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CNA Training in Indiana

This article posted at the CNA Certification and Training blog. A career in the healthcare field as Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), may be one of the best choices that one can have if he or she wish to earn certification in the field without having to spend a lot of money. Those who wish to work as nurses assistants in the state of Indiana will need to attend a CNA training program as well as pass the exams in order to added on the Indiana Nurse Aide Registry. After would be able to work as Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) in healthcare facilities. The state of Indiana has a good number of training centers that offer CNA approved training programs and tend to specialize in offering course and training to full-time or part-time workers, providing individualized instruction for students. Also, there are community colleges, state universities and technical/vocational schools that offer distance learning classes so that the students can attend classes while they still keeping up with work and the family responsibilities. Some employers they will provide free training, in return, the new CNA to work for the employer for a certain amount of time ensuring valuable experience. As a CNA, will be responsible for taking patient vital signs, recording medical histories, providing basic care and support in patients under the supervision of qualified professional. Also, the basic responsibilities and duties of nursing assistants include the infection control, toileting, bathing and grooming, dressing, feeding, administering medication, keeping rooms clean, basic life support and emergency procedures, taking vital signs, such as record blood pressure, temperature, pulse, respiration, weight and height, observing and noting changes in a patient’s condition or behavior, as well as the proper operating and maintaining of medical equipment.

Indiana CNA Training Requirements General prerequisites to get enrolled someone in CNA training program in Indiana include: the aspirants should at least be 18 years old need to have a GED certification or high school diploma should have clean criminal record


must to have a medically documented negative TB status of the last 6 months additional, need to have the ability to read and write in English The Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) approves CNA programs in the state, where meet the national guidelines and Federal regulations. The typical programs last around 6-12 weeks with the fee to lies between $800 and $2000. In the state of Indiana there are two specific types of nurse aides: The Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) assists long term or private care patients with their activities of daily living (ADLs), and the Qualified Medication Aide (QMA), where may dispense and pass medications and also to perform certain treatments always under the supervision of a nurse, either RN or LPN. Qualified Medication Aides (QMAs) are required to have additional training before receiving this special title and license, along with annual in-service training. Individuals that wish to become CNAs in state of Indiana must attend at least 105 hours training course that is 30 hours of classroom instruction and another 75 hours of practical instruction. Some of the programs can be longer in duration. A CNA that wishes to progress to QMA status will need an additional 100 hours of training after they have completed at least 1,000 work hours as a CNA. This training will be divided into 60 hours of classroom instruction and another 40 of clinical instruction. The training provides the basic knowledge and skills that is required for a for a certified nursing assistant career and during this program, the candidates should study topics such, medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, communication and interpersonal skills, safety measures, nutrition, infection control, body mechanics, vital signs and measurements, patient bathing and dressing, aging process, mobility, patient’s rights, family, environment, positioning and transference, etc.

CNA Examination in Indiana (IN) In the state of Indiana, CNA exam is administered by Ivy Tech Community College and the exam fee is $75. The exam consists of two sections. There is a written exam which consists of multiple-choice questions and a clinical test with five randomly practical skills, which mimics a clinical setting. The skills evaluation comes first and the examinee should pass all five practical skills in order to be able to take the written exam, and must receives a score of at least 70% or above to earn certification. Applicants must pass both parts of the test to gain certification. If the examinee fails the test three times, they must retake training and sit for the certification exam. After successfully completing the competency exam, candidate's name is placed on the Nurse Aide Registry which is maintained by the Indiana State Department of Health, and keeps a record of all the Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) working in the state. The certification must be renewed every 2 years, and CNAs should prove they have been employed for at least 8 hours during the same period. This is the only requirement for license renewal in state of Indiana.


CNA Jobs & Salary in Indiana According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), in the state of indiana, the demand for certified nursing assistants is expected to increase over the next years, as to achieve of better patient care the medical facilities, they search for certified nursing assistants to support the staff of healthcare. There are about 35,000 employed CNAs in Indiana and the average salary per annum for this occupation is about $25,420. The wages can vary depending on experience, position and the employer. Hospitals are of the facilities where nurses assistants usually want to work because of the high pay, but there are other places where a CNA can work, such as government agencies, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and home health agencies.

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CNA Training in Indiana  
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