gifts to the children. I like to add my own trim to the details and in keeping with the relaxed feel of the day torn calico and cotton tape is all I need. These little touches are a great job to do in front of the television. I have to admit I love putting carols by candlelight on and getting all those little jobs done ahead of time.

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As luck would have it, one of my favourite pieces is a conveniently seasonal deer head, which sits over my dining table. To pretty up the table I like to include napkins in a favourite fabric. There’s no need for them to be Christmas specific or to have them all matching. Adding plain white or natural linen napkins and finishing them all with matching trim the whole extended family can be accommodated.

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1. Ponyrider Flowerbomb Teakin $39 each,

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1. Small Mercury Glass Ornaments, 2. Napkin as before. 3. Assorted cutlery from family is bundled together and secured with White Cotton Tape $1.49 per metre, 4. Table Runner made from Natural Unbleached Calico 120cm wide $3.99 per metre, 5. Tags as before.

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1. Josephine Large Oval Platter $30 and Dinner Plates $21 each, all from 2. Vintage platter (shown with beans above) $5, from local junk shop. 3. Antique servingware from family and 4. Christmas lunch by

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O n T h e C h r i s t m a s D ay M e n u

Green beans with fried garlic chips Smashed potatoes Roasted bird with marjoram and onion stuffing and grapes Individual Christmas puddings with brandy custard

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1. Pokal Glasses, $0.95 each 2. Name Place Baubles ÂŁ12.50 for set of ten, 3. Christmas lunch by

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My shopping list for the table trimmings is pretty simple – I try and use items that I can reuse for entertaining well after Christmas, or bits and pieces that I already have at home. I normally have to pull together my Christmas table at the last minute so little tricks like wrapping gaudy-coloured bon-bons in kraft tissue paper and using fabrics with torn edges help to bring the setting together with minimum fuss. To Buy A strip of calico long enough to f i t yo u r ta b l e Ornaments for guests' gifts Na m e Ca r d s String for name cards Decorative napkins Wh i t e cot to n ta p e Kraft tissue paper C h r i s tm a s B o n-b o n s

From home A favourite vase One bunch of your favourite white garden blooms White linen napkins A s s o rt e d v i n tag e c u t l e r y (mix & match and borrow f r o m f a m i ly m e m b e r s ) White crockery G l a s s wa r e

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1. Kraft Tissue Paper $6.50USD for 50 sheets, 2. Natural White Twine $4.50, 3. Store-bought bon-bons from local supermarket.

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o p p o s i t e pag e

1. Bonnie & Neil Hand Screen Printed Robin on Linen Tea Towel, a bo v e

1. Name Place Baubles ÂŁ12.50 for set of ten,

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At Christmas time I love to embrace all the traditions. A few years ago I decided to serve up eggnog – needless to say it was an absolute hit! My Christmas parties have become quite famous for it and it definitely adds to the merriment of the occasion.

what does christmas mean to you?

h o w w i l l yo u b e s p e n d i n g c h r i s tm a s d ay ?

w h at w i l l yo u b e l i s t e n i n g t o o n c h r i s tm a s d ay ?

on the menu?

yo u r favo u r i t e s h o p s f o r g r e at g i f t s?

a nn a b e l l e k e r s l a k e , f ĂŞ t e p r e s s

1. Pokal Glasses, $0.95 each

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an office christmas party photographs and styling by jessie james


working in a design studio has its perks

pa r t y o f f r i e n d s When you work for one of the country's most stylish designers, it's a pretty good bet the annual Christmas party will be something special.

We asked Jessie James, the creative force behind Follow Studio, how she plans on celebrating her office Christmas party. Her take on the festivities is like a breath of fresh air – there is something quite special about a little bit of calm around Christmas. Jessie fills us in on the details, "My aesthetic is natural and ethereal but still a little rustic. Lots of white-on-white textures, with bursts of fresh pastels – it’s my version of a white Christmas – Australian summer style". When Jessie lays down this spread for team they will be set to enjoy delicate sweet treats and Champagne as they celebrate the year that was. "For our Christmas I like everything to be simple – nothing too formal or traditional, lots of beautiful festive details and a little bit of indulgence. And of course, gifts! A simple but special celebration of everything Christmas – gifts, crackers, decorations, lights, food, family... peace and joy!"

1. Beeswax Candles, 2. Pale Pink Bowl,

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a bo v e

1. Flowers and Styling by Jessie James,

1. Wooden Cutlery $8 for pack of 25,

2. Silver Hammered Bowl and Dish, 3. Assorted Dinnerware and Pouring Jug, 4. Assorted vintage glass jars and bottles

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1. ‘Noel’ Muslin Bag and Natural White Twine $4.50 per role, 2. Recycled Silver Bell 473JPY, 3. Handwrapped bon-bons.

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what does christmas mean to you?

h o w w i l l yo u b e s p e n d i n g c h r i s tm a s d ay ?

w h at w i l l yo u b e l i s t e n i n g t o o n c h r i s tm a s d ay ?

on the menu?

yo u r favo u r i t e s h o p s f o r g r e at g i f t s?

j e s s i e j a m e s , f o l l ow s t u d i o

1. Assorted Dinnerware and Pouring Jug, 2. Wooden Cutlery $8 for pack of 25,

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1. Flowers and Styling by Jessie James, 2. Assorted vintage glass jars and bottles. 3. Letterpress Swing Tag and Natural White Twine $4.50 per role,

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for weddings, celebrations and everyday W W W. FOL LOWST UDIO. COM

1 2






christmas decorating 1. Gold Acorns, small, medium and large from $7.00, 2. Pinecone Garland $32USD, 3. Beeswax Candle, Pinecone Pair, small $7, 4. Birch Wrap Candle $28USD and Birch Bark Pot $14USD, both from, 5. Snow White Merino Wool Felted Acorns $15USD for set of 12, 6. Acorn Ornaments in fine white bone china $40 for a set of six, 7. Large Christmas Tree Candle $39.95,

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5 3

8 6


christmas decorating 1. Handmade Large Star Decorations $50 for a set of five, 2. Taupe Ribbon Wreath $250, 3. Noah Bell 1,260JPY, 4. Serif Prawda Pearls Ornament €7.5, 5. Zinc Bell Wreath $10, 6. Havant Laser Cut Decoration $6.95, 7. Cowbell Tree Decorations £25 for a set of six, 8. Recycled Newspaper Holiday Ornament $16USD,

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2 1





christmas decorating 1. Rifle Paper Peace On Earth Card, 2. Lovebird Mini Brooch in Teak $19, 3. Pottery Bowl Lacy Bird $22USD, 4. Dove wax seal $39.95, 5. Kotori Mobile $26.95, 6. Bird pegs $15 per pair,

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photograph by shona henderson

3 6 3 G l e n O s mon d R o a d , GLE N O S M O N D SA 5 0 6 4 TELEPH O N E : 0 8 8 3 7 9 5 9 0 0 i n f o @ p o p p i e s f l ow e r s . c om . a u | f a c e book

Marquee, Furniture & Accessory Hire

crafting a christmas by jane cameron

give a little When it's our turn to host Christmas lunch we usually hold it at one of my husband, John's, restaurants (there are some advantages to being married to a chef). It is much easier to cater for a large number of people with industrial stoves – and more importantly – dishwashers at hand. John handles the food, naturally, and I am in charge of decorating. Given we usually host around 30 people, my trimmings need to be simple and easy to reproduce en masse. By Christmas Day most of us are feeling a little worn out by the manic lead-up to the big day. Nobody wants to be up until the wee hours setting a table or making decorations so a production line is key. Cute glassine bags filled with peppermint humbugs are an homage to the inner Scrooge in all of us. And a little bit of a laugh to get the table talking. These also make a great gift for schoolmates or workmates when a large quantity of gifts is needed to keep the peace.

1. Glassine bags$5.95 for pack of ten, 2. Swing Tags, $11.40 for pack of 300 from local newsagent. 3. Striped Washi Tape 15mm $4USD, 4. H umbugs $2.25, 200g bag from local supermarket.

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oh, bring me some figgy pudding

Pudding is a must-have in our household. It just wouldn't be Christmas without it.

John's Aunty Janice and Uncle Robin make two huge ones for his family's lunch of 30-plus people. It's a highlight of the day when the pudding and custard are brought out, despite having just eaten an enormous hot meal. My mum makes a rich, dark pudding that is delicious the next morning, cold with cream and sugar. Her pudding is scattered with old sixpennies and threepences – definitely not modern-day change as it is poisonous. It's good luck to find one of these coins in your serving when it comes time to eat, the trick is not to swallow it first! Me, I make two different recipes each year. One is a Maggie Beer recipe that is pretty much foolproof. John – who is a chef – worked with Maggie for years so I know her style of cooking suits our taste – simple, uncomplicated flavours, nothing too fancy. John makes up a big batch of vanilla anglaise and we eat the pudding warm, swimming in it. The second pudding I make is for my sister, Lucy, and her family – nut-free, dairy-free and egg-free – to accommodate our niece, Isobel's allergies. It took a bit of trial and error but I've got a recipe I'm really happy with now and the pudding tastes great. I'd hate to think of Isobel missing out on such a big part of the day. It's really not as daunting as it may seem to make a pudding. It just takes a bit of preparation and forethought to make it ahead of time, allowing the flavours ample time to mature. As a special gift for friends or family I know won't be bothered or can't make their own, I make an extra one and then wrap it in a nice tea towel as a gift. This is an easy and quick way to make any pudding – bought or homemade – look really special.

1. Le Premier Noel 100% Linen Tea Towel $ 30.00,

fête 01 page 49

all the trimmings

Ever since looking deep into the eyes of a turkey at the Royal Agricultural Show all those years ago, I haven't been able to eat the strange creatures. I tell myself I'm a vegetarian – which I am for most of the year – but I do enjoy chicken occasionally and simply can't resist if there is stuffing involved. A good stuffing lifts a roast chook from an everyday dish to something befittingly special. There's no skirting the issue here – a good stuffing requires lots of oil. But olive oil is good for you – right? Let me live this delusion. The bread sucks up every last drop, making it golden and delicious, worthy of a meal within itself. I'm forever stashing whizzed up breadcrumbs in the freezer, knowing they're there, ready at a moment's notice. So, yes, when I am masquerading as a vegetarian, I roast the stuffing in a dish of its own and forego the poultry. It still feels special and given the amount of oil, it's certainly not something we have very often during the year. As an incredibly affordable and easy gift for friends, I make up a little bouquet garni from whatever herbs I can find in the garden, tied with white cotton twine so it can go straight into a pot if required. Woody herbs like rosemary, thyme and bay are more hardy than the leafy varieties like parsley and marjoram so keep that in mind if gifts can't be handdelivered shortly after making them. I pop a kraft notebook into the box, with a favourite recipe written on one of the pages so the herbs can be put to good use.

1. Rigid Invitation Box, 150mm square in Black Matt $3.71 (if purchasing between 10-49 pieces – price comes down with larger quantities), 2. White Cotton Twine $4.20 from local supermarket. 3. Moleskine Cahier Pocket Ruled Notebook (90mm x 140mm) in Kraft $10.95 for pack of three,

fête 01 page 50

fĂŞte 01 page 51

I'm lucky enough to have lots of family Christmas recipes from my grandmother and my mum. Cooking is a big part of the festive season for me but it has to be quick, easy, deliver on taste and look good. Whilst I cherish my family recipes, I have also added to them over the years with my own favourites. I like to think of it as starting new family traditions. Not wanting to stray too far into the unknown, I originally turned to Margaret Fulton's fruitmince recipe and haven't looked back – so very quick and simple – it's a winner. I couple it with a Rick Stein sweetpaste and together they make a seriously good mincepie. A smart looking jar, filled to the brim with a serving of fruitmince makes a great gift on its own. Topped with brandy, sealed with a jam cover and an ordinary old rubber band, they look humble and wholesome. I made the labels by snipping the edges off of a standard label, handdrew a border then date stamped the year in black ink. Stored in the fridge, this gift is ready to go at a moment's notice. If you can bear to part with it.

fête 01 page 52

1. White Ceramic Confit Jar $40 each, 2. Number 64 Belgrave Rubber Bands $2.85 per pack from local newsagent. 3. Fowlers Vacola Kleerview Jam Covers $2.80 for pack of 24 from local supermarket.

4. Avery White Dispenser Labels, rectangle 13mm x 49mm $6.11, 5. Deskmate Rubber Date Stamp, 5mm $10.59, 6. Artline Premium Stamp Pad Black $7.98, 7. Spoon 50c from local junk shop.

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fĂŞte 01 page 54

what does christmas mean to you?

h o w w i l l yo u b e s p e n d i n g c h r i s tm a s d ay ?

w h at w i l l yo u b e l i s t e n i n g t o o n c h r i s tm a s d ay ?

on the menu?

yo u r favo u r i t e s h o p s f o r g r e at g i f t s?

j a n e c a m e ron , f ĂŞ t e p r e s s

1 Vintage mincepie tray. 2. Linen Table Runner $19.95,

fĂŞte 01 page 55

a court christmas

photographs by chris court styling by sibella court

i n t e r n at i o n a l s t y l i n g 'r oya lt y ', S i b e l l a C o u r t, h o s t s …

A pat r i o t i c C h r i s t m a s b a s h In a truly Aussie beachside setting, Sibella’s Christmas picnic lunch celebrates her time in the USA with a patriotic flavour. “You can set a beautiful scene in the fuss-free setting of a picnic table by the sea. I've done my own version of upholstery on an existing park bench by throwing a Sally Campbell quilt to create padding on the table and then folding vintage flags over the chairs to cushion the seats. The picnic basket looks so cool and deserves to be displayed! Have it open so people can help themselves. And it’s Christmas – make it fun! The kids' table doesn't have to be a table, it can be a teepee.” Don't bring out your finest china, make it indoor/outdoor and look the part with plastic tablesettings. Now you can have as much eggnog as you like!

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1. Navy Kookaburra Round Melamime 26cm Plate,

1. Similar teepee, Indigo Spirit Teepee $287,

2. Wendy Addison Glittered Shooting Star, Similar Glittered Mockingbird Stakes $28USD,

2. Similar Porcelain Rabbits from

3. Vintage flags available at

4. Quilt from

3. Symphony in the Park 4 Person Picnic Set, 5. 5" Holiday Magic Ball of Yarn Ornaments $19USD for six, 6. Melamine Large Stars Tumbler $4.50 each,

fête 01 page 58

fĂŞte 01 page 59

If you're into all the trimmings, buy a plain wreath and add your own details – Sibella adds her touch with pretty felt flowers. When it comes to easy, eclectic, Christmas style, Sibella is our ‘go to girl’ – nobody does it better.

fête 01 page 60

what does christmas mean to you?

h o w w i l l yo u b e s p e n d i n g c h r i s tm a s d ay ?

w h at w i l l yo u b e l i s t e n i n g t o o n c h r i s tm a s d ay ?

on the menu?

yo u r favo u r i t e s h o p s f o r g r e at g i f t s?

si bel l a c ou rt, t h e so c i e t y i nc

1. Recycled Stocking $60, 2. Wicker Wreath, Small $38, Large $48,

fĂŞte 01 page 61

Dress up a casual setting with fancy handmade cushions like these by the very talented Tara Badcock. "These are my cushions, made during 2009/2010 summer, as part of the Carnivale Collection. I only have one cushion left from this series (the 'Dress Circle' cushion not featured in the image) but I'm creating a new collection with stripes and in more chocolatey & spicy colours", Tara told us. To see more from Sibella visit her inspirational shop,

fĂŞte 01 page 62

1. Carnivale Collection Cushions by Tara Badcock from $360, Other Tara Badcock Cushions available from

fĂŞte 01 page 63








a c h r i s tm a s d ay l o o k 1. Dragon Alliance Roosevelt Gold Sunglasses $189.95, 2. Kimono Sleeve Print Top $149 3. Rusty Trilby $49.95, 4. Pierced Cuffs $198USD for set of two, 5. Tassel Hem Midi Skirt $149, 6. Meg Sandal $99, 7. Fiorelli Havana Shopper in Red ÂŁ89,

fĂŞte 01 page 64

personalised stationery – invitations – boxed stationery sets

eliza's third birthday by annabelle kerslake


fĂŞte 01 page 68

no stress, no fuss, we pulled it off…

e l i z a' s third b i r t h d ay pa r t y A few days before my daughter, Eliza, turned three I realised that she thought she was having a ‘ladybird’ party. Up until that point I had made no plans and with a few days to spare I resolved that I would pull off a party that she would love without overloading my already crazy schedule. Despite having organised and styled my fair share of big events I was terrified – the thought of letting my three-year-old down filled me with dread, sending me into a mild panic. I pulled myself together and made a pact that I wouldn’t go overboard. The golden rule with toddlers' parties is to keep it simple, they have absolutely no desire for an over-complicated party, it's so easy to get caught up in our own childhood fantasies – striving to be the perfect parents. So I put pen to paper and made a quick plan for food and decorations – then what ever I had planned, I halved. We ended up with a fantastic day that was so easy to pull together and one very happy little girl.

Pr e v i o u s S p r e a d


1. Pink Polkadot Plates $6.95, Party Treat Boxes $12.95 (also shown in Red Polkadot and Cups $6.95 all in packs of 12,

1. Filled recycled glass bottles (we used Santa Vittoria Apricot Fruit Nectar Bottles, $10.98 for pack of 6 from local supermarket) with handwritten round Quiks Label, $5.90 from local newsagent.

2. Woods and Willow French Linen Runners $19.95 each, 3. White Latex 90cm Helium Balloon, $29,

2. Red Spotty Paper Straws $7.95 for pack of 25, 3. Twine $13.99 per roll,

fête 01 page 69

The key to keeping it simple was including only family and a couple of Eliza’s closest friends. We still ended up with twelve children which was perfect. Given that both my sisters also have three-year-olds, my family alone is an instant party. Eliza also loves her older cousins and luckily they could make it on the day as they definitely help to keep a party of toddlers in line.

fĂŞte 01 page 71

1. Ladybird Cupcakes, 2. Hangsell Nut & Party Cup $5.35 for pack of 25, 3. 20cm Red Cake Stand $40.95,

fĂŞte 01 page 73

To make things easy I planned an afternoon party so we could keep the menu small. Popcorn was an instant hit and kept the children satisfied while they settled in. A batch of my homemade sausage rolls followed and were a real winner with the kids and adults alike and made sure that nobody went home hungry. After some fun and games and a round of pass-the-parcel, fresh strawberries and cream were a crowd-pleaser. On the menu‌ PopCorn Homemade sausage rolls S t r aw b e r r i e s a n d C r e a m B i r t h d ay c a k e & C u p c a k e s

fĂŞte 01 page 74

this spread

n e x t pag e

1. Fantastisk Napkin in Pink $1.95 for pack of 50,

1. Party Treat Boxes, as before,

2. Wooden Cutlery from $3.95 for pack of ten,

2. Kraft Tape $8.58 and Twine $13.99 per roll,

2. B irthday Cake,

3. Wicker Basket $99,

fĂŞte 01 page 75

emma's baby shower


fĂŞte 01 page 80

baby shower a b a b y b oy i s o n h i s way

Emma is a domestic goddess in the kitchen and when it came time for her baby shower we knew guests would be in for a treat. Heavily pregnant, Emma kept the details simple with a few store-bought items, however she still enjoyed adding her own favourites to the menu. Along with classics like chicken sandwiches and cupcakes, Emma whipped up some amazing treats – Asian prawn spoons, cauliflower fritters and chocolate panna cotta cups. Knowing she was expecting a boy Emma chose a quaint, woodland theme. A gorgeous spring afternoon was shared with her family and friends – everyone loved it!

Pr e v i o u s s p r e a d

This spread

1. Homemade Cauliflower Fritters in Kraft Chinese Take-Out Boxes $9.95USD for 20,

1. Homemade cupcakes in Pleated Cupcake Papers $9.96 for 50,

2. Boxes tied with Green and White Bakers Twine $14.25USD per roll,

2. Cupcakes topped with deer $4.95USD for 12, and store-bought chocolate caramel tarts.

3. Forest Green Gingham Check Fabric,

fête 01 page 81

fĂŞte 01 page 82

1. S tore-bought Lemon Curd Tarts and homemade cupcakes as before. 2. Cupcakes topped with deer $4.95USD for 12, and store-bought chocolate caramel tarts.

fĂŞte 01 page 83

fĂŞte 01 page 84

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1. Napkins and Wooden Cutlery set $7.95 for six settings,

1. Green Striped Straws $8 for 50,

2. Napkins tied with a strip of kraft paper and green and white twine as before.

2. Kraft Tin Tie Coffee bags $3.95 for set of ten,

3. Mini Bottle Brush Tree $3.95 for six,

3. Kraft paper cups from

fĂŞte 01 page 85

Emma made the most of her baby shower to spend some quality time with friends and family before her new arrival. It was a great way to brush up on everyone’s baby tips and to stock the nursery with some extra special gifts.

fĂŞte 01 page 87

a summer birthday brunch

photographs and styling by white wall photography

fĂŞte 01 page 90

h o s t a b i r t h d ay b r u n c h w i t h s o m e …

honest to goodness homestyle recipes

There is something special about spending time in the garden, relaxing and enjoying a Sunday birthday brunch. Our friends, Alia and Scott, invited everyone around the table to sample some of Alia’s very own recipes. They have a gorgeous old apple tree where they laid out the food on a rustic table. The vibrant and wholesome spread, highlighted with seasonal summer fruits, was the focus of the celebration.

previous spread

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1. Birthday gifts wrapped in Flower Garden, Vines and Baroque Wrapping Paper $3.95 per sheet,

1. Alia’s Buckwheat Pancakes with banana and gooseberry (recipe follows).

2. Flowers by

fête 01 page 91

fĂŞte 01 page 92

1. Assorted vintage cutlery and linen. 2. Buckwheat Pancakes as before. 3. J. Friend & Co Honey,

fĂŞte 01 page 93

buckwheat pancakes ½ cup unbleached white flour ½ cup buckwheat flour ½ t s p a l u m i n i u m f r e e b a k i n g powder ½ tsp bicarb soda ½ t s p c e lt i c s e a s a lt 1 c u p m i l k ( s o y o r r e g u l a r – add a little more if you prefer a thinner bat ter) 1 egg 1 tsp agave or 2 tsp honey 2 t s p u n s a l t e d m e l t e d b u t t e r , cooled

Mix dry ingredients together and then add the wet, mix to combine and cook two at a time in a frypan with a little butter. Cashew Coconut Muesli 3 cups rolled oats ½ cup honey 2 tsp olive oil ½ cup shredded coconut ½ c u p r aw c a s h e w s ½ tsp cardamom

Preheat oven to 150 oC. Heat honey and oil in a small saucepan and simmer for a few minutes. Combine all the ingredients in a bowl and pour in honey/oil mixture. Stir until combined. Spread over lined baking tray and bake for 10 minutes stirring occasionally. Remove from oven and allow to cool. Can be stored for up to a month in an airtight container – if it lasts that long! Recipes by alia Elaraj

fête 01 page 94

1. Coconut, Cashew Toasted Muesli with peaches, vanilla bean yogurt and honey.

fĂŞte 01 page 95

fĂŞte 01 page 96

1. Homemade Muesli is stored in an airtight canister and labelled with reusable ‘Muesli’ Pantry Label $59.95 for sheet of assorted labels, 2. Vintage crockery and cutlery. 3. Sourdough rye toast stack. 4. Seasonal summer fruit.

fête 01 page 97

Brunch included a little bit of everything – a mix of sweet and savoury and then a tasty muesli for something lighter and healthy. With a focus on summer fruit, the apple tree offered a perfect ornamental canopy – an organic decorative installation, with no need for extra details.

fête 01 page 98

1. Sourdough rye with lemon thyme fried eggs shown on vintage crockery.

fĂŞte 01 page 99


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