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Intercontinental Rally 2014 January 20 to February 2

CLUB DE AVENTURA TOUAREG ASSISTANCE. ECO OPTION. -Little Assistance Category (Media Race) until Aaium, transporting 80 liters a box, bag and baggage The club have Aaium the pilots of their return to Spain by local media rider and bike transportation from Aaium-Algeciras. Individually or in groups (price is not included as participants) € 500 Motorcycle-Transportation, approved 80 liters box, luggage bag Dakar Spain This option is for those who just want to return the service vehicles and race from Senegal to Spain. (Possibility of home delivery as separate budget) € 950

Malles MOTO SERVICE This formula is designed for people with experience in Africa and African races, people who are able to support other than the hardness of the race to poor sleep, bad eating and also has a high mechanical knowledge. To qualify for this service club will require a pilot's previous report concerned Transportation of a box of 80 liters approved, a tent and two complete wheels. During the rally and the return to Spain of the material and the pilot vehicle. € 2000 ADDITIONAL SERVICES TRUCK ACCESS Access vibouac truck services. Access to electricity, tools, supplies, and access to spare compressor Yamaha free oil change € 500 Extra cash Transportation Transport cash or approved during the rally and return to Spain € 500

Mechanical assistance Support professional mechanic, truck access, oils and consumables including, prior to review by mechanical Dakar rally professional, full support and access to engine and Yamaha motorcycle parts and Yamaha parts price rate Spain. € 1500 HOTELS Hotels around the rally from Almeria and during the rally and in Senegal 18-19 days € 500 MEALS Half board, designed to ensure breakfast and dinner every day of checks and access career emergency box (there are days that will be impossible to guarantee the food) Isotomicas Drinks and medicine and water search by the attendance in case of diarrhea or dehydration € 400 VISAS Management visas and documentation for the rally, and cheap vaccines and documentation € 250 TRANSPORTATION AND MATERIAL MOTO HOUSE TO HOUSE Collection of motorcycle luggage box and pilots at home, Almeria transport and delivery once the rally € 300 (for spanish riders for other ask) TRANSPORT PERSON ALMERIA Transport person to Almeria € 100 Satellite phone Satellite phone rental for rally € 300

LOCAL ASSISTANCE ON TRACK Traceability local assistance in southern Morocco and Mauritania for a hypothetical rescue track, carry spare wheels and gasoline or diesel € 250 MANAGEMENT AND HEALTH INSURANCE REPATRIATION The club is managed repatriation insurance for pilots, helicopter rescue on track, medicalized aircraft insurance, and assistance in Spain or europe, covered accident or medical problem for pilots individualized club the price is for the management costs being borne by the pilot hiring them. € 100

NAVIGATION Gps-logistic assistance, cartography cartographic maps download GPS routes and tracks in the club, daily breefing own group making road book with interesting notes of step -Making of DVD and CD with the photos shared by all drivers touareg adventure club. € 250 IRITRACK-SERVICE GUARDIAN ANGEL Track real time from Europe to club members via spot, phone in Europe available to emergency call and seek assistance or

satellite service guide € 200 80 GALLON Eurobox The box must be metal Dakar type are standard 80 liter boxes the club has to price € 95

Yamaha wr 450 rental option Moto Yamaha WR 450 gps prepared deposits and fully revised and ready for the competition, with the assistance. Mechanics including € 4500

TO ACCESS THESE PRICES AND SERVICES THAT CONDITION IS MADE AS REGISTRATION TEAM ADVENTURE CLUB TOUAREG AND BE MEMBER OFF THE CLUB PAYMENT. 50% of the contracted services to the pilot registration as a member of the club top of this offer 15-04-/2013 Rest before 07/30/2013 All entrants to the club after that date until 30-07 have a 10% increase in these prices 30-07 to 20% increase From 30-09 Until registration subject to availability If for any reason of force majeure the pilot can not attend the rally the club gives the possibility to give place to assist another pilot in the same conditions agreed. Accident or mechanical failure in the rally before entering the pilot Mauritanian territory must leave the rally unless written permission from the club and depending on the availability of space (by law in Moroccan territory the person has to leave the country with your vehicle)


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