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APRIL 2015

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Bradford Review


ISSUE two | april 2015

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NOTE FROM THE EDITOR welcome to issue two of the bradford review magazine. I think the first thing to say is a huge thank you to everyone who picked up and read the first one. We printed 8,000 magazines and they seemed to disappear in no time, which shows a really good appetite for what we are doing. It is especially rewarding for me to be able to walk into a cafe or a bar and see people engrossed in the magazine, something that has happened several times in the past month and I hope will continue.

Comissioning editor: Haigh Simpson

Copy Editor: Rob Walsh


Haigh Simpson



But even more encouraging than that is the continued wave of improvements and new ventures opening up in the city. I said last month that it is an exciting time for the city and as tough as Bradford can be, I still think that is the case. Although it was a huge shame to see the Bantams miss out on another Wembley least there’s the playoffs!


Back to the magazine and one of the most pleasing things to have come from the launch is the number of people who came forward to suggest ideas and get involved. That’s what it is all about and I want to encourage as many people as possible to send in features, reviews and photography to

Jason Feather, Simon Sugden, Yvonne

You can keep up to date with developments throughout the month by following us on Twitter @bradfordreview and find out about our fantastic advertising packages by emailing Enjoy the magazine and have an amazing April. haigh simpson

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Katie Whyatt, Kate Wellham, Eddie Lawler, Joseph Emmett, Philip Lickley, Ben Hughes


Carmichael, Aklaq Ahmed



Katie Whyatt met Danny and Aimee of Scars On 45 at the Record Cafe for a chat about America, a northern sound, and relationships BY KATIE WHYATT Fresh from flying the flag in America, Bradford band Scars on 45 are back on home soil to promote their new album Safety In Numbers, the follow-up to their eponymous debut. The four-piece lineup comprises vocals from Aimee Driver and guitarist Daniel Bemrose, keyboardist David ‘Nova’ Nowakowski and

drummer Chris Durling. They spend most of their time stateside, where they’ve amassed a strong following – their music routinely features on leading television shows, including Lost Girl and CSI: New York, and they graced Jay Leno’s cult Tonight Show in 2012.

“The album’s very indie-Britpop,” says Aimee, “It’s very melodic, easy to listen to – you can take it how you want to take it. You can listen to something heartwarming, or you can listen to something you want to dance to. I think it’s a bit of an all-rounder, with so many sounds.” Polished and delicate verses climax with anthemic, guitar-driven choruses, and the lithe, tender vocals of Driver and Bemrose harmonise over the well-crafted swell of guitars, keyboards and percussion. The band are master storytellers, too, writing with a poignantly raw, rueful lyrical candour that Bemrose attributes to their Bradford upbringings. “There’s no real structure or process that I have when it comes to writing songs. It’s a matter of picking a guitar up and seeing what comes

out,” Danny says. “Our songs are our lives. It’s great to be back in our hometown because we grew up here. It’s where we spent a lot of our childhood, pretty much every day until we were in our mid-twenties. It’s just home and we love everything about it. It’s got an atmosphere that I think comes across in the band we are and the songs we write. The things you sing about are the things you’ve gone through, whether that’s a relationship or everyday life growing up the way we did. “A lot of the people who know us in the US and are into English music say we sound very northern. Bands like The Smiths and Oasis – northern bands just have a way of writing about the things that really matter. We grew up in a working class, industrial town, where relationships are everything. That’s


what we focus on.”

explains. “It’s basically about admitting your faults as a person and realising how much your own self-absorption and insecurities can affect a relationship without you knowing at the time. But it’s [also] about dusting yourself down, regardless of your regrets, and moving on with a positive attitude. That song was definitely written with a certain someone in mind, and if they’ve heard it, I think they’ll know.”

It’s proved to be a winning formula. Their first outing spawned two music videos and was ranked by online giant Amazon as the seventh best album of 2012, the single Give Me Something also lauded as the year’s third best song. Safety In Numbers was finished last year, part-funded by a PledgeMusic campaign that saw fans finance the editing stages after the foursome were dropped by record label It’s hoped this new album will be the catalyst Atlantic. They’ve since found a new home for further success – they were treated to a with Nettwerk, and lead single Crazy For You civic reception at Bradford City Hall in January, is a rip-roaring frolic about two of the band’s and are due to record the theme tune for the friends who shared a mutual affection but next series of hit BBC drama The Syndicate were both too scared to soon. They’ve cultivated a admit their feelings, plus reputation for hard graft, yet “You know what’s the haunting My Eyes Are remain modest. really strange?... Still Bright showcases the full gentle vulnerability of “We never expected to do That we’re in our Driver’s vocals. Bemrose this,” says Danny. “I don’t hometown, in a describes songwriting as think you really realise what “song fishing - picking a you’ve done until it stops, café I’ve never guitar up and seeing what I think that’s why this been in, and there’s and comes out.” album got finished. I mean, somebody down we made the first one, toured “In my experience the songs it and got dropped. We had there, that I have that come really quickly and a year of doing nothing, and never met, singing are fully finished before then we all looked back, saw you know it are always the the kind of stuff we’d done away at our song. best,” he says. “There must realised we’d done some That’s just… wow.” and be thousands of recordings amazing things. That’s what on my phone of little ideas really inspired us to make that will probably never see the light of day.” this album. “I think the first song on the album, Golden, [is the one that means the most to me],” says Aimee. “It’s about how the fans stuck by us when we were dropped by our first label, and it more or less says it in the chorus: ‘Together, we’re golden. Everything will be alright’. That’s the one for me.” “For me, it’s probably the last song on the album that means most, Fading Bright Eyes Dark, and I think it’s because it’s the most honest I’ve ever been lyrically,” Danny

“Really, I just want us to be able to keep doing what we’ve been doing. We’re at a situation now where we can do tours in America and sell venues out. We want to do that in England.” “You know what’s really strange?” Aimee begins, surveying the café from the balcony as we wrap up proceedings. “That we’re in our hometown, in a café I’ve never been in, and there’s somebody down there, that I have never met, singing away at our song. That’s just… wow.”

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photo by simon sugden

Y T L A Y O L G N I D R REWA best independent Your new ticket to the

Only Independents - or Oi for short - is a new adventure for a small team who have been promoting independent businesses in Bradford for many years. Through our online project, Hidden Bradford, we’ve always championed Bradford as the home of independents because of the huge number of them throughout the city. From brand new, one-ofa-kind places like Bradford Brewery, The Record Cafe and Interlude, to places that are part of Bradford’s history like Rimmington’s Pharmacy, Bradford’s independent businesses are vital in maintaining the unique character of the city. Independents also contribute directly to the local economy, with more money staying in the city than if it is spent at a chain.

businesses in Bradford

By kate wellham

discount to cardholders on a quiet day. A shop can give away a seasonal free gift. A restaurant can throw in a starter for no extra cost. It’s completely up to the businesses, all they need to do is keep us informed about their offers so that our website is always up to date.

Cards cost customers £10 for the year, and with some of the offers that businesses have come forward with already, it’s not at all difficult to make that saving back straight away. “Through

our online project, Hidden Bradford, we’ve always championed Bradford as the home of independents because of the huge number of them throughout the city.”

Inspired by the multitude of high quality independents we saw in Bradford, we took what we learned and loved about them and turned it into a way to promote independent businesses - starting right here in Bradford.

The Oi Card is one loyalty card that can be used in any of the top notch independent business in our network. Businesses don’t pay us anything, and they can choose and change what kind of reward they offer to Oi cardholders in a way that suits them. For example, a bar can choose to offer a

And it’s not just leisure - we’ve also been contacted by web developers, mechanics and all kinds of service providers who are independents. Our job is to tell our cardholders all about the independent businesses they can visit, to make them easy to find, and to take the work out of supporting independent businesses until it becomes second nature to anyone carrying an Oi Card.

We also want to highlight independent media in the cities we launch in, and encourage tourists to pick them up. Magazines like the Bradford Review are essential reading for locals and visitors alike if they want to discover the true character of a city. Businesses who would like to find out about joining us can contact us through our website, and you can also order a card online. Follow us on Twitter @ TheOiCard and use the hashtag #OiBradford to talk about independents in Bradford.


Smorgasbord is a one-of-akind, independently-owned coffee bar and restaurant in Bradford recognised for it’s our high standards, unique food, great service and pleasant ambience. We welcome you all to the newly renovated Smorgasbord coffee bar. Free city centre delivery available on orders of £15 and over.  10% discount on all delivery orders; quote The Bradford Review *Valid until Friday 29th May 2015 • Call now on 01274 218066 2-4 Rawson Place, Bradford, West Yorkshire BD1 3QQ

Independent record shop, real ale, craft beer, charcuterie counter. The Record CafĂŠ, 45-47 North Parade, Bradford, BD1 3JH

01274 723 143



r o f p u g n i r a e g

t s e f d a e r h t


By HAIGH SIMPSON We’re really pleased to hear Threadfest return to a larger format we can do it better! is returning for a fourth year in a row This year we’re bringing Threadfest all under this May. For those not yet familiar one roof, using the multiple spaces and stages with the event, what’s it all about? at Bradford Playhouse. This will allow us to Hi Haigh, yes me too! The initial impulse with get a better idea about who the audience for Threadfest was to offer a free taste of the the festival is and hopefully allow them to independent art and music scenes in Bradford. experience a more diverse range of music and It emerged from my role as Fellow in Music at art as it’ll all be in one place. We’re also offering the University of Bradford and weekend tickets this year at £27 my realisation that students and that will guarantee you access people new to the city often find to the full three days, as well as “We have those scenes difficult to access feel day tickets some amazing pay-what-you because they are so dispersed available on the door. So the acts this year: or underground. So I acted as option to financially support the a facilitator to pull together festival is there for those who sometimes different venues, promoters are committed but those who you get lucky and organisations to put on are curious can still take a punt with who’s a joined-up programme for for whatever they can afford. Spring Bank Holiday weekend, around and with a map showing the various Who will be performing available and venues. It’s grown over the and who should we be last few years to the level of looking forward to? this year has national attention and The We have some amazing acts this come together year: sometimes you get lucky Guardian had it in their guide to exceptionally.” with who’s around and available the best metropolitan festivals. and this year has come together Am I right in thinking exceptionally. We have Richard you’ve approached it slightly differently Dawson returning - he played twice at the first this year? What was the thinking edition of Threadfest - and he’s got a lot of behind this change in format? mainstream attention this year, which has been It’s been great fun doing a city-wide festival, lovely to see as there’s been no compromise to but a lot of work for what is essentially a very his music or approach. People are very excited small team with a lot of voluntary input, so for about Circle, from Finland, and have already 2015 we want to focus it down, so when we been talking about flying over just to see their

photo by Yvonne Carmichael

take on progressive rock. We also have Michael Chapman the Yorkshire-born folk guitarist and singer, as well as local Qawaali musicians, Italian free jazz and a live art programme. There’s too much to mention! The festival is getting a lot more attention this year because of the diversity and quality of the line-up, which you can see at How healthy is Bradford’s independent/ underground scene at the moment? The interesting thing about doing Threadfest is that it acts as a kind of barometer for a section of the independent music and arts scene each year. So you see what new venues and collectives have popped up. I think Bradford is punching well above its weight in terms of experimental and adventurous music; FUSE Art Space and Golden Cabinet (as well as the M@BU programme I run) are bringing world class acts to Bradford week in week out. It’s nice to work with organisations new to the festival this year too, like Total World who put on some really exciting non-western music gigs, and The Live Room who have a great reputation for contemporary folk and roots music in Saltaire. Do you have any highlights from previous years events that stand out? I’ve felt like a proper sap at previous festivals because I do bang on about how Bradford’s cultural scene is more honest, authentic, generous and co-operative than that of other cities where ‘the industry’ is more

present, and there’s certainly been moments at previous editions of Threadfest where that’s been palpable. Seeing Richard Dawson spontaneously collaborate with Bradford folk singer Stephanie Hladowski in the Treehouse Café, or Patrick Dowson rounding off the weekend with an impromptu rendition of his Born In The BRI take on Springsteen at The Irish Club have really shown that there’s some magic moments to be had in Bradford. There must be a lot of work involved to get something like this off the ground - who else is involved in organising and running the festival? The festival is headed up by Arts on Campus at University of Bradford and comes from the M@BU music programme. This year Recon and Bradford Playhouse are also helping realise it, which makes it feel much more manageable. And we get some support from Bradford Council, to allow us to make it affordable for those who can’t pay normal festival prices. The key to Threadfest is the willingness of other organisations to get involved, whether directly or just helping spread the word, and I feel like Bradford’s got bags of that united spirit. There’s a lot of partners this year, including other venues, promoters and collectives, all listed on the Threadfest website. We all want to show that Bradford’s a great place for music and art, and to have a weekend to encourage people to explore what Bradford has to offer year-round.




There aren’t many large cities on the planet The aims of the group include raising without a river. Bradford is rare in this respect, awareness of Bradford’s water geography and that’s why it was Bradford money which and restoring it to full health. A project to poured into financing the Leeds-Liverpool ‘daylight’ a hidden section is under discussion. canal. But Bradford is only one of many But the prospect of revealing Bradford’s towns and cities in the river in the city centre is industrialised world where remote. Nonetheless the lesser waterways were Friends are engaged in a “It’s hoped that frequently hidden and project called Marking the by early 2016 used as a primitive sewage Beck, which will display the system. course of the Beck under the plaques will the centre through a series be in place, I recorded my song of informative plaques, 15 Bradford Beck in 1999 in all, with an information tracing the and have sung it loud and board in The Tyrls course of the often since, initially feeling displaying their location. a touch lonely in trying Beck from near to draw attention to this The stone plaques have the Odeon ignored minor waterway. been designed by FoBB across to Forster It’s become my signature member Stuart Jenkinson, tune. So it was a pleasure to and will be inscribed by Square where come across like minds who Holmfirth carver Pat Walls. it meets with have in recent years formed Stuart set a ball rolling by Friends of Bradford’s writing a poem about T’ Bowling Beck Becks - find them on Mucky Beck with the idea and Eastbrook.” Facebook and at www. that each plaque would One quote one line of the of them, Steve Bottoms, poem. The Council invited put on long wellies and entered the Beck, the public to engage with the project by recording the experience in the short film proposing their own poem. No less than 26 Wading to Shipley, which you can find at people set pen to paper within the very short space of time allowed, and Jane Callaghan will have the words of her Bradford Beck poem

photo by graham glover

literally set in stone. It’s hoped that by early 2016 the plaques will be in place, tracing the course of the Beck from near the Odeon across to Forster Square where it meets with Bowling Beck and Eastbrook underground. The project is funded entirely by individual and company sponsorship. Westfield is sponsoring three plaques to be included in its new Broadway site. Other sponsors include the Aire Rivers Trust, Anchor Housing, Bradford Live and Yorkshire Water. About half the plaques have sponsors at the time of going to press, so more are still sought. Please get in touch with FoBB and join in (without getting your feet wet). The group’s website and Facebook page will show you the varied activities undertaken by this growing group, which, in addition to the daylighting idea and the plaques, include litter-picks, Beckwalks, action against invasive

species and pollution investigation. All activities share the aim of raising awareness of Bradford’s hidden river, and encouraging riparian owners to take responsibility. Riparian owners are all those whose property adjoins the Beck. There are points not far from the city centre where you can actually see the Beck, but nowhere as clearly and accessibly as the open section from Valley Road in Shipley to the confluence with the Aire just beyond the Aldi supermarket, much of which is now accompanied by a cycleway. FoBB’s meetings are held at Shipley’s Kirkgate Centre every quarter. All are welcome at the next one, at 7pm on Monday 27 April. I’m still singing Bradford Beck at every opportunity and not just to myself. You’ll find it on my website. My latest album, just out, is called Bradford Canal and Other Tales. Bradford Canal is indeed another tale, but not at all disconnected from Bradford Beck......


Forster’s Bistro & Deli offers a unique dining experience in Bradford’s prestigious City Park and serves a social purpose. The aim of which is to support Forster Community College’s charitable work, in providing lifeprogressing training and employment opportunities through profit made. Each menu is inspired by the seasons and caters to everyone’s tastebuds and needs, providing: children, vegetarian, halal and gluten-free options. We have numerous discounts and offers which are listed on our website, so your fine dining experience won’t break the bank! Whether you’re seeking: live music entertainment which we provide every Friday through our TFIF events programme; personalised business lunches and corporate entertaining; or a leisure space to socialise and celebrate a special occasion with friends and familyForster’s can cater to all your needs.

Telephone 01274 739 788 • Email: • Twitter: @ForstersBistro Facebook: ForstersBistroDeli • Website:

r u o t p u k o o l the e

ur rd’s historic architect

igue in bradfo finding beauty and intr

By joseph emmett

Cast your mind back to Bradford in 2007. Bradford City had been relegated to the third tier of the English football league for the first time since 1981-82 and the erection of portable cabins in the centre of Bradford signalled the start of the Westfield shopping centre – a saga that would ultimately come to symbolise the desolate economic mindset of the city. Bradford was in desperate need of a pick-me-up, a reminder of its previous prestige that would inspire a hopeful outlook for its future.

well,” Dan adds “When the tour initially took place there were only MP3 players. But now, with the advent of smartphones, there’s better technology to be able to show how Bradford has developed. Also, 2015 is BCB’s (Bradford Community Broadcasting) 21st birthday so a revival of the Look Up Tour seemed to be the perfect way to celebrate.”

Fast forward to Bradford in 2015 and the city’s character has changed significantly. Westfield’s status has gone from a millstone to a signal of the city’s renewed optimism, with work beginning on the site, and the burgeoning number of bars in the Northern Quarter of the city is helping to bring those once disillusioned back into the heart of Bradford. “The technology has moved on as

With businesses of all kinds making their way back to Bradford, and the upcoming renovation of the Odeon as a music venue, Bradford’s future in 2015 seems much brighter than in 2007, and the positivity of ventures like the the Look Up Tour seem more vital than ever. As Dan himself says: “Look Up was meant as an aspirational appeal to the people of Bradford, and that call will always be relevant.”

So what will the revived tour look like? “The original tour started and ended at BCB with the history of each information point being read by a volunteer from the station. But looking back on it the tour was too long “The idea came when I saw to take all the information in.” everyone in Bradford walking “The idea says Dan “So I’m going to split around like consumer zombies,” says Dan Carroll, founder of came when I the tour into three.” The first of the three tours will be a short the Bradford Look Up Tour. saw everyone tour starting at City Park and “Everyone seemed to be working its way back to BCB, in Bradford focusing on street level, and I while the second tour will focus was as guilty as anyone. It was walking on Bradford Cathedral and the only when I looked up that I around like historical merchant area of Little started noticing Bradford.” Dan Germany. The third will be an enthusiastically recalls how he consumer all-encompassing tour of what began to notice symbols and zombies.” Bradford has to offer, in a similar motifs, remnants that hinted vein to the original Look Up at Bradford’s illustrious past. “It was a moment of personal realisation for Tour, one fan of which was Dr Robert Lomas, me, and that’s why I initially created the tour Lecturer in Technological Movement at the – to document the landmarks of Bradford University of Bradford - Robert was the basis and make Bradfordians realize their city was for the lead character in Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code. something to be proud of.”

21 photo by akhlaq ahmed


“Home to some of the boldest and most interesting work in the region.” Yorkshire Post SUPPORTING NEW WORK BY INNOVATIVE ARTISTS THEATRE * LIVE ART * DANCE * SPOKEN WORD WWW.BRADFORD.AC.UK/THEATRE

ing r new !! Comn – oumenu! soo mer ck Sum ot chest n te Whyt our la ts? ou ty trea tas

m e to orro


still e’re ver! w nd se on a fresh a , s r a enu as ye r m old u 13 o e s to l th 1. tion ll as al at No. i d d we a s u as keep New es, i ur t favo



same ti

fé Ca e L u B le h

or t 9 N de, a Par ford. d a r B 74 012 : l e T 292 722

ay! aw

ake e’ll e. to t u d w o tim e n l B a n r afé rde ou in ich Le C your o y for y ndw

est 2002

a ad ll in sh S Ca e it re Briti e v h a T h – ng rati on i t 5 a oci Ass



The oldest classic Italian restaurant in Bradford SERVING THE FINEST ITALIAN FOOD FOR 30 YEARS





Sunday to Friday 5 till 7 • £11.95 for two courses or • £14.95 for three courses

Tuesday to Saturday 12 till 2 • Selected Pizza and Pasta just £5



PHOTO BY Stephen khabra

PHOTO BY Stephen khabra


moby dick! the musical @ bradford playhouse, thursday 12th march By Phillip lickley Here’s one for the pub quizzers among you the author Herman Melville’s great-great-greatgrandnephew Richard Melville Hall adopted the moniker Moby when the follically-challenged vegan became a DJ. Ashamedly, having never read Herman Melville’s iconic 1851 novel, my pop-culture knowledge of the book only stretches to the whale and the angry captain. So going to see a production of Moby Dick! The Musical at the Bradford Playhouse was my first step towards combatting this ignorance. This production of the early nineties musical was undertaken by BUSOM – the Bradford University Society of Operettas and Musicals – who are made up of current students and alumni. Its premise is that St Godley’s Academy for Young Ladies is threatened with closure and the only way to save the school is to put on the titular play and rake in the money. Like a reverse The Producers but with no Hitler. The two shining stars of the production were Ivan Causey as the insane Captain Ahab. Yes, two. Stepping up into a main role in his debut appearance, Causey grabbed it with both hands and was a real laugh on stage, whether it was when appearing as the headmistress in drag or then as Captain Ahab himself – yes, a man dressing as a woman, dressing as a man – which was one of the less confusing moments in a

rather manic opening section that at times sped along a little too quickly for full comprehension, but soon settled down into a quality, laugh-aminute musical. Proving to be a star with the music as well as the mannerisms of the captain, Causey was very watchable on the boards and only upstaged by his loyal cabin boy Pip, played by Ben Bell, who really truly stole the show with his dry sense of humour, facial tics and expressions and a later return – spoiler – back from the dead, including a very funny faux-70s rock number in the second half and a spot-on delivery of wry double entendres from the script. When the audience were laughing it was mainly down to Bell’s excellent work, especially when teamed up with Causey. In fact the whole cast seemed to be having a whale of a time on stage (sorry) as they brought the musical-within-a-musical to life, with songs and spoken sequences tackled with a knowing wink. After a funny opening skit about mobile phones and camera work we got into the production, with opening song Moby Dick setting the pace in a bouncy, uptempo way. At times the band, who were spot-on with the music, were perhaps a little loud for some of the singers but the

power of the songs came across. Act one began in the way the whole musical continued, with a smattering of innuendo for the adults in the audience, with no mention of the titular whale’s name, thespians or alternative names for sailors being wasted for some Carry On-like sniggers.

centre piece of the second half and brought the ensemble cast together, and Hannah Dixon as first mate Starbuck really hit the notes in her moments under the spotlight. By this point Ben Bell’s character was – spoiler – dead and his angelic return was visually, and script-wise, hilarious and he ran with this, with even an exit from the stage, gently pirouetting over the smattering of stage props, pulling in big laughs from the gathered audience.

Onto some of the rest of the cast and Carys Nevard as ‘Call Me’ Ishmael brought a pleasing wide-eyed innocence to her role as an intrepid adventurer, as well as hitting the notes of her songs, whilst BUSOM President Naomi Fowler as Queequeg the cannibal threw everything into The closing moments of the production buzzed her role, performing dance moves and elaborate by and included an impressively surreal whale movements on stage with grace but also a strong creation, a turn to the dramatic for Ivan Causey’s direction, crafting a very fine captain, and a neat wrapping up of visual and comic performance. both the musical and the musical Megan Hughes, in a smattering of held within it. “In fact the roles throughout the production, whole cast was a welcome appearance on Elsewhere the smaller roles from stage, especially as the armless Natasha Micic, Lucy Stephenson, seemed to sailor who managed to raise many Zainab Ojulari, Emma Harris, be having a – possibly inappropriate titter – Alistair Proudman, Katie Beadle, through her waving of an empty Christine Turner and Chris Hields a whale of sleeve and warning the audience all added to the cast-wide affair, a time on about contracts mentioning and under the direction of Jon stage.” ‘anything about your souls!’. Carter it all worked. Stage-wise the cast embraced some intriguing props throughout the two-hour show including wooden-legs, fake boats, fabric water, ship’s wheels and seagulls. This succeeded in giving a flavour of the settings whilst keeping the pace and the illusion that this was an ensemble of schoolgirls putting on an amateur production, as the lighting work switched the mood scene-to-scene in a way that really emphasised both location and the darkening of the mood, especially in the second half. As the songs kept coming, mid-act-one number Love Will Always really shone out and cemented itself as my highlight up to that point. Onto act two and a reprise of the Moby Dick song was very welcome, and the high energy performances continued. The doowop influenced Whale Of A Tale was the definite

In conclusion, BUSOM delivered the goods in their version of the lesser-known musical. At times it was a little difficult to follow, with the script and plot frantic and the band a touch loud compared to some of the quieter singers, so lyrics and plot points were lost, but the humour derived from the strong comedic performances of the central cast – in particular Causey and Bell – carried the show and ensured the audience had a laugh and a great time. I am one landlubber who was convinced by their strong opening-night showing. You can find out more about BUSOM at


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alun cochrane

@The ALHAMBRA STUDIO, Monday 9 March By Phillip lickley

It was perhaps a mistake to precede seventyfive minutes in the company of Yorkshireraised comedian Alun Cochrane with three hearty plates of food at the nearby Chinese buffet, as he launched into skits involving cleaning up after your dog and young daughters with bogies. But keeping food down aside, it certainly wasn’t a mistake to grab a ticket for my inaugural visit to the Studio on a dark Monday night. Alun Cochrane is a comedian you’ll have caught on television, from his several appearances on Mock the Week – which he name-checked during the gig – or his various appearances on different panel shows, or even from a fleeting cameo in the hilarious sitcom Not Going Out. Myself I first saw him within throwing distance of The Studio in the old LoveApple café, when the University held one of its early comedy nights there. For those who aren’t familiar with Cochrane’s work, his (Me Neither) set mixed observational comedy with exaggerated tales of family life, combined with pitch-perfect audience interaction and improvisation that made you wonder why he was still visiting such smaller venues and larger fame wasn’t beckoning. On the fourteenth date of a twenty-one day touring version of his sell-out Edinburgh Fringe show Cochrane was on top form.

His self-depreciation scattered throughout the set was part of the rather meta opening where he deconstructed his act and character a little, with a smattering of clever quickfire jokes and observations warming up the welcoming crowd. Weaving his material in with tales from the audience – which on this night included riffs on talcum powder, rottweilers and the speed of light – Cochrane proved to be a warm and witty comedian with material pulled from his own experiences into a world of visual fantasy, finding humour in the everyday but offering a more unusual spin on it. Occasionally adult in nature, the jokes never felt exploitative and there were many, many laugh out loud moments. In the dark open space that is the Studio Cochrane was just there with his microphone but he felt like he owned the place. His discussions on sex life changing as you age, eating in a car and his characterisation of his young son were highlights of a pacey show with moments where he allowed the audience to work their way to the punchlines without them being spelt out. Warm, witty, pleasingly self-depreciating, great banter with the crowd - Alun Cochrane was the perfect way to start the week and extinguish any Monday gloom.


A CLASS APART Teacher Training courses starting September 2015: • PGCE & Cert. Ed Lifelong Learning

(award of the University of Huddersfield)

• Award in Education & Training OPEN G EVENIN& Come ore... rm discove ay 16th Thursd -8pm April, 6

ENQUIRE NOW! T: 01274 327327 E: W:


By ben hughes Fancy a bit of primal-sounding raw rockabilly blues do ya? Then Ed Stones and his band might just be right up your street...

The debut LP from Ed Stones & The BD3 hit the spot with me less than 12 months ago, instantly earning a place among my favorite local bands. Their stripped back, ‘50s-inspired rock ‘n’ roll packs a real punch and as a live outfit these guys are as tight as they come. Written and played in the bars of Bradford and inspired by the spaghetti western/blues sound of America, the band have a real swagger on stage and deliver their sound with the confidence and good humour expected of such a competent outfit. The band mix elements of The Cramps, Eddie Cochran and Jim Jones Revue to form an

energetic explosion of cool that is not for the feint-hearted. With his tongue planted firmly in his cheek Ed has a knack for great lyrics and an ability to rhyme that verges on the ridiculous, reminding me in many ways of the late Ian Dury. From heartfelt simple songs of affection to tales of killers, philanderers and general psychopaths, Ed and his band cover it all. And guess what? They’re back, ready to throttle your senses with another EP. They’re also embarking on a mini tour of local venues to show off their newest creation starting with Bradford’s liveliest party venue, Al’s Dime Bar on April 18. So if you’ve not managed to experience these guys already, why not get on down to Al’s Dime Bar and hear for yourselves!




find out what’s happening in bradford this month WEDNESDAY 1ST APR




Organ Recital with Jonathan Eyre, Assistant Director of Music at the Cathedral. FREE entry.

Get to know popular local duo Anna and Laura as they interview and perform with guest acts.



TOPIC FOLK CLUB - SINGERS & MUSICIANS 8.30PM GLYDE HOUSE Open mic performance nights in a small friendly and inviting venue to make you feel totally at ease. All welcome. Free entry.

THE ABIDERS 9PM DELIUS LIVED NEXT DOOR Live music at Bradford’s longest running indie music bar. The Abiders are a band formed from the awesome band Do Miss America, with highly original song choices. FREE entry. Open till 2am.

MAGGIE’S FARM 8PM AL’S DIME BAR Live music, fun times, late nights and exotic drinks. Free entry.

All invited for an informal gathering to start the month. FREE entry.

SATIVA AND ALAS BLACK ARCHES 8.30PM THE BLACK SWAN Dark black metal live bands. Not for the fainthearted. Free entry.

BEN WESTERMAN’S FUNK & SOUL REVUE 9PM DELIUS LIVED NEXT DOOR New monthly DJ set at Bradford’s longest running indie music bar. Strictly funky music to kick off a great Friday; from Motown to new funk. FREE entry. Open til 2am.


A monthly night of funk, soul, reggae, ska, and hiphop, with resident DJ Hashfinger! Cafe open 7pm-9pm, dance floor open till 1am! £3/£2 members.

SATURDAY 4TH APR BALANGA BAR SESSION WITH VANESSA MARIA NDUKUBA 8PM BALANGA BAR Live music session with singer-songwriter Vanessa Maria Ndukuba; a musical show that blends acoustic folk, soul and pop. Free entry. Love music, love Balanga!

IN THE CITY PRESENTS FLAMING DRAGONS 7PM CITY VAULTS Brilliant covers band with a superb repertoire, covering tracks from great bands like Tenpole Tudor and Martha and the Muffins. Free entry.

WAITING FOR WEDNESDAY 9PM DELIUS LIVED NEXT DOOR Live music at Bradford’s longest running indie music bar. Waiting for Wednesday are a feisty female duo with great folk-inspired harmonies. FREE entry. Open til 2am.


© martin hearne

Artist and lecturer at Bradford School of Arts & Media, Martin Hearne unveils his latest body of work, paintings of Bradford street scenes. As Martin explains, “The pictures are based on streets that I travel regularly on my journey from home to work. People might get an inkling of where a picture is set, but will then become confused as it doesn’t match exactly, since I’ve collaged other views and elements on familiar scenes. The people are taken from all over Bradford and contrived together with the street as the boundary. The paintings are all about light and shade, examining particular lighting effects in the city in a Hopperesque way.” Open Monday - Friday 11am till 4pm.

DUB TO THE FOUNDATIONS PRESENTS UNDERGROUND ROOTS & OPERATION SOUND SYSTEM 10PM THE MILL NIGHTCLUB Underground Roots returns to the The Mill Nightclub for the second time in 2015, and it promises to be a big one. Live in session is Operation Sound, who have played with the sounds of Jah Shaka, King Earthquake and Iration Steppas, to name but a few. This is a raw reggae, dub, steppas, roots & culture experience not to be missed! £5 on the door.

SUNDAY 5TH APR SOMEBODY’S BROTHER 9PM DELIUS LIVED NEXT DOOR Live music at Bradford’s longest running indie music bar. Somebody’s Brother are a Geordie band all about the old school rock and blues. FREE entry.

ALL STAR 45s 8PM AL’S DIME BAR Live music, fun times, late nights and exotic drinks. Free entry.

TUESDAY 7TH APR PLAY IN A WEEK STUDIO @ NEW BRADFORD PLAYHOUSE Your chance to be on stage! This week is packed with fun and drama as Studio@ attempt to stage a play in one week. Participants will be directed by award-winning Edinburgh Festival director Carl Murray. Previous experience not necessary, all you need is a passion to be on stage and a packed lunch!

WEDNESDAY 8TH APR ORGAN RECITAL 1PM BRADFORD CATHEDRAL Organ recital with Dawn Bowen (clarinet) and Alex Woodrow (piano). FREE entry.

Family Calligraphy Workshop with Razwan Ul-Haq 11AM CARTWRIGHT HALL Drop in and learn Arabic calligraphy and the history of scripts with artist and author Razwan Ul-Haq using hand-ground ink, and both bamboo and metal dip pens. FREE entry.

THURSDAY 9TH APR TOPIC FOLK CLUB - KIERAN HALPIN 8.30PM GLYDE HOUSE Powerful and passionate songs from this much travelled troubadour making a welcome and overdue return to the Topic. £6/£5 on the door.

FRIDAY 10TH APR ...TONIGHT MATTHEW, I’M GOING TO BE...SHITE! 7.30PM 1in12 CLUB Open mic and jam on bar floor of the 1in12. Free entry. Members and guests only (membership is open to all).

MR SHIRAZ AND MAMMOTH TANK 8.30PM THE BLACK SWAN Noisepunk/punk with Bradford’s finest. Free entry.

TFIF LIVE WITH ELLIE COAST AND DAVE PILLA 8PM FORSTERS BISTRO Talented duo Ellie & Dave perform a variety styles - Amy Winehouse, Sarah Vaughan and many more. Free entry.

MUSIC @ THE CASTLE - NIGEL BROADBENT 7.30PM THE CASTLE Former member of the Bradford Irish Band Scarlet Heights, Nigel plays a mixture of his own songs as well as covers of traditional and contemporary songs. FREE entry.

JOOLZ’ BIRTHDAY CARNIVALE 10PM THE MILL NIGHTCLUB Rock bands, belly dancing, psychedelic DJs, art face painting, special decor and the famous Green Fairy Absinthe Bar! Come and celebrate legendary artist and poet Joolz Denby’s 60th Birthday Carnivale at the North’s most renowned and popular alternative venue. This will be the glittering counter-culture party of the year, a fabulous homage to a fabulous life. £5 on the door.

SATURDAY 11TH APR LAUGH OUT LOUD COMEDY CLUB 8PM THE ALHAMBRA STUDIO Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club brings you another hilarious comedy evening. Each show includes four top professional comedians from all over the world to make you LOL! Enjoy brilliant comedy and a great night out! Tickets £16.50.

BANG BANG KISS KISS 7.30PM STUDIO @ NEW BRADFORD PLAYHOUSE Rehearsed reading of a new play about Ian Fleming’s fourteen James Bond novels written at his second home in Jamaica. Tickets £5.

ARABIC NIGHT 8PM MAHRAN RESTAURANT Try the all new Mahran Restaurant at Forster Square with an evening of Asian cuisine and live entertainment. Three course meal with live Arabic belly dance performance. BYOB. Tickets £15. Pre-booking essential, call 01274 745 745.

BERN SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA 7.30PM ST GEORGE’S HALL The Bern Symphony Orchestra visit Bradford for the first time - regarded by many as Switzerland’s leading orchestra under their music director Mario Venzago. Performing Brahm’s Symphony No.2 and Beethoven’s Egmont Overture and Piano Concerto No.2. Tickets £15-£31.50.

CITY OF BRADFORD BRASS BAND 7.30PM BRADFORD CATHEDRAL The City of Bradford Brass Band, directed by Lee Skipsey, perform to raise funds for the Lord Mayor’s Appeal. Tickets £10 from the Cathedral Office or City Hall.

EASY STREET 9PM DELIUS LIVED NEXT DOOR Live music at Bradford’s longest running indie music bar. Easy Street is a four-piece femalefronted band offering a 50s rock n’ roll party! FREE entry. Open til 2am.

MUTHA LUVIN CHIMPS AND ASBO PEEPSHOW 8.30PM THE BLACK SWAN Pure pop punk to pogo to! Free entry.

SUNDAY 12TH APR TALK - ISLAMIC GEOMETRY WITH ERIC BROUG 1PM CARTWRIGHT HALL Join author and artist Eric Broug for a talk on his love of Islamic geometry and his journey towards his recent commission by Bradford Museums and Galleries for Cartwright Hall. The artist will talk about how he came to devote his life to the design principle, what he’s working on now and what he hopes to do next. FREE entry.

ANARCHY IN THE LIBRARY - CAPTAIN HOTKNIVES, GERRARD BELL-FIFE, JAMES HULL, & GREG REKUS 7.30PM 1in12 CLUB Acoustic night in the 1in12 library, featuring Bradford favourite Captain Hotknives! with amazing veggie/vegan food and drinks available from the cafe and bar. £4/3 members.

FRITZ WELCH & OLIVIER DI PLACIDO 8PM FUSE ART SPACE Another installment of experimental live music at FUSE. Fritz Welch is a drummer, percussionist and vocalist. Olivier Di Placido is a French guitarist who has developed an absolutely unique approach to his instrument, playing it like a turntable, a synthesizer or a gamelan orchestra. FREE entry.




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As refreshing and thrilling as the day it was written, Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Oklahoma! is the original feel-good musical. From the minute the rugged cowboy Curly steps on to the stage singing Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin’ we know that all will be right with the world. Tickets £19-£39. Also showing Wednesday 15th - Saturday 18th.

The exceptional Aronowitz Ensemble will close the 2014-15 chamber season at Bradford Cathedral. The programme includes music by Schubert, Faure and Dvorak. Tickets £14-16.

THE ABIDERS 8PM AL’S DIME BAR Live music, fun times, late nights and exotic drinks. Free entry.

ACOUSTIC OPEN MIC 8PM GLYDE HOUSE In association with Mat White of Acoustic North, this fortnightly open mic acoustic session bring together experienced musicians and up & coming players. All welcome. FREE entry.

WEDNESDAY 15TH APR ORGAN RECITAL 1PM BRADFORD CATHEDRAL Organ recital with Hannah Gibson from Birmingham Conservatoire. FREE entry.

GURDAS MAAN LIVE IN CONCERT - MASTI 7.45PM ST GEORGE’S HALL Don’t miss out on the return of the legendary Gurdas Maan in what is predicted to be one of his most memorable shows to date! Tickets £26.50-£101.50

THURSDAY 16TH APR TOPIC FOLK CLUB - SARAH HORNE AND JAMES CUDWORTH 8.30PM GLYDE HOUSE Contemporary, traditional and original material with exciting arrangements on fiddle and guitar from this Yorkshire duo. £6/£5 on the door.


Bradford Review

musicians Divine Collective. Free entry. Love music, love Balanga!

ANALOG BOMBS 9PM DELIUS LIVED NEXT DOOR Live music at Bradford’s longest running indie music bar. Analog Bombs are a crazy set of kids who describe their genre as riot funk. This original band play a wide range of instruments including an organ. FREE entry. Open til 2am.

TOTAL WORLD PRODUCTIONS PRESENT HAYMANOT TESFA, MINA SALAMA & ARIAN SADR 8PM THE LATVIAN CLUb Three wonderful rising stars on the UK world music scene share their rich musical journey. This brilliant trio have come together to combine their different musical heritages into a beautiful harmonic whole. Tickets £8/£10. Pre-book for collection on the door

HUNG LIKE HANRATTY, HOSPITAL FOOD AND THE FLATHEADS 8.30PM THE BLACK SWAN Punk’s version of The Macc Lads returns! With debut gig from local band The Flatheads, get your punk on! Free entry.



The finale of The Sound of Forsters singing competition, showcasing local talent aged 16-25.

Live music, fun times, late nights and exotic drinks. Free entry.



A mixture of blues, folk and contemporary songs and tunes on guitar & fiddle. Free entry.

A day of punk, poetry and even a bit of hip-hop to raise money for Class War, an anti-establishment political organisation. £3/£2 members.

UNDER THE GUN 8.30PM THE BLACK SWAN DJ Pinkabelle playing goth/alternative and new wave tunes. Requests welcome. Free entry.

SUNDAY 19TH APR ISLAMIC GEOMETRY WORKSHOP WITH ERIC BROUG 12PM CARTWRIGHT HALL In this workshop author and artist Eric Broug gives an introduction to the principles behind the beautiful and complex compositions of Islamic geometry. Using the same tools that craftsmen have used for centuries, you can learn how to make a number of Islamic geometric patterns. FREE entry, no experience needed, booking required.

SATURDAY 18TH APR SOLEDAD/BETTO – SPEAK WOMAN SPEAK (WORK IN PROGRESS) 7.30PM THEATRE IN THE MILL Speak Woman Speak is an all female Leedsbased theatre company. They devise work highlighting hidden stories about women from diverse backgrounds. Tickets £3.


BALANGA BAR SESSION WITH DIVINE COLLECTIVE 8PM BALANGA BAR Live music session with well known street


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PHOTOGRAPHY OF DARSHAN SINGH KALA SANGAM april1 - may 31 Darshan Singh, a filmmaker/photographer, travelled to Anandpur, India to capture the vibrant Hola Mahalla, a festival showcasing the spiritual and warrior qualities of the Sikh faith. Darshan’s work offers an insight into a world rarely experienced. Using prints and original artwork he gives us a snapshot of the skilled horsemen and swordsmen and their ancient warrior techniques in celebration of Hola Mahalla in all its glory.

The National Theatre’s multi award-winning production comes to the Alhambra as part of a major tour of the UK and Ireland. Tickets £13.50-£34. Also showing Wednesday 22nd - Saturday 25th.

WEDNESDAY 22ND APR ORGAN RECITAL 1PM BRADFORD CATHEDRAL Organ recital with Paul Bowen, former Cathedral organist. FREE entry.

WE COULD BE HEROES 7.30PM STUDIO @ NEW BRADFORD PLAYHOUSE This is a show about facing your fears and becoming a superhero. Teenagers Patrick and Mark spend their days dodging school bullies, reading comic books and dreaming of escape from their small town home. Then they meet Mr Smith – a real life super hero, with his own costume and canine sidekick. But as they come into conflict with a group of older boys, will he be able to save them from the gang’s clutches? Inspired by real events and featuring original live music, We Can Be Heroes is a charming and surprisingly moving new story about growing up to be what you always dreamed of. Tickets £10.

OUR COUNTRY’S GOOD 7.15PM NEW BRADFORD PLAYHOUSE Set as the first eight convict ships reach Sydney, Australia, with deportees from the overflowing prisons of the UK, the captains are questioning the pointlessness of rehabilitation when a young lieutenant decides

© darshan sing

to put on a play. Will it help? Will the convicts stay alive long enough to put it on? What’s the point of drama when there’s real work to be done, like building an entire country. Tickets £8/£6 concessions. Also showing Thursday 23 - Saturday 25th.




THE 56 8PM THE ALHAMBRA STUDIO The 56 pays homage to the supporters who lost their lives in one of the darkest days in British footballing history and the acts of bravery of those who survived. Tickets £11.50. Also showing Friday 24th and Saturday 25th.

TOPIC FOLK CLUB - JAYWALKER DUO 8.30PM GLYDE HOUSE One of the most exciting young bands on the acoustic music scene, featuring vocals, fiddle, mandolin and guitar, performing tonight as a duo. £6/£5 on the door.

FRIDAY 24TH APR TIME FOR TEA 11.30AM IMPRESSIONS GALLERY Time for Tea is a free regular event for the over 55s, all welcome. At 12.30pm there will be a short talk about the exhibition Realism in Rawiya: Photographic Stories from the Middle East.

Featuring chimps, humans, biographical stories of addicts in recovery and a message of hope for anyone who has ever wanted to be ‘better’. Tickets £3 from;

An evening of entertainment from a leading Elvis Presley tribute act, along with drinks and two course meal. Tickets £20.

MUSIC @ THE CASTLE - ROGER DAVIS 7.30PM THE CASTLE The Bard of Brighouse, a self-styled Yorkshire singer-songwriter, not to be missed, come early it’ll be busy! Free entry.

LAST VENDETTA AND INSPADES 8.30PM THE BLACK SWAN Indie/Rock night, a first venture for both bands, much shoegazing to be had. Free entry.

BOSH! 10PM THE MILL NIGHTCLUB BOSH! is three years old and back at The Mill for more multi-genre rave madness than you can shake a glow stick at! Three is the magic number so they say, and they’ll be celebrating their third birthday in style with three headliners who are absolute legends of their scenes - DJ Krafty Kuts, DJ Sy and Anne Savage. Expect beats, bass and breaks upstairs, and old school rave, hard dance and hardcore




find out what’s happening in bradford this month

downstairs. £10 advance / £15 on the door.

Free entry.



ONE NIGHT OF ELVIS - LEE MEMPHIS KING 7.30PM ST GEORGE’S HALL Lee Memphis King, Europe’s most successful Elvis Presley tribute artist presents the ultimate tribute to the King - celebrating his epic career and featuring large screen projection, this is the largest Elvis show to tour UK theatres. Tickets £23

ARABIC NIGHT 8PM MAHRAN RESTAURANT Try the all new Mahran Restaurant at Forster Square with an evening of Asian cuisine and live entertainment. Three course meal with live Arabic belly dance performance. BYOB. Tickets £15. Pre-booking essential; call 01274 745 745.

IN THE CITY PRESENTS - BLUE STAR TATTOO 7PM CITY VAULTS Excellent covers band with a real rock edge.


Join us for our weekend celebration dedicated to Great British music at it’s best. The Maestros are a seasoned band of professional musicians and will take us on an epic journey through the past 40 years of classic British hits. Free entry.

IN THE CITY PRESENTS - ULTIMATE VOICES 7PM LORD CLYDE These guys are paying their first visit to the Lord Clyde. A fabulous evening of soul and Motown with amazing vocals and lots of energy. Free entry.

With live sets from Autopsy Boys, Petrol Bastard and The Krayons. Punk/noisepunk night with merch available. Free entry.

TRAPDOOR - ALTERNATIVE ROCK PARTY! 10PM THE MILL NIGHTCLUB A legendary rock and alternative party on the last Saturday of every month. DJs on two floors playing alternative rock, punk, ska, and metal. Plus live bands and optional fancy dress. £5 on the door.

SUNDAY 26TH APR Eye of the Beholder: Taking Inspiration 12PM CARTWRIGHT HALL

THE AFTERGLOW 9PM DELIUS LIVED NEXT DOOR Live music at Bradford’s longest running indie music bar. The Afterglow play mod, punk and new wave with an unreal amount of covers from the 80s, 90s, and 00s. FREE entry. Open til 2am.

Join us for the official launch of the second phase of the Eye of the Beholder exhibition. All in response to Bradford’s International Art Collection, this is an opportunity to see four new commissioned artworks and watch



National Media Museum 20 March – 21 June

The Royal Photographic Society Collection is renowned throughout the world for its iconic and historically significant images, as well as examples of the technology that shaped photography from the 1820s to the present day. It forms part of the National Photography Collection, cared for by the National Media Museum in Bradford, and its highlights will be displayed at the venue in the exhibition Drawn by Light: The Royal Photographic Collection from 20 March – 21 June 2015.


Among more than 250 remarkable, rare and sometimes unique objects, the exhibition features key artefacts that tell the story of the development of photography. Many historically significant figures from photography are represented, such as Nièpce and Talbot, as well as Julia Margaret Cameron, Roger Fenton, Lewis Carroll and Hugh Welch Diamond. The exhibition is part of the 2015 Art In Yorkshire programme. Entry is free.

From Bradford to Benares cartwright hall 7 march - 12 july This exhibition is dedicated to the life and work of the artist Sir William Rothenstein (1872 - 1945) and is the first major exhibition of his work since 1972. It will consider: Where does Rothenstein fit within the narrative/s of late nineteenth and early twentieth centurey art? Particular attention will be paid to a series of important cultural encounters that changed the direction of the artist’s life and work. These include: his early training in Paris, turn-of-the-century visits to Spain and Germany, years spent painting in the Jewish East End, his 1910 trip to India, interwar years living in rural Gloucestershire, experiences as a war artist in two World Wars, and his ongoing, sometimes fraught relationship with his home city, Bradford. Although Rothenstein’s life ‘beyond the easel’ will be mentioned (including his roles as critic, collector, patron, gallery-founder and professor), the main aim of the exhibition will be to put the spotlight on his achievements as a painter, draughtsman and print-maker. a special performance by Kala Sangam. FREE entry.

JAM SESSION WITH BRADFORD’S ORIGINAL ROCKER N’ ROLLER, MR GEORGE QUINN 8PM, AL’S DIME BAR Live music, fun times, late nights and exotic drinks. Free entry.

TUESDAY 28TH APR ACOUSTIC OPEN MIC 8PM GLYDE HOUSE In association with Mat White of Acoustic North, this fortnightly open mic acoustic session brings together experienced musicians and well as up-and-coming players. All welcome. FREE entry.

WEDNESDAY 29TH APR ORGAN RECITAL 1PM BRADFORD CATHEDRAL Organ recital with Anthony Pinel from St Chad’s Church, Shrewsbury. FREE entry.

THICK AS THIEVES 7.30PM STUDIO @ NEW BRADFORD PLAYHOUSE This new comedy by Mark Whiteley is a rollercoaster journey, taking the audience into the underbelly of the world of small-


Bradford Review

Professor Paul Coldwell, University of the Arts. FREE entry.

time crime. Meet two of Doncaster’s most incompetent criminals. Friends Steph and Barry have never been model citizens, but they are finding it increasingly hard to stay on the straight and narrow. When the pair decide to turn their hands to housebreaking it has hilarious consequences. Tickets £12.

START WEARING PURPLE NIGHT 8PM AL’S DIME BAR Live music, fun times, late nights and exotic drinks. Free entry.


TOPIC FOLK CLUB - DAVE VERMOND 8.30PM GLYDE HOUSE Highly talented local singer/songwriter makes a rare appearance. Described as one of West Yorkshire’s best kept secrets. £6/£5 on the door.

A joint album launch for Dean McPhee’s Fatima’s Hand and Racker & Orphans’ Sounds of Insects, both released April 2015 on the Hood Faire label. McPhee plays a Fender Telecaster through a valve amp and effects pedals. His atmospheric echo-laden compositions are inspired by a wide range of influences, including British folk, dub, krautrock, post-rock, Moroccan trance and modal jazz. FREE entry.

FRIDAY 1ST MAY FUNKIN’ SOUL NIGHT 7.30PM 1in12 CLUB A monthly night of funk, soul, reggae, ska, and hip hop, with resident DJ Hashfinger! Cafe open 7pm-9pm, dance floor open till 1am! £3/£2 members.

THURSDAY 30TH APR PRINTMAKING IN CHANGING CONTEXTS - AN AFTERNOON DISCUSSION ABOUT PRINTMAKING, PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE 1PM CARTWRIGHT HALL An invited roundtable discussion is hosted by Sonja Kielty (Curator of Exhibitions at Bradford Museums and Galleries) and Andy Abbott (artist, musician and Fellow at University of Bradford) and will include


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New Beehive Inn The ‘new’ New Beehive Inn welcomes you to sample the makeover of Bradford’s historic gas-lit inn; merited on ‘CAMRA’s National Inventory of Pubs with Outstanding Historical Character’.

An Atmospheric Edwardian Inn Multi-roomed gaslight pub, south facing courtyard. Large cellar bar available for gigs and parties; with top end sound system. C

A range of micro-brewery beers & interesting craft beers





Attractive terms for promoters please contact:


01274 721 784


CYK 171 Westgate, Bradford BD1 3AA



Come and discover the new range of beers available, along with a new ‘Hop & Spice’ menu, which matches and curates American and European craft bottled beer with delicious Asian cuisine from renowned local restaurants Pakeezah and Sheesh Mahal. Also boasting Bradford’s most extensive range of single malt whiskies. Live music every Friday and guest DJ’s every Saturday, in the new look cellar bar. Free entry! Comfortable function rooms available - parties, social functions, jam sessions, etc. - in the charming ground floor rooms and a separate room in the Cellar bar.

169-171 Westgate, BD1 3AA 01274 721784


Weekly events

YOUR GUIDE TO ongoing events in and around bradford MONDAYS The New Beehive Inn

8.30PM A mutually supportive poetry group

Games night

The Sun


Quiz, FREE Bingo, & Family Fortunes


Westleigh Hotel


Popular student karaoke night


Picturehouse Cinema


Special film screenings


The Sun


Nick’s ‘Battle of The Decades’ with Karaoke


Bradford Cathedral


Organ recitals featuring guest musicians.


Delius Arts Centre

6.30pm Vinyasa Flow yoga classes by Yoga Bradford


Bradford Ice Arena

6.30PM Skate UK Beginners 1-10 Lessons


Glyde House

8.30PM A friendly and inviting live music event.


The Castle


Folk singers and musicians


Balanga Bar


Authentic Polish tavern


Forsters Bistro


Live acts every Friday


Kala Sangam

10.30am Beginner’s class in Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga


Lister Park



Kala Sangam

9.30am Classes in music, dance, language and yoga.


Delius Lived Next Door


Top quality live rock bands every Saturday


The Sun


Ca$h Karaoke from 4pm with DJ Josh


Picturehouse Cinema


Classic films back on the big screen

beehive poets





SATURDAYS Free and friendly timed 5k run.



Bradford Review


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TOP TEN UK PUB 2013 As featured in The Guardian’s Top Ten UK Craft Beer Bars



2013, 2014 & 2015


32 NORTH PARADE, BRADFORD, BD1 3HZ (01274) 270 772

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wilful missing QUICK-FIRE QUESTIONs Who are you and how would you describe your sound?

We are Wilful Missing, a five-piece band from the Bradford area. We struggle to define our sound as we don’t make any attempt to sound like anyone else. This is because if you play the favourite music of member A, it makes member B want to vomit - and vice versa. Ok ok ok, it’s folk-tinged alt rock. How did you get together?

Beefheart beats him to death with the frozen corpse of Sting. What is your relationship with Bradford?

We’re just good friends.

What’s the best gig you have ever played?

Rough Beats festival when the power supply failed and we just kept on playing in a pitch dark tent.

We originally met in the foyer of Bradford magistrates court. The coincidence of being tried for the same theft charge brought the original nucleus of the band together. All those original members have subsequently left the band.

And what about the worst?

Who are your biggest musical influences?

We’re working on our next album, and planning to release it before this year’s leaves turn brown.

Damien Rice meeting a violent end as Captain


Bradford Review

See above, when the lights came back up to reveal that the original band members had stolen our amps. What are you working on at the moment and what are your plans for 2015?


If you know someone who has something interesting to say, why not get in touch? email us at

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Opening March 2015 North Parade, Bradford

Craft Beers • Yorkshire Cask Ales • Home Cooked Food A relaxed and contemporary bar

Oar-some Meal Deals! Bar Snack TriO Deal: 3 for £12.00, throughout the week / MainS Offer: mains dishes £8.95 each or 2 for £15.00, every day of the week / Pie & PinT WeDneSDayS: £10 – chef’s choice of pie with complimentary drink* / ThurSDay nighT iS SPecialS nighT: from 5pm – complimentary drink* with every Boathouse Special ordered from the menu / fiShy friDay: every Friday 12- 9pm enjoy fish & chips for £10.00 with complimentary drink* / TraDiTiOnal SunDay rOaSTS: £9.95/£5.95 kids, free tub of ice-cream with every kid’s roast dinner. * Pint or a medium glass of house wine or a draught soft drink. Terms and conditions apply.

Victoria Road, Saltaire BD18 3LA 01274 585690

The Bradford Review | Issue Two | April 2015  

A free-to-pick-up monthly magazine covering business, leisure, culture and events in Bradford city centre.

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