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PACIFIC NORTHWEST Thornton grabs Oregon Open


GA Professional Brian Thornton (Meridian Valley C.C.) shot a finalround 7-under-par 65 en route to claiming championship honors at the 2012 Oregon Open Invitational, held at Broken Top Club. Editorial      0round, 6   Thornton fashioned a clean final carding seven birdies and no bogeys to finish The   Fazio   Course      08   two shots ahead of 2008 Oregon  Open champion Corey Prugh (Manito G. & C.C.). When asked how heFamous   felt after his Almost          final12   round triumph, Thornton replied, “I felt very good. There were so many great players. To ozo        some 16   of be mentioned asBelen   a winnerM alongside the other tournament winners is a real honor. There have been some legends of the Holiday   Picks        1game 8   who have won this tournament and it feels good to be a part of that history.” Ping   Anser  were Driver        2early 2   in Scoring conditions evident the final round. After just sneaking by the 4  H ybrid    2the 5   cut, andAdams   playing inV the first group    of day, PGA Professional Chris Van der Velde (Tetherow G.C.) carded a 9-under-par Iliac   Golf        27  63 to propel himself up to a T-11 finish. With the round, Van der Velde set a new Broken Top scoring record, and posted the lowest Oregon Open tournament round since PGA Professional Gove finished PublicaMon   of  Young  Mike Morris   Group   with a final-round 62 in 1992. 326  Lincoln   Rd    Suite    #228   Seven-under for the day and two shots Miami   B each,   L  33139   up comingFdown the stretch, all Thornton needed to do was finish it off. “I did peek Inquiries     i   at the scoreboard after 16 and saw that I had a two shot lead. I played some great


South Florida  Golf    










course management after that and also hit some quality shots to make par knowing Prugh needed to make something happen to catch me.” With the victory, Thornton is just one win away from the career grand slam at PNW PGA major events. To this, Thornton remarked, “It really never hit me that I was going to have a chance at that until I got this win. I am excited for the opportunity. Golf is very humbling; you just never know when it may be your turn.” Look for Thornton to be in contention at the upcoming Rosauers Open Invitational, where he’ll try to complete the slam. —Kyle Neilan

PHILADELPHIA Kogelman tops Hyndman Classic field ach year the Philadelphia PGA returns to Huntingdon Valley (Pa.) C.C. for the William Hyndman III Memorial Classic. This event is played to honor one of the greatest amateur golfers in Philadelphia history. Hyndman was twice a U.S. Senior Amateur Champion, a runner-up in the U.S. and British Amateurs, a playing member of five Walker Cups, and a participant in seven Masters. Hyndman also holds a distinction of being one of only three players to record a hole-in-one on the par-3 12th at Augusta. In the 2012 edition of the William






Joe Kogelman was victorious at the 2012 William Hyndman III Memorial Classic.

Hyndman III Memorial Classic, 125 Professionals teed it up to compete for the top prize. The tournament took on special meaning as less than a week before the event, William “Buck” Hyndman, the son of William Hyndman III, passed away after a long battle with multiple myeloma. To honor Bucky, all participants wore black ribbons in remembrance. As play got underway, no one was able to match the great round posted by champion Joe Kogelman (Indian Valley C.C.). Kogelman added one birdie on the back nine to go along with his eight pars to finish his round at 4-under-par 66. Kogelman had to wait nearly six hours before his victory became official. As the last card was entered, Kogelman finally had earned his first Philadelphia PGA points tournament victory. •••••



Fairway & Greene



Fairway & Greene

Fairway & Greene


7(&+ Fairway & Greene


Fernando Solorzano

Last week,  United  States  Golf  AssociaMon  and  Royal  &  Ancient  Golf  Club,  announced  a  ban   on  anchored  pu]ers.    Historically,  when  golfers  pu],  they  swing  the  pu]er  back  and  forth   freely.     In   recent   years,   a   growing   number   of   golfers   (specially   older   ones)   have   used   a   different   technique,   wedging   the   bu]   end   of   the   pu]er   into   their   stomach,   or   resMng   it   against  their  chest  or  chin.  I  don’t  have  a  strong  opinion  pro  or  against  the  used  of  anchored   pu]ers  because  I  have  seen  many  amateur  players  switch  back  and  forth  from  convenMonal   pu]ers  to  long  ones  and  the  result  is  about  the  same.  However,  I  do  have  a  strong  opinion   in   regards   to   the   governing   bodies   of   the   sport   making   more   rules   that   may   drive   players   away  from  the  game.  The  InterpretaMon  of  Golf  Rules  is  already  as  thick  as  The  Bible.   Last  year  during  the  PGA  Show  in  Orlando  I  sat  2  hours  and  listened  to  a  player  by  the  name   of  Jack  Nicklaus  talk  about  Golf  2.0  and  the  importance  of  making  the  game  more  fun  and   more   accessible   to   the   masses.   There   is   a   play   forward   tees   iniMaMve   to   reduce   the   Mme   spent  on  the  golf  course.  Ader  that  announcement  we  throw  all  that  goes  out  the  window.     Puritans   inside   the   USGA   and   R&A   clearly   don’t   care   one   bit   about   growing   the   game.     EnacMng  more  rules  comes  at  a  Mme  when  private  clubs  are  starved  for  new  members  and   public   courses   are   discounMng   green   fees   to   fill   their   tee   sheets.   In   my   opinion   elderly   golfers  have  shaky  hands  or  bad  backs  and  some  of  them  (less  than  30%  I  imagine)  use  the   anchored  method  to  play  golf  with  their  buddies.    We  are  clearly  killing  a  mosquito  with  a   hammer.     If   there   was   an   issue   with   PGA   Tour   professionals   using   anchored   pu]ers   to   reduce     “nervousness”   when   pujng,   a   dry   cut   clear   advantage,   then   the   PGA   Tour   should   have   enacted  its  own  rules,  just  the  same  rules  like  the  one  they  require  players  to  wear  pants   and  many  other  rules  I  really  don’t  understand.   For  the  rest  of  us  “humans”  we  really  just  want  to  have  a  good  Mme  out  at  the  golf  course;   our  work  week  was  very  stressful  and  I  am  more  worried  about  drinking  a  cold  beer  than   knowing  I  sMll  play  with  the  wrong  size  of  grooves  in  my  wedges…  


Golf Course Review

The Fazio Course

at PGA National!

PGA NaMonal  Resort  &  Spa’s  oldest  golf  course  (The  Haig)  got  a  makeover  during  the  summer  by  famed  golf  architect    Tom  Fazio  II.   The  original  Haig  course,  opened  in  1980,  and  designed  by  George  and  Tom  Fazio,  was  a  tribute  to  five-­‐Mme  PGA  champion  Walter   Hagen.  The  course  was  closed  in  April  to  prepare  for  a  $1  million  renovaMon.  The  greens  and  tee  boxes  were  reconfigured  but  the   original  par-­‐72  rouMng  was  kept  in  tact,  a  mix  of  classic  golf  architecture  with  modern  design.  The  golf  course  was  lengthened  to  over   7,000  yards  and  the  bunkers  were  reshaped.  Like  the  original  design,  water  is  sMll  a  prominent  feature  and  it  is  sMll  a  shot-­‐maker's   layout  that  requires  accuracy  and  good  course  management.  The  South  Florida  Golf  Magazine  was  invited  to  the  grand  opening  and   here  is  our  players  review.  

Diplomat Golf  Course   Joe  Lee  Redesign   Tif  Eagle  Greens   Bermuda  419  Tees  and  Fairways   Key  playing  holes    

Hole  #2  (Par  4  –  385  yards)     The   second   hole   of   the   golf   course   will   give   you   a   taste   of   what   the   golf   course   is   all   about.   Length   is   not   as   important   as   placement.   A   narrow   and   short   fairway   will   force  you  to  keep  your  driver  in  the  bag.  The   perfect  shot  will  be  220  –  250  yards  just  to  the   right  of  the  fairway  bunkers.    Avoid  at  all  cost   the   right   side   of   the   fairway   as   you   may   e n c o u n t e r   h e a v y   r o u g h   a n d   m a n y   obstrucMons.   A   medium   to   long   iron   will   be   needed  for  the  second  shot  which  must  carry   over  water  to  an  undulaMng  island  green.  This   is  the  signature  hole…  just  gorgeous!       Hole  #11  (Par  5  –  555  yards)     This  hole  faces  south  so  most  of  the  Mme  the   ocean   breeze   will   push   fades   into   the   out-­‐of-­‐ bounds  right  (tee  to  green).  Aim  center  led  of   the   wide   fairway   and   you   will   be   ok.   Your   second   shot   should   be   short   and   right   of   the   fairway   bunkers   (led)   This   will   leave   you   a   confortable   3rd   shot   to   the   flat   green.   Do   not   overpower   this   hole,   play   smart   and   you   will   end  up  with  a  great  score.         Hole  #17  (par  3  –  162  yards)     This  is  a  difficult  hole  that  appears  to  be  easy   on   paper.   Lots   of   distracMons   and   a   slippery   green   are   just   the   right   ingredients   for   The  Fazio  Course   disaster.   Long   and   demanding,   this   Par-­‐3   PGA  NaSonal  –  Palm  Beach  Gardens   requires   a   cut   tee   shot   to   a   narrow   green.     Shorter  hi]ers  may  lay  up  to  the  led  side  and   Key  Playing  Holes   this  will  leave  them  a  chip  to  the  open  side  of     the   green.   Club   selecMon   is   essenMal   as   the   Hole  #4  (Par-­‐5)  566  yards   right   side   of   the   green   and   short   is   a   water   The  first  of  the  Par  5s  and  my  all  Mme  favorite  hole  in  this  track  starts  with  a  gentle  rolling  fairway  that  quickly  turns  to  the  led   hazard.   The   buildings   across   the   street   will   and  right  (“s”  shaped  turn)  There  are  hazards  to  the  right  side  of  the  fairway  but  generally  these  new  fairways  are  wide  enough   block  some  of  the  wind  but  sMll  this  is  a  hole   that   you   can   pull   your   driver.   Like   with   the   rest   of   the   golf   course   this   is   a   “shot   makers”   paradise,   think   and   measure   every   shot   were  you  have  to  keep  your  eyes  wide  open.   and  never  try  to  over  power  the  course.  Fazio  has  done  a  remarkable  job  and  the  views  are  now  spectacular.  My  second  shot   Aim  in  between  the  bunkers  and  take  enough   landed  around  80  yards  before  the  green.  I  usually  like  90  –  100  yards  so  I  can  use  my  Sand  Wedge  but  I  was  able  to  manage  a   club,  do  not  expect  any  miracles  here  as  I  seen   decent   third   shot   to   within   6’   off   the   pin.   The   green   is   now   bigger   and   very   undulaMng   I   am  and   sure  double   it   will   cause   of   many  and   bogies   bogies  all   in  kind   a   fideen   headaches.  This  is  a  very  difficult  hole  that  demands  100%  concentraMon….  Be  extra  careful!   minute      s  pan.        

working together on transportation another to bring spectators in from off plans since the PGA Championship was the island. “We will have a very effective method awarded to Kiawah Island in 2005. It’s The Fazio   olf  Cfeat ourse   (ConSnued   from   8)   to direct people where they should go to no G small getting thousands ofpage   spec   tators, volunteers, staffers and competi- get them in and get them out,” Warren Hole  #13  tors (Par  on -­‐3)  and 159  off yards   an island each day, but says. “We have gone through a lot of The  first  o f  the  are par-­‐3s   in  the  to back   nine   and   the  easiest   rated  hole   n  the  acgreat ourse  plan awaits.   planning, we ihave and we’ll plans in place make the process This  new  tee  boxes  sure  help!  They  has  to  be  at  least  40%  bigger  than  the  old  ones.   execute it. We want the story of this smooth for all parties. Take  advantage  an  score  well  in  this  easy  hole.  Be  careful  with  the  wind  as  it  may  or   A general parking area at the front of event to be the great play of the players may  not  aKiawah ffect  the   trajectory   and  distance  of   your  shot.   and nothing else.” Island will accommodate more   “The challenges at Kiawah Island will than 10,000 cars at a time, and there will Hole  #18  be (Par-­‐4)   456  systems yards   in place for specta- be the same challenges we face at any two bus The  18th  hole  demands  2  excellent  shots.  On  this  day  I  drove  my  ball  passed  the  200   tors – one internally on the island, and course – moving 30,000-plus people yards   marker.   The   crosswind   was   very   strong   and   I   struggled   with   my   long   second   Extra shot.   From   the  education: fairway   you   are   not   able   to   appreciate   the   well   guarded   undulaMng   Kiawah PGA Professionals are allto   certified green.   My   second  Island’s shot   landed   short   into   the   deep   bunkers   the   led.   I   manage   to   come  out  but  failed  to  make  par.  What  a  great  finishing  hole!     Summary   We  are  just  mesmerized  at  all  the  changes  Tom  Fazio  II  was  able  to  accommodate  to   make   this   a   truly   tournament   golf   course.   All   tee   boxes   are   now   40%   bigger   and   in   immaculate  shape.  Most  if  now  all  greens  are  also  bigger  and  more  undulaMng  than   before  the  renovaMon.    I  invite  all  local  players  to  test  and  enjoy  this  new  masterpiece.   Standards  and  luxury  are  kept  very  high  inside  this  facility,  The  Fazio  Golf  Course  is  a   Left to right: Brian Gerard, PGA Director of Golf; Steve Miller, Osprey Point Superintendent; Jeff Stone, Ocean Course must  play!   Superintendent; Bill Daly, Oak Point Superintendent; Ric Ferguson, Cougar Point PGA Head Professional; Brad French,     Cougar Point Superintendent; Stephen Youngner, Ocean Course PGA Head Professional; Steve Agazzi, Turtle Point


Superintendent; Mark Schaffer, Turtle Point PGA Head Professional; Jim Kelechi, Osprey Point PGA Head Professional;

Scott a Ammon, Oak Point PGA Head sProfessional; and Ronnie Miller, PGA Director of Instruction. Courteous nd  knowledgeable   taff   Great  pace  of  ith play   five golf courses and a standalone basis,” says Gerard, who is certified in golfcretail shop, Kiawah Island Golf General Management. “I think the level of Well  maintained   ourse   manicured   to  perfecMon   counts on the expertise its 15 PGA etc.  expertise we have here at Kiawah Island has World  cResort lass  faciliMes,   driving   range,  of clubhouse,   Fortunately for golfers and a tremendous impact on the quality of Great  1Professionals. 9th  Hole   guests at the South Carolina resort, Kiawah service we provide to every golfer who sets       Island’s PGA Professionals aren’t just foot on our property.” Cons qualified – they’re      Kiawah                   Island’s PGA Professionals are certified. Each of the PGA members on staff at stationed across the property, from Gerard New  greens  are  very  firm  (and  will  be  like  that  unMl  they  mature)  be  extra  careful  on   Kiawah Island are Certified PGA and Warren overseeing the entire operation your  approaches.   Professionals, having completed at least one to professionals staffing each area of the   of the six certification paths: General facility. Steven Youngner is the PGA head


Management, Golf Operations, Instruction, Overall RaSng  9.5/10   Retail, Executive Management and


Ownership/Leasing. In all, the Kiawah Island staff holds 34 certifications. “I think the PGA Certified Professional Program is a great way to expand your skills as a PGA Professional, and I request that all the PGA members on staff complete at least one certification path,” says Kiawah Island Golf Resort President Roger Warren, himself a PGA Certified Professional in General Management and PGA Past President (2005–06). “They were all outstanding PGA Professionals to begin with. Becoming certified in one or more areas gives them the confidence in knowing they have expanded skill sets and expertise.” Two of Kiawah Island’s PGA Professionals — Osprey Point Head Professional Jim Kelechi and Ocean Course First Assistant Josh Wagaman — are certified in all six possible areas, while Warren and Director of Golf Brian Gerard are both PGA Certified Master Professionals. “I think it’s a great learning experience to go through the PGA Certified Professional Program, and then go out and apply what you’ve learned on a day-to-day, operational

Fun Factor  (4/4)  

professional at The Ocean Course, where Wagaman is the first assistant. At Osprey Point, Kelechi’s first assistant is Jeremy Colie. Mark Schaffer is the head professional at Turtle Point, where Tim McArthur serves as first assistant. Scott Ammon is the head professional at Oak Point, with Ryan Rushtie at first assistant. Ric Ferguson is the head professional at Cougar Point, while Benji Boynter runs the golf retail shop in the resort’s hotel. There are also three PGA Certified Professionals teaching at the resort’s Tommy Cuthbert Golf Learning Center at the Turtle Point course, named for the longtime director of golf at Kiawah Island: Ronnie Miller is the director of instruction, while Blake Cathey and Abby Welch are lead instructors. “Kiawah Island is fortunate to have a large set of outstanding PGA Professionals,” Warren says. “They’re all involved in the PGA Championship in some way, but their biggest impact is the difference they make in the lives of the golfers who visit the resort throughout the year. You can tell people really enjoy their time here, and that’s a direct reflection on our golf staff.”

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Source: PGA Tour statistics through 4/22/12

OPINION Almost Famous 10 U.S. Courses that Could Host a Major

Entering The  Bear  Trap,  The  Champion  Course  at  PGA  NaMonal   Like   the   golfers   who   play   them,   courses   that   host   golf’s   four   major   championships   are   among   the   best   in   the   world.     These   thought-­‐provoking   and   aestheMcally-­‐stunning   designs   are   so   revered  they  are  oden  considered  works  of  art.  Augusta  NaMonal,   Pebble  Beach,  Pinehurst  No.  2  and  The  Ocean  Course  at  Kiawah:   these  are  just  a  few  examples  of  the  shrines  on  display  during  The   Masters,  U.S.  Open  and  PGA  Championship.    

These thought-provoking and aestheticallystunning designs are so revered they are often considered works of art

This much   we   know:   The   Masters   will   always   be   played   at   Augusta,   and   the   other   two   U.S.-­‐based   majors   are   scheduled   years   in   advance   by   the   USGA   and   PGA   of   America.   We   say   just   because   a   course   isn’t   on   this   hallowed   docket   doesn’t   mean   it   isn’t  worthy  of  offering  a  major  championship  experience.         Below   is   a   list   of   courses   with   the   chops   to   stand   up   to   the   world’s   great   players,   design   variety   to   keep   the   accomplished   amateur   engaged,   while   being   playable   enough   to   appeal   to   recreaMonal  golfers  and  weekend  warriors.        

The Champion  Course  at  PGA  NaSonal  Resort  and  Spa  (Palm  Beach   Gardens,  Florida)       Fresh   off   its   sixth   straight   year   of   successfully   hosMng   the   PGA   TOUR   Honda  Classic,  the  2012  tournament  had  a  dramaMc  final  round  with   Tiger  Woods  shooMng  a  62  on  the  vaunted  Jack  Nicklaus  redesign  in   pursuit   of   eventual   winner   Rory   McIlory.   In   addiMon   to   the   Honda   Classic,   The   Champion’s   storied   history   includes   hosMng   the   1983   Ryder  Cup,  1987  PGA  Championship,  and  nearly  two  decades  of  the   Senior  PGA  Championship.     For  more  informaMon:  561.627.2000     Pacific  Dunes  at  Bandon  Dunes  Golf  Resort  (Bandon,  Oregon)       Oden   described   as   the   best   links   course   in   the   country   and   to   some,  ,  Pacific  Dunes  is  a  Tom  Doak-­‐designed  instant  classic  despite   opening   only   a   decade   ago.   Perched   100   feet   above   the   Pacific   Ocean   and   stretching   along   miles   of   coastline,   it   boasts   stunning   ocean   views   and   dramaMc   cliffs,   defined   by   nature’s   infinite   presence.   In   addiMon   to   its   sejng,   Pacific   Dunes   offers   innumerable   shotmaking   challenges   and   beauMful   visual   drama   as   the   Pacific   Ocean  meets  the  rugged  shoreline  of  South  Oregon’s  coast   For  more  informaMon:  541.347.4380.      

Old American  Golf  Club  (The  Colony,  Texas)       Old   American   is   the   work   of   acclaimed   designer   Tripp   Davis   and   PGA  Tour  star  JusMn  Leonard.  Inspired  by  the  ‘Golden  Age’  of  golf   course  architecture  (1911  -­‐1937),  Old  American’s  natural  contours,   hazard  styles,  naMve  grasses  and  green  shapes  were  influenced  by   such   masterpieces   as   Shinnecock   Hills,   NaMonal   Golf   Links,   Prairie   Dunes   and   Crystal   Downs.   The   course   is   quickly   becoming   known   as   “the   place   the   pros   play.”   Thanks   to   a   7,000-­‐yard-­‐plus   layout   with   the   teeth   to   host   a   major   event,   Old   American   is   a   regular   stop  for  many  DFW-­‐based  pros  including  Leonard,  Y.E.  Yang,  John   Senden,  Ron  Pampling,  K.J.  Choi  and  Nathan  Green.     For  more  informaMon:  972.370.4653,       Medalist  (Hobe  Sound,  Florida)       One  of  the  most  exclusive  golf  experiences  in  the  country,  Medalist   counts   among   its   members   more   than   30   PGA   Tour   players,   including   Woods   and   Fowler.     A   Greg   Norman   and   Pete   Dye   collaboraMon,   Medalist   was   designed   to   evoke   a   pure   golf   experience  reflecMng  and  enhancing  its  natural  surroundings.  With   a   steep   course   raMng   of   74.5   and   slope   of   142,   the   personality   of   the   7168-­‐yard   layout   changes   dramaMcally   with   varying   wind   condiMons.   Medalist   pays   homage   to   the   finest   tradiMons   of   the   game,   and   with   its   “professional”   membership,   a   veritable   major   championship  takes  place  daily  during  the  Tour’s  offseason.    For  more  informaMon:  772.545.9700,         The  Dunes  Golf  &  Beach  Club  (Myrtle  Beach,  South  Carolina)       With   more   than   60   years   of   rich   history   and   tradiMon,   the   Dunes   Golf   &   Beach   Club   in   Myrtle   Beach   is   a   Robert   Trent   Jones   oceanside   gem   that   has   hosted   six   Senior   Tour   Championships,   the   U.S.  Women’s  Open  and  the  finals  of  the  PGA  Tour’s  Q-­‐School.  Its   renowned   13th,   coined   “Waterloo,”   is   a   590-­‐yard   par-­‐5   doglegging   so  severely  around  a  lake  that  famed  golf  writer  Dan  Jenkins  said   “the  only  way  to  reach  it  in  two  is  to  charter  a  boat.”      For  more  informaMon:  843.449.5914         Wanamaker  Course,  PGA  Golf  Club  (Port  St.  Lucie,  Florida)       Named  in  honor  of  Rodman  Wanamaker,  who  in  1916,  inspired  the   birth   of   The   PGA   of   America,   the   Fazio   design   is   a   classic   Florida   layout.   Set   against   a   backdrop   of   wetlands,   palm   trees   and   palme]os,    

Wanamaker at  PGA  Village  

Old American  Golf  Club   Wanamaker   is   considered   one   of   the   state’s   most   beauMful   courses.     Since   opening   in   2006,   it   has   gained   a   reputaMon   as   a   “players”   course,  boasMng  a  144  slope  raMng  from  its  7,123-­‐yard  medal  tees.    For  more  informaMon:  772.467.1300,       Harbour  Town  Golf  Links  (Hilton  Head  Island,  South  Carolina)       Already   home   of   the   PGA   Tour’s   RBC   Heritage,   Harbour   Town   Golf   Links   was   ranked   No.   2   in   the   “Top   10   PGA   TOUR   Courses”   behind   only  Augusta  NaMonal  in  a  survey  of  Tour  players.  The  iconic  Pete  Dye   design,   with   its   red-­‐   and   white-­‐striped   lighthouse   standing   senMnel   behind   the   18th   green,   is   widely   regarded   as   the   epitome   of   “strategic   golf.”  Golfweek’s  Bradley  Klein  says,  “It’s  one  of  the  most  innovaMve   and  revoluMonary  designs  in  the  history  of  golf  architecture.”      For  more  informaMon:  843.363.8385,         Spy  Glass  Hill  (Pebble  Beach,  California)       One   of   Robert   Trent   Jones   Senior’s   finest   courses,   Spy   Glass   Hill   is   rated   one   of   the   toughest   in   the   world   from   the   championship   tees.   Opened  in  1996,  the  layout  features  two  drasMcally  different  types  of   terrain  that  influence  the  way  the  holes  look  and  play.  The  PGA  Tour   consistently  lists  Spyglass  Hill's  holes  6,  8  and  16  among  the  toughest   on  the  Tour,  despite  never  hosMng  a  U.S.  Open  or  PGA  Championship.   A   stern   test   of   golf,   the   course   stretches   6,960   yards   through   sandy   seaside   dunes   and   majesMc   pines   providing   unmatched   scenery   and   an   unprecedented   playing   experience   on   one   of   the   most   exclusive   pieces  of  real  estate  in  the  country.    For  more  informaMon:  831.625.8563,      

Kiva Dunes  (Gulf  Shores,  Alabama)       Meandering   along   the   Gulf   Coast   and   stretching   7,092   yards,   the   links-­‐style  Kiva  Dunes  provides  golfers  with  a  true  test  of  skill  with   naMve  sand  dunes,  lakes  and  wildlife  areas  spread  throughout  the   course.   Recognized   all   over   the   world   as   one   of   golf’s   best   and   most   unique   challenges,   the   Jerry   Pate-­‐designed   championship   course   is   consistently   ranked   a   top   course   in   Alabama   and   in   the   country.   Secluded   on   an   extraordinary   piece   of   property   that   lies   directly   on   the   Gulf   of   Mexico,   Kiva   Dunes   is   Alabama’s   only   beachfront  golf  resort,  and  the  ubiquitous  Gulf  Coast  winds  wreak   havoc  with  shotmaking.   For  more  informaMon:  888.833.5482  ,         Payne  Stewart  Golf  Club  (Branson,  Missouri)       the divot – would prevent solid contact during the ple of times, however it never moved. Once he had Opened   in  2009,   ayne  IStewart   Golf  Cthat lub  is   the  newest   to  away the protruding part of the divot, he was stroke. SheaPand concluded breaking offaddiMon   a torn the  Branson,  Missouri  golf  scene.    But  the  name  of  the  course  and   part of this loose impediment was supported by the able to play his next stroke being very careful to not stories  on  each  hole  honoring  the  late  great  U.S.  Open  Champion   and the term “large,” somewhat ground are  Rules, not   the   only   reasons   to   add   twhile hem   to   the   list.     Nsubjecamed   the   N o.   1   his club to avoid the act of addressing the tive, worked in this situation. Loose impediments ball. public  course  in  Missouri  this  year  by  Golfweek,  this  meaty  7,324-­‐ Keep this in mind if you ever see a similar situcome sizes; a detached yet to be replacedpar  ation yard   par   7in 2   call ourse   also   has   some   oand f   the   most   challenging   3s   in   on the course – and remind your golfers that if divot t h e   M i dwas w eas tlarge .   F oloose r   m oimpediment r e   i n f o r m awhen M o n :  compared 8 7 7 . 3 3 7 . 2 they 9 6 3 ,  replace a divot and still see brown, the sod is to a small pebble. upside down! n         Kiva  D unes   is a PGA Tour Official Duval carefully began tearing the root side up PGA Professional Tony Wallin   part of the divot away. The ball did oscillate a cou- and a member of the PGA Rules Committee.

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Beauty, Brains and of course Game….



BELENMOZO Beauty, Brains and of course Game…! Spanish LPGA   sensaMon   and   now   South   Florida   resident   Belen  Mozo  is  just  24-­‐years  old  and  already  turning  heads  on   and  off  the  golf  course.   Before   she   turned   Pro,   Mozo   a]ended   The   University   of   Southern   California   where   she   earned   a   three-­‐Mme   All-­‐ American  in  2010,  NGCA  All-­‐American  and  All-­‐Pac-­‐10  second   teamer   as   a   2009   junior   and   also   earned   NGCA   All-­‐West   Region   honors   as   well   as   Pac-­‐10   All-­‐Academic   honorable   menMons.     Mozo’s  length  off  the  tee  and  creaMvity  with  shots  are  what   make   her   a   rising     star   on   the   LPGA   Tour.   In   2006   Mozo   became   the   first   woman,   since   1972,   to   win   both   the   Women’s   BriMsh   Amateur   Championship   and   BriMsh   Girls   Amateur  Championship  in  the  same  year.  

“Mozo’s length off the tee and creativity with shots are what make her a rising star on the LPGA Tour”!

  We   caught   up   with   the   young,   sod   spoken   Spaniard   during   the  LPGA  Tour  CME  Titleholders  Classic  in  Naples  and  this  is   what  she  had  to  say…       What  is  your  favorite  golf  course  around  South  Florida  and   why?       I'm  privileged  to  have  friends  all  over  the  area,  so  I'm  always   discovering  really  beauMful  and  challenging  courses  in  South   Florida  and  jump  at  the  opportunity  to  play  somewhere  new.     However,   my   favorite   has   to   be   The   Medalist   Golf   Club   in   Hobe  Sound.  I'm  a  li]le  biased  since  it's  my  home  course,  but   I  really  love  it.    The  course  is  difficult  and  kept  in  tournament   condiMon,   especially   the   greens,   but   at   the   same   Mme   it's   really   natural   and   authenMc   feeling.     I   also   love   the   people   there.  I'm  friends  with  many  of  the  other  pros  who  pracMce   there,   the   staff   and   members   are   super   nice,   and   of   course   my   coach,   Mike   Adams,   is   based   there.   The   combinaMon   of   a   great  golf  course  and  great  people  make  it  my  favorite  place   to  play.          

What do  you  consider  the  strongest  part  of  your  game?       I  consider  my  iron  play  to  be  the  strongest  area  of  my  game.    I   feel   really   confident   with   my   ball-­‐striking   and   my   ability   to   shape  shots.    I  also  think  I'm  a  pre]y  imaginaMve  player.    Like   many  Spanish  players,  I  like  the  challenge  of  gejng  myself  out   of   trouble.     And   even   though   I'm   really   compeMMve,   I   like   to   have   fun   on   the   golf   course,   even   when   I'm   playing   a   tournament,  and  I  consider  that  a  strength.    Having  a  li]le  bit  of   perspecMve  helps  me  to  bounce  back  from  a  tough  hole.           Outside  of  golf,  what  is  your  favorite  pasSme?       I  love  to  play  and  watch  tennis.  I  also  have  lots  of  Mme  to  read   since   I   travel   so   much   between   tournaments.     I   like   to   read   mostly   about   different   cultures   and   history   -­‐I   was   an   InternaMonal   RelaMons   major   in   college-­‐   but   also   some   ficMon   from  Mme  to  Mme.    And  of  course  I  love  the  beach  –  I  grew  up   near  the  beach  (El  Puerto  de  Santa  Maria)  in  the  South  of  Spain,   so   it's   sMll   a   big   part   of   me   and   I   take   every   chance   I   get   to   relax   on   the   beach.     That's   the   great   thing   about   Florida   is   I   have   access  to  all  my  favorite  acMviMes.           If   she   wasn't   a   golfer,   what   would   be   her   occupaSon   right   now?       I   really   like   design.   Mostly   clothing   design.   But   more   importantly,   I   studied   InternaMonal   RelaMons   at   University   of   Southern   California   with   the   intenMon   of   someday   creaMng   an   organizaMon  to  give  kids  in  underdeveloped  countries  access  to   educaMon   they   deserve,   and   the   opportuniMes   I   had   when   I   was   growing   up   that   were   available   to   me   as   an   athlete.   I   believe   sports  opens  a  lot  of  doors  in  life  and  teach  a  lot  of  great  human   and   life   qualiMes,   so   I'd   like   to   ulMmately   create   a   sports   scholarship  program  in  areas  that  need  it  most.        


TRADITIONAL DIMPLE PATTERNS Dimples had their day. When the circles of traditional dimples meet, a portion of the ball’s surface goes unutilized. This unused surface area can lead to higher drag forces acting on the ball during flight, which can compromise trajectory and distance.

The age of the dimple is over. HEX Aerodynamics® — proprietary to Callaway — provides 100% surface area coverage while dimples typically provide up to 88%. The result is a golf ball that virtually eliminates smooth spots and seams that can cause unnecessary drag and inconsistent flight characteristics.

PERFORMANCE “In all the right ways [it’s] a Tour ball. In one way, though, it thankfully isn’t: price.” – Golf Digest

TOUR PERFORMANCE FOR MODERATE HEAD SPEEDS. ©2012 Callaway Golf Company. Callaway, the Chevron Device, HEX Chrome and HEX Aerodynamics are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Callaway Golf Company. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Golf Digest and the Hot List logos are the property of Conde Nast.


Winter is  finally  arriving  and  with  it  the  the  best  Sme  of  the  year  to  play  golf  in  our  beloved  South  Florida.  Our  Holidays  picks  were   carefully  chosen  amongst  15  hand  picked  items..  Take  a  look!     Tour  Edge   XCG6  (3-­‐Wood)   The   XCG6   is   the   longest   ExoMcs   fairway   wood   yet.   The   new   XCG6   powerhouse   design  features  a  15-­‐3-­‐3-­‐3  beta  Mtanium  cup  face,  a  high-­‐density  steel  body  and  a   tungsten   sole   plate   that   are   combo-­‐brazed   for   the   ulMmate   in   power   and   forgiveness.   The  larger  15-­‐3-­‐3-­‐3  beta  Mtanium  cup  face  provides  to-­‐the-­‐limit  COR  even  on  off-­‐ center   hits.   The   new,   high-­‐tech,   high-­‐density,   steel   body   is   almost   as   light   as   Mtanium   allowing   more   mass   to   be   place   in   the   heel   and   toe   areas   of   the   sole.   A   heavy  tungsten  sole  plate  puts  65%  of  the  total  club  head  weight  in  the  heel  and   toe  areas  for  a  higher  moment-­‐of-­‐inerMa,  reduced  club  head  twisMng  and  greater   forgiveness.   Boomerang   face   technology   offers   mulMple   levels   of   variable   face   thickness  that  maximize  the  spring-­‐like  effect  from  more  points  on  the  face.       Puma  Golf   Super  Cell  Fusion  Ice  Golf  Shoes   Not  your  average  golf  shoe   With   a   motocross-­‐inspired   design   and   high-­‐performance   construcMon,   this   golf   shoe   stands   up   to   serious   acMon   on   the   links.   The   anatomically   placed   IdCELL   technology   offers   support   and   cushioning   where   you   need   it   most,   while   the   spike   system   and   flex   grooves   help   you   get   a   grip.   Waterproof   leather   upper   for   long   wear   and   comfortDecoupled   heel/toe   for   smooth   transiMon   from  swing  to  follow-­‐through.  IdCELL  midsole  with  ArchTech  shank   and  OrthoLite  sockliner  for  opMmum  shock  absorpMon  and  support  

Garmin Approach  S3  Golf  GPS  Watch   Rugged  and  waterproof,  the  Approach  S3  golf  watch  is  packed  with  tens  of   thousands   of   worldwide   courses.   It   displays   yardages   to   the   front,   back   and   middle   of   greens   on   a   high-­‐resoluMon,   glove-­‐friendly   touchscreen.   It   lets   you   manually   posiMon   pins,   get   distances   to   doglegs   and   layups,   customize  yardage  points,  and  print  digital  scorecards  for  Stroke  play  and   Stableford.  

Swingbox ™  Golf  Net   Swingbox   has   a   very   small   footprint.   It   covers   angles   that   golf   nets   cover,   but   because   so   close,   the   size   can  be  much  smaller.  It  is  smaller  than  any  other  golf  hijng  net.  It  is  great  for  indoor  use  as  it  can  be   placed  9  inches  away  from  a  wall,  even  a  small  8  by  10  room  becomes  a  potenMal  site  for  Swingbox  ™.   So,  it  is  great  for  indoor  golf  pracMce.  It  can  also  be  used  as  a  “backyard  golf  pracMce  net”.       h]p://  

Glove sensor   GolfSense  can  detect  the  acceleraMon,  velocity,   tempo,  posiMon  and  posture  of  the  device  and  the   club  by  calculaMng  sensor  data  at  sample  rates  over   1,000  Mmes  per  second.  At  the  same  Mme,  the  high   velocity  moMon  engine  inside  the  sodware  will   divide  the  swing  into  different  segments  of  club   posiMon  and  posture.  The  result  is  a  highly  accurate   view  of  your  swing  down  to  the  millisecond.   h]p://  

Slammin' Sam  Beer  Company   Smoothest  Beer  in  Golf   Finally   someone   figure   it   out,   beer   and   golf   go   hand   to   hand.   Slammin'   Sam,   a   Premium   Lager,   features  a  refreshing  taste  with  an  excepMonally  balanced  finish  that  makes  it  the  Smoothest  Beer   in   Golf.   It   showcases   a   proprietary   recipe   developed   by   Ray   Klimovitz,   recipient   of   the   2011   DisMnguished  Life  Service  Award  from  the  Master  Brewers  AssociaMon  of  the  Americas.  



Ping Anser  Driver   By:  Ryan  Heiman  

Independent Golf  Reviews   Ping's  Anser  for  fihng  today  &  tomorrow!   Ping  has  been  leading  the  industry  in  custom  fijng  for  years.     They  offer  some  of  the  easiest  and  best  custom  fijng  opMons   in  the  industry.    They  have  always  wanted  their  customers  to   buy  what  fits  them,  not  just  clubs  off  the  rack.    I  think  that  all   golfers   should   get   fit   for   their   clubs   too,   everyone   has   a   different  swing.    But  what  happens  when  you  go  in  for  a  fijng   and  ader  a  few  weeks  with  a  club  your  swing  changes  slightly,   it   would   be   nice   to   be   able   to   alter   the   club   to   fit   the   new   swing.     Ping   finally   jumped   into   the   adjustable   driver   game   with   the   Anser   driver.     It   fits   very   nicely   with   their   push   to   be   custom   fit,   yet   allows   the   owner   to   tweak   the   club   as   needed  down  the  road.      

Ping finally jumped into the adjustable driver game with the Anser driver!

  The  Anser  driver  looks  like  the  offsping  of  the  G20  and  i20.    It   has   a   similar   shape   to   the   G20   and   the   stealthy   aestheMcs   of   the  i20.    In  my  opinion  it  is  the  perfect  marriage  of  the  two  and   might   be   the   best   driver   of   2012   I   thought   that   it   was   going   to   be  hard  to  top  the  Ping    but  the  Anser  just  edges  it  out.       The   combo   is   rounded   out   with   a   mulM-­‐direcMonal   Ping   Id8   grip   and   a   standard   Ping   headcover   with   a   nice   handle   on   the   top  along  with  a  long  sock  to  protect  the  shad.    The  specs  came  in   right  at  D3  at  45".   The  Ping  Anser  driver  comes  available  with  4  stock  shads,  which  I   think   is   awesome,   be]er   than   other   companies   offer   stock.     They   range  in  weight  and  trajectory.    I  went  with  the  heaviest  weight   and  lowest  launching  shad  because  I've  typically  found  plenty  of   launch   with   previous   Ping   drivers.     The   Diamana   A'hina(new   whiteboard)   in   70g   sMff   flex   is   going   to   be   the   lowest   launching,   lowest   spinning   stock   shad.     The   Ping   TFC   800,   Fujikura   Blur   005,   and   Aldila   Phenom   50   shads   offer   different   weights,   spin,   and   launch:   going   from   lowest   to   highest;   heaviest   to   lightest.   I   also  appreciate  the  fact  that  these  are  the  real  deal  shads,  not  a   shad   just   painted   like   the   real   one   or   some   watered   down   version.    So  once  you  get  custom  fit  to  one  of  these  shads,  then   you  can  tweek  your  face  angle  by  .5*.    While  that  isn't  as  much  as   some   other   adjustable   drivers,   Ping   wanted   to   keep   the   look   at   address   as   close   to   square   as   possible,   yet   raising   or   lowering   the   launch  slightly.    I  found  that  at  straight  neutral  I  had  a  really  low,   penetraMng  ball  flight.    I  adjusted  mine  to  the  +  sejng  and  it  now   launched   just   a   li]le   bit   higher,   but   sMll   very   penetraMng.     The   on   course   visual   trajectory   of   this   club   was   perfect   ader   the   adjustment.      

The marriage  between  a  G20  and  i20  driver  which  produced  this   Anser   driver   means   that   you   get   most   of   the   forgiveness   of   the   G20  and  most  of  the  solid  sound/feel  of  the  i20.    On  the  course  I   really   had   great   control   of   this   driver.     It   mostly   wanted   to   go   straight  like  the  G20,  thus  my  percentage  of  fairways  hit  with  this   driver  went  up  a  few  points.    The  sound  and  feel  are  really  great   too.     Not   quite   as   pure   as   the   i20   which   might   be   the   best   feeling   driver   ever,   but   very   solid   with   a   great   metallic   pop   with   just   a   Mny  hint  of  hollow.     The  head  and  shad  combo  made  this  driver  FilthyLong.    It  is  very   low  spin,  which  I  found  great  for  the  firm  fall  condiMons  we  have   in  MN.    I  think  carry  was  about  normal  for  me  right  around  250,   but   roll-­‐out   was   long.     I   hit   one   in   the   middle   of   a   firm   fairway   that   rolled   out   to   340yards   (GPS   verified),   my   longest   driver   of   2012.      I  also  played  on  a  number  of  very  windy  days  and  this  low   spin  canon  is  the  best  I've  ever  had  in  play  into  the  wind.    I  did   lose   a   few   yards,   but   most   were   sMll   very   close   to   normal   distances.  

If only   Ping   would   release   shad   Mps   to   the   public,   then   a   great   variety  of  shads  could  be  in  play.  But  I  think  their  desire  to  get  you   fit  with  what  is  best  and  then  leave  it  alone  is  probably  what  drives   them  to  withhold  Mps  from  the  public.    But  even  without  extra  Mps,   there   are   so   many   custom   fijng   opMons,   you   should   be   able   to   find   a   head   and   shad   combo   to   fit   your   needs   perfectly,   it   might   even   be   one  of  the  4  stock  shads.    I  found  the  A'hina  paired  with  a  9.5*  lod   head  is  perfect  for  me.     The  Ping  Anser  is  a  great  club  that  will  fit  your  swing  the  day  you  buy   it  and  can  be  adjusted  to  fit  your  swing  tomorrow  if  you  need  to.         For  more  informaMon:     Quick  Hits   +Blends  G20  +  i20   +4  (real  deal)  stock  shad  choices     +FilthyLong   +Excellent  looks,  sound  and  feel   +Adjustable     -­‐-­‐AddiMonal  Mps  not  available   -­‐-­‐Minimal  adjustments    


Tour Edge Exotics CB5 (3-Wood) Best in Performance Fairway Wood By Fernando Solorzano

For more  than  20  years,  Tour  Edge  Golf  has  been  offering   premium  quality  golf  equipment  for  all  skills  levels  backed   by  a  LifeMme  Warranty.  Although  it’s  not  the  biggest  golf   manufacturer  around,  their  “flying  under  the  radar”  company   approach  devotes  all  their  resources  into  R&D  making    quality,   outstanding   equipment   with   li]le   or   no   adverMsing.   Their   results   are   quite   predictable,   performance,   reliability   and   durability.   Inside   their   web   site   an   announcement   to   remind   us   all   their   commitment   behind   building   the   best   golf   products…       “At  this  (me,  Tour  Edge  does  not  pay  any  U.S.    

professionals to  play  our  Tour  Edge  /  Exo(cs  clubs.  They   are  played  on  Tour  because  of  their  performance  and   are  chosen  by  players  who  believe  our  clubs  give  them   the  best  chance  for  success.  Therefore,  to  protect  our   players,  no  names  will  be  men(oned  in  our  Tour  News   update”  

During  this  year’s  WGC  –  Cadillac  Championship  we  witnessed   several   PGA   Tour   players   using   their   equipment   (specifically   their  3-­‐woods),  Tour  Edge  products  have  won  Golf  Magazine's   annual   “Club   Test”   and   been   included   on   every   Golf   Digest   Hot   List  since  the  list's  incepMon.     Tour  Edge  ExoScs  CB5  (3-­‐Wood)  Review     The   technology   behind   the   new   CB5   is   quite   complex.   The   face   of   the   club   punches   out   great   ball   speed   and   less   spin   than   the   CB4  thanks  to  the  addiMon  of  a  SP700  beta  Mtanium  face.  The   club's   swept   wing   sole,   Mtanium   cup   face,   hyper   steel   body,   and  Fubuki  Tour  or  Aldila  RIP  shad  help  make  the  CB5  one  of   the  longest  ExoMcs  fairway  woods  yet.  We  start  our  review  by   taking  some  pracMce  swings  inside  our  warehouse;  needless  to   say  we  were  very  impressed  by  the  overall  weight  of  the  club.  I   personally  carry  a  heavier  feeling  3-­‐wood  (Callaway  Razr  Hawk)   in  my  bag  or  I  should  say,  “used  to”.  Tour  Edge  was  making  it   very   possible   for   an   average   player   to   obtain   faster   swing   speeds   with   the   added   control   by   factory   ou€ijng   their   3-­‐ woods   with   an   outstanding   shad   configuraMon   (Mitsubishi   Fubuki  or  Aldila  RIP).   Ader   just   a   few   swings   I   became   accustomed   to   the   smooth   tempo  of  the  club;  out  at  the  range  the  ball  seems  to  explode   of   the   face   effortlessly.   The   deep,   high   center   of   gravity   gives   the  CB5  an  explosive,  penetraMng  launch  angle.      

Recommended player  type  and   Swing  Speed   Low  Hcp  

92+ mph  

Mid Hcp   High  Hcp  

Performance Test   Forgiveness  vs  Playability       Forgiveness     Playability  

The final  averages  were:  swing  speed  97  mph,  16.6*  degrees   launch   angle   and   the   ball   was   coming   at   3,100-­‐rpm   (between   3k   and   4k   recommended)   just   outstanding   numbers.   Because   of  these  results  we  have  chosen  Tour  Edge’s  CB5  our  Best  in   Performance   Fairway   Wood.   The   club   is   extremely   easy   to   hit,   it   has   great   workability,   outstanding   distance   and   great   control.    

Adams Golf Idea V4 Hybrid Best in Performance Hybrids By Fernando Solorzano The Idea   Tech   V4   Hybrids   unquesMonably   stole   our   Best   in   Performance   test.   They   are   the   most   technically   advanced,   easiest-­‐to-­‐hit   hybrids   that   Adams   has   ever   engineered.   The   advancements   of   velocity   slots,   now   featuring   Cut-­‐Thru   Technology,   achieves   the   same   CT   of   a   driver,   which   delivers   higher  ball  speeds,  more  forgiveness  and  more  distance.  With   innovaMon  like  this,  the  Idea  Tech  V4  Hybrid  is  as  hot  as  your   driver.   These   new   clubs   have   really   re-­‐engineered   “velocity   slots”   in   the   crown   and   sole   to   boost   face   deflecMon   at   impact.   The   slots  extend  through  the  head,  from  crown  to  sole,  while  TPU   badges   hide   the   openings.   In   addiMon,   a   new   heat   treatment   process   strengthens   high   stress   areas   in   the   head   and   allows   for  a  thinner  clubface.   The   result   was   expected,   pure   length   and   outstanding   control.   Outdoors,   our   3-­‐iron   model   was   consistently   achieving   230   –   235   yards   with   a   mild   crosswind.   An   average   of   9   –   13   extra   yards  as  compared  to  our  old  model  Adams  Idea  Pro  a12  and   about   10   –   17   extra   yards     when   compared   with   Callaway’s   RAZR  XF.    

Recommended player  type  and   Swing  Speed   Low  Hcp  

85+ mph  

Mid Hcp   High  Hcp  

Performance Test   Forgiveness  vs  Playability       Forgiveness     Playability  


Iliac Golf   Mixing   tradiMonal   looks   and   performance   has   never   been   easy,   actually   impossible!   With   the   evoluMon   of   club   and   clothing   technology   inadvertently   we   lose   sight   of   tradiMon.   The   use   of   fundamental   pa]erns   and   plaid   colors   are   a   style   that   always   clashes  with  the  modern,  more  confortable  looks  and  designs.  That   was  our  thought  before  we  met  Iliac  Golf   Bert   LaMar,   a   former   skateboarder   God   turned   golfer/ entrepreneur/designer,  runs  the  show  at  Iliac  Golf.  Bert’s  appeMte   for   amazing   cradsmanship,   fresh   vintage   ideas,   and   incredible   detail   is   the   driving   force   behind   such   beauMful   garments.   If   you   are   a   fan   of   the   old   but   want   the   advancements   of   the   new   technical  fabrics  then  Iliac  Golf  is  the  way  to  go.    

If you are a fan of the old but want the advancements of the new technical fabrics then Iliac Golf is the way to go. !

Bert only   uses   the   finest   materials   to   reflect   the   tradiMonal   qualiMes.   When   contacted   by   Iliac   Golf   they   were   kind   enough   to   send   over   some   items   from   their   unbelievable   inventory.   We   received   men’s   shirts   and   club   head   covers.   A]enMon   to   detail   in   every   way   possible,   each   item   carefully   wrapped   in   high-­‐density   clear   plasMc   cellophane,   great   stuff.   The   cradsmanship   that   goes   into  each  one  of  these  items  is  absolutely  phenomenal.  The  leather   club  head  covers  are  made  of  100%  genuine  leather…  impressive   feel,  smell  and  looks.  The  men’s  shirts  are  also  made  of  the     highest  quality  materials.  The  Rancher  model  is  an     extremely  light  weight  thermal  pique  (4  ounce),  100%     performance  elastopoly  material,  100%  moisture   wicking,  easy  care,  wrinkle  resistant,  UV  protecMon     and  just  perfect  for  our  South  Florida  weather.


Wf_TeZ`_R]^Z_VcR]hReVc W`cRSVeeVcXR^V




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