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MARCH 2017 | ISSUE 123

The Feminism Issue

Special Feature: Be More Than a Bystander by Nicky Benzie • Lauren Fox discusses the book Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay • Adam K. MacDonald, Shelby Cain and Micah Morris share their views on respect, equality, parenthood, role models and strength in sports, no matter what your gender • Jesse Bell celebrates five years with the Fix and 60 adventure stories! FERNIEFIX.COM


IAMFERNIE Photography exhibit by KYLE HAMILTON

Whether it’s five days or five generations, we are all part of the Fernie community. Explore our community through the eyes of 150 Fernie residents.

March 2 to May 30, 2017 Fernie Museum Part of a Canada 150 Cultural Series Presented by the Fernie Museum and the Fernie Arts Station

This exhibit is made possible through the support of

Resort Municipality Initiative Investing in B.C. Resort Communities







EDITOR’S FIX | 5 SPECIAL FEATURE | 6 Be More Than a Bystander by Nicky Benzie

BUSINESS IN THE VALLEY | 8 Business News/New Business Business Advice with Patty Vadnais – Diversity Performs

ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT | 20 Feature Artist – Kari Lehr Fernie Reads with Lauren Fox: Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay From the Road: The One or My Search for a Mentor by Sage McBride Rental Fix – Joy by Andrew Vallance

COMMUNITY AND EVENTS | 28 Feature Resident – Zuzana Simpson and Linda Socher by Krista Turcasso

You’ve Got Male: Not in My Locker Room by Adam K MacDonald Events Calendar / March at the Arts Station Family Stoke – Real Men Wear Pink by Shelby Cain New Faces to Fernie: Joe Brangan by James Peeters Transitions – Good for a Girl by Micah Morris

OUTDOOR LIFE | 41 EA Sports – The Fernie Academy Fury, No Gym? No Problem! by Erin Summers Never Have I Ever – Adventures by Jesse Bell Triathlon Challenge: Conquering Your Fears with Eden MacGregor Hitting the Trails with the Fernie Trails Alliance – Fernie Women on Wheels and Route of the Month by Heather Lavers

HEALTH AND LIFESTYLE | 50 Fit to Challenge – Ready, Set, PPP! by Sarah Ingram, Practicing Kinesiologist Food Intelligence: Katie’s Key Nutrient by Tiffany Schedbesch, RD, BASc Family Wellness - Finding Your Tribe by Dr. Taina Turcasso, N.D., R.M.

BITS AND BYTES | 59 The Answer Guy – Bitcoins Part Two by Kevin McIsaac Astrology with Yann Loranger

FERNIE FUN | 62 Fix Trivia COVER: The future of women’s skiing training at Fernie Alpine Resort. Photo by Nick Nault Nick, THIS PAGE: Winter bliss. Photo by Raven Eye Photography,


For more details contact The Arts Station: 250-423-4842 or visit The annual Banner Art Project Committee is calling for submissions from Elk Valley artists of all ages for this year’s banner art project. • Submissions of paintings, quilts, stained glass, sculpture, pottery and photography are welcome. • Submissions MUST be cropped and submitted in a 2:1 ratio in order to fit the vertical layout of the banners. • Late entries will not be accepted. • Submissions should be professionally photographed at a high resolution suitable for print. • Submissions are to be submitted to the Arts Station by email, USB memory stick or dropbox (or similar file sharing platform). • Deadline for submissions: Tuesday, April 4, 2017 at 2pm.

For full details and rules contact the Arts Station. Send submissions to Erin at or contact Vanessa at with any questions.

Out of the Box:

Dumpster Art Project

Paint your artistic creation on a Fernie dumpster and have a chance to win $500. Applications available at City Hall, the Arts Station or online at and • Deadline for submissions: Friday, April 14, 2pm at the Arts Station. • Grand prize: $500 People’s Choice award. • Selected artists will paint their dumpster publicly on July 9, 2017

Contributors ANDREW VALLANCE is a cinophile nerd who currently lives on the wet coast. Girlfriendless, he spends his time going to movies, buying DVDs and flirting. CAROLYN NIKODYM hopes you dig some women in music this month. PATTY VADNAIS is the Executive Director of the Fernie Chamber of Commerce, a winter-time wanna-be ski bum, and summer-time golf slice professional. SAGE MCBRIDE is one of the lead vocalists in Fernie’s Stoke Folk band, Shred Kelly. As the band makes its way across Canadian provinces on its winter tour, Sage will be sharing stories “From the Road.” LAUREN FOX is the Executive Director of the Fernie Women’s Centre and Columbia Basin Family Resource Society. AHMED MUMENI is an engineer by day, and an avid traveler, photographer, and motorcyclist at other times. A recent transplant to Fernie, he enjoys capturing sounds and sights by camera, and preferably on two wheels. SHELBY CAIN was raised in the East Kootenays. After spending a decade wandering the prairies - she’s back, baby. Writing and mothering and enjoying her daily dose of #ferniestoke. Her first novel, Mountain Girl, is now available! Tweet her @ShelbyCainWrote JAMES PEETERS is a 28-year-old photographer from Australia, looking forward to sharing with Fix readers some of the diverse new residents living in town this season. ERIN SUMMERS loves skiing, good times, watching sports (especially October baseball), t-shirts and to Giv’ Er! She has a slight obsession with trips, and is heading to Panama in February for some yoga, surf and her favourite good times! JESSE BELL is so excited to celebrate five years with the Fernie Fix this month. Adventures continue to fill her soul. MICAH MORRIS is back, but this time she’s navigating her last year of high school, contemplating what’s next, and taking us along for the ride.

SARAH INGRAM wants to see you all ready to crush the PPP this year! If you need help with costume ideas or developing a program individual to you, call 250-423-9167 or visit www.

The FERNIE TRAILS ALLIANCE is a non-profit organization that works with outdoor recreation groups, government and private land owners to enhance and maintain the Fernie trail network. TIFFANY SCHEBESCH is a registered dietitian and owner of Peak Nutrition Consulting located in Fernie, BC. With a basis in mindful and intuitive eating, she helps clients create lasting changes towards their nutrition goals. DR. TAINA TURCASSO is a naturopathic doctor and midwife practicing in Calgary, Alberta. She spends most of her time catching gorgeous babies, and is slowly inching her way back to Fernie. ADAM K. MACDONALD wishes everyone a bit o’ the old Irish luck this month. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

KEVIN MCISAAC haunts the coffee shops and streets of Fernie to find his column source material. YANN LORANGER from HappyCulture Inc. is your local resource for Astrology, Tarot and Apitherapy. Astrology courses are offered at the College of the Rockies in Fernie.

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few months ago I was having lunch at the Blue Toque Diner, and Tanya Malcolm was our server. She immediately came up to me and asked if I would consider Feminism as a theme for March. “If you were ready for the Diversity issue, you are ready for Feminism,” she added, probably sensing my hesitation.You see, when it comes to Feminism there was a period of time I played it “safe.” I left that lunch, having not made a commitment but it was an idea that occupied my mind every day that followed. I thought back to my youth, when I fought hard against any bias towards me or any other girl I knew. I had equally as many guy friends as girls. Running for class president against popular boys in our school seemed normal. It was all the same to me, until a poignant conversation with my Grade 9 English teacher, Mr.Vallance. I am not sure how it began, but I distinctly remember him telling me that there would sooner be a black president than a female president. Prior to that, I had never really thought about how or why women and men were treated differently in the world (or black people and white people, for that matter). To me, it just didn’t make sense so I just carried on believing what I thought should be right. If there were any lines, to me they were very blurred.

believed so confidently that my daughters would grow up with a female president of the United States, and was excited for what that might mean for them. I thought back to that conversation with Mr.Vallance, and while I agreed he was right, thought well… we weren’t too far behind. I couldn’t have been more wrong. My heart broke, not for me but for my girls. And for anyone that falls under the “other” category. And for so so so many other reasons. And it has not stopped breaking, ever since. So, yes. This is the Feminism Issue. And it couldn’t have been better timing. What our writers have brought to the surface has truly moved us, and we hope it moves you, too. Thanks, Tanya. I needed that. Feminism: the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes. Krista Turcasso Editor

I wondered when and why my behaviour changed, and realized that during university and my brief stint in the corporate world I pushed down my inner Mary Tyler Moore and “played it safe”… because it was easier. And maybe it was, but it did not make me happy. Before too long the mountains called and it was an easy choice to come home. I could not be more grateful for this shift as it led me back to myself, which has led to all that I am grateful for today.

Editor | Krista Turcasso Creative Director | Vanessa Croome Associate Editor | Carolyn Nikodym

But I will never allow myself to forget that the lapse took place.

All content copyright Claris Media. The views expressed in this magazine are not necessarily the views of the publisher.

Like the rest of the world, I watched as Hillary and Trump fought for the throne. I FERNIEFIX.COM




Be More Than a Bystander by NICKY BENZIE


ast month members of the BC Lions visited the high schools in the valley to deliver an important message that we all should hear. It’s called “Be More than a Bystander” and it provides young people with the tools to stand up against violence against women and girls. Why? According to statistics, every year in BC there are over 60,000 physical or sexual assaults against women – almost all of them are committed by men. With that said, we know that the vast majority of men do not use violence and care deeply about the wellbeing of their mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, partners and friends.Yet few men view violence against women as “their” issue. If you are one of those people

who care about the women in your life and you want to help, it can be daunting to know where to start. The Be More Than a Bystander approach starts small, knowing that violence against women starts with normalizing demeaning and disrespectful behaviours such as making sexist jokes or comments, using intimidation and cat calling. These behaviours objectify women. Once a woman or girl is seen as an object, rather than a person, it is easier in the mind of an abuser to hurt her. The goal of the approach is to change the way we see objectifying attitudes and behaviours as completely unacceptable. So how can you Be More Than A Bystander? You can start with these tips: Nonverbal • Refuse to join in when derogatory, degrading, abusive and violent attitudes or behaviours are being displayed.

• Register your lack of approval for such attitudes or behaviours by leaving the individual or group who are perpetrating them. Staying silent while others act and behave inappropriately actually condones what they are doing; leaving shows that you don’t agree with it and are not willing to participate and act as an audience. • Offer your presence. If you see that a woman is being targeted, simply stand near to her so that she and the harasser/ abuser know that she is not alone. He may be less likely to continue or escalate the violence knowing that there are witnesses. • Give control to the woman who is the target of the violence by speaking directly to her, ask “Is he bothering you?” or “Are you okay?” and ask “Is there any way I can help?” This takes power away

from the perpetrator. If the woman says that she would like your help, do what you can to be of assistance. This could mean referring her to a professional.You can check in with the Fernie Women’s Resource Centre at 250-423-4687 to see what services are available in the Elk Valley. If she expresses that she is not in need of your help, respect this and move on. • Take action if there is a threat of immediate danger by calling the police and/or security. Verbal • Distraction as intervention: If you witness a woman being harassed/abused, ask the perpetrator for the time, or clear your throat while standing near him, this will momentarily break his focus from the target of his harassment. • Vocalize your support as intervention: If a woman alerts you that she has been

harassed/abused in a crowd, call out in support. “Hey man, leave her alone” or “I don’t like how you are treating her, stop it.” • If you know them, directly reference the behaviour that you are concerned about but do not judge them as a human being. Try to avoid validating any excuses or justifications for the abuse. There is no excuse or justification for violence against women. The purpose of your intervention is to help this individual acknowledge that their actions/behaviour/attitude/words are not acceptable and get the help they need to ensure it is not repeated, not to justify the past. These tips are brought to you by the Ending Violence Association of BC. If you want to learn more about the program, watch the Lions’ PSAs or to find out about the other programs they offer you can visit their website at


Ambassador Course Monday, March 6, 8:30am - 12:30pm Monday, April 3, 8:30am - 12:30pm

dee + nick




591B 2nd ave fernie, bc

591B 2nd ave fernie, bc

King Fir Spa


$10/person. Pre-register by calling the College of the Rockies. Ph.250.423.4691.

Resort Municipality Initiative

Investing in B.C. Resort Communities




Alpine Chiropractic 701 4th Ave 250-423-1452


r. Eden MacGregor of Alpine Chiropractic is excited to announce that she is now offering online booking! Online booking is a convenient way for patients to see all the appointments available, and choose a time that fits best with their busy schedule. Eden promises it is really easy to use, but for those that like doing things the old-fashioned way, that’s okay too! To book an appointment you can also call or text her directly. To try out online booking visit Eden’s website and click on the “book an appointment” button, or go to Eden has been practicing chiropractic in the Elk Valley since 2001. She works with patients of all ages and uses a variety of techniques to help patients reach their health goals.


Eye of the Needle 260 5th St. 250-423-0412


ye of the Needle is an artisan gallery and studio space in downtown Fernie operated by Sandra Barrett. Sandra is a Fernie Forge blacksmith and incorporates glass and felt into her sculptural steel work, and was inspired to forge a collaboration with two other women to showcase glass and felt in the gallery.


Breakfast, brunch, lunch and new this winter Thursday thru Saturday dinner service.


Business in the Valley

Offering our fresh take on diner classics, creative cocktails and decadent desserts.

This March, Eye of the Needle is exhibiting new creative Felt by Sandra. “Winter Light” includes three-dimensional sculptural pieces, some made by incorporating paper with wool, techniques Sandra learned thanks to a grant by the Columbia Basin Trust. The opening reception is at 6pm on Thursday March 2 and everyone is welcome. Eye of the Needle Studio and Gallery is open Thursdays and Fridays 105pm, Saturdays 11:30-5:30pm.

Visit us on facebook for current hours and menu updates.

250 423 4637 - 601 1st Ave V. CROOME PHOTO

@ the Arts Station

Business in the Valley


Fernie Heritage Library 492 3rd Ave 250-423-4458


he Fernie Free Press reported on December 8, 1899 that, “A movement is on foot among the prominent ladies of the town to do something in the way of starting a public reading room in Fernie.� It seems the Fernie Heritage Library has been well in hand by a group of strong, organized and creative women since this time. Why this trend of women and libraries? Women historically and currently understand the significance and power of the written and spoken word. They have seen how ideas, speeches and books have changed for better or worse, their situation the world over. The Fernie Library staff (made up of all women, save one) is passionate about creating a public space that is inspiring and empowering: V. CROOME PHOTO that provides room for discovery, community and is without barriers. They represent a multi-generational team and believe without a doubt, that creative ideas and stories will transform lives. Find out for yourself. Free library cards are available at the front circulation desk.

Run Into Adventure with BARKSiDE! New gear from Cycle Dog, Ruffwear, and West Paw Design Open 7 days a week Self Serve Dog wash 791 A 2nd Ave, Fernie 250-423-4332






GRIZ DAYS March 3 - March 5, 2017


A Celebration of Our Legacy Pick up your copy of the Griz Days Magazine in town NOW!

pub crawl • Extreme Griz • Griz Days Parade FIREWORKS • ParticipaCtion 150 Playlist Yukon Blonde - LIVE! • Plus so much more.


For full schedule of events visit

This ad is sponsored by Teck


For more information call the Fernie Chamber of Commerce at 250-423-6868




100 Rebate


when you purchase† energy efficient Duette honeycomb shades.


Offer valid from January 16 – March 17, 2017. † Purchase a minimum of 4 Duette® and receive a $100 rebate and an extra $20 for each additional shade purchased. Valid at participating retailers only. The rebate will be issued in the form of a Hunter Douglas Prepaid American Express® Card. THE PROMOTION CARD is a trademark of The Hunt Group. All Rights Reserved. THE PROMOTION CARD is a Prepaid American Express® Card issued by Amex Bank of Canada. ® Used by Amex Bank of Canada under license from American Express. For full details, visit

391 - 1st Avenue Fernie BC 250.423.4314 • 1.800.860.3136

Business in the Valley

Fernie Junior Ghostriders




he Fernie Junior Ghostriders Peewee Hockey Team will be hosting the Tier 4 Provincial Championships this March. Come out and see some of BC’s best young hockey athletes (age 11-12) as they vie for the Tier 4 Provincial title. Up to eight teams from various zones in British Columbia, including our own Fernie Junior Ghostriders Peewee team will battle it out on the ice in a series of matches. Games begin on March 19 and are scheduled daily through to March 23.Visit the Fernie Memorial Arena and see the passion and enthusiasm of Canada’s favourite sport as our minor youth teams take to the ice. The Opening Ceremony is at 6:45pm on March 19 with the Closing Ceremony following the final game on March 23. For full tournament information please visit

Francophone Association (AFRoS) The Fernie Women’s Resource and Drop-in Centre 1592 10th Ave 250-423-4687


he Fernie Women’s Resource and Drop-in Centre has been a proud part of the Elk Valley since 1979. The centre aims to raise the status of women, act V. CROOME PHOTO as a referral and drop-in centre, offer support to women and their families, and to inform and educate the public around issues concerning women. The Stopping the Violence Outreach and Counselling programs give one-on-one support to any self-identifying woman in the Elk Valley who has ever experienced any kind of violence in her lifetime. The centre also supports families by providing the Strongstart Program in Fernie, Sparwood and Jaffray, the Jaffray Preschool, Parent/Tot Funtimes in Fernie, Sparwood and Elkford, and Bellies to Babies in Fernie and Sparwood. For more information, check out the website, Facebook page call directly or dop by. Drop-in hours are Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 9-1pm and Wednesdays 9-3pm.


n Thursday March 2, your local Francophone Association (AFRoS) is presenting the fourh annual Francophone Festival at the Fernie Art Station. For four years, the AFRoS have welcomed artists from various Francophone roots such as Senegal, Quebec and British Columbia. This year, the talented and Sasketchewan born Alexis Normand is performing on stage with musician Marc Papillon. Every year, the music and the ambiance of the FrancoFest has been applauded by local Francophones and English Francopholines who get to take a dip in French Culture! Alexis’ BIO: When her fingers touch a guitar or piano, Alexis Normand delivers music that is downright seductive. The Fransaskoise singer-songwriter has been nominated for several awards, including a Canadian Folk Music Award, a Western Canadian Music Award, and a Lieutenant Governor’s Award. Alexis is also a member of the sassy vintage-inspired quartet, Rosie and the Riveters. FERNIEFIX.COM


Elk River Lodge The way Montana was 100 years ago, only better…

“An outstanding experience in an exceptional setting.” “Truly a little piece of heaven!”

An authentic, secluded Rocky Mountain experience in a historic ranch with world class skiing close by at Fernie Alpine Resort, dry fly fishing at your doorstep, abundant wildlife, and all the comforts of home. • Authentic lodge built in 1906 • 6 bedroom, 3 bath, custom furnished with 10 luxurious beds • Hot tub, outdoor grill, and fire pit for roasting marshmallows • Magnificent views • Ideally located to take day trips to surrounding national parks

• Bordered by the Elk River offering miles of world class dry fly fishing in total privacy • Herds of elk and deer graze across the meadows • Set up for Bed and Bale! Bring your horses, fly rods, camera and hiking boots

The highest rated lodge on the Elk River!

Read the reviews on

Located only 10 minutes from Sparwood but feels like hours from anywhere!

Call 239-877-0567 or email to reserve today!

Business in the Valley


Goddess Rising


elebrating International Women’s Day for its fifth year, Goddess Rising Fernie is a day of sisterhood designed to inspire, empower, educate and connect all women in the Elk Valley. This free event is proudly presented by local community organizers and feminists Rachel Cline and Tanya Malcolm. Goddess Rising offers women the chance to participate in workshops led by local experts on everything from growing food, raising kids in a digital age, to celebrating our sexy selves. Alongside the workshops participants can book free pampering sessions with care providers offering reiki, massage, make-up and hair, tarot readings and more. Over the past five years Goddess Rising has donated over $8000 to woman-centered organizations and young women in the Elk Valley pursing post-secondary education through The Goddess Rising Scholarship for Young Women. This year’s event is Saturday March 11 from 9am - 4pm at the Fernie Community Centre. Entrance by donation.


Lilac Media Mother Nature Doulas

581g 2nd Ave 250-430-1330 250-946-6322


ilac Media is owned and operated by Alesha Thompson, who started the business in June of 2015 after moving here with her daughter. With a diploma in Digital Graphics Communications and Print from SAIT Polytechnic, and currently enrolled at the Royal Roads University to complete her Communications degree, Alesha offers numerous services at Lilac Media and looks forward to growing the business in the future.


achel Cline is a woman of many hats, adept at multi-tasking. She is the local outreach worker for the Brain Injuries Association, moonlights at Island Lake Lodge and Three Sisters Day Spa doing massage, is in the process of becoming licensed in BC for Physiotherapy (her qualification/degree that she trained for and worked as before she moved to Fernie), but the areas of entrepreneurship that she is best know for are her flourishing doula and breastfeeding counselling practice and as one of the founding directors of The Little Cabin Company. She also finds time to volunteer on various projects, the most time consuming, but also most rewarding being the annual celebration of International Women’s Day. The event is in its fifth year and gave back $4500 in scholarships to local girls in 2016.


Lilac Media was named after Alesha’s daughter, and was begun to support herself and her little family in this amazing community. From printing services for both personal and business purposes, to design and image creation, Lilac has a lot on offer and Alesha invites you to stop by the shop, visit her Facebook page or her website at FERNIEFIX.COM



Majic, Purdy Law Corporation

Trusted Legal Advice for over 30 years George S. Majic, Q.C. (d. 2003) • Glen A. Purdy, Q.C Caeli H. MacPherson, JD, Articled Student

shop online

Providing a full range of legal services, including:

Real Estate, Personal Injury, Civil Litigation, Criminal Defence, Family Law, Business and Corporate, Wills and Estates 561 M Hwy 3, Fernie

(beside the Cattle Company)

Now with over 200 distributors Open: Mon 10-6, Tues 10-4, Wed 10-6, Thurs 10-6, Fri 10-6

Fernie Office 592-2nd Avenue P.O. Box 369 Fernie, B.C. V0B 1M0 T: (250) 423-4497 F: (250) 423-6714

Sparwood Office (By Appointment Only) 119 Centennial Square Sparwood, B.C. T: (250) 425-7216 F: (250) 425-0400


Lori Russell 250-278-6444 •

Helping you make the right move.

1602 - 9th Ave., Fernie BC Toll Free: 1.877.423.2001 Phone: 250.423.2000

Sold in the Annex!

Just listed in Timberline

Beautifully renovated 2 bedroom with hill views $339,900

Business in the Valley


Not Just Pizza 362 2nd Ave 250-423-9277


hat makes a perfect slice of pizza? For Not Just Pizza, the equation is simple: fresh ingredients, house-made sauces and crusts, and die-hard pizza heads manning the kitchen. Not all pizza is created equal, and its founding partners understand this. Mark and Carley Ehmann, experienced hands in the pizza business, return to the kitchen in collaboration with Pam Peters, a former trainer of chefs in China who has ten years of dough experimentation under her belt. Their mission is to deliver to hungry Fernieites only the finest, cheesiest, sauciest pie. Or, as the name implies, think outside the pizza box and explore the menu’s various burritos, wings, authentic donairs, and salads. For more information or to peruse the menu, visit SUBMITTED PHOTO

The Royal

Soco Soaps

501 1st Ave 250-936-5395


s it the fresh mountain air, the beautiful scenery, or the gathering of interesting people from all over the world that makes Fernie such an inspiring place for artists? We are spoiled when it comes to local art, from painting, to jewellery, to sculpture and clothing, our local artists are varied and talented!


hen Karey Pion made her first batch of soap in 2009, she immediately fell in love with the whole process, even though those first batches were terrible and barely usable. Using her family and friends as testers, she spent two years researching, making, curing and testing soap and products. In 2011 Karey decided to start selling her wares as a way to work from home with her baby girl. And that is when Soco Soaps began, selling her tried and tested products at the summer markets, and landing her first retail account with Carosella in Fernie.


With steady growth and a lot of late nights working after the kids went to sleep, Soco Soaps is now in 30+ retail locations across Canada, and has officially outgrown its tiny workshop, with soaps, whipped body creams, lip lubes, deodorants, foam baths and bath bombs stacked to the ceiling. So Soco Soaps is moving to a studio location in Fernie, where Karey will have room to create, as well as offer workshops, ladies nights and eventually children’s “make it” birthday parties! Soco Soaps will also be offering ingredients and packaging for the home DIYer, as well as a small retail area with limited hours. All products are always available at Healing Hollow on Second Ave. Soco Soaps is so blessed to have such amazing support from this community, allowing Karey to do what she loves.

This March, the Royal is celebrating Fernie’s diverse and abundant artists by hosting a Pop-up Art Expo every Thursday from 9-11pm, featuring a different artist every week. They invite you to stop by and enjoy the art displayed, while enjoying one of their brand new Royal Lounge cocktails for only $6. The Royal Lounge is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights from 9-11pm, and the Pop-up Art Expo every Thursday in March. They hope to see you there!



changing the shape of wood Let the team at River City Woodworks transform your home Every project is completely unique and a reflection of our clients’ vision. We are dedicated to crafting beautiful, functional wood products designed to last. Contact us today to discuss your ideas.

Visit our office at: 11 Kutenai Road Fernie, BC | ph: 250.423.3331 | www.

Business in the Valley Connect with us


Katie Peterson – Independent Accident and Sickness Insurance Agent 250-946-6292


ew to the insurance scene as well as to Fernie, Katie Peterson is currently navigating life through new and exciting waters! There is nothing quite like foundation building and the growth it inherently brings. Katie is extremely happy to be here in Fernie with her family, surrounded by the beauty of the mountains, and at the beginning of exciting opportunities. As an Accident and Sickness insurance agent, Katie provides benefits to individuals and families that protect them during unexpected and difficult times of illness or injury. These benefits safeguard families from financial erosion by providing coverage for added medical expenses or loss of income. In times of uncertainty and increased stress this is paramount to alleviating financial worry and allowing

photo by: @jennexplores

From cabins to condos, we have a vacation rental for your mountain getaway.

@fernielodgingco 1.800.667.9911


time for proper decision making and thorough healing. As an independent agent, Katie also has the flexibility to meet anywhere in the Elk Valley. Call for your free consultation, she looks forward to connecting with you!

The Play Room 1101-B 2nd Ave 250-430-1220


he Play Room is a new familyfriendly hang-out space in downtown Fernie. Offering a bright and friendly place to spend time with the kids where you can relax with a coffee or snack and watch (or join in) as the kids play in a large play space. Giant Connect Four, tents and tunnels, giant foam building blocks, a 600 strong ball pit (with more balls to come!) as well as a baby section complete with exersaucers and toys are all ready to entertain. The Play Room is open to drop in and play several times a week. Admission is per play for ages one plus at $4 with a multiple visit pass. Birthday parties at The Play Room are also a great option for those with


small children. Rent the entire space privately and come and enjoy. Visit or check them out on The Play Room looks forward to sharing this space with you!   FERNIEFIX.COM


March Events & Activities March 5 – Raging Elk Dummy Downhill March 11 – Kokanee Retro Party March 17 & 18 – Monster Boarderstyle March 25 –

Winter Carnival

Night Skiing on the Mighty Moose Every Saturday night from 4-9pm

Kids Spring Extravaganza Camp March 28-31 • 10am – 4pm each day Ages 6-12

$259+ tax


Business in the Valley


Diversity Performs by PATTY VADNAIS


omeone addressed me as Mr.Vadnais in an email recently. To his credit, he apologized profusely for being so presumptuous. In all fairness, I get two or three solicitation emails addressed to Mister a year. I relate the story only as an example of the ongoing, unrecognized bias that business managers or owners are male. Taking a historic look at this bias, it wasn’t until the Second World War that women entered the work force in large numbers. After the war, they were pushed back into the home. In 1953, labour force participation of women was 24%. That is, only 24% of women sought employment. This number increased year after year and reached 82% at its highest level in 2014. For reference, labour force participation of men is 93% and in 1953 was 96%. It has been nearly a century since that first significant presence of women in the workforce and we are just reaching a balance of genders in the workplace. According to stats Canada, in 2014 women made up 47% of the workforce. Based on these statistics, I anticipate I will see fewer misaddressed emails as the chances of the manager being male or female are 50/50. This balance in gender diversity is good for all of us. Academic research on diversity (for example more women on senior management teams) reports more diversity means better organizational performance. Studies find that adding women to decision-making teams results in increased economic value. And companies with women on top management teams and in the board room do better than organizations without any women. Diversity results in better economic value and better accounting performance.


Bottom line, demographic (gender, age, race) diversity is good for the bottom line. Studies note a positive relationship between board diversity and organization performance. Diversity increases the questioning, provides new viewpoints, fosters a learning environment, and improves risk management and all of these things result in better performance. This works for both for-profit and non-profit boards. While the balance is coming to the workforce, there are many ways in which women are still underrepresented. Women hold only 16.9% of seats in corporate boardrooms. Women are paid 78 cents for every dollar earned by men. Just some things to keep in mind when hiring and promoting within your companies. Fernie is a great place for women entrepreneurs. We see a large number of women starting their own businesses and sitting in senior management positions. At the Chamber of Commerce, we are very fortunate to have a diverse board. Of our 12 member board, six are women, they are: Sheila Byers, Anita Palmer, Alicia Clarke,

Vanessa Croome, Mel Mackay, and Tammy Ogden. I look up to these women as they take leadership roles in the companies they work for, or own, and for the leadership they provide to the Chamber. I applaud them for sticking their hand-up to volunteer and direct the strategies that Strengthen Commerce in Fernie. As with anything, moderation is a good thing. If an organization had a board full of women, without representation from men, it would see similar challenges. It is the diversity that improves performance in organizations and on boards. But for this month, and this issue of the Fix, it is nice to take a moment and celebrate the importance of women. And the work of those women who have worked hard and succeeded. Those who have blazed trails. In the recent months, I have been reminded that progress does not mean the battle is over. Society must always be working towards inclusiveness and acceptance, and we must celebrate and learn from our differences.



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kari lehr Growing up in Calgary, drawing was my refuge. Never a particularly academic student, I found art class was at once a way to boost both my grades and self esteem, as my ability to draw seemed to make me a slightly bigger fish in the small pond of grade school. I never once considered pursuing a career outside of art, and so the Alberta College of Art (as it was called then) seemed like a logical place to study, and four years later I had a diploma in Visual Communications. Twenty years of freelance illustrating for various studios and agencies around North America followed, during which time my family and I moved to Crowsnest Pass, 50 minutes east of Fernie.

Shortly after relocating, I began to realize a desire to find my artistic voice through the exploration of my own imagery, and I found within the Pass a vibrant and supportive art community, which I accessed through the wonderful CNP Public Art Gallery. It was here that I participated in my first group show called The Art of Motherhood. For the first time, I considered imagery that was mine alone, and not intended for any client giving me direction. It was a liberating, joyful experience and the response to my work was appreciative, warm and heartfelt. From my earliest drawings as a young girl, I’ve loved the female form, and believe that female beauty lies in our strength, wisdom, resilience and

grace – qualities that transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. I am fascinated by the threads of experience that weave their way through each of us, connecting us in a kind of sisterhood as we share our stories of joy and woe. With these stories I continue to explore my own imagery and have participated in several exhibitions in public and private art galleries in Alberta and BC. In 2011, I became a member of the Fernie Arts Co-op. Through this fantastic organization and its wonderful artists, I discovered a vibrant community that celebrates and supports its artists and the arts in all its forms. Surrounded by so much natural beauty, Fernie is endlessly inspiring, and one of my

favourite places anywhere is the Old Growth Cedar Trail. As often as I can, I try to seek, with intention, moments of stillness that inevitably fill me with a sense of connection to something greater than what the world seems to offer with its distractions, politics, noise and so on. This trail is the perfect place to find that sense of stillness and connection, which are recurring themes in my work. Bears have always occupied a place in my consciousness, having grown up with recurring nightmares in which they played a passive but threatening role. A few years ago I started playing with colour, composing loose studies of bear faces, perhaps coming face to face and making peace with

what had frightened me for so long many years ago. The Co-op was the perfect venue to display my new imagery, and I soon discovered that I wasn’t the only one who had a fascination with and respect for bears. What started out in one shop in Fernie, has grown into a line of Wild Things imagery on cards, reproductions, and T-shirts, which are now sold in more than 70 shops and galleries across Canada. It has been one of the greatest lessons for me as an artist: pay attention to the inspiration that is knocking at your creative door, and follow it to see where it will lead. Pursuing imagery to which you feel a connection will create an audience of people who respond to that authentic voice and will in turn share their stories. More than any commercial

success, this has been by far the most gratifying part of my art career to date. I will always feel a sense of wonder and gratitude when I think of the role that Fernie has played in my artistic journey and look forward to seeing what unfolds in the future. You can find my work on my website (karilehrart. com), Facebook (Kari Lehr Art) and Instagram (@karilehrart).



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“Sexy, searing and very, very funny.” –Annabel Lyon

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Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay by LAUREN FOX


Open Everyday 592 2nd Ave., Fernie • 250-423-3736

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eminism is still a loaded word in our culture. It is often used as an insult or in place of calling someone a “man hater.” Many women disown the label of being a feminist despite the fact that they enjoy many freedoms because of the feminist movement. I have always proudly called myself a feminist. However, with embracing that label I have felt the tensions that Roxane Gay writes about in her book of essays, Bad Feminist. This book helped me to find ease in those tensions and start to accept them as a beautiful part of being a feminist. The essays cover a variety of topics from Sweet Valley High and the Hunger Games to reproductive freedom and body image. In each essay she explores how the many parts of who we are intersect and form the way we experience and interpret the world. She is constantly exploring her intersectional identity as a black, feminist, professional woman. She tells us that feminism is actually easy to embrace when you realize it is about “advocating for gender equality in all realms, while also making the effort to be intersectional, to consider all the factors that influence who we are and how we move through the world. “ (xiii) Throughout most of the essays she weaves the idea that feminism cannot be perfect and represent all women at all times. “Feminism is flawed because it is a movement powered by people and people are inherently flawed.”(x) I really connected with this because this message is almost as empowering as feminism itself! It speaks to the importance of the values and principals of feminism but acknowledges that no one can get it right all of the time. It helped me to see that other feminist women feel the same strain that I have experienced. It gave me permission to occasionally watch bad reality TV and dance in my kitchen to


Robin Thicke’s song “You Know You Want It” and not be racked with guilt because, darn, that is a catchy dance tune. Feminism is not perfect, I am not a perfect feminist and that is okay! I must stop holding myself to a Feminist Ideal that does not really exist. Gay summarizes the pull of being a feminist so well: “Like most people I am full of contradictions, but I also don’t want to be treated like sh*t for being a woman.” (p.318) But being a feminist is very hard work, and Gay shows us the importance of continuing the feminist analysis of culture and society. “We have come so far but we refuse to settle, we refuse to relish the comforts we have at the expense of the women who are still seeking comfort.” (102) Inequality is still deeply entrenched in our world and women are still experiencing that inequality every day. We cannot abandon feminism because sometimes it does not always represent our experiences or beliefs – because at that moment it is likely representing another woman’s experiences and beliefs. In each essay, Gay makes the significance of feminism very clear regardless of whether you agree with everything she is saying or not. Although at times you might not like Gay’s opinions on the state of the world or may find her book to be a bit preachy, she offers a poignant analysis on the importance of feminism in our society. Gay wants us to understand that feminism is not perfect and neither are we. She wants us to give ourselves permission to be bad feminists sometimes because that is life. What she does not want is for us to give up on the power and force behind feminism because it is still a critical social movement. She sums it up so well in her final essay when she says, “I am a bad feminist. But I would rather be a bad feminist than no feminist at all.” (318) FERNIEFIX.COM


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The One or My Search for a Mentor by SAGE MCBRIDE


ast year I attended a three-day mentorship program in Vancouver called E-Series Forum for Women Entrepreneurs. It was an incredible program that a dear friend of mine had been to the previous year. She raved about her experience of networking and spending time alongside other driven, passionate women who were at different stages of building their businesses. Prior to the FWE conference I had been seeking mentorship. Being in a band is a challenging line of work, and one that is difficult for people in other lines of work to understand. There are so many different hats to wear, and it’s hard to always be wearing a business and creative hat simultaneously. If you wear one more than the other, the whole project falls apart, so it is important to be diligent about balancing the two. Other entrepreneurs and artists can grasp the challenges that being self-managed bring, but I was struggling to find balance, purpose, time to create, time to connect with people I loved, and always feeling a nagging feeling that there was something more I could be doing. I thought if I could just find one person to guide me, one person who had all the answers, that I could find the perfect balance. I thought that I could take someone else’s experience, follow their exact steps, and then I could strike the perfect life balance. I spent the summer of 2015 on tour searching for a mentor. I went from festival to festival scouting women I admired who seemed to have it all together, and subtly seeking their mentorship. But festivals are short, and in the brief encounters I had with all of the inspirational women I met, I realized that there had not been time for



them to answer every question I had, and that maybe I had not yet met “the one.” Almost serendipitously, I attended the FWE mentorship program during this quest. It was then that I realized that I

was already surrounded by mentors in my network of women. I also discovered a gift being on tour gave me. It allows me to stay connected with friends from various times in my life, scattered across Canada

and the world, and turn to them on the road for advice and inspiration when feeling unbalanced away from home. Now I look forward to touring not only for performing and spending time with my bandmates (who are also mentors in my life), but also to connect with the women across the country – my “road mentors.” When I find myself at a tour stop in Winnipeg, I turn to my friend who is a relationship and sex therapist for advice on balancing business and family. When in Vancouver, I spend time with my artist friend who shares her secrets on when she creates, what times of day she has the most inspiration and how to stay focused and driven, and my other friend a nutritionist who gives me advice on healthy meals, recipes and ideas for staying healthy and energized. When we tour to Calgary I connect with the women from the band Sidney York and Nice Horse to discuss songwriting, the music business and goals.

New Album to Look Out For: Jenn Grant - Paradise Released: March 3, 2017 Playlist of Canadian Women who make me move, dance, cry, create and smile: Hey Ocean – “Big Blue Wave” Terra Lightfoot – “Never Will” Hannah Georgas – “Dance Floor” Repartee – “Dukes” Feist – “Mushaboom” Stars – “My Ex-Lover is Dead” Grimes – “Oblivion” Sky Wallace – “Dead Things” Cold Specks – “Blank Maps” Neko Case (honorary Canadian) – “I Wish I Was the Moon” July Talk – “Picturing Love” Amelia Curran – “The Mistress” Metric – “Help I’m Alive”

When I am back in Fernie, I have a network of women who are all so driven and focused and inspirational in their different lines of passion and work, that it gives me the energy I need to get back on the road, and find the balance I need when I’m home.

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Through the FWE mentorship program and in my search for “the one,” I discovered that there is not just one. Mentorship can and should be sought from the people who surround you, and those you have yet to meet. I have also learned to not be nervous or avoid asking for advice from those I admire. They may not have all the answers, but you never know what someone has to offer unless you ask. Where to find a mentor in Fernie: join the facebook group “Fernie Lady Bosses” and attend the monthly meeting of women entrepreneurs, sharing ideas and inspiring one another.

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BP’s Daily Happy Hour

Joy Mangano was born on Long Island, New York in 1956. In 1978 Joy graduated with a BA in business administration, but the ‘60s were a conservative time in America, and women were expected to marry, raise children and keep their houses clean. Soon after graduation, she married, had three children and kept her house clean. When she divorced in 1989, she used her housekeeping experience as inspiration for the development of a self-wringing Miracle Mop, which turned out to be her key to success. Her business acumen and determination helped her to move on to develop a successful company based on her own inventions for which she currently holds 100 patents.

7 Days a Week, from 3PM to 5PM and 10PM - 12AM

Her company was called Ingenious Designs. In 1999, she sold out to the parent company of Home Shopping Network and stayed on as president of the company. As of 2010, her inventions were bringing in roughly $150 million in annual sales.

BP Griz Days Events

Saturday, March 4, 11am - 2pm: Balloon Animal Action on 2nd Ave. with Magic Studio Balloon Artists Sunday, March 5, 2:30 - 3:30pm: Magic Show at the Community Centre Both events are FREE, see you there!

Joy Mangano is ingenious and absolutely deserves to have a high-quality Hollywood movie made about her. Unfortunately Hollywood chose to make Joy, a bio pic, which, while it does cover Mangano’s life, is rather bland and uninteresting. It will also be noted by fans of film biography that these films tend to veer to a smaller or greater extent from the facts of the subject’s life. In this case the director decided well in advance of filming not to base the film entirely on Joy Mangano’s real life.


The film covers Joy’s rise from obscurity as a struggling single mother in upstate New York to fame and prosperity as an influential businesswoman. Jennifer Lawrence plays the role of Joy. While the actress’ performance is adequate, it is not as dynamic or inspiring as it might have been, which is a shame since Lawrence has made it her business to portray so many strong and independent women in her previous


roles in films like The Hunger Games and Winter’s Bone. Robert DeNiro turns in a forgettable supporting role as Joy’s father. It is rather sad that the actor who gave us such marvellous performances in such films as Taxi Driver, Good Fellas and Casino is now relegated to such modiocre work as Meet the Parents, Bad Grandpa and this film. Joy’s husband is played by Edgar Ramierz, who is remarkably good in the role. He was previously in The Bourne Ultimatum, Wrath of the Titans and The Girl on the Train. Virginia Madsen plays Joy’s mother. She has an extensive filmography with roles in the television series Elementary, Designated Survivor and American Gothic. Like DeNiro, she isn’t able to transcend the scanty material she is given. Bradley Cooper is also disappointing. He plays the executive who gives Joy her first big break. While playing a powerful business executive might seem like a chance to shine as an actor, he doesn’t put enough energy into the role to give a believable performance. The film was released in December 2015 and was directed by David O. Russell who previously made Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle, both of which featured Lawrence, DeNiro and Cooper. Joy is not great movie. If you want to see a high-quality film about female empowerment and positive relationships between women, see Winter’s Bone or The Hunger Games. Or if you want something more comedic see Whiskey Tango Foxtrot starring Tina Fey. FERNIEFIX.COM


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Zuzana Simpson and Linda Socher by KRISTA TURCASSO


feel grateful to have known these two extraordinary women for much of my life. Growing up, everyone felt like they knew Linda and Heiko. They were Fernie famous, and both so friendly and welcoming when visiting Fernie Snow Valley or the Ski Base. When I moved back home, and Vanessa and I started the Fernie Fix, our relationships became stronger and I began to see them both more regularly… whether it was on the trails, for an interview, to toss around some ideas, or just running into them around town. They were so supportive of our magazine, from the beginning. Zuzana I knew more personally from a young age, as she worked as a hair stylist at my mom’s shop, Maija’s Hair Design, alongside her own mom, Maria. I was so infatuated with her, as were my sisters. She was young, beautiful and seemed so exotic to me (having come to Fernie from the Czech Republic at 18). Interestingly, meeting for coffee at our office one Monday afternoon in February is the first time I have sat with Linda and Zuzana together. Over the nearly two hours of our meeting, I admire the love, respect and support that runs between them and begin to realize how much these two have in common. Their connection began shortly after Zuzana arrived in Fernie in 1980. Having left their country to escape the communist regime, Zuzana and her family were starting over again and through a mutual connection, met with Linda at the Ski Base to get outfitted for skiing. Little did either of them know that Zuzana too would one day run the Ski Base. This year marks the 50th Anniversary of this iconic store in downtown Fernie. Linda started the shop in 1967 above the MC Cash Grocery Store. “We rented


one room upstairs from November to February,” she says, adding that it was above what is now the Quilt Shop. “They were apartments, and once we closed in February I moved everything to the basement until the next season.” (Zuzana laughs, saying she sometimes wishes she could do the same.) After two years, they moved to the Salvation Army building for a couple of years. “Then we moved to the building it is in now, but it was one narrow hall.” In 1984, they expanded taking over the full right side. They renovated the current space, took out some apartments and added the upstairs. In 1995 they bought the coffee shop next door (The Back Room Café) and created the space we currently know today. This all happened at the same time Heiko was making a name for himself and for Fernie at Fernie Snow Valley, which he purchased in 1972. As the Ski Base grew alongside Fernie’s recreational offerings, so did its staff. Ralph

Simpson became part of the team in 1985, the first year the Ski Base was open year-round. A lover of wind surfing, skiing and biking, it was a great fit… even with the quiet summer months. “I remember reading all of the Russian novels that first summer,” says Linda. “Nobody came in, summer was really quiet at the time.” Eventually the sport of mountain biking came on the scene, and things started to change. “When they first started selling mountain bikes, Ralph recorded every person’s name, the bike they purchased, serial number, etc. in a book,” says Zuzana, who still has the book. Zuzana first met Ralph when he came in for a haircut. I always heard that he courted her for some time, though Zuzana laughs at this and says they were merely friends at first. In 1989, the two married at the Griz Inn. Zuzana had her own bookkeeping business, and Ralph started taking on a more serious role at the Ski Base. In 2000, Linda and Heiko had an offer on the

business and she thought, if I’m selling it to anyone it’s going to be Ralph. “It was simple on both sides, a win-win situation. From the time it was offered to the time of purchase was six months,” says Linda. When Zuzana and Ralph had paid off the inventory, Linda and Heiko suggested they purchase the building, and they did in 2006. “I remember Ralph saying that the only thing that changed for him was exchanging one European boss for another!” laughs Zuzana. “And I never saw Linda so happy,” she adds. And Linda was happy, having run her own business for 33 years she was ready to retire. “It’s not easy, you can never shut it off,” she says, and we all nod in agreement. The three of us continue to talk, well into the afternoon. They share with me their tolerance or intolerance for risk, Linda admitting that she was always the worrier and Heiko the risk taker. “And Ralph was so good natured about things and confident, if I ever worried or flew off the handle once in a while he took it greatly,” says Linda. “And he was never afraid of competition, I admired that about him.” Zuzana admits to being the risk taker between her and Ralph, but having owned the business for nearly 17 years, on her own since Ralph’s passing in 2009, she thinks about not being as involved. Linda is quick to say she was in her 60’s when she retired, “And you’re just 55.You have some time,” and we all have a good chuckle. Perhaps with her son Garyk now working at the Ski Base, it won’t be too far off. What many do not know is that with the transaction of the Ski Base went the Griz logo. Heiko himself came up with the Legend of the Griz. In the 60s, Heiko and Linda were the only ones to hike to the top of the Bear to ski. “He thought the headwall was so fantastic, and used to say that someone was walking around up there making the snow fall with a gun. He told the fellas the story one day after skiing, and Dave Rogers said… that’s the most BS I ever heard out of you!” Linda recalls. Heiko created a small sketch of the Griz, Ken Schneider refined it a little, and then

Jack McLean, a local artist finalized the logo to what it is today. “Muriel MacLeod started Griz Days when she worked in Marketing for Heiko. She had taken a course in ski area management, and having travelled to different resorts came up with the idea,” adds Linda. This year marks the 40th Anniversary of Griz Days, a weekend festival organized by the Fernie Chamber of Commerce that has become an integral part of the winter season in Fernie. I couldn’t imagine a Fernie without the Ski Base. A Fernie without the Griz. Or a Fernie without these two impressive women. Congratulations on 50 years at the Ski Base, and thank you for all that you have contributed and continue to contribute to our town! 1.When did you first arrive in Fernie and what brought you here? Z. We arrived in 1980, and came as we were escaping the communist regime. My parent’s had acquaintances in Fernie. L. We came 50 years ago, on February 15 in 1966 for one year. Heiko came as a forester. 2. Where did you first live in town? Z. In the Annex, there was a four-plex on 9th Ave and 9th Street. L. We couldn’t find a place to live, so we had to buy a house in the Airport… the upper part, as the Airport was actually an airport at the time. 3. What was your first impression? Z. It was wild. I remember thinking, “Where did my parents bring me?” It was in the middle of nowhere! I was amazed by the mountains and almost felt claustrophobic. But the town itself was a one-horse town. Ralph used to say once you come to Fernie you can never leave. I did move to Vancouver for a few years but didn’t like the city life anymore. I guess he was right! L. I thought, we can stand it here for one year, and then we have to get out of here.

4. What keeps you in Fernie? Z. It’s my home, I’ve been here longer than back in the old country. And because of the business and lifestyle. L. I can’t imagine myself anywhere else. 5. Do you have a favourite Fernie memory? Z. Probably our wedding up at the Griz Inn, in 1989. L. Being so involved with building Fernie and getting people here. 6. What is your favourite time of the year in Fernie and why? Z. I love the fall, it’s usually really nice here with the Indian Summer. L. Winter, because of skiing.Yes. 7. Where do you see Fernie in 5 to 10 years? Z. I think Fernie is going to definitely expand, but it’s always slow growth. L. Stay as it is. Twenty years ago, people always said it would be a second Whistler. It has grown a lot, but it can’t quite get there. 8. How do you start your day or what is one of your daily rituals? Z. Taking my dog for a walk. L. Skiing at 9am. That’s my favourite. 9. Tell us something people might be surprised to learn about you. Z. That I speak another language and am from Europe. L. I still love Fernie even after 50 years of being here. 10. Quote to live by: Z. My favourite quote is, “If you’re not making mistakes, you’re not learning anything.” And not a quote, but a statement of intent, “When I grow up, I want to be like Linda Socher.” L. “Do something active, every day.” FERNIEFIX.COM


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Not in My Locker Room by ADAM K MACDONALD


mazing women fill my life. My wife, amazing. My mother, amazing. Sister, check. Daughter, check. Both grandmothers, check-check. My aunts… check-check-check-check-check-checkcheck-check-check.Yes, I have nine aunts (see amazing grandmothers above). When I flew back home for my 104-yearold grandmother’s funeral (amazing), I brought my one-year-old with me. I was a rock star. People held doors open, offered to carry my luggage, and told me how great my son and I were. At the gate, an off-duty airline attendant offered to watch my son should I need to use the washroom. She even showed me her credentials. While waiting in line to change planes, with my son asleep on my shoulder, someone tapped me from behind. I turned, and a uniformed pilot asked me for my phone number. When I asked why, he said, “You guys are so cute.” He showed me our photo on his phone, “I wanna text you a copy.” On board, the attendant doted on me – snacks, toys, preferential seating, all around deluxe treatment. And I appreciated the treatment. But… why don’t mothers receive that treatment? I mean, flying with my airplane-obsessed son is fun. My wife did the planning and packing, what credit did she get? There were countless single mothers travelling with kids through Pearson that day, where was their special treatment? Are the expectations for fathers so low that travelling with my son warrants celebrity status? And I do it myself – I applaud fathers travelling alone with children, and I fail even to notice the mothers. Why do we set mothers’ expectations so high, then shame the ones who might not meet them?


Sometimes, with advancements like maternity rights and voting rights, I think our society has come a long way on women’s rights. Then I see America elect a man on record saying, “(I) just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star they let you do it.You can do anything you want… Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.” This was a dumb thing to say, but Donald Trump is not dumb. He did not achieve his success in business, or win the presidency, through idiocy alone. He is analytical, confident, and unpolished in a way that many Americans welcome. He has qualities I look for in leaders. But it comes down to half of the population and basic respect. Bragging about sexual assault is unacceptable. You can’t explain that away as, “nothing more than a distraction,” and, “locker room banter.”You can’t. I teach Physical Education. The person who now holds what is viewed as one of the most powerful offices in the world, explains his comments as, “locker room talk.” Not in my locker room. That disgusts me. It makes me sad. It makes me mad. A giant, rude step was taken, backward. I feel like Trump’s unofficial slogan is, Make America Hate Again.

So, now The Donald is President. The joke turned into possibility, turned into reality, and now it is the new normal. I don’t like it, and that’s ok. Plenty of good people didn’t like it when Obama was elected. But we cannot accept Trump’s words and his “apology” (“I apologize if anyone was offended”). Disrespecting women should never be normal. We need to separate those. He is president; his words were wrong. Back to the women in my life. And to all the amazing women rallying in Fernie and around the world. I don’t want to pedestalize; I just want to say, “Thank you.” Thank you for reminding us that even though those clips of Trump’s remarks have fallen out of the news since his win, we need to remember them. Thanks for being role models for my children. We need women and men, girls and boys, to know that disrespecting women is wrong. Being powerful and rich might make the difference in getting away with deplorable comments. But what Trump said is wrong. To my wife and my daughter: at times I will fail to be the man you deserve. Know the weakness is mine.You are my strength. To my son: love, respect, and appreciate the women in your life. They are amazing. FERNIEFIX.COM




WEDNESDAY 1.3.2017 Stitch and Bitch @ Fernie Heritage Library, 10-11am. Enter through back door. Reading with Seniors @ Tom Uphill Manor, 1:30pm with IDES Kindergarten Class Nordic Toonie Race Series #4 @ Elk Valley Nordic Centre, 7pm THURSDAY 2.3.2017 Provincial Park Paradise Snowshoe Safari @ Mount Fernie Provincial Park, First Thursday Social: Lego for Engineers @ Fernie Heritage Library, 6:30-7:30pm. One adult engineer and one child (any age) to register your team! Beautea Night with SPA 901 @ Infinitea, 6-9pm FrancoFest @ The Arts Station, 7-9pm. $25 for a family, $10 per person or free for kids under four and $5 for kids under 12. Celebrate French culture with music performed by Alexis Normand and Marc Papillon. Gallery Reception: Winter Light @ Eye of the Needle, 6pm. Showcasing experimental three-dimensional geometric sculptural felt by Sandra Barrett. Exhibit Opening: I Am Fernie @ The Fernie Museum, 7pm. As part of the Canada 150 Cultural Series presented by the Fernie Museum and the Fernie Arts Station, enjoy the work of local photography Kyle Hamilton who worked from 2015 – 2017 to capture Fernie residents in portraits taken in the midst of daily life, whether they’ve lived in Fernie for a lifetime or five minutes. Wine and cheese reception and cash bar. IF4 - International Fly Fishing Film Festival @ The Vogue Theatre, 7pm. Consists of short and feature length films produced by professional filmmakers from all corners of the globe. Miesha & The Spanks with All Hands On And and Country Smokes @ The Northern THURSDAY 2.3.2017 – THURSDAY 9.3.2017 Teaching Acro Yoga @ Essential Yoga Studio, FRIDAY 3.3.2017 – SUNDAY 5.3.2017 40th Annual Griz Days @ Fernie. From the iconic parade to the fun events on and off the hill and the famous Extreme Griz Competition, this is one weekend in Fernie not to be missed! Western Ski-Cross @ Fernie Alpine Resort, hosted by FAST FRIDAY 3.3.2017 Griz Days Pub Crawl @ Fernie Bars, starts at 3pm and is $50 with nine stops. Must register, spots limited. DJ Aurora @ The Griz Bar, 3pm Iri Been Jammin @ The Royal, Local Reggae Fernie Ghostriders Playoffs #6 @ The Memorial Arena, 7:30pm Griz Stomp III with The Ken McCoy Band @ Fernie Community Centre, 6:30pm. Hosted by the Elk Valley Hospital Foundation. Slocan Ramblers Live @ The Arts Station, 8pm Just Rollie Live @ Loaf, 6pm The Naked Rose Band @ Infinitea, 8pm Val Kilmer and the New Coke @ The Northern SATURDAY 4.3.2017 Griz Days Craft Fair @ The Community Centre, 10am – 2pm Annual Griz Days Street Hockey Tournament @ The Parkplace Pub, 10am Al Barrett @ The Rusty Edge, 4-6pm The Testers @ The Griz Bar, 3pm The Runs @ The Royal, local punk band! Griz Days Parade @ Main Street, 5:30pm Yukon Blonde Live @ Station Square, downtown Fernie 8pm. DJ Pump - Calgary @ The Northern SUNDAY 5.3.2017 Raging Elk Dummy Downhill @ Fernie Alpine Resort Indie Films Fernie: Old Stone @ The Vogue Theatre, 5pm MONDAY 6.3.2017 Movie Napolean Dynamite @ Infinitea. 7pm TUESDAY 7.3.2017 Embrace @ The Arts Station, presented by Goddess Rising Women’s Day Celebrations, doors open at 6:30pm and film begins at 7pm. WEDNESDAY 8.3.2017 Reading with Seniors @ Rocky Mountain Village Serenity Room, 1:15pm with Creative Minds Preschool Essential Oils Workshop @ Infinitea, 6pm Big Little Lions @ The Fernie Arts Station, 8pm BC Little Warriors Prevent It! Workshop @ Sparwood. Learn how

WEDNESDAY 22.3.2017 The Lion King Movie @ Infinitea, 5pm Wildsight Wildideas @ Infinitea, 7pm TUESDAY 21.3.2017 Cooking Class ‘Southern Comfort Food’ @ Infinitea, 6-9pm $35 Book in advance. WEDNESDAY 22.3.2017 Essential Oils Workshop @ Infinitea WEDNESDAY 22.3.2017 – THURSDAY 23-3-2017 Walkie Talkie Book Club: Mountain Girl by Shelby Cain @ Fernie Heritage Library, meet at library front steps at 10am. Young Writers’ Workshop @ Fernie Heritage Library, 1:30-3:30pm both days for ages 7-9. Get inspired to start creating your own written work. Register by emailing THURSDAY 23.3.2017 – FRIDAY 24.3.2017 Coding and Building @ Fernie Heritage Library, for kids over eight years old. A fun way to understand basic coding skills, limited space. Drop-in 11am-noon. THURSDAY 23.3.2017 – SUNDAY 26.3.2017 Aerial Yoga @ Essential Yoga Studio Catherine MacLellan in Concert @ The Arts Station, 8pm THURSDAY 23.3.2017 - THURSDAY 30.3.2017 Five: A Group Show @ Studio 562, 2nd Ave, showcasing paintings, pottery and woodworking by Kim Kennedy, Sarah Pike, Alain Stahl, Sarah Moffat and Leanne Stothert. FRIDAY 24.3.2017 Asterix and Obelix Day @ Fernie Heritage Library, 1:30-3:30pm. Drop in for kids over seven. Local DJs @ The Royal Cougars in America @ Infinitea, live music from 8pm SATURDAY 25.3.2017 Elk Run & Riot Live @ The Northern. Folk rock four piece out of Banff/Canmore. The Bonsais @ The Royal, alternative rock/indie from Kelowna. MONDAY 27.3.2017 Mr. Royal Competition @ The Royal, show starts at 10pm. Magic Mike Movie @ Infinitea, 7pm THURSDAY 30.3.2017 Annual Canadian Cancer Society Coffee Party/Fashion Show @ Fernie Seniors Centre, 7pm. Fashion provided by Odyssey and Ghostrider Trading Co. Entry by donation, everyone is welcome! The Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer @ The Northern FRIDAY 31.3.2017 Tea and Talk Book Club: Mountain Story by Lori Larsens @ Fernie Heritage Library. Wildlife Party @ The Royal Pat Moloney @ Infinitea, live music from 8pm

to protect your children or children in your organization from child sexual abuse. THURSDAY 9.3.2017 Provincial Park Paradise Snowshoe Safari @ Mount Fernie Provincial Park, Self-Employment Orientation and Assessment @ Elk Valley Employment Centre, 302C 2nd Ave, 250-423-4202. The Back Story – Art Opening @ Angela Morgan Studio/Clawhammer Press Gallery showcasing work by Angela Morgan, Michael Hepher, and Jamie McCallum. Fernie Pride Coming Out Party @ The Valley Social, 7:30pm. Smalltown DJs with Justin and Christian Martin @ The Northern, 10pm. As part of the Mountain Magic tour, $10 at the door. FRIDAY 10.3.2017 Blue Tansy Live @ Loaf, 6pm Booked! Fernie Writers’ Series Presents Caroline Adderson @ Fernie Heritage Library, 7pm. Join the multiple award-winning author for an evening complete with entertainment and refreshments. Sideshow @ The Royal, free entry Ladies Jam night with Michelle Power @ Infinitea, from 8pm SATURDAY 11.3.2017 Goddess Rising: International Women’s Day Celebration @ Community Centre, 9am – 4pm. Three groups of workshops to choose from, opening meet and greet, lunch and refreshments and a closing social. Jay Burns Live @ The Rusty Edge, Freddy J and Guests @ The Royal, 9pm Kokanee Retro Weekend @ Fernie Alpine Resort ‘Bass Canvas’ A music & art collaboration @ Infinitea SUNDAY 12.3.2017 Fernie Birkie and Season Wrap Up @ Elk Valley Nordic Centre. Fernie’s first ever Birkenbeiner hosted by the Fernie Nordic Society. Kokanee Retro Weekend @ Fernie Alpine Resort A Midsummer Nights Dream for Kids @ Key City Theatre, Cranbrook. 2-3pm. Annual German Sparkle Party @ The Royal, dress up in your best sparkles! MONDAY 13.3.2017 Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels Movie @ Infinitea, 7pm WEDNESDAY 15.3.2017 Kids Read it First/Movie Club: Matilda by Roald Dahl @ Fernie Heritage Library, 3:30-5pm. Andrea Superstein in Concert @ The Arts Station, 8pm THURSDAY 16.3.2017 Pizza League @ Fernie Heritage Library, 6-7pm. For ages 13+, drop in for pizza and discussion. Beautea Night with SPA 901 @ Infinitea, 6-9pm FRIDAY 17.3.2017 Lunch and Learn Series: I Am Fernie @ Fernie Senior Citizens Society & Drop in Centre, noon. St. Patrick’s Day @ The Loaf, 6pm St. Paddy’s Day Party with Country Smoke @ The Royal Toppo, Pauly & Karl host St. Paddy’s Day Jam night @ Infinitea, 8pm St. Patrick’s Day with The Runs @ The Northern SATURDAY 18.3.2017 All Around Colouring @ Fernie Heritage Library, 3:30-4:30pm for all ages. BYO colouring book or use one of theirs, pencil crayons provided. Gallery Show: My Inside Voice by Patti Emmerson @ Inside Out Wellness, 571b 2nd Ave, 4-9pm. Big Shake: Dirtwire @ The Royal, 9pm. Beats, blues, bluegrass, African, Asian and South and Central American vibes. Monster Energy Boarderstyle After Party @ The Northern SATURDAY 18.3.2017 – THURSDAY 23.3.2017 2017 BC Peewee Hockey Tier 4 Championships @ Fernie Memorial Arena. Up to six teams and 120 players representing the best players from all over BC are in Fernie with their coaches and families, battling it out on the ice. SUNDAY 19.3.2017 Live Music @ The Griz Bar, 3-6pm The New Groovement @ The Rusty Edge, 4pm. Victoria’s funk juggernaut, prepare to dance and smile all night! MONDAY 20.3.2017 Little Critter XC Ski Race #4 @ Elk Valley Nordic Centre, 5:30pm

THE ARTS STATION 250-423-4842 CONCERTS Slocan Ramblers. Friday March 3 8pm Big Little Lions. Wednesday March 8, 8pm Andrea Superstein. Wednesday March 15, 8pm Catherine MacLellan. Thursday March 23, 8pm WORKSHOP Intro to Hand Building with Helena Dejong. Classes: Thursday March 2, Wednesday March 15, Sunday March 19, 6.30-8.30pm $35 each class includes clay. INDIE FILM IFF: Old Stone @ The Vogue. Sunday March 5, 5pm IN THE GALLERY Brina Schenk and Michelle Gallaway. Until March 28 Gallery Opening: Canada Caught on Camera with CBAL. Thursday March 30, 7pm. A multicultural project bringing both Canadian born residents and newcomers to Canada together in a way that goes beyond words. The artists in this project include Sadie Howse, Pruthvi Harshan, Laura Bentley, Bronwen Handscombe, Martin Rabovsky, Patty Villasenor, Mina Deguzman, Kyle Hamilton, and Chrisy Hill.



DINING, NIGHTLIFE & SPECIALS MONDAYS Pair it up Appies @ Boston Pizza Fernie Jugs of Beer on Special @ The Brickhouse Lasagna Specials @ Elk Valley Pizza Shoppe Wing Night @ The Fernie Hotel Free Movie and Popcorn and $6 meals @ Infinitea, 7pm Mexican Mondays! Chicken or Beef Tacos $3 Happy Hour Corona (Bottles) $5.25 @ The Pub Bar & Grill Massage Mondays @ Trillium Day Spa, $60 for 60 min, $90 for 90 min Ladies Night: $4 House Red or White Wine, $5 $12 Mussels and $4 Wine @ The Northern Local Jam Night @ The Kodiak Lounge Free Pool and $4.50 Spice Rum @ The Royal Store and Tasting Room Open @ Fernie Brewing Company, 10am – 6pm Local’s Burger and Beer Day, $12 @ Rusty Edge $10 house-smoked wings and a draft beer @ The Loaf Jam Night @ The Rusty Edge with Zac, 3-6pm TUESDAYS Gourmet Pasta $11.99 @ Boston Pizza Kokanee Bottle on Special @ The Brickhouse Wing Night @ The Pub Bar & Grill $12 Pizza Night @ Elk Valley Pizza Shoppe Two for Tuesdays @ Trillium Day Spa, 2 pedicures for $100, 2 manicures for $70, 2 facials for $130, all three for $275 $10 Beer, Burger and Bingo Night @ The Northern Cheap Night @ The Vogue Theatre Dinner & Swim Special @ Fernie Stanford Resort Jameson Shotgon Karaoke @ The Royal Half Price Appy’s @ The Fernie Hotel. 5pm Store and Tasting Room Open @ Fernie Brewing Company, 10am – 6pm

Closed @ Infinitea, available for private functions Za Day @ Rusty Edge, buy one pizza and get second half price Tasting Night @ The Loaf. A four course tasting menu paired with wines for $40 Pasta & Wine Special @ Cirque Restaurant, enjoy the chef’s feature pasta and a glass of wine for $20 Industry Bingo @ The Northern, 9pm WEDNESDAYS Wings 50% Off Single Order @ Boston Pizza Wine Evenings @ The Brickhouse Trivia Night @ The Fernie Hotel. 8pm Pint night @ Kodiak Lounge Build Your Own Poutine @ The Pub Bar & Grill Essential Oils Workshop 6pm & Tarot readings @ Infinitea. 8pm Waxing Wednesday @ Trillium Day Spa, free underam wax with any other hair removal $15 Jugs and $8 Wings @ The Northern Wax On Wednesday @ 901 Spa, 30% off waxing services. Store and Tasting Room Open @ Fernie Brewing Company, 10am – 6pm Zak’s Jam Night @ The Royal, with PBR and Old Mill specials. Wing Day, Pound of Wings for $12 @ Rusty Edge Margherita pizza and two glasses of wine for $20 @ The Loaf 1/2 Price Icebar @ Cirque Restaurant. Try three of their favourite vodkas for $25 THURSDAYS Large Pizza for Price of Medium @ Boston Pizza Jam Night @ The Brickhouse Spiced Rum Specials @ Kodiak Lounge

OUTDOOR & FAMILY MONDAYS •Dominoes @ The Seniors Drop in Centre 1pm •Mahjong @ Seniors Drop in Centre 7pm •Special Olympics Athletes Bowling @ Sparwood. 4pm •Duplicate Bridge Game @ The Seniors Drop-in Centre, 6pm •Seniors Drop in @ Senior’s Centre, 9am-2pm •Pickleball @ Fernie Community Centre, 10-11:30am ••Indoor Walking @ The Community Centre, 9-10:30am •Celebrate Recovery @ Mountainside Church, 7pm, open to everyone •Community Climb Night @ Evolution Climbing Gym, 7pm •Ladies Night Boxing @ Fernie Old School Boxing Club, 7:30-9pm •Discover Yoga @ Essential Yoga Studio, 7:30-8:30pm •Preschool Climbing @ Evolution Climbing Gym, 9:15-10:15am •Strong Start @ Isabella Dicken Elementary School, 9am-12pm •Parent Tot Funtimes @ Knox United Church, 9:30am-12pm •Adult Shinny @ Memorial Arena, 8:45am-10:15am •Public Swim @ Aquatic Centre, 7am-1pm and 3pm – 8pm •Lane Swim @ Aquatic Centre, 7am-1pm, 3-4pm, 6:30-8pm •Water Slide @ Aquatic Centre, 4-6pm •Active Fit @ Aquatic Centre, 8:30-9:15am TUESDAYS •Cheap Night @ The Vogue Theatre. $6.50 - 2D & $8.50 - 3D •Crib/Whist @ Seniors Drop in Centre 7pm •Storytime @ Library, 11:15-12pm for ages 3–5. •Seniors Drop in @ Senior’s Centre, 9am-2pm •Adaptive Yoga @ Senior’s Drop In Centre 2:30pm •Chess Group @ Fernie Seniors Centre, 7pm •Ladies Archery @ The Elks Hall, 6:30pm •Public Drop in Climbing @ College of the Rockies, 7-9pm •Climbing and Bouldering @ College of the Rockies, 7-10pm. •Mixed Boxing Recreational @ Fernie Old School Boxing Club, 7:30-9pm ••Indoor Walking Program @ Fernie Community Centre, 8:30-10:30am •Open Climbing @ Evolution Climbing Gym •Strong Start @ Isabella Dicken Elementary School, 9am-12pm •Kindergym @ Fernie Family Centre, 10-11am ••Never Bored for Tweens @ Fernie Heritage Library, 3:30-4:45pm for Grades 5-7. •Adult Shinny @ Memorial Arena, 8:45am-10:15am •Free Admission Public Skate @ Memorial Arena, 10:30-11:15am •Public Swim @ Aquatic Centre, 7am-1pm and 3pm – 8pm •Senior Lane/Tot Swim @ Aquatic Centre, 1-3pm •Lane Swim@ Aquatic Centre, 7am-1pm, 3-4pm, 6:30-8pm •Water Slide @ Aquatic Centre, 4-6pm •Gentle Fit @ Aquatic Centre, 10:30-11:15am •Knits, Knots & Yarns @ Fernie Heritage Library, 3:30-4:45pm, ages 8+. •Kids Coding Club @ Library, 3:45-4:45pm, 8+. Registration required.

Featured Pub Burgers @ Max Restaurant & The Pub Bar & Grill Burger and Beer Special @ The Fernie 2 Medium Pizza Special @ Elk Valley Pizza 6oz Cocktail Jugs $20 @ The Northern 2oz Espresso martinis $8 (1st & 3rd Thur Beautea Night with Spa 901 6-9pm $10 massages/manicures @ Infinitea Store and Tasting Room Open @ Fernie Brewing Company, 10am – 6pm Pub Team Trivia @ The Pub Bar & Grill Blitzkrieg Day @ Rusty Edge, bratwurst & Stiegl pint $14 Naturalist/Jenn Frost Jam @ The Royal, alternate weeks Winter Lunch and Spa @ Island Lake Lodge, $69/person. Children 50% off, tots free. $1.50 Oysters, $5 Prosecco and $5 Kokanee @ Cirque Restaurant Fatbike Ride and Dinner @ Cirque Restaurant, leaves at 4:30pm every week. Pop Up Art Expo @ The Royal, 9-11pm. Featuring a different artist FRIDAYS Cactus Cut Nachos $12.50 @ Boston Pizza Live Music Fridays @ Infinitea 8pm TGIF & Chicken dinner draw @ Kodiak Lounge Fish & Chips @ The Pub Bar & Grill $13 Fish and Chips, Meat Draw and Members Draw @ The Fernie Hotel. Supporting FTA. Live bands and DJs @ The Royal Date Night Special @ Spa 901 Store and Tasting Room Open @ Fernie Brewing Company, 10am – 6pm Winter Lunch and Spa @ Island Lake Lodge, $69/person. Children 50% off, tots free.

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WEDNESDAYS •Crib @ Seniors Drop in Centre 1pm •Gentle Exercise @ Seniors Drop In Centre 10:45am ••Adult Badminton @ The Community Centre. Drop in for $5 •AA Meetings @ The Anglican Church Basement, 7:30pm •Womens Drop in Climbing @ COTR, 7-9pm •Water Flow Yoga & Tea @ Infinitea, 10:30am •Mixed Boxing Recreational @ Fernie Old School Boxing Club, 7:30-9pm ••Toddlertime @ Fernie Heritage Library, 11:15am for ages 0-2. ••Indoor Walking Program @ Fernie Community Centre, 8:30-10:30am •Open Climbing @ Evolution Climbing Gym •Strong Start @ Isabella Dicken Elementary School, 9am-12pm •Kindergym @ Fernie Family Centre, 10-11am ••Unplugged @ Fernie Heritage Library, 3:30-4:45pm for ages 8+, drop in •Tai Chi @ Seniors Drop In Centre 6:30pm •Adult Shinny @ Memorial Arena, 8:45am-10:15am •Free Admission Parent and Tot @ Memorial Arena, 10:30-11:15am •Skate & Shoot @ Memorial Arena, 11:45-1pm •Public Swim @ Aquatic Centre, 7am-1pm and 3pm – 8pm •Lane Swim @ Aquatic Centre, 7am-1pm, 3-4pm, 6:30-8pm •Water Slide@ Aquatic Centre, 4-6pm •Active Fit @ Aquatic Centre, 8:30-9:15am •Read it First Book/Movie Club @ Library, 3:45-4:45pm for ages 10+. THURSDAYS •Seniors Drop in @ Senior’s Centre, 9am-2pm •Morning Yoga @ Seniors Drop In Centre 8:00am •Canasta / Cards @ Seniors Drop In Centre 1pm •Pickleball @ Fernie Community Centre, 10-11:30am •Yoga @ Fernie Seniors Centre, 11:30am •Line Dancing @ Fernie Seniors Centre, 7pm every second week •Seniors Drop in Library Club @ Rocky Mountain Village Upstairs Lounge, 11am •Reading with Seniors @ Rocky Mountain Village, Upstairs Lounge. 11am. •RC Club @ Fernie Community Centre. 7-9pm. •Community Basketball @ Fernie Secondary School, 8:30-10:30pm •Mixed Boxing Competitive @ Fernie Old School Boxing Club, 7:30-9pm •Kids Sing Along & Play Group @ Infinitea, 11:30am •Youth Archery @ The Elks Hall, 6pm •Bellies to Babies @ Fernie Women’s Centre, 1-3pm every 2nd Thursday. •Open Roller Skating Evening @ Max Turyk Gym, $2 drop-in fee. 6-7pm •Kids Boxing Boot Camp @ Fernie Old School Boxing Club, ages 8-16 5pm. ••Indoor Walking Program @ Fernie Community Centre, 8:30-10:30am •Climbing and Bouldering @ College of the Rockies, 7-10pm. $7 without rentals, $10 with. •Preschool Climbing @ Evolution Climbing Gym, 9:15-10:15am •Strong Start @ Isabella Dicken Elementary School, 9am-12pm


Live music from 6-9pm @ The Loaf SATURDAYS Desserts $2 off @ Boston Pizza Meat Draw & Bar Quiz @ The Legion Tequila Specials @ Kodiak Lounge Rib Night @ Max Restaurant & The Pub Open Mix and Live Music @ The Fernie Live bands and DJs@ The Royal $6 Glasses of Wine@ Infinitea Coffee and Baileys Special @ The Bridge Bistro Store and Tasting Room Open @ Fernie Brewing Company, 10am – 6pm Winter Lunch and Spa @ Island Lake Lodge, $69/person. Children 50% off, tots free. Talk like a Pirate Day @ Rusty Edge, Fish n Chips for $13 SUNDAYS $4.99 Kids Meals @ Boston Pizza Caesars on Special @ The Brickhouse All day breakfast @ The Fernie. 9am-4pm $10 Roast, 6-9pm @ Infinitea CLOSED (available for special events/private parties) @ The Royal Dinner & Swim Special @ Fernie Stanford Resort Steak Sandwich & Caesar Specials @ The Pub Bar & Grill Caesars Special @ The Bridge Bistro Winter Lunch and Spa @ Island Lake Lodge, $69/person. Children 50% off, tots free. Fernie Friendship Club @ The Royal, games prizes and great music. Sunday Roast @ Rusty Edge, Feature Roast Dinner for $18 after 5pm Roast dinner, family-style from 3-10pm @ The Loaf. $15 adults, $7.50 for kids


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•Bellies to Babies @ Fernie Women’s Resource Centre, 1-3pm every 2nd Thursday. ••Lego Club @ Library, 3:30-4:45pm for ages 7+, must register •Adult Shinny @ Memorial Arena, 8:45am-10:15am •Free Admission Public Skate @ Memorial Arena, 10:30-11:15am •Public Swim @ Aquatic Centre, 7am-1pm and 3pm – 8pm •Lane Swim @ Aquatic Centre, 7am-1pm, 3-8pm •Water Slide @ Aquatic Centre, 4-6pm •Gentle Fit @ Aquatic Centre, 10:30-11:15am •Classic Ski Lessons with Ange @ Elk Valley Nordic Centre, 7-8:30pm •Provincial Park Paradise Snowshoe Safari with Wild Nature Tours @ Mount Fernie Provincial Park, 9am FRIDAYS •Cribbage @ Seniors Drop in Centre 7pm •Jitney Darts @ Fernie Legion, 7:30pm ••Kids Sing Along & Play Group @ Infinitea, 11:30am ••Toddlertime @ Fernie Heritage Library Ages 0-2 11:15am •Women’s Writing Group @ Fernie Women’s Resource Centre, 2-4pm. •Breastfeeding Mammas @ Library, first Friday of the month. •Strong Start @ Isabella Dicken Elementary School, 9am-12pm •Kindergym @ Fernie Family Centre, 10-11am •AFRoS @ Fernie Heritage Library, 10-11am. Sing and play in French. •Public Skating @ Memorial Arena, 12-12:45pm (No School Fridays) •Public Skating @ Memorial Arena, 7:15-8:15pm •Public Swim @ Aquatic Centre, 7am-1pm and 3pm – 8pm •Lane Swim @ Aquatic Centre, 7am-1pm, 3-4pm, 6:30-8pm •Water Slide @ Aquatic Centre, 4-6pm •Active Fit @ Aquatic Centre, 8:30-9:15am •Gentle Fit @ Aquatic Centre, 10:30-11:15am SATURDAYS •Karma Meditation Class @ Essential Yoga Studio 8:00am-8:45am •Open Climbing @ Evolution Climbing Gym •Public Skating @ Memorial Arena, 2-3:45pm •Public Skating @ Memorial Arena, 7-8:15pm •Public Swim @ Aquatic Centre, 12-6pm •Lane Swim @ Aquatic Centre, 12-2pm and 4-6pm •Water Slide @ Aquatic Centre, 1-5pm •Inflatable Toy Swim @ Aquatic Centre, 2-4pm •Prenatal Yoga @ Essential Yoga, 11:30am-12:30pm SUNDAYS •Fernie Pets Society Group Walk @ Fernie Aquatic Centre, 9am. •AA Meetings @ The Anglican Church Basement, 7:30pm •First Sunday of the Month Family Climb Time @ Evolution Climbing Gym, 2-4pm •Public Skating @ Memorial Arena, 2:15-3:30pm •Public and Lane Swim @ Aquatic Centre, 12-6pm •Water Slide @ Aquatic Centre, 1-5pm



Community and Events


Real Men Wear Pink by SHELBY CAIN


omen of the world are speaking up. Their voices are getting louder, coming together with a noise no longer ambient, as every new vibration gives strength to the others. They are demanding to be heard, and understood, and validated. Not only in the interest of equality, but because they are speaking harsh truths that rock the foundations we’ve all been resting on for too long – thought to be solid ground, until all the worms started crawling out. Brave women are marching in the streets to rejuvenate compassion and empathy and simple human decency. I held my little women on my lap as we watched our sisters pass by on the screen. My girls are six and seven years old. I struggle with an explanation for our current situation. They know who Donald Trump is. As much as anyone really can, I guess. But I wonder if he is the sole source of the problem, or just the nasty farmer who kicked up the dirt so we could see the ugly infestation that’s crawling around below the surface. Either way, the clarity is painful. We have work to do. And everyone can do something. This is what the marching women want us to know. As parents, we have to nurture and educate our next generation that kindness and generosity breed peace and contentment. They are the future. It can be so bright. As we watched the march my seven-yearold noticed that it wasn’t only women standing up for women. There were men in the crowd. “Mom, why are boys walking? Isn’t it just for the girls?” “Well, those are men who want changes, too. They are sons and grandfathers and uncles and friends. Some of them are fathers. They want things to be better for their daughters.” Her scrunchy question face relaxed into a gentle smile. “Daddy would walk for us,


Mom. I know he would.”Yes. He would. When I saw those men marching with signs that declared they would not allow this derogatory speech and behaviour to continue against their loved ones, I felt so proud of them. They were men encompassing every demographic and profession. They laid down any societally bred “manliness” and stepped up with

humility, donned their pink knitted hats and said, simply, “No.” I married a guy’s guy. My husband fits very comfortably under this stereotype. He likes to hunt and fish and drink beer in the garage. He works outside and never complains about the cold. He doesn’t like sappy movies and he doesn’t talk about his feelings very often. That was the man I

Girls need to feel supported and valued by the men in their life. Whether it’s their father, grandfather, or older brother. Even the man leading their country. married. But he has changed. Because now he is a man with two daughters. I never thought that two tiny little girls could have such an impact on a man. From the moment they were born, my husband has been different. He has cried more tears, watched more princess movies, and worn more tutus than I ever imagined possible. He’s going to kill me for telling you this. But in the current political climate, I think it’s important. It’s important not only for how he has responded to them, but how they are with him. My girls are different when they’re spending time with their dad. They are

brave and will push their limits. He encourages and supports this. The snow is currently six feet high in our backyard. Last night I heard squeals of delight coming from outside. I looked out in time to see Six being launched off the back deck by my husband and landing in a pile of snow face deep. Her laughter broke through the fluffy white coating on her face. When she’s with me she cries if she gets snow on her wrist. Girls need to feel supported and valued by the men in their life. Whether it’s their father, grandfather, or older brother. Even the man leading their country. Being cherished and prioritized by men that they look up to lets them believe what they have to say matters. It is crucial to fostering courage and the belief that their voices have the power to create change. The marching women were displaying this bravery. So were the men marching with them. They showed that by lessening the divide between genders, goodness will prevail. Way to go, guys.


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Joe Brangan by JAMES PEETERS


oe Branagan is 25-year-old male from Brisbane Australia. After finishing his university degree and working for a year back home, he decided to come to Fernie to live out his dream of being a ski bum for the 2016/17 winter season! How did you hear about Fernie? I only really found out about Fernie a few months before I decided to come over to Canada. I have a few friends who have been travelling around North America for the past year and now reside here. They told me I would love it here and that the ski resort is really awesome. After that, my mind was pretty much made up. I also preferred the idea of living in a small town rather than a big city. What do you do for employment? I specifically came over here to not work haha. It was something I’ve always wanted to do. I just saved up before I came so I can enjoy the full winter season and go snowboarding every day. What were your initial thoughts after arriving? I didn’t really know what to expect. The only information I had was from my friends who had been living here for a few months, and they only ever had positives things to say. After a few days of settling in I knew I had made the right decision to come here and spend the winter. It’s a great little town, with lots of friendly people and a big ski hill. It ticked all the boxes for me. Ski or Snowboard? I did a little bit of skiing back in Aus, but I’ve come here to focus more on snowboarding. I’ve picked it up much quicker than I thought and am really enjoying it, probably even more than skiing! What do you hope to achieve with your time in Fernie?


I think it’s pretty clear that I’ve come here to focus on snowboarding as much as I can. So yeah if I were here to achieve any sort of goals it would be to just have as much fun as possible, meet great people and to enjoy the mountains. Do you have a favourite place in town and why? Well the place I go to the most is the hill. I love sushi so I have been going to Yamagoya a lot recently haha. I enjoy the bars in town also. There are lots of cool spots but I wouldn’t say I have a particular favourite.

a spatula and we all burned the same mark on our arms. Needless to say it got infected and looked terrible, but fortunately it has almost disappeared, ten years later.


What has been your favourite experience in Fernie so far? Australia Day would definitely be a highlight so far. We kept it traditional and had a BBQ and some drinks and listened to the hottest 100. It was just like being back home but much colder. Improving my snowboarding has also been a great experience. Like I mentioned I was a bit of a novice before coming over here, but I’m more confident in my riding every day. Tell us something interesting about you? Haha ummm when I was younger, maybe 13 or 14, my friends and I thought it would be cool to brand ourselves. So we heated up

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Good for a Girl by MICAH MORRIS


his is an article dedicated to all the women in my life. The ones that give me balance, support, and motivation to work hard and do things that make me happy. Women. What a loaded word! I asked a few people what came to mind when hearing this word. I heard things like athletic, united, strong, beautiful, and passionate. So many of Fernie’s women have inspired me throughout the years to embody all of these characteristics while enjoying the outdoors and immersing myself in all of the activities that the mountains have to offer. I find the ski and bike communities of women to be ever-growing and it is exciting to find only in my second year of competitive free skiing the growth in numbers of female athletes participating in this sport. However, despite the increase in female competitors there have been times where I have felt a little defeated as a female athlete when entering an event and finding out that I am the only female competitor in my age category. This lack of female competitors has motivated me more to want to push away the stereotypes of female athletes. Now when I hear comments like, “You shred for a girl,” or “You’re really strong for a girl,” I work even harder to show them that I am capable of performing at a level in which I can be titled as a strong athlete. I remind myself that these comments aren’t how I should view myself; I am not competing like a woman, but as an athlete out to compete at the highest level I can attain. Sometimes I do, however, find myself comparing myself with guys when they outnumber the girls in the group I am riding or skiing in. When I am surrounded by a majority of boys I ask myself questions like, “Can I beat him?” Or, “Can I do that jump as big as he did it?” But I’ve always


I am not competing like a woman, but as an athlete out to compete at the highest level I can attain.

been competitive and my mindset has always been one in which I compare my ability with those around me, males or females, in a competitive setting. These women and men are the ones that have helped me grow and improve because they challenge me to ski or bike to the best of my ability, they push me to be better. When in these groups of people I have no need to wonder, “Was it good for a girl?” I need to recognize that what I was doing was good for me, on that jump, line, or trick. I pushed my own limits and my own boundaries because of the ability not the gender of those around me. I have always been thankful that this community has given women so many opportunities and activities for those of us who love to play in the mountains. I am constantly reminded through my female role models that being athletic and strong is a key to happiness and well being. I look up to these women knowing that they are the ones that are pushing their limits to erase the labels that have been placed on female athletes and feel proud to continue challenging myself and gender stereotypes by doing my best in the sports that I love.



Cheers to another epic winter in Fernie!


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The Fernie Academy Fury, No Gym? No Problem! by ERIN SUMMERS


aving never been in the Fernie Academy (TFA) before, I knew little about the Fury other than we were increasingly making sports jerseys with their logo on them at our shop. I knew the tag line Respect, Excellence, Learning was embroidered on uniform jackets and increasingly we were placing multiple sports under the students’ names on their sleeves. When asked to do up a new order of Fury hockey jerseys I figured it was time to explore the world of sports at TFA and I found that the school with no actual gymnasium has an abundance of athletes and amazing athletic programs. I first met up with Chris Moulton who is a student support worker as well as the Hockey Academy coach/coordinator at TFA. I know Chris both through he and his wife Shelley’s amazing Friends for Friends foundation as well through having done some work for the Spokane Chiefs, the WHL organization in which he is the Assistant General Manager. I honestly am not sure how a guy who spends much of his time on the road with the Chiefs, and so involved in the Friends for Friends organization has time to run a Hockey Academy. It was, however, apparent through fist bumps and high-fives with all the students that he is a very important part of the Fury. He informs me that the Hockey Academy runs twice weekly for two hours each session and while they started with eight kids they now have 17 participants in the program including three young female figure skaters broadening their skating skills into the realm of hockey. Chris explains there are also Figure Skating and Soccer Academy programs through TFA and that it is the school’s vision to be able to give


The Fernie Academy, along with Fernie Secondary School, hosted the BC Provincial Ski and Snowboard championships in 2016...with excellent results from both Fury and Falcon athletes. students the tools to be able to excel in academics, athletics and the arts. After a tour of the school’s colourful hallways filled with friendly students and teachers alike, I get a chance to chat with Jocelyn Sombrowski, TFA’s founder and Head Mistress. She gives me a rundown of the school’s athletic progress from their first X-Country running team in 2002, to their inclusion in the BC School Sports system in 2006. Their first male and female volleyball teams started in 2012, and in three short years the female senior girl’s volleyball team made it to the provincials. 2016 saw them ranked in the top five in the province and on another trip to the Provincials. I am told that while there is in fact no current

physical gymnasium on the school property, the Academy rents and utilizes many of the facilities in Fernie to ensure athletics are a priority. When speaking with Athletic Director and Academy teacher Jean Boyd, she elaborates on some of the other athletic opportunities for the students. Swimming lessons, tennis, field hockey and golf programs as well as Friday afternoon ski or snowboard lessons for the students in the winter. TFA, along with Fernie Secondary School, hosted the BC Provincial Ski and Snowboard championships in 2016, an event which saw close to 300 racers from across the province hit the slopes of Fernie Alpine Resort with excellent results from both Fury and Falcon athletes. After spending time in the school, chatting with staff and seeing the faces of friends’ kids who I see ripping on the hill or bike trails, I now know a physical gymnasium doesn’t dictate the level of athletic programs a school can offer. The Fury is very proud of their athletic programs and athletes. I can only anticipate the increase in uniforms we will be pumping out for them all in the future. FERNIEFIX.COM


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Adventures by JESSE BELL


want to skydive.

It terrifies me, and I’m not sure I actually want to do it. The idea of leaping out of a plane at 12,000 feet with only a piece of cloth to prevent my imminent death is unfavourable, to say the least. But I do want to write about it, and I’ve learned that I can’t write about what I don’t know. So yes, skydiving it is. When I met Krista, editor of the Fernie Fix, for coffee one morning five years ago, I was nervous. I pitched an idea to her about an adventure column, hoping to write about things I’d never done despite growing up in Fernie. After a six-year

That’s the thing about adventures, they are best when shared – with friends, with a dog, with a community, with someone sitting down to their morning coffee. hiatus, I came home desperate to escape the city life, ready to trade in glaring lights and non-stop traffic for enormous mountains and starry nights. Krista was more than supportive. By the time our cups were empty we had compiled a small list of prospective columns set to last me six months.

This month marks five years. I’m incredibly humbled, and proud. I have written 60 different adventure stories since that coffee date. Among them are many favourites; hiking the West Coast Trail with my best girlfriends while watching whales play offshore, flying upside down in a warplane buzzing on adrenaline, wandering through the colourful highlands of geologically stimulating Iceland, and camping alone in the woods with 40 mm of rain for company. The last one wasn’t as much for fun as it was a desperate search for something to write about. Thankfully, soaking up water with the pompom of my toque and hearing imaginary monsters in the woods made for a good story.

I’m sure skydiving will too, my cheeks flapping in the wind as I fall – I might pass out. Or a hunting trip, likely the first and last time I will don florescent orange attire. Going paint-balling is at the top of my list; I can just imagine crawling through the grass on my hands and knees, hiding behind trees, firing paintballs at my friends and comparing violet and black bruises afterwards. Just thinking about it gives my heart a little flutter. The three-day Tanglefoot Trail near Cranbrook, which connects Cliff Lake to the Mause Creek drainage, has been on my list for years. I’d love to pitch a tent across from Mount Robson, or sit atop the Nublet in Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park. And yes, I realize I talk about it every year, but one day I will find the courage to ice climb. Until then, I look forward to even the smallest of trips. Sometimes they leave the largest impact. This past fall my friend Brooklynn and I hiked overnight to a mountain lake we’d never seen before – Welsh Lakes. The teal blue water reflected the basin’s limestone walls and the yellowing larch trees blanketed in fresh, gentle snow.

We promptly packed up our tent and headed for home. But that one night in the woods with my friend rejuvenated my soul for many, many months. That’s the thing about adventures, they are best when shared – with friends, with a dog, with a community, with someone sitting down to their morning coffee. And most definitely, with soul sisters who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty and sleep on the ground. Cheers to adventures. I would like to say thank you to everyone who has supported my column over the last five years. Thank you to my friends for hiking mountains with me. Most importantly, though, is a thank you to Krista and Vanessa at the Fernie Fix for always encouraging, reassuring and inspiring me, for giving me the freedom to write honestly.

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The two of us pitched our tent along the lake and sat on the rocks to cook dinner. We tried to ignore the high winds and rain that whipped the nylon of the tent all night, and drank wine to sooth our nerves. In the morning we built a raging fire to keep us warm. I remember sitting around after breakfast, tucked behind tiny trees from the wind and sideways rain. I thought about how great it was that just the two of us were up here, two women in the woods – girl power! – capable of facing almost anything, except grizzly bears. Later that morning we hiked up a ridge side in search of landscape views. We found them, and shortly after found fresh, purple grizzly bear scat. Soon after that we heard large, menacing rustles in the woods nearby. FERNIEFIX.COM


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Conquering Your Fears by EDEN MACGREGOR

I’m a working mom with three young children and to remain sane I’ve discovered I need to exercise. If I’m having a good day, it usually means that I made the time to get outside and go for a bike or a ski. Unfortunately, exercise is so easy to put on the back burner when you’re having a busy day/week/month. I’ve found that a great way to make exercise a priority for me is to sign up for a race! Nothing motivates like the fear of complete humiliation on race day! For years I’d watched my kids compete in the Fernie Kids Triathlon, and I’d always felt like it was a sport that I’d like to try. However, one thing kept getting in the way, I was a horrible swimmer. Last October I enrolled in a strokeimprovement course with Tara Beck and realized I wasn’t as hopeless as I’d thought. Maybe this triathlon thing was possible after all! When I read in the Fernie Fix that Brendan Morgan was offering sponsorship for people wanting to compete in their first triathlon, I figured it was now or probably never. After deciding to sign up for the Elkford triathlon, I knew I had to do two things. 1) Find a road bike, and 2) get more swim coaching. I was able to find a used road bike by putting out feelers on Facebook, and Tara Beck was offering a triathlontraining program that spring. I was all set, I just had to put in the time and effort.


know best, my swimming really improved, and somehow we’re still friends. Besides the swimming, my training consisted of getting out for a 5km run once or twice a week, and I mountain biked as much as my family and work schedule would let me. I went on two long training rides to get used to my road bike, and I managed to train one “brick” (bike then run).

Finally race day was upon us. 20 minutes before the athletes meeting I decided my tires needed a bit more air… you can see where this is going. After I finished pumping up my back tire, the valve shot off like a bullet and suddenly I needed to change a tire. Awesome. Luckily there were plenty of people around who were tireI wasn’t too concerned about the biking or changing experts/triathletes. Crisis averted! the running, but I was feeling pretty stressed On that note, I’d recommend bringing at about the swim. With Tara’s swimming least two or three spare tubes with you to program I was in the pool swimming the race, and learn how to change a tire! 1200-2500m twice a week. Every practice, The Elkford Triathlon was a really fun and Tara would give us our main set and if well-organized event. I highly recommend looks could kill, Tara wouldn’t be with us it for any first-time triathlete. The swim anymore! As it turns out coaches often do is in a pool, so you don’t have to worry

about being in open water. The bike ride is rolling, but no steep hills, and the run is an out and back. The volunteers were all very friendly and supportive and they go to a great deal of effort to make it an environmentally friendly event. Once I’d signed up, fear of humiliation definitely fuelled my training. But I realized during the triathlon that even if I did come in dead last, I’d have no reason to feel humiliated. No matter how fast you make it across that finish line, to train and execute a triathlon takes lots of courage and effort. I have so much respect for all the athletes I met during my triathlon journey. Triathlon is a sport for people of all walks of life and different levels of fitness. Each athlete has their own goals, and to achieve them requires a tremendous amount of time, effort and dedication. I look forward to signing up for the Elkford Triathlon again this year, and to embracing the physical challenge it presents. I’m not going to let myself stress about the swim, and who knows, maybe I’ll even learn how to change a tire. FERNIEFIX.COM


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Fernie Women on Wheels by HEATHER LAVERS


n 2011, I started mountain biking shortly after I moved to Fernie. That first year learning, at an age I would rather not state, was filled with some laughter, lots of tears and bruises to both my body and ego. My husband also started mountain biking but saw each obstacle as something to conquer, something that made the trail more interesting. Conversely, obstacles made me whimper and want to throw my bike off a cliff. His fitness soared, mine huffed and puffed along while being lapped. He was incredibly encouraging; however, that encouragement came with an unspoken, “why is this so hard for you?” because of the simple fact that he was never a true beginner. The next summer I began riding with a very experienced woman from Calgary who never pressured me, slowed down and always waited patiently. I was thankful to never be too far behind. I often questioned why she would want to ride with such a newbie. However, I could tell that there was honest joy in her riding. To be out on the trail, on the bike, was good, having a chat was good, working up a sweat was good, having a beer afterwards was good – the ego didn’t play a role. Pretty soon I began having more laughter, less tears and bruises. I was hooked and I wanted to get other women hooked in a safe, friendly, nonintimidating way. Fernie is a competitive town; the women here are inspiring and potentially intimidating on first encounter. However, I have yet to meet a Fernie woman who would not like to show you the trails and talk bikes. They will challenge, accept and encourage you with empathy, most of them remember where they started, even if it was 20 years ago. It was with all these different women in mind that Fernie Women on Wheels (FWOW) was born. I was looking


A world of adventure starts under our roof.


for a group ride with a bunch of women, and on May 30, 2013, we had our first ride with 15 awesome ladies. FWOW has changed a lot over the last four seasons. We have gotten much bigger, our Facebook page has almost 450 members. We have many awesome group leaders and aim to ride in multiple groups, with ability levels ranging from beginner to advanced. Looking back over the years I have seen women push themselves and constantly encourage each other, from riding the car on Red Sonya, making the tree corner on Swine Flu to riding up Cemetary Bypass without stopping, everyone feels the same accomplishment and pride with other women cheering them on. Feminism today often portrays women as being pitted against women, creating competition and separation and the desire to alleviate

this pressure. Every Wednesday evening (weather pending!), FWOW gets women to connect, motivate and inspire each other to be fit and brave, pushing their own boundaries of what they thought they could do, all with smiles and laughter. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join us for a no-drop guided ride. Ladies are asked to have some singletrack experience for the rides. When able, we offer novice nights, bike and trail maintenance and skill building sessions. FWOW is part of the Fernie Mountain Bike Club and riders require a current membership and must sign a waiver. Rides generally start mid-May, for up to date information join the Fernie Women on Wheels Facebook page. Have questions? Want to volunteer? Email hdlavers@gmail. com.

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Destination of the Month by HEATHER LAVERS

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Lazy Lizard from Island Lake Lodge Winter Parking Lot Distance: 7km one-way Time: 1.5-3 hours Difficulty: Blue Ride of the month is Lazy Lizard. Lazy Lizard gets snowshoed and snowmobile groomed (when possible) by a great gang of avid snow bikers (thanks for the effort everyone). It was riding amazingly well in late January. While the trail technically starts at Stove, the grooming starts at the entrance by Island Lake parking lot, making this the easier choice. After pushing or grunting up the first hill from the road the trail is mellow, with very few steep ups. The trail goes over several bridges, a great chance to practice balance and looking ahead. After the powerline the trails get slightly steeper equating to a super fun down with bermed corners. It

is a two-way trail, please take care to make noise so other riders know you are coming, keep your speed in check and downhill riders yield to uphill. It is 7kms one way to Island Lake Lodge with 339m elevation gain, with the majority of elevation gain coming after the powerline. For the perfect outing consider, lunch up at the lodge from Thursday to Sunday, but book at least 24 hours ahead. After a delicious meal and a spiked hot drink cruise back down, hooting and hollering all the way to the parking lot.




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his month we are focusing on training for the 33rd annual PPP, April 15, 2017.You can race as an individual or team of two to five. Sure this race is meant to be fun, but being prepared can make it even better! Great costumes are also advised; they not only add to the event but also can result in great prizes! Part 1: POWDER The low down: 4.5km. Starting at the top of the Bear Express chair, racers start with an uphill ski boot sprint, jump into their skis and descend Cedar Bowl. Racers then ski out Cedar Trail to the base area. Training musts: Skiers must first be able to run uphill in boots. Great training would be to practice your speed up Siberia Ridge off the Timber chair. As well, make sure you ski the course a few times so you know your line and are efficient on the long Cedar Trail traverse out. Skiing down with the masses is always challenging and it is very important to communicate if overtaking another skier. As this is essentially a sprint, shorter, higher intensity cardio sessions of 10-15 minutes will help you get your heart rate comfortable performing at maximum intensity for this duration. Part 2: PEDAL The low down: 6km. Start at the base area, pedal through Timberline Subdivision to Highway #3, along #3 to the Elk River in Fernie. While most years a road bike is the best move, having access to a mountain bike can often be advantageous in the event of slushy or icy conditions. Drafting behind a biker can also be advantageous in higher winds.


Training musts: This leg is often described as lactic acid burn in the legs and death to the lungs for much of the ride. Hence, lactic training (one to three minute sprints, repeated after one to three minute light pedaling) can help train your system to withstand more intensity. Again, look at the amount of time it may take you to do this ride and train your cardiovascular system accordingly. Part 3: PADDLE The low down: 6km. Leaving near the West Fernie bridge in Fernie, paddle down the river to the bottom of the ski hill.

Having a good boat can provide a major advantage. I have done this in a hunting canoe and a sprint kayak, no comparison to which was faster. Training musts: This leg takes anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes depending on your arm endurance, boat and paddling talent. Arm endurance can be improved using the elliptical and trying to power from your arms instead of legs, swimming focusing on arms and no legs or hitting up the river a few times prior to the race. If you are canoeing with a partner, make sure to switch sides regularly to change up your arms.


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Part 4: RUN The low down: 2km. Start at the bottom of the ski hill, run uphill through Timberline, parking lot #1 to the finish line. This is grueling, especially if you are trying to catch someone! Because it is the last leg, you are often waiting in the cold for longer than you want. As soon as you see your boat, try to start warming up-jog on the spot, jumping jacks etc. as that first hill hits hard! Training musts: A 2km race is really a sprint. Running maximally for ten minutes is the best kind of training for this leg. Ideally, you can train on the course itself, though it may deter you from wanting to ever do it again! SOLO The low down: 19km of awesomeness! You will need someone to assist you with your bike and boat. Soloists also get local hero status! Training musts: Doing the PPP solo is much more endurance based than sprint based and getting your stamina to be able to sustain 60-120 minutes of maximal output is your best training goal. Most soloists typically have good endurance

so trying to incorporate all of the above training musts would also be advantageous.

7th Annual


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Katie’s Key Nutrients by TIFFANY SCHEDBESCH, RD, BASC


atie is a 45-year-old woman who is married with a teenage daughter and has recently gotten promoted at work. Katie has noticed since starting this new position that she’s felt excessively tired, and on some days she doesn’t have enough energy to make it out for her usual evening walk. She makes an effort to eat a healthy diet, however between work and spending time with her family she’s been resorting to more convenience meals lately. She usually grabs an egg and ham sandwich and black coffee on her way to work. In the afternoon, she eats in the staff room where she has her packed lunch of a tuna sandwich, granola bar and apple. Once she’s home from work Katie usually makes dinner for her family, tonight they’re having shredded turkey taco salads. She feels full throughout the day and is pretty sure she’s eating enough, so why is Katie feeling so tired and lethargic? Your Dietitian’s Advice Women have special dietary needs, and their bodies require specific nutrients to function optimally. Katie’s story resonates with many ladies who strive to eat a healthy diet, however their busy lifestyles may create barriers. Let’s look into a few particular nutrients for women to focus on. Female-Specific Nutrients Calcium and Vitamin D Calcium and vitamin D are the building blocks to creating strong bones. Together, they help not only support bone growth but also prevent osteoporosis (low bone density). And since more than 80% of those suffering with osteoporosis are women – we can see why females need to make sure they are getting enough of this bone-building duo. So how can we include


these nutrients in our diet? Calcium is found in dairy products including milk, cheese, yogurt and non-dairy options such as fortified orange juice, almond milk, tofu set in calcium, legumes and greens like kale.Vitamin D is a bit trickier; it’s made when our skin interacts with the sun or you can get it through your diet. However, if you’re living in a northern climate or working indoors, it’s unlikely you’ll be getting enough sun.Vitamin D is also found in the diet through fortified milk, cheese, some yogurts, fatty fish, fortified orange juice and almond milk, beef liver and egg yolks – but many people are unable to get enough vitamin D in their diet or made

by sun. This is why Osteoporosis Canada recommends all Canadian adults take a vitamin D supplement year round. Iron Iron is a mineral that helps carry oxygen all over your body. Women are at a higher risk than men for iron-deficiency anemia, which can leave you feeling tired, lethargic and irritable. Women have significantly increased iron needs during pregnancy that usually cannot be met by diet alone and therefore need to take a prenatal multivitamin/mineral supplement Food Intelligence continued on next page





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containing iron to meet their needs. Iron is especially important for active women since you’ll need additional oxygen to be transported during aerobic exercise such as biking, skiing and running. There are two types of iron known as heme (animal sources) and non-heme (plant sources). The best animal sources of iron include liver, wild game, beef, duck and oysters. The best plant sources are seeds, tofu, lentils, molasses and fortified cereals. However, animal sources of iron are more easily absorbed by our bodies than plant sources, so what’s the solution? Pair your plant sources of iron with vitamin C rich foods like citrus fruits, cantaloupe, strawberries, broccoli, tomato sauces or salsa, and red peppers. Folate and Vitamin B12 Folate and B12 are two water-soluble B vitamins that work in our bodies to make red blood cells, keep your nervous system healthy, create your genetic blueprint and help your body use the energy from food.

Folate is especially important for women of child-bearing age as it’s been shown to prevent certain birth defects. Great sources in your diet include dark green vegetables like broccoli and spinach and dried legumes such as chickpeas, beans and lentils. As for vitamin B12 – try eggs, milk or milk products, meat, fish, shellfish and poultry.Vegans need to pay special attention as B12 is found mainly in animal foods. Katie would benefit from focusing on eating foods from all four-food groups like fruits and vegetables, low fat dairy, whole grains, lean meat, legumes and nuts. Eating is never perfect, and women are tasked with the challenge of having an increased risk to certain nutrient deficiencies. Not to panic though! We can meet this challenge by trying to eat a balanced, varied and colourful diet, which will give you increased energy, help you to feel better and include the nutrients for your body to function at its best!




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Finding Your Tribe by DR. TAINA TURCASSO, N.D., R.M.


istorically, human beings have lived within a larger group of people, a family or a community. The relationships that existed in these larger units were so important, even from a very young age, for caregiving, education, and support. In many parts of the world, especially in less developed countries, these larger units still exist and are very much the social norm. Even in my father’s home town in rural Italy, three or four generations of a family live in the same building in separate apartments. Children grow up with a multitude of caregivers, not just one or two. Somehow, we have moved far away from that. People get married, have a baby, and create their “own” family, living in a completely separate house and/or city than their parents and siblings. These independent

We are much more powerful together than we are alone, and if you don’t have any women in your life to talk to, find them. They are out there, and there is a tribe for you. lives are actually somewhat of a mark of success, as it is seen to be less desirable to live with or near your parents and to rely on them for help. Unfortunately, in this attempt to become independent, self-reliant family units, we are losing so much that we have to gain from being a part of a multigenerational family or community. Women, specifically, benefited immensely from being a part of a larger group. Puberty, sex, pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding are all normal occurrences that used to be ritualized and celebrated by the women

in our lives. We learned about all of these milestones by watching the women around us go through them. It was natural to be curious about them, and to discuss them openly. Now, women are ashamed and embarrassed by these events, they do not talk about them, and when they inevitably get pregnant, have a baby, and even breastfeed, they are doing it alone and without having the benefit of a lifetime of mentoring and discussion, and certainly without the celebration. I really like looking after women having their first babies; it makes up at least half of my midwifery practice. These women are so excited, and it is so beautiful to watch them turn into mothers and families over the several months that I work with them. Threaded through these women, however, are some consistent themes. Fear, surprise, loneliness, isolation, inadequacy, and doubt, and that is just the beginning. They didn’t learn about what it means to be pregnant, to give birth, and to look after a new baby,

breastfeeding or not, and it is all foreign to them. Sure, they may have a few friends who have had kids, but they are still all on their own path, and walking alone. They generally have the support of their partners, but partners aren’t fully able to understand what is happening to the woman because her experience is unique. Most of them will get through this transition with few scars and enter the world of motherhood, only to be met with judgment and competition from other mothers, and still alone in their experience. Women need women. We need our grandmothers, our mothers, our aunts, our sisters, and our friends. We need each other to learn from, to cry to, to remind us of who we are, where we came from, and where we want to go, to support us, and to challenge us. We need men too, of course, but they are having a different experience than us. Somehow we have drifted away from leaning on our sisters, our tribe, and lifting one another up, and have ended up in a place where we compete, we criticize,

we undermine, and we tear one another down. We are better, stronger together and we weren’t meant to do this all on our own. When we do, everyone suffers. This is true in every aspect of our lives, but never more so than when it comes to childbirth and motherhood. New moms need the support of other women, whether it be women within your own family, or a new group of women that you seek out yourself. We need to change our dialogue, starting with the dialogue we have with ourselves. Talk to the women in your life about what is happening for them, particularly the new mothers. Talk to your daughters and nieces and don’t let another generation grow up without the benefit of a tribe of women holding them up. Talk to your mothers and grandmothers to glean from their wisdom before it is too late. We are much more powerful together than we are alone, and if you don’t have any women in your life to talk to, find them. They are out there, and there is a tribe for you.

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Bitcoins Part Two by KEVIN MCISAAC


ast month we covered off some of the technical details of what bitcoins are and how they’re kept secure. This month I’m going to tell you how to buy and sell bitcoins and how to make a purchase. The first thing you’re going to need is a bitcoin wallet. Just like it sounds, this is a place to store your bitcoins. Unfortunately, you can’t just make one out of duct tape. You’ll have to download an app to your phone. For iPhone users, by far the easiest is BreadWallet. I like it because there is no central server to communicate with. All your bitcoins are on your phone. Of course if you lose your phone, it’s the same as losing your wallet – so, don’t do that – except that unlike a wallet, under some circumstances you can get your money back if you lose or destroy your phone. Read on. I’m assuming you’ve installed BreadWallet from the app store and installed it. Starting up BreadWallet you’ll be asked if you’d like a new wallet or to recover a wallet. If you choose new wallet you’ll be asked to generate a recovery phrase.You will receive a serious warning to never let anyone know your 12 recovery words. Then it will show them to you. Write them down somewhere safe. A good place is on a piece of paper to be stored in a safe (bitcoins are money so this is not unreasonable). Or in your password manager. If ever you lose your phone you can use your recovery words to restore your bitcoins on your new phone. Cool, huh? Try and do that with the crisp $20s that were in the wallet you lost somewhere outside the Griz Bar last night. Then you’ll be asked for a four digit passcode to use to open BreadWallet. This is to make sure that if someone needs to use your phone they can’t access your bitcoins.

Once you’ve done all that you’ll be presented with a QR Code. That’s the square code with all the squiggly pixels. That code is your receive code. When someone wants to send you bitcoins, they can scan that QR Code and send bitcoins to it. They end up in your wallet. There’s an alphanumeric string version of your receive address at the bottom that you can send if you need to send it in a text message for example. Once you’ve gone through the help prompts you’ll see that there are two cards you can swipe between: a card showing your QR Code for your receive address; and a Scan QR Code, or “copy from clipboard,” address which you can use to send money. You now have a safe secure wallet and a way to send and receive bitcoins. The easiest way to get bitcoins is from a bitcoin ATM machine. Locating one of these reminded me about finding an ATM of any kind about 15 years ago. Today of course you can’t swing an empty deposit envelope without hitting three of them. Expect a similar situation with bitcoin ATMs in the next few years. For now you can use to find one. They’re scattered all over Calgary and the lower mainland.


1. select “buy bitcoins,” 2. let the machine scan your receive QR Code, 3. and insert the amount of money you’d like to spend. The transaction usually takes just a few seconds. Perhaps a bit longer if you’re changing a larger amount of cash. Occasionally a transaction can take a long time. This depends on the number of transaction confirmations that the purchaser/seller requires to commit the funds. Check back to last month’s column if you need a refresher on the blockchain. is another option for purchasing bitcoins.You can buy bitcoins using Interac online. I haven’t used this method, but it appears reliable. There are an increasing number of places online and offline that you can buy things with bitcoins. Some examples: PayPal, Microsoft, Dell, etc. A number of coffee shops have started taking it in urban centres.You use the same process as at the ATM to buy your coffee. Using your BreadWallet “send money” card, you scan their QR Code, which will include the amount of purchase, enter your pin and the funds are transferred. The whole process is very similar to using a debit machine in a restaurant, except you’re using your phone instead of your debit/credit card. There’s a whole bunch more to talk about with bitcoins, so I suggest doing some research. The wikipedia page is good for an overview. and have some good information. One last comment. Bitcoins are still pretty new. The technology is very solid, but buying and selling things from people with bitcoin is no different than using cash: caveat emptor. p.s. If you have any specific questions for the Answer Guy send them to info@clarismedia. com. Chances are good that if you want to know others do too.

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March 2017 by YANN LORANGER


he race won by Mars last month was crucial and happened in a time of eclipses, a time when our subconscious is particularly strong compared to our general awareness. Consequences will be many and some will take place in March as another personal planet crossing Uranus in Aries will show up, Mercury. He will reinforce the aspects between Uranus with Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter. Our intellect, our calculations, our mental abilities will walk in the traces left by Mars in February. Mars, our will, showed to the world what he had in his guts and now we can think about it, reflect and draw conclusions from what happened. All taking place in Aries, our capacity to ponder is not the greatest as it is rather difficult to feel still, especially next to Uranus. We usually say that wherever the head of a snake goes, the tail follows. This time it is the other way around. Our will and drive, Mars, symbolically the tail, went first and our head, our mind is following. It is not the most comfortable position, but it remains a good time to understand the nature and scope of what happened in February. Meanwhile, at the other end of Aries, another conjunction happens, Sun, Moon and Venus. This is a very important conjunction.Venus was so close in winning the race to Uranus against Mars last month, it decided to start retrograding, heading back to a square with Saturn before facing Uranus. Both Sun and Moon are going through this square to Saturn just before meeting Venus in conjunction. This talks about a special work happening for Venus. All that Mars and Mercury won’t be able to solve while being in conjunction with Uranus can worry us. The solution to this tension is sowed in Venus this month by the Sun. This special loop that Venus is taking shows us that our emotions are extremely important and

that they need wisdom (square to Saturn) and light (conjunction to both luminaries, Sun and Moon) in order to solve this very tensed dynamic. Since we all have a little bit of each sign within us, consider each of the following as addressing a specific part of yourself. Read it all for every aspect within yourself.

Aries (March 21 - April 29) Suspicion After an intense last month, you feel like you might have missed the point. Try practicing deep relaxation and finding calmness as it will help you to get that point.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20) Motivation You feel like you are two steps in the future! You have stamina and strength.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20) Clarification Confusion fades away… revealing the many possible ways you can intervene with the situation. A lot is shown, don’t feel obliged to react too fast.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22) Light Stay focused on the true power of women. Contemplate their ability to generate the best ambiance around them and to allow everyone to benefit from it.

Leo (July 23 - Aug 22) Grounded You are the one facing reality. Draw conclusions from the consequences you are facing. Others need the fruit of your experience, share it.

Virgo (Aug 23 - Sept 22) Riddle All of the necessary clues are right in front of you.You have a unique chance to solve


a few mysteries that have kept you puzzled for so long.

Libra (Sept 23 - Oct 22) Elucidation It is a good time to deepen your understanding of your partner’s behaviour. The truth will be revealed and it’s time to clarify the foggy areas of your relationships.

Scorpio (Oct 23 - Nov 21) Trust You can say what is in your heart. Don’t feel shy expressing even the most profound things you feel. People will want to understand you better, open up.

Sagittarius (Nov 22 - Dec 21) Stability You can reassure anyone that feels like the intensity is simply too high.You know that all that is happening is for the greater good.

Capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan 19) Reconsideration You feel concerned about the direction our society is taking: politics, education, economy, etc… Try to identify what would be most important.

Aquarius (Jan 20 - Feb 18) Attention The level of energy is so high, and you want to use it to create change! Whatever you undertake, be cautious, it could go beyond your initial intentions!

Pisces (Feb 19 - March 20) Mysticism All that is happening triggers a strong spiritual call within you as you realize that a more subtle touch in your understandings makes things much clearer and meaningful.



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