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Most fertile days to get pregnant 3. If you want to get pregnant faster have sex prior to ovulation

Many couples. Are not sure whether to have sex prior to after ovulation. With such a small window to get pregnant , it is important to know which days are more fertile and take full advantage of it. When a woman ovulates the egg survives for about one day .

However sperms can live for as many as five days. This is why having sex before ovulation ( can be alerted by a fertility monitor) increases your chances of conceiving. So for those who wait until they ovulate- this is wasted time. |Trying to get pregnant, Trying to conceive|Best ovulation predictor kit or monitor| Fertility Calendar, getting pregnant and conception|Getting pregnant fertility calendar and charts|Getting Pregnant- talk to your doctor|Smoking drugs and alcohol use whiel trying to get pregnant|Sex and trying to get pregnant| Best sex position for getting pregnant|Trying too hard to get pregnant| We wish you all the best in your efforts to get pregnant. Please share this website with any of your friends or family that you think may benefit from these handy tips. Sharing buttons are provided below.

Most fertile days to get pregnant