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Bradford Review


august 2015

dave west| urban festival | vincent o’connell creative communion | bingley music live| film fun wednesdays


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Bradford Review


ISSUE six | august 2015

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This month’s cover was provided by PHIL LICKLEY, whose stunning picture was among the many photos sent in this month. If you’d like to see your image on the cover send your entry to submissions@thebradfordreview.co.uk The deadline for submissions to the August issue is August 15th.

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NOTE FROM THE EDITOR Welcome to august’s bradford review. We’re six issues in and the content keeps on coming.

Commissioning editor: Haigh Simpson

Copy Editor: Rob Walsh

Once again we are able to welcome new contributors to the magazine alongside our more regular corespondents, who continue to unearth new projects, events and organisations doing good work in the city.


I even had a go at writing myself this month after speaking to Little Germany Action Group chief Dave West, who had some very interesting things to say about Bradford.


Philip Lickley was in City Park to round up all the action from the Urban Festival, which sat amongst another busy month of culture that saw Ibiza come to the Beehive with he HowDo?! Summer Garden Party and the return of the popular Delius Fringe Festival.

Face WY

Elsewhere in the magazine we have a fantastic interview with filmmaker Vincent O’Connell, whose cult 90s film ID was filmed on the streets of Bradford. We also look ahead to another exciting lineup at Bingley Music Live and chart its journey from a provincial pop concert to a nationally recognised festival. As always a huge thanks goes out to all our advertisers whose support is the reason we are able to produce the magazine. Please take advantage of the great offers in this issue and make sure you check the listings for more amazing events in August. haigh simpson

Haigh Simpson



Distribution: Words:

Haigh Simpson, Philip Lickley, James Collingwood, Samantha O’Hanlon, David Wilson, Martyn Johnston, Derek Greenwood, Tim Walker, Rachel Shaw


in collaboration with...

a life’s work With more than 30 years experience in local government, Dave West has experienced both the good and bad sides to Bradford. He is now busier than ever, pouring his passion into promoting the city he has grown to love. BY haigh simpson photo by guzelian


’d heard Dave West’s name come up in conversation several times before taking on the Bradford Review project, but ever since that first issue it has been with an added sense of urgency...

Dave’s relationship with Bradford began in earnest when he moved to the city in 1986 to join the council’s Economic Development Unit. He spent 25 years with the council, working hard to encourage economic prosperity and urban regeneration. It was a period that began with the “You’re doing a city centre magazine? Have you infamous Bradford’s Bouncing Back campaign been to see Dave West yet?” “You really should and the reopening of the Alhambra and ended against a recession hit backdrop, characterised by go see Dave West.” the much reviled ‘hole in the ground’. While his I decided it was about time I went to see Dave time with the council may have been something of a rollercoaster ride, during those years Dave West. developed a deep love for the city that influences much of what he Our first meeting took place at does today. Guzelian Cafe Bar in the heart “It’s such a of his beloved Little Germany special place “Over that period I discovered where we had agreed to I had a passion for Bradford. exchange thoughts on Bradford that gets Partly because I had family roots and introduce our projects to under your here but also through discovering each other. I was immediately special parts of Bradford like Little enamoured by his eagerness to skin. It’s a Germany, which made me want to get behind the magazine and his place that you give something back...I felt I had unbridled passion for the city. some kind of connection with the The conversation led us through can feel very city.” his numerous interests and an passionate impressive portfolio of ongoing projects. It didn’t take long for Dave is the first to admit that about but me to start plotting an interview. working in regeneration in at the same Bradford was a tough and at times frustrating experience but is A few weeks later I arrive at his time be very proud of his achievements during swanky modern apartment, a frustrated that time. Chief among those converted Brass Foundry in the achievements was the Design heart of Little Germany. The by.” Exchange, which Dave was heavily setting is a testament to Dave’s involved in as the design project commitment to Bradford and his decision to live there was directly inspired by his manager. The building is now part of Bradford University’s Enterprise Zone, continuing its former role at the council. tradition as a place of innovation and progress “In the 1990’s I was trying to promote the in Bradford and a shining example of the type concept of city living and became so interested of urban regeneration Dave sought to bring to in the idea that my wife, Sue, and I decided that the city. if a developer created a city centre conversion we would move into Little Germany. When that But his time with the council was not without happened in 2001 we bought the first available regrets and Dave is the first to admit that they apartment and have lived here ever since.” didn’t always manage to get things right. “With regards to Little Germany there wasn’t


a consistency of application by the various different organisations involved in the area. My regret is that Little Germany has blossomed then faded, blossomed and faded again but never in those 25 years did it achieve its full potential. I think that’s a microcosm of Bradford in general, particularly the city centre. It’s such a special place that gets under your skin. It’s a place that you can feel very passionate about but at the same time be very frustrated by.” I ask him why this is and where the blame lies. “Nobody has been able to put their finger on what it is that has held Bradford back, I certainly wouldn’t blame the council because I was part of it. But there are all sorts of reasons that the city hasn’t achieved what it could have done.”

photo by guzelian

“When we set it up we were in the middle of the deepest and darkest recession this country has ever known, so it wasn’t a great time to start.”

Dave left the council in 2011 and since then has thrown himself into a number of projects, all with the common aim of making Bradford a better place in which to live and work. The most significant of these projects is the Little Germany Action Group, a notfor-profit limited company that aims to promote the Little Germany area.

“I’d worked for 36 years (in local government), which is long enough for anybody. But I still felt young enough, interested and passionate enough to keep on going and try to see Little Germany reach its potential.” “When we set it up we were in the middle of the deepest and darkest recession this country has ever known, so it wasn’t a great time to start. But I felt it had to be done because the council could no longer dedicate the resources needed and something needed to fill that void.” The group is made up of Dave and several other business stakeholders with an interest in

the area who give their time up to attract funding and deliver good things. These have included a business directory, website (www. littlegermanyaction.org), window displays and hanging baskets, environmental improvements, art installations and marketing - all designed to attract people to live, work, visit and invest in Little Germany. The biggest influence on the area in recent times has without question been the Westfield site, which will finally open as the Broadway Shopping Development later this year. Dave acknowledges this could have a huge positive impact on Little Germany. “Little Germany has been isolated from the rest of the city centre for years. Everybody in Bradford is delighted that the Westfield development is happening and I expect the positive effect of that to ripple up the hill. It is already starting to happen and we’ve noticed

David has been encouraged by businesses such as the Guzelian Cafe opening up in Little Germany and believes Westfield could provide a timely boost. to all kinds of opportunities and when people asked me to get involved I willingly said yes, and I don’t regret that at all.” With so many organisations battling for influence in the city I wondered if there could possibly be a conflict of interests but Dave reassures me that is not the case.

lots more developers taking an interest now that the economic climate is improving.” Dave has already been in talks with Westfield to discuss how the centre will fit into the local environment and is pleased with the plans, particularly those to open up Well Street as a welcoming street that is used by the public. “The big test will of course be when it opens and we will see how that linkage re-connect us with the rest of the city.” Away from the Little Germany Action Group Dave is also an active member of a number of boards, committees and local interest groups including Kala Sangam, Forsters Community College, The Bradford Cathedral Fabric Committee, Bradford YMCA, Bradford Live, Bradford Bronte Rotary Club, Bradford Breakthrough, Bradford Matters and the Bradford Property Forum. It is a heavy workload but one that Dave is more than happy to commit to. “When I left the council I was open

“I think there has been a criticism that there are perhaps too many organisations trying to lobby for improvements in the city centre. But I think that the people who are involved in these organisations all care deeply about the future of Bradford and are doing it because they care about the place. I don’t think you can ever have too many people like that and I would urge anyone who does care about Bradford to get involved and help in any way they can.. However I can understand from the council’s point of view why it might be difficult to figure out who to listen to.” This brings us to Bradford and its reputation, which appears to be on an upwards trajectory, albeit from a difficult starting point. “I’ve been around Bradford for 30 years and now it’s the best atmosphere about the place I have ever known. I remember getting involved in a project around 15 years ago which tested people’s perceptions of Bradford in South East England. There were two types of reaction, one was a negative reaction and the second which was more worrying - was no perception at all. People having no idea at all what Bradford was all about. I think that is changing for the better and I think the first people to win over are Bradford people themselves.” “We all love Bradford but we all like moaning about it as well and that has got to change in the future.” It is an interesting observation and one


photo by guzelian

Dave is keen to unlock Little Germany’s potential and showcase it’s stunning architectural beauty

that many Bradfordians will be encouraged to hear. So what would a utopian Bradford look like in 10 years time and how do we get there? “The key to any city centre in the world is jobs. If you start to improve people’s economic well being they will then start to require more of the good things that Bradford is short of. Such as quality living accommodation, shops, bars, restaurants, entertainment venues...you name it, it will all come.” “It has started to happen already and that consistency of approach needs to be maintained until the place is really operating properly.” Of all the projects ongoing in Bradford that Dave is involved in, it is without doubt the Odeon that will have the biggest bearing on Bradford’s future. “Bradford has got to improve its evening economy and what better way of doing that than opening a 3,500 seater live music venue? If we can get that going through Bradford Live with the help of Bradford

Council that would make a huge difference and I would be proud to be part of that.” Bradford Live won the bid to take on the Odeon project last year with an ambitious plan to turn the building into a dedicated live entertainments venue and restore it to its former glory. With an opening date planned for 2018, I asked Dave how the project was progressing. “Bradford Live is at a very crucial stage right now. The fact of the matter is that it will not stack up as a viable proposition without support from public sector funding. I’m not saying local government funding, but organisations like Heritage Lottery Fund, the Arts Council and a variety of public sector organisations. The key to that is for Bradford Live to work hand in hand with the council to secure that funding. 2015 is a key year for us and there is a lot of work to be done.” Many will be hoping the collective spirit that helped get us this far can see the city deliver what will be a fantastically unique and long overdue institution. With Dave’s influence and enthusiasm it has every chance.




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photo by philip lickley

street culture The Urban Festival brings a wide range of urban-based music, dance, food and festivity to City Park including some of Bradford’s hottest DJs and an intriguing list of live workshops. BY philip lickley


he Urban Festival returned to City Park on 11 July, bringing street culture style acts and music to a buzzing Bradford city centre as all ages came to listen to the music and take part in the workshops. There was also the usual mix of food at an event that ultimately felt much busier than the recent Bradford Festival, embracing a much younger culture.

succession of bright and bubbly summery songs. Take Four and 7/8 were next with another excellent set that didn’t quite feel urban. Hailing from Bingley they’ve won recent awards and this showed, with tight sax, trombone and guitar creating a funky, jazzy sound continuing the summer festival feel, mixing in their own compositions with classics like Stevie Wonder’s Isn’t She Lovely.

I spoke to Bradford Council’s Events Organiser The festival continued with another of my Vanessa Mitchell to ask how the acts had been highlights, Selah Sounds. Bringing some much decided upon. “What we’ve done is get a lot of needed reggae to the stage for the growing crowd young people involved in the actual planning and the improving weather, the combination of of it, making it very much Eddie Charles, Cecil Zinyuku their own. We’ve had people and Chris Peltier delivered the “More and going into schools doing goods with songs that got the workshops, spreading the word. crowd moving in front of City more people The more people we can get Hall, including covers of John are wanting to involved with planning, it gives Legend’s All of Me, Bread’s a real sense of community,” Everything I Own and Shaggy’s come down she confirmed, adding that Angel, a personal highlight and use the the workshops and acts on for me. Mixing in their own stage had come directly from material, this was a brilliant set. space and suggestions from these sessions. communities With the main stage now a little I also asked Vanessa how well behind schedule, the acts became are getting City Park had been used for much more urban. Earlier I’d involved and events recently. “More and spoken to Shaun Dean, dubbed more people are wanting to the hottest DJ in Bradford right bringing their come down and use the space now. Shaun has built a strong own ideas to and communities are getting following on the club scene, and fruition.” involved and bringing their own on the day teamed up with R’n’B ideas to fruition,” she confirmed, artist 1st Born to bring a great mix outlining how plans for Christmas of house, dance and club music to and 2016 events were already being discussed. the crowd, now more youthful. He mixed in big hits from the last few weeks alongside older songs. The main stage showcased the bigger acts of the day, starting at 12 noon with Crimson Dawn, The DJ-led music continued as Sean Davies Bradford’s first all-Asian garage rock band. This took over the decks, his music much less four piece were certainly great to watch, their commercial, before further collaborations rock/almost punky style with clear vocals very and break-dancing performances on listenable, and it’s a shame they didn’t get a stage brought us to the early evening. bigger crowd other than the early birds arriving. After 6pm the three big headliners came out. They were followed by one of my favourite acts Local DJ, producer, remixer and songwriter of the day, Toucan Uke, with strong harmonies TS7 brought a huge mix to the main stage from Jack and Emily as they rattled through a with popular songs from the last


photo by philip lickley

couple of years. Even with the weather turning the atmosphere was still electric. The Urban Festival main stage came to a close with a well-received set from Kane Towney and a surprisingly brief twentyminute appearance from Tom Zanetti, before Danny Bond wrapped it up with a basslineinfused set. Zanetti had said he wanted to “Set it off!” and he certainly succeeded. Meanwhile there was plenty of fun around the mirror pool, filled with families enjoying the water and the give-it-a-go hula-hooping. Music on other stages included Sounds of the Suburbs featuring local children DJing, followed by indie acts continuing the theme of great music, but not particularly urban. Monique and Roman were a strong daughter-andfather double-act, Monique very much Macy Gray-style. Monique said: “I think it’s a fantastic thing, putting on this festival, a fantastic opportunity and a great thing for Bradford and the community, getting everybody together.”

“What we’ve done is get a lot of young people involved in the actual planning of it, making it very much their own.”

Waiting For Wednesday followed with their mix of powerfully sung indie hits. With great harmonies and some strong material, the female duo were one of my highlights of the second stage. I spoke to Anna Watkins and Laura Shackleton about their sound. “It’s folky-Americana with a bit of country. A bit of everything! We’re a number of different styles flung together.” The band look to have an exciting future. “We have an album coming out soon, When We Were Seventeen, which we’re very excited about.” With a break scheduled, plans are afoot for a strong 2016. “We’re thinking about coming back as a full band!” Then live poetry reading from StepFaWord headed up by Mycall Isrell, featuring some very

A DJ workshop gave visitors the chance to mix some beats while a wide range of musical styles were represented including an African drum workshop. talented local urban poets and simulcast on local community station BCB 106.6FM. Followed by a series of exciting and entertaining backto-back sessions, beginning with Sicknote, formed from members of various bands only twelve weeks ago, and great to watch. Their onstage performance, in particular from Scott Damage, came across as very accomplished. I spoke to Scott about how the band were formed. “Sicknote were actually brought together as part of a music course. We were put together specifically just to do a show for this event. We ended up getting a name and songs together, and we seem to be a full band now! They were followed by the eccentric PJ Burns with a selection of jazzy covers, and then the mood changed once more with some really engaging and powerful rapping from freestyle poet Ashbar. This stage ended with a lengthy set from Stig of the Dub, wrapping up with a mix of ska, reggae and chill-out that kept the crowd going as a change from the more clubby feel of the main stage. Away from the stages there was a range of eclectic activities including an interactive samba drumming workshop, lots of younger children getting tuition and inspiration in making percussion-based music, a vibe that continued with the following african drum workshop where they were taught how to make sounds from a variety of traditional African instruments. Overall the Urban Festival was a great success, another strong showcase of what can be offered in City Park, following on from Pride, the BBC Music Day and the Bradford Festival. A a mix of national and local talent and some great weather enticed families out for adventures in the mirror pool, workshops and face painting, even if the range of acts for the teenage age-range felt less urban-focused than last year.


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a strong identity Vincent O’Connell, writer of the cult football film I.D. and the upcoming sequel ID2: Shadwell Army, plus the 1994 BBC Screen 2 film Criminal, talks to James Collingwood about his experiences of Bradford and his film and TV career. BY james collingwood


n 1994 the BBC screened the film Criminal based on the life and tragic death of Bradford teenager Simon Willerton. Shot in and around Bradford, the film won the Best Television Drama award at the Royal Television Society. It used local actors and locations and provides a visual record of a now changed Bradford. I spoke to Vincent about his film and television career and his experiences of Bradford.

I watched Criminal recently and it’s remarkably fresh, though a lot of the buildings have now been demolished, like the old Interchange. Do you have any special memories of the research and shooting around the city? I spent a lot of time researching Simon’s story, met his friends and family and people who worked with him, and even someone who was in prison with him. It was a very intense time for me. My own brother had tragically died at the same age as Simon, and I would come back from research trips to Bradford emotionally burnt out. The shoot itself was a hard one, on a low budget, but the cast and crew gave themselves to it with great heart and spirit, and in the end that’s what made it work against the odds.

When you wrote Criminal can you remember what attracted you to the Simon Willerton story in the first place? Two things. The first was the appalling sense of waste and neglect, that a vulnerable young man charged with such petty offences could “All my find himself on remand in an adult prison and in clear danger. memories of He was not the only youngster that time in to find himself in this situation, and something was - and is Bradford are systematically wrong, which of good people needs looking at and exposing.

All my memories of that time in Bradford are of good people in a sometimes bleak environment. I loved the opening scene in the IMAX and the scene shot at the Unit 4 cinema in front of the Rick Moranis poster.

I’m not sure we really made clear that opening scene was in a sometimes where Secondly, as I found out more set. If you didn’t know Bradford about Simon, it was evident that - and most of the audience bleak this was a very extraordinary wouldn’t - you might not environment.” young man, a poet in the true have got that he was sneaking sense, who demanded to be into a screening at the Imax. recognised and celebrated. I remember some reviewers And the coming together of those two themes thought it was some sort of surrealistic statement - profound social injustice and the struggle having Simon surrounded by giant pictures of for survival of a person of spirit - was clearly the planet Earth. To me it was obvious he would something a dramatist would want to explore have hung out there. and an audience would want to know. A lot of the actors were unknowns at the time. Were they Did you have connections with Bradford before Criminal cast from local schools theatre groups? I know of course was researched and written or was it the material that Paul Popplewell is a Hull lad, how was he discovered? drew you to the city? All the young parts, including Paul Popplewell, I knew and liked Bradford already. I was at were found on an extensive trawl of Yorkshire University in York and stayed on for a number schools and youth theatres. The adult actors of years, working in theatre there. I’d visited were all very fine actors from the area, doing lots Bradford a number of times, initially to go to the of good work in regional theatre and TV. The Museum of Film and Photography, but I kept best actors have always got a theatre background. coming back because I liked the place, and I do Paul was just one of many that we like a good curry. met. There were actors in his family,


now that there’s nothing to match the old Play for Today or Screen 2? It was quite easy to get it commissioned and made in the early 1990s. If people of talent showed up at a BBC office with a project they were He’s been working as passionate about - and an actor ever since, we were - that was Paul Popplewell during filming and that’s better than generally good enough for ID2: ShadwellArmy awards. I’m really in those days. Would it thrilled he’s in ID2, where we get his dark side. be made now? No. Every year I send in a couple His brother is one of the featured extras in the of great ideas to the BBC, and they go nowhere. film too. For the film I.D. were the bits in Bradford filmed here The teachers are pretty sympathetic in Criminal. Were because you had previous experience of the city or was it you trying to make a point about the education system just a location call? here? It was just a coincidence - we needed a football I found that so many of the people I talked with ground to shoot in and around and lots of about him were incredibly sympathetic people, clubs were naturally nervous about it, whereas so I was on a mission to tell the truth rather than Bradford accommodated us. The weird thing is, to score any points. I guess what’s overwhelming the Shadwell colours were chosen because the in the film is that even surrounded by such a day we filmed inside the ground Bradford were caring community it was possible for him to slip playing Hull City, and we needed our main actors and slide through the system to a place where to blend in with the away fans, and that’s how we no-one can help him. The teachers I met and acquired our strip. Now ID2 has been shot in, especially the headmaster at his school were of all places, Hull, so we fitted right in shooting brilliant people, as were the neighbours and outside the Hull ground. other adults who helped him, and who he also helped. The only person I met I didn’t find that I believe you’ve finished filming ID2. Do you know when way was the duty solicitor who was supposed to it’s coming out? represent him; not an evil man, but he had the ID2: Shadwell Army is now in post-production sin of not caring enough. and will be released in early 2016, hopefully after going to a few film festivals. I’ve started work Was it easy to get the film commissioned and shown on the on writing ID3, which I hope will get made a bit BBC at the time? Could this type of film be made today, quicker than the last one! but he kept that quiet. He really stood out for me, I remember walking with him in mad circles round a Bradford car park getting him talking, talking, and thinking “This is the guy.”

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a big little festival Impressive lineups and and a stunning suburban setting have helped Bingley Music Live grow to become one of the country’s most respected small festivals. We take a look at its development from Music at Myrtle to the present day. by Samantha O’Hanlon Myrtle Park’s music scene has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 1991, when Bradford Council held the first concert there to promote the green spaces. Then it was little more than a small scaffold stage and a few fence panels to secure the backstage area. Fast forward 24 years and Bingley Music Live has built a reputation for itself as one of the best small festivals in the UK, playing host to some of the biggest names in the industry and acting as a springboard for tomorrow’s talent. Annually around 15,000 people attend the three-day festival, taking place this year on 4, 5 and 6 September with headliners including Labrinth, James, Super Furry Animals, Idlewild, Cast, Embrace and much, much more.

In 1997 the Council joined forces with local radio station The Pulse and the event took on a party-in-the-park style. The first ever collaboration was due to feature an up-andcoming girl band called All Saints but the event was cancelled as a mark of respect to the Princess of Wales, who died earlier that day. The event went on to feature Steps, Gareth Gates, Busted, McFly and Rachel Stevens.

“There’s more strength in depth in the line-up this year. It’s probably the best one yet and this is obviously reflecting in our sales.”

Event Manager Andrew Wood has been involved since the start, “I remember the first year very well. The first Music At Myrtle event consisted of three days of music including classical, pop and jazz. Over the next few years we focused on the most popular, and featured bands like The Manfreds, Suzi Quatro, Boney M, Alvin Stardust and Hot Chocolate.”

The relationship with The Pulse ended in 2007 so Andrew approached senior Council figures with an idea for a new kind of event to benefit the local community and businesses. His idea was approved and with just 12 weeks to prepare Bingley Music Live was born…

A second stage was added in 2011 to give new and developing artists from around the area a platform to get their music heard. From a simple 12 metre-round tent this has grown into an integral part of what the festival offers. Audiences are drawn to The Discovery Stage as it’s now known by the possibility of discovering a hidden gem who might just turn out to be the Next Big Thing. Andrew said, “It’s fantastic for the festival

The main stage is set in the natural bowl at Bingley’s Myrtle Park, attracting crowds of up to 15,000

and fans alike to see tomorrow’s artists play alongside established artists and music legends. We’re very proud of the part we play in setting these artists on their way to greater success. “Our artist booker Lee O’Hanlon puts great effort into keeping abreast of the best artists around – which is why we see so many other festivals book them the year after they appear at Bingley Music Live!” The much-loved three-day event also has a hugely positive effect on the economy of the Bingley area, with local shops, takeaways and pubs all benefiting from the 15,000-strong crowd. Local venues like the Bradford & Bingley Rugby Club and nearby Keighley Rugby Club offer festivalgoers a place to camp for the weekend to keep the party going. Keeping local residents happy is high on Andrew’s list of priorities, “A residents’

committee was set up in 2012 to make sure people were involved in the festival’s planning. By working together we’ve produced some really positive results for residents in the last four years. Each year we write to them before the festival so they know what to expect and follow up with a survey to let them have their say.” A strong line-up combined with a freeze on ticket prices (still just £49 for the three-day event) has seen tickets flying out of the door, with sales the highest they’ve been in four years. “We’re delighted with ticket sales,” said Andrew. “There’s more strength in depth in the line-up this year. It’s probably the best one yet and this is obviously reflecting in our sales.” Bingley Music Live is taking place at Myrtle Park on 4, 5 and 6 September this year. Don’t miss out – book your tickets at www.bingleymusiclive.seetickets.com.


Dallas in Wonderland Ahead of his show at the British Science Festival in September, TV presenter Dallas Campbell reflects on his TV career and gives us an insight into what he has planned for the event. Tell us more about your event at the British Science Festival... It’s a chance to talk about my own science adventure, including why I’m doing what I’m doing, and crucially, why we need to think about science in a much broader less isolated way. Why did you want to come and tell people about your experiences as a TV presenter at the British Science Festival? Television is still one of the main windows in which we can all explore the world. I was hugely influenced by science television growing up. It’s a powerful way of getting people engaged with a wide range of ideas, places and people. What’s the scariest thing you’ve done for a TV programme? Sitting on a twitchy horse as the world’s largest Brazilian cattle herd decide to break rank and stampede past was pretty terrifying!

What’s on your TV presenting ‘to do list’- is there anything you’d like to do, or anyone you really would like to work with? My list is long and extensive. I have wide ranging interests. In an age of obsessive specialisation this is sometimes ‘remarked upon’ which is a dreadful shame. The Ascent Of Man by Jacob Bronowski is still television’s greatest science series to which we all aspire. If Tomorrow’s World ever returned to our screens I would lobby hard to be in the line up. Werner Herzog is high on my list of fantasy people to work with. He has a wonderful way of interpreting the world. I want to try and make interesting, entertaining, thought provoking, popular telly that people want to watch that isn’t measured by brow height. You can see Dallas present his show on Wednesday 9th September at the National Media Museum, Bradford for free. To find out more and book tickets visit: www.britishsciencefestival.org.

The British Science Festival is supported by Siemens and hosted by the University of Bradford

Independent record shop, real ale, craft beer, charcuterie counter. The Record CafĂŠ, 45-47 North Parade, Bradford, BD1 3JH


01274 723 143



fun family films Keep the kids entertained this summer with a series of fantastic movies on the Big Screen Bradford every Wednesday.

The line-up for Film Fun Wednesdays this summer is as exciting as ever, with madcap action and drama from many of cinema’s favourite characters and classics. Every Wednesday from 29 July Bradford UNESCO City of Film will be bringing a series of free films to City Park’s Big Screen, guaranteed to entertain the entire family. Paddington Bear’s lovable antics launch the outdoor screening season at 11am on Wednesday 29 July followed by a Teddy Bears’ picnic – don’t forget to bring your favourite bear and a marmalade sandwich! There’s something for everyone each week from action-packed The Lego Movie and Penguins Of Madagascar to the hilarious capers of the smart squirrels in The Nut Job. Film Wednesday’s grand finale is on 26 August, with the classic Disney comedy adventure, Tangled. This is followed by a free session on the Spider Mountain climbing wall. This year – working in partnership with Bradford Council - all the films are followed by free fun family activities so everyone can

By david wilson enjoy a full day out in Bradford City Park. It’s the third year running that Bradford UNESCO City of Film have put on the hugely popular screenings. David Wilson, director of Bradford UNESCO City of Film, said: “This is City of Film in action bringing to everyone free cinema classics that will enthral and entertain all generations. We’ve been building our audiences very successfully over the last three years and we think this year we have a winning combination of film and exciting activities at every session. “Film Wednesdays are a chance for everyone to access films they may not have seen and enjoy again classics that they have - and being together in City Park sharing the outdoor cinema experience makes it really special.” Film screenings will go the weather. There’s around the screen and to bring your own

ahead whatever limited seating you’re welcome folding chairs.

For more information see http://bradford-city-of-film. com/big-screen


50% OFF




The Lego Movie (U) An ordinary Lego construction worker is recruited to join a quest to stop an evil tyrant from gluing the Lego universe. Followed by fun Lego activities.

12 Aug, 11am

The Nut Job (U) A squirrel finds himself helping to raid a nut store to survive, which also is a front for a human gang’s bank robbery. Followed by great cycling activities.


“Specialists in all hair types with over 25 years of experience in pursuing excellence for beautiful hair.” XL Hair Design, 1a Upper Piccadilly, Bradford, BD1 3PE 01274 728 724 Find us on Facebook “XL Hair Design”

19 Aug, 11am

Penguins of Madagascar (U) Penguins join forces with undercover organisation The North Wind to stop the destruction of the world as we know it. Followed by amazing animals to watch and hold at City Library (2pm–3pm). Booking required - call 01274 433600 or email city.library@ bradford.gov.uk.

26 Aug 11am

Tangled (PG) The magically long-haired Rapunzel has spent her entire life in a tower, but now she is about to discover the real world for the first time. Followed by climbing on Spider Mountain. FREE.





off with this voucher*

Valid until 1st October 2015 *Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer

Independent opticians in the heart of Bradford city centre Specialising in premium eyewear Offering a professional & personal eyecare service Evening appointments available NHS and private patients welcome


01274 391 203

www.iwearonline.co.uk Paul & Joe | Oscar Magnuson | Armani | Tom Ford | Police

Wharf House, Wharf Street, Shipley

Tel: 01274 533 988

Exclusive Offer for Bradford Review Readers!

Buy one get one free! on all tapas*

Valid from Sunday - Thursday How to Claim Your Discount

This offer is on bookings only. Customers must quote this advert when they book and bring it with them to make sure they receive their discount. *Cheapest Tapas free.

Only redeemable at Tapas Tree Restaurant, Wharf House, Wharf Street, Shipley, BD17 7DW. Only One voucher per party. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Management have the right to cancel this offer at any time. Voucher does not have any cash value. Offer subject to change without prior notice.

*Voucher Valid until 31st August 2015


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Y L U R T S R U O Y ill as ’re st e w e and all th . rs on er! s a a e l l 1 y . 13 h as ev , as we s at No fres dditions , keep u a s New favourite d l o

afé C Le u B le

h or t 9 N de, a Par ford. d a Br 74 012 Tel: 92 2 722


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School’s out 42 days of fun start now

Shopping is rubbish Except at Keelham Join us for 6 weeks of free summer fun at Keelham, Thornton Shop opening times Mon – Sat 8am – 8pm Sunday 9am – 6pm keelhamfarmshop.co.uk

Keelham Farm Shop Brighouse & Denholme Road, Thornton BD13 3SS

Friday 7-10pm 2 Pizzas for £10

Tuesday to Saturday 2 Cocktails for £8

Forster’s Bistro & Deli is located in City Park, near the Alhambra Theatre & National Media Museum. We Provide: Dining for all occasions • Live Music every Friday from 8pm • Art Exhibitions In-house & outside catering services

Telephone 01274 739 788 • Email: bookings@forster.ac.uk • Twitter: @ForstersBistro Facebook: ForstersBistroDeli • Website: www.forstersbistro.co.uk

tea and toast? Bradford’s creative community come together to exchange ideas, share information and develop plans at the HowDo!? Creative Communion. by martyn johnston

Communion [kuh-myoon-yuh n] - Noun - an association or fellowship; an interchange or sharing of thoughts and ideas; the act of sharing, or holding in common; participation.

space for people to meet and make work (and the potential of pop-up style community hubs like the one we were meeting in!), the conversation varied depending on who was there. Specially invited participants included Charlie Gray from The HowDo?! Creative Communion is by Grow Bradford, Dave Forrest from Volunteer definition a supportive open forum for Bradford, Uzma Kazi from the Catalyst individuals to share ideas and Network, Lawrence Malloy from projects. Arts Lab and Superposition, Jen Sobol from Impressions Gallery, “The The format is simple - a weekly Whittaker from Bradford opportunity Clive event in a city centre venue, tea and CVS and Jessica Farmer from Arts to find out toast, and invited individuals and Council England. Special thanks to organisations who have ten minutes those mentioned. who’s who to introduce themselves, their and what’s project or their approach. This was The opportunity to find out the premise for a series of creative going on was who’s who and what’s going communion events at FUSE Art on was enough to keep people enough to Space, aiming to provide a forum coming back, and the idea of keep people calling communion among likefor people to find out what’s going on, pitch ideas, share opportunities minded creative individuals was coming and promote projects. celebrated. Rightly so, in this world back.” of online social networking. Cities Over one hundred people attended need places and events open to during the five-week pilot and the participants to define use and variety and depth of discussion demonstrated unfortunately these are rare in most modern huge potential for a forum-style event for cities, especially Bradford. building familiarity and collaboration among the people and organisations in Bradford’s creative Events like this one demonstrate there’s a need circles. for an open and supportive creative forum. If you want to pursue and support this idea we From the challenges local artists face to get invite you to an open meeting and facilitated exhibited (and the need for Bradford city centre ideas session on Friday 18 September 2015 at community galleries!), to the lack of creative Impressions Gallery, Centenary Square.


summer garden party

@the new beehive inn, july 4

By martyn johnston Dubbed a ‘Summer party not to be missed... bringing a taste of Ibiza to the home of underground music in Bradford’, this all-dayer at the New Beehive Inn didn’t fail to please. A family-friendly festival atmosphere gathered momentum from around midday, with people of all ages and backgrounds coming together to share in the glorious weather, quality food and drink, and dance music courtesy of Benefits Culture Soundsystem and Compression Soundsystem. The Doctor (ex-Paradise City Radio DJ), set the tone for the day with a selection of classic foundation reggae in the courtyard, followed by some summertime hip-hop and jazzy grooves from the Trainer Trouble DJs. Meanwhile, a dance party was brewing around the corner in the front garden terrace, with Compression Soundsystem providing the full definition sound required for some of West Yorkshire’s finest techno and house DJs, such as Key & Sam, Mark Richardson and Omid. This could be heard for miles around and those who came to investigate found what felt like a balearic island in the heart of BD1 Manningham. Later in the evening Inspirational Sound -

Bradford’s dub defenders - cranked up the Benefits Culture Soundsystem with some heavyweight dub classics, captivating the courtyard for a solid three hours. This was followed by Conquering Lion - a local outfit with an international reputation - who continued the masterclass in digital dub into the night. In the front garden terrace there were more techno grooves from Medical Correction, Alex Dronec and Mark Sheppard - to name but a few - which warmed things up for the BOPS crew to take over in the cellar bar till the early hours. This was no ordinary garden party, nor was it anything quite like a Balearic island terrace party, with the chalkboard reading ‘Continental Sozzidge 200p’ suggesting as much. This event had a strong Bradford spin on things, bringing together people of all cultures and generations, and from all over the West Yorkshire region, in a way that was truly honest and inspiring. There was no pretense and everyone was there for a good time. A huge debt of gratitude is owed to the fine weather on Saturday 4 July, but the success is thanks to the beautiful people who attended and the collaborative effort of those organising, promoting, hosting and playing. All for the good of quality dance music!


rita, sue & bob too @bradford playhouse

By derek greenwood Way back in the early 1980s Rita, Sue and Bob Too became a cult classic of the time. Taken up and lionised by Max Stafford Clark at the Royal Court Theatre, Andrea Dunbar was promoted as a teenage writing sensation on the publication of The Arbor. Both plays reflected the experiences of her teenage years living on the Buttershaw estate in Bradford, facing austere conditions, underwhelming relationships and a barren landscape of unfulfilled expectations.

An audience of predominantly 30-40 year olds came into the auditorium trawling their childhood memories in anticipation of a fun night out, giggling to their seats in groups of three and four and predominantly female. Reflecting in part or whole their own teenage reminiscences and/or opportunities, this was the reality of looking back on a sometimes sad time, where the emptiness of lives without positive role models harboured what we now refer to as sporadic child abuse. The problem for today’s audience is the dilemma of how to respond, in an environment where similar lives exist but where social and moral consciences are more closely and critically examined. In the 1980s the play was reviewed as a shocking exposure of Northern working class lives, laced

with a somewhat blatant and sickening nod to the extent of unlawful sexual activity involving minors. The crude and explicit language of the time was shocking and new to some. Sadly now, walking through city centres peopled by young mums, toddlers and seniors, we all have to endure this often shouted, offensive and explicit form of language. Our audience on their night out were understandably determined to enjoy the group journey down memory lane, despite the profanities littered across the storyline. However it was possible to detect a murmur of uncomfortable awareness under the tittering, It was a simply set production performed with directness by a believable cast, taking their characters on a reckless journey to the dénouement of their inevitable demise, both sexually and morally. So - not lyrical prose but reliant instead on derelict language, raw, uncompromising and toughly memorable on its own way. A courageous play to put on today – well done Drama Unlimited @ Bradford Playhouse.

black falcon/echofire @the black swan, june 26

By tim walker

With new bars and venues popping up all over the place in Bradford at the moment it’s all too easy to neglect the stalwarts of nightlife and live music who have kept the flame burning through darker times. The Black Swan has long had a reputation as a rock/metal/punk venue but don’t let that fool you - they do vary the menu when it comes to live bands. I arrived just in time to see Echofire have a major equipment meltdown - although this didn’t dampen their spirits it did cause some technical issues with the sound. Luckily I’ve seen the band before and know they have some good songs. Tonight the playing was confident and tight but they weren’t really putting on their best show. That said the audience obviously enjoyed their set and Kaz’s voice rocked out the melodies in fine style over a base of chunky guitar-driven tunes. It was with some relief then that headliners Black Falcon sounded bang on point. Nice and loud but not offensively so, their set of

slick metal riffs raced out of the speakers like a freight train. I could compare them to lots of bands but I won’t. Suffice to say I couldn’t pin them down as copyists of any one band or any specific sub-genre of rock. That’s not to say their material is totally original - I mean, who is nowadays - but it’s enough of their own sound to be convincing with their self-penned songs, and Dave Ayers’ voice has a distinctive growl which seems to improve with each new project. I’d much rather see bands performing their own stuff than the covers bands and tribute acts who seem to pull the bigger crowds these days but I do think more can be done to woo back audiences. Apart from the common issue of lack of promotion - Facebook isn’t the only route - the Black Swan itself could do with a few LED floods to light the stage and make more of a show – and make it easier to take good pics (ahem!). But on the plus side the pub always has a great friendly atmosphere and for all you doubters out there, yes, the toilets were exceptionally clean.


@newbeehive cellar bar, august 14 By iain newby

The excellent Kaleidoscope Reggae Dance night comes to the New Beehive Cellar Bar again on Friday 14 August. It’s gonna be an irie, fun and free party event playing a broad and invigorating spectrum of lively dance reggae music - roots rock reggae! Sounds ranging through classic archive roots, ska and rocksteady hits, current Jamaican dance hits along with lots of modern and amazing dancehall sounds, one drop, bashment, dub and revival reggae sounds. We’ll be mixing it up, riddim mixing and DJing on the mic. Come along and take up the mic if you’re up for it! Our music is all about lively fun and dance, with only the best tunes, some specially produced for our gigs. Kaleidoscope selectors include Spaceport7 with modern and 90s dancehall, and roots. Paul Rootsical, an international riddim mix producer and reggae blogger. Siamrootsical, playing nothing but the best - roots, one drop,

dub, dancehall and rocksteady. And finally Big Bri, playing the Upsetters, Lee Scratch Perry and more. The sounds we produce are second to none, top ranking tunes, only the best riddims and selections - you’re in for a treat if you’re a reggae lover, and if you’re new to reggae come along and stir your musical emotions. We feel we’re putting forward a scene that’s difficult to find elsewhere and represents the pinnacle of reggae music, old and new, vinyl and digital - here at Kaleidoscope its the music that counts! And with our dread light show we make every effort to enhance the environment - an electric garden of light and sound! Outside the Cellar Bar is a large beer garden, with picnic seating and lights, a wonderful place to sit and chill with friends. (Kaleidoscopepartyhire.co.uk or Facebook - kaleidoscope87 )


aayy ““BBeeaauutitf sdd iuful lHHeeidid ieie s” s” 22,5 ,500 00ppeeoopplel te e tennt t



find out what’s happening in bradford this month SATURDAY 1 AUGUST MOIST TIGER 7PM, 1in12 CLUB Moist Tiger brings an eclectic mix of music to the 1in12 club, combining reggae, dub, rock and indie with something for everyone! £5 on the door. www.1in12.com

FREE EMPIRE LIVE 9PM, GINGER GOOSE Making their début in The Ginger Goose, all the way from Birmingham, Free Empire are a classic covers band with a great lineup of professional musicians and accomplished lead vocals. Be prepared as you’re guaranteed to work up a sweat and find it hard to resist the temptation to bounce about. We encourage this behaviour at The Goose. Free entry. www.gingergoose.co.uk

YORKSHIRE DAY BEER & FOOD FESTIVAL 11AM-MIDNIGHT, BRADFORD BREWERY Launch of the Northern Powerhouse...that’s the first ever collaboration beer created by Bradford and Leeds breweries. Who will be first to try it? With 50 Yorkshire beers and a Yorkshire cider bar, boar roast in the beer garden and veggie street food in the bar. Music all day from local musicians and buskers. Saturday night sounds from No Hands DJs. Laid back acoustic music all day on Sunday, culminating in Sunday night fun with Shipley’s very own Front Room Disco DJ Will Oddsox. www.facebook.com/BradfordBrewery

NORTH PARADE STREET PARTY ALL DAY, NORTH PARADE The whole street is getting together for the second annual street party. Drinks, entertainment, food, music, Bradfordness.

TOWNSTREET SEAMONSTER LIVE 8PM, AL’S DIME BAR Following up the street party, Dime Bar welcomes the return of this creative and funny acoustic duo. www.alsdimebar.com

BEX 8PM, DELIUS LIVED NEXT DOOR A solo set from the magic behind Bex and the Bullets.


Bradford Review




A celebration of beer brewed by women. Free entry. www.facebook.com/JacobsAleHouse



Seconds - catchy new wave post-punk from Glasgow featuring members of Divorce. Homba - new Talking Heads / Minutemenish power trio from Bradford featuring members of Wilful Missing and Hercules Morse. Gerrard Bell-Fife is Bradford’s finest dark young folk voice. Food and refreshments from Bare Plume. £5/£3 unwaged on the door. www.facebook.com/burnelrooms

1in12’s monthly funk and soul night returns with Tough Crowd (formerly Freyed Knot), Tony Safari (of Trainer Trouble) and Galvatron. Also including resident DJ’s Hashfinger, Jon G and Sleazy G. This night of funk, soul, hip hop, ska and breakbeat is starting at 8pm and continuing till 4 in the morning! Cafe open 7pm-9pm for those wanting food beforehand. Entry £3 Members/£4 Guests. www.1in12.com




The talented trio Live Lounge return to Forster’s performing contemporary acoustic covers.Free entry. www.facebook.com/ForstersBistroDeli

Join Claire Wellesley-Smith in creating wonderful textile art, taking inspiration from the international collections at Cartwright Hall Art Gallery. Free event. www.bradfordmuseums.org

SINGERS, MUSICIANS & POETS 7.30PM,THE CASTLE Real ale, real music, real folk - every Friday. Folk singers and musicians welcome. FREE entry. www.facebook.com/erebus77

SNEAKY PEEK TOUR 2PM-4PM, CITY HALL This summer you can view objects from the Bradford Museums and Galleries collection set out in the splendour of Bradford’s historic City Hall. Free. www.bradford.gov.uk/bmdc



Life’s a beach when you can enjoy sun, (hopefully) sand, beer and cocktails without even leaving Bradford. Pop-up bar on a pop-up beach, with a choice of cocktails and cool beers combine to create a hot holiday atmosphere. Then there’s chance to belt out your favourite summertime hymns with St Arnold’s pub church in the latest Beer & Hymns sing-along on Sunday. Community fun - all welcome, whatever your faith, any or none. www.facebook.com/BradfordBrewery

SNEEKY PEAK TOUR 10AM-12PM, CITY HALL This summer you can view objects from the Bradford Museums and Galleries collection set out in the splendour of Bradford’s historic City Hall. Free. www.bradford.gov.uk/bmdc

TOPIC FOLK CLUB - SINGERS & MUSICIANS 8.15PM, GLYDE HOUSE A friendly and inviting live music event. All welcome, food available. Free entry. www.topic-folk-club.org.uk

THIS IS CINERAMA (THREE-PANEL PROJECTION) 1PM, NATIONAL MEDIA MUSEUM An ultra-wide film format created in 1952 to be the ultimate in immersive cinema. The Picturehouse cinema is one of only three



If you have an event you would like to feature in our listings please email events@thebradfordreview.co.uk. All listings are free of charge and are administered on a first come first serve basis.

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SUMMER FAMILY FUN impressions gallery

OPENING: TUE-THUR 10AM-6PM, FRI-SAT 10AM-5Pm Until 29 AUGUST Pop in to Impressions Gallery during the summer holidays and enjoy free activities inspired by our exhibition extra{ordinary} Photographs of Britain by The Caravan Gallery. Get creative with make-and-take activities, or pick up a Gallery Trail and solve the puzzles as you journey through the exhibition. Free, drop in. www.impressions-gallery.com

public venues worldwide that can show Cinerama! To preserve the fragile prints some shows will be in digital format. Seven Wonders of the World. www.picturehouses.com/cinema/National_Media_ Museum

FLAMINGO CREATURES / DANIEL VOIGT 8PM, FUSE ART SPACE Ruth-Maria Adam and Ronnie Oliveras have been around as part of the Datashock collective for quite a few years now, but their adventures as a duo are mostly undiscovered. Flamingo Creatures combine fearless experimentalism with a great sense of humour and an intoxicating playfulness in their approach to music-making with the help of electronics, bells, a violin and various percussion instruments. Daniel Voigt blends a musique concrète approach (cutting up tapes and looping sounds with the help of several Walkmen) with the cosmic aesthetics of Krautrock to make his music sound like the love child of Delia Derbyshire and Klaus Schulze. Free entry. www.wearefuse.co

BARBIE KRUGER LIVE 8PM, THE SUN HOTEL Brand new cabaret comes to the Sun stage in the form of Barbie Kruger! Open from 12pm, Karaoke with Josh from 4pm, Rosie Cheeks and Timmy Tease from 8pm, Barbie Kruger Showtime from 10pm! Open till 3am. Always free entry! www.facebook.com/sunbradford

APACHI HIFI PRESENTS ANOTHER REGGAEMATIC ROOTS NIGHT! 7PM-LATE, 1in12 CLUB Reggaematic returns to the 1in12, powered by demolition sound Apache Hi Fi and joined by regular entertainer Rockers Roadshow and MC Danejah. Roots Dub Reggae in a Sound System Style! Doors at 7PM and continuing till 4 in the morning! £4 Entry. www.1in12.com



Live music at Bradford’s brand new rock bar and late spot.

No longer is Oktoberfest something you have to head to Germany to experience. This year Bradford has gone especially Oktoberfestmad. The biggest event, with a 2,500 people tent, starts off with a hop-soaked five days in Bradford with so much beer, food and music that, ja mein lieber, it’s just like being in Munich. Free entry. www.visitbradford.com/events

NICK HALL AND THE RESURECTION 8PM, DELIUS LIVED NEXT DOOR The absolutely fantastic Nick Hall comes live to Delius with his extra-special sound www.facebook.com/delius.livednextdoor

SUNDAY 9 AUGUST VINTAGE SUNDAYS - A MAN WITH A MOVIE CAMERA 2.30PM, PICTUREHOUSE @ NATIONAL MEDIA MUSEUM Man With A Movie Camera met with bewilderment on its release but is now recognised as one of the most radical films of Soviet cinema, and a major influence on Godard, Marker and others. Vintage Sundays are a regular strand at the Picturehouse Cinema. Visit their website for more film showings. www.picturehouses.com/cinema/National_Media_ Museum

JAM SESSION HOSTED BY MARC AND ABI OF ‘ISSIMO 8PM, AL’S DIME BAR Now a steady regular feature, the jam session is a great opportunity for musicians to show their skills at one of the best live music venues in town. www.alsdimebar.com

WEDNESDAY 12 AUGUST FREE FAMILY DROP-IN - DAVID HOCKNEY-INSPIRED PAPER PULP 11AM-3PM, CARTWRIGHT HALL A chance to experiment and make your own art using colourful paper pulp. No experience required and suitable for all. Free event. www.bradfordmuseums.org


THURSDAY 13 AUGUST OKTOBERFEST 4PM-11PM, CROWN COURT CAR PARK No longer is Oktoberfest something you have to head for Germany to experience. This year, Bradford has gone especially Oktoberfestmad. The biggest event, with a 2,500 people tent, starts off with a hop-soaked five days in Bradford with so much beer, food and music that, ja mein lieber, it’s just like being in Munich. Free entry. www.visitbradford.com/events

MURDER MYSTERY DINNER - TROUBLE AT T’MILL 7.30PM, ALHAMBRA STUDIO An interactive murder mystery evening, complete with a three course meal. Tickets £46.50. www.bradford-theatres.co.uk/whats-on

TOPIC FOLK CLUB - SINGERS & MUSICIANS 8.15PM,GLYDE HOUSE A friendly and inviting live music event. All welcome, food available. Free entry. www.topic-folk-club.org.uk





find out what’s happening in bradford this month Phantom Chips - Australian-born Londonbased Tara Pattenden performs on homemade electronic instruments, samplers and wearable noisemakers. Marlo Eggplant Baltimore-born, Leeds-based experimental musician Marlo Eggplant is the curator of the pioneering Ladyz In Noyz compilation series and performs with processed autoharp and contact microphones to create sonically dense improvisations. Gutternsipe - a guitar, drums, voice and electronics duo from Leeds creating abrasive free jazz noise skronk with punk ferocity that may put you in mind of The Flying Luttenbachers. Errant Grey - melodic experiments with cheap synths and drum machines in a Boards Of Canada and early Aphex Twin vein from Bradford’s Jung Witches guitarist. £5/£4 unwaged on the door. www.facebook.com/burnelrooms

FRIDAY 14 AUGUST OKTOBERFEST 4PM-11PM, CROWN COURT CAR PARK No longer is Oktoberfest something you have to head for Germany to experience. This year Bradford has gone especially Oktoberfestmad. The biggest event, with a 2,500 people tent, starts off with a hop-soaked five days in Bradford with so much beer, food and music that, ja mein lieber, it’s just like being in Munich. Free entry. www.visitbradford.com/events

M@BU PRESENTS BAD MEDS, BATHYMETRY, MOLARS, WRONG SIDE OF THE PENNINES 8PM, BURNEL ROOMS @ THE BRADFORD PLAYHOUSE Bad Meds - bratty, catchy and sometimes sludgy hardcore from Liverpool in a Pissed Jeans and Gorilla Biscuits vein featuring members of Hot Club De Paris. Bathymetry - classy transatlantic guitar pop trio who have shared bills with The Jesus and Mary Chain and Wire. Molars - Joy Division and The Smiths-esque post-punk from Leeds featuring members of This Many Boyfriends and Esper Scout. Wrong Side of The Pennines - Bradford sisters craft perfect nuggets of alt-folk on guitar, ukelele and voice. Food and drink from Bare Plume Cafe. £5/£4 unwaged on the door. www.facebook.com/burnelrooms


Bradford Review

(Bradford), Jeff George, Macky, Paul Howson & Infamous Boots, Bellies & Braces. Tickets £20, MOTD. www.1umpromotions.co.uk

#TFIFLIVE; FREE EVENT 8PM, FORSTER’S BISTRO Ellie Coast and Dave Pilla - known local buskers will be performing understated acoustic music that tugs at the heartstrings. Free entry. www.facebook.com/ForstersBistroDeli

PAX ROMANA 8PM, AL’S DIME BAR Covers you can rock to! Pax Romana is back at Dime with their own brand of rock and roll covers you love. www.alsdimebar.com

SINGERS, MUSICIANS & POETS 7.30PM,THE CASTLE Real ale, real music, real folk - every Friday. Folk singers and musicians welcome. FREE entry. www.facebook.com/erebus77



A passion for music that reverberates through all they do. What a guitarist! www.facebook.com/delius.livednextdoor

Reggae, dancehall classics, roots and culture. Free entry. www.newbeehive.co.uk

LADY BEARS LIVE 8PM, THE SUN HOTEL The Lady Bears are coming back to The Sun in August for some more Grizzly Big Gurl Fun! Open from 12pm, Karaoke with Josh from 4pm, drag host from 8pm, Lady Bears showtime from 10pm! Open till 3am. Always free entry! www.facebook.com/sunbradford

SATURDAY 15 AUGUST BRADFORD CLASSIC CARS 10AM-4PM, CITY PARK See over 150 incredible classic and performance cars displayed in the stunning surroundings of Bradford’s multi-award winning, high-tech public space. This year is the 10th anniversary of the Classic. There will also be children’s entertainment and live music. Free entry. www.cityparkbradford.com

DETOURS LIVE 9PM, CITY VAULTS This in one detour you’ll be glad you went on. Making their first live appearance at the Vaults, the Detours are going to take you on a trip through the the rock era that set the charts alight. With fantastic cover versions of track from The Jam, The Undertones and many more excellent British bands There’ll be no getting stuck in a cul-de-sac with this band. Free entry. www.cityvaults.co.uk

OKTOBERFEST 12PM-11PM, CROWN COURT CAR PARK No longer is Oktoberfest something you have to head for Germany to experience. This year Bradford has gone especially Oktoberfestmad. The biggest event, with a 2,500 people tent, starts off with a hop-soaked five days in Bradford with so much beer, food and music that, ja mein lieber, it’s just like being in Munich. £5 entry. www.visitbradford.com/events

LIVE 9PM, TRASH NIGHTCLUB Live music at Bradford’s brand new rock bar and late spot.



A musical extravaganza coming your way with eight hours of live music and DJs playing the finest ska, rocksteady, and vintage reggae ever put together in Yorkshire. Lineup - The Dualers (South London), The Indecision (Leeds), The Style Selektors (Teesside), Natural Rhythm (Bradford), Selah Sounds

Sunday is a family day, complete with bratwurst-centred lunch options. The tunes are courtesy of real bavarian bands flown in from southern Germany and promising to have you dancing on the tables to hits like



If you have an event you would like to feature in our listings please email events@thebradfordreview.co.uk. All listings are free of charge and are administered on a first come first serve basis.

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OPENING: WED-SAT, 11AM-6PM, 16 JULY - 3 OCTOBER 2015 Exquisite Corpse​explores female form and stereotypes from the perspective of 11 female artists. Through video, painting, performance and illustration, the exhibition also considers the potential of contemporary technology as a tool to examine female self ­identity and evaluates the impact it has upon constructs of femininity. Free entry. www.wearefuse.co Zikke Zakke and Ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit (no, me neither). Free entry. www.visitbradford.com/events

WEDNESDAY 19 AUGUST PHILIPPA GREGORY, THE TAMING OF THE QUEEN 7.30PM, KINGS HALL, ILKLEY Bestselling author of The Other Boleyn Girl and The White Queen, Philippa Gregory talks about her latest book, The Taming of a Queen. Known for her gripping writing Philippa is the queen of historical fiction. Her books chronicling the lives of Tudor women at court have been adapted for film and television and are loved by readers across the world. Tickets £8-£10. www.ilkleyliteraturefestival.org.uk

FREE FAMILY DROP-IN - DAVID HOCKNEY-INSPIRED PAPER PULP 11AM-3PM, CARTWRIGHT HALL Taking inspiration from the International Art Collection at Cartwright Hall Art Gallery, Michelle Scally Clarke will lead a fun workshop where participants will form their own poetic responses to the collections. Free event. www.bradfordmuseums.org

THURSDAY 20 AUGUST ALASDAIR ROBERTS + THE SOUND OF YELL 7.30PM, DELIUS ARTS CENTRE Scottish folk musician, primarily a singer, guitarist, songwriter, composer, arranger and interpreter of traditional songs and ballads. £6 / £4 unwaged, on the door. www.artworkscreative.org.uk

TOPIC FOLK CLUB - SINGERS & MUSICIANS 8.15PM,GLYDE HOUSE A friendly and inviting live music event. All welcome, food available. Free entry. www.topic-folk-club.org.uk

FRIDAY 21 AUGUST SCARS ON 45 7.30PM, DELIUS ARTS CENTRE Scars On 45 will be coming home for their final UK show of 2015 before heading back into the studio to work on their third album. Join them for a fun and special night to celebrate the end of a hard 18 months touring of their Safety In Numbers album. £12 on the door. www.artworkscreative.org.uk

THE UFO CLUB 9PM-2AM, NEW BEEHIVE INN CELLAR BAR The best sounds of the 60s and early 70s plus some current sounds influenced by 60s. Free entry. www.newbeehive.co.uk

#TFIFLIVE - FREE EVENT 8PM, FORSTER’S BISTRO Our new resident Chequered Band will be performing every month at Forster’s. These talented musicians play everything from Motown and soul to reggae and pop and are guaranteed to fill the dance floor. Free entry. www.facebook.com/ForstersBistroDeli

SINGERS, MUSICIANS & POETS 7.30PM,THE CASTLE Real ale, real music, real folk - every Friday. Folk singers and musicians welcome. FREE entry. www.facebook.com/erebus77

SATURDAY 22 AUGUST KYOKA (RASTER NOTON) 8PM, FUSE ART SPACE Kyoka works as a musician/composer in Berlin and Tokyo and is known for her chaotic and direct musical approach and a heavy-rough sound, resulting in a broken popbeat with experimental yet danceable rhythms. Free entry. This concert is part of Fuse Art Space’s current exhibition Exquisite Corpse. www.wearefuse.co

BAGA CHIPZ LIVE 8PM-LATE, THE SUN HOTEL Baga Chipz is an award-winning international cabaret act, drag queen vocalist, celebrity impersonator, model and gay scene socialite! Open from 12pm, karaoke with Josh from 4pm, Rosie Cheeks & Timmy Tease from 8pm, showtime from 10pm! Open ‘til 3am. Always free entry! www.facebook.com/sunbradford

LIVE 9PM-LATE, TRASH NIGHTCLUB Live music at Bradford’s brand new rock bar and late spot.

MIGHTY FURTLES 8PM, DELIUS LIVED NEXT DOOR Emerging from the swamplands of South Bradford, they were stung into action on the back of a worrying bout of middle-aged inertia...THE MIGHTY FURTLES mission is clear; chaos, fun, beer and turmoil in equal measure. Dig it! www.facebook.com/delius.livednextdoor

SuNDAY 24 AUGUST DOWN RENO 8PM, AL’S DIME BAR Your favourite local scuffle rock band is back at Dime Bar, this time with an acoustic set. If we’re lucky we will hear some songs from their upcoming EP! www.alsdimebar.com

WEDNESDAY 26 AUGUST INDIAN INSTRUMENTS - FREE FAMILY DROP-IN 11AM-3PM, CARTWRIGHT HALL Join Sehaj Singh with an opportunity to have a go at a variety of Indian instruments including the tabla, sitar, taus and dilruba. Free event. www.bradfordmuseums.org




find out what’s happening in bradford this month THURSDAY 27 AUGUST M@BU PRESENTS GREY HAIRS, COLD FELL, THE WUB 8PM, BURNEL ROOMS @ THE BRADFORD PLAYHOUSE Grey Hairs - Nottingham mid-life crisis dirge garage rock quartet in vein of Pissed Jeans, Nirvana, Black Flag on Gringo Records as seen supporting Sleaford Mods. Cold Fell atmospheric black metal from Manchester with members of Grimsby hardcore legends Stand. The Wub - Leeds country-punk power trio with (ex) members of Uprights, Monster Killed By Laser, The Family Elan, in a Meat Puppets style. £5/£4 unwaged on the door. www.facebook.com/burnelrooms


Back by popular demand Bradford’s own kings of SKA - revel in the fabulous sounds of the great British ska movement, with a carefully-selected repertoire of vibrant classics from the masters of ska who brought this uptempo beat-popping genre to our shores. There’s always a few surprises as Trenchtown are a band that include new numbers in their performances constantly. A must-see band! Free entry. www.cityvaults.co.uk


DIME BAR’S 2ND ANNIVERSARY 8PM, AL’S DIME BAR We are turning two and we’re celebrating in style! We’ve got live music all weekend from bands like Nervous ‘Orse, Good Citizens, and Natural Rhythm! Also on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th. www.alsdimebar.com

A friendly and inviting live music event. All welcome, food available. Free entry. www.topic-folk-club.org.uk

FRIDAY 28 AUGUST SINGERS, MUSICIANS & POETS 7.30PM,THE CASTLE Real ale, real music, real folk - every Friday. Folk singers and musicians welcome. FREE entry. www.facebook.com/erebus77

LIVE 9PM-LATE, TRASH NIGHTCLUB Live music at Bradford’s brand new rock bar and late spot.



A weekend of fundraising for the Bradford Plastic Surgery and Burns Unit, celebrating a lively twist on a group of local artists in this fantastic outdoor event over the Bank Holiday Weekend. Also on Sunday 30 August. www.facebook.com/delius.livednextdoor

PHYSICAL THEATRE WORKSHOP 10AM-5PM, THE BRADFORD PLAYHOUSE This intensive one-day physical theatre workshop will focus on discovering the body as a key point in the devising process, improving physical and vocal spontaneity, impulse work and storytelling through movement. Places are limited. To book a workshop, please email displaceyourselftheatre@gmail.com www.displaceyourselftheatre.co.uk

BRADFORD BLUES CLUB FEAT. DIAMOND DAC, CHRIS MARTIN 8PM, GLYDE HOUSE There’s sure a cure for the summertime blues with a brand new Blues club now open at the heart of Bradford’s West End. See some of the coolest blues and roots acts on the circuit up close and personal. Tickets £3 / £5 on the door. www.facebook.com/BradfordBluesClub

SUNDAY 30 AUGUST BARE PLUME SUNDAY LUNCH SESSION W/ SERIOUS SAM BARRETT AND GERRARD BELL-FIFE 1PM, BURNEL ROOMS @ THE BRADFORD PLAYHOUSE A lazy Sunday afternoon with comfy chairs. pick-me-up cocktails and comfort food from Bare Plume Cafe, along with excellent acoustic music. Serious Sam Barrett - world-touring lightning fingerpicking country folk blues Yorkshirecana as seen at Glastonbury and SXSW festivals. Gerrard Bell-fife - Bradfordbased Bill Callahan-esque heartstopping baritone folk and fingerpicked melodies as seen at Threadfest and Beatherder festivals. www.facebook.com/burnelrooms

KINGS OF LYON LIVE 9PM, GINGER GOOSE A second visit to the Goose as we enjoyed it so much on their last visit a couple of years ago. No prizes for guessing who this band pay homage to.. yes, Kings Of Leon. A muchanticipated huge night of rock. From Sex On Fire and Use Somebody to Knocked Up and a string of amazing covers. Don’t miss it!! Free entry. www.gingergoose.co.uk

#TFIFLIVE -; FREE EVENT 8PM, FORSTER’S BISTRO Our 2015 Sound Of Forster’s winner Becky Chilton will be performing her first gig at Forster’s. Her vocals have been likened to Ellie Goulding & Birdy, do not miss Becky’s breathtaking performance! Free entry. www.facebook.com/ForstersBistroDeli


Bradford Review

from local talent Leo Kenny. With a an excellent background in soul music this former member of the Billy Ocean Band is back to wow you with his on-point vocals and fabulous soul repertoire. Free entry.

A legendary rock and alternative party the last Saturday of every month. DJs on two floors playing alternative rock, punk, ska, and metal. Plus live bands and optional fancy dress. £5 on the door. www.themillbradford.com



Dig Jazz! and Trainer Trouble playing old vinyl records and a bar serving craft/real ales. Expect funky breaks, vintage soul, reggae-reggae bass and more than enough jazzy soundtracks and beats to tap your toes to. Free entry. www.newbeehive.co.uk

LEO KENNY LIVE 9PM, LORD CLYDE Another excellent night of blue-eyed soul


If you have an event you would like to feature in our listings please email events@thebradfordreview.co.uk. All listings are free of charge and are administered on a first come first serve basis.

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Weekly events

YOUR GUIDE TO ongoing events in and around bradford MONDAYS The New Beehive Inn

8.30PM A mutually supportive poetry group


The Sun Hotel


Download the app and join the quiz.


Westleigh Hotel


Popular student karaoke night


Picturehouse Cinema


Discover stunning cinema.


Bradford Cathedral


Organ recitals featuring guest musicians.


Bradford Brewery


£1 entry, jackpot question - winner takes all.


Delius Arts Centre

6.30pm Vinyasa Flow yoga classes by Yoga Bradford


Glyde House

8.30PM A friendly and inviting live music event.


Bradford Ice Arena

6.30PM Skate UK Beginners Lessons


The Castle


Folk singers and musicians


Balanga Bar


Authentic Polish tavern


Forsters Bistro


Live acts every Friday


Kala Sangam

10.30am Beginner’s class in Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga


Lister Park



Kala Sangam

9.30am Classes in music, dance, language and yoga.


Impressions Gallery


Free creative activities for children


Trash Nightclub


Bradford’s brand new rock bar and late spot.

Picturehouse Cinema


Classic films back where they belong.

beehive poets





SATURDAYS Free and friendly timed 5k run.



Bradford Review


If you have an event you would like to feature in our listings please email events@thebradfordreview.co.uk. All listings are free of charge and are administered on a first come first serve basis.

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TOP TEN UK PUB 2013 As featured in The Guardian’s Top Ten UK Craft Beer Bars



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32 NORTH PARADE, BRADFORD, BD1 3HZ (01274) 270 772


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look to find a second use for anything discarded. As a society we need to open our eyes to recycling scrap and reusing rather than wasting things. In the past I’ve worked on everything from workshops in scrap materials for children through to a towering installation overlooking Pendle Hill for this year’s Beatherder festival. What have been your favourite pieces? I have been making this art since I was an apprentice engineer and I look back at my sculptures and see how much they have evolved. I bought my own house at 28 which had its own workshop and that’s when I started getting serious. In a matter of years I had moved from making model motorbikes for fellow bike enthusiasts through to being commissioned for large pieces and even selling my work through Rapture Gallery in Harrogate.

andy shaw


What are you working on at the moment?

Who are you and what do you do? I am Andy and I’m a Bradford-based artist using reclaimed metal to form interesting and quirky pieces. One thing I hear time and time again from people is, ‘How did you make that from all those bits?’ which is why I called my work Bits and Bolts. Tell us a bit about living in Bradford. I enjoy living in the place where I came from and seeing how it has changed and evolved over the years. I like Bradford and what it has to offer and have felt a pull to the area despite having travelled all over the world. I can feel the buzz around the city getting bigger and bigger.. especially within art and music.

I’ve just completed an installation for the awardwinning Beatherder festival in the RIbble Valley. The inspiration behind this giant pair of snakes was to use the contents of a steel fabrication scrap bin from some other work I was doing and to create something that would be a real centrepiece for the music festival. I feel like my work illustrates the waste that can and should be reused as well as looking interesting and in the case of the Beatherder Snakes – very imposing. People love the festival, so the snakes are in the shape of a heart, but as you get closer to the sculpture the snakes move apart in your vision and create an optical illusion of movement. What would we find you doing on your ideal day?

Why did you get into working with recycled materials? One of my earliest memories was going to a scrap yard with my dad when I was six. I saw the bits of cars on the floor and realised there had to be a second use for these items. The idea of reusing things resonates with me. At the moment I specialise in steel-based scrap sculpture as I’m a fabricator by trade. I always


Bradford Review

Tipping my scrap bin onto the floor to find something that inspires me amongst the chaos.. with a cup of tea.. there always has to be a cup of tea. If I can make something visually interesting from objects that were formerly useful, then I have achieved what I set out to do. You can find out more about Andy’s work on his Facebook page – just search for Bits and Bolts Art.


If you know someone who has something interesting to say, why not get in touch? email us at submissions@thesaltairereview.co.uk

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British Science Festival Bradford 7–10 September Celebrate the best of British science. Expand your horizons with four days of free events, talks and performances from across the scientific spectrum. Join leading academics to discover, discuss and debate the latest ideas and innovations set to change our future. To discover more, visit: britishsciencefestival.org BritishScienceFestival @BritishSciFest #BSF15 BritSciAssoc

Save the date! HOSTED BY


The British Science Association is a registered charity: 212479 and SC039236

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The Bradford Review | Issue Six | August 2015  

Covering events, culture, business and leasure in Bradford city centre

The Bradford Review | Issue Six | August 2015  

Covering events, culture, business and leasure in Bradford city centre