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Conserving the land Teck is committed to responsible, sustainable resource development. That commitment includes working to enhance biodiversity and to create benefits for the communities in the areas where we operate. As part of our sustainability efforts, Teck has purchased approximately 7,150 hectares of private lands in the Elk Valley and Flathead River Valley for wildlife and habitat conservation purposes.


COVER: Cold Silhouette | Photo by Olivier Gosselin THIS PAGE: Sam Moffat from the Gear Hub prepares a fresh pair of locally manufactured DID skis for some perfect Fernie powder | Photo by Raven Eye Photography,

EDITOR’S FIX | 5 BUSINESS | 7 Getting to Work - Self Employment by Amy Boeckner Legal Matters – Child Mobility by Angela Etheridge Business News/New Business

ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT | 14 Feature Artist – Jennifer Heath and Helen McAllister Abdou’s LitPicks – Keon and Me: My Search for the Lost Soul of the Leafs by Dave Bidini by Angie Abdou Rental Fix – The Giver by Andrew Vallance Musical Notes – Guitars and bass and drums, oh my by Carolyn Nikodym

COMMUNITY & EVENTS | 22 Feature Visitor – Maëlle Weber by Krista Turcasso Events Calendar / November at the Arts Station

OUTDOOR LIFE | 26 Never Have I Ever – Before the Snow Flies by Jesse Bell Hitting the Trails with the Fernie Trails Alliance – With a Little Help From Our Friends by Terry Nelson

HEALTH AND LIFESTYLE | 31 Fit to Play – 30-Minute Kitchen Workout by Sarah Ingram, Practicing Kinesiologist Health Naturally by Dr. Taina Turcasso, N.D., R.M. - Cold and Flu Prevention

Nourish Through Nature by Krissi Hyland, RHN - The Flu “Shot” Tales From An Unexpected Yogi – Balancing Tension and Relaxation by Heather Ivany Around the World with Rebecca Hall – A Greek Love Affair You’ve Got Male: 11th Month, 11 Tips for Newcomers by Adam K. MacDonald

BITS AND BYTES | 44 The Answer Guy – Travel Tools by Kevin McIsaac Monthly Horoscopes by Claire Simmons

FERNIE FUN | 46 Fix Trivia


Booked! Booked!

Fernie Writers’ Series 2014 Presented by the Fernie Heritage Library

Fernie Writers’ Series 2014 Presented by the Fernie Heritage Library KEON AND ME By DAVE BiDini

2 2 2 2 2 Friday November 21st, 7:00 pm

At the Fernie Heritage Library

+ 250 430 1872

“Bidini is the most creative hockey writer of our time, and Keon and Me is nothing short of a fantastic piece of literature that even non-hockey readers will thoroughly enjoy. This book is an instant classic that transcends the hockey world.” ~ Joe Pelletier - Greatest Hockey Legends

An Art Show & Sale by Rossland

Artist Stephanie Gauvin

Over 25 Wellness Services under one roof! Art Shows Acupuncture Esthetics Massage Nutrition Cooking Classes Meditation Osteopathy and more... Friday, Nov. 21, 6 - 9pm




571 2nd Ave. left of Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Enter to WIN a $1000 Grand Prize of Wellness Services & Products at:

Editor’s Fix

Contributors AMY BOECKNER is the Business Services Coordinator for EK Employment Elk Valley (WorkBC). Whether you are looking for work or looking to hire, they are your one stop shop for all your employment related needs! ANGELA ETHERIDGE is a lawyer at her solo practice Etheridge Law in Fernie and can be reached at 250-430-0007, angela@ and invites you to submit suggestions for her column “Legal Matters.” ANGIE ABDOU is a local writer. She has just completed an 18-city cross-country tour to launch her new novel, Between. Learn more at www. ANDREW VALLANCE is a cinophile nerd who currently lives on the wet coast. Girlfriendless, he spends his time going to movies, buying DVDs and flirting. CAROLYN NIKODYM feels the rejuvenating power of music every single day.

SARAH INGRAM, practicing kinesiologist, is coming clean with what goes on in her kitchen. For specific-toyou training, call 250423-9167 or visit www. KRISSI HYLAND is a holistic nutritionist and whole food chef stoked to be writing for the Fix and inspiring the community to eat not only healthy but tasty foods. Visit or call 250-531-3553 for a nutritional consult or cooking class.

JESSE BELL isn’t quite ready for winter yet, so she finds herself seeking miniadventures in and around Fernie. You should too. DR. TAINA TURCASSO is a naturopathic doctor and midwife practicing in Calgary, Alberta. She spends most of her time catching gorgeous babies, and is slowly inching her way back to Fernie. If the dialogue of yoga being more than a mat experience interests you, join HEATHER IVANY for her workshop “Mindful Journey” beginning Nov 2. Details at www.   REBECCA HALL loves to hear and write about the places that Fernieites travel to. If you’d like to share your travel story, write to her at ADAM K. MACDONALD wishes everyone a meaningful Remembrance Day.

KEVIN MCISAAC haunts the coffee shops and streets of Fernie to find his column source material. CLAIRE SIMMONS is an intuitive Reiki Master living on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia who spent last winter in Fernie. Stay tuned for a link to her blog where she’ll be writing about the intuitive process and posting tips.

I ALWAYS FIND MYSELF in a bit of a pensive state come fall. With such a busy summer, coming to an apex at the end of September, it’s become a yearly occurrence. If there is the opportunity, I immediately escape the Valley. More often than not, I spend the time in Fernie retreating to the isolation of my home and the trails, seeking solitude and to be left with my thoughts to ensure I adequately refuel. It’s not a conscious effort, more a practice I gravitate towards. The work and volunteer efforts that take place leading up to October and November are demanding mentally and socially, and realizing that I am an ambivert (“moderately comfortable with groups and social interaction, but also relish time alone, away from a crowd”) it’s a personal necessity of sorts. Over the years, I have noticed that I am not alone in this endeavour. Many close friends and family members have similar patterns, balancing bustling times with the more retrospective. I have also noticed those that thrive in an abundance of social settings, and others that keep a small circle for the same reasons. We all have our coping mechanisms. They may differ, and alter over time as we change, grow and adapt ourselves, but one thing is for sure they should be respected. It is not a nice feeling when the scales are tipped, and more often than not righting the scales proves more difficult than keeping them balanced. Fall is the perfect time for this balancing act, as before you know it winter and its active calendar will be upon us. Krista Turcasso, Editor

FERNIE FIX | FERNIEFIX.COM Published monthly by Claris Media. To advertise and for general inquiries: Box 1124, 841 7th Ave. Fernie, BC V0B 1M0 p: 250-423-4062 Editor | Krista Turcasso Creative Director | Vanessa Croome Associate Editor | Carolyn Nikodym All content copyright Claris Media. The views expressed in this magazine are not necessarily the views of the publisher.




The winter sports season is almost here! If you struggle with glasses under goggles or your glasses fogging, we can help you. From contacts to goggle inserts to antifog treatment, stop in and ask us about your options!

FERNIE 250-423-4467 BLAIRMORE 403-562-7144 ELKFORD 250-865-2022

691 1st Ave. 250-423-6444

Come into the Fernie Hotel before the game, purchase a full price entree and get a FREE Ghostrider Ticket (1 per person).


Monday - Friday, 12 - 2pm 20 minutes or it’s FREE!


Self Employment AMY BOECKNER

SMALL BUSINESS IN BC IS BIG… according to the numbers it equates to ninety-eight per cent of all businesses and forty-five per cent of all employment, in the province. The majority of these small businesses, eighty-two per cent, are classified as micro (meaning they have zero to four employees). Yes, as you can tell I am fascinated by numbers. It is not because of what they mean. No number will tell a single truth. It is because of the stories they can tell and the questions they will raise. These numbers tell me that in Fernie the success of small business is huge to our community and economy. These numbers also tell me that there may be something in the water because it feels like a lot of people have started their own business here. Starting your own business and being self-employed isn’t for everyone. It requires not only a great idea and resources, but a fair bit of guts as well. Entrepreneurship, from what I hear, will test you – from exploration to start up and then even twenty years later. How suited you are (and in what ways and for what types of businesses) will relate to your experience, traits, lifestyle, attitudes, and goals. The thing to keep in mind is that you don’t have to be perfect at everything… just know when to hire or ask for help. If and once you have decided you’d make an excellent entrepreneur, you are going to have to develop your business idea into something profitable, write a business plan, conduct product and market research, secure funding, establish a business structure, and then set it up for launch. Throughout this process you will need help and have to consult with a number of individuals and institutions. This can feel like a labyrinth or simply frustrating as more doors seem to close


than open. Fortunately, here in Fernie we have some excellent support available just around the corner. Nothing better than a friendly, knowledgeable face down the street! • Are you thinking of starting a business, but not yet started? Check out if you are eligible for self-employment services through a TODD PATERSON AND CREW, THE ELECTRIC COMPANY LTD. WorkBC Employment V. CROOME PHOTO Services Centre, EK Employment Elk Resident Feature Valley ( Name: Todd Paterson • Are you up and running and need Business: The Electric Company Ltd. help? Contact the Business Basin Advisor Program (www.bbaprogram. What was your first job in the ca) for business counselling, detailed Valley? Fernie Sports (that was located in assessment or in-depth financial analysis. the building right beside Mountain View Dental). • Are you having a hard time getting financing? Maybe Community Futures Why is Fernie a great place to work? East Kootenay ( can I enjoy working in Fernie because of the connect you with needed capital through people in our community. It doesn’t ever a loan or set you up with a workshop. feel like “work” because of the friendly people I deal with on a day-to-day basis. • Feeling like a small fish in a big pond? Membership with the What is it about your job that you Fernie Chamber of Commerce (www. love? I love my job because of the all the can connect you different tasks and troubleshooting that we to a central hub for building commerce encounter daily. Being my own boss also and with like-minded individuals. affords some flexibility to either help with our kids Griffin and Kaden or maybe get With small business month having just out for a couple hours for a ski date with passed in October and a shopping frenzy my wife Terry.  likely to kick-start in November with Black Friday, I’d like to salute the small If you could relay one piece of businesses here in Fernie. Thank you for advice to someone working toward taking the risk and for providing not only their “dream” job, what would top shelf service and products, but also that be? My one piece of advice is excellent employment opportunities for so something I was told a long time ago while many here! apprenticing. “Let your conscience be your guide.” In other words, always do your Like I said, Fernie is full of amazing best work and treat people in a way that entrepreneurs. Here is the story of one you will be proud of. such person who is self-employed.




The only couple’s massage in Fernie. Enjoy a luxurious side-by-side massage with your partner, your spouse, or even your best friend in our private fireplace treatment room! ~ 6,600 sq.ft. of luxury ~ Fireplace relaxation spaces ~ Couple’s massage room

~ Infrared saunas ~ 15 trained specialists ~ Outdoor hot pool

Voted Best of Fernie 2012 & 2013

Stay for an hour or escape for the day. Downtown Fernie: 901 - 2 Avenue, Fernie, B.C.


onya Knooihuizen ZDominion Lending Centres East Kootenay Mortgage 462 2nd Avenue, Fernie P: 250.423.1864 | F: 250.423.6761

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Dominion Lending Centres East Kootenay Mortgage PO Box 1864, Fernie BC V0B 1M0 Independantly Owned and Operated




Child Mobility

when deciding if the move is in the child’s best interests and made in good faith are:


• The proposed arrangements to continue the child’s relationship with the parent who is not moving and other important people in the child’s life;

WHEN PARENTS SEPARATE, a very difficult issue that sometime arises is when one parent wishes to move to another community with the child or children of the relationship.

• The child’s health and emotional wellbeing; • The child’s views, unless it would be inappropriate to consider them;

If you are thinking about moving with your child, it is best to try to avoid a dispute and discuss those plans with the other parent. The most ideal resolution is that the parents agree about how to proceed together, without having to get lawyers and judges involved. In some circumstances (but not all) the Family Law Act says that a parent wishing to move, must give the other parent 60 days’ notice in writing before moving with their children. Regardless of whether this provision of the Family Law Act technically applies to your situation, it is a good idea to give this notice anyway. In the written notice you should include when you plan to move and to where you would be moving. The parent receiving the notice then has 30 days to file an application to stop the move. In theory, if the receiving parent does not file the application within this timeframe, the moving guardian is free to move (but the Courts are probably going to be lenient on this 30-day deadline). If the parent receiving the notice opposes the move, the parent wishing to move will have to prove to the court that it is in the child’s best interests to move. This is difficult because invariably the reason for the move is the parent’s decision, not the child’s. A move will invariably mean that the other parent’s time with the child is reduced and harmed. When considering a move, the only real consideration is the child’s best interests, not the interests of the parent wishing to

• The child’s relationships with significant persons, both in the current location and the location of the proposed move (for e.g. grandparents, half siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, etc.); • The history of the child’s care; • The child’s need for stability; • The ability of each parent to exercise their parenting responsibilities; EMILY PULLEN PHOTO

move, nor those of the parent opposing the move for that matter. This is easy to say, but more difficult to put into practice. As a family lawyer, these child mobility cases are among the most difficult because there is no middle ground; either the move happens or it doesn’t. This makes it difficult to find a resolution and as a result this is a topic that unfortunately often ends up in court. If the child lives primarily with the parent wishing to relocate, that parent may feel controlled by having to get approval from the other parent for the move. This is a natural feeling, but unfortunately not supported by the law. Your child’s best interests will almost always include having a meaningful and ongoing relationship with the other parent.

• The parents’ ability to co-operate; • The reasons for the proposed relocation; and, • Whether the proposed relocation is likely to enhance the child’s general quality of life. With the passing of the Family Law Act in 2013 this area of the law became, arguably, more complicated in that there are different tests that apply in different situations. It is arguably more complicated even though, one presumes, the intent of these new provisions were to make this area of the law more predictable. Those parents who are faced with a child relocation issue that they cannot resolve amongst themselves are well advised to seek legal advice from a lawyer experienced in these issues to get assistance on how to navigate this very difficult issue.

Some of the things the court can consider FERNIEFIX.COM





BC Ambulance THE BC AMBULANCE annual food drive is back. Non-perishable food items and toiletries will be collected by Fernie’s paramedics and first responders over two days later this month. Listen for lights and sirens on Friday, November 21 and Saturday, November 22 as they go door-to-door gathering much needed items for Fernie’s less fortunate families. West Fernie and the Annex collection occurs from 6pm to 10pm on Friday night. Ridgemont and downtown collection occurs on Saturday from 10am to 4pm. If you can’t be around, the Salvation Army will accept donations at any time. V. CROOME PHOTO


Angela Morgan Inc. Downtown Studio – Karyn Chopik Studio and Wigle Designs

601 2nd Ave 250-423-6150

Good Earth – World Famous Scrubbies

AFTER 21 YEARS, Carosella is closing its doors. While Pat MacKay, Deb Clapp and their friendly staff will be missed, Carosella’s popular products will not! Here is what is going where:

Stephanie’s Glass & Art Studio – Wine Planks, Out of the Woods paintings, Bear Claws and Moose Spoons Wine Cups and Flasks

Side Street Sweet Shoppe – Fernie’s Finest Fudge

Fernie Forge, Eye of the Needle Studio (opening in the heritage building beside Brown’s Meat Market) – Kitras Art Glass, Chinook Country Forge, Anvil Island Design, K.D. Rooster and Kootenay Forge

Polar Peek Books & Treasures – Padraig Slippers, Hatley Magnetic Lists and Heritage Cards Healing Hollow – Sansaara, Soco Soaps and Warm Buddies; Jewellery: Orange Avocado, NW Coast Native Silver, Silver Suspensions, Ilona’s “chakra” Green Petal – Rocky Mountain Soap and Buddha Bowls


IGS Value Drug Mart – Derek Alexander Handbags and Wallets

Pat and Deb send a warm thank you to their staff, suppliers, fellow retailers and customers.

Fernie Arts Co-op – Fernie Mountain Honey and Candles

Fernie Nordic Society THE FERNIE NORDIC SOCIETY is beginning the season early, with exciting additions and a call for volunteers. FNS has been working hard to improve trails and expand its offerings. Existing trails have been straightened, flattened and widened, ready to be groomed when the snow flies. They will be double-track set

and have room for skating. Additionally, they have installed a bridge connecting the existing trails to a 4-5km new loop, ready this winter season at the Elk Valley Nordic Centre accessed at the Mount Fernie Provincial Park. FNS is looking for volunteers to help out with the following areas: Trail Ambassadors, Events, and Bunny Rabbit and Jack Rabbit programs. If you are keen to be involved, email info@fernienordic. com.



Fenie Museum 491 Victoria Ave 250-423-7016

Elk Valley Dolphin Swim Club


THE ELK VALLEY DOLPHIN SWIM CLUB (EVDSC) is excited to announce its new coaching teams for both Fernie and Elkford. Haley Wright, Beau Mangano, and Patty Vadnais head the Fernie swimmers bringing to the club a wealth of experience in competitive swimming and coaching. Working alongside triathlete and professional coach Cath Liversidge, the coaches will focus on technique, strength, speed and endurance through a structured swim program while fostering an element

of fun and helping to develop a lifelong passion for swimming. The club is also pleased to announce over 20 competitive swimmers from Fernie and Elkford who will represent the club at various swim meets through BC and Alberta this year. The EVDSC would also like to welcome Jera Kipnik and Misty Ferner who bring passion and dedication to the Elkford branch of the club. For more information email info@elkvalleydolphinswimclub. com or visit the facebook page at ElkValleyDolphinSwimClub.

THE FERNIE MUSEUM IS LAUNCHING its 2015 exhibit series with Olympic Spirit: Canada’s Sport Heroes. A select group of Canadian athletes have changed the face of sport in Canada forever. In 2002, SUBMITTED IMAGE Alberta artist Gordon Milne was commissioned by the Canadian Sport Centre Calgary to paint a series of large-scale portraits to celebrate Olympic sports heroes. Twelve works, including Alex Baumann, Silken Laumann, Beckie Scott, Ian Millar, Mark Tewksbury, Diane Jones Konihowski, Nancy Greene, Kurt Browning, Gaetan Boucher, Kevin Martin, Cassie Campbell, and Catriona Le May Doan, will be on exhibit at the Fernie Museum. Gordon Milne is a printmaker, sculptor and portrait artist based in Turner Valley, Alberta. Alongside this work, Milne also completed several portraits of Canada’s leading ballet dancers. The exhibit opens with a Members’ Reception November 28, 7pm followed by a Public Opening and Artist’s Talk, November 29, 1:30pm. It will be on display until March 28, 2015. LOCALCORESHOPS.COM is a new website that offers users the chance to shop for all your gear through local stores at great prices. You will get the friendly and helpful customer service that you expect from a local shop, alongside competitive pricing comparative to other online sites and feeling good about supporting local stores. Visit and submit the product you are looking for. Shortly after, local shops from your area will post their best prices for you. All you have to do is pick the best price and you are set. Not only will you get the best price out there, you will also have a real shop to talk to if you have any issues with your purchase. No more call centres or websites that don’t get back to you. Find the gear you want, get great service, and pay a price you are excited about. FERNIEFIX.COM





Celebrate Recovery 1622 10th Ave 250-423-4112 CELEBRATE RECOVERY IS A NEW PROGRAM that is being offered at Mountainside Church, every Monday from 7-9pm. Jim and Diane Carlson along with Mathew Koleba and Aleatha Hozjan are offering an open door to a 12-step recovery program in a safe, confidential environment for men and women who suffer from addictions such as alcohol and drugs, eating disorders, co-dependency, pornography and gambling. The door is open to anyone that wants to come and work on themselves, you do not have to be a member of the church to be a part of this program. Visit www.celebraterecovery. ca to learn more about this program or email celebraterecoverymountainside@gmail. com for more details on Fernie specifically.

Fernie Clothbots CLOTH DIAPERING IS environmentally friendly, cheap, chemical free, reduces diaper rash, and most importantly, looks super cute on your baby’s bum! A lot of money can be spent on a stash of beautiful new cloth diapers only to be faced with frustration and demoralization when they don’t fit properly or start leaking, sometimes leading to giving up on cloth all together. Fernie Clothbots offers a “try it and see” cloth diaper rental package. Two days of cloth diapers, of all types, to help you figure out what best suits you and your baby. A free 101 session is included, giving you all the information you need to get started. Try top brands like Applecheeks, Bumgenius, Motherease, and Bummies. Newborn sizes are available for tiny bums. If you already have diapers, book a 101 session to help you get started or fix any problems you may be having.

Montane, Fernie

HENRY GEORGI/MONTANE PHOTO FERNIE INVESTOR AND DEVELOPER PARASTONE DEVELOPMENTS has announced the official launch of a new master-planned community, Montane, Fernie. The first stage of construction of the 660-acre property is underway. The first phase of Montane will consist of 20 home sites with prices starting at $138,000. Initially, the community will be comprised of up to 140 single-family homes and will include cottages, townhomes and estate properties. The launch follows the success of Parastone’s “Fernie First” campaign and the sell-out of ten peripheral home sites. “Montane caters to an active community. Parks and greenways will be dispersed throughout individual neighbourhoods and will be within 100 metres of every home,” says Simon Howse, general manager of Parastone. “Walkability is becoming increasingly important to homebuyers. Montane residents will have direct access to Fernie’s downtown via pedestrian walking trails and bike paths.” For more information, visit



Play It Forward Sports Therapy 250-430-1007 PLAY IT FORWARD SPORTS THERAPY provides excellence in athletic therapy and rehabilitation. As a Certified Athletic Therapist, Sanne de Groot, BKin, CAT(C) specializes in the assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal/orthopaedic injuries. Whether you have recently hurt yourself or have been suffering from chronic pain, she can help. Sanne enhances her athletic therapy services with training in other modalities such as holistic nutrition, aromatherapy, meditation, myofascial release and Muscle Energy Technique. Each one hour appointment allows for individual treatment and rehab programs to be designed to enhance recovery, relieve pain, and prevent future injury. This will help you return to sport, work and play faster. Play It Forward was created with the idea of giving back. Sanne believes in serving the Fernie community. Currently, one of the ways she gives back is through her “Monthly Community Days” during which she provides free athletic therapy services to those in need. SUBMITTED PHOTO

OrganicTan 250-423-0294

anywhere in the Elk Valley

CHELSEA PINGERT IS THRILLED to bring OrganicTan to Fernie and Cranbrook. While living in Saskatoon, she regularly received an OrganicTan. When Chelsea and her family moved to Fernie she jumped on the opportunity to bring her favourite service here. OrganicTan is a specially formulated all natural airbrushing solution that offers instant gratification to your skin. Packed full of organic, skin nourishing ingredients, OrganicTan helps camouflage unpleasant stretch marks, acne, and cellulite. OrganicTan guarantees a flawless rich brown tan leaving your skin feeling hydrated and looking luminous through a technique and solution that has been perfected to ensure a natural, even tan. 

Small Business Christmas Parties

This is a fully mobile service clients can experience in the privacy of their home, or they can visit Chelsea’s studio. Additionally, OrganicTan carries SunnaTan, an allnatural, organic skin care line formulated to take care of the skin and maintain the life of the OrganicTan.

250.423.7367 -

Looking for a great caterer to host your Christmas Party or Staff Event? From 40 - 1200 guests, we have you covered. with Dinner & Dance at the Fernie Golf & Country Club. December 6th and 13th. Reservations Required.




Arts and Entertainment


Jennifer Heath and Helen McAllister

Imagine endless blank pages being transformed into a 192 page full-colour book filled with stunning photos, cold-climate gardening tips, tasty recipes, and all the inspiration a reader would need to plant a few seeds and try their hand at growing their own food. Each page a canvas for your writing, your photography, your graphic design. This is our story... We first met in late 2005, eating raclette out at Birch Meadows. It wasn’t long before we discovered that not only were we new neighbours, but that we were also passionate about gardening and specifically about growing our own food. Skip forward to March 2009. We had previously learned that we both had the idea of producing a book on cold-climate gardening. So we met over a pot of tea and had a massive brainstorm session. We wanted to find out how local gardeners meet the challenges of growing their own food in the short growing season of the Elk Valley. At that first meeting we

realized that we had similar ideas, and a compatible creative vision. Our motto became: if this project is a labour of love, then carry on; if it is just labour, abort the mission. In order to meet Elk Valley residents who were growing their own food, we began stalking the back alleys of Fernie, peeking over fences, to find examples. It didn’t take us long to discover many wonderful residents from Elkford to the South Country who were just as passionate about vegetable gardening as we were. During the summer of 2009, we interviewed gardeners, took countless photos, and became incredibly inspired by the many locals who grow a food garden every year. People enthusiastically shared their knowledge and we often came home with a handful of plants or seeds happily shared. After taking countless photos, interviewing many wonderful gardeners, and completing endless research, we committed to a multimedia exhibit that was showcased at The Arts Station


t the start of fall, the third week of September, the bulk of the harvest in cold climates has already been completed. However, there are still a few crops that can be enjoyed fresh in the fall. Some plants will benefit from exposure to frost. Their taste will improve and become sweeter. Other crops need to be harvested before frost hits and their texture is destroyed. In a short growing season, they also may not have enough time to reach maturity. These crops should be brought indoors to ripen.

improves with frost apples, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, kale, kohlrabi, leeks, parsnips, Swiss chard, turnips


indoor ripening required


melons, tomatoes, winter squash


• Once harvested from the vine, a melon will not continue to mature. Melons should be placed in individual paper bags to ripen. • In Helen’s greenhouse, Red Kuri winter squash (also called Kabocha) is a drought tolerant alternative to pumpkin. • Fresh apples can be turned into sauce (see page 36), juice, pies, or crumble. If time is an issue, prepare apples as you would for your favourite recipe and store in freezer. • Green tomatoes can be picked and placed on a single layer of newspaper in a cool, dark place. After a few days to a week, they will begin to turn red. Depending on when they are picked, some tomatoes will just not ripen. After a week or so, the tomatoes that do not show any signs of ripening, probably will not and should be eaten green. Check regularly to avoid spoilage. Many recipes find a use for the unripened gems including the famous “Fried Green Tomatoes.” (CLOCKWISE FROM UPPER LEFT)

• Try harvesting a few leeks at a time. Those left in the ground continue to sweeten until you are ready to use them. (RIGHT)


146 fall

• Using a press makes quick work of an abundant source of apples. Apple juice can be stored in clean milk jugs in the freezer. • Blanching beans involves placing them in boiling water for 2-3 minutes before immersing in cold water and freezing. • Fruit juice canned for preservation and storage. • Veronica’s pantry allows her to enjoy her harvest throughout the winter. • Dried herbs like sage and savory are best stored in a sealed glass jar. • Grated zucchini can be immediately frozen. Plan to store it in a usable quantity that can be easily added to your favourite meal or baking. When thawing, do not remove excess liquid—add all contents to your recipe. (CLOCKWISE FROM UPPER LEFT)

in Fernie in May 2010. The exhibit was very well received. It gave us the kick-start and ultimate drive to bring the book to fruition. To increase the audience appeal of the book’s contents we used Elk Valley examples to show how viable it is to grow food in any cold climate. Our creative lens changed from showcasing the material in exhibit format to book layout. We continually reminded ourselves of our audience. Our goal was to inspire readers through stunning images and relevant tips by showing what is possible no matter how big or small your growing space. Our journey as artists has been enriched by being completely immersed in every phase of the book. Not only did we write all the content and take all the photographs, we also designed the book, and completed the editing and indexing of it. The

fall 147


frozen berries

garden planning storage onions pickled beans



seed catalOgues

adventure continues as we learn how to market ourselves under our new titles of published authors. Taking an idea and seeing it through to fruition is an incredibly rewarding experience and we encourage fellow artists to persevere through the challenges that will invariably arise. Our motto allowed us to constantly check in with each other to ensure that we were still producing a labour of love. If you are interested in a copy of Down to Earth - Cold-Climate Gardens and Their Keepers, copies are available directly from us by contacting: You will also find us selling our books at the upcoming Fernie Christmas Craft Fair on December 5-6 at the Community Centre. Additionally, Polar Peek Books and Treasures has our creation in stock.




MODERN. MOUNTAIN. LIVING. Purchases starting at $138,000 plus applicable taxes

To learn more about Montane: VISIT OR EMAIL:

Arts and Entertainment

An Independent Book Store A unique selection of books, gifts, award-winning toys, guide books & maps, stationery and special treasures.


Keon and Me: My Search for the Lost Soul of the Leafs by Dave Bidini ANGIE ABDOU

Available at Polar Peek Books and Treasures in downtown Fernie.

Open Everyday 592 2nd Ave., Fernie • 250-423-3736

Contact us to place a special order

Health. Beauty. Happiness. Confidence.

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ON NOVEMBER 21, rock-star Dave Bidini will revisit Fernie for the first time since he played The Island Lake Lodge Gathering with The Rheostatics. Dave Bidini is the only person ever to be on CBC’s Canada Reads as both a celebrity (defending Paul Quarrington’s King Leary) and an author (for his own nonfiction book On a Cold Road). He is also the only Canadian to be nominated for a Juno, Gemini, and Genie award. He is, in short, a star, a star who will be spending the evening of November 21 with us at the Fernie Heritage Library. The evening’s celebrations will focus on his most recent book, Keon and Me: My Search for the Lost Soul of the Leafs. Keon and Me is sure to be a hit with Fernie sport-fans. Widely praised as the best writer in hockey today, Bidini delivers with a moving tribute to Toronto Maple Leafs’ legend Dave Keon. Bidini’s book, though, is more than a tribute to a hockey hero, and its reach and relevance extend far beyond diehard Leafs’ fans. For one, the book is also a memoir, with Dave Bidini himself as a main character… but not just one Dave Bidini. Readers are presented with an eleven-year-old Dave Bidini, who worships Dave Keon and looks to him for guidance, as well as an adult Dave Bidini, trying to come to terms with Keon’s exit from the game and his estrangement from the Leafs. Bidini’s treatment of bullying is especially honest and harrowing. Readers live

WIDELY PRAISED AS THE BEST WRITER IN HOCKEY TODAY, BIDINI DELIVERS WITH A MOVING TRIBUTE TO TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS’ LEGEND DAVE KEON. through young Bidini’s struggles with a neighbourhood bully. We see him look to his hockey hero to find a way to cope. Famous for his refusal to fight, Keon taught eleven-year-old Dave Bidini that fighting back against his bully was not the answer. However, as devoted Leafs’ fans will remember, Keon did fight, once – in his last game with the Toronto Maple Leafs on April 22, 1974. That exact day, Bidini too decided to fight back. Of the book, The Ottawa Sun says: Keon and Me is “so much more than [a hockey story]. It’s about your childhood and mine, about believing in something and about dealing with disappointment. It’s about hope a quest and it stays with you the way the best books always do.” A few hours in the company of the author himself will also stay with you. Nobody ever regrets an evening spent with Dave Bidini. Fernie Heritage Library doors open at 7pm, November 21. There will be live music and a beer-wine bar. The authortalk begins at 8. FERNIEFIX.COM



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Arts and Entertainment

The Giver

The people behind the development of this movie seem to have wanted to turn the story into a glitzy Hollywood blockbuster, complete with fascistic police raids and futuristic flying machines. I can’t help but feel that if the powers that be wanted to translate this story properly into film they would have done it on a much lower budget and they would have chosen an Indie director like Paul Thomas Anderson (The Master, Boogey Nights, Magnolia, And There Will Be Blood). Whoever thought that it was a good idea to give the film adaptation to Phillip Noyce, a director who makes movies like Salt, I’ll never know. He has lost the thoughtful introspection that was so much a part of the original book, and in its place you have frenetic action.


THE GIVER, WRITTEN BY LOIS LOWERY, was first published in 1993. In 1994, it won the Newberry Medal – one of the most prestigious awards for children’s literature in the United States. To date it has sold over ten million copies. The Giver is actually the first in a series of four books, the next three being Gathering Blue, published in the year 2000, Messenger published in 2004, and Son published in 2012. The book follows the personal struggles of Jonas, a 12-year old boy living in a Dystopian society masquerading as an Utopian one, where humans have managed to eliminate strife and pain by converting to “Sameness,” a plan that has removed all intense emotions and any depth of feeling from their lives. In the story Jonas is selected to inherit the position of Receiver of Memory, the person who acts as a human repository for all the memories from the time before Sameness was put into practice, just in case these memories are needed to help the community leaders make decisions. The novel covers his training, which is provided by the previous receiver and his realization that the system he grew up in is fundamentally flawed. Because the book was so popular, it is not surprising that it caught the attention of Jeff Bridges, who has apparently been trying to make a film based on the book since the 1990s. His original idea was to have his father Lloyd (Sea Hunt, High Noon, Airplane) play the older Receiver, but Lloyd Bridges died in 1998 and the project remained in limbo until the film actually started shooting in Capetown and Johannesburg, South Africa in 2013. Filming was completed on February 13, 2014 in Utah, USA.


If you are a fan of Jeff Bridges, see this film. He is very good. If you aren’t, give it a miss and read the book.

I CAN’T HELP BUT FEEL THAT IF THE POWERS THAT BE WANTED TO TRANSLATE THIS STORY PROPERLY INTO FILM THEY WOULD HAVE DONE IT ON A MUCH LOWER BUDGET... The movie stars Jeff Bridges as the Receiver (The Big Lebowski, True Grit, R.I.P.D., Tron Legacy). Brenton Thwaites (Maleficent, Oculus) plays Jonas and Meryl Streep (August: Osage County, Hope Springs) plays the chief elder and antagonist. All do quite good jobs playing their respective roles, but I still find this movie quite perplexing. As a novel The Giver was a quiet, reflective piece of literature. The world that Lois Lowery depicted was different enough from our own that readers knew they were in the future, but the setting was low tech enough that they were still able to identify with it. They could imagine the possible evolution of our world into Jonas’.


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Arts and Entertainment


Guitars and bass and drums, oh my CAROLYN NIKODYM

AFTER THE WEIRDNESS OF THIS OCTOBER – Mercury retrograde, Halloween – I am looking forward to some serious recharging. When the chips are down, and I am feeling low energy, there is nothing like some good music to give me what I need to centre and replenish. No talking, just music. Luckily for us, there is a lot of that going down this month. November 1 at the Northern: The Strumbellas are back! If you had other plans and you missed them at Wapiti over the summer, now is the time to catch them at a more intimate venue. The band’s aptly named second record, We Still Move On Dance Floors, released last year, won a 2014 Juno for best folk album, made the Polaris long list and the Strumbella’s were named Sirius Indie’s folk band of the year. The six-piece’s folk rock is tinged with pop hooks and foot-stomping alt-country. Guaranteed to make you feel good and get you moving on the dance floor. November 4 at The Arts Station: Allison Au Quartet is the perfect pairing for a smooth, dry red wine. Dreamy saxophone lines caress gentle bass and percussion. So deft are Allison Au and her backing band – Todd Pentney on piano, Jon Maharaj on bass and Fabio Ragnelli on drums – they make playing jazz look easy. All four have complete control of their instruments. A complete joy to watch. And there is nothing more intimate and soul stirring as a jazz show at The Arts Station. November 13 at The Arts Station: The instrumental Pugs & Crows takes its audience on a sonic journey. This is music that awakens the imagination and slakes a thirsty soul. At times you’ll feel like you’re creeping through a forest looking for sprites, other times you’ll feel like you’re


performing trapeze for a big circus. A tasty blend of jazz, old time rock and roll and classical, this quintet have two albums and are currently working on a third. November 20 at the Northern: Reuben and the Dark’s moody roots rock is the kind of music for a chilly fall night. It’s the kind of music that is both haunting and soothing. Hailing from Calgary, the five-piece released its debut album Funeral Sky earlier this year on Arts & Crafts. Interestingly, part of the production was in the hands of Canadian Stephen Kozmenuik, who is known for his work with Nicki Minaj and The Game. While Kozmenuik certainly brought out something special, don’t let the pairing fool you. There is nothing bubblegum about the band’s introspective rock. November 25 at The Arts Station: Foggy Hogtown Boys bring bluegrass pickin’ for something more lighthearted and fun. With its brand new seventh album in hand, this five-piece Toronto band blurs the line between classic bluegrass and old time country. Complete with mandolin, banjos, fiddle and bass, Foggy Hogtown Boys are the real deal. A great way to stomp into the last month of the year. FERNIEFIX.COM



Community & Events



RECENTLY WE BECAME AWARE OF the Elk Valley chapter of a great organization called Days for Girls. “What is Days for Girls?” you may be asking. “Every girl in the world deserves education, safety, and dignity. We help girls gain access to quality sustainable feminine hygiene and awareness, by direct distribution of sustainable feminine hygiene kits, by partnering with non-profits, groups and organizations, by raising awareness, and by helping communities around the world start their own programs.” I contacted the organizer of Days for Girls Elk Valley, Becca Musso for an interview and she immediately recommended ambassador Maëlle Weber. “She’s 13 and inspirational!” were her exact words, and I was excited to learn more about Maëlle and to share her story with you. I have had the opportunity of getting to know Maëlle through her involvement with the Fernie Tears & Gears summer and winter events. This girl is athletic, loves to bike and Nordic ski and jumps at the opportunity to get involved. It didn’t surprise me then to learn she was involved in other ways, but I was no less impressed as we chatted over tea at Freshies. “This young woman is 13? What was I doing at 13?” I continually asked myself. A dedicated student at the Fernie Academy, working towards a profession in medicine, science or writing because of the impact these fields have, Maëlle is also involved with various organizations, whether it be sponsoring children from developing countries, supporting environmental organizations, or being an ambassador for Days for Girls. “There are a lot of organizations that need help, and there are so many people that need more


support than we do,” recognizes Maëlle. At 13. When Maëlle learned about Days for Girls she immediately wanted to get involved. She found it difficult to believe that young girls could not attend school during their menstrual cycle, or wanted to go to school so badly that they used tree leaves and garbage to deal with their period. “When I first spoke with Becca, I was surprised

by how impacted these girls were by such a simple kind of support,” she says. Maëlle immediately began helping out by making liners, washing fabric, ironing, and finishing products. These are then mailed to areas of need, with volunteers on that end delivering and explaining how to use the products. It is clear to see that Maëlle is passionate about this organization, and others.

“I want to get involved with as many organizations as possible and to help girls with education and health, and the environment.” Maëlle also has the amazing support of her family, which will help her in these endeavours. “My mom crochets wash clothes for Days for Girls, and my dad helps me figure things out,” she says. Congratulations, Maëlle. You are definitely an inspiration. Days for Girls Elk Valley has hosted three sew-a-thons thus far at the Anglican Church, which have all been well attended and have helped provide exposure for this growing organization. They are rapidly approaching their 100-kit goal, which was the goal they set for their first year. “Thanks to the amazing support from Fernie and its surrounding communities, we’ve almost reached our goal in only a few months,” says Becca. Volunteers can do all kinds of jobs from home, with Days for Girls meeting once a month, to make kit components. “Everyone is welcome, both men and women, and no sewing skills are required! We are always accepting donations of specific fabrics and notions, purchased components and of course monetary donations,” adds Becca. To find out more on how to get involved or to donate, email ferniebc@daysforgirls. org or join their Facebook page at www. To learn more about this non-profit organization visit

3. What was your first impression? I was really little but I liked it because everyone is really friendly here and I got to do way more stuff outside. 4. What keeps you in Fernie?

5. Do you have a favourite Fernie memory? I love when we have huge amounts of snow and we have windrows in the middle of the streets! 6. What is your favourite time of the year in Fernie and why?  Love the winter because I get to go crosscountry skiing and it’s my favourite sport. 7. Where do you see Fernie in 5 to 10 years?  I really hope that the Nordic Society has expanded and that there are way more people interested in it. I also hope that we stay nice and small. And I don’t want to lose any of the small businesses here to the chains.

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FREE PANCAKES AND COFFEE DAILY 892 6th Avenue, Fernie BC ph: 250-423-6811

Kodiak Lounge

8. How do you start your day or what is one of your daily rituals? On a school day, I wake up at 7am and daydream, but then I realize I have to go to school. On weekends, I wake up and like to read a book. 9. Tell us something people might be surprised to learn about you. 

My parents came here for the weekends because we lived in Calgary but they fell in love with it and moved here roughly six years ago.

We’ve been to the hospital so many times that they said they might give us a speed pass to the emergency room.

We lived across from Isabella Dicken Elementary School.

...beds from $27 + tax

I love mountain biking and cross-country skiing, and I don’t like big cities – they scare me a lot. And they are the reason for climate change.

1. When did you first arrive in Fernie and what brought you here?

2. Where did you first live in town?

The Raging Elk Adventure Lodge

10. Quote to live by: Live. Die. Repeat. Or Be the change that you want to see in the world. ~ Ghandi.

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“Fernie starts here!”


Hours: 7 days a week, 4pm till late 892 6th Avenue Fernie BC 250-423-6811 FERNIEFIX.COM



November 2014 Monthly Events


SATURDAY 1.11.2014

SUNDAY 9.11.2014

FRIDAY 21.11.2014

Fernie Ghostriders Game vs Osoyoos @ Fernie Arena, 7:30pm The Strumbellas @ The Northern Reckless Heroes @ The Royal. Punk Metal

Fernie Ghostriders Game vs Princeton @ Fernie Arena, 7:30pm

MONDAY 3.11.2014 Indie Films Fernie: The Lunchbox @ The Vogue Theatre, 7pm

WEDNESDAY 5.11.2014 Advance Voting Opportunity @ Senior Centre, 8am-8pm Seniors Select: Sign Out Books @ Seniors’ Drop-in Centre, 12:15pm Elk River Alliance AGM @ Fernie Museum 2nd Floor. 6-7pm Watermark film screening, 7:30-9pm social. Members and guests welcome.

THURSDAY 6.11.2014 Crochet a Caplet @ Heaven Boutique, 7pm. $25 plus tax, materials not included.

FRIDAY 7.11.2014 Fernie Breastfeeding Mamas November Meeting @ Fernie Heritage Library, 10am First Friday – Art, Food, & Beer Showcase @ Parkplace Lodge, 4:30-6:30pm featuring a selection of wines from Emily Sauve, BC Wine Shop, Kyle Hamilton Photography, and samplings from their Christmas Party menu. Chakra Healing Retreat @ Essential Yoga Studio, until November 9 at 11am. Fernie Ghostriders Game vs Kimberley @ Fernie Arena, 7:30pm Riley J welcome back @ The Royal. Ghetto Funk

SATURDAY 8.11.2014 Annual FAST Ski Swap @ Fernie Community Centre, 10am. THE place to buy and sell equipment for the winter season in Fernie. Fernie Ski & Board Film Festival: Local’s Night @ Fernie Community Centre, featuring Days of My Youth, Almost Ablaze and Jeremy Jones Higher. $20 for adults, $10 for kids. Food, beverages, door prizes and more on offer. Raising funds for CSPS. The Runs @ The Royal. Local Punk fun!

THE ARTS STATION 250.423.4842

Gallery Inspiring Change. Works by the Elk Valley Métis. Opening reception Thursday 30th October at 7pm. Exhibition continues until Monday 24th November. The Elk Valley Métis have been celebrating together their ancestry and culture as an organization since 1994. This year is their 20th anniversary of becoming visible in South East BC. The group consists of a wide variety of artists, from Beadworkers, Painters, Musicians, Hunters, Students to Collectors of Artifacts. There will be an assortment of art pieces displayed to represent all generations of Métis.

Concerts It’s that time of the year again - our great concert and Indie Film Fernie Series are now underway. Don’t miss out on any of these great events and purchase your series pass now! Tickets for concerts available at The Arts Station, Freshies and Online Jazz - Allison Au Quartet. Tuesday, November 4th at 8pm. Members: Adult $15 youth $10 / Non-members: Adult $20 Youth $14. Contemporary Jazz- Pugs and Crows. Thursday, November 14th at 8pm. Members: Adult $15 youth $10 / Non-members: Adult $20 Youth $14.

TUESDAY 11.11.2014 Lantern Making Workshop @ Fernie Arts Station, 6-9pm

WEDNESDAY 12.11.2014 Advance Voting Opportunity @ Senior Centre, 8am-8pm Seniors Story Time @ Rocky Mountain Village, 2pm Lantern Making Workshop @ Fernie Arts Station, 6-9pm

THURSDAY 13.11.2014 Book to Movie Club: A Wrinkle in Time @ Fernie Heritage Library, discussion at 6pm movie and popcorn at 6:30pm.

FRIDAY 14.11.2014 Ghostrider Trading Annual Ladies’ Night @ Ghostrider Trading. Beverages and snacks, shopping specials and excellent prize draws. Tickets are $15 (cash only and purchasable in advance at Ghostrider Trading Company as of Nov. 1). Ticket sales go to charity, and everything else that evening is hosted by the store. 7pm Fozzy Fest appreciation party @ The Royal. GuRu & Syraz

SATURDAY 15.11.2014 General Local Election Day @ Fernie Community Centre, 8am – 8pm UFC 180: Velasquez vs. Werdum @ BP Sports Bar Fernie Ghostriders Game vs Spokane @ Fernie Arena, 7:30pm Laughin Louie & Artix @ The Royal

SUNDAY 16.11.2014 Lantern Making Workshop @ Fernie Arts Station, 11-3pm

TUESDAY 18.11.2014 Lantern Making Workshop @ Fernie Arts Station, 6-9pm

WEDNESDAY 19.11.2014 Seniors Select: Sign Out Books @ Seniors’ Drop-in Centre, 12:15pm

THURSDAY 20.11.2014 Bey Blade Competition @ Fernie Heritage Library, 3:30-5pm for ages 6+.

Booked! Writer’s Series: Keon and Me by David Bidini @ Fernie Heritage Library, 7pm with music by Thar Be Dragons, refreshments and a cash bar. Mountain Muse: An Art Show & Sale by Stephanie Gauvin @ Inside Out Wellness, 6-9pm. John Lee’s Hooker @ The Royal

SATURDAY 22.11.2014 Fast and Female Power Hour @ Crossfit Fernie, 10am Fernie Ghostriders Game vs Kimberley @ Fernie Arena, 7:30pm Third Biennial Lantern Festival – Northern Lights @ Fernie Arts Station, 6-9pm. A blend of art, music and light in the snowy downtown of Fernie. Mogul Smoker pre party @ The Royal

WEDNESDAY 26.11.2014 Seniors Story Time @ Tom Uphill, 1:30pm Fernie Trails Alliance AGM @ The Arts Station. 7pm

THURSDAY 27.11.2014 Red Cedar Book Club: The Great Debate – Fiction vs Nonfiction @ The Fernie Library, 6:30pm Grades 4-6.

FRIDAY 28.11.2014 Tea and Talk Club @ Fernie Heritage Library, 1:30pm Members’ Reception: Olympic Spirit Exhibit @ The Fernie Museum, 7pm Name That Tune with Sounds Unlimited @ The Pub Bar and Grill Black Friday: Shop Fernie @ Fernie, with over 30 businesses participating and offering amazing deals. Visit where deals will be announced and support local business. Electro Swing Night w Ash & Nemke @ The Royal (dress up!!)

SATURDAY 29.11.2014 Public Opening and Artist’s Talk: Olympic Spirit Exhibit @ The Fernie Museum, 1:30pm Fernie Ghostriders Game vs Creston @ Fernie Arena, 7:30pm Frankie McQueen @ The Royal. Blues Heavy Rock

Bluegrass – Foggy Hogtown Boys. Tuesday, November 25th at 8pm. Members: Adult $15 youth $10 / Non-members: Adult $20 Youth $14.

Building Character. Saturday, November 15. 9am to 4pm. $50. Instructor: Carolyn Nikodym. Register at The Arts Station, 423 4842

Indie Films Fernie

Fernie Lantern Festival

The LunchBox (2013). Monday November 3rd at 7pm. At the Vogue Theatre. Members: $9/adults $8/youth; Non- Members $10/ adults $9/youth. Tickets available at the door and online

Lantern Festival!! Saturday Nov. 22 6-9pm Call to Artists and Makers! Some Great Big Ideas have been suggested for The Northern Lights Festival on November 22nd; icebergs, domes, Inukshuk, penguins, polar bears, animal silhouettes created from wood, fabric, plastic, stencils illuminated from the inside… Builds will take place at The Arts Station: Tues Nov 11 6-9pm, Wed Nov 12 6-9pm, Sun Nov 16 11-3pm, Tues Nov 18 6-9pm, Wed Nov 19 12-3pm, 6-9pm These builds are open to anyone who thinks it sounds like fun! If you’re interested in getting involved in these builds, please contact Becca at

Kids Workshops Register for workshops by calling The College of the Rockies 250-423-4691 No School Friday. Friday November 28. Ages 5 – 10 years /9:30am–noon. $25 per day (includes all supplies) Instructor: Jodie Parker, Michelle Senior, Lesley Graham Fun with Clay. Nov 28. 6 – 7 pm. $25 per couple per night (includes all supplies). All ages welcome. Instructor: Michelle

Adult Workshops Pottery Demo Series. November 18th. 7pm-8pm. Admission by donation. With Kerri Holmes Mandala Painting. Fridays. October 24 – November 14. 10am to noon. $100 (includes all supplies). Instructor: Lesley Graham Felted Scarves. Saturday, November 8th. 10 am – 3pm. $ 75 (includes all supplies). Instructor: Becca Musso. fiddlecreekfibrearts. Register at The College of the Rockies 250 423 4691

Deck the Walls: Call for Entry Christmas Art Show & Sale. Deck the Walls is The Arts Station’s 6th Annual year-end art show and sale. Each and every item is for sale and everything is priced under $100! This show offers an opportunity for people to purchase local, high quality artwork a very reasonable price. The Show opens on Thursday November 27th and continues until Wednesday December 24th. If you’re interested in displaying your artwork for sale during this busy period, please contact Becca at assistant@ for an application package


DINING, NIGHTLIFE & SPECIALS MONDAYS Wings Night @ Boston Pizza Fernie Jugs of Beer on Special @ The Brickhouse Lasagna Specials @ Elk Valley Pizza Shoppe Pitcher and Poutine for $20 @ The Fernie Movie Night @ Infinitea, 7pm Mix and Match Pasta @ Pub Bar & Grill Karaoke with Topo and guest @ The Royal Mani Monday Special @ Spa 901 Mussel Mondays @ The Livery with $6 glass of Proseco Massage Mondays @ Trillium Day Spa, $60 for 60 min, $90 for 90 min Ladies Night: $4 House Red or White Wine, $5 Pints of Cider, $10 Appies @ The Northern TUESDAYS Feature Pasta and Wine Night @ Boston Pizza and Sports Bar Kokanee Bottle on Special @ The Brickhouse Wing Night @ The Pub Bar & Grill Book your own party @ The Royal, contact Julie 250-946-5395 $12 Pizza Night @ Elk Valley Pizza Shoppe Two for Tuesdays @ Trillium Day Spa, 2 pedicures for $100, 2 manicures for $70, 2 facials for $130, all three for $275 $10 Beer, Burger and Bingo Night @ The Northern

November 2014 Weekly Events

WEDNESDAYS $7 Off Large Pizzas @ Boston Pizza Wine Evenings @ The Brickhouse Karaoke Night @ The Fernie Pint night @ Kodiak Lounge Wine Wednesday @ Max Restaurant with 50% off Select Wines Zak’s Jam Night @ The Royal Featured Pub Burgers on Special @ The Pub Bar & Grill $12 Organic Roasted & Chicken and Beer @ The Bridge Bistro Locals Night @ Loaf, 5-9pm Tarot Readings @ Infinitea,7pm Crochet Collective & Sweater Club Knitting @ Infinitea, 7-9pm Wine Wednesday @ The Livery Waxing Wednesday @ Trillium Day Spa, free underam wax with any other hair removal $8 Wings, Beat the Clock Draft & Highballs and Karaoke @ The Northern THURSDAYS $3 Off Tacos @ Boston Pizza Acoustic Jam @ The Brickhouse Spiced Rum Specials @ Kodiak Lounge Rib Night @ Max Restaurant & The Pub Bar & Grill Free Samples @ Sweet Shop with any purchase over $5.

OUTDOOR & FAMILY MONDAYS •Dominoes @ The Seniors Drop in Centre 1pm •Mahjong @ Seniors Drop in Centre 7pm •Special Olympics Athletes Bowling @ Sparwood. 4pm •Duplicate Bridge Game @ The Seniors Drop-in Centre •Seniors Drop in @ Senior’s Centre, 9am-2pm •Indoor Walking @ The Community Centre, 9-10:30am •Women’s Night @ Old School Boxing, 7:30-9pm •ActiveFit @ The Aquatic Centre, 8:30-9:15am •StrongStart @ IDES, 9am-12pm •Parent Tot Fun Times @ Community Centre, 9:30am-12pm •Swimming Lessons @ Aquatic Centre, kids under 3 from 10:30-11am •Celebrate Recovery @ Mountainside Church, 7pm, open to everyone •Adult Shinny @ Fernie Arena, 8:45-10:15am •Community Climb Night @ Evolution Climbing Gym, 7pm TUESDAYS •Cheap Night @ The Vogue Theatre. $6.50 - 2D & $8.50 - 3D •Crib/Whist @ Seniors Drop in Centre 7:30pm •Storytime @ Library, 11:15-12pm for ages 3–5. •Seniors Drop in @ Senior’s Centre, 9am-2pm •Indoor Walking @ The Community Centre, 9-10:30am •Ladies Archery @ The Elks Hall, 6:30pm •AquaBlast @ The Aquatic Centre, 9-9:45am •GentleFit @ The Aquatic Centre, 10:30-11:15am •Public Drop in Climbing @ College of the Rockies, 7-9pm •Fernie Book Bike Roving Book Bomb @ Fernie, 4pm. •StrongStart @ IDES, 9am-12pm •Kindergym @ Holy Family Centre, 10-11am. $6 •Lego Club Grades 1 + @ Fernie Heritage Library, 3:30-4:45pm •Adult Shinny @ Fernie Arena, 8:45-10:15am •Public Skating @ Fernie Arena, 10:30am – 11:15am (Free) •Born to Sing and Dance @ Fernie Arts Station •Little Sports @ Max Turyk Recreation Room, ages 3-6 years old $40 per day. •Drop-in Climbing @ College of the Rockies Climbing Wall, 7-9pm WEDNESDAYS •Toddlertime @ Fernie Heritage Library, 11:15am - noon Ages 6 months-2 years

$2 Off Appies @ The Fernie, 6-9pm 2 Medium Pizza Special @ Elk Valley Pizza Shoppe Flatspin & Guest/Ash @ The Royal, alternate weeks BeauTEA Night with Trillium @ Infinitea, 6-8pm $12 Pizza or Pasta and Wine or Beer for $12 @ Loaf Bakery and Restaurant Spring Clean Spa Day Special @ Spa 901 Pub Team Trivia @ The Pub Bar & Grill House Gun Doubles $7, $5 Fernie Pints, $3 Sliders @ The Northern FRIDAYS Full Rack of Ribs for $19.95 @ Boston Pizza Brewery Tour @ Fernie Brewing Co. 3pm Tastings at The Tipple @ The Tipple. 1st Friday of the month only. Live Music @ Infinitea, 8pm TGIF & Chicken dinner draw @ Kodiak Lounge Prime Rib and Corona Buckets @ The Pub Bar & Grill $10 Fish and Chips, Meat Draw and Members Draw @ The Fernie Live Music @ The Central Live Bands & DJs @ The Royal, check facebook page for details Date Night Special @ Spa 901 Domestic Bottles $5 and $12 Fish and Chips @ The Northern

Skate •Crib @ Seniors Drop in Centre 1pm •Drop in Workshop @ Clawhammer Press. 6-9pm, $30 •Indoor Walking @ The Community Centre, 9-10:30am •Adult Badminton @ The Community Centre. All levels welcome, drop in for $5 •Introduction to Letterpress Printing Workshop @ Clawhammer Press, $30 6-9pm •AA Meetings @ The Anglican Church Basement, 7:30pm •ActiveFit @ The Aquatic Centre, 8:30-9:15am •Womens Drop in Climbing @ COTR, 7-9pm •Fernie Book Bike Book Bomb @ Aquatic Centre, 4pm. •StrongStart @ IDES, 9am-12pm •Kindergym @ Holy Family Centre, 10-11am. $6 •Puzzlers Grades 4 + @ Fernie Heritage Library, 3:30-4:45pm •Swimming Lessons @ Aquatic Centre, kids under 3 from 10:30-11am •Adult Shinny @ Fernie Arena, 8:45-10:15am •Little Sports @ Max Turyk Recreation Room, ages 3-6 years old $40 per day. •Skate & Shoot @ Fernie Arena, 1:15-2:30pm THURSDAYS •Better Babies @ Fernie Women’s Centre. 1pm-3pm, every 2nd week. •Seniors Drop in @ Senior’s Centre, 9am-2pm •Indoor Walking @ The Community Centre, 9-10:30am •RC Club @ Fernie Community Centre. From 7-9pm come enjoy indoor flying and practice •Community Basketball @ Fernie Secondary School, 8:3010:30pm •Women & Men’s Night @ Old School Boxing, 7:30-9pm •Kids Sing Along & Play Group @ Infinitea, 11:30am •Youth Archery @ The Elks Hall, 6pm •AquaBlast @ The Aquatic Centre, 9-9:45am •GentleFit @ The Aquatic Centre, 10:30-11:15am •Fernie Book Bike Book Bomb @ Max Turyk, 4pm. •StrongStart @ IDES, 9am-12pm •MOMs Group @ Fernie Heritage Library, 9:30-11:30am •Bellies to Babies @ Fernie Women’s Centre, 1-3pm every 2nd Thursday.

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•Rainbow Loom Club Grades 2 + @ Fernie Heritage Library, 3:30-4:45pm •Red Cedar Book Club Grades 4-6 @ Fernie Heritage Library, 6:30pm – Last Thursday of the Month •Kids Boxing Boot Camp @ Fernie Old School Boxing Club, ages 8-16 5pm. •Adult Shinny @ Fernie Arena, 8:45-10:15am •Public Skating @ Fernie Arena, 10:30am – 11:15am (Free) •Little Sports @ Max Turyk Recreation Room, ages 3-6 years old $40 per day. FRIDAYS •Cribbage @ Seniors Drop in Centre 7:30pm •Jitney Darts @ Fernie Legion, 7:30pm •Kids Sing Along & Play Group @ Infinitea, 11:30am •Fernie Book Bike Book Bomb @ Senior’s Centre (changes weekly), 4pm. •StrongStart @ IDES, 9am-12pm •Kindergym @ Holy Family Centre, 10-11am. $6 •Makers’ Space @ Fernie Heritage Library, 12:15-1:30pm Grades 2+ •Storytime @ Fernie Heritage Library, 2-2:45pm ages 3-5 years •No School Fridays Kids Climbing @ Evolution Climbing Gym, 9:30-11am *registration required •Public Skate @ Fernie Arena, 7-8:15pm and 2:15-4pm on No School Fridays •Youth Shinny @ Fernie Arena, 10:45-11:45am on No School Fridays SATURDAYS •Women & Men’s Night @ Old School Boxing, 6:30-8pm •Family French Fun @ The Arts Station, 10:30-11:30am. $12/person or $5 per family member (maximum $20/family). •Public Skate @ Fernie Arena, 2-3:45pm and 6:45-8:15pm SUNDAYS •Fernie Pets Society Group Walk @ Fernie Aquatic Centre, 9am. •AA Meetings @ The Anglican Church Basement, 7:30pm •First Sunday of the Month Family Climb Time @ Evolution Climbing Gym, 2-4pm •Public Skate @ Fernie Arena, 2:15-4pm




Outdoor Life



Before the Snow Flies JESSE BELL

SOMETIMES THERE ARE far too many things to do. With just a few short weeks left of fall and the snow slowly sneaking its way down the mountainsides, I find myself escaping to the wild more than once to get a hold of that last bit of summer. I’m not ready for winter parkas and Sorel boots just yet. The need for autumn adventures first leads me on a 35-kilometre cross-country

mountain bike trail called the Seven Summits in late September. I tag along with a keen crew from Fernie to Rossland one sunny Sunday prepared to tackle this technical bike ride. The trail begins with an eight-kilometre ascent to the first of seven peaks. Finding myself in solitude, a bit of biking anxiety creeps over me. After I catch up to my friend Sam, who consoles me in the forest as I blubber like a lost child, I collect myself and carry on. We sit atop the first ridge and look out over the pine-covered mountains before biking on through rocky outcrops, forest and meadows.

The hillside is fiery red as we cruise above Red Mountain and dust flies behind us. Several kilometres later we reach the last summit. I find myself wondering if this trail will ever end; we’ve ascended more than 1,100 feet and at this very moment I could lie down on the rocks and die. We weave through golden fields on our descent as the sun begins to set. It is a glimmering, rocky hell and the vibration of my bike over every rock makes my entire body ache. As we near the end we find an old logging road and cruise to the bottom. “I’m never doing this again,” says Brooklynn as we fall to the dirt, fatigue settling in. Two flat tires, no bad bails

beautiful hanging valley where a waterfall streams down a cliff side. We ascend a 300-foot scree slope adjacent to the waterfall, hopping between boulders and unstable rock. When we reach the valley we come across a lake and decide to climb to a higher elevation for a better view. White snow blankets the surrounding forest like a sprinkling of icing sugar and when we reach the viewpoint our scene is nothing short of majestic—two aquamarine glacial lakes, towering ridges and a glacier on Mount Mike in the distance—it is hard to believe places like this still exist, virtually untouched.


and a whole lot of rocks: all together a successful, painful and worthwhile adventure. We devour some delicious A&W burgers and then head back to Fernie.

As the temperature drops and November looms, Ben and I head out for one more hike, north up Bull River Rd. to a drainage called Tower Creek. We unload our bikes and pedal the six kilometres to a

The wind blows fresh-falling snow towards us and I can feel winter creeping its way closer. We make our way down, glad to have set foot in such a beautiful place. Cozy in my toque, puffy vest and a pair of mittens, I begin to accept that the warm wind of summer has gone and in its place is the crisp, cold breath of winter.

Later still in early October my boyfriend Ben, his brother and myself take a drive to Coleman in the Crowsnest Pass in search of an old plane wreck. Biking on a muddy road we make our way seven kilometres up the North York Creek drainage in the Flathead Range towards its headwaters below Andy Good Peak. People on ATVs tear by us and wish us luck on our bikes. We slip and slide around in the mud, struggling to make headway. “We didn’t think you’d make it up here before sundown,” they tell us upon reaching them later. Once in the basin we find the wreckage of a Royal Canadian Air Force DC-3 plane that collided with Mount Coulthard in 1946. It crash-landed below and all seven on board were killed. One of the wings, the tail and the plane engine can be found at the crash site. After a well-deserved lunch and a fun, mucky downhill bike ride we’re back at the truck, another adventure complete. FERNIEFIX.COM




Oil Change

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With a Little Help From Our Friends TERRY NELSON

THE FERNIE TRAILS ALLIANCE and its member organizations, Fernie Mountain Bike Club, Fernie Trails and Ski Touring Club, and Fernie Nordic Society have had a busy summer, with many volunteer work parties assembling to maintain and repair Fernie’s vast trail network. Our corporate members, the City of Fernie, Island Lake Lodge, and Fernie Alpine Resort have also completed many improvements to enhance the trail system. The Fernie Trails Alliance Thursday night work parties saw an average of 13 persons every outing with 26 work parties, 731hrs of volunteer labour plus about 58hrs of prep work that went into organizing the parties to work on projects as Roots Trail reroute, Fairy Creek Trail avalanche debris clean up, and Lazy Lizard Trail brushing and grubbing. Countless hours have been spent working to improve the dirt jump park and skills development trails by the Aquatic Centre. We also need to salute our retired trail slaves, Bob Mitchell, Pat Gilmar, Paul and Wade, Dave and Anita Brunker and Johnny Shaw (not retired), who could be found on any given day buffing up trails. The downhill mountain bike crew made many improvements to the Dopamine, Dirt Diggler and Three Kings Morrissey Ridge riding area, with funding provided by the FTA. The Fernie Trails and Ski Touring Club tackled the ambitious clean up of the avalanche debris on the Cabin Ridge Trail, and many hours have been spent building the new Montane Trail, which will connect the Coal Creek barn to past Cokato. Volunteer work has also gone


into readying the Thunder Meadows and Tunnel Creek cabins for winter ski touring. The Fernie Nordic Society has worked widening and cleaning up the Elk Valley Nordic Centre Trails, as well as working to have the new bridge crossing Lizard Creek installed for Nordic skiing enthusiasts. This community amenity bridge will provide a linkage between Mt. Fernie Park and Fernie Alpine Resort trails. The City of Fernie has completed many trail surface improvements in the Annex and James White Parks to repair damage from the Elk River spring flood. Island Lake Lodge continues to maintain a quality trail system, which can be accessed by the public for their enjoyment. Fernie Alpine Resort trail crews have made the hiking trail amenity at the resort more accessible, and have placed more directional signage for orientation in their expansive trail system.

A large applause should be given to the Fernie hiking group who have worked tirelessly on the Fairy Creek/ Mount Proctor Trail, and Mountain Lakes Trail, with trail routing improvements, important signage installation, and not to be forgotten the arrangements made for Hartley Lake Road improvements. The Fernie Trails Alliance volunteers also provided support for the many trail related events such as: Roll and Sole Trail Fest, Fernie 3, Fernie Enduro, Tears and Gears, High Roller, Wam Bam Dirt Jump Jam, and the Porky Blue Ride n’ Roast. Keep posted for Fernie Nordic Society events and the Tears and Gears Winter Wheezer this winter, as more fun is in store. This volunteer component is essential for the long term standing of the Fernie Trails Alliance, so we thank you all.




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RECENTLY I FOUND MYSELF craving a good workout but was feeling “stuck at home” with my two kids, ages six and four. If any of you have kids this age, you may be acutely aware of the inability of “finding the time” to get your own work out in. Taking them for a run in the chariot may seem like a great idea, but it doesn’t take long before the inevitable pee breaks or various catastrophes that void the point of exercise begin. Sometimes even packing everyone up to go to the gym can be too timely of a mission. Plus, it is always great to change it up.


Side lunges: Keep your inside leg straight, step to the side and bend your outside knee keeping your knee in line with your toe. Straighten your leg and step your feet back together before changing sides.

So here is what we did. We first got on ‘80s workout gear, because it seemed like a good idea at the time. Then I set some snack plates out for the kids, filled some glasses of water, placed a mat in the kitchen and pulled a chair up. Finally I cranked the ‘80s tunes and set my stovetop timer to 30 minutes. We did three sets of the following exercises one minute each: *Note: you should never experience any pain when exercising. Squats: Feet hip width apart, bend and straighten legs keeping your knees in line with your toes. During sets two or three, try starting your minute with jump squats and once you fatigue, finish with regular squats. Push-ups: I always try to start with regular push-ups, then drop to my knees as I fatigue. If you are new to exercise, you may want to do your push ups off your kitchen counter. Side note: nothing is cuter than a four-year-old doing push ups. Crunches: Drop to your floor, put your hands behind your head and lift your shoulders off the ground keeping your eyes on the roof. Breathe out as you lift.

Back extensions: On your stomach, fingers at your forehead, lift your upper body one inch off the ground, hold one count and repeat.

Alternate lunges: Standing back up, hands on your hips, step forward (approximately one to two shoe lengths apart) and bend both knees. Step back and repeat with the other side. If you have kids around, send them under your front knee (the tunnel) before changing sides for an extra burn.

Bridging: Roll onto your back, feet together, knees bent and arms straight to the roof. Lift your hips and hold. As you fatigue you may want to lift your hips up and down. This also makes for a great tunnel for kids to crawl under… and occasionally get trapped. Water break… and optional “dance party” minute: You may want to pull your blinds and lock your doors prior to your workout to avoid anyone thinking you are having too much fun.

You do not need kids or ‘80s outfits to do this workout. You can try it alone, with your friends or inspire the whole family to do it! Once that 30-minute buzzer goes off on your stove have a good stretch and pat Plank: On your forearms and toes, keep your body straight and hold. (Note: another each other on the back. No excuses! great tunnel for kids to crawl under.) If you fatigue, drop your knees to the ground. Any back discomfort, lift your hips. Dips: Sitting on the chair with your hands behind you, lift your hips off the chair and bend and straighten your arms behind you.




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Cold and Flu Prevention DR. TAINA TURCASSO, N.D., R.M.

WHILE THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL time of year in Fernie, with changing colours, fresh mountain air, and the appearance of white peaks on the mountains, it is also the beginning of the dreaded cold and flu season. While we can never completely eliminate the risk of contracting the cold or the flu, there are definitely strategies that you can take to boost your immune system so that if you are affected, you may be less sick and for a shorter period of time. Truthfully, the most important work you can do in preparation for this season happens in the months before. Fall is an important time to do a detox or cleanse to clear out any excess toxins that have built up in your tissues, and also to fine-tune your body’s systems. When your body is not consuming anything that is difficult to breakdown, it is able to go into overdrive and do the work it’s been saving up, and function better overall. There are many different ways of cleansing, through packages of supplements, juicing, or following a book or a program, but most of the cleanses I do simply involve food choices. Eliminate things you know create undesirable metabolites, such as caffeine, alcohol, and sugar, then go the extra step and eliminate processed foods, dairy, and foods that are known sensitivities, such as corn, soy, eggs, and wheat. Even removing the digestive burden of these foods can give your body the break it needs to heal and strengthen. Another tool that is helpful to bring on board prior to the season is activity. Be active. Include some form of physical activity into most days. Your immune system functions better when you lead an active lifestyle, and just beginning an exercise regime at the onset of your cold


will not only be ineffective at boosting your immunity, it will actually inhibit your immune system’s ability to function. If you fell off the activity wagon during your busy summer, then get right back on it, but start gently if you are already sick. It appears that a small amount of light exercise can boost your immune system when ill, while vigorous exercise will suppress your immune response. Eat colourful fruits and veggies (mostly seasonal and organic), take your multivitamin, throw in a B Complex, and take vitamin D. These micronutrients that we get from food sources as well as vitamins and minerals are essential. Vital. We need them for the biochemical processes within our body to function optimally, or even to function at all. Vitamin D, thankfully, has been getting a lot of press so most of us are aware of its benefits, but I will add that I test every patient I see for vitamin D levels and 100% of those who are not supplementing are deficient. Avoid excess sugar and processed foods in your diet, as they will suppress your immune system. We all need to indulge in treats from time to time, but the worst time to drink juice and eat cookies is when you are sick. Stick to water and herbal tea, and get your vitamin C in another form. Orange juice, specifically,

is actually mucogenic, meaning that it increases mucous production. Who needs that? So, you’re doing everything right, including frequent hand washing, and getting immunized as appropriate for you, and you still find yourself getting sick. Prepare for this possibility by having a little arsenal of supplements in your cupboard. Elderberry and echinacea (both safe in pregnancy and for children) are both effective in reducing the severity and length of viral infections, but they are much more effective if you start taking them at the onset of your illness. This means you need to already have them in your cupboard. Also have handy a couple of boxes of tea, vitamin C lozenges or packets, zinc, vitamin D, and sea salt to gargle with. If you get sick, take your supplements, eat little and eat healthily, and let your body rest. Avoid work as much as you can, cancel your social engagements, and protect the people around you. If one person in the household gets sick, treat everyone. Hunker down, watch several episodes of a great show, and allow your immune system to do its job. Have a healthy fall and winter! FERNIEFIX.COM




Health is freedom... Live well, Be happy!

Kristen Miller

BC Registered Massage Therapist

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The Flu “Shot” Immunity Elixir 10 cloves garlic 3 coin size pieces of ginger


COLD AND FLU SEASON IS UPON US. It’s not that surprising when October 31 brings copious amounts of sugar into our homes. Did you know that a teaspoon of sugar shuts down the immune system for eight hours?! Yes, that little teaspoon of sugar in your coffee or tea in the morning is doing way more than dance on your taste buds. Vitamin C and sugar compete in the body to be absorbed, and guess what wins? Sugar. The best thing we can do during this season is to cut down on sugar. To minimize sugar consumption try to use small amounts of mineral rich sugars like maple syrup, raw unpasteurized honey or coconut sugar. Yes, these sugars in large amounts will do the same thing as white refined sugar does to your immune system. The real key is cutting down the sweetness of everything so your palate can adjust. Once you start eating and using less sugar, things that you never knew to be sweet start tasting sweet, like bread, cinnamon and salad dressings. Take a peek at labels and choose ones with less sugar keeping in mind that one teaspoon of sugar = four grams. A good way to start this is to

water down juices or make your own salad dressing and treats with less amounts of mineral-rich sugars. This way we start to control the amount of sugar that goes into your and your family’s mouth. “So, what if I don’t want to drink this funny tea-like-substance and still want to increase my immunity through food?” I thought you would ask that, no sweat. Just add the above ingredients into your soups, stews, smoothies, salads, stir-fry’s, etc. I could truly go on forever about immune boosting foods or ones that contain vitamin C like dark leafy greens and citrus fruits (you can Google a list) but here is an easier way to ensure lots of vitamins and minerals get into your belly. Make bright coloured vegetables the star of your plate. Eating a plant-based diet doesn’t mean you have to be a vegan or vegetarian, just make vegetables and fruit the bulk of your food. A good rule of thumb is try to incorporate all colours of the rainbow into each meal. When it comes down to food and eating, Michael Pollan summed it up in his book Food Rules: An Eaters Manual; “Don’t eat anything your great-grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food.” I love this quote, and I’m most confident my great-grandmother would have made and drank this flu shot. Happy immune building!

Juice of 1 lemon 1 ½ Cups water 1-2 Tbsp raw unpasteurized honey (if you add vinegar, increase the amount of honey) Optional add ins: 1 immune boosting herbal tea bag (Echinacea, rosehip, cinnamon, turmeric) 1 tsp of reishi mushroom powder 1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar (containing the mother) 2 oz goji berry juice Place peeled garlic and coins of ginger on a cutting board. With the end of a knife, smash the cloves and coins to release their volatile oils and juices. Add the water, ginger and garlic to a pot and bring to a boil covered. Add an immune supporting tea bag or reishi mushroom powder. Simmer covered for ten minutes. Remove pot from heat and let cool to room temperature. Once liquid is cooled to a warm tea, strain and stir in honey and lemon juice. Drink a shot or sip throughout the day. Feel free to eat the garlic too! Lasts four days in the fridge. FERNIEFIX.COM



Health and Lifestyle



Balancing Tension and Relaxation HEATHER IVANY

THE SEASON OF FALL OFFERS an invitation for us to balance the polarities between tension and relaxation. When leaves begin to turn, gardens are harvested, and temperatures begin to drop we are reminded on a daily basis that nothing is permanent, everything is fleeting. For some we lean into the seasonal wave and passionately thrive off change. The unknown brings us inspiration, as the next corner is potent with opportunity waiting to be explored. For others we resist the seasonal shift and cling to summer like the last leaf on a bare tree. Change

creates friction. It is a reminder of things lost, moments ended and time that we can never get back. The practice of yoga offers an alternative to leaning way out on the pendulum of rigidity or chaos and alternatively supports the steady current. In a more expanded view, yoga asana occurs not just on the yoga mat or meditation cushion, but is the foundation from which we act in daily life. So how does a physical posture lead to a change in mindset? Let us explore the quote from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras: “Sthira sukham asanam – the posture is steady and comfortable.” Sthira speaks not only of challenge, strength, endurance and fortitude but also vigilance, the ability to be pay attention, to be present. It is the opposite of agitation and refers to both physical and mental

stillness: a controlled, fully engaged body and a focused mind. Sukha translates as pleasurable, joyful, agreeable, easy, comfortable, happy, prosperous, relaxed. Here we bring in the principles nonviolence and self-acceptance. We nurture ourselves by doing something that feels good. The actual translation of asana is seat or camp, and can refer to a way of sitting, a hatha yoga posture, a place or a situation. As a teacher of yoga I witness many postures either being over-amplified or under-supported. Those who are over-achievers and type A personalities require a cueing to soften the tension, release the striving and look for how they can create space and expansion within their bodies. Those who enter into a posture half-heartedly or lacking

energy need reminders to stay present and focused. To contain through their centre core and befriend the contracting muscular energy. When the opposition is played out in a present, mindful and conscious body it will begin to layer deeply on a cellular level. In other words, we begin to reprogram our habitual thought patterns. Over time our physical commitment to not serving the ego will begin to affect our emotions and mind set.   An individual who is a type A can often times perform asanas to the point where the facial expressions are showing signs of discomfort and the body is shaking because it is taken too extremely to its edge. When this person begins to back off a little it creates physical space as well as mental space to ask, “Am I happy in this posture?” This may lead to further exploration of whether or not they are able to have fun and be spontaneous in regular life. Once the door of expansion is opened the lens in which they see themselves begins to change. Overtime the rigidity and tension is no longer sought out. Instead they begin to seek “the steady and comfortable space.”



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An individual who lacks motivation can often times be fidgety, apathetic and bored. The challenge here is to seek challenge. Look for ways to physically recruit muscular energy to the point that focus and presence is a must. Containment will most likely lead to irritability and rebellion initially. Yet that discomfort if sustained may lead to questions such as, “Why do I always want to leave?” “What is it that I don’t want to look at?” Physical commitment is the practice but leads to the potential by-product of emotional and relationship commitment. These people may find their steady and comfortable space. Yoga does not impose form upon us, but allows us to discover our Self through form. In life, asana firmly settles us because of these two complementary qualities: firmness in directing our actions and softness in expressing them. FERNIEFIX.COM



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A Greek Love Affair

out of nowhere in accompaniment. The local wine, Retsina is matured in pine barrels, giving it a distinctive aroma and taste. The food is fresh and delicious, focusing on typically Greek staples such as fresh cheeses, sun-ripened vegetables, and an incredible array of breads and pastries. There’s often a Turkish influence, so expect great coffee and less tea. Local grocery stores are hectic, frenetic places where meats are still hung from the ceiling and the produce spills out into the street.


MAKING A BIG TRIP AS A YOUNG ADULT is a rite of passage in many countries. Perhaps it’s an island thing – people from the UK, New Zealand and Australia are actively encouraged to take a year off after high school and travel the world with little more than a backpack and a bandana. There are entire companies devoted to supporting these trips, helping millions of young travellers explore the world each year. In Canada, this travel phenomenon is more rare, but still happens. In many cases I’ve found that young Canadians stick to North and Central America, but my friend Kevin went a little further afield, spending two years in Greece’s second city Thessaloniki, twenty years ago. One of the wonderful things that happens on these extended trips full of budget travel and new experiences is the feeling that develops of a connection to somewhere unfamiliar and unknown. These early destinations often become a second home full of warm welcomes. Having fallen in love with the ancient culture of Greece, Kevin went back to Thessaloniki last November to rediscover his old home and soak in a little more culture. Founded in 315 BC and named after Alexander the Great’s sister, Greece’s second largest city is an important hub of the ancient trade routes of Europe and is still a busy shipping port today. Sitting in the shadow of Mount Olympus on the Northern shores of the Aegean Sea, the streets of Salonica, as it was formerly known, are steep and cobbled and littered with history. At every turn a monument, castle, church or amphitheatre is an indication of its storied past. Held under Byzantine rule for many years then sacked


Things to do: • Hike Mt Olympus • Wander the streets and explore the many free museums and archaeological ruins • Visit historically significant buildings including the White Tower on the waterfront and the Arch of Galenas • Soak in the Thessaloniki International Film Festival – one of the largest in Europe • Relax in the beach region of Halkidiki • If you’re a man, you can visit the ancient monasteries on the Mt Athos Peninsula by special permit – but women are not allowed!

Kevin’s travel tips: SUBMITTED PHOTOS

by the Turkish Ottomans in 1430, the architecture is a melting pot of cultures and styles with beautiful frescoes along many streets and stunning vistas in every direction. Thessaloniki is a very walkable city, and many of the attractions are ruins or historical buildings to explore on foot. It is known as an open-air museum due to the staggering number of historically significant buildings. Kevin describes the atmosphere as one of energy and music – often a quiet dinner at a local taverna will erupt spontaneously with song, musical instruments appearing

• Pack light and buy what you need locally – you’ll appreciate the mementos later • Travel with an eye mask and earplugs so you can catch sleep anywhere • Try Airb&b as an alternative to hotels. Stay in people’s homes, meet the locals and get inside tips. It’s generally around 50% cheaper than traditional accommodation. Flights to Thessalonika are currently available from $945 including taxes via Toronto and Frankfurt. Contact Amy Hare at






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11th Month, 11 Tips for Newcomers ADAM K. MACDONALD

AS AUTUMN TURNS TO WINTER, Fernie gets to highlight her showcase season and legendary powder. Along with the snow, many newcomers arrive too. Hundreds of people will make Fernie their home for the season and for many, this is their first season here. They benefit from Fernie and all it has to offer, and the community benefits from their skills and diversity. With that in mind, in no particular order, here are some tips if you are doing your first Fernie season… 1. Try out the Salvation Army. It is a great thrift shop and can supply you with everything from costumes for a Hawaiian theme party to an iron for waxing your snowboard. Also, a useful website to check out is www.ourfernie. com. 2. Fernie’s library is more than a library. It is a hub in the community. If Fernie was a house, the library would be its living room. 3. Between the library and the post office is the community board. This board is useful for buying and selling items and can be useful for finding information about accommodation too. 4. If you shop at Overwaitea, get a More Rewards card. Overwaitea is an awesome supporter of all things local and their discount card is well worth getting. 5. Get involved in the community. This is your home for several months, become a part of it. 6. Make the most of your time here. Ski and/or ride lots. Seek opportunities to



do other things too (snowshoe, road-trip, cross-country ski). 7. For a small town, Fernie has a great selection of restaurants and bars. Work hard, play hard, have fun! 8. Be respectful. If you’re walking home from the bar, remember that kids are sleeping on the other side of those windows. Keep the volume and language respectful. You don’t want a drunken heart-to-heart to be overheard, and no one wants to overhear it.

9. At the local transfer site is a free-cycle station. With some luck, this can be a great spot to find some furniture. Also, pay it forward by keeping this spot in mind when you are getting rid of things that would be of value to someone else. 10. The Fernie area is home to some beautiful wildlife. Put garbage out on garbage day (not before). Learn other things you can do to help keep wildlife wild. 11. Beware of Fernie-itis. You might plan on just staying for the season, but this beautiful town has a way of pulling people in. Eight years ago, my girlfriend and I arrived in Fernie and decided to do “a season.” We met some wonderful people that year, many of whom are still good friends. In fact, many joined us on our wedding day. Whether you stay beyond a season or not, Fernie and the people you meet here have a way of becoming something more than you might expect. FERNIEFIX.COM



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AT 3AM, EVEN FROM 38,000’, Japan shines brighter than a David Bowie concert. Outside it’s -60C and still hours away from Hong Kong. We layover in Hong Kong for about seven hours. Almost enough time to justify pulling out Loungebuddy. Loungebuddy is not an app for finding fading Lotharios and piano players paying the rent, but rather an app that can tell you what airport lounges are available. Not just for the elite traveller anymore, many lounges are open to travellers for a fee. Loungebuddy tells you what lounges are available and what it takes to get in. We’re doing a little shopping while we’re in the airport, so it’s probably not worth it. Instead I bring up Travelnerd. Travelnerd is an airport encyclopedia. It can tell you what shops, restaurants, and amenities are available. It has maps of the airports and ground transportation options such as taxi stands. If you’ve never been to a particular airport before, this will take some of the guesswork out of it. Sitting in The Spaghetti House I check on the next leg of our flight. Flight+ does a nice job of keeping track of all my flights. I’ve linked it to my TripIt account so all our flights, including return flight information, is in there. Flight+ has a nice interface and is easy to use, but I have noticed that flight alerts, such as delays, are not always updated as quickly as TripIt. It does, however, let me see what plane I’m on, show trip duration, a map of the flight, seat layouts, and shows me the flight board of any airport I may be going to. TripIt is an amazing tool. Anything trip related that I book online I simply email the confirmation email to plan@tripit. com and it fills out all in the information in my account. It tracks flights, hotels,

car rentals. Anything related to travel. It’s an amazing itinerary tool. I get alerts reminding me of impending flights, the ability to send confirmation emails, maps with details of how to get to our hotel, etc. It’s as close as you can come to having a personal assistant arranging your travel for you, without having to buy an appropriate Christmas present. I just received a text message from TripIt that our flight is delayed half an hour. Sometimes airports don’t like to give you all the bad news at once and that half hour turns into an hour, then two... So, I bring up FlightRadar24 to check on the plane. FlightRadar24 gets tracking info from the transponders on the actual plane and displays them on a map. You can literally see exactly where any commercial plane on earth is minute by minute. I see the plane is en route, so I’m not worried. Instead I turn my attention to dinner tonight. We arrive around 5:30pm. It’s half an hour to the villa. By the time we check in we’ll be peckish. Normally I’d check Yelp as it’s a pretty good way to find a restaurant, but the information on Bali is scant. TripAdvisor’s app has quite a bit more information. Five minutes and we’ve got a plan. Of course, almost everywhere in Indonesia has great food, it’s really just a good way to have the debate now instead of on the street outside the villa. It’s pretty hot in Bali in October still, so we talk about heading to the beach for a quick swim first. Nothing livens you up better after 19 hours of flying. I have a moment of panic because I can’t remember if I packed by swimsuit. I bring up Packing and check my packing list for this trip. Yes, swimsuit is checked. Each trip we go on I usually find something I’d like to have brought with me, but didn’t. It goes into Packing right away. Next trip I have it. Packing does a nice job of creating blocks of items, such as sporting gear, and makes it easy to create lists for all kinds of trips. Our flight’s going to board soon, but I still have time to check our seats for the return


flight. I bring up SeatGuru and put in the airline and flight number. Uh oh. Our seats are in a “yellow” zone. That indicates a warning. Looks like our seats don’t recline as they’re in front of the exit row. I head to the airline counter and ask about changing. Changing seat locations this far in advance is usually painless and done at the airport counter they often don’t charge so now’s the time. Okay, time to get back on the plane. I hope this month’s review of the travel apps I use will be helpful. Of course, none of these do as great of a job as an experienced travel agent, so if you just want to pick the dates and destination and let someone else work out the details, call one. Otherwise, head to the App Store. All the apps this month have a free version, and most have a paid version. Some require an online account to be created. Happy Computing/Travelling.


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November Horoscope

be taking for granted. For instance, your barista or the farmer that grows your food. Be mindful of all the people it takes for your day to run smoothly.


Virgo (Aug 23 - Sept 22) Stillness

Aries (March 21 - April 29) Grounding Get grounded. Go outside and do something that centres you and connects you with the Earth. Remember that the Earth always supports you. It is important for you to do this regularly this month.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20) Power You are learning about true power. The kind that comes from a place of compassion and respect. Tap into this energy within yourself and radiate it outwards. You’ll see how your perception changes when you come from a place of true personal power.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20) Communion Notice the feeling you get when you truly connect to something, be it a person, animal, plant, or idea. Spend time in communion with the things that bring you to life!

Cancer (June 21 - July 22) Vigilance This month, your awareness is heightened. You are acutely aware of events happening around you. Remember that this increased sensitivity is subjective – just because you perceive something a certain way doesn’t mean that someone else will.

Leo (July 23 - Aug 22) Support You have a large support team surrounding you. There are the obvious individuals that you draw upon regularly but there are so many secondary ones that you may

Take time this month to gather your thoughts and intentions. Find solace in yourself and seek out opportunities for stillness, whether it’s while sipping your tea or sitting in your car for an extra minute before going into the grocery store. Notice the peaceful moments and revel in them.

Libra (Sept 23 - Oct 22) Creation Bring to mind the ways that you are a creator in your own right. Do you spend time consciously being a creator or are most of your creations brought to life subconsciously? Now is the time to be awake to how you are creating your life.

Scorpio (Oct 23 - Nov 21) Perspective

M O N T H LY H O R O S C O P E S experience life from a different vantage point. Go scuba diving, or scale a mountain, or even just take a different route to work. Time to switch up the routine!

Aquarius (Jan 20 - Feb 18) Rebirth You are experiencing a big inner transformation and are about to emerge from the ashes like a phoenix and be reborn. Be prepared for things to seem new and intimidating in this world. It’s alright, you’ll still have your old wisdom with you.

Pisces (Feb 19 - March 20) Activation Time to get things rolling. This month is a time for action and getting things started. Get going on any projects you’ve been procrastinating on starting. Now’s the time to do them!

This month brings a change in perspective. Be open to new ways of thinking and operating in the world. You are being given the gift to see your life from a different angle than you’re used to and you may want to keep it that way.

Sagittarius (Nov 22 - Dec 21) Magic Go outside and experience the magic of nature. Take note of all the ways that nature amazes you and how you can experience its magic on a more regular basis. Be inspired and take that energy with you into your work, family, and daily routine.

Capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan 19) Breach Just like a whale breaches and experiences life above water, you are being guided to FERNIEFIX.COM



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Fall Courses are Now in Full Swing! n CDN Firearms Safety Course

November 01

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November 01

n H2S Alive

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November 03

n Hoisting and Rigging Safety

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n WHMIS Online

November 03

n Red Cross Instructor Re-Cert

November 22

n Wilderness First Aid

November 05

n Ground Disturbance

November 24

n OFA Level 3 Refresher

November 10


November 25

n CPR “C� Health Care Provider

November 15

n Confined Space Awareness

November 26

n Traffic Control

November 15

n Basic Fall Protection

November 27

n Entry Level Mine Worker

November 17


November 27

n Entry Level Oil & Gas Worker

November 17

n Airbrakes

November 28

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November 17

n Forklift Certification

November 28

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November 20

n Occupational First Aid-Level 1

November 29

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