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Lights & Delights Homeware Range 2014


Brighten your Home Often used as a decoration in living rooms and bedrooms, these battery fairy lights are suitable for indoor use only. There are a number of colour and style options available,

and their versatility makes them a popular option for those looking to brighten up their homes.

20 Indoor Clear Cable Battery Fairy Lights FL-1626 £6.99 20 Indoor Battery Fairy Lights FL-1625 £6.99 20 Battery Operated Pearl Drop LED Wire Lights FL-2003 £10.99

20 LED Micro Style Fairy Lights on Silver Wire FL-1129 £5.99

White Bouquet Style Wire Fairy Lights FL-2002 £14.99

36 Blue LED Copper Wire Fairy Lights FL-1170 £10.99

20 Submersible Wire Fairy Lights FL-2225 £5.99

20 White LED Snowflake Decor Lights FL-1440 £6.49

10 Battery Powered Novelty Handbag Lights FL-2005 £12.99

10 LED Indoor Battery Operated Fairy Lights, Clear Cable FL-1948-T £3.99


10 White LED Battery Powered Shoe Shaped Fairy Lights FL-2006 £12.99



20 Heart Shaped LED Battery Wire Fairy Lights FL-1173 £6.99


Create a homely atmosphere & transform your room For our full Battery Fairy Light range, please use the website navigation bar - ‘Home Lighting’ > ‘Fairy Lights’


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Boasting a broad selection of bulb and casing colours, we know that our tea light range will be perfect for any of your occasions.

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An extremely useful and versatile light, battery tea lights are safer than their traditional wax counterparts. Our tea lights are available as sets of 2 / 4 / 6 / 12 / 20.

4 Silver Battery Tea Lights FL-2052-S-4PK £4.99 6 Rechargeable Battery Tea Lights FL-1978 £29.99

12 Rechargeable Battery Tea Lights FL-1940-12 £39.99 20 Battery Tea Lights FL-1976 £19.99

20 Battery Powered LED Flickering Tea Lights, Gold Base FL-2053-GO £19.99


4 Battery Powered LED Flickering Tea Lights, White Base FL-2162-W £4.99 Rollover

20 Battery Powered LED Flickering Tea Lights, Silver Base FL-2053-S £19.99


4 Colour Changing Battery Powered LED Tea Lights FL-2162-RGB £5.99 Rollover

Warm glow & cool to the touch For our full Tea Light range, please use the website navigation bar - ‘Home Lighting’ > ‘Candles’


Soft Candlelight in your Home Our battery candle range is designed for indoor use. Battery candles are a safer alternative to traditional wax candles, generating significantly less heat and therefore being safe to use around children and animals. They are also extremely realistic, with some even having a flickering effect.

Natatur? Pudi atis voluptiis dis molupti undaecu lluptur am que reprati utatus, nulpa aligento eos por sequatum dolupieniet acerovid et labo.

Battery powered tea light candles are a fantastic product for multiple requirements; useful as a large tea light or a beautiful candle with a contemporary frosted cup.

4 White Rechargeable Battery Tea Light Candles FL-1977 £29.99 Virtual Flame Wax Candle HW7902 £19.99

2 White Large Candles FL-1936-W £6.99

3 Large LED Battery Operated Real Wax Candles FL-2118 £24.99

LED Battery Operated Pillar Wax Candle, Blow Out Function FL-2159 £6.99


Battery Operated Dripping Wax LED Flickering Candle FL-2120 £7.99



3 Large LED Battery Operated Wax Candles, Colour Changing FL-2118-RGB £24.99


Contemporary and decorative effects For our full Candle range, please use the website navigation bar - ‘Home Lighting’ > ‘Candles’


Decorative Lighting Solutions Add a touch of style to your home with our unique range of decorative lamps. Includes realistic flickering flame lamps and interior mood lighting.

Twiggy Vase Flickering Silk Flame Effect Lamp AT002 £44.95

Chevron Low Vase Flame Effect Lamp CLV001 £44.95

Luxa Rattan High Vase QRC005 £44.95

Wooden Indoor Lantern FL-2147-BK £23.99

Chevron High Vase Lamp, Flame Effect Lamp CLC001 £44.95

The Fire Lamp, Flame Effect FL001 £31.99 Rollover

Low Vase, Flame Effect Lamp QRC003 £44.95


Wooden Indoor Chic Lantern FL-2147 £23.99 Rollover


Beautiful & realistic flickering flames For our full Candle range, please use the website navigation bar - ‘Home Lighting’ > ‘Lamps’


Mood Lighting Lighten your mood with our exclusive range of battery powered mood lighting. Some even feature a flickering candle effect that creates a realistic glow.

All of our mood lighting is perfectly safe to use with children in the house due to stay cool LEDs.

3 Large Colour Changing Wax LED Candle Lights FL-2118-RGB £24.99 16 Colour Changing LED Indoor Frosted Ball Lights FL-675 £14.99 Natural Wax LED Candle with Blow Out function FL-2123-6 £8.99

Colour Changing Tea Lights “Fantastic colours, well worth the money” FL-2162-RGB

Rechargeable Colour Changing Battery Mood Cube Light, with Remote FL-2209-RGB £59.99 Rollover

3 Battery Operated Colour Changing Egg Mood Lights FL-2125-3PK £11.97


Submersible Tea Lights WHITE FL-2092-W


RED FL-2092-R





BLUE FL-2092-B


Floating LED Cube Light Start the party with these LED Ice Cube lights that can be placed underwater and will last up to 30 hours. With a clever on/off switch which activates the light on contact with water and deactivates again when dry.

White Floating Submersible LED Ice Cube Light FL-2085 £1.99

Colour Changing Floating Submersible LED Ice Cube Light

FL-2088 £1.99


4 Colour Changing Submersible Vase Up Lighters with Remote Control FL-2226 £29.99

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