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Looking at the life that people are living today, I would say it is nearly impossible to even imagine a state where we would not have electricity to power our everyday needs. It has become a part of fantasy lore now and authors write sci-fi stories of a time when power will go out and people will have to make do without the comforts it provides. Such is the effect of this one scientific invention. It has now become a part of almost every process that we as humans need to sustain our existence. Industries wouldn’t work without it. Offices would stop functioning. Even our smart phones that keep us connected to the world won’t last more than a day without a battery recharge. Life as we know it will pretty much come to a standstill without electricity. And so it would do us well to actually understand and appreciate the systems and processes that get this vital resource to reach power sockets in our homes and offices day after day, without fail. A vast network of power distribution systems and machines are installed all across a country just to ensure that the electricity produced reaches its end users in an effective manner, without much loss of energy on the way and without any harm caused to life and property because of accidents. The sheer size of these systems is so humungous that it is impossible to imagine a self sustainable process wherein the power produced at a handful of plants is transported to millions of users all across a country and that too, with minimum down time and problems caused. We truly should be thankful for this amazing resource and all the thought and effort that go into getting it to our homes and offices. Let’s look at the various components of this all encompassing power distribution system to understand it a little better. 

We begin by getting the power from the power plant to start travelling to various destinations across the country. Specially selected wires and cables are installed along the length and breadth of a country, running for thousands of miles, with relay equipment, transformers and other electrical devices to ensure that power reaches your premises. Then there are the power storage systems to consider. In the unlikely case of a power failure, whether due to an act of God, or any fault in the existing lines, the systems have to be brought online with minimum downtime. Power backups help in these situations. Stored electricity can then be relayed to end users until the time systems come back online. Then there are the safety components to consider for ensuring that nothing comes in harm’s way as electricity travels from its point of origin to the end users power sockets. Power distribution systems need to take these factors into account as well

All in all, there is a lot that we should appreciate about power distribution systems and the way they affect our lives. Visit to learn more.

Power Distribution Systems – How They Affect the Lives We Live  

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