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Fernando Solorzano @SOFLAGOLF

New Club  One  Six  venue  brings  South  Beach  nightlife  to  the     World  Golf  Championships-­‐Cadillac  Championships     We   just   received   great   news   from   our   friends   at   the   Cadillac   Championships   who   will  be  incorporaNng  a  new  venue  as  part  of  the  World  Golf  Championships-­‐Cadillac   Championship’s  conNnued  focus  to  bring  together  the  worlds  of  fashion,  music  and   entertainment  at  one  of  the  most  elite  and  exciNng  tournaments  on  golf’s  calendar.     Tournament   officials   announced   today   the   launch   of   a   new   and   exciNng   fan   venue,   Club   One   Six   which   will   bring   a   South   Beach   nightclub   atmosphere   to   Trump   NaNonal  Doral  on  March  6-­‐9,  2014.  Last  year,  the  tournament  put  this  new  focus  in   moNon   with   a   fashion   show   that   included   celebrity   designer   Nicolas   Felizola   and   music   from   the   Miami   Heat’s   DJ   Irie.   The   following   evening,   the   tournament   treated   fans   to   a   concert   from   Taboo   of   the   Black   Eyed   Peas.   That   was   great   fun   and   I   am   really   happy   with   this   iniNaNve   as   it   brings   a   different   flair   to   our   tournament         Club  One  Six  will  include  celebrity  and  golfer  appearances  throughout  tournament   week,  exclusive  drink  specials,  culinary  upgrades,  daily  themes,  full-­‐  shudle  service   to  the  venue  and  a  true  Miami  experience.      

FEATURED OUR COVER PAGE! ROBERT BETTINARDI – CEO BETTINARDI GOLF The  second  you  hold  in  your  hands  one  of  his  creaNons,  you  will   immediately   recognize   the   work   ethic   and   effort   put   on   every   puder   he   creates.   Robert   Be7nardi   set   out   in   1991   and   began   craHing   some   of   the   world's   finest   puders.   Already   a   master   engineer  milling  parts  for  the  defense  and  medical  industries,  his   talents   were   sharp   and   appropriate   to   make   the   move   into   the   world   of   golf.   AHer   creaNng   some   of   his   own   prototypes,   Be7nardi   was   soon   designing   and   producing   puders   alongside   some   of   the   industry's   best   and   was   in   demand   by   golf's   top   OEM's.   Over   the   next   seven   years   Be7nardi   would   hone   his   skills   and   become   recognized   as   the   premier   engineer   of   One-­‐Piece   milled  puders.     …having the greatest feeling and looking putter on the market instills the confidence you need to make you a better golfer… Robert Bettinardi       He  was  prepared  and  eager  to  put  his  own  name  on  the  puders   he   created   and   in   1998   Be7nardi   Golf   was   born.   Some   of   the   original   prototypes   from   that   era   are   among   the   most   sought-­‐ aHer   by   collectors   today.   His   first   milestone   came   in   1999   when   Jesper  Parnevik  shot  23  under  par  for  a  tournament  record  265  at   the   Greater   Greensboro   Open   using   a   Be7nardi   BB-­‐10.   A   few   years   later   with   major   tournament   wins   by   Jim   Furyk   and   Vijay   Singh   would   seal   the   deal:   Be7nardi   was   the   name   in   milled   puders.         The  BB  Series     The  BB1  is  designed  and  built  around  Be7nardi’s  classic  BB1  style   head.   The   design   element   of   the   2013   BB1   has   a   slightly   lower   profile  and  a  more  shallow  face  to  frame  the  golf  ball  absolutely   perfectly   at   address.   This   allows   the   puder   to   sit   below   the   golf   ball.   The   footprint   of   the   BB1   is   wider   from   front   to   toe   which   allows  for  a  more  stable  puder.  

Studio Stock

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The BB Series

The Studio   Stock   12   is   an   extremely   unique   Be7nardi   Puder   with   a   slightly   off   center   shaH   posiNon.   We   brought   the   neck   slightly   back   off   center   allowing   the   golfer   to   use   the   sight   line   with   an   unobstructed  view  of  the  golf  ball  at  address.  The  Studio  Stock  12   is   modeled   aHer   our   BB1   style   puder   with   a   shorter   face   from   sole  to  topline,  also  a  stable  and  wider  profile.  Be7nardi  is  now   introducing   the   new   Hextagonal   F.I.T.   face.   The   new   Hextagonal   design   allows   for   more   material   to   be   moved   from   the   impact   area  of  the  puder.  We  are  able  to  remove  about  55%  of  material   from   the   face,   which   results   in   a   soHer   feel   at   impact.   The   Hextagonal  F.I.T.  face  introduces  one  of  the  soHest  feel  in  the  golf   industry  and  is  a  must  try  for  any  golfer.         Fall 2013 Edition South Florida Golf Magazine


The Kuchar  Model     The  Kuchar  Model  1  Standard  is  designed  as  a  heel  toe  weighted,   face  balanced  puder  with  a  wider  profile.  The  Model  1  showcases   our  patented  F.I.T.  (Feel  Impact  Technology)  face,  which  removes   55%  of  material  from  the  face  resulNng  in  a  remarkably  soH  feel   at   impact.   This   model   has   already   made   the   winners   circle   this   year   at   the   WGC   Match   Play   Championship   and   the   2013   Memorial  Tournament!  The  convenNonal  style  features  a  1  shaH   offset.           Queen  B         The  Queen  B  Model  3  is  a  shoe  shaped  mallet  with  a  heavy  toe  and     trailing  edge,  providing  a  very  disNnct  and  pleasing  look.  The  most     intriguing  part  of  the  Queen  B  Model  3  is  the  extended  spud  neck.     Milled   from   a   solid   piece   of   carbon   steel   we   have   milled   an   arch     neck   that   flows   into   a   plug.   This   creates   an   elegant   swooping     amount  of  offset.               The  Signature  Series  6     Be7nardi   Signature   Model   6   is   a   compact   mallet   with   a   double   bend   shaH.   The   Signature   Model   6   was   designed   to   develop   a   puder   with   extreme   perimeter   weighNng.   This   is   to   focus   the   weight   more   on   the   heel   and   the   toe   of   the   puder   rather   than   the  center.  By  doing  this  Be7nardi  has  created  a  smaller  mallet   with   a   generous   sweet   spot   and   the   ability   to   keep   puds   online   even  hi7ng  the  ball  off  center.             For  addiNonal  InformaNon  please  contact          

Queen B

Signature Series 6

Fall 2013 Edition South Florida Golf Magazine

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These are   the   irons   Phil   Mickelson   used   for   one   of   the   best   rounds   of   his   career   in   order   to   win   the   Open   Championship.     While   I   haven't   won   any   championships   with   these   irons;   they   have   won   a   place   in   my   bag.     They   are   that   perfect   mix   of   a   players   irons   with   just   the   right   touch   of   forgiveness.     They   are   not  too  demanding,  but  yet  they  look  really  good.  These  irons  are   winners!                                             From  a  visual  standpoint  these  are  some  of  the  best  looking  irons   produced.     The   have   a   nice   cavity   with   an   X   and   a   Callaway   chevron.     They   have   thicker   weighNng   along   the   sole   of   the   cavity,  but  yet  the  sole  is  sNll  fairly  thin.    The  sole  has  a  perfect   sole   grind   with   just   a   slightly   beveled   leading   edge   and   beveled   trailing   edge   which   is   great   for   turf   interacNon.     They   have   minimal  offset  so  that  they  set  up  square  behind  the  ball.    They   have   a   decent   sized   face   for   excellent   forgiveness.     The   chrome   finish   is   nicely   done   with   just   a   lidle   contrast   in   the   cavity   with   some  saNn.    The  whole  package  is  a  winner  in  terms  of  looks.         From a visual standpoint these are some of the best looking irons produced

  On   the   course   is   where   these   irons   are   winners   too.     From   my   very  first  round  to  the  subsequent  rounds  I  have  had  my  best  ball   striking  days.    There  was  no  adjustment  Nme  necessary.    Distance   wise   they   were   as   precise   as   any   iron   I   have   ever   played.     They   weren't   any   longer,   nor   were   they   shorter,   they   were   spot   on   for   my  yardages.    What  they  did  offer  over  my  other  sets  was  some   addiNonal   height   without   ballooning,   loss   of   distance   or   control   issues,  just  a  lidle  more  stopping  power.    There  was  less  roll-­‐out   on   iron   shots   into   the   green,   not   necessarily   spin   related   but   angle  of  decent  controlled.      Page 8  

My control  with  these  irons  improved  over  my  previous  irons.    I   felt  like  I  had  great  shots  and  poor  shots  before,  these  however   offered  a  lidle  more  control  in  terms  of  distance  and  trajectory.    I   felt   more   in   control   of   these   irons   rather   than   the   irons   controlling   me.     I   could   hit   a   variety   of   shots   without   too   much   difficulty;  but  yet  auto-­‐pilot,  high  and  straight,  was  easy  too.     I  loved  the  turf  interacNon  with  these  irons.    I'm  not  a  big  fan  of   thick  soles  but  unfortunately  if  they  get  too  thin  or  sharp  I  tend   to   dig.     These   have   the   perfect   radius   leading   edge   paired   with   trailing   edge   relief.     Just   enough   sharp   to   get   into   he   ground   behind  the  ball,  just  thick  enough  to  keep  from  digging  and  just   enough  relief  to  exit  cleanly.    Because  they  are  thinner,  they  are   much  easier  to  get  through  thicker  rough  too.    This  summer  we   had  some  significant  rainfall  and  the  rough  on  most  courses  were   as  thick  as  ever.    These  could  cut  in  and  dig  the  ball  out  with  ease.                                               The  X-­‐forged  irons  are  obviously  forged,  but  Callaway  calls  them   "triple  net"  forged.      While  I  don't  know  what  that  means  in  the   process  of  making  irons,  I  do  know  that  these  are  as  budery  soH   as  any  forged  iron  I  have  ever  hit.    I  think  they  are  beder  feeling   than  previous  x-­‐forged  models.    They  have  a  pure  feel  at  impact   and  with  a  fairly  decent  sized  sweet  spot,  they  certainly  feel  good   even  if  not  dead  center  every  shot.    Now  if  you  get  to  the  edges   you  will  have  instant  feedback  in  terms  of  feel.     The  PXi  6.0  iron  shaHs  were  also  a  real  treat  as  a  stock  shaH.    I   hadn't  been  a  fan  of  regular  PX  shaHs  because  of  their  harsh  feel.     The  PXi  shaHs  are  much,  much  smoother  and  have  a  higher  ball   flight.    They  are  just  a  touch  lighter  too.    They  are  much  more  like   a  KBS  shaH  or  Nippon  shaH  in  terms  of  feel  and  performance.       Fall 2013 Edition South Florida Golf Magazine


What I   really   liked   about   these   irons   was   the   top   to   bodom   interacNon  of  the  set.    The  4-­‐6  irons  were  all  easy  to  elevate  yet   have  a  flat  high  flight.    At  Nmes  I  have  struggled  with  long  irons,   but  with  these  I  have  hit  some  of  the  best  shots  on  long  par  3s  or   long  par  4s.    I  am  very  comfortable  again  with  the  a  long  iron  in   hand.    The  mid  irons  7-­‐8  probably  get  the  most  use  of  all  my  irons   and   these   shine   even   more.     They   also   have   a   high   flat   flight   that   ascends   very   quickly   and   lands   soHly.     The   9-­‐pw   are   excellent   scoring  clubs.    These  are  the  quickest  in  the  air  yet  sNll  fladen  out   nicely  at  the  top  to  reach  their  consistent  distance.      I  felt  like  I  hit   many  "pro"  type  shots  with  all  of  these  irons.              

                              Callaway  has  really  stepped  it  up  in  2013  with  their  product  line   from  top  to  bodom.    My  bag  is  filling  up  with  Callaway  clubs.  The   Callaway  2013  X-­‐Forged  irons  have  won  a  spot  in  my  bag.    They   offer   everything   I   am   looking   for   in   an   iron:   easy   to   hit   from   all   condiNons,   consistent   yardages,   players   irons   with   some   forgiveness   and   awesome   forged   feel.     I   am   a   single   digit   handicap  and  think  these  could  be  played  by  anyone  from  a  +  to   a  -­‐12  handicap  with  success.    There  is  a  reason  Phil  has  these  in   his   bag   and   is   winning   with   them;     The   2013   Callaway   X-­‐Forged   irons  are  winners!!         For  more  informaNon:     Quick  Hits   +Excellent  control   +Great  feel   +Perfect  sole  grind   +Balanced  weighNng   +BeauNful  looks    

Fall 2013 Edition South Florida Golf Magazine

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LOOK BETTER PLAY BETTER TRUST YOUR STYLE TRUST YOUR SWING TREVOR IMMELMAN. CALLAWAY TOUR PROFESSIONAL Callaway and the Chevron Device are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Callaway Golf Company. Perry Ellis International, 3000 NW 107 Ave., Miami, FL 33172. Official licensee of Callaway Golf Company. Š 2013 Callaway Golf Company.


This year  TaylorMade  took  the  golfing  world  by  storm  with  their   introducNon   of   the   innovaNve   R1   Driver.   Promises   of   more   distance   and   even   beder   performance   than   previous   TaylorMade   drivers.  By  mid  February  just  about  every  tour  staff  player  had  an   R1   in   their   bags.   But   just   a   few   months   later   they   launched   yet   another  driver,  the  SLDR…  What  happened?       Some   criNcs,   including   myself,   felt   that   although   the   R1   driver   was  a  great  looking  driver,  it  felt  to  perform  to  the  standards  of   its  counterpart  the  Rocketballz  Stage  2  Driver.                                         TaylorMade   SLDR   driver   is   the   newest   release   from   TaylorMade   and   its   simplisNc   approach   is   going   to   win   the   hearts   of   many   golfers   who   were   confused   with   so   many   budons   and   adjustments   found   in   the   R1.   TaylorMade   SLDR   uNlizes   a   sliding   adjustable   weight   on   the   sole   plate   of   the   driver.   AHer   inspecNng   the  club  and  adjusNng  it  to  the  desired  se7ngs,  the  simplicity  of   the  adjustability  was  really  nice.        

TaylorMade SLDR utilizes a sliding adjustable weight on the sole plate of the driver.

The Review     We   took   the   TaylorMade   SLDR   to   the   range   to   get   our   proper   fi7ng.   It   took   me   about   5   swings   to   get   used   to   the   driver   and   I   played  just  the  way  it  came  configured  from  the  factory.  The  model   we  are  about  to  test  has  the  following  configuraNon:     TaylorMade  SLDR  9.5*  LoH   Fujikura  Speeder  57  (X  sNff)   Sole  plate  weight  set  in  the  middle     The   SLDR   has   a   center   of   gravity   that   is   lower   and   more   forward   than   any   driver   TaylorMade   has   ever   produced.   Our   first   impression  is  that  the  driver  has  to  be  and  feels  a  lot  lighter  than   other   drivers   we   have   ever   tested.   A   lighter   feeling   driver   promotes  a  faster  swing  speed.  In  my  case  my  average  swing  speed   is   just   below   107   mph   but   once   I   warmed   up   I   was   swinging   this   club   close   to   112   mph.   A   low   center   of   gravity   allows   golfers   to   launch  the  ball  higher  and  with  less  spin,  which  is  the  key  to  longer   drivers.   It   also   gives   the   it   slightly   faster   ball   speeds   and   more   forgiveness,  parNcularly  on  shots  hit  low  on  the  face.       We  were  not  able  to  get  awesome  numbers  out  of  our  drives  due   to  the  simple  fact  that  we  were  facing  a  sNff  breeze,  on  a  couple  of   occasions   I   manage   to   squeeze   a   250+   yards   drive   but   I   was   very   impressed  with  the  overall  performance,  control  and  ball  trajectory   of  this  new  driver.  This  club  is  a  real  winner  for  TaylorMade!!         Pos:  SimplisNc  Approach,  penetraNng  ball  flight,  ultra  light  weight   Neg:  Preset  loH  with  1.5*  deg  up  down  adjustability  

Fall 2013 Edition South Florida Golf Magazine

    Even   for   those   familiar   with   how   adjustable   drivers   work   and   with   extensive   experience   of   TaylorMade   drivers,   the   ease   of   use   was   very   refreshing,   in   my   opinion   we   should   spend   more   Nme   ge7ng   a   proper   fi7ng   before   you   buy   your   driver   rather   than   buying  it  and  having  to  spend  a  couple  of  hours  trying  to  make  it   play   for   you.   TaylorMade   SLDR   is   so   easy   to   adjust   that   a   golfer   with   basically   no   experience   with   adjustable   drivers   could   easily   pick   this   club   up   and   make   the   necessary   changes,   a   very   nice   change  from  the  TaylorMade  R1.  

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Purchasing a  set  of  Miura  CB-­‐501  irons,  considered  by  many  the   ulNmate   set   of   golf   irons,   its   an   experience   like   no   other.   These   are  not  your  average  assembly  line  golf  irons...  In  fact,  Miura  Golf   is   only   found   in   selecNve   golf   pro   shops   worldwide.   The   kind   of   pro  shops  where  a  golfer  can  find  a  one-­‐on-­‐one  customer  service,   knowledgeable   sales   staff     and   state   of   the   art   custom   fi7ng   facility...  all  essenNal  elements  to  a  successful  sale                                             Billy  Baldwin,  Store  Owner  at  Planet  Golf  tells  me  "I  don't  really   know  any  golfers  that  will  purchase  a  set  of  Miura  and  then  next   year   they   go   and   purchase   a   different   brand...   Miura   is   a   commitment...  buying  Miura  Golf  is  for  life...”      

The fiQng  Process   My   fi7ng   was   done   a   few   weeks   ago   at   Planet   Golf   in   Miami,   Store  Manager  Nelson  Mesa  has  been  a  good  friend  and  mentor   through  the  Miura  fi7ng  process,  a  process  like  no  other  in  golf   fi7ng.   Planet   Golf   was   one   of   the   few   recommended   local   Pro   Shops  where  they  could  tailor  a  Miura  set  to  the  company's  strict   guidelines.     Nelson   proceeded   to   show   me   the   enNre   Miura   line   from   the   Mini-­‐Blade   models   all   the   way   to   the   game   improvement   PP-­‐9003  irons.  I  was  measured  to  proper  length  and  I  tried  most   of   the   irons   in   a   span   of   more   than   an   hour   but   the   one   that   was   beder   for   my   game   was   the   CB-­‐501.   The   Miura   CB-­‐501   iron   has   a   large   “sweet   spot”   area   behind   a   muscle   back   delivering     a   ball   flight  with  the  trajectory  of  a  blade.  Nelson  noNced  via  the  flight   simulator   that   I   was   hi7ng   the   CB-­‐501   very   high   when   shaHed   with  the  Project  X  6.5  shaHs.  We  proceeded  to  try  more  than  10   different   shaH   combinaNons   and   flexes   unNl   we   arrived   to   the   KBS   C-­‐Taper   S   which   coincidentally   I   use   in   my   current   set   of   Adams  CMB  Irons.  Nelson  wrote  down  the  order  and  a  few  days   later  the  heads  arrived  from  Japan.     PuQng  the  pieces  together   Nelson   tells   me   that   for   the   regular   customer   he   would   put   together  the  set  and  then  he  will  call  the  customer  for  pick  up.  He   tells  me..  "...Minor  adjustments  can  be  done  while  the  customer   is  here  but  the  set  was  ordered  to  specificaNons  and  hardly  ever   any  minor  adjustments  are  needed”                                             The  Miura  CB-­‐501  heads  are  prepared  by  drilling  them  to  match   the   specific   size   of   the   KBS   C-­‐Taper   shaHs.   This   is   a   criNcal   component   of   the   process   as   any   mistakes   will   result   in   a   damaged  head...    

Miura is a commitment... buying Miura Golf is for life…

  I   understand   that   there   are   golfers   out   there   who   sNll   don't   believe  that  ge7ng  fit  for  golf  clubs  is  worth  the  effort.  These  are   the  typical  golfers  who  will  visit  a  retail  store,  always  inspired  by   a   television   ad,   or   even   worse   ...inspired   by   a   PGA   Tour   player   who   doesn't   even   remotely   have   the   same   swing...     plop   down   hundreds,  perhaps  thousands  od  dollars  for  a  set  of  irons  without   tesNng  them  and  going  through  the  proper  fi7ng  process??       Well   folks   I   have   news   for   you,   do   not   expect   to   walk   out   of   a   retailer   with   a   set   of   Miura   in   your   hands...   Miura   heads   are   custom   made   per   order   in   their   Himeiji   forging   house   in   Japan.   Miura  clubs  are  sold  in  the  component  form  to  approved  dealers   who   can   custom   fit   players   to   their   clubs.   Best   case   scenario   about   10   business   days   aHer   a   complete   swing   analysis   and   fi7ng.   Page 12

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MIURA CB 501 IRONS! REVIEW BY FERNANDO SOLORZANO - @SOFLAGOLF I can  tell  that  for  the  first  Nme  in  my  life  I  don't  have  to  second   guess  any  missed  shots...  do  I  have  the  right  shaH?  is  my  spinning   rate  to  high?  If  I  miss  it...  it  was  me...  and  no  one  else.     I  have  become  a  Miura  Fan...  and  I'm  not  going  to  apologize  for   that!   We   test   a   lot   of   products   in   our   magazine,   some   great,   some  OK  and  some  bad.  I'm  placing  the  Miura  CB-­‐501  irons  into   the  special  category,  the  same  category  a  car  collector  will  place   a   Ferrari.   A   custom   set   of   Miura's   CB-­‐501   irons   will   run   you   around  $2,200  which  is  probably  twice  as  much  as  your  ordinarily   premium   set   of   forged   irons,   and   if   you   think   that's   too   much   money   I   respect   your   opinion.   But   on   grounds   of   performance,   quality,   elegance   and   looks   they   are   second   to   none.   My   new   set   CB-­‐501   is   not   intended   for   the   average   golfer,   the   thin   top   line   will   inNmidate   the   regular   golfer   but   Miura   has   other   great   opNons   in   their   line   up.   Pu7ng   a   set   of   Miura   CB-­‐501   in   your   bag   will  be  the  smartest  decision  you  will  ever  make!    

Nelson proceeded   to   ad   the   ferrule   and   install   all   the   shaHs.   I   picked   a   super   premium   white   and   green   ferrule   to   match   it   with   a  white  Tour  wrap  by  Tour  Pride  grips.  One  of  many  advantages   of   a   customizaNon   is   having   the   ability   to   pick   shaHs,   ferrules,   grips,  shaH  configuraNons....  anything  and  everything     Once   the   heads   where   ready   Nelson   proceeded   to   adjust   each   individual   shaH   frequency,   spine,   weight   and   balance.   I   can   tell   you  that  in  30+  years  of  golf  this  is  the  first  Nme  that  I  don't  have   to  worry  about  a  7-­‐iron  having  a  8-­‐iron  ball    flight.     The  end  Result   In  my  case  ge7ng  used  to  a  new  set  of  clubs  is  a  learning  process   that   could   take   any   where   from   3   -­‐   6   months.   However;   I'm   wriNng  this  review  aHer  just  one  9-­‐hole  ouNng  and  I  can  tell  you   that   I   just   love   these   irons!   Every   Nme   I   was   hi7ng   each   club   I   was   furthering     my   knowledge   on   the   behavior   of   a   unique   set   of   irons.   The   soH   feeling   of   the   heads   and   the   ball   trajectory   I   see   now  have  leH  me  in  awe  on  a  couple  of  occasions.  As  I  sit  here  it   is   difficult   for   me   to   write   this   arNcle   and   be   as   unbiased   as   possible,  aHer  all  I  became  Miura's  number  one  fan  the  day  I  took   the  very  first  swing  while  performing  my  fi7ng  a  few  weeks  ago.  I   love   the   performance,   I   love   the   looks   and   of   course   I   love   the   tradiNon  and  effort  that  people  behind  the  brand  put  into  these   clubs    

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EQUIPMENT ADAMS TIGHT LIES FAIRWAY WOOD! REVIEW BY MICHAEL BERENGER, PGA Adams  Golf  launched  the  original  Adams  Tight  Lies  Fairway  Wood   in  1995  and  we  must  say  very  few  products  have  had  an  impact   in  the  golf  industry  the  way  the  Tight  Lies  did.  It  was  the  first  Nme   a  company  launched  a  low  profile  (depth)  fairway  wood  designed   to   help   you   hit   balls   in   all   kinds   of   lies.   In   a   nutshell   they   were   confidence-­‐inspiring   for   amateur   golfers   and   made   ge7ng   the   ball   airborne   much   easier.   Now,   18   years   later,   golfers   might   need  them  more  than  ever.                                 The   design   of   today’s   fairway   woods,   which   have   increased   exponenNally   in   head   size,   is   to   gain   more   yards,   to   fly   faster   and   farther.   But   the   added   head   size   has   created   another   problem,   most  golfers  can't  hit  their  fairways  woods  from  the  deck,  golfers   have  to  hit  them  off  the  tee  or  from  a  perfect  lie  in  the  fairway....     fairway   woods   have   become   extremely   hard   to   get   the   ball   airborne                                            

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The new   Tight   Lies   Fairway   Wood   will   revoluNonize   the   game   just   as  the  original  did.  The  playability  from  every  type  of  lie,  and  the   ease  at  which  golfers  can  get  the  ball  in  the  air  makes  Tight  Lies   the  perfect  club  to  hit  those  long  par-­‐4's  and  par-­‐5's.  For  the  first   Nme  in  a  long  Nme  golfers  will  love  hi7ng  a  fairway  wood  again.     The  Review   Club:  Adams  Tight  Lies  Fairway  Wood   LoR:  16*  Degrees   ShaR:  Mitsubishi  Rayon  Bassara  Eagle   Specs:  55  gr  |  Flex  -­‐  SNff  |  Swing  Weight  D2     We   set   out   camp   this   aHernoon   at   Bonaventure   Country   Club.   I   must   admit   I'm   overexcited   to   hit   this   club   as   the   original   Tight   Lies  was  in  my  golf  bag  for  a  good  4  -­‐  5  years.  Having  the  ability   and  confidence  to  hit  a  fairway  wood  (and  get  the  ball  airborne)   from   any   lie   is   always   a   plus.   As   always,   we   warmed   up   at   the   driving   range   and   started   hi7ng   the   Adams   Tight   Lies   Fairway   Wood.   The   immediate   feedback/sound   of   the   club   as   it   hits   the   ball  is  very  characterisNc  of  a  club  with  a  very  low  CG.  We  were     ge7ng   great   numbers   from   our   launch   monitor,   specially   a   high   launch  angle  (15.9*  deg).                                                   While  there  is  not  a  "perfect"  launch  angle,  golfers  tend  to  think   more   on   the   lines   of   "Deck   wood"   or   Tee   Wood".   If   you   want   your   3-­‐wood   to   be   a   more   accurate   and   shorter   version   of   your   driver;   then,   it   is   going   to   be   a   'Tee   Wood'   3-­‐wood,   a   fairway   wood  with  a  lower  launch  angle  and  lower  spin  rate  to  opNmize   distance.  On  the  other  hand,  if  you  want  it  to  be  a  "Deck  Wood"   3-­‐wood,   you   are   going   to   want   something   that   might   launch   a   bit   higher  with  a  bit  more  spin  to  get  maximum  green  holding  power.    

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ADAMS TIGHT LIES FAIRWAY WOOD ! REVIEW BY MICHAEL BERENGER, PGA Below our  launch  monitor  numbers  for  Adams  Tight  Lies  Fairway   Wood,  as  you  can  see  it  excels  in  all  categories,  even  in  distance...       Adams  Tight  Lies   Launch  Angle  15.9*  degrees   Spin  Rate  3,900  rpm   Average  Carry  229  yards   Average  Distance  237  yards     We   noNced   that   despite   the   fact   that   the   Adams   Tight   Lies   Fairway  Wood  has  a  higher  launch  angle  and  higher  spinning  rate   than  the  average  3-­‐wood,  many  golfers  will  actually  hit  the  Tight   Lies   farther   than   those   clubs   because   of   the   increased   carry,   consistency  and  added  technology  features.     We  took  out  the  Adams  Tight  Lies  Fairway  Wood  for  a  spin  to  the   real   world!   We   have   added   addiNonal   images   as   we   re-­‐created   diverse  lie  situaNons.    

We hit  the  club  from  the  middle  of  the  fairway,  the  first  cut,  the   intermediate   rough,   the   big   divot   and   the   deep   4"   rough.   Not   surprisingly  the  club  performed  brilliantly,  the  more  we  hit  it  the   more  we  wanted  to  re-­‐created  impossible  situaNons...     Conclusion   Adams   Golf   has   recreated   the   playability   we   wanted   out   of   the   old   Tight   Lies   including   the   original   Tri-­‐Sole   Design   that   reduces   the   amount   of   turf   interacNon   and   increases   playability   from   most   lies;   Adams   has   also   recreated   the   famous   Low   Profile   upside  down  design  that  increases  the  impact  area  below  the  ball   for   beder   contact,   and   now   has   added   the   technology   proven   Cut-­‐Through   Velocity   Slot   that   creates   a   hoder   face   resulNng   in   longer   ball   distance.The   Tight   Lies   will   be   available   for   sale   Mid   August  2013   In   my   opinion   the   best   feature   of   the   Adams   Tight   Lies   Fairway   Wood   is   versaNlity.   Having   a   3-­‐wood   in   your   bag   that   combines   the  distance  of  a  Tee  Wood  with  the  playability  of  Deck  Wood  is   priceless.   AHer   2   rigorous   tesNng   hours   I'm   quoNng   my   playing   partner  "...this  has  to  be  a  3-­‐wood  on  steroids"  

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Jacaranda West,  located  in  Central  Broward  County    is  considered   by  many  a  shot-­‐maker's  layout.  Jacaranda  West  will  require  you   the   use   of   every   club   in   your   bag   to   successfully   maneuver   the   numerous  doglegs  and  abundant  bunkering.  The  course  makes  a   great   complementary   layout   to   the   more   famous   East   Course   which   has   been   the   host   of   numerous   Pro   Events   and   PGA   Qualifiers.  The  outward  nine  is  slightly  more  forgiving  with  wide   fairways,   recepNve   greens   and   short-­‐cut   areas,   but   the   inward   nine  is  where  the  real  challenge  lies.  The  greens  are  more  boldly   contoured   and   the   bunkering   is   Nghter   along   the   landing   areas   and   green   sides.   At   Nmes   it   seems   that   the   back   nine   is   much   longer  and  difficult  but  is  just  clearly  a  shot  makers  track     Key  Holes   Hole  #1  Par  –  4    (403  yards)   The  hole  plays  southward  and  during  the  season  and  it  will  oHen   play   down   wind,   a   generous   driving   area   introduces   the   player   to   the   West   Course.   The   approach   is   open,   although   bunkers   protecNng  both  sides  of  the  green  are  in  play.  Two  puds  on  this   gently   sloped   green   will   reward   you   with   a   par.   Take   advantage   of  this  easy  starNng  hole.     Hole  #4  Par  –  4  (408  yards)   A  difficult  and  straight  par  4  that  will  play  into  the  easterly  wind   all  year  around.  The  landing  area  is  generous  and  elevated  except   for   the   longest   hiders   that   will   need   to   avoid   the   fairway   cross   bunker.  The  approach  is  open  in  the  front;  the  green  has  a  slight   false  front  and  slopes  back  to  front.  The  leH  rear  pin  placement   should   be   respected.   Out   of   bounds   leH   and   deep   behind   the   green  makes  this  a  very  respectable  par-­‐4.                                        

Play it  safe  short  of  the  fairway  bunker  and  take  an  extra  club  as   you  approach  the  green     Hole  #11  Par  –  3  (205  yards)   Technically  is  the  handicap  16  hole  but  when  you  stand  at  the  tee   box   you   wonder   if   there   was   a   mistake   when   assessing   the   difficulty  of  every  hole.  A  very  difficult  and  long  Par  –  3  that  plays   to  an  elevated  green  and  against  the  easterly  winds,  This  hole  will   challenge   every   player.   While   the   green   is   open   in   the   front,   pu7ng   out   can   defy   the   most   skilled   player.   On   normal   condiNons   take   an   extra   club   and   aim   to   the   middle   porNon   of   the  green.  Par  will  be  a  great  score!     Summary   Jacaranda   West   as   its   counterpart   the   famous   East   Course   are   perfectly   nestled   in   the   middle   of   Broward   County.   It   is   a   fun   layout   and   a   risk   reward   golf   course.   It   is   a   midsize   golf   course   that  requires  more  placement  than  length  off  the  tee  boxes.  The   course  is  well  maintained  all  year  around  and  at  Nmes  it  can  be   compared  to  a  private  facility.                              



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Wriden   by   Jane   Milbrandt   -­‐   In   our   magazine’s   newest   series,   South   Florida   Golf   has   sought   out   PGA   golf   professionals   from   some   of   the   area’s   best   private   clubs,   resorts   and   courses   to   provide  instrucNonal  lessons  and  videos  to  assist  golfers  of  every   level.   Our   first   tutorial   comes   from   the   Director   of   Golf   at   Old   Palm   Golf   Club   in   Palm   Beach   Gardens,   Bud   Taylor,   who   addresses   the   importance   of   hi7ng   down   on   the   ball   to   promote   an  opNmal  adack  angle.                                       TAYLOR:  We  typically  incorporate  the  Trackman  golf  radar  at  the   Old   Palm   Golf   Studio   when   giving   lessons.   Trackman   makes   calculaNons   that   assist   in   instrucNon   such   as   launch   angle,   spin   rate   and   adack   angle.   “Adack   angle”   is   the   number   indicaNng   whether   you   are   hi7ng   up   or   down   on   the   ball.   The   PGA   TOUR   average  is  an  adack  angle  of  three  to  five  degrees  negaNve.  

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For   those   without   access   to   a   Trackman,   the   best   training   tool   a   golfer   can   buy   to   pracNce   improving   his   adack   angle   is   a   98-­‐cent   clipboard.  When  placed  four  to  five  inches  behind  the  golf  ball,  the   clipboard   will   give   instant   feedback   regarding   your   adack   angle.   Start  this  drill  by  pracNcing  with  a  short  shot  and  a  wedge.    If  the   club   hits   the   clipboard   before   the   ball,   it’s   indicaNve   of   a   posiNve   adack  angle,  or  hi7ng  up  on  the  ball.         A   mistake   that   most   amateurs   make   is   hi7ng   the   ball   “fat”   by   making   contact   with   the   ground   before   the   ball.   In   order   to   compress   the   ball   and   gain   more   distance,   it   is   important   for   the   club  to  approach  the  ball  on  a  downward  angle  with  every  club  in   the   bag   except   the   driver.   The   idea   is   to   hit   the   golf   ball   first,   followed  by  the  ground.       The   clipboard   drill   will   immediately   show   you   the   proper   swing   path.  Use  it  and  you’ll  be  hi7ng  it  farther  and  straighter  in  no  Nme.        

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Bud  Taylor,  Director  of  Golf  –  Old  Palm  Golf  Club       Director  of  Golf  at  Old  Palm  Golf  Club  since  2009,  Bud  Taylor  is  in   charge   of   all   things   golf,   from   tournaments   and   instrucNon   to   upkeep  and  maintenance.       Born   in   Huntsville,   Alabama,   Bud   graduated   from   Morehead   State   University   in   Kentucky   in   1992,   and   was   elected   to   the   PGA   of   America   three   years   later.   He   is   a   PGA   CerNfied   Master   Professional  and  was  the  recipient  of  Golfweek  Magazine’s  “Top   40   under   40″₺   award.   He   has   been   associated   with   golf   clubs   in   Kentucky   and   in   Florida,   including   PGA   Golf   Club,   PGA   Learning   Center   and   PGA   Country   Club   in   Port   St.   Lucie   where   he   was   PGA   Director  of  Golf.             Fall 2013 Edition South Florida Golf Magazine      

Old  Palm  Golf  Club         Located   in   one   of   the   world’s   most   golf-­‐rich   enclaves,   the   centerpiece   of   the   community   is   the   tournament-­‐caliber,   7,401-­‐ yard   Raymond   Floyd-­‐designed   golf   course   and   world-­‐renowned   33-­‐acre  Golf  Studio.    Dedicated  to  game  improvement,  Old  Palm   boasts   one   of   the   most   complete   golf   instrucNon   and   training   faciliNes   in   the   U.S.,   home   to   a   spacious   double-­‐ended   range,   V-­‐1   equipped  hi7ng  bay  with  Trackman,  short-­‐game  area  and  three   regulaNon   pracNce   holes   –   a   par   3,   4,   and   5   –   on   which   golfers   can  replicate  every  shot  and  angle  they  encounter  on  the  par-­‐72   course.       For  more  informaNon:        

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FASHION TRADITION SOURCING 2014 COLLECTION! THE LATEST TREND IN GOLF APPAREL (Alphareda,   GA:   September   10,   2013)   –   TradiNon   Sourcing,   provider  of  premium  private  label  golf  apparel  and  accessories  to   some  of  the  most  recognized  golf  courses  and  PGA  Tour  events  in   the   United   States,   announced   this   week   the   release   of   its   2014   line,   offering   a   complete   collecNon   of   classic   high   performance   apparel.       Available  at  finer  clubs,  resorts  and  PGA  Tour  events  throughout   the   U.S.,   the   collecNon   incorporates   a   broad   range   of   newly   developed   fabrics,   created   specifically   for   today’s   acNve   golfer   while  maintaining  TradiNon  Sourcing’s  classic  styling  and  designs   that  are  foundaNonal  to  its  brand.    These  new  materials  provide   enhanced  levels  of  funcNonality  for  golf,  business  and  travel  and   leisure  acNviNes.       “When   presenNng   the   idea   to   a   club   or   tournament   to   create   their   own   brand,   we   pledge   industry   innovaNon,   quality,   performance,   value   and   service,   which   has   driven   our   company   from   day   one,”   stated   Steven   Spencer,   co-­‐founder   and   Director   of   Product   Development   of   TradiNon   Sourcing.     “TradiNon’s   2014   collecNon   is   driven   by   our   Nmeless   designs   coupled   with   our   leading  technology  of  apparel  fabricaNons.    Our  aim  is  to  create   funcNonal,   classic   pieces   that   can   be   worn   from   one   acNvity   to   the  next.”          

New   for   2014   is   the   TradiNon   label.     Created   with   the   same   quality,  adenNon  to  detail  and  performance  as  the  private  label   collecNon,   the   TradiNon   collecNon   is   targeted   for   those   clubs   which   may   not   be   ready   to   advance   to   a   private   label.         “Developing   a   unique   private   label   is   an   incredible   opportunity   for   a   club   because   it   gives   them   the   ability   to   create   something   really   special   that   is   exclusively   available   from   their   club,   while   simultaneously   maximizing   their   margin   opportunity.     We   understand   that   creaNng   a   unique   brand   is   a   lidle   more   involved;   therefore,  if  a  club  isn’t  ready  for  a  private  label,  but  sNll  wants  to   take  advantage  of  our  quality,  service  and  price  points,  we  want   to  give  them  that  opportunity  through  our  own  TradiNon  label,”   added   Spencer.     “The   TradiNon   collecNon   comes   with   our   own   main   label,   hang   tag   explaining   our   company’s   philosophy   and   custom   poly   bag   with   our   new   TradiNon   logo.     We   are   very   excited   about   the   prospects   of   the   TradiNon   line   and   feel   it   will   be  well  received  by  our  customers,  their  members  and  guests.”       With   focusing   on   classic   designs,   TradiNon’s   new   collecNon   includes   newly   created   striped   paderns   coupled   with   vibrant   colors.      “We  will  always  maintain  a  base  of  staple  colors,  but  will   consistently   add   ‘fashion’   colors   to   keep   the   overall   offerings   fresh,”  added  Spencer.        

FASHION AUR INTRODUCES SPRING 2014 COLLECTION! THE LATEST TREND IN GOLF APPAREL Montreal,   Quebec   -­‐   Showcasing   AUR's   proprietary   AcNve™   and  Aware™  fabrics,  the  Spring  2014  CollecNon  incorporates  the   brand's   sophisNcated   and   elevated   design   aestheNc   with   its'   strong  sense  of  golf  authenNcity.    The  AUR  Spring  2014  CollecNon   includes   a   full   offering   of   polo   shirts,   sweaters,   thermal   tops,   shorts,   pants,   outerwear   and   accessories   for   both   men   and   women.           "We  are  extremely  excited  to  present  our  Spring  2014  collecNon   and   we   are   confident   these   season's   collecNon   is   the   finest   collecNon  in  the  history  of  AUR,"  says  Mark  Fletcher,  President  -­‐   Fletcher  Leisure  Group.  "Our  goal  for  this  season  was  to  elevate   the  brand  through  new  and  enhanced  fabric  offerings,  a  refined   designed  aestheNc  and  a  though‚ul  merchandise  assortment."       AUR   is   targeted   towards   the   golfer   who   wants   authenNc   golf   apparel  with  a  disNnct  look  and  feel.  The  Spring  2014  CollecNon   was  inspired  by  the  landscape,  character  and  passion  of  some  of   the  world's  most  unique  locaNons.     Men’s  Colleccon     The  Hanauma  Bay  CollecNon,  consisNng  of  colors:  Neptune  Blue,   Twist   Orange,   Nigh‚all   Blue   and   White,   is   a   striking   color   story   with   clean   and   modern   design   details   inspired   by   the   ocean   waters  off  the  coast  of  Oahu.    

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The addiNonal   men's   collecNons   include:   the   San   Marino   CollecNon,   consisNng   of   colors:   Corsa   Red,   Fieldstone   Grey   and   White   and   the   Nordic   Light   CollecNon   consisNng   of   colors:   Industry  Grey,  Citra  Yellow,  Black  and  White.       Women's  Colleccon   The   Lincoln   Road   CollecNon,   consisNng   of   colors:   Burnt   Coral,   Kiss   Pink   and   White,   is   a   fun   and   feminine   color   story   with   strong   sense   of   elegant   design   and   richness   inspired   by   the   personality   of   South   Beach,   Miami.     The   addiNonal   women's   collecNons   include:   the   The   High   Line   CollecNon,   consisNng   of   colors:   Fireberry   Red,   Black   and   White   and   the   Calabasas   CollecNon   consisNng   of   colors:   Spring   Green,   Bright   Cobalt,   Argento   Silver   and  White.     About  the  fabrics   AUR   AcNve™   fabrics   are   produced   using   the   latest   in   fabric   technology.     These   fabrics   offer   the   ulNmate   in   comfort   and   performance   as   their   benefits   include   moisture   wicking,   fast   drying  and  anN-­‐odor  properNes.   AUR   Aware™   fabrics   are   constructed   using   environmentally   friendly   yarns.     These   fabrics   offer   the   ulNmate   in   comfort   and   performance  as  their  benefits  include  moisture  wicking,  anN-­‐odor   and  easy  care  properNes.            

Fall 2013 Edition South Florida Golf Magazine




The Mark of a Player









DRYJOYS TOUR XP delivers extreme performance with a high-tech, 3-layer bonded construction that is lightweight, breathable, fl exible and completely waterproof. Not surprisingly, elite players like Steve Stricker choose it along with our Tour-proven layering system to make every day playable. It all adds up to the level of detail you expect from FJ, the leader in golf outerwear.


HIRZL Golf  Glove   Perfect  Grip  In  Dry  Weather  CondiNons     Perfect  Grip  In  Wet  Weather  CondiNons   More  Structured  Palm  Leather   100%  Sweat-­‐free  Palm  

SwingSmart Golf  Analyzer  was  invented  to  give  both  the   casual  and  commided  golfer  the  opportunity  to  train  like   the  professionals.  For  the  very  first  Nme,  golfers  can  get   INSTANT,   objecNve   feedback   on   every   swing   they   take.   It's   like   having   the   perfect   swing   coach   with   you   at   all   Nmes.    

The Tin   Cup   system   enables   you   to   "Make   Your   Mark"   with   a   personalized   ball   marker   using   the   logo   or   design   of   your   choice.    

Fall 2013 Edition South Florida Golf Magazine

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Ineedtheball The   only   3pc   cast   urethane   golf   ball   with   Tungsten   core   on   the   market   today.     The   ball   is   priced   below   premium   balls   on   the   market   but   performs   at   the   same   level   if   not   beder.    

Rife Golf  Ball   The  V-­‐MoNon  is  a  Tour  quality,  urethane  ball  made  for  golfers  who   want  high-­‐spin  and  great  feel  around  the  greens,  as  well  as  extreme   distance   off   the   tee.   The   V-­‐MoNon   challenges   every   professional   ball  ever  made  and  is  built  to  compete.    

59 Belts   59   creates   truly   unique   quality   custom   Golf   Belts,   Golf   Buckles   and   Golf   Accessories   for   serious   players.   Every   single   59   buckle   is   created   one   at   a   Nme   to   exact  specificaNons.    

Caddie Towels  –  Club  Glove   Demanded  by  Tour  players  and  their  caddies,  these  premium  pro-­‐tour  size   microfiber  golf  towels  exceed  professional  Tour  standards  and  outperform   any  other  towel  in  golf.  Includes  free  matching  "greenside"  pocket  towel.   These  premium  towels  are  gentle  enough  to  be  used  to  clean  and  polish   glasses,  plasNc,  chrome  and  other  delicate  surfaces  without  scratching.     Page 24

Fall 2013 Edition South Florida Golf Magazine

THE R1 IS THE #1 DRIVER ON TOUR. Because when it ’s time to compete nothing matters but performance. It s ’ our most advanced driver ever. Our pros got longer and so will you. Getting yards has never been this easy. Make it

#YOUR1 © 2013 Taylor Made Golf Company, Inc. #1 Driver in Golf claim based on combined 2012 wins and usage on the PGA, European, Japan Golf,, Champions and LPGA Tours, as reported by the Darrell Survey Co. and Sports Marketing Surveys, Inc.


Download the R1 Driver Tuning app and get distance like the pros.


Twice as hot claim based on CT test comparison against original Tight Lies fairway.

**Offer valid only on purchase of the Adams Tight Lies fairway wood made at authorized Adams U.S. retailers. Original receipt required for refund. Purchase must be made between August 15, 2013 and October 15, 2013. Return must occur within 30 days of purchase. If Tight Lies was purchased online, Adams will not reimburse original shipping and handling costs. Call 1-800-709-6142 or go to for information on the return process. You will receive a check within 12 weeks of Adams’ receipt of club and verification of purchase. REFUND LIMITED TO PURCHASE PRICE PAID AND EXCLUDES ALL TAXES. Only one return per U.S. mailing address.

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