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26 The Vet Is In: Dogs That We Think Are Heros & Pick Your Poison

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Meet John! fetch distributor

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“Here’s the new edition of Fetch.”

5 FALL '16

120,000 Fetch magazines! Seven years may seem like a long time but most of the businesses I drop Fetch off That’s how I often greet many to have been serving dog owners for longer than that. of the 100+ businesses I deliver I love the passion they have for dogs - the same pasFetch to four times a year. The sion you have as a dog owner! reaction is almost always the same: “Great - my customers were asking when it Ginny and I are dog owners, too. That seems to be a would be here!” The smiles are always the same, too. prerequisite to being involved with Fetch! We have Why wouldn’t they be as these “dog-spots” have one two Chesapeake Bay Retrievers - True and Sky. True main thing in common with Fetch - they are all about was the “cover girl” on the 2009 Winter Edition. She’s dogs too! handled the fame in typical dog style - “Where’s my treat?” I’m John Theisen, and I’ve been delivering Fetch magazines in southeast Wisconsin since the Fall Edi- So please enjoy the new edition of Fetch. I always do, tion of 2009 when Ginny (my wife) and Marie Tubbin and I hope we’re a part of your dog routine for years (our friend) bought Fetch from the original owner to come! and founder of Fetch. Since then I’ve dropped off over

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Fetch Fall 2016  

Courageous Dogs & Their Humans Issue

Fetch Fall 2016  

Courageous Dogs & Their Humans Issue