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‘’For Christ died for sins once for all, the righteous for the unrighteous, to bring you to God.” 1 Peter 3:18

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FROM THE CHAIR OF TRUSTEES “Goodbye volunteering, hello working!” JOEY G - UNCUT “Changing jobs and relying on God!” A THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT NATIONAL NEWS

In the Further Education and Sixth Form world, summer is the time to write reports. The students meanwhile, having finished exams, enjoy the sunshine to await results day and think ‘What next?’ Here at Festive, we have spent time marvelling at the point we have reached after 3 years and are planning ahead for the new phase as Karen Jones joins staff. It is indeed true what Paul wrote: For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. Ephesians 2 v 10

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The trustees have been thinking about getting Festive better known and as they were doing so – the editor of The Briefing pointed his readers towards Festive (unknown to us until a friend pointed it out!),

As well as all this, it is such a privilege to encourage so many lovely students and staff in their places of work and study – what gems – ‘God’s workmanship’. What excites us most is that those who contact Festive care so much about those they meet day by day and urge us to look for more and better ideas to help them share the Good News of Jesus – so this is our summer work! Toni Coulton, Chair of Trustees


Festive Office: 16 Crugan Avenue Kinmel Bay RHYL LL18 5DG

It is all due to our Great God who has given us that chance to be in a right relationship with Him and then to be part of the immeasurably more He has planned.

Youthwork magazine has asked for a comment for its August edition and we are partnering with many organisations as part of Biblefresh for 2011. We also have an invitation to Westminster to meet MPs and talk with others about Christian contribution to schools and colleges. All these things we feel God has ‘Prepared in Advance’ for Festive.

Cheltenham Race Course is where Karen and Toni will be spending the August Bank Holiday – no, we are not betting away Festive funds! We are going to Greenbelt. With designated funds coming from Dare-2-Engage and the offer to help man the exhibition stand, we thought we would take the opportunity to meet festival goers and engage with them. So please pray for us – for great openings with students, staff and parents!

© Jonathon Watkins / Greenbelt Festival

“Goodbye volunteering, hello working!” I have loved my volunteer year with Festive! It has come with its challenges and highlights. I think the first challenge has been learning to rely on Jesus for what comes in each month but he has always provided what we need. (Thank you if that came through you!) Another thing I have been learning is how to keep motivating a small, struggling CU – it’s tough when the easy way out seems to be giving up. The biggest of all though, has been feeling so overwhelmed by the size of the work… there is so much to do and I often felt like a tadpole in an ocean! The highlights? Here are a few! Seeing one of the CUs quadruple in size (to four students!) and witnessing them grow so much in their faith over the year. One of the most exciting things has been to see tiny local CUs share the Gospel with their peers! From a small conversation to a full blown mission week

– it’s been such a joy! I had the opportunity to run a Christianity Explored course for some seeking Sixth Formers; this is the most overtly evangelistic thing I have ever done and I was so nervous about answering questions. God miraculously though, often equipped me the day before with the exact subject matter in question as Claire and I studied through Wayne Grudem’s systematic theology… He is good! I have learnt so much. I feel strongly that this ministry is overlooked in the UK and the need to invest in our 16-19s is imperative. I am so glad that God has provided a way for me to stay on the team as the work has grown and there is a real need for two workers. I can’t wait to get stuck into a new job role (advice and communications provider) and hopefully come and visit many of you to pray with your churches about your local colleges.

02 FESTIVE NEWS “Goodbye volunteering, hello working!”


Please give thanks: • For a year of massive growth in my relationship with God. • For provision of enough donations to support my year. • That God has developed my gifts and grown my knowledge of the work. Pray for: • Me to find my feet as I work in a new job role! • Wisdom as I start to take over the email support side of Festive’s ministry. • My heart and the hearts of the whole team to be centred on Jesus and His will – not ours!



Claire from Festive interviews ‘Joey G’ on his ministry with 16-19s and his extraordinary ‘rapping’ talents! Claire: Hi Joey G! ‘Joey G’ is a pretty hip and happening name! Could you tell us how this came about and a bit about yourself? Joey G: Hi Claire, Joey.G is derived from my full name “Joseph George”. I was born in London, taken to Nigeria when I was two and came back to the U.K 18 years ago. I currently work in Llandrillo College as the Christian Union Project Worker. I also do youth work for the English Baptist Church in Old Colwyn and work as a General Assistant for a Christian Holiday Centre. I’m also doing a Masters in Missions and Evangelism with Cliff College. Claire: That sounds like a very busy week. We think you have a very unique ministry with 16-19 year olds - could you tell us how God has been using your vocal talents? Joey G: God’s given me the opportunity to use the talent of rapping at the special evangelistic events we’ve held at the colleges for Christmas, Easter, Faith Awareness Week and for the Christianity Events Week in May. I’ve also been presented with opportunities to do rap workshops on the Rhyl College site. These have provided great opportunities to present the Gospel message.

Claire: What a creative way to share the Gospel with students! Could you tell us a bit more about this ‘Christianity Events Week’ that took place at Llandrillo College recently? Joey G: A Christianity Events Week is basically a week where different activities are held to promote and spread the Gospel message. Our Events week went very well. We had a marquee filled with Gospels, Soularium cards and free food and drink. We also had outdoor games such as frisbee,

that asked students who their “Eywa” was. (This helped us to see what students were living for!) Other students from the Christian Union and the college came along to help me set the equipment and the gear up for the day. Thanks for your prayers. Claire: It sounds like God really went before you and the CU there! An important last question; if I were to be a fellow rap star - what could my rap name be? Joey G: Your rap name would be “Cee.P” or “C.P” (Claire Povey) C.P: I love it! Could you give us some things we could be praying for? Joey G: Yes please!

huge Jenga, and much more. We had Gospel talks and I did some rapping of course! Someone re-dedicated his life to Christ on the first day, several good conversations were held over the soularium cards and many good contacts were made through the week. One of the students called Claire helped a lot with planning, she designed a funky storyboard, had T-shirts printed with the Events Week logo on and produced an “Avatar Board”

• Please pray for more students to come to know Jesus as Lord and Saviour. • Please continue to pray for the Christian Union to grow and make more of an impact on the College campus. • Pray for the contacts made over the events week to produce a harvest. Two girls have come to the Christian Union off the back of it! Please pray for them - Bethan and Gwenllian and do remember Mark - the guy who rededicated his life to Christ. God bless, Joey.G

“Changing jobs and relying on God!” “…I resolved to know nothing while I was with you except Jesus Christ and him crucified. I came to you in weakness and fear, and with much trembling. My message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the Spirit’s power, so that your faith might not rest on men’s wisdom, but on God’s power.” 1 Corinthians 2:2-5

A thank you for your support I want to thank you all so much again for the many ways you support us; in your prayers, your interest, your emails and your giving - we covet it all in the best possible way! Do check out the latest prayer news on our website - and lay the various needs before Almighty God. This July the trustees have stepped out in faith and invited Karen to join the workforce (see details elsewhere). We really are so grateful to God for how he is already providing towards Karen’s wage! If after prayer, you also feel the Lord laying Festive on your heart in this way, please contact or get in touch with me in the registered office.

Since joining the Festive Team in 2008, this verse has brought much encouragement. Like anyone working towards a strong Gospel witness within the FE sector – you just feel so miniscule compared to the mammoth needs and mission field before you! I have felt very out of my depth and pretty anxious at times - yet this has done me good! I have seen God’s power at work, both in myself and the students I’ve been supporting, so much more than if we ‘had it all sorted’. Thank you so much for praying for my role within Festive the last two years. I have loved being able to see so many students reach out to their peers

I am so thankful to God that He has strengthened me through your prayers. He has also grown the work a lot and His provision of Karen came at just the right time!

Please pray on for… •

Karen and I to serve each other well and use our combined gifts to further the Kingdom amongst 16-19s in education.

Please pray for me as I now focus on resources and training. (What a job!)

Pray especially that He would keep giving me direction, confidence and gifts to faithfully and relevantly write materials for FE students! (Most importantly: please pray that as I have the great privilege of opening scripture so much… I would grow to love and know Jesus more!)

Every Blessing, Eric Coulton (Asst.Treasurer)

with the Gospel in such creative and courageous ways. Packaging up another parcel of Gospels to go to another CU leaders’ house has made me feel at times, like I am living through the book of Acts! One CU student taking part in Inter-faith week was willingly grilled about their Christian faith, alongside a Muslim, in front of an entire tutor group, (for the whole week!) “…not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the Spirit’s power” – Amen.

04 FESTIVE NEWS “CHanging jobs and relying on God!”


Bromley College: A local Pastor has contacted Festive with a heart to see a Christian presence at Bromley College. Several Christian staff members have said how they would also love to see a Christian Union thrive again, mentioning that a group of Congolese students are interested to start a CU! Please pray that God would empower students, equip supporters and create a union that will be salt and light there! Oaklands College: Cathy Williams (on the Festive steering committee) has been praying for this College for at least 10 years. Amazingly, even though she has since moved from the area – God has answered her prayers! A passionate student has got in touch asking for wisdom about starting a CU. Please pray for Sam and his friends, that the Lord would go before them – add to them, grow them in faith and use them in service at that College! Particular wisdom is needed as it has several campuses in different locations. Luton College: CU leader Chloe has reported back on the Christianity Awareness Week they ran earlier this year. Thank God that many events were well attended and many Gospels were given out. When students didn’t turn up to one important event – the CU still held on to the fact that God was in control. Chloe says: ‘Can you please thank all the people who have been praying for us. It’s a nice reminder of how we are all one family and how important our everyday evangelism is!” Freshers and Leavers: Please pray for students who are leaving this year to go to University or to find work. Pray that students looking for work would be provided for – and that God would help them to live out Christian lives in their workplace! Pray for students going to Uni to get stuck into a Church and CU. Pray that the transition would grow their relationship with Jesus! GRASP – training for students in the Midlands: Andy Clarke has been employed as Hereford’s ‘City Youth Missioner’. He has noticed that many students in the area desire to start a Christian group where they study but have no idea where to begin. Praise God for giving Andy and others the opportunity to run some training events for 14-19s! He says, “the idea is eventually to make this a regular Midlands event and hopefully young people will be encouraged by meeting together and equipped to be salt and light in their schools and colleges”. Please pray that God uses these events powerfully to encourage and equip students! Takeaway: Thank God for the East Sussex training evening! Eleven students came from five CUs, there was a great atmosphere and students engaged with the teaching well. Pray for God to help Claire as she works on a training pack. The hope is that we can start offering CU training regionally!



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