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Jupiter is the 5th planet from the Sun and the largest planet within the Solar System. Jupiter is a gas planet with Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. The Romans named the planet after the roman god jupiter. Jupiter is primarily composed of Hydrogen. The outer atmosphere of Jupiter is visibly.

CONDICIONS FOR LIFE Water is the first condition for life. The temperature must be warm. The atmos phere and the ozone layer protects us from solar harmful rays. Gravity contributes to keep the atmosphere and the liquid water in the oceans. Oxygen,hydrogen,carbon and nitrogen are essential to enable life on a planet. Life would not be possible under very extreme meteorological conditions such us strong winds, violent storms or very severe volcano eruptions.


Matuperis the name of my planet.

It is the 5th planet in the solar system. One day in the planet are 32 hours. One year in the planet are 437days. The planet is bigga than the Earth and smaller than Jupiter. The temperature in the planet is maximum 24ยบC and minimum -287ยบC. The planet has got 17 moons. The planet didin't have rings. The diameter of the planet is 1million kilometers. We can see the planet from the Earth. The planet is made of water and sand. In the planet are toxic gases and nobody lives. The force of the gravity in this planet compared with the Earth gravity is twice.

The greenhouse effect proces The greenhouse effect is a natural proces that keeps the Earth at a temperature that is suitable for life. It is created by gases in the atmosphere that aborb heat. The problem is that the greenhouse effect is getting stronger.

The greenhouse effect process 1.-The sun been radiating energy for billions of year,travels very fast and reaches the Earth atmosphere in 8 minutes. 2.-Some of these rays are reflected back into space and is absorbed by th greenhouse gases. 3.-Radiation, is absorbed by the Earth's surface. This has the effect of warming in the atmosphere. 4.-As the surface of the planet gets warmer,it radiates and back to the atmosphere. 5.-Some of this radiation is absorbed and reflected by clouds and the greenhouse and other gases in the atmosphere. 6.-The rest radiation passes through the atmosphere again andis lostin space.

MY CONCLUSION OF THE EARTH I think that the Earth has got many problems like The Greenhouse Effect, Gobal Warming and The Kyoto Potocol. This problems will be cause dangerous things. The humans are responsible of the problems. In the pass the Earth didn`t have any problems. Now the humans, are working to improve the problem of their cause. In the future the Earth can be destroy, because there is in bad condition.


It´s about general features and about the universe


It´s about general features and about the universe