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I'm Maria Fernanda Sanchez, I'm 20 years old, I was born in 1993, April 4. I'm from Ecuador. My parents are Nancy Altamirano and Marco Sรกnchez, I have three sisters and one brother.

Here are my parents

I'm here when I was 6 years

My first sister Zadia, she has 31 year old, she has two daughters and her husband is Mauro, they live in Lago-Agrio city. My second sister Cristina lives in Quito with her boyfriend and she works in a lab. My other sister Gaby, she has 29 years old, she has two daughters and her husband is Edwin. And my brother has twelve years old, he studies in the Luis A. MartĂ­nez high school . He is very spoiled in my house

When I was 8 years old with my family traveled to the Lago-Agrio city to live there, but back quickly because it was dangerous.

When we returned to the city of Ambato, I started studying at school “ Ovidio Decroly�, I had good friends there.

I studied at “María Natalia Vaca” high school , I really liked the high school because there I met good people. For example my boyfriend, he's very important in my life because He is very loving and is a excelent person and I also met my best friends.

I pass by very sad moments because a very important person in my life died, but I try not to be sad, because he is in the sky and is an beautiful angel

My hobbies: Watch TV, especially movies, I like to spend with my boyfriend and my family and I really like listening to music because it relaxes me

My favorite food is rice with meat, I also really like chocolate, ice cream, and desserts. I also cook figs for sell in the supermarket of my sister

Now I study Clinic Laboratory in the Technical University of Ambato, I really like this career because it is very interesting and nice In the future I want to have my own laboratory.

I love animals, especially cats because they are beautiful and very loving. I have 7 cats in my house. My favorite cat is “duda� because is very cute. I have also 2 dogs that are very playful and I have two hamster.

I also like the lions and tigers because they are very cute animals

My biography  
My biography