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“Let us fix our eyes on Jesus …..So that we will not grow weary or lose heart.” Hebrews 12:2-3









Festive Office: 16 Crugan Avenue Kinmel Bay RHYL LL18 5DG

We have had a great time at the various events over the summer - read about the people who visited the Festive stand at the exhibitions by checking out the back page. It was so good to meet students, staff, chaplains and supporters, but also to raise people’s awareness of Further Education and Sixth Forms and the way local churches can ‘love them’. I am writing this piece on the train going to visit our lovely staff on the south coast; Hove, Polegate and Eastbourne to be precise. I am so grateful to Karen for being the mainstay of Festive last year – she did amazingly well in her 3 day week to get so much done, but it does get very lonely working from home with just the computer for company. We always hoped that Claire Povey would return after her maternity leave; she’s back working 12 hours a week. To make a real team we welcome another Claire, working 8 hours

and volunteering 8 hours. There is an interview with our new Claire on page 2. It isn’t all female at Festive. Martin Povey will continue to work with us – check out what he has been up to on page 3. Neil Povey is our hidden star - it is he who keeps the website up to scratch, does all our designs and sends out this newsletter. What would we do without him? How easy it is just to dive in and get on with the work; there is always more than we can handle. We keep reminding ourselves that we need to make Jesus our focus - for our own lives, for the work we do and for the people we serve. If we don’t, we may well burn out or lose heart. We pray for you our readers and ask for your prayers for us, that we may never get to the point where we can no longer see Jesus and be amazed, encouraged and re-energised.


t: 01745 350107 e: w:

Festive is five years old – my, those years went by so quickly! – and don’t worry, we don’t feel that we are in danger of losing heart; on the contrary we are geared up for the new term and ready to go.


INTRODUCING CLAIRE BROWN Karen interviews Claire about her new role o on n th the e Fe FFestive stiv st iv ve te team eam m Tell us a little about yourself... I’m 24 years old and live in Hove. I’m from Co. Down, NI and that’s where I met my husband Colin - we’ve been married for just over 2 years. I like music - mostly very old music. I enjoy playing saxophone. I like swimming and am trying to get into running. I’m hoping the Olympics will inspire me to do more sport, but I’m not a very sporty person. I really like Christmas and am looking forward to it coming around again so I can wear my special Christmas jumper. You’re going to be working with Festive for a year. What made you want to do that? I think sixth form is a great age, but remember how difficult it can be to follow God when everyone else is off doing other stuff, so I think Festive does a great job in equipping young people in telling others about the Lord Jesus at College. Colin and I both love Festive and want to encourage the work as much as possible; I am very excited about being able to help in a little way with this. Two national Festive workers out of three are called Claire, so, what would you like your nickname to be and why? I used to really want to be a spy, so maybe my nickname should be a number like 007… Or I could just be called Northern Irish Claire or ‘Clure’ as we say in the homeland.

What are you most looking forward to? I’m looking forward to learning more about everything that Festive does and supporting lots of young people across the UK in their CU’s. I am particularly looking forward to praying for lots of young people and seeing what wonderful things our big God has planned for sixth forms across the country. (Hopefully my geographical knowledge of the UK will improve as well!) What can we pray for you for this year? Please pray: - That I settle in well to the Festive team, am able to get to know them all and support them well - That I learn the job quickly so I can start to work effectively - It’s quite a big change, so prayers for Colin and I as we adjust to my new role

FROM THE TREASURER’S DEPARTMENT In Christ we who are many form one body. [Romans 12:5]

The Body of Christ is an essential biblical concept. None of us individually has all the gifts, all the abilities, to get the work of the Kingdom done. But together….. One of the things Festive would love is if you could encourage your own local church to take a real interest in our ministry as it applies to your local FE or Sixth Form College. Most churches have one within a few miles of them; some actually on their doorstep. 16-19 year olds are the least represented group in the British Church – and your local college is full of them! Surely it’s a ‘no-brainer’ to get involved! It’s tough but it’s vital if these young people, often hopeless and future-less, are to be reached. Why not encourage your church to start praying about the local need? Why not talk to other churches about some joint action? Why not encourage them to donate to Festive to advance the Kingdom in this area? With added resources we could do so much more! And there’s so much more to be done! Get in touch; drop an email to; give us a ring. We’ll do everything we can to help you in this mission field on your doorstep!

Eric Coulton (Administrator)

SEPTEMBER CU TRAINING - still time to book!

Dates: September 28th-30th Venue: Camp XLs manor house, Worcester Ages: 13-18 (with sixth form specific seminars) Accommodation: Dormitory Price: £59 (Groups of 3+ £49) - includes all food and accommodation How to book: Our recommendation: ‘This event is perfect for those wishing to start a Christian Union, new leaders who have just taken over or those who have been doing it for a few years. It will provide attendees with inspiration for CU events and weekly meetings and biblical, practical encouragement in dealing with the everyday issues of being an ambassador for Christ at school or college.’ (Karen)

COMING UP THIS TERM... Martin Povey is an Evangelist working with the Association of Evangelists (AofE). He loves supporting 16-19s to fix their eyes on Jesus and equipping them in their outreach where they study. As part of his Ministry with the AofE, he has been working on the ‘Evangelism side’ of Festive’s web-based ministry.

A GRAND TOUR OF THE ‘MIGHTY’ NORTH WEST In the middle of September I have the opportunity to visit and encourage a number of CUs in the North West. I am really looking forward to meeting the students and workers that Festive has been praying for. Please pray that as we open the Scriptures together, we would ‘taste and see that the Lord is good’. There may be some opportunities to come alongside them in some outreach events so please pray that they would get excited about sharing the Good News and want to share the Bread of Life with their course-mates throughout the academic year.

A NEW INQUIRERS’ COURSE FOR STUDENTS IN FE Festive asked me to work on an inquirers’ course that would be suitable for students to use during their CU time. There are some great inquirers’ courses out there… So why another course? There are three main reasons. Firstly, due to jam-packed time-tables, CUs in FE and Sixth Form often have no option but to squeeze in time to meet together. One way to help them share the gospel is to produce a course specifically designed with these time-constraints in view. Secondly, many FE & Sixth Formers are in the 16-19 age bracket; a time when they are moving into young adulthood. At this unique period in their lives, a tailor-made contextual course seems to be a good idea. Thirdly, to make it easier for cash-strapped students to share the gospel with their friends, we want to produce a free course that can be used alongside some of the free Bible resources. Thank God for what we have so far and please pray with us as we trial the course with various CUs!

SPEND AND GIVE Do you ever shop on the internet? Would you like to raise some financial support for Festive? We now have a dedicated website through which to access many retailers (Amazon, M&S, John Lewis to name but a few). By entering their sites via Festive’s site we receive a commission from the retailer, at no expense to yourself. It’s as easy as that! Would you consider saving this website as your home page or on your favourites? It’s Why not use it for your autumn and Christmas shopping? And a big ‘thank you’ in advance!


Last issue we featured ‘Equipped’, the CU training event organised jointly by Festive, ‘Camp XL’ and ‘Cross Teach’. It’s a fantastic weekend conference of bible teaching, practical seminars and individual advice for all things Christian Union, plus a great opportunity for CU leaders to meet and encourage each other. So if you know of students who may be interested here is the key information:



This summer saw Festive tour our green and pleasant land. From the rolling hills of the Lake District to the winding roads of Somerset, what a privilege to hear of God’s work in others and to offer the support that He is equipping us to give. Here are some highlights from Festive exhibiting at Keswick and Soul Survivor! “Well I never thought of praying for the college in the town – the university and the school, yes, but from now on I will definitely pray for the college!” Dan the Man! “An ex CU leader of a College in Haywards Heath volunteered to help exhibit in week B and was a fantastic encouragement to the students he met. He had endless enthusiasm and a real heart to see sixth formers start and maintain Christian Unions to be a good Christian witness.”

A Church goer from Stafford at Keswick

“We were able to give away 100s of copies of ‘Jesus in College’ and ‘Grill a Christian’! Thank God especially for the sixth formers challenged to read ‘Grill a Christian’ and then give it away to their non-Christian friends.”

Karen at Soul Survivor

Karen at Soul Survivor

“Please pray for Teachers and Lecturers “ like Barbara who long to make a difference but really struggle to know how to do it. Pray that more of them w be inspired by Festive to start a staff will prayer time.” “Jas, a second “J d year student t d t att a southern Agricultural College wants to start a Christian group but feels ill-equipped as she does not know much about the Bible. Thank God for her desire to care, like Jesus did, for those around her. Please pray that she will be enabled to read the Bible for herself so she can bring the ‘word of truth’ to her college.”

Cathy & John on the Festive Stall at Keswick

Karen at Soul Survivor

“Some young people we met seem unwilling to stand up for Christ in college, almost as if their ‘college life’ is a different thing from their ‘church life’.” Please pray that these young hearts would be so blown away by the Gospel that Christ’s love compels them to worship Him everywhere! Cathy on the Festive Stall at Keswick

Give thanks to the LORD and proclaim His greatness. Let the whole world know what he has done.” 1 Chronicles 16:8

Festive News September 2012  
Festive News September 2012