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12th Annual Golf Machado Classic

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South Florida  Golf    

Publica:on of  Young  Morris  Group   326  Lincoln  Rd    Suite    #228   Miami  Beach,  FL  33139  



Summer brings  great  things  for  us  South  Floridians,  beach,  vaca:ons  and  specially   low  golfing  rates.  This  is  the  perfect  :me  for  those  of  us  who  are  on  a  golf  budget   to   explore   and   play   the   more   expensive   golf   courses   in   our   area,   you   may   be   surprised   to   find   bargains   even   in   loca:ons   you’ve   thought   it   was   impossible   to   play.         The   PGA   of   La:noamerica   will   be   making   its   maiden   qualifier   at   the   beau:ful   Doral  Great  White  Course  July  30th  –  August  3.  Pre-­‐qualifying  for  this  event  took   place   at   the   PGA   Golf   Club   –   Wanamaker   and   the   secondary   place   The   PGA   Country   Club.   The   top   20   players   will   join   the   rest   of   the   qualifiers   via   Tour   de   las   Americas   and   the   Southern   Regional   Qualifier   in   Buenos   Aires,   Argen:na.   There   has   been   a   lot   of   talk   about   this   newly   formed   tour   which   will   complement   the  Tour  as  the  top  players  of  the  order  of  merit  will  be  awarded  with  full   :me  status  on  the  Tour  (formerly  Na:onwide  Tour)     As  always  we  want  to  thank  our  sponsors  for  believing  in  our  product  and  many   thanks   to   you   our   fan   for   all   those   daily   emails   we   receive.   Thank   you   South   Florida  and  keep  it  in  the  short  grass  

Fernando Solorzano @SOFLAGOLF        

THE NEW ARNOLD PALMER COLLECTION Now available at selective South Florida locations



Doral Golf Pro Shop Weston Hills C.C. 4400 NW 87 AV 2600 Country Club Way Doral Weston

Golfsmith Palm Beach Golf Center 20415 State Road 7 7700 N. Military Trail Boca Raton Palm Beach Gardens

Palm Beach Golf Center 3698 N. Federal Hwy Boca Raton

Golf Course Review

Boca Grove Plantation Recognized as   one   of   South   Florida’s   most   affluent   communi:es,   Boca   Grove   is   a   pres:gious   members   only   golf   and   country   club   located  in  the  heart  in  Boca  Raton  just  minutes  away  from  Interstate  95.  Last  year  Boca  Grove  underwent  a  makeover  by  famed  Jim   Fazio   Golf   Design,   including   a   complete   overhaul   and   upgrade   of   the   irriga:on   system;   redesign   and   replacement   of   the   greens   complexes;  reshape  and  regrass  of  the  course,  all  fairways,  and  rough;  and  redesign  of  the  fairway  bunkers.  Chad  Kurmel,  PGA  and  Golf   Director  gave  us  a  briefing  and  the  details  of  the  renova:on...  "the  layout  of  the  golf  course  is  basically  the  same;  however,  with  the   renova:on  they  have  been  able  to  change  the  typography  and  the  green  complexes  adding  character  to  the  golf  course,  there  is  a  lot   more  movement  of  the  ball  on  the  greens,  it  is  definitely  a  more  of  a  posi:oning  (placement)  golf  course  now  than  it  used  to  be,  the   surface  on  the  greens  is  Mini  Verde  grass,  tees  and  greens  are  Bermuda  Celebra:on.  

Boca Grove  PlantaAon  Golf  Course   Jim  Fazio  Redesign   Mini  Verde  Greens   Bermuda  CelebraAon  Tees  and  Fairways  

Key playing  holes     Hole  #1  (Par  4  –  370  yards)  The  opening  hole   will  give  you  a  taste  of  what  the  golf  course  is   all   about,   length   is   not   as   important   as   placement.  At  370  yards  all  you  need  to  do  is   place   a   shot   between   240   –   250   yards   just   right   of   the   bunker   and   you   will   have   a   short   shot  to  a  generous  green.  This  is  not  a  difficult   hole   but   with   out   of   bounds   lurking   to   the   right   and   people   wai:ng   for   you   to   start   it   could  get  complicated.     Hole   #4   (Par   4   –   438   yards)   Today   this   hole   was  playing  against  a  15  mph  wind  and  it  felt   like   it   was   playing   a   lot   longer   than   that.   A   water  hazard  that  needs  to  be  carried  off  the   tee,   out-­‐of-­‐bounds   right   and   a   second   shot   that   also   needs   a   carry   over   a   water   hazard   to   an   elevated   green,   wow!   The   natural   beauty   of   this   complicated   hole   can   add   an   element   of   distrac:on   and   if   you   are   not   careful   your   round  will  collapse  in  front  of  your  eyes,  this  is   a  make-­‐or-­‐break  hole.     Hole   #5   (par   4   –   363   yards)   Take   advantage   to   this  short  par-­‐4  as  it  has  a  wide  and  generous   fairway   not   seen   from   the   tee   box,   avoid   the   set  of  bunkers  to  the  right  and  this  could  be  a   great  opportunity  to  score  well.   Hole   #10   (Par   4   –   379   yards)   A   medium   size   par-­‐4   playing   today   downwind.   The   landing   area   of   your   tee   shot   is   wide   and   generous   and   the   only   trouble   is   a   waste   bunker   far   away  to  the  right.  Concentrate  to  the  task  and   drive   the   ball   straight   and   you   will   be   rewarded  to  a  short  shot  to  the  green.     Hole   #17   (par   5   –   551   yards)   A   strong   par-­‐5   hole   that   requires   3   great   shots   to   conquer.     Today   was   playing   against   the   wind   and   my   solid  drive  was  just  over  300  yards  away  from   the   green.   The   mixture   of   great   architecture,   buildings   and   houses   with   a   gorgeous   golf   course  add  to  the  distrac:ons,  take  advantage   of  your  second  shot  to  a  wide  fairway  and  get   yourself  in  scoring  posi:on.  


Boca Grove  PlantaAon  

Summary   There   were   many   other   holes   that   could   have   made   our   list   like  Hole  #7  a  long  a  narrow  par-­‐5  measuring  579  yards  or  the   difficult   hole   #11   but   the   truth   is   this   is   one   of   the   best   golf   courses   we   have   played   this   season   in   our   tri-­‐county   area.   Boca  Grove  Planta:on  is  a  fun  golf  course  that  will  make  you   use  every  single  club  in  your  golf  bag.   Manicured   to   perfec:on   it   is   definitely   a   challenging   golf   course  that  will  take  some  :me  to  master.       Pros   Courteous  and  knowledgeable  staff   Great  pace  of  play   Well  maintained  course  manicured  to  perfec:on   World  class  facili:es,  driving  range,  clubhouse,  etc   Well  stocked  pro-­‐shop       Cons   Green  speed  below  our  expecta:ons    

Overall RaAng  9.5/10      

Golf Fitness & Lifestyle by Jeff Kroop


Golf Fitness  Lifestyle     By  Jeff  Kroop  


We love   this   game,   so   let’s   exercise   specific   to   the   game   we   are   all   so   passionate   about,   without   having   to   give   up   our   lifestyle.   I’m   57   years   old   and   my   whole   fitness   rou:ne   is   based   on   the   physical   demands   of   what   golf   is   asking   of   my   body,   muscular   endurance,  mobility,  flexibility,  stability,  balance  and  power.       Now  in  our  younger  Buc  days  when  our  bodies  were  free  to  perform  athle:cally,  you  remember,  we  were  moving  our  bodies   in  mul:ple  planes,  scaling  walls,  falling  from  trees,  jumping  over  creeks,  it  was  natural.  But  as  life  shiped  so  did  our  bodies.         So,  we  got  this!  Let’s  redefine  what  our  athle:c  way  is  NOW!  No  maqer  what  your  age,  handicap,  if  you’re  packing  those   extra   pounds,   if   you   enjoy   a   great   steak,   scotch   and   cigar…one   of   my   favorite   combina:ons,   the   benefits   to   training   golf   specific  will  definitely  enhance  your  game  and  your  lifestyle!  And  more  importantly  keep  all  us  warriors  out  there  playing   longer  and  safer  without  the  risk  of  injury.       Okay,  you’re  probably  saying  –  Jeff,  I  get  it  ...  where  do  I  start…  do  I  purchase  some  new  torturous  fitness  dvd  off  of  late  night   tv?       The   first   and   most   crucial   step   in   redefining   our   athle:c   way   is   to   screen   for   golf   specific   performance   factors   that   will   iden:fy  your  strengths  and  any  limita:ons  preven:ng  your  body  from  playing  its  best  game.  This  would  require  you  to  go   through  a  complete  bio-­‐mechanic  assessment,  which  anyone  who  has  ever  gone  through  will  tell  you  it  is  a  huge  eye  opener.   From  there  your  exercise  prescrip:on  will  be  based  on  those  findings…  it’s  not  a  guessing  game!       The   golf   swing   alone   generates   compression   loads   of   more   than   8   :mes   your   body   weight.   This   ac:on   places   significant   stresses  on  the  body,  and  in  order  to  develop  club  head  speeds  that  can  exceed  100  miles  per  hour  in  less  than  one-­‐fiph  of   second,  muscles  and  joints  are  stressed  near  their  limits….that  is  preqy  athle:c  to  me!       One   of   my   favorite   exercises   that   can   also   be   used   as   an   assessment   of   your   upper   body   flexibility   and   that   you   could   implement  immediately  is  called  –  OPEN  BOOKS  ARM  BENT.  This  exercise  will  get  you  into  a  beqer  posi:on  for  your  back   swing   and   follow   through,   increase   your   shoulder   turn   and   develop   beqer   flexibility   in   your   chest,   upper   spine,   rib   cage   and   shoulder  joint.       Lie  on  your  side  with  your  knees  bent  and  your  hands  extended  out  in  front  of  you.  Take  your  top  arm  and  bend  your  elbow   90  degrees.  Keeping  your  knees  in  contact  with  the  ground,  take  a  deep  breathe  in  an  then  exhale  releasing  all  tension  and   try  to  rotate  your  top  arm  all  the  way  across  your  body.  Try  to  touch  your  forearm  to  the  ground,  keeping  your  elbow  bent   and  at  eye  level.  Return  and  repeat  on  both  sides.       Now  if  you  are  able  to  do  this  exercise  without  your  knees  separa:ng  and  or  your  grounded  arm  not  liping  as  you  rotate   then  that  is  some  great  upper  body  flexibility.  But  if  you’re  struggling,  use  this  exercise  as  a  benchmark  and  work  it  rou:nely   un:l  you  can  accomplish  the  full  range  of  mo:on.  Either  way  make  it  a  part  of  your  ”Golf  Specific  Fitness”  and  the  results  will   be  huge!           See  you  at  the  19th….Go  For  It!    

Jeff lives   and   trains   by   his   own   philosophy   “Golf   –   Exercise   –   Liba:on   –   Cigars   –   Dining   and   Travel.”  He  teaches  you  golf-­‐specific  exercises  for  the  game  we  are  all  so  passionate  about,   without  having  to  give  up  your  lifestyle.   He  holds  cer:fica:ons  from:   TPI  –  Titliest  Performance  Ins:tute,  Level  3  Golf  Fitness  Professional   ACSM  –  American  College  of  Sports  Medicine,  Health  Fitness  Specialist   NSCA  –  Na:onal  Strength  and  Condi:oning  Associa:on,  CPT  –  Cer:fied  Personal  Trainer  


Q&A with South Florida’s native

Cristie Kerr Cris:e was   born   and   raised   in   Miami,   FL   where   she   aqended   the   Miami   Sunset  High  School  in  Kendall.  She  started  her  successful  golf  career  at   the   tender   age   of   eight,   her   winning   accolades   includes   the   1994   Junior   Orange   Bowl   Interna:onal   Golf   Championship   the   1995   Women’s   Western  Amateur     How  did  you  first  get  involved  in  golf?         My   parents   were   recrea:onal   players   and   when   they   went   to   the   course  I  would  tag  along  and  fish  or  play  in  the  cart.  One  day  I  went  to   the   range   and   started   whacking   balls,   and   apparently   I   was   doing   so   well  aper  a  few  hours,  it  drew  a  crowd.       Why  was  it  so  important  to  you  to  conAnue  to  thrive  in  the  sport?       I   am   the   kind   of   person   who   is   preqy   hard   on   myself,   and   I   don’t   like   to   seqle   for   less   than   the   best.   Whether   it   is   golf,   wine   making   or   philanthropy   work,   I   believe   in   giving   everything   you   have   effort   and   talent  wise.  Many  people  sacrificed  for  me  to  be  able  to  have  a  career   in   golf,   I   have   sacrificed   a   lot   and   I   have   a   lot   of   people   and   partners   who   are   part   of   what   I   do   on   tour,   and   I   am   proud   to   say   that   I   work   as   hard  as  anyone  to  be  successful.  Also,  there  is  no  beqer  feeling  in  life   than  to  reach  the  pinnacle  of  success,  winning  golf  tournaments  is  the   greatest  thrill  I  know.         What  is  your  favorite  golf  apparel  and  equipment?   I  am  a  Lacoste  girl.  I  have  been  with  the  company  for  7  years  now.  I  love   the  casual  elegance  of  the  brand,  and  the  quality  of  the  fabrics,  and  the   style.  I  see  a  lot  of  people  wearing  more  sport  brands  when  they  play,   but  I  like  to  think  of  golf  as  an  opportunity  to  dress  well.             I  have  been  playing  a  mix  of  Callaway  Irons  and  Ping  woods  for  the  past   few  years,  and  I  play  Scratch  wedges  and  use  a  Titleist  ProV1  ball.    I  like   Aerogreen  shoes  and  also  have  worn  Walter  Genuin.       What  does  an  average  day  look  like  for  you?       I  like  to  wake  up  and  have  morning  coffee  with  my  husband.  (We  love   Firecreek   roasted   right   in   Cave   Creek.)   Then,   I   head   to   the   course   for   prac:ce  for  four  or  five  hours.  Next  I  typically  hit  the  gym  for  a  workout,   some   days   I   do   my   girlie   stuff   like   gewng   my   hair   and   nails   done.     I’ll   end   the   day   by   taking   my   Sharpei   for   a   walk   and   star:ng   to   prepare   dinner.   A   lot   of   the   non-­‐tournament   weeks   also   are   spent   preparing   for   events,   the   travel   logis:cs   and   prepara:ons.   We   have   dinner   at   home   a   lot  when  we  are  in  Arizona,  but  we  do  get  to  see  friends  at  the  club  or   around  the  valley.  We  like  to  host  or  go  to  wine  dinners.      

What accomplishments  are  you  most  proud  of?       From   a   golf   standpoint,   probably   having   won   two   majors   and   becoming   the   No.   1   player   in   the   world   in   2010.  That  was  a  lifelong  dream  of  mine.       Off  the  course  -­‐  raising  money  for  breast  cancer.  Last   year   we   opened   our   first   dedicated   Women’s   Health   Center   in   Jersey   City,   New   Jersey.   We   have   treated   thousands  of  women  in  our  first  year,  many  of  them   without  insurance.  That’s  preqy  special.       I   also   am   proud   of   the   wine   project   we   started   with   Pride   Mountain   Vineyards.   Our   2007   Cabernet   Sauvignon,  Curvature,  was  served  at  the  recent  White   House  State  Dinner  honoring  Angela  Merkel.       What   are   some   of   your   other   favorite   hobbies   or   pasAmes?   I  actually  like  keeping  busy  to  take  my  mind  off  golf,   which  can  be  preqy  all  consuming.  I  like  to  shop,  my   husband   and   I   collect   some   western   art   and   the   Scoqsdale-­‐area   is   great   for   that.   I   like   leisure   travel   and   learning   about   winemaking,   which   has   become   more   than   a   hobby.   I   love   movies   and,   believe   it   or   not,  housekeeping.       If   you   could   give   a   beginner   golfer   any   advice   what   would  it  be?       Have   fun.   I   see   all   levels   of   golfers   all   the   :me   and   they   try   way   too   hard   and   take   it   way   too   seriously.   Golf   should   be   fun   first   and   foremost   for   beginners,   and  don’t  focus  so  much  on  the  score  as  having  a  nice   experience.   Don’t   be   afraid   to   take   lessons.   That   is   truly   the   best   way   to   get   more   out   of   the   :me   you   spend  golfing.       Do   you   get   a   lot   of   women   golfers   and   enthusiasts   looking  up  to  you?  Is  it  a  posiAve  experience?       Yes.  I  find  that  very  rewarding,  but  I  have  to  say  there   are   as   many   women   who   are   in:midated   about   my   being  a  professional  athlete.  I  think  it  is  different  with   men   who   find   it   more   natural   to   look   up   to   role   models,  in  sports  anyways.           What  do  you  see  in  your  future?       I  have  a  lot  of  golf  lep  in  my  future.  I  also  am  studying   for  my  Level  1  Sommelier  exam  and  I  would  like  to  get   into  the  food  and  beverage  industry.           I   would   like   to   con:nue   to   grow   our   breast   cancer   work,  possibly  expanding  our  current  women’s  health   facility  and  maybe  open  up  a  few  more.       I  also  would  like  to  start  my  own  family  at  some  point.  



Summer has   arrived   in   South   Florida   and   this   year   is   expected   to   be   ho`er   than   ever   before   with   brand   new   equipment   from   several  manufacturers.  South  Florida  Golf  brings  you  a  review  of  the  new  tools  and  equipment  in  the  golf  industry.    

CHAMP CHAMP/MacNeill   Engineering   Worldwide   –   The   World   Leader   in   Sport   Cleat   Technology®   and   maker   of   innova:ve   CHAMP   spikes,   high-­‐performance   golf   tees   and   accessories   –   announces   the   na:onwide   availability   of   its   new,   ultra-­‐lightweight   FLIX   Divot   Repair   Instrument.   FLIX   Divot   Repair   Instrument   features   a   magne:cally   aqached   ball-­‐marker   that   can   be   customized   to   include   company,   club  or  event  logos  and  names  

adidas Golf  ,  adidas  Golf  is  proud  to  announce  two  athle:c   performance  shoes  –  puremo:on  and  crossflex.  Each  shoe   is   designed   to   provide   maximum   flexibility   and   increased   comfort   on   and   off   the   golf   course.   Extremely   lightweight,   both   styles   help   your   performance   round   aper   round.   PuremoAon   Anatomically   correct   with   a   wider   forefoot,   this  golf  shoe  allows  for  more  natural  movement.  Crossflex   Built  on  a  lightweight  running  last  for  athle:c  performance  

For more  informa:on:  

Adams Golf   By   combining   incredible   looks   and   feel   with   a   mul:-­‐material   construc:on   to   provide   forgiveness  never  before  seen  in  a  players  iron,  Adams   Golf  has  raised  the  bar  for  the  future  of  the  players  iron   category   with   the   introduc:on   of   the   Idea   CMB   irons.   “With  the  CMBs  we  have  created  an  iron  that  appeals   to   the   best   players   in   the   world,   but   also   has   technology  to  make  them  playable  for  a  wide  range  of   players,”   said   Tim   Reed,   VP   of   R&D   for   Adams   Golf.   “The   look   and   feel   of   the   CMB   irons   meets   the   demands   of   tour   players   and   low   handicap   amateurs,   but  the  unique  tungsten  weigh:ng  in  each  iron  makes   them  great  for  aspiring  players  as  well.”     For  more  informa:on,  please  visit  

Two Good   Rounds   is   an   interna:onal   tribute   to   great   Pro   golfers   and   the   golf   lifestyle,   which   open   includes   the   enjoyment  of  drinks.  In  each  chapter,  golf  writer  Elisa  Gaudet   asks   a   notable   professional   golfer   the   same   ques:ons:   What   is   your   favorite   drink?   What   is   your   favorite   clubhouse   or   19th   hole?   And   what   is   a   special   :me   or   memory   you   can   recall   from  a  19th  hole?  Have  you  ever  goqen  a  hole  in  one?  Did  you   buy  the  clubhouse  a  round?   The  results  yielded  a  wide  array  of  answers  ranging  from  crazy   celebra:ons   aper   a   win   to   hear{elt   memories   of   childhoods   spent   playing   golf   with   family   and   friends.   From   the   Arnold   Palmer   (one-­‐half   lemonade,   one-­‐half   iced   tea)   to   the   Guinness   (the   beloved   drink   of   tour   star   Darren   Clarke),   to   Ernie   Els   award   winning   South   African   wine,   drinks   and   golf   are   inextricably  linked.  Buy  this  book!!  You  will  love  it!!  

Book can  be  purchased  via   Amazon  and  also  found  in   most  golf  shops  and   outlets  

Tifosi Eyewear   Introducing   the   Podium,   a   revolu:onary   frameless   eyewear   system   by   Tifosi   Op:cs,   Inc.   The   Podium,  in  stores  June  2012,  allows  an  unobstructed  line   of   vision   for   the   wearer,   a   great   advantage   for   triathlon,   cycling,  golf,  and  other  ac:ve  sports.   The   Podium   features   a   one-­‐piece   decentered   polycarbonate   lens   with   an   easily   removable   nosepiece   and   temples.   The   effortless   lens-­‐changing   design   eliminates   stress   on   the   eyewear   components,   avoiding   damage  to  the  lens,   temples  and  nosepieces.     For  addi:onal  info  please  contact  

Titleist 913   Driver,   the   new   driver,   with   a   day   view   scheduled  at  the  AT&T  is  being  put  through  its  paces  by   the   likes   of   Jason   Dufner   and   Steve   Stricker,   as   well   as   Rory  McIlroy,  who  had  one  sent  to  his  home.  The  brand   are   yet   to   release   in-­‐depth   technical   informa:on   about   the   club,   but   from   the   pictures   it   is   clear   to   see   that   it   retains   its   adjustability   and   once   again   features   a   black   PVD  finish.   To   keep   up   to   date   with   the   latest   news   on   Titleist   equipment   and   be   the   first   to   know   further   details   on   the   913   drivers,   visit   and   click   on   Team   Titleist..  

Callaway Hex,   Callaway   went   with   a   1   top-­‐:er   tour   ball   this   year.     I   think   it   is   a   great   move   and   really   offers   the   best  of  both  worlds.    Here  is  what  I  found  on  the  course   with   this   ball.     I   was   ini:ally   impressed   by   the   length   off   the   tee.     For   me   it   was   right   up   there   with   the   Tour   i(z)   from  the  previous  year.    It  had  a  nice  mid  trajectory  that   just  stayed  in  the  air  for  some  of  my  longest  drives  of  the   season.     It   felt   slightly   firmer   than   say   the   Tour   i(s)   but   soper  than  they  Tour  i(z).    It  is  that  perfect  combo.     For  addi:onal  info  please  contact    

Garmin S3   GPS   Wristwatch   Designed   to   be   worn   as   a   normal   watch,   the   waterproof   S3   is   preloaded   with   27,000   courses   from  around  the  world  which  can  be  updated  periodically  (for   free).   As   well   as   measuring   shot   distance   and   keeping   score,   the   S3's   128   x   128   pixel,   monochrome   LCD   touchscreen   shows   yardages  to  the  front,  back  and  middle  of  greens,  customizable   layup  distances  to  hazards  and  doglegs,  plus  green  shape  and   layout.   The   touchscreen   display,   which   works   when   you   have   gloves   on,   also   lets   you   to   manually   drag   the   pin   to   the   loca:on  on  the  day.     For  more  info  contact  


REVIEW Ping i20 Driver By Ryan Heiman Over  the  years  Ping  has  designed  two  heads:  the  G-­‐series  and  the  I-­‐series.    The  G-­‐series  tends  to  be  more  forgiving  while   the  I-­‐series  was  more  workable.    The  g20  and  i20  fit  the  same  mold.    I  was  impressed  by  how  easy,  straight  and  long  the   g20  driver  was.     The   draw   of   this   club   for   many   will   be   the   black   stealthy   looks.     The   maqe   black   crown   with   the   glossy   black   sole   is   an   amazing  looking  combo.    I  ordered  mine  with  the  stock  Project  X  black  shap.    It  has  a  black  graphite  cross  hatching  look   that   is   simply   stunning.     It   might   be   the   best   looking   driver   on   the   market   right   now   off   the   rack.     The   shape   is   fairly   compact  for  a  460cc  head,  or  at  least  the  all  black  makes  it  looks  compact.    The  face  angle  looks  square  to  my  eye.    I  didn't   find  a  ball  flight  bias.    While  I  don't  work  the  ball  much,  I  could  hit  both  a  baby  cut  and  a  baby  draw  with  it.  

The Project   X   Black   shap   is   new   for   2012.     I   ‘m   really   impressed  by  this  shap.    It  has  a  liqle  beqer/smoother   feel   than   the   original   Project   X   graphite   shap.     It   is   also   a   liqle   higher   launching   so   it   will   fit   a   wider   variety   of   golfers.     The   spin   isn’t   quite   as   low   as   the   original   either,  but  paired  with  the  i20  head,  the  numbers  were   just  perfect  for  me  (see  above).     On   a   couple   of   my   rounds   with   this   driver,   I   let   some   other   golfers   hit   the   i20   and   they   fell   in   love   with   it.     One  golfer  went  out  the  next  day  and  was  looking  into   gewng   his   own.     Another   was   really   happy   hiwng   it   too,  even  though  his  swing  wasn’t  in  best  form.    He  just   loved  the  solid  feel  and  it  was  even  out  performing  his   current  driver.     Ping   also   completes   the   package   with   a   great   headcover.     It   is   nicely   shaped,   has   a   long   sock   that   protects   the   shap   and   has   a   strap   like   handle   that   makes   it   easy   to   remove.     Pings   ID-­‐8   grips   are   also   really   nice.     I've   had   them   now   on   a     number   of   my   clubs,   drivers   and   irons   and   really   like   them.     It   is   a   version   of   a   Tour   Velvet   grip,   but   with   more   cut-­‐out   space.     The   i20   isn't   the   most   forgiving   driver   on   the   market   but  it  offers  incredible  feel,  distance  and  looks.  

During my   rounds   with   the   i20   I   had   very   good   results,   except   for  9-­‐holes  or  so.    Ini:ally,  I  was  hiwng  it  really  well,  long  and   straight,   for   2   rounds,   but   for   about   9   holes   in   the   middle   of   my   3rd  round,  my  driver  swing  was  out  of  sorts  and  the  results  of   the  i20  was  a  liqle  all  over  the  place.    Aper  my  swing  came  back,   I   was   bombing   the   i20   again.     I   found   that   on   average   for   18   holes  I  would  hit  12  awesome  drives  and  2  so-­‐so  drives.    I  think   it   was   mostly   based   on   the   swing,   but   the   i20   is   not   as   forgiving   for  poor  swings  like  the  g20  is.     The   best   part   of   the   i20   is   the   solid   feel.     It   might   be   the   best   feeling/sounding   driver   right   now.     It   is   so   solid.     The   crack   at   impact  is  so  pure.    While  the  g20  was  a  tad  on  the  hollow  side,   the   i20   feels   so   solid;   like   the   2   tungsten   weights   on   the   back   of   the  head  just  go  all  the  way  through  the  ball.     I  found  this  to  be  a  fairly  low  launching  and  a  low  spinning  head.     I  hit  really  strong  drives  that  flew  on  a  mid-­‐trajectory  and  hit  the   ground  running.    It  was  not  extremely  low  launching  or  spinning,   but  just  that  right  amount  for  the  beqer  players  to  get  the  most   out  of  their  driver.    I  spent  a  liqle  :me  on  a  launch  monitor  with   this  club  and  got  near  ideal  numbers.    With  a  9.5  degree  head  I   was  seeing  12.4*  launch  angle,  158mph  ball  speed  and  2325rpm   backspin.      

Incredibly solid  feel   Less  forgiving   Stunning  maqe  black  look   Long   Workable     For  more  informa:on  



Linksoul is   more   of   a   philosophy   than   a   brand.   It   is   the   collec:ve   life's   work   of   a   group   of   people   that   care   about   each   other   and   enjoy   collabora:ng.   We   believe   in   making   things  with  our  hands,  with  the  people  we  love,  for  the  good   of  our  families  and  our  surroundings.     We  come  from  a  long  line  of  golfers,  crapsmen  and  ar:sts.  It   is   our   idea   that   through   these   prac:ces   we   can   learn   the   most   about   ourselves.   The   word   "linksoul"   comes   simply   from   the   term   "links   soul",   which   was   an   expression   of   the   combina:on  of  virtues  we  found  through  playing  golf...  and   now   seek   in   whatever   we   do.   Our   mission   is   to   reconnect   people  to  the  soul  of  the  game.     John  Ashworth  began  playing  with  the  idea  of  Linksoul  over   twenty  years  ago  while  building  Ashworth,  Inc.  Aper  leaving   Ashworth,   and   following   a   long   and   winding   road   through   several   crea:ve   endeavors   from   course   design   in   Scotland,   to   designing   Quiksilver's   golf   apparel   line,   Fidra,   and   back   to   Ashworth  again  for  another  run.  Through  it  all  he  collected   an   all-­‐star   team,   and   with   them   con:nued   to   nurture   and   grow   this   idea   of   Linksoul.   In   2011,   John   and   his   team   partnered   with   Mark   Killeen   and   his   custom   branding   company,  Pima  Direct,  in  order  to  fully  round  off  the  scope   of   Linksoul   with   Linksoul   Club   Custom   Branding.   Together,   aper   years   of   conceptualizing,   collec:ng,   developing   and   designing,  we  are  very  pleased  to  birth  Linksoul.  


Taylormade Penta TP5 By Ryan Heiman In 2012  Taylormade  has  started  to  close  the  gap  and  challenge   that   #1   ball   spot   with   the   Penta   TP5.     Over   the   past   decade   one  ball  company  has  dominated  the  tour.    In  the  last  couple   years   the   other   ball   companies   have   made   great   strides   in   catching  up.         This  is  now  the  second  version  of  Taylormade’s  5  layer  ball.    I   really  liked  the  1st  version.    I  felt  like  it  was  one  of  the  longer   balls   off   the   tee   and   had   preqy   good   spin   around   the   green.     Many  thought  that  the  cover  wasn’t  durable  enough,  nor  did  it   spin  enough  off  wedges;  thus  some  modifica:ons  were  made   and  now  you  have  the  Penta  TP5.    

The newer version is just a touch softer than the older Penta

I’ve   been   able   to   get   in   6   rounds   now   with   the   TP5   ball   and   really  have  enjoyed  them  all.    This  ball  is  just  about  the  longest   ball  off  the  tee  for  me.    The  newer  version  is  just  a  touch  soper   than   the   older   Penta.     It   was   not   a   huge   change,   but   playing   them  side  by  side  I  could  tell  the  difference.    The  soper  core  is   also  designed  to  offer  lower  spin  off  the  driver  for  longer  tee   shots.    I  think  this  may  be  one  of  the  longest  balls  of  the  tee.     On  iron  shots  I  found  the  Penta  TP5s  a  liqle  longer  than  the  originals  because  of  the  lower  launch  angle  and  lower  spin.    It   could  s:ll  hold  the  greens  just  fine  and  didn't  have  big  yardage  gains,  but  here  and  there  coming  into  some  familiar  greens  I   no:ced  a  difference.     The  green  side  spin  was  also  raised  just  a  bit,  again  not  huge  changes,  maybe  a  few  hundred  rpms.    This  can  really  make  a   difference  when  using  the  new  grooves,  those  few  rpms  can  make  a  difference  in  the  remaining  puq.    It  s:ll  is  not  the  highest   spinning   ball   around   the   greens,   but   definitely   improved.   Off   the   puqer,   I   think   the   soper   feel   really   comes   through.     That   buqery  feel  off  the  puqer  really  leads  to  confidence  on  the  green.    It  pops  off  the  face  nicely,  not  hot,  nor  clicky,  but  smoothly   rolling.  While  many  companies  go  with  2  top  :er  balls,  a  distance  ball  and  a  spin  ball,  Taylormade  has  opted  to  have  1  top  ball   that  really  offers  a  compromise.    It  is  a  soper  spin  like  ball,  but  tends  to  play  a  liqle  more  like  a  distance  ball.    The  best  of  both   worlds.       While   there   is   s:ll   a   cult   following   of   the   TP   Red   LDP,   the     new   Penta   TP5   is   about   as   close   as   you   are   going   to   get.     For   me,   I   like  the  TP5  beqer,  I  was  never  sold  on  the  TP  Red  feel.  There  is  a  reason  the  gap  is  closing  on  tour;  the  Penta  TP5  is  a  great   ball.    Longer  than  the  original  Penta,  slightly  lower  launching  and  improved  feel,  yet  beqer  durability.     Longest  off  the  tee   Moderate   Improved  soper  feel   Iron  and  wedge   Greater  durability   spin     For  more  informa:on  



Jacaranda Golf Club West Course


he West  Course  at  Jacaranda,  located  in  central  Broward  County,    is  a  fun  golf  course  that  winds  through  a  series  of  ponds,   canals,  and  lagoons,  which  come  into  play  throughout  the  course.    

It is  definitely  a  shot-­‐maker's  layout  that  will  require  the  use  of  every  club  in  your  bag  to  successfully  maneuver  the  numerous  doglegs   and  abundant  bunkering.  The  course  makes  a  great  complementary  layout  to  the  more  famous  East  Course  whish  has  been  the  host  of   numerous  Pro  Events  and  PGA  Qualifiers.       The   outward   nine   is   slightly   more   forgiving   with   wide   fairways,   recep:ve   greens   and   short-­‐cut   areas,   but   the   inward   nine   is   where   the   real  challenge  lies.  The  greens  are  more  boldly  contoured  and  the  bunkering  is  :ghter  along  the  landing  areas  and  greensides.  At  :mes   it  seems  that  the  back  nine  is  much  longer  and  difficult  but  is  just  clearly  a  shot  makers  track.     Key  Holes   Hole  #1  Par  –  4    (403  yards)   The  hole  plays  southward  and  during  the  season  and  it  will  open  play  down   wind,  a  generous  driving  area  introduces  the  player  to  the  West  Course.  The   approach  is  open,  although  bunkers  protec:ng  both  sides  of  the  green  are   in  play.  Two  puqs  on  this  gently  sloped  green  will  reward  you  with  a  par.    

The course makes a great complementary layout to the more famous East Course which has been the host of numerous Pro Events and PGA Qualifiers.

Hole  #4  Par  –  4  (408  yards)   A   difficult   and   straight   par   4   that   will   play   into   the   easterly   wind   all   year   around.   The   landing   area   is   generous   and   elevated   except   for   the   longest   hiqers   that   will   need   to   avoid   the   fairway   cross   bunker.   The   approach   is   open  in  the  front;  the  green  has  a  slight  false  front  and  slopes  back  to  front.   The  lep  rear  pin  placement  should  be  respected.  Out  of  bounds  lep  and    

deep behind  the  green  makes  this  a  very  respectable  par-­‐4.     Play   it   safe   short   of   the   fairway   bunker   and   take   an   extra   club  as  you  approach  the  green       Hole  #11  Par  –  3  (205  yards)   Technically  is  the  handicap  16  hole  but  when  you  stand  at   the   tee   box   you   wonder   if   there   was   a   mistake   when   assessing   the   difficulty   of   every   hole.   A   very   difficult   and   long  Par  –  3  that  plays  to  an  elevated  green  and  against  the   easterly  winds,  This  hole  will  challenge  every  player.  While   the   green   is   open   in   the   front,   puwng   out   can   defy   the   most  skilled  player.  On  normal  condi:ons  take  an  extra  club   and   aim   to   the   middle   por:on   of   the   green.   Par   will   be   a   great  score!        

Summary Jacaranda   West   as   its   counterpart   the   famous   East   Course   are   perfectly  nestled  in  the  middle  of  Broward  County.  It  is  a  fun  layout   and   a   risk   reward   golf   course.   It   is   a   midsize   golf   course   that   requires  more  placement  than  length  off  the  tee  boxes.  The  course   is   well   maintained   all   year   around   and   at   :mes   it   can   be   compared   to  a  private  facility.         Pros   Courteous  and  knowledgeable  staff   Well  maintained  course     World  class  facili:es,  driving  range,  clubhouse,  etc     Cons   Speed  of  play  can  be  slow  on  weekends  

Overall  RaAng  8.0/10    

12th Annual Gus MachadoClassic At Indian Creek Golf Club, Miami Beach FL

The Gus Machado Golf Classic In 1998   Gus   Machado   founded   the   Gus   Machado   Classic   Charity   Golf   Tournament   benefi:ng   the   American   Cancer   Society.   With  every  year  that  passes,  this  tournament   is  more  and  more  successful  .  Since  2008  the   tournament   is   held   at   the   exclusive   Indian   Creek   Country   Club   ,   at   Indian   Creek   island,   Miami   Beach   ,   and   has   become   one   of   the   signature  events  in  the  grater  Miami  area.  To   date   the   Gus   Machado   Classic   Charity   Golf   Tournament   has   raised   over   half   a   million   dollars.     In   2007   ,Mr.   Machado   founded   the   Gus   Machado   Family   Founda:on   to   beqer   serve   his   Philanthropic   work   in   the   community.   It’s   Mission   Statement   states   that   “The   Gus   Machado   Family   Founda:on   seeks   to   support  a  beqer  society  through  a  variety  of   charitable  dona:ons  to  causes/organiza:ons   that   promote   a   well   rounded,   healthy   community.   Our   goals   include   support   for:   Educa:on   (literacy/youth   programs),   Health   (scien:fic   research/pa:ent   support)   and   Community  Involvement  (Volunteering).     Future   tournament   par:cipa:on   can   be   processed  via  their  website!

The First  Tee  of  Miami   Summer Series 2012! The Future of Golf! is here!!

The First  Tee  prepares    all  young   people  for  success  in  high  school,   college  and  beyond…    

2012 July - September SFG  

Summer Edition SFG

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