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Light & the city

To live better, cities need to dream, in colour.

We create colorful light design projects for a better living, celebrating or paying tribute to unforgettable events of the past or dreams of the near future. By building temporary decorative architecture we reshape the urban space, delighting the city nightlife with bright multi colour galleries, facades, pavilions, and “Palaces of light�. The ancient art of the Luminaria stems from the gentlest yet most innovative of technologies. Every unique creation has a common purpose: magnificence.

A bright history. From Baroque feasts, to urban light design. Studio Festi’s works are inspired by an unique Italian craftsmanship: the art of Luminaria. Religious parade torches, fireworks and the Luminarie are some of the tools that have been used to defeating darkness, becoming the symbol of celebrating. In the Baroque age architects create ephemeral structures of paramount dimensions, sometimes as majestic as Roman Palazzi. By the Eighteen century the Luminarie are en vogue along the Italian peninsula. Local manufacturers adobe towns and villages with very simple if not naive Luminarie. Self standing light arches and other crafted creations decorate main streets and alleys, giving an illusionary endless perspective and a sense of magnificence that leaves the population breathless at their sight. With electric lighting the Luminarie design accomplishes tridimensional shapes, enriches colours variety and light intensity, giving this craft the dimension of landscape urban art, with high technical standards and unique emotional impact. We took history, and craftsmanship and up to date technology to develop a new form of collective experience, with no borders nor cultural prejudice.

An enlightening adventure. The dark side of Moscow, Tokyo, Kobe and Parigi has never been so sparkling.

Studio Festi has made of this amazing craft one of it’s own core businesses, bringing this antique art of light into the daylife of contemporary metropolis. Every city has an invisible innercity, built on the life of its inhabitants and their tales. This is the secret place where we seek for the inspiration for our light architectures, creating an enlightening space were people can let free one of the essential needs of human nature: to celebrate!

All we need are set designer, carpenters, electricians and all sorts of visionary craftsmen. With them we turn our ideas into unique experiences.

In building our Luminarie, we follow the creative process from scratch. Any location can be the right setting. We study its potential, the urban and social contest. We approach any event with an in depth historical research. Then we design, produce rendering, and built the Luminarie with a team of highly creative set and light designer and skilled craftsmen from all over the country. Talent and passion, patience and enthusiasm it’s all we need to make every happening and every set we build a unique experience.

Don’t be afraid of darkness: that is where happy dreams come through.

Valerio Festi

culturally rich, splendor of key social

For forty years Valerio Festi has been

events bears witness to an aesthetic

steeped in the design and production of

and artistic manifesto: the goal is

the Art of Celebration. With the support

always wonder. Celebration attains an

of highly talented craftsmen, technicians

unprecedented communicative power.

and artists he gives shape to marvelous

Openings and anniversaries, any festivity

and extraordinary open-air celebrations:

or celebration, reveals its most profound

a Concert for fireworks brings music

meaning: celebrations are catalysts

and pyrotechnics into perfect harmony,

of the collective imagination, they are

fabulous floats and machinery create

overwhelming manifestations of the

unimagined scenes and architectural

democracy of beauty, giving it original,

illuminations that redefine the map of

captivating and memorable form.

the city, revealing its hidden secrets.

“Celebration is the highest moment

His work clearly draws on the traditions

of human expression, at celebrations everyone is seen at their best: we wear our finest clothes, think our finest thoughts and lay plans for our future. It has always been that way. There is every day time and then there is time for celebration. This is when we seek to shape the world as we would like it�.

of the Renaissance and the Baroque but their miraculous inventions, with the support of sophisticated magical installations, do not exalt power or ideologies but unravel and reveal the secret spirit of the city. The ephemeral, yet historically and

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Festi Group - architectures of light  
Festi Group - architectures of light