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Recently I’ve been like I have a lot of ideas for my handmade stationery shop, but before I embark on the making bit I feel stuck with negativity. Most of it stems from the belief that it may not sell so making it may not be a good idea. Luckily for me I have some experience in coaching and I can usually pick myself up. I also noticed a lot of friends feeling quite negative or blocked about things crafty and non-crafty, so I thought I’d share with you what I tell myself to turn a negative into a positive. It really CAN be easy, if you give yourself permission to let it be. NEG = Not Energising your Goal plans POS= Producing Opportunities for Success Choose to turn NEGs into POS “If you’re passionate about what it is you do, then you’re going to be looking for everything you can to get better at it”. (Jack Canfield quote)

Credit: JSGillett

Second and a bit of the third installment from: Hard Boiled for You Wholesale (blog) #2 Akil sensed it first. A time machine. A way to change the shit that had gone before. Mal didn’t believe it. Mal knew better. Things got worse never better. He went along anyway. Sam’s still limp body. Played and replayed. In vivid technicolor. His best friend in the god damn world. Life died with him. All there was left was anger. All consuming. Anger. They had killed him with his back turned. Payment was due. The whole world owed him. Every Battle. Whether a war or brawl. Mal wanted in on the fight. The girl Ariel had been good to Sam. But even if she hadn‘t Mal would have come along anyway. Find the machine. Go back. kill Idris. Bring back civilisation. It was impossible odds. The only type of odds he liked. The cave was fortified. But Mal was brute force. He was 18 stones of titanium. He was punch ‘til the cave caves in. He was strength. Corrupted, hacked, pounded and reshaped for war. He was pain absorbed, digested and regurgitate as venom. He was smash first, think never.

The laboratory blast open. Mal went in first. Ariel second. Akil last. Leonora reached for her machine gun. She fumbled for a second. That’s all the time Ariel needed. Mid flow ready to load. Leonora frozen ice cold. Mal looked at the machine. The machine looked back. “how does the damn thing work then?” “Hell if I know” Akil the fortune-teller. The channeller. The mind bender. The reason they had fought through crazies, mercenaries and all round hard bastards. Tormented by premonitions. Akil tormented Ariel. The past could be remodelled. Repackaged. Restyled. Not ruled by the chaos. Anarchy. Mutant against mutant. Ariel had believed, Mal, brought along as armour. “hey, I didn’t say I knew how to use the thing, the frozen lady needs to be unfrozen, we can’t go through without her” Mal sneered. “I can unfreeze but I can’t stop her from blasting our heads off” “Akil will brain zap her this time round right babe? anyhow I am always trigger happy to freeze” Akil concentrates. Leonora obeys. Leonora goes to the machine. Leonora types in co-ordinates. A beam from the machine rips open space. Akil’s toothy grin out on display. His plan is coming up aces. Leonora leaps into the rip. Akil smiling goes after. Ariel goes in third. Mal, jumps in last…….. #3 Idris Nor knew she was in a frame. The bloody brain bits spattered on her shoulder wasn’t the only indicator. The mad man with the shotgun helped. A little……..

Fete: A Craftzine, issue 4, Winter 2009  

The 4th installment of Fete, a not for profit, independently run craftzine features illustrations, ideas, inspirations and lots of fun stuff...

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