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An introduction to Robin Ince and a series of spots at his Book Club gigs acquainted Treleaven with “people like Stephen Merchant, Stewart Lee, Josie Long, Danielle Ward, Isy Suttie, Tim Key. I saw all these really interesting, hilarious, bizarre comedians.” A misstep in Australia later, “a series of book gags, really just me trying to do Asher Treleaven’s Book Club, it got absolutely caned”, he resolved to write a new hour of comedy each year “and just keep going on blind faith till something happens. “I’m still finding my voice, still playing a role. But I’m slowly locking into what makes me unique and gives me the honesty to do these things that no-one else would think of.” f

Asher Treleaven: Troubadour @ Gilded Balloon Teviot

Paul Foot: Kenny Larch is Dead @ Underbelly, Cowgate

7:30pm – 6:30pm, 2–26 Aug, not 15, £6 – £12


4:30pm – 5:30pm, 1–26 Aug, not 13, £5 – £10.50

Zak Kaczm

“It’s an antiquated problem-solving method usually used by big business to solve sweatshop problems in developing countries, applied to a one hour, postmodern comedy wank by a ponce in various hats” he clarifies. “But that wouldn’t fit on the poster.” Foot wears “plenty of different hats” in everyday life but is irked by the idea of comedians’ “personas”. “When I go on stage, a little switch flicks on inside of me and I just get on with it, it just comes organically from me.” Although you can discern his influence on his friend and sometime collaborator Russell Brand, you’d be hard pushed to isolate his influences and inspirations in comedy. Even so, he’s not spurred on by being seen as original. “I’m just writing the most obvious show to me at this moment. Then of course, it’s up to others to say ‘ooh, how unusual’. But I don’t plan that. I don’t break any rules out of rebellion, I just do it because that’s what I like.” A former circus performer who retains a mastery of his gangly physicality, Treleaven used to think that standups were conservative “jerks”. Meanwhile, he was “an act on the edge of the edge, I was so far out you can’t even ... I guess I just wanted to be different for the sake of being different.”

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