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Redefining Home Appliances Glass Printing The Digital Era Begins with VEra Industry quality. Multi-color. One run.

Appliances printing, made easy, efficient and colorful with digital! Introducing a revolutionary, dedicated digital glass printing solution for the appliances market. Finally, an all-in-one solution that enables fast and efficient multi-color printing of any design in a single run. The VEra digital glass printer, powered by ULTRA-FIX technology based on a Dip-Tech patent, and supported by the newly developed Ferro ULTRA-FIX inks, transforms the possibilities for appliances glass.

Screen printing VS Digital printing

Multi-color. one run. More time +

More labor




More energy +

More floor space +

Screening costs

Mono-color. four runs.

The digital era for appliances glass starts with an all-new model Although there certainly remains a strong need for screen printing on appliances, digital glass printing offers many advantages. With screen printing, you need to set up each screen, print, and dry repeatedly for each color. This makes it timeconsuming to print more than one color, and logistically impractical to print more than two or three colors. That’s where digital comes in. With the new dedicated inline and automated VEra digital glass printer from DipTech, the whole printing process is quicker, easier and more cost-effective than screen printing. Everything done within one machine, including printing of multiple colors and color fixing. In fact, VEra can print up to 6 colors at once, at industry quality within a few seconds.

Key advantages • Designed for appliances glass lines • Fully industrial and automated • Makes printing in multiple colors easier and more cost-effective • Significant savings: • No screen costs, storage or management • Time savings: • Fast setup and printing • No cleaning • Reduced labor, energy and floor space • Eliminates ink waste

A comprehensive solution for appliances glass, powered by ULTRA-FIX Technology 1 complete solution

4 key components

Printer. Designed from scratch for implementation in appliances glass processing factories, VEra ensures optimal integration with the production environment, and maximum compatibility with both existing and new production lines.


This Dip-Tech revolutionary printer was harmonically developed with Ferro’s new ULTRA-FIX digital inks for appliances. These high-performance inks were developed according to Ferro’s high-standards, and are compatible with industry standards. ULTRAFIX 6 base colors intermixable to achieve a wide and range of shades, compatible with RAL’s and Pantones.

Technology. Working together, the ULTRA-FIX digital technology deliver a superior combination of speed and quality, allowing definite and immediate ink fixation when printing thick layers of multiple inks on glass - opaque full coverage, fine texts and marks – at once. This Dip-Tech patented technology prevents migrating of colors and bleeding, keeping the border lines and edges sharp and crisp.

Software. Rounding out the package for a complete digital glass printing solution, Dip-Tech’s Productivity Console software ensures a user-friendly and intuitive user-experience, to run and manage production in just a few clicks.

VEra printer at work A powerful, high-performing machine, the VEra printer can produce multi-color printed appliances glass at speeds comparable to screen printing. • Designed from scratch for appliances glass processing factories • Enables printing of a 6-color appliance panel 600 X 600mm in a cycle time of up to 12 seconds (in- out) • No color bleeding or color migration even at maximum speed and fine graphics • Automatic ink recirculation in the print head • Variable drop size – for high image quality • Automatic fast color changeover system • Near-zero maintenance • Almost 100% ink efficiency

Built-in glass transport and registration system • Full production line compliance and line commonality • Fast and high accuracy index system • User friendly and intuitive interface

Key specifications VEra 103 Maximum glass size Cycle time Jetting engine Number of color channels Minimum glass size Glass thickness Inks Software Dimensions L x W x H Image format Ambient temperature Electrical phase

VEra 106

300 X 1000mm /11.81 X 39.37in

600 X 1000mm/23.62 X 39.37in

Up to 12 seconds in-out cycle time, 6-color high definition printing for 300 X 600mm / 11.81 X 23.62in glass

Up to 12 seconds in-out cycle time, 6-color high definition printing for 600 X 600mm /23.62 X 23.62in glass

Automatic ink recirculation, variable drop size, multi-color - ULTRA-FIX single pass array 6 100 X 450mm 3 - 20mm / 0 .157 X 0.787in Ferro ULTRA-FIX digital ceramic inks series for appliances Dip-Tech Productivity Console 5400 x 4700 x 2600mm / 212.6 X 185 X 102.3 inches All popular graphic formats: PDF, PS, EPS, TIFF, BMG, JPEG 18-25°C/ 64-77°F 3X63A

Powered by revolutionary

ULTRA-FIX Technology

VEra printers are powered by proprietary ULTRA-FIX technology, based on Dip-Tech patented technology, developed especially for the appliances market. • Delivers a superior combination of speed and quality • Provides definite and immediate ink fixation while jetting • Enables thick layer multicolor printing with fine elements, within a few seconds, in one run • Prevents color bleeding or color migration even at maximum speed and fine graphics • Prints sharp and crisp graphic lines and characters

Opening a world of colors with Ferro ULTRA-FIX digital ceramic inks Ferro, the leading global supplier of functional coatings and color solutions, has long held a strong market share in the appliances domain, including an extensive portfolio of high-performing porcelain enamels for metals, and ceramic color enamels for glass. The new ULTRA-FIX digital inks were developed based on this proven expertise and in-line with Dip-Tech’s state-of-the-art patented technology, to create a full digital print solution for the appliances market. Available in:







• Based on Ferro’s proven enamels for the appliances industry • 6 basic colors, intermixable to achieve a wide and vivid range. • Compatible RAL and Pantone shades • Comply with industry standards and regulations • High chemical, heat and environmental resistance

Pre-mix color guide The Dip-C-MiX is a premix color guide, similar to RAL and Pantone color guides. Using the Dip-C-MiX guide, glass processors can demonstrate to product designers the end color results they will see in VEra printed glass, before printing a single pane.

Enjoy a simple workflow with Dip-Tech Productivity Console Dip-Tech’s state-of-the-art user interface Designed for easy operation, the VEra printer offers a superior user-experience, with VEra Productivity console software. User-friendly and intuitive, it brings a new level of experience to operators, and an extremely fast start to production, with functions like jobs loading and printing done in just a few clicks, from a single screen.

• User-friendly interface • Fast job loading from log – no setup time • Easy and quick new jobs acquisition • Simple printing parameters setting • Real-time system monitoring • Automatic calibration

Appliances Applications Exceptionally versatile, this new solution is suited for a wide range of home appliances including: • Baking ovens • Cook tops • Microwaves • Oven doors • Switch panels • Gas cookers • Refrigerators • Retail glass displays

Creating the

“ WOW “effect From elegant designs of one color with interesting patterns, to combinations of two, three and up to six colors that will give home appliances a “wow” effect, Dip-Tech’s new solution is set to transform touch panels, buttons, and even traditional elements such as the product’s very frame.

With endless functional and esthetic possibilities, the appliances glass market is on the brink of a boom, with the freedom and capabilities offered by digital print.

• Expands design boundaries beyond functional elements with minimum investment • Enables appliance manufacturers to stand-out from the competition with unique and colorful designs • Helps simplify the design and sampling process

Partner for success Build your business with a complete Dip-Tech solution

R PROD R FO UC E TN Fully integrated for outstanding results



As part of the Dip-Tech philosophy, we see our customers as long-term partners, whose success is our success. As such, we are proud to offer 360° support across the full digital glass printing experience.


Automation inline solution

Marketing Support

DXP Graphic Software

Application and Graphic Support

Global Customer Support Regional Inks Supply Hubs

Automated and Inline Operations

Application and Graphic Support

Dip-Tech machinery is designed for completely automated and inline operation. Our Technical Product team provides pre-installation support and advice for your new VEra printer, to ensure smooth and productive commissioning.

Dip-Tech's Application and Graphic Support Team provides hands-on, interactive training and advice, onsite. This can cover anything from complex projects or enhanced production, to support in the printed glass sales cycle, including sampling for customers.

Global Customer Support

Marketing Support

Dip-Tech supports customers in more than 60 countries around the world through multiple regional support centers. In addition to 24/7 call services, we offer customers onsite interactive training and support tools anytime, anywhere.

Dip-Tech's Marketing Support Team provides the training, ready-to-use marketing tools, best practices and knowhow you need to ramp-up business, and increase both your potential reach and market share.

Regional Inks Supply Hubs Ferro supplies its wide range of ink products, including ULTRA-FIX inks, to customers via 30+ global regional hubs. This ensures high stock availability, maximum ink shelf life and short delivery times.

Ferro and Dip-Tech, together The world's leading glass color solutions provider. Inspired by you.

Combining Dip-Tech, the world's biggest digital glass printing solution provider, with Ferro's undisputed prominent position in glass colors solutions.

About Ferro

About Dip-Tech

Ferro is a leading global supplier of technology-based functional coatings and color solutions. It supplies functional coatings for glass, metal, ceramic and other substrates and color solutions in the form of specialty pigments and colorants for a broad range of industries and applications. Ferro products are widely sold in the building and construction, automotive, electronics, industrial products, household furnishings and appliances markets, with thousands of manufacturers worldwide relying on Ferro products and technologies.

Dip-Tech, a Ferro company, is the pioneer and leading provider of digital ceramic glass printing solutions. With state-of-the-art glass printers and unique vivid and durable ceramic inks, it delivers superior printing productivity and quality solutions for architecture, interior design, industrial applications, home appliances and automotive glass. Its digitally printed glass has been used in thousands of architectural and interior design projects across the globe, and in millions of glass products for automotive, transportation and specialty glass applications. Over the years, Dip-Tech has continued to open exciting capabilities and opportunities for glass processors by complementing its printers and inks with advanced tools, global logistics and support, graphics, marketing and business support.

The extensive range of products Ferro provides the appliances markets include the new ULTRA-FIX digital inks, as well as porcelain enamels for various applications, and ceramic color enamels for glass used in multiple products such as cook tops, oven doors and panels, refrigerators and more.

Acquired by Ferro in 2017, Dip-Tech cutting-edge digital printing technology, together with Ferro's proven enamels for home appliance glass, offer a fully industrial and automated solution that redefines home appliance printing. | Š2018 Dip-Tech Digital Printing Technologies Ltd. All rights reserved. Dip-Tech, the Dip-Tech logo, and Dip-Tech Spectrum are trademarks or registered trademarks of Dip-Tech Digital Printing Technologies Ltd. and may be protected in certain jurisdictions. All other names and logos are the property of their respective owners. All information is subject to change without notice.