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Highlights We’ve trawled the program so you don’t have to. Here’s our roll-call of the best comedy at the Fringe

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Loretta Maine

JUST THE TONIC AT THE CAVES 6:00PM – 7:00PM, 2–26 AUG, NOT 14, £5 – £10

This terminally depressed, borderline psycho, country and western singer (played by Pippa Evans) just got more terminally depressed and little more psycho. Songs for the dumped, the loners, the losers and the freaks. And anybody else partial to some dark humour.


Nick Mohammed


PLEASANCE COURTYARD 6:00PM – 7:00PM, 1–26 AUG, £6 – £12

Ben Target

God... is anyone else hot? It’s SO HOT. Nick Mohammed returns as northern busybody Mr Swallow, accompanied by his absent-minded landlady, demonstrations of his astounding photographic memory, a piano and a projector. Mindbending hilarity will ensue.

UNDERBELLY, COWGATE 4:55PM – 5:55PM, 2–26 AUG, NOT 13, £6 – £10

With a taste for the unexpected and a penchant for taking his audience on trips outside while wearing a tutu, this show transfers to the Underbelly after last year’s run at the Free Fringe. Elusive and occasionally insane, Target’s shows are always an experience. A funny one.


David Trent


The Pin

PLEASANCE COURTYARD, 10:45 – 11:45PM, 1–27 AUG, NOT 14, £5 – £12

Doing things with a Powerpoint presentation that you’d never even thought possible, this debut hour supported by soundbites and visual aids is an experience that is certainly quite unlike anything else at the Fringe.

PLEASANCE COURTYARD, 4:45PM – 5:45PM, 1–27 AUG, NOT 13, 20, £5 – £9.50

This brand new sketch trio have been causing a stir over the last year, touted by pretty much everyone as the Next Big Thing. Polished, stylish and “particularly inspired” (The Telegraph), go see what all the hype’s about.

Nick Blythwood


Thomas Nelstrop

PLEASANCE COURTYARD, 4:30PM – 5:25PM, 1–27 AUG, NOT 14, £5 – £11

If you’ve heard any popular music over the last decade and relish a good dollop of silliness, the creator of internet sensation Jonni Music brings his muchanticipated debut hour to Edinburgh.

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Nish Kumar

UNDERBELLY, BRISTO SQUARE 8:20PM – 9:20PM, 1–27 AUG, NOT 14, £6 – £10

One half of the critically acclaimed The Gentlemen Of Leisure, Kumar brings a debut solo hour of immaculately delivered standup to the Fringe. Sharp, intelligent and witty observations from a definite one-to-watch.

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