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TH E In this month’s Special Feature, Courtney Haeusler discusses free play and learning

Feature Resident Wendy Reade on her love of running FAR’s ski school



Michael Hepher talks about the necessity of injecting play into work

Playing with your child is important at all ages, explains Kerri Wall

Katie Hamar tells us about seven new ways to have fun with your food FERNIEFIX.COM




EDITOR’S FIX | 5 SPECIAL FEATURE | 7 Play Issue Special Feature - Free Play by Courtney Haeusler, Outdoor Connections

BUSINESS IN THE VALLEY | 9 Business News/New Business Making Social Media Work – Five Ways to Maximise Your Impact by Christina Pilarski Money Matters - RESP, RRSP or TFSA by Gerald Price, CPA CA

ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT | 14 Feature Artist – Rachel Behan ArtBeat - When Play Becomes Work by Michael Hepher At Peace and Yet On Fire – Yellow Carbonated Liquid by Lindsay Vallance and Sadie Rosgen Rental Fix – The Wife by Andrew Vallance

COMMUNITY AND EVENTS | 22 Feature Resident – Wendy Reade by Krista Turcasso

City Corner with Ange Qualizza – The Lutheran Church Welcomes a Family Planning Ahead - Beneficial at Every Age by Kerri Wall Family Stoke – Lining Up With the Legends by Shelby Cain Inside and Out with Rebecca Hall – Winter Play Starts Outside

RECREATION AND OUTDOOR LIFE | 35 Hitting the Trails - Furry Friend Adventures by Julie Kelly Elements of Movement – The Push Up Pump with Maddy Alaric Breaking New Ground – Learning To Play Again by Amy Twigge Indoor Fix – Structured vs. Unstructured Play by Sarah-Beth Plishka

HEALTH AND LIFESTYLE | 43 Take Five by Crys Stewart – Cooking With a Latin Accent Fashion For Everyone – Playful Wear by Emma Polit

For The Love of Food by Katie Hamar – Having Fun With Food

BITS AND BYTES | 48 The Answer Guy – Firewall Basics by Kevin McIsaac Astrology – February 2019 by Ashley Kristina

FERNIE FUN | 50 Fix Trivia COVER: Working outside has its perks. Dave Cavanagh enjoying some blue bird pow up at Island Lake Catskiing. Photo by Nick Nault, Nicknaultphotography.ca THIS PAGE: Dylan Siggers and the Burrlapz crew did a day of filming up at Island Lake Lodge early last April. Conditions were fantastic and the day was full of energy and enthusiasm, as displayed by the group shred photo. Photo by Mike McPhee, @mcphoto99


March 1-3, 2019 SCHEDULE OF EVENTS www.ferniegrizdays.com Fernie Chamber of Commerce Info: 250-423-6868 Pick up your Griz Days Magazine in town mid February!



et’s all stop what we are doing, step outside (if not already there) and look around. Take a deep breath, inhaling the magnificent fresh air this mountain town provides. Relish in where we are, and count our blessings. We are here, in Fernie. Five minutes from solitude in any direction. From a trailhead, a river bend, a chairlift, the beginning of today’s adventure. What is that feeling in our bellies? A whole lot of gratitude mixed with the excitement of “anything is possible?” I thought so! Vanessa and I fall into the large category of people who wanted to be here, so created jobs to ensure we could. Like most anyone, we often take this for granted and can grumble and become ornery when work is busy on a powder day or demands our time at night and over the weekend. But the positive far outweighs any negative and oh so quickly those moments of self pity are left far behind as we feel the fresh snow

CONTRIBUTORS AMY TWIGGE is a teacher, student and wilderness adventurer based in Fernie and in Montreal. ANDREW VALLANCE is a cinophile nerd who currently lives on the west coast. Girlfriendless, he spends his time going to movies, buying DVDs and flirting. ANGE QUALIZZA is a nutty economist who has a passion for policy, governance and everything to do with municipal government! Let’s lift up the carpet and take a closer look inside City Hall. ASHLEY KRISTINA has studied astrology for over twenty years and has been reading and teaching for the past five years. In her perspective, astrology is a compass that makes sense. For private consultations email mountainashastrology@gmail.com. CHRISTINE PILARSKI of CIPR Communications believes in the power of meaningful relationships and strategic engagement, both on and offline. COURTNEY HAEUSLER is the Executive Director of Outdoor Connections, providing ‘affordable opportunities for children of all ages to connect to themselves, each other and the natural world.’

hit our faces, reach the apex of a mountain, or pedal our way deep into a forest. Fernie life and play are so intertwined… it’s a significant part of our community, our culture. It’s why we came here, why people visit, and why people come back to stay. It’s even present through our work. As a writer and editor, these playful excursions not only provide a mental break and recharge, they also offer inspiration. I have left the computer behind in search of creative ideas while out on the trails, only to return empowered and excited about the new columns or articles that transpired in the process. And I know I can say the same is true with Vanessa, both through her design and artistic creations. Honestly, until recently I was not as aware or in the moment in regards to this magical time spent in our expansive backyard - it was just something on my ‘to do’ list that I know I enjoyed and was good for me. Having two children has reignited the After a 35-years in publishing, CRYS STEWART enjoys road trips with her husband between Fernie and Ontario. When not writing, taking photographs or riding shotgun, she’s sharing a glass of red with family and friends. EMMA POLIT likes to wander the world, swim in the seas and ride in the mountains. You may also find her sipping margaritas and eating tacos. GERALD PRICE of GPI Chartered Profesional Accountants has experience in preparing audit, review and notice to reader financial statements and corporate, personal, estates and trust income tax returns. Gerald enjoys skiing, water skiing, trapshooting and riding motorcycles.

playful spark in me, and has also allowed me to see how often my ‘work’ reflects the activities I participate in. That this time I carve out to play not only makes me better at my job, but also as a mom, a partner, a friend and as a community member. So what are we waiting for? Let’s get out there and find ways to connect these activities with our every day life… with our families, our peers, our work… and if you’re like me and need a little alone time, to time spent in solitude. Krista Turcasso, Editor FERNIE FIX | FERNIEFIX.COM Published monthly by Claris Media. To advertise and for general inquiries: info@clarismedia.com Box 1124, 361A 1st Ave. Fernie, BC V0B 1M0 p: 250-423-4062 www.clarismedia.com Editor | Krista Turcasso Creative Director | Vanessa Croome Associate Editor | Kevin McIsaac All content copyright Claris Media. The views expressed in this magazine are not necessarily the views of the publisher.

KEVIN MCISAAC haunts the coffee shops and streets of Fernie to find his column source material. MADDY ALARIC is a lover of putting things down and picking them back up again, whether it be weights or her two year old daughter. She loves inspiring people through her classes at Soar Studios and looks forward to sharing this love through her column, “Elements of Movement.” MICHAEL HEPHER is a painter, printmaker, sculptor and musician living and working in Fernie. His work is collected internationally and can be seen locally at Clawhammer Press and a variety of galleries and public spaces in Western Canada.

JULIE KELLY is the Manager for the Fernie Trails Alliance and loves spending time on the Fernie trails.

REBECCA HALL loves the snow, afternoons nordic skiing on the Fernie Golf Course and movies at the Vogue.

KATIE HAMAR grew up in the Maritimes and has lived in Fernie for the past five years. She is a self-professed foodie, wine lover and works as the Sales and Event Coordinator at Island Lake Lodge.

SARAH-BETH PLISHKA, a certified personal trainer and fitness blogger, believes there isn’t just one cookie cutter way to stay fit and healthy. She loves showcasing unique ways to stay active on her Instagram @fitandnerd.

KERRI WALL will be starting another parent group in February. Get in touch at kerriwall. ca. While you’re there, do yourself a favour and download Parenting Your Teenager: A Workbook of Questions.

SHELBY CAIN has lived in the East Kootenays most of her life. She’s a full-time writer and musician in the roots band, Wild Honey. Shelby’s first novel, Mountain Girl, is available at a book store near you. Her second novel? Any day now…



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hen I heard the theme of this month’s Fernie Fix was PLAY, I was ecstatic. As a mother of three young children, and the founder of an organisation that values play as an essential part of learning, I am surrounded by “PLAY.” My children are fortunate to be spending most of their waking hours in rich learning environments that promote play. Playing can be initiated and happen in many ways. As an educator, my teaching journey has led me to explore the deeper aspects and benefits of child-lead learning, much of which happens through play. It can be very difficult for adults to be patient, step back and observe; however, uninterrupted play initiated by children serves their future selves through a variety of ways. This type of play fosters creativity, confidence, problem solving, independence and much more. In our house we have consciously chosen to have open-ended toys that promote creative play such as wooden blocks, Lego, play food, dress up clothes and playdough. This is contrary to purposebuilt toys that are used by children in one specific way. We also provide our children with ample time engaging in outdoor play with a conscious effort to not be “helicopter parents.” I’ve attended a Risky Play workshop where I learned about the benefits of allowing children to engage in behaviour that has inherent risk. Climbing trees, jumping over rocks, navigating steep banks could all end with bumps and bruises. But those activities also foster the ability to make decisions, gain confidence and assess their own abilities. Of course, there is a limit where the consequences are no longer worth the benefits, and this is where parents and adults always have a duty to care for little ones.


Climbing trees, jumping over rocks, navigating steep banks could all end with bumps and bruises. But those activities also foster the ability to make decisions, gain confidence and assess their own abilities. The word “play” can be interpreted differently, but it simply means to engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose. It’s important to acknowledge that just because an activity is without purpose does not mean it is without benefit. As an adult I was drawn to the small-town mountain lifestyle where play seemed to be an integral part of life. Child psychologist and author David Elkind reminds us that “play is not a luxury but rather a crucial dynamic of healthy, physical, intellectual and social-emotional development at all age levels.” Whether it’s floating down the

river, hiking, biking or going for a ski, it’s important to demonstrate to my kids that I value recreation and play. In 2016, myself and a colleague started running an outdoor play-based program for children called Forest School. Free play is at the core of this program. “Free play” meaning the children agree on the activity, where it will be played, how it will be played, what will happen and how to deal with challenges. During Forest School I witness the children’s creativity and cognitive skills develop as they spend hours engaging in outdoor free play. As a trained Forest School Facilitator, it is my job to observe and give children space and time to explore their surroundings through play without constant adult intervention. Old or young, play is important for everyone. I leave you with one piece of advice, if you are unsure of how to bring more play into your day, do something so engaging you lose track of time that has no definitive end goal.



Business in the Valley


Emily Brydon Youth Foundation emilybrydonyouthfoundation.com


he Emily Brydon Youth Foundation (EBYF) has been supporting the youth in the Elk Valley in the pursuit of their dreams in the arts, sport and education for the last 13 years, and in that time has put back nearly $500,000 back into these communities. To date, the organisation has processed nearly 800 applications, and with each year receives more requests. For the first time EBYF is in a position where it has reached its budget and can no longer process applications for the winter season. EBYF is looking at a long-term solution to avoid being in this position in future. At the heart of the foundation is Emily’s own dream, of leaving no kid behind.

BCSPCA spca.bc.ca


e are all familiar with the BCSPCA and the role it plays in rehoming animals, but its other vital function is intervening in and investigating cases of animal cruelty. Treat Week is a province wide fundraising initiative sponsored by the BCSPCA. Money raised will help ensure continued support to helpless animals.

If you would like to get involved or to make a donation please visit the website or call 250-423-4782. Look for upcoming opportunities, including the annual Summer Social slated for late June. The foundation is accepting applications for summer programs.

Locally, Shannan Skitch and Mary MacLeod, under the team name “Fernie Cares” are organising fundraising events throughout the week of February 25 to March 2. If you would like to help organizse an event, please contact Mary at 250687-1441. Visit treatweek.ca/team/ferniecares for more information or to make a tax receipt-able donation. VISIT US.

Tasting Room located just off Hwy 3, open 7 days a week.


tf: 1.855.777.BREW w: ferniebrewing.com info@ferniebrewing.com


@FernieBrewingCo #drinkfernie

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GearHub Adventure Rentals 100 Riverside Way 250-278-3278


earHub now operates a rentals-focused second location at the Fernie Stanford Hotel, offering a broad range of winter and summer sports rental equipment for adults and kids. “We’ve seen a huge demand for SUBMITTED PHOTO rentals at our downtown location, and we’re excited to expand our offering with Adventure Rentals,” says GearHub coowner and manager Mark Hall. Winter rentals include high and mid-performance downhill skis, boots and poles for adults and kids, a selection of adult and kids snowboards and boots, Nordic equipment, fat bikes and snowshoes and accessories. This summer, expect both all mountain and downhill mountain bikes, stand up paddleboards, river rafts and more. Open daily from 8am to 11am, and 3pm to 8pm, rentals are available hourly as well as multi-day with group package discounts. Call directly, or email rentals@gearhub.ca.

The purpose of the Communities of Interest Advisory Initiative is to foster dialogue and communication between the five coal operations and community representatives within their area of influence.

DID YOU KNOW.... Biannual meetings are held for the Advisory Initiative Partners who are any interested member of the communities? At the Partners meetings, an update is provided by the Steering Committee on its progress over the previous six months. Teck also provides an update. Guest speakers are invited to present on topics of interest such as the Southern Rockies Grizzly Bear Study, Project Heavy Duty and the FireSmart program. The presentations are followed by lunch and networking. If you would like to be on the email invitation distribution list, send a request to sharon.strom@teck.com.


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Wild Heart Therapies and Farmacy

561M Hwy 3 250-531-0154


ue Burgman has joined the team at Wild Heart Therapies and Farmacy to offer ABM Neuromovement. ABM NeuroMovement® uses subtle movements, which offer concrete, effective, and immediate ways to easily tap into the enormous potential and plasticity of the brain. The concept of neuroplasticity stems from the recognition that the human brain can “rewire” itself in response to new experiences and conditioning. Research has proven this is a major key that can unlock our potential to recover from traumas, strokes and disease that disrupt or disable some of the brain’s functions. Currently Sue has completed the extensive education to practice on adults, and in November 2019 will be able to practice with children. To learn more about this method and commonly treated conditions, or to book, please visit wildhearttandf. ca, mountainneuroconnect.com, or call directly. FERNIEFIX.COM


Celebrating Griz Days March 1–3, 2019 Teck is proud to support Fernie’s Winter Festival. We hope you safely enjoy the family-friendly festivities throughout the Elk Valley. For a full schedule of events visit FernieGrizDays.com. www.teck.com

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Five Ways to Maximise Your Impact by CHRISTINA PILARSKI


ou’ve set up your social media, cleaned up your website, and are sticking to your communications strategy and plan.You have laid your foundation – so now what? The stage you are in now is really what I like to refer to as ‘play.’ Once you’ve established which social media channels are working for you and your online presence reflects your business goals and highlights your story it is time to play! This stage is about figuring out what resonates with your customers, determining what type of content stands out, and maintaining your presence. Remember these five things as you are maximising your impact online this year:

posts, and get them to leave a review. Ask those ambassadors of your brand to write (or record) testimonials for your website. Remind your advocates consistently to keep talking about you online. Figure out which calls to action produce the biggest online response – and repeat. 4. Content, Content, Content: A blog is a cost-effective and organic way to organise and feature your content online. Content is not just words – but photos, videos, and graphics. The more relevant your content is, the more people will share.Your goal online should be to give your audience shareable content. 5. Influencers: Influencers can have and command a lot of attention in your target market. When you put yourself on their radar, it creates the potential to tap into their massive following to improve brand awareness and increase your impact. It is like someone important in the town square is walking around with you and letting people know they think you are credible.

1. Social Media: You already know that social media is like the town square. The town square used to be the place that people gathered to hear about new ideas, meet new people, and buy and sell goods. The town square is now online … Think about your target audience and their habits to make sure you are on the right social channels. Maybe it is time to add a new one like we suggested last month or get rid of one that isn’t performing.

3. Endorsements: This is as simple as word-of-mouth - ask people to spread the word! Give customers, clients, and contacts a nudge and ask them to follow you and your business, ask them to engage with your

Influencers create their own content about your product or brand and share it with their large following – which can generate an increase in followers and traffic for your business.You can also invite them to do a guest blog or simply to engage with the content you’ve already posted on your social media channels. Engaging influencers is a huge step towards maximising your impact online. Stay organised and take notes – write down what content seems to be performing the best, which influencers are really resonating with your audience, and what is driving the most traffic back to your website. Play with your strategy this month as you start to expand your online tactics to maximise impact. Let us know what you are trying out online at @ CIPRComs. Use the hashtags #PRPower and #FernieSuccess to show off your successful metrics, campaigns, and partnerships.

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2. Maintaining a strong website: If social media is the town square – your website is your home.Your social media points to your website.Your website is the one place you get to own the message entirely and showcase all the things that explain what you do best. Use this phase to make sure information, content, and images on your website are up to date, relevant, mobilefriendly, and easy to navigate.


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flexibility in accessing retirement funds for home ownership and education has helped many people. Contributions made in the first sixty days of the new year can be deducted on your prior year income tax return.You have until March 1, 2019, to make an RRSP contribution that may be deducted on your 2018 income tax return. In the year you turn 71, December 31 of that year is the last day you can contribute to an RRSP. In the year you turn 71 you must also transfer your RRSP to a Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF), use the RRSP to purchase an annuity, or withdraw the RRSP funds and be taxed on them.



ast month I wrote about investing and the thrill experienced from receiving money that you did not work for. This article is even better. How you can get money from the Government or at least keep some of your money from going to the Government. Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) allow a contributor to set up a plan for a minor. The plan will assist funding for post-secondary education and trade apprenticeships. The contributor puts money into the registered investment account, and the Federal Government provides a grant of up to 20% of the contribution to a yearly maximum of $500 and a lifetime maximum of $7,200. The contributions and grants are invested and earn income within the plan. The grants are only available on contributions made up to the calendar year in which the beneficiary turns 17 years old. Once the beneficiary attends post-secondary education or trade apprenticeships the investment funds can be drawn upon, tax-free since they were funded with after-tax dollars. The investment income and grants are taxable income when the money is taken from the registered plan. A T4A is issued by the plan trustee for each calendar year when funds are withdrawn, to the beneficiary, not the contributor. Presumably, the investment income and grants will be subject to little or no tax since the beneficiary is attending school and will likely not make significant income. The opportunity to obtain the 20% grant to help fund education of our children is a great incentive and I encourage parents and grandparents to look into setting up a plan. Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSP) were originally designed to encourage us to save for our retirement. Their big advantage is that money going into RRSPs is not taxed until it is withdrawn from the registered account. If you contribute to an RRSP plan when you



This article is even better [than last month’s]. How you can get money from the Government or at least keep some of your money from going to the Government. are in a 40% tax bracket and withdraw the money when you are in a 20% tax bracket you will save 20% on your income tax bill. Many taxpayers expect to be in lower tax bracket when they retire. For those taxpayers, contributing to an RRSP should save them income tax dollars. Another big benefit of RRSPs is the fact that the investment pool is not taxed so there are larger balances earning investment income than there would be if the funds were net of income tax. RRSPs allow you to access the funds for buying a home or continuing your education. These two plans are known as the Home Buyers’ Plan (HBP) and the Lifelong Learning Plan (LLP). There are rules that must be followed but the

The RRSP contribution limit is 18% of prior year income to a maximum of $26,230 for 2018. Any unused amounts earned in a prior year are carried forward and can be used in subsequent years. Amounts withdrawn from your RRSP do not create additional contribution room. Over contributing results in a 1% per month penalty for the over contribution in excess of $2,000. TFSA allowable contribution for 2019 is $6,000. Any unused contribution room earned in prior years is carried forward and can be used in subsequent years. Amounts withdrawn create additional contribution room for subsequent years. Over contributing to your TFSA results in a 1% per month penalty for the over contribution. CRA has assessed income taxes on TFSA where there are significant gains from trading securities within the TFSA. CRA’s position is that trading gains are business income from the business of trading, so income tax is applicable. Money going into a TFSA is after-tax money however, withdrawals from your TFSA do not get taxed. There is no income tax on the investment income you earn in a TFSA. You should consult with your investment advisor as well as your tax advisor to determine what amounts you should allocate to your RESP, RRSP and TFSA accounts each year.



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Rachel Behan

I have been performing on stage since I was two years old, so it has become a very comforting joy for me. My first role was as a pink tulip… naturally, I progressed and continued to attend as many after-school groups in my area as I could. My parents were always taxiing me around from one stage school to another. During this travel time, my Mum and I would sing our hearts out together, and some of my fondest memories are still triggered by those certain songs. Of all the arts programs I was involved

with, I found a love for singing in particular (private lessons were offered at the same time as math class in high school, so for me, it was an easy decision).

I went on to study a Bachelor of Arts in Music and Drama at University, where I met my gorgeous husband. He and I perform in a newly formed wedding/ function band, The Hip Flexers. It’s something quite special to share this passion with him! The Hip Flexors is a high energy, fun band to be a part of with other great musicians. Aside from

that, I sing with Hark Raving Sirens and have done for about five years, the girls and I love getting creative with harmony and arrangement, often over a bottle of red (which helps all the feel-good chemicals get flowing). It’s incredibly therapeutic to sing, and it makes me so happy…. so if you ever see me skipping down Main Street, I’ve probably just come from a rehearsal. I teach kids singing lessons at The Arts Station, and I LOVE it, just as I loved mine as I was growing up. I can see how music lifts others, releasing endorphins

and bringing people together. To quote Eminem, ‘lose yourself in the music,’ and that truly happens. It’s very rewarding to experience first hand, how a child can be quite shy and insecure, but then really express themselves and gain confidence through art. I love being a part of The Arts Station crew, and the Fernie arts community. There is always something going, with a positive swarm of creative people filling each room, just going about their craft. We are all there for a good time. The Arts Station has given me a platform for most of my creative business ideas.

Club Cre8, a creative program for kids in kindergarten through Grade 6, is held on No-School-Fridays and throughout the summer. And then, I work with Sadie Rosgen hosting theatre workshops during Spring Break, and Summer Holidays… it’s such a good life and I often have to pinch myself that working with kids is actually my job. I am grateful every day that I do something I love for a living. Ok, so your child ‘might’ not be the next Beyoncé or Bob Ross, but art is a form of expression which encompasses passion and confidence. I think it’s so

important to make time for creative pastimes, at any age. As we get older, our busy schedules sometimes result in creative play being at the bottom of the list (in Fernie, probably behind sporting activities). But, it’s all about balance, isn’t it? Keep being creative, for a peaceful mind and a well-fed soul. For more information on voice lessons, The Hip Flexers, and/or voice lessons call 250-946-7114. Both the Hip Flexers and Hark Raving Sirens are available on Facebook, or visit thehipflexers.ca.



AN INNOVATIVE AND MODERN APPROACH TO MINE DESIGN Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. We are incorporating new technologies and pioneering features into our mine design to ensure our project meets and exceeds the expectations of the communities in which we live and work. As our project develops, we will continue to integrate proven engineering and environmental design features into our project to achieve strong environmental, social and economic performance.


Arts and Entertainment

When Play Becomes Work

and organizing. All the while, I still had to drive to holiday art markets, finish commission work, and continue with basic communication. Free time to explore my craft simply fell off the back of the wagon.



So here it is mid-January, and I’m sitting in my ‘new’ studio in which I have miraculously fit the important pieces of Clawhammer Press as well as my painting studio. All the heavy lifting is done, all the type is neatly tucked away in its new home, and I’m completely exhausted.

ou could be forgiven for thinking that with a theme like ‘play’ this was going to be a fairly light-hearted edition of the FIX, but I have to tell you that I’m not feeling very fun right now. Life is about balance, right? Maybe my role in this issue is about balancing out the fun with a small dose of sobriety. There is no question we all need some play in our lives—it’s healthy for our bodies and minds. Science shows that children learn the most when they are allowed unguided play time, and my experience is that as adults we are no different. When we have ‘free time’ our minds open up, and our passions facilitate the absorbing of information by our brains. Have you ever noticed how hard it is to remember the things you have to learn, but how easy it is to remember the things you love? Artists too need their play time. To make good art, we need to have open minds and spirits, which allow us the ability to wander through our subconscious minds and explore the fascinating things we find there. There is work involved too (more than you’d expect) but the playful nature of artists is one of the things that make owning and making art so beneficial. Good art is dynamic; it plays with light, with materials, with subject matter. Good art helps us see the world in a new way, or from a different angle, or capture a sweet memory. Like a warm fire on a cold night, good art thaws feeling back into our screen-weary minds. The act of making good art, however, is not always fun. I’ve been very lucky to have almost seven years of nearly uninterrupted play time at Clawhammer Press. This year was very different for me. Because of a shuffle at our downtown Fernie studio location, I found myself



orchestrating a move to a new space. Moving is never something you look forward to, but when moving printing presses it’s something you avoid entirely whenever possible. Unfortunately, there was no avoiding it this time. In the end, we decided to move the print shop to our home studio. It makes lots of sense in some ways. It’s been my painting nook for a few years. So with the print shop here, I could do all my arting in one place. The problem was that the building was in need of some significant upgrades to make way for a printing shop, and fall is always hair-straight-back-busy for me without adding a reno/moving project. Needless to say, I didn’t get much play time. I spent October covered in drywall dust and paint, and November purging and packing, and December tearing down

My whole work/life world is shifting and I feel the urgency of ‘getting back at it’, but I also feel this strange weariness. The interesting thing to observe is that without the restorative process of play in my life, I have not been able to keep my mind sharp. When I sit down to paint or to print or to write, it’s an extra effort to get the ideas flowing. Frustration hovers just below the surface and I find myself abandoning ideas before they are fully formed because I simply don’t have the mental reserve energy to push them through the paces to reach their potential. I’ve been scraping back as many paintings as I finish, and I’ve had difficulty picturing and articulating new ideas for custom print projects. The irony is that for me work and play have been synonymous. I’ve turned all my hobbies into income at some level, which means when I want some downtime I go work on a painting. This new situation has left me in a bit of a conundrum where my playtime feels like work. I’ve been having to look to other outlets to regain the energy to go ‘play.’ Long walks by the river, playing cards with my kids, and sometimes just sitting still for a while are all helping to claw me back to the place where my work is fun again. There are still deadlines and clients and projects and ideas that are waiting to get made. For now, I’m doing my best to be still and wait for the urge to ‘play’ to return. I am trying to be gracious with myself but it’s not easy—It turns out playing can be a lot of work.


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“Life is the knife edge between tragedy and ridiculousness.” -Lindsay Vallance

When I spend any time with Lindsay Vallance, I am constantly at play. As an actor playing a lady, playing dinosaur in one of her many clever comedies, to singing alongside her in our all female acapella group, “The Audielles” (a title she herself came up with). I can’t imagine another person I’d rather scream into broken microphones with, yell at people on 2nd Ave in period costume with, and imitate velociraptors with than this one! There is no shortage of hilarity, no paucity of whit, no deficit to her charming intelligent beauty. I had certainly hoped that when I adventured to Fernie I would find a sister or brother in art so fantastic that we could, together, make our mark. When Lindsay Vallance emerged, I knew I had hit the jackpot. Not only had I found a creative tornado that I wanted to travel to Oz with, but I also found someone to play with.


Yellow Carbonated Liquid By Lindsay Vallance and Sadie Rosgen cottonwood candy calling AIEEE! finding your feet, run Velcro shoes kick jumping rush more try it, you’ll like it! Vortex spin fire that one looks like a turtle… creek bed (bears) underbrush pterodactyl (bears) bailing twine fort (bears) rock slide dragon (BEARS…?) grouse silly business blanket citadel basement galaxy SPAAAAAAAACE! How was space so much bigger then?



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he Nobel Prize in Literature is one of the five Nobel Prizes established by Alfred Nobel in 1895. It has been awarded annually since 1901 and is given to an author from any country who has, in the words of Swedish industrialist Alfred Nobel, produced “in the field of literature the most outstanding work in an ideal direction.” The award is based on an author’s body of work, although individual works are sometimes cited as being particularly noteworthy. The Swedish Academy decides who, if anyone, will receive the prize, and it announces the name of the laureate in early October. In the past, it has been awarded to notables such as Gabriel Garcia Marques (Colombia), William Golding (U.K.), Toni Morrison (U.S.A.) and Alice Munro (Canada). It will not be awarded in 2018, but two writers will receive awards in 2019. Given the importance of the prize, it makes perfect sense that someone in Hollywood would seek to build a film around it. That film, which premiered in Canada on Sept 12 at the Toronto International Film Festival, revolves around the relationship between Joe Castleman, a famous American writer, who at the beginning of the movie wins the Nobel Prize, and his long-suffering wife, Joan. This is an excellent film with an interesting twist which features excellent performances from Jonathan Price and Glenn Close who star as the Castlemans, Max Irons as their troubled son, and, surprisingly, Christian Slater as Nathaniel Bone, a muck-raking journalist looking for scandal in the Castleman relationship. Based on a novel by the American writer Meg Wolidzer, The Wife concentrates on resentments that can build up over the years of a long marriage and the consequences of those resentments. Both

Price and Close are very good in exploring this marital darkness, understandably since they have each starred in such incredibly dark fare as Fatal Attraction (Close) and Brazil (Price). Brazil (1985) was my first introduction to Jonathan Price. In that movie, he played Sam Lowry, a government bureaucrat in a vicious totalitarian state. He also played a British secret agent in Jumping Jack Flash, co-starring with Whoopie Goldberg; and he portrayed the right ordinary Horatio Jackson in The Adventures of Baron Munchausen. In The Wife Close portrays a woman who is very calm and submissive on the outside,


but inside possesses a razor-sharp intellect and the capability of wielding great power; while Price portrays a juvenile, arrogant and insensitive Joe Castleman. Close’s chemistry with Slater is also wonderful. Slater’s acting career started in the television series All My Children (1986). His first film was made in that same year when he played opposite Sean Connery and F. Murray Abraham in The Name of the Rose. He is possibly best known for his roles as a Hollywood heartthrob in such films as Heathers (1988) and Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves (1991). Max Irons is a relative newcomer to the big screen. He is the son of Jeremy Irons and Sinead Cusack, two perennials of the British stage. He appeared as Lucius in Dorian Gray (2009) and played the role of Fritz Altman alongside Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds in Woman in Gold. Two thumbs up!

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ost of us have had an experience with Ski School… whether learning to ski or snowboard as a child, or as a cry for help after trying to pass these skills onto our own kids. While I had lessons growing up, my most memorable moment with the Winter Sports School at Fernie Alpine Resort is the day we gave up teaching our eldest. Literally, after 45 minutes with an instructor she could ski on her own… and didn’t want to stop! Perhaps it’s their playful tactics, or the red jackets. Regardless, I went on a quest to find out. Wendy Reade is the the queen of FAR’s Winter Sports School. She has been with the school in Fernie for 22 years, and before that in Jasper for 18. That’s 40 years of experience! Impressive to say the least. Wendy is passionate about what she does, and about the people she does it with. As a good friend of Dave Rogers who operated the snow school here, Wendy was always intrigued with Fernie and bought a home here before heading to New Zealand to instruct. “I was offered a job here, and you just can’t turn those jobs down,” she tells me over a beer at Slopeside. “Then I had my son, so I stayed and didn’t go back to New Zealand.” I tell her I have never met anyone who chases winter, “there are a lot of people on our team who do it,” she lets me know, and I’m in awe of this passion for skiing and boarding! Wendy’s passion goes back to her youth, growing up in Quebec and ski racing zones. Eventually she realised she didn’t want to continue, took her Level 1 Instructor and began teaching through the YMCA until moving to Jasper at 19. As she grew her skill set in managing people and attaining the highest level in instructing, her passion continued to grow alongside her. “It’s been a funny journey. When you’re


19, you’re doing it for different reasons. I just turned 60… why I do it now is so different. As you develop and go through it, you change and mature and grow. I bring to it my own core beliefs of how we treat our staff, how we treat our guests, and always being as good as we can be. It’s a lot of work, but we have a lot of fun.” Wendy is very proud of their team of about 150 pros many with their Level 3 or 4 in instructing. “Not many people have that, Fernie is very fortunate,” she adds. “I’ve got people who have worked here for 22 years and we have a 75-80% return rate with our pros. We have one of the highest certified snow schools for our size. Qualified and amazing, they are teachers at heart,” which is why she believes they are so successful. It’s all about the people. “Fernie’s a beautiful mountain with great snow… how do we help our guests and clients have good experiences and to have fun? We train our pros to be better people and to have fun in life,” Wendy says. “In any job if you are learning, then you are engaged which allows you to have a positive experience and to pass this on to

the guests. We are always open to new ways of doing things, incorporating play.” Wendy says a lot of her job is reading her staff. It’s important to her to invest in their health and wellness, to balance work and mountain town living to ensure they have a great season. “I try not to mother them too much, but just try to help them be successful at work and have fun.” When thinking about the future, Wendy just says she knows she’ll be doing this for a few more years at least. “This is a snow school I’m really really proud of. I plan to continue having fun, to continue doing the best we can. I love teaching and coaching, and would like to see as many people in the community participating as possible without cost as a barrier.” So, it is about their playful tactics. But more about the people… people like Wendy and her team at the Winter Sports School. 1. When did you first arrive in Fernie and what brought you here? I arrived in 1997, and it was to work for Dave Rogers in his snow school.

2. Who did you first meet in town? I knew Colleen Dunn, we had worked together in Jasper. We came to visit on our way home from New Zealand, walking down 6th Ave in November and we saw this house for sale by owner... it was snowing like crazy, the owner was getting out of his truck and that’s the house that we bought. “Maybe we should actually move here,” we thought! 3. Do you remember your first general impression of Fernie? I had skied here four years before buying the house, visiting Colleen… and I never once saw the Valley. It was always snowing and fogged in. The first impression was that there was a lot of snow. I never came in summer, and I’m an avid fly fisherman, so I love the summers now. 4. What keeps you here? It’s the community, it’s definitely the team that I work with at the mountain, and all of my friends.

great leadership. We can become really settled and stable, be who we really are without a lot of distractions. People come here for that, and it would be nice to see people in the community comfortable with who they are without a lot of friction. 8. How do you start your day or what is one of your daily rituals? With a dog walk on Cemetery Bypass to What’s Up Doc, seven in the morning every day. I love being in the forest, seeing the sun come up and life awakening.

The Best BANG for your Buck!

9. Tell us something people might be surprised to learn about you. I was a really high end horse trainer for a long time. It helped me to rejuvenate my learning in the snow industry. It helped to feed me a little bit at a time when I really needed it. 10. Quote to live by: Good, better, best.

• Handmade bagels baked daily in house • Open 7am-5pm EVERYDAY • Voted ‘Best Quick Food Fix’ Fernie Fix Awards, 2015 502 2nd Avenue, Fernie BC 250-423-7778 www.bigbangbagels.com

5. Do you have a favourite Fernie memory or pastime? Oooh. I have a favourite memory… Tom and I come back from working the Level 4 course. We had driven all night, and had to do session the next morning and I was pretty tired. I went out and did the session, and it was one of those over your head, can’t see a thing white smoke days. I didn’t come in until 2:30pm… it was just one of those days, you couldn’t stop. 6. What time of the year do you love most in Fernie, and why? I think I like the fall the most. It’s beautiful weather, moving towards winter.You can still get out and do everything you do in summer without the heat. The colours are changing, valley transforming. I love it. 7. Where do you see or hope to see Fernie in 5 years? I think right now the energy in our town is amazing. We’re coming into our own, with a great new council and mayor with FERNIEFIX.COM


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Homesites in Fernie, BC Only a few lots remain in Stage 4 from $228,000 Buy now to build your dream home for Summer 2019 Contact Dan or Alan at ReMax Elk Valley Realty DAN MCSKIMMING ferniedano@gmail.com or 250-423-1921 ALAN YOUNG alan@fernielistings.com or 250-430-1245

www.montanefernie.ca | 250-423-4136 | info@montanefernie.ca This is not an offering for sale. Lots are sold under a disclosure statement. All maps are for relative location purposes only and are not to scale. All materials and photos, features, dimensions, specification, improvements and amenities depicted or described herein are conceptual in nature and subject to change or cancellation (in whole or in part) without notice. Certain photographs may not have been taken at the site and views are not from a particular lot.

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The Lutheran Church Welcomes a Family

Church, a pending sale was contingent on a residential land-use, so the potential purchaser applied for a standard re-zoning. Knowing that other variances such as siting and parking might be required to develop the building into a residential dwelling, and that the building had heritage value, I proposed the HRA as an alternative. This would take care of both the rezoning and variances at the same time while working to retain the heritage value. We were even able to write the Agreement so that if the sale fell through, then the Church would not be on the hook for any costly repairs or alterations that were only necessary for the residential conversion.



here are some very interesting careers to be had in local government, and one that I think would be fascinating to no end is that of a city planner. A planner determines how to best use the city’s land resources, weighing decisions and recommendations on the future needs of the city. They advise how to construct social housing, recommend zoning and regulatory frameworks, design transportation networks, write bylaws and approve subdivisions. By no means is this list exhaustive, and in fact, recently our planning team wrote our first Heritage Revitalisation Agreement.

“The process was a new one to me, but we got a lot of support from our consultant, as well as some heritage planners that are more familiar with HRAs, so it worked out well. Both the Church and the buyer seemed happy with the result, and a building that has been part of Fernie for over 100 years will not only remain intact but will be revitalized. Given how many buildings and properties there are in Fernie with heritage value, I look forward to using HRAs more often.”

The City of Fernie received an application to rezone the Lutheran Church from Public Institutional to Residential and our planners were faced with the challenge of how to preserve the value of a heritage building, and perhaps more importantly, create a framework that would ensure the Lutheran Church would not be demolished. A Heritage Revitalisation Agreement (HRA) is a voluntary agreement between the local government and property owner and outlines the duties and obligations of the property owners but is designed to be beneficial to both parties. Each HRA is written to suit the unique situation it applies to, in this case as we moved through the process of allowing a church downtown to transition into a single-family home, our biggest goal was to preserve the heritage aspects of the building. An HRA is enabled with a bylaw that is registered on title of the property and affords long term protection for the values we wanted to preserve. The process was an excellent opportunity for our planning team to do exactly what they do well,



manage the interest of the municipality and create a process that worked well for both the buyer and seller. Derek Cimolini took the lead on this project and comments, “Lucky for us, while working with a heritage consultant, they floated the idea of Heritage Revitalisation Permits to retain Fernie’s valued historic buildings. The HRA is a great tool contained in the Local Government Act. In most cases, we cannot vary things like land-use or density, but the HRA gives us that latitude. In the case of the Lutheran

I asked the buyer, Jeff Johnson, what it means for his family to move into the church. “We were drawn to Fernie for all that makes this town so amazing. And like many, we want to add to that amazing. Some have opened cool shops, stellar restaurants, organized events, built trails, run great businesses, etc. We see the opportunity to preserve a heritage building as our way of contributing to the awesome of Fernie. Built in 1910 and utilizing stone and brick construction, the Church remains as a recognizable post-fire structure. We are so excited to be connecting to an important part of Fernie’s history.” It would appear that with a clever new tool, our planning department hit a home run and I’m sure all of Fernie will be eagerly watching this project.



February 2019 MONTHLY EVENTS FRIDAY 1.2.2019 Breastfeeding Mamas @ Fernie Heritage Library, 10am Fernie Ghostriders Game @ Fernie Arena, 7:30pm Sean Yunis Plays Live @ Infinitea, 8pm The West Live @ The Northern, 9pm FRIDAY 2.2.2019 - SUNDAY 3.2.2019 Jeep Jr Freeski Presented @ Fernie Alpine Resort, for ages 7-18 SATURDAY 2.2.2019 Night Skiing on the Mighty Moose @ Fernie Alpine Resort, 4pm Craig Cardiff Live @ The Arts Station, 8pm Dangerous Goods Live @ The Fernie, 8pm Elk Run and Riot Live @ The Northern, 10pm SUNDAY 3.2.2019 7th Annual Community Fun Nordic Race @ Elk Valley Nordic Centre Super Bowl LIII @ The Fernie Legion, 3pm Super Bowl Sunday @ The Pub Am I Doing This Right? @ Essential Yoga Studio, break down poses and deepen your practice. 2:15pm MONDAY 4.2.2019 Game On @ Trinity Lodge, 3:30pm. Play crib, tile rummy, Uno, scrabble and more. Open to all. Warm Aroma Flow Yoga @ Soar Studios, 5:30pm TUESDAY 5.2.2019 Author Event: Stories Not Told by Sandra Semchuk @ Fernie Museum, 7pm WEDNESDAY 6.2.2019 The Abstract Lion Visual Art Club @ The Arts Station, 3:45pm ages 7-11 New Year, New You: Nutrition that Fits You @ Fernie Chamber of Commerce, 7pm THURSDAY 7.2.2019 The 10 Mahavidyas: Unleash the Goddess Within @ Essential Yoga Bergamot and Balance @ Soar Studios, 5:30pm Beautea Night @ Infinitea with Spa 901, 6-9pm FRIDAY 8.2.2019 Pratyahara with Heather Ivany and Julie Gallant @ Soar Studios, 7:30pm Maddisun Hosts Jam Night @ Infinitea, from 8pm SATURDAY 9.2.2019 Beginner Pottery @ The Arts Station, 2-4pm Raging Elk Kinky Rail Jam @ Fernie Alpine Resort, 9am Night Skiing on the Mighty Moose @ FAR, 4pm The Price is Kinda Right @ The Fernie Legion, 8pm Fernie Ghostriders Game @ Fernie Arena, 7:30pm

SUNDAY 10.2.2019 Indie Films Fernie: Leave No Trace @ The Vogue Theatre, 5pm Sunday Sessions with J-Skillz @ The Pub, 5pm. Enjoy ski and snowboard films, food and drink specials. MONDAY 11.2.2019 Regular Council Meeting @ Council Chambers, City Hall 7pm WEDNESDAY 13.2.2019 Walkie Talkie Book Club @ Fernie Heritage Library, 10am Focused Pottery Wheel Throwing @ The Arts Station, 6pm THURSDAY 14.2.2019 Valentine’s Dinner @ The Bistro Heart Opening Partner Yin and Oils @ Soar Studios, 5:40pm Fernie Poker Tourney @ The Fernie Legion, 6:30pm Frase @ The Central. RnB/Soul/Sexy Vibes, 9pm Moontricks Live @ The Royal, 9pm FRIDAY 15.2.2019 Fernie Museum: Lunch and Learn Series with Gordon Milne @ The Fernie Senior’s Centre, 1pm Liquid Silence @ The Griz Bar FRIDAY 15.2.2019 - Sunday 17.2.2019 Loving You: Weekend Workshop @ Essential Yoga Studio FRIDAY 15.2.2019 - Monday 18.2.2019 AST 2 - Ski/Snowboard @ Fernie with Stay Wild Backcountry Skills Conviction: A Radio Play @ The Arts Station, 7pm. SATURDAY 16.2.2019 Drawing Class with Gordon Milne @ Fernie Museum, details TBC. Night Skiing on the Mighty Moose @ FAR, 4pm Liquid Silence @ The Griz Bar Between Covers @ The Fernie Legion, 9pm. Classic 70s dance music. Ben Fox Live @ The Royal, 9pm SUNDAY 17.2.2019 Night Skiing on the Mighty Moose @ FAR, 4pm Liquid Silence @ The Griz Bar Illvis Freshly Live @ The Royal, five piece hip hop band. 9pm MONDAY 18.2.2019 Night Skiing on the Mighty Moose @ FAR, 4pm BC/Alberta Family Day Little Critter Race @ Elk Valley Nordic Centre, 5:30pm TUESDAY 19.2.2019


Night Skiing on the Mighty Moose @ FAR, 4pm Committee of the Whole Meeting @ Council Chambers, City Hall 1pm Full Moon Nordic Ski Social @ Fernie Golf Club, 7pm Cooking Class: Winter Vegan Cooking @ Infinitea, 6pm with Tamara Dunn WEDNESDAY 20.2.2019 Night Skiing on the Mighty Moose @ FAR, 4pm JPson Live @ Infinitea, 8pm New Year, New You: Moving Your Body, Moving Forward @ Fernie Chamber of Commerce, 7pm THURSDAY 21.2.2019 Night Skiing on the Mighty Moose @ FAR, 4pm The 10 Mahavidyas: Unleash the Goddess Within @ Essential Yoga JPson Live @ Infinitea, 8pm Hip Hop Night @ The Royal, 9pm FRIDAY 22.2.2019 Brad and Adam Host Jam Night @ Infinitea, 8pm Fernie Ghostriders Game @ Fernie Arena, 7:30pm FRIDAY 22.2.2019 - 23.2.2019 Fernie Mountain Film Festival @ Fernie Community Centre, 6pm Mountain Social, 7pm showings start SATURDAY 23.2.2018 Night Skiing on the Mighty Moose @ FAR, 4pm Avalanche Awareness Day @ Fernie Alpine Resort Wildsight’s Seedy Saturday @ Fernie Family Centre, 10am Karaoke @ The Fernie Legion, 8pm Freak Motif and the Hillties Live @ The Northern, 10pm. SUNDAY 24.2.2019 Sunday Sessions with J-Skillz @ The Pub, 5pm. Enjoy ski and snowboard films, food and drink specials. MONDAY 25.2.2019 Regular Council Meeting @ Council Chambers, City Hall 7pm THURSDAY 28.2.2019 Gallery Opening: Troy Bubba Cook @ The Arts Station, 7pm International Fly Fishing Film Festival @ The Vogue Theatre, 6:30pm. Tickets available at Elk River Guiding, The Vogue Theatre and at the door.

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February 2019 WEEKLY EVENTS

DINING, NIGHTLIFE and SPECIALS MONDAYS Gourmet Pizza Night @ Boston Pizza Pool Tourney Mondays @ The Pub Lasagna Specials @ Elk Valley Pizza Shoppe Wing Night @ The Fernie Hotel Free Movie Nights @ Infinitea from 7pm Ladies Night @ The Northern Local Jam Night @ The Kodiak Lounge Monday Mayhem with Goffles @ The Royal Store and Tasting Room Open @ Fernie Brewing Company Happy Hour @ Loaf, 3-5pm Pizza and Beer Specials Pizza Specials @ Fernie Pizza and Pasta Kick Off the Week Americano Specials @ Freshies TUESDAYS Pasta Night @ Boston Pizza Wing Night @ The Pub Bar & Grill Pizza Night @ Elk Valley Pizza Shoppe Beer, Burger and Bingo Night @ The Northern Cheap Night @ The Vogue Theatre Karaoke @ The Royal Curry Night @ The Fernie Hotel Store and Tasting Room Open @ Fernie Brewing Company Happy Hour @ Loaf, 3-5pm Pizza and Beer Specials Toonie Tuesdays @ Freshies Pizza Specials @ Fernie Pizza and Pasta WEDNESDAYS 1/2 Off Wings @ Boston Pizza Wine Evenings @ The Brickhouse

OUTDOOR & FAMILY MONDAYS Dominoes, Duplicate and Mahjong @ The Seniors Drop in Centre Pickleball @ Fernie Community Centre Indoor Walking @ The Community Centre Ladies Only @ Fernie Old School Boxing Parent Tot Funtimes @ Fernie Family Centre Public Swimming @ The Aquatic Centre Drop-In @ Elk Valley Gymnastics, 11-12pm for ages 0-4 Strong Start @ IDES, 9-12pm for ages 3-5. After School Program: Board Games @ Trinity Lodge, 3:30-4:30pm TUESDAYS Crib/Whist, Chess and Drop In @ Seniors Drop in Centre Storytime Ages 3-5 @ Heritage Library Ladies Archery @ The Elks Hall Junior Boxing @ Fernie Old School Boxing Club Indoor Walking Program @ Fernie Community Centre Open Climbing @ Evolution English Conversation Cafe @ CBAL Office Drop in Climbing @ College of the Rockies Fernie Community Choir @ The Fernie Arts Station Free Guided Meditation @ Soar Studios Public Swimming @ The Aquatic Centre Teens Drop in @ Elk Valley Gymnastics,7:45-8:45pm Strong Start @ IDES, 9-12pm for ages 3-5. Kindness Committee @ Fernie Heritage Library, 3:45-4:45 KinderGym @ Fernie Family Centre, 10-11am After School Program: Stop Motion Animation @ Fernie Heritage Library, 3:45-4:45pm Snowshoe and Dine @ Fernie Alpine Resort

All Day Happy Hour @ The Fernie Hotel Wing Night @ The Northern Wax On Wednesday @ 901 Spa Store and Tasting Room Open @ Fernie Brewing Company Zak’s Jam Night @ The Royal Half Price Ice Bar @ Lizard Creek Lodge Ice Bar Happy Hour @ Loaf, 3-5pm Pizza and Beer Specials Coffee With a Friend @ Freshies, two for one coffee Wine and Beer Specials @ Sushi Wood Taro Readings from 7pm @ Infinitea Featured Burgers @ The Pub and Bistro Restaurant

Date Night Special @ Spa 901 Fish & Chip Night @ The Pub Live Music @ Loaf, 6-9pm Happy Hour @ Loaf, 3-5pm Pizza and Beer Specials Live Music @ Infinitea Prime Rib Night @ The Old Elevator Chinese Restaurant

THURSDAYS Buy Two Appies, Third for Free @ Boston Pizza Jam Night @ The Brickhouse Featured Pub Burgers @ Max Restaurant & The Pub Bar & Grill Burger and Beer Special @ The Fernie Medium Pizza Special @ Elk Valley Pizza Store and Tasting Room Open @ Fernie Brewing Company Pub Team Trivia @ The Pub Bar & Grill Thirsty Thursdays @ Kodiak Lounge Happy Hour @ Loaf, 3-5pm Pizza and Beer Specials Create Your Signature Mocha @ Freshies Cribbage and Cocktails @ Infinitea FRIDAYS Rib Night @ Boston Pizza Fish & Chips @ The Pub Bar & Grill Meat Draw and Members Draw @ The Fernie Hotel Winter Outdoor

Seniors Programming

SATURDAYS Kids Pool Party, BBQ and Movie Night @ Lizard Creek Lodge Meat Draw & Bar Quiz @ The Legion Coffee and Baileys Special @ The Bridge Bistro Pint Night with Overtime Beer Works @ Infinitea Rib Night @ The Pub Open Mic and Live Music @ Fernie Hotel Happy Hour @ Loaf, 3-5pm Pizza and Beer Specials Large Pizzas for the Price of a Medium @ Boston Pizza Early Bird Breakfasts @ Freshies Dragon Cod Fish Night @ The Old Elevator Chinese Restaurant SUNDAYS Kids Meal Specials @ Boston Pizza Caesars on Special @ The Brickhouse Mini Jugs and Caesars @ The Fernie Hotel Off the Grill Sundays and Caesar Specials @ The Pub Caesars Special @ The Bridge Bistro Happy Hour @ Loaf, 3-5pm Pizza and Beer Specials Dinner Buffet @ The Indian Kitchen Fernie, Stanford Inn 4-9:30pm

Early Bird Breakfasts @ Freshies

Roast Dinner Special @ Infinitea, 6-9pm Kids Programming

WEDNESDAYS Crib, Gentle Exercise and Tai Chi @ Seniors Drop in Centre Adult Badminton @ The Community Centre AA Meetings @ The Anglican Church Basement Competitive Boxing @ Fernie Old School Boxing Club Toddlertime Ages 0-2 @ Fernie Heritage Library Indoor Walking Program @ Fernie Community Centre Open Climbing @ Evolution English Conversation Cafe @ CBAL office Celebrate Recovery @ Mountainside Church Knit Clique @ Fernie Heritage Library Drop-In @ Elk Valley Gymnastics, 11-12pm for ages 0-4 Public Swimming @ The Aquatic Centre Wine and Wheel @ The Arts Station Latin Vibes: Rhumba @ The Arts Station Lego Town @ The Library, ages 7+ 3:45-4:45pm Adults Drop in @ Elk Valley Gymnastics,7:30-9pm Strong Start @ IDES, 9-12pm for ages 3-5. KinderGym @ Fernie Family Centre, 10-11am Cyber Seniors @ Fernie Heritage Library, 1:30 - 2:30pm Yoga @ Lizard Creek Lodge THURSDAYS Morning Yoga, Drop in, and Canasta/Cards @ Senior’s Centre Pickleball @ Fernie Community Centre RC Club @ Fernie Community Centre Community Basketball @ Fernie Secondary School Mixed Senior Recreational Boxing @ Fernie Old School Boxing Youth Archery @ The Elks Hall Bellies to Babies @ Fernie Women’s Centre Open Roller Skating @ Max Turyk Gym Indoor Walking Program @ Fernie Community Centre,


Library Program


Free Guided Meditation @ Soar Studios Public Swimming @ The Aquatic Centre Tech Petting Zoo @ The Library, ages 10+ Knit Clique @ The Library, 6:30pm Strong Start @ IDES, 9-12pm for ages 3-5. Kid’s Cafe @ Mountainside Community Church, 9:3011:30am. Everyone welcome! After School Program: Knits and knots @ Fernie Heritage Library, 3:45-4:45pm Winter Fat Bike and Dine @ Fernie Alpine Resort FRIDAYS Cribbage @ Seniors Drop in Centre Jitney Darts @ Fernie Legion Toddlertime Ages 0-2 @ Fernie Heritage Library Public Swimming @ The Aquatic Centre KinderGym @ Fernie Family Centre, 10-11am SATURDAYS Karma Meditation Class @ Essential Yoga Studio Open Climbing @ Evolution Prenatal Yoga @ Essential Yoga Public Swimming @ The Aquatic Centre Evening Uptracking Tour @ Fernie Alpine Resort Cultural Saturdays: Kids Make Art @ The Arts Station, 9am-4pm SUNDAYS AA Meetings @ The Anglican Church Basement Public Swimming @ The Aquatic Centre Guided Meditation @ Soar Studios Drop-In @ Elk Valley Gymnastics, 3:45-4:45pm for ages 5-12 Nordic Sunday @ Fernie Alpine Resort FERNIEFIX.COM 27

Marilyn Brock

Broker/Owner 250.423.8650 • marilyn@marilynbrock.com

901 Fernie Penthouse Residence 301A 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms Offered at $1,199,000

362B 2nd Avenue, Fernie, BC V0B 1M0

See MLS#2431529 for video tour!

Strawberry Extravaganza!

February 10-14. Taking pre-orders now. 581A 2nd Ave., Downtown Fernie • 250.423.2680 • OPEN DAILY. Locally owned and operated.

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Play - Beneficial at Every Age

interests. This could be things like listening to or making music together, playing video games, sports, or dancing, but it can also be less conventional things like goofing around with face filters on social media or burping the alphabet. Remember that nobody is too old for roughhousing or cuddling, but keep in mind that growing teenagers don’t always know their own strength.



f you’ve been reading child development literature you know that play is essential for optimal human growth. Sometimes we forget, however, that teenagers also want and need to play. In fact, play is beneficial at every age, and adults have a lot to gain from it whether they are parents or not.

Play is NOT about competition. Playing full-out can be serious business where we challenge ourselves and enjoy doing it. But if we cross the line and someone becomes tense and self-conscious (including adults) we are in a different realm. If feelings or bodies get hurt, stop the activity and attend to the need that is presenting itself so that connection can be repaired.

Connection Playful behaviour is innate to being human so it can help us connect with almost anyone. Most of us are naturally drawn to act playfully with babies of all kinds; it truly is a universal language. Play helps us to know others, develop trust, and form bonds. It also solidifies our physical abilities. Additionally, play can allow us to connect with animals and nature. Play is an instinct; it’s part of our hardware. Humans are born dependant on our mothers and have historically grown up in groups where we needed to figure out many things throughout childhood and learn to get along together. Play is critical to learning and practicing the diversity of skills we need for our lives and relationships. Serious and Fun You know that feeling when you are so engaged with something that you lose your sense of self and become fully immersed in an activity? That’s what true play feels like. We often associate the idea of ‘fun’ with play, yet that word carries a meaning of lightness and ease that doesn’t allow for the full, serious scope of play. If you’ve seen 7-year olds engrossed in a make-believe world you’ll know what I mean. There might not be much laughter or even smiles, but we can tell they are playing. Play can, of course, be highly amusing too, and defined by giggles and rowdy behaviour. Playing feels good! It’s



When parents feel connected to their kids they are more open and calm. This is also true for young people, so teens that feel connected with their parents will be more open and calm too. stimulating and relaxing at the same time, and leaves us refreshed and happy. Playing With Teens If you play regularly with your teenager you can gain a better connection with them, as well as a better connection with important parts of yourself related to pleasure and mental agility. When parents feel connected to their kids they are more open and calm. This is also true for young people, so teens that feel connected with their parents will be more open and calm too. What a win! Playing with your teenager means entering their world and engaging with their

Creativity There are dozens of board games and other activities with prescribed rules and outcomes that delight us year after year. Those can be great, especially with larger groups and folks of other generations.Yet there is a special kind of magic that happens when people play together and unique games get made up on the spot. A friend of mine told me about a rambunctious game played with furniture cushions that a cousin dubbed Wackersitters. When my son was a young teen we often played a game that he created over time that we ended up calling Modified Apartment Football. Opportunities for Play Are All Around Us Perhaps you’re talking with your teenager as you drive somewhere and the conversation shifts to joking around. Let yourself be silly! Young people really enjoy some good verbal banter and it’s a chance to see how clever your teen really is. Playful ridicule can also ease the strain of parentteen relationships, so kids like giving adults a hard time about our dad jokes or our hairstyles. If you are a secure and mature person (I hope you are!) you will let them. FERNIEFIX.COM



February Events & Activities Feb. 2 & 3 - Jeep Junior Freeski presented by SMITH & Rossignol Feb. 9 - Raging Elk Kinky Rail Jam Feb. 17-21 - Family Week Night Skiing on the Mighty Moose Feb. 23 - Avalanche Awareness Day Live Music @ Griz Bar - every Saturday & Sunday!


For full details, visit skifernie.com!



Located in the base area plaza at Fernie Alpine Resort. For more info, call 250.423.2405

• Featuring a 100% BC only wine list and beer on tap • Lunch and dinner menu with homemade burgers

Open Daily! 8am - 10pm


Tuesday - Pasta & Wine $23 Wednesday - Half Price Ice Bar Thursday - Oyster Night Sunday - Half Price Cocktails

• Open 7 days a week, 11:30am to close • Live music • Thursday Jam Night

thebrickhousefernie.com 401 2nd Ave, Historic Downtown Fernie • 250.423.0009

Community and Events

Lining Up With the Legends

– and he better shove a few more up his butt,” chimes in the man standing next to me. “Hey, Mitchy!” Jon exclaims, “Good to see you, man.” It’s Mitchy, of Mitchy’s Chutes. Legend.



t’s December 12. Not for you, but try to remember. Before your New Year’s hangover and the sweet turns you carved through the crowds. Before it started to get really crazy and really fun. Dec. 12 was the morning it snowed 45 fresh and fluffy cm’s. A Wednesday. First official pow day. It started cloudy but they moved out early and the sky was a brilliant blue. Spirits were high and you could feel the energy crackle in each frosty molecule. Pow day. Let’s play. I drop my girls at school nice and early. Maneuver down an icy 4th street hill and pick up a few lost-looking Aussies wearing their full gear and carrying skis, attempting to cross the slippery highway. I swing my door open and call to them, “jump in!” They look at me like I’m captaining a yacht and they are adrift in the turbulent ocean. When we get to the hill Timber isn’t running.Yikes. Beside the gorgeous groom I can see the snow is deep and pillowy and I want to track the hell out of it. The lift should start any minute. Any minute now. I’m putting on my skis when my buddy Bob Maudie pulls up. We grew up together and have shared many Sunday dinners and every time I see him I smile one of those warm, happy smiles you reserve for your special people. After our greeting, I attempt to send him on his way. Because even though I was just giving a powder tutorial to the Aussies, I have no business skiing with Bobber on the first pow day. He’s other level and we both know it. A legend. “You go ahead, buddy. I don’t want to hold you back.” But Bob is feeling generous, or maybe he’s injured, and he insists we ski together. By now it’s 9am and we see the line-up to Timber has doubled but it still isn’t working. No. Not today. We slide through the grumbling crowd and into the shorter line at Deer. The group is talking.



We find out the power is out in town and someone’s ex-boyfriend who works at Hydro said - yup – it’ll be awhile. The snow looks so good and the sky so blue and we decide to give it forty-five minutes. The thing about Bob is, people know him. Cool people. Legends tend to attract others of their kind. Despite the lack of skiing, the mood in this group is joyful. Like a party. Friends are calling out to each other, joking and making holiday plans. We’re joined by Jon Turk. Legend. A worldrenowned adventurer and writer who’d been buried up to his neck in an avalanche on Cornice Bowl just ten days prior. He rode the avalanche for 300 vertical metres. Yet another close call. He starts talking about the experience and his battered body. I’m amazed he’s standing here, ready to go skiing again. But I think for Jon, skiing is like breathing. If you can, you do. Bob asks him questions about his mobility and pain, then offers a humble lift-line diagnosis that Jon is thrilled about. The rib he thought he broke is probably bruised. “You’re made of steel!” I remark. “He’s made of horseshoes

I stand for the next 30 minutes and soak it all in. Like all writers with a regular column, when cool things happen you shut-up and absorb. Giants of Fernie folklore gathered together, discussing everything from snowpack to ear wax. Plans postponed because the flakes have fallen and it’s time to enjoy. I smile behind my coat collar. I know this is special and I’m so lucky to be a part of it. Despite the powder teasing us from just feet away, they remain calm. Grateful for the moment. A perspective gained from experience and all those close calls. Friends on a powder day? Heck, yeah. Eventually, Bob and I have to bail. “Too bad it didn’t work out,” he says. “Are you kidding?” I call behind me as I rush to get my fingers to my keyboard, “it was legendary!”


Pick-up or Delivery!

592 8th Ave. Fernie

So much to love! 8th Annual


Fresh, tasty ingredients... yum! Extensive menu including: Pizza * Wings * Greek Wraps * Lasagna * Desserts

Open for Lunch and Dinner. Pick-up & Delivery from Hosmer to the Ski Hill. Everyday & Daily Specials including: Don't Break the Bank Mondays

2 Small 3 topping pizzas ~ $20 any crust

All other Daily & Everyday Specials and

order online at: ElkValleyPizza.com FERNIEFIX.COM




Visit THECEDARS.CA for more details.

Community and Events


Winter Play Starts Outside by REBECCA HALL


ut your snowsuit on and get out there! The season for playing outdoors is here and Fernie’s mild temperatures, dry fluffy snow and easily accessible trails and sledding hills make outdoor play a breeze. On my way to work downtown, I pass by École Isabella Dicken Elementary School, and Fernie City Hall and the Courthouse Grounds where the Fernie Academy students spend their recess. I don’t know if it’s the vibrancy of the brightly coloured snowsuits against the shocking white snow or the rosy cheeks or the fact that they have to keep moving to stay warm, but it certainly looks like those kids have more fun outside in the winter than they do in the warmer months. I hope there’s plenty of hot chocolate waiting for them when they get home each day because they certainly earn it! From the Dicken’s Community Christmas Party at the Library, to Griz Kids Family Scavenger Hunts at Fernie Alpine Resort to the Christmas Day Skate at the Fernie Memorial Arena, there were endless options for the whole family to spend some quality time together over the past few weeks while many of us enjoyed time off work and school. For those who worked even harder than usual, I hope the extra tips and the fact that you’re now enjoying more time off while the rest of us go back to work made up for the extra hours over the festive season! With the arrival of January came the #Ferniestreak organized by the Fernie Trails Alliance, Stag Leap Running Co, Fernie Mountain Bike Club, Fernie Nordic Society, City of Fernie and Fernie Fix, and I’m not sure if anyone really anticipated what a huge hit it would be. (Although perhaps in retrospect I shouldn’t be surprised, this is Fernie after all.) Every

its sturdy pages, rounded corners, colour coded layout and colourful photos on every page is designed to be a companion piece that will hold up well in your backpack and is sure to be a firm favourite for everyone looking to play outdoors this year. single day in January saw hundreds of people hitting the Nordic and snowshoe trails or just taking the time to get outside and enjoy the fresh air for a quick walk. I’ll admit to not making it out there every day but it was definitely a great incentive to get out on those days when I might otherwise have found something cozier to do indoors. On January 7 I dropped by Fernie Distillers to pick up a copy of Terry Nelson’s new Fernie Area Trails and Plant Compendium to help me keep the momentum going and discover new trails this year. Amazingly, it’s been many years since Fernie had a printed hiking guidebook and this new volume with

Whether it’s a stroll on the downtown sidewalks, Nordic skiing to Island Lake Lodge, snowshoeing to Fairy Creek Falls or a snowball fight with the kids, make sure you get out there this winter and enjoy Fernie in all its winter beauty. See you on the trails! Image Captions (clockwise from top):

1. Fernie’s Queen of the Nordic trails, Megan, on the Grunt. 2. Jessica with her four-legged friends Rhyker and Douglas at Fairy Creek Falls. Photo @born.to.adventure 3. My own Ferniestreak record is a bit erratic but I’m getting out there! 4. Jennifer, Dwight and Sue making the most of the beautiful Island Lake Trail. FERNIEFIX.COM


GROUP OF THE MONTH February: Griz Days Help support local groups by using debit: 4 cents/Litre

• No Membership Required •

Love Your Hair

Book online www.sparrowhair.ca 250-423-7175 | 641 7th Avenue

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Premium off road gasoline • Regular gasoline • Diesel • Marked Diesel www.ferniecardlock.com 250.423.7205 • 1592-9th Ave., Fernie

fri 15th - fur and frost theme part y sat 16th - ben fox Shambhala/fozzyfest/beatport #1

sun 17th - illvis freshly and Mt Doyle 5-piece live hip-hop band, then dnb dj set fri 22nd - wadjit edmonton dnb sat 23rd - fredd y j and naturalist Shambhala double header! Mon - Monday Funday/free pool/$15 Jugs Tues - Karaoke with Top-O Wed - Zak’s Jam Night Thurs - Local DJ Night Happy hour/free pool 9-11pm every night, $4 highballs & 12oz PBR

Open 9pm-2am Mon-Sat

501 1st Ave, Fernie, BC

i fi n t e


] [ ] [ ] live electronic folk duo ] [ ] [ ]

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fri 1st - AAA Junior + richard Whiskey Live rock sat 2nd - Naturalist + Mark Deblock Space disco! fri 8th - Carissa Gem + Letr.B yyc house/bass sat 9th - dubconscious shambhala thur 14th - valentine’s day w/ moontricks


The Royal February Shows

'kitchen always open'




ti q u e

Infinitea this February Licenced Lounge, all ages, homestyle cooking, board games, musical instruments 0pen noon-late every day except Tuesday

Monday's Free Movie Night 7pm $8 Meals. Free popcorn. Wednesday's Tarot reading's from 7pm Thursday's Cribbage & Cocktails - All 2oz cocktails $8 & Crib Tournament from 7pm ($25 Gift Certificate) Friday's Live music from 8pm Saturday's $5 pints from Overtime Beer Works (rotating taps) Sunday's $10 Roast Dinner 6-9pm (book!)

Book a party at Infinitea ph # 778-519-5258

Located on 5th St downtown

Recreation and Outdoor Life


Furry Friend Adventures by JULIE KELLY, FTA

Distance: Approx. 8 km Time: 1 - 1.5 hours Difficulty: Green


e are so lucky in Fernie and to have a wonderful outdoor playground. There are so many options to play outside during the winter season. When I think of “play” I envision fun, fresh mountain air, biking, and spending time with my dog Chloe on the trails. The new Inclusive Trail is a great one to take your pet along. It’s nice and wide and has a gentle grade. Start at the Montane Barn and follow the “multi-use” signs. Meander through the trees, stay right and climb up and over the bridge. Cross the Nordic Ski track and take a right on to the Inclusive Trail. Climb 100 metres on a gentle grade navigating a number of wide switchbacks.You will reach the Montane Hut and be treated to the wonderful views. Now the fun really begins as you turn around and descend on this fast trail back to the barn. Be sure to look back a few times to make sure your pet is still with you. We could not have completed this project without the support of our funders including Columbia Basin Trust, Teck Coal, RDEK, City of Fernie, Parastone Developments Ltd. as well as various individual donors. Our volunteers and contractors spent a total of 961 hours on this new trail. Thank you to everyone who took part in this project. Playing in the outdoors with furry friends is a popular pastime in Fernie, and fortunately, most locations promote this type of use. Please note, if you are Nordic skiing, the Elk Valley Nordic Centre and Fernie Golf Club do not allow dogs because of the sensitivity of grooming. Have fun out there!


rockies notary & legal A Division of Rockies Law Corporation

Real Estate, Family Law, Business Law, Corporate and Commercial, Civil Litigation, Personal Injury, Tax Law, Wills and Estates

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PO Box 490, Suite 202, 502 Third avenue Fernie, BC V0B 1M0 Tel: (250) 423-4446 | Fax: (250) 423-4065

PO Box 1886, #116 - 101 Red Cedar Drive Sparwood, BC V0B 2G0 Tel: (250) 425-2114 | Fax: (250) 425-2204


www.rockieslaw.com FERNIEFIX.COM



632, 2nd Avenue, 250-423-3833. freshiesfernie.com

Home made food and baked goods every day! Week-end Crêpes, Egg Benny and Egg en Cocotte! Proudly serving Fernie Alpine Spring Kombucha on tap !   

Rich, warm and strong like friendship!

Kodiak Lounge “Fernie Starts Here!”

- Best drink prices all season long - Pint and hockey ticket specials for all ghostrider home games - Jam night Mondays - Situated at The Raging Elk Hours:


7 days a week 4pm till late

Happy hour

on tap

4:20pm - 7 pm $4.50 pints & well drinks

7 6 9 10 50 3 8 7 7 2 4 1 6 18

www.ragingelk.com 892 6th Avenue, Fernie BC • ph: 250-423-6811

9 5 624382 3

GPI Chartered Professional Accountants in Fernie offers a full range of accounting and taxation services for the communities of Fernie, Elkford, Sparwood, throughout the Elk Valley and beyond for a wide variety of business and personal customers.

602 2nd Avenue Fernie, BC 250-423-6881 fernieaccountant.com

Recreation and Outdoor Life


The Push Up Pump

Takeaways: If you are brand new to the movement begin by elevating torso.


• Ensure you have the shoulder and wrist health to support your body.

Push-ups are too hard. I’m not good at them!” Oh, okay, well, in that case, let’s just never work on them and never get better at them. Great idea… not. These are some of the most common phrases I hear when teaching people this movement. Good news is that you are not alone. This month we are going to talk about progressions, eventually leading you to perform a proper push up. When done correctly, the push-up is potentially one of the best bodyweight movements. It increases overall strength and stability. Often associated with upper body strength, they also require support of the core, lower body, and optimal wrist/shoulder health. Whether you are a total newbie or a push-up boss, the options below will aid in increasing your success.

• Breathwork is huge. Inhale at the top, keep core braced, exhale as you come out of the bottom. START IN PLANK POSITION

• Keep the body in a straight line. Think plank like, always stacking the body to a clear line. • Arms at 45 degrees. Avoid flaring arms out creating a T shape. This puts unnecessary strain on shoulders, reducing length and strength of posterior chain for most. • No sagging hips. Squeeze your butt.


How to: Start in plank position: hands facing forward just outside shoulders, toes tucked, core engaged, butt squeezed, shoulders down from ears.

For the newbie: Choose to start with torso elevated, work here until you are able to do 5-10 reps. Next, drop knees to the floor and work to hit 5-10 reps like this. For the push-up boss: If you are able to do 20-25 push ups from plank position consider these variations:

Sub: Start on knees or torso elevated pressing hands onto a supportive edge.

• Feet elevated push up: Bring feet higher than torso on a box or couch.

• Inhale at the top, maintain engagement of breath as you begin to lower entire body in one fluid motion. Arms should be at 45 degrees, elbows above your wrists while your butt, upper back and back of head stay in a straight line. No sagging through the lower back.

• Single leg push up: Lift one leg off the floor. Be sure to switch legs and keep hips from tilting in or caving through low back.

Sub: On knees, lower torso to the floor keeping shoulders away from ears, hand/ elbow position is the same. • From bottom begin to exhale forcefully as your body moves back to starting position, attempting to push the floor away from you. Keep heels pressing back, fingertips engaged.


When done correctly, the push-up is potentially one of the best bodyweight movements. It increases overall strength and stability.

• Diamond push up: Bring index and thumbs to form a diamond, keeping back flat, lower body, pressing back up to start position. Regardless of your current ability, remember that this takes time, and requires a commitment to moving well with proper joint and muscle health. In order to do ten, you need to start with one. Stick with it and enjoy the process. FERNIEFIX.COM




3 bedroom, 2 bathroom homes

1,040 square feet

Modern kitchen with walk in pantry

Quartz countertops plus stainless steel appliances

Views of Fernie’s famous mountains

Front deck

Off-street parking

Contact us for more information

Starting from $439,000 (GST inclusive) Parastone Developments (250)-423-4136 officeadmin@parastone.ca


Recreation and Outdoor Life


Learning To Play Again by AMY TWIGGE


first heard about the MAST program in 2003 while tree planting from my friend Jeremy, who had recently graduated from the program. I remember feeling so hungry for that type of training program and experience at the time, but I was slated to start a Masters of Urban Planning the following September. Fortunately, another planting friend Carolyn had settled in Fernie and so I had occasion to visit over the years. About every five years I would feel a serious drive to do the program. But life can unfold in seemingly very linear ways and my Masters somehow lead into a PhD and then to teaching and practicing in Montreal. I turned 40 this year, and with the encouragement of this dear friend and Rockies hiking pal, I decided it was time to take a “sabbatical” (unpaid leave, as I am a contract lecturer at Concordia and McGill), take a year for myself and learn how to ski tour in the Rockies, as well as become an all-round more competent mountain adventurer. Who knows, maybe I can even find a job in the mountains during the summer months when I am technically unemployed? So far, there have been many memorable experiences with the MAST program. A top experience for me was our five-day hike into the Steeples range, via Maus Creek. While in mid-September, it snowed every day and we got just soaked. But somehow, the sun dropped in on us when we needed it most, and we managed to haul all our soggy gear into the sun and dry everything out. That afternoon after drying our gear, myself, a couple other keen students and Brian Bell casually summited one of the nearby peaks, gaining perspective and seeing the Lizard Range from the opposite direction. Those moments up top were a window of opportunity that passed as quickly as it came, and I feel so thankful


on the valley from the opposite direction. That day I experienced my very first true powder day with ‘hero’ snow as I glided effortlessly through the terrain, deepening my addiction to ‘pow.’

for having been there to experience that range in the sunshine. More recently, as part of our AST 1 outdoor training, we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to ski tour on the back of Morrisey Ridge in the Fernie Wilderness Adventure’s tenure. Starting the day atop Heaven Ridge, again the clouds parted for us to gain perspective

This year has so far been about pushing my boundaries and walking the absolute edges of my comfort zone, not unlike the moments we spent walking the ridgeline in the Steeples. More generally though, it has been about taking time to learn to play again, follow up on lifelong dreams, and draw strength and inspiration from the rugged beauty of the Southern Rocky Mountains. It is refreshing to be the student again and I am thirsty for more learning and adventuring with the MAST crew. Thanks to my Fernie buds for taking me into their fold. FERNIEFIX.COM


Buy With Confidence, Sell With Success!

Majic, Purdy


D Open



Law Corporation

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301 Hwy 3 | 250-423-3002

George S. Majic, Q.C. (d. 2003) • Glen A. Purdy, Q.C Caeli H. MacPherson, JD Providing a full range of legal services, including:

Real Estate, Personal Injury, Civil Litigation, Criminal Defence, Family Law, Business and Corporate, Wills and Estates Fernie Office 592-2nd Avenue P.O. Box 369 Fernie, B.C. V0B 1M0 T: (250) 423-4497 F: (250) 423-6714


Sparwood Office (By Appointment Only) 119 Centennial Square Sparwood, B.C. T: (250) 425-7216 F: (250) 425-0400

Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert & Drinks

We do Breakfast! from 9am Sat. & Sun.

$12 Lunch Specials Monday - Friday

Specials & more online at: thebridgebistro.com Follow us:


Recreation and Outdoor Life


Structured vs. Unstructured Play by SARAH-BETH PLISHKA


emember when you were a kid and you had a ton of fun just making up games, playing sports with your friends, and doing cartwheels in the park? Remember when “play” was part of your daily life? As, adults, we can forget how much fun it is to play, in all its different forms. Thankfully, it’s fairly simple to re-introduce it back into our daily lives. Firstly, there are two main types of play: structured and unstructured. Structured play is usually instructor lead, providing direction and a specific task (such as learning a new skill) to be accomplished. Think about taking a class, where each session has a purpose and a definitive goal. Unstructured play in comparison is more open-ended, creative, and doesn’t need a specific outcome to accomplish during a session. Open gym time, where equipment is provided but there is no set schedule of a game or activity to be played, is a great example. Both types of play allow for different levels of growth, skill development, problem-solving, and creativity, hence why play should be a lifelong pursuit, not just something we push kids to participate in. So where to begin? If you are the type of person who likes learning new skills under guidance, want to build a solid foundation, and cement the basic, structured play is a great place to start! In Fernie, there are many different classes and courses to take taught by professionals that will ensure that you’ll walk away with the skills to succeed in your new passion, or continue in your development. Some noteworthy examples are CrossFit Fernie’s Elements course (“five one-on-one sessions to take you from your current level to CrossFit-ready”), discover yoga classes (held at both Essential Yoga Studio and Soar Studio), or personal training sessions with a kinesiologist (check out Sarah’s Active Rehabilitation for


details). By ensuring you move well right from the start, you’ll be able to pursue your new activity with a decreased chance of injury, and an increased chance of fun!

calendar, pay special attention to any “open or drop in” sessions available, such as dropin climbing at the College of the Rockies Fernie Campus, open roller skating at the Max Turyk Gym, and drop in gymnastics at the Elk Valley Gymnastics Club. Or simply bring the whole family down to public swim time at the Fernie Aquatics Center or public skating at the Fernie Memorial Arena, where you can choose to practice your skills or simply have fun jumping off the diving board and skating hand in hand. Again, the goal is to have fun playing, not to aim for perfection.

If being creative, imaginative, or simply needing more flexibility to your play sounds more appealing to you, unstructured play is the way to go. When looking through the Fernie Fix weekly events

Whatever way you to choose to play, there are so many options out there! Try as many as you want and figure out which options work best for you and your lifestyle. And always remember, have fun!

As, adults, we can forget how much fun it is to play, in all its different forms. Thankfully, it’s fairly simple to re-introduce it back into our daily lives.



Health. Beauty. Happiness. Confidence. Now Accepting New Patients

3Direct Billing to Insurance

BC Certified Specialist in Orthodontics

Dr. Darren Tkach

292 - 2nd Avenue, Fernie, BC


dentist@kahane.ca www.kahane.ca

You may not know, but yes Nufloors Fernie is also a preferred retailer for Hunter Douglas window coverings. Explore our world of beautiful, innovative window coverings.

Extraordinarily durable Benjamin Moore paint and stain is available at Nufloors Fernie.

www.nufloorsfernie.ca | 391 - 1st Avenue Fernie BC | 250.423.4314 | 1.800.860.3136

Health and Lifestyle


Cooking With a Latin Accent by CRYS STEWART


ach month we celebrate Fernie’s amazing food scene by challenging a local pro to create a five-ingredient recipe with delicious–and revealing–results. Amie Bradsell’s Camarones Al Tequila • Shrimp • Lime • Garlic • Cilantro • Tequila A menu brimming with healthy offerings– many vegetarian and/or gluten-free–wasn’t the original objective for co-owners Storm and Kurt Saari when they opened Latin American-inspired Nevados in 2014. But, Storm pointed out, South and Central America yield fruits and vegetables year round so wheat-free, produce-centric dishes naturally followed. And then there’s the cuisine’s simplicity. As Head Chef Amie Bradsell explained, “I find the ingredients are so humble but [the way ingredients are combined] is just incredible.” And, she noted, simplicity also means “there’s nowhere to hide” sub-par ingredients. Take her Camarones al Tequila, a flambéed shrimp tapas. “We only use 100% agave tequila. That’s really important,” said Amie. Technically, tequila only needs to be 51% blue agave. The rest can be neutral spirit, colourants and flavourings. Unsurprisingly, blends can be considered lower quality. As a French classically trained chef, Amie may agree with Julia Child, who wrote in Mastering the Art of French Cooking, that when cooking with wine (or any alcohol), if it isn’t the best, forget it because “a poor one can spoil a simple dish and utterly debase a noble one.” But I got the impression that Amie simply loves letting a few really good ingredients sing. For our recipe, she used Cazadores Blanco tequila.


First, Amie added a bit of oil to a pan over medium heat. [Attentive readers noting a sixth ingredient: Let this wee infraction slide for the sake of impending deliciousness]. Then she added some chopped garlic. “Toasting the garlic is really important,” she said. “You want that slightly smoky, kind of caramelized flavour.” Cook 30 seconds to a minute. “Once you see the garlic start to colour, that’s when you add your shrimp.” She used large shrimp specially imported from Argentina but you could use tiger shrimp, lobster tails or scallops instead. Cook the shrimp about 30 seconds per side. Now the pan’s had a chance to heat


up again. “You want the pan hot so when you add the tequila you get that fire!” Sure enough, she poured the tequila (just an ounce, more might overtake the delicate flavour of the shrimp) into the pan, shook the contents and, with a loud whoosh, flames shot up past her head. Important: Stand back when you do this! “[The flame] burns out pretty quick,” she reassured me, explaining that the alcohol dissipates and the juices of the shrimp reduce, creating “this really delicious sauce.” Next, she added a sprinkle of chopped cilantro and a squeeze of lime to cut through the sweetness of the shrimp and garlic, balancing everything out. Then she basted each shrimp using a spoon to “get a nice even coating,” adding “You don’t really want to cook [the shrimp] longer than three minutes.” As she deftly plated the shrimp, I asked her the secret to great presentation. “Height!” she said, laughing, as she balanced a slice of lime on one of the shrimp. “I’m always saying ‘Get it higher!’” Contrasting colours are important, too. “We use pickled cabbage and pickled onions–bright pinks and bright reds–next to the green of the lime. It just pops!” Gets mouths watering, too! FERNIEFIX.COM


Health and Lifestyle


Playful Wear by EMMA POLIT


ernie is nature’s ultimate playground. We have world-class skiing and snowboarding mere minutes from our door, but they are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to getting your fun on. The concept of ‘Play’ is not lost on this adventurous mountain town. I recently asked the question to a group of girlfriends, “In Fernie, what do you do in winter to play?” I wanted them to think beyond skiing and snowboarding, and I loved the answers I got back. Everything from yoga and disc golf to fat biking and cross country skiing, and some even said one of my favourites - drinking cocktails. See, we know how to have fun! This winter I encourage you to try something new. There is something for everyone, from low intensity to high, and we’re lucky to have a great selection of stores that can supply you with the right gear to make it happen. Here are some suggestions as to what to wear when you’re out having fun so that whether it’s yoga, cross country skiing or fat biking, you can get yourself kitted up and ready to PLAY! Yoga Soar Studios not only has the best selection of yoga/spin/barre classes in town but they also have a great range of Lululemon activewear. I love the Align Pants, which are specifically designed for yoga. Their lightweight, sweat-wicking, highrise features will help you move freely without distractions. We won’t blame you if you chose to stay in them all day. So comfy! They also have a selection of Lulu sports bras that are sure to match your desired support and

coverage. I love the Energy Bra for its medium support and four-way stretch. Cross-Country Skiing Cross-country skiing is one of the most popular winter activities in town. It’s the perfect way to walk your dog, catch up with friends or just get a good sweat on. It can also be as easy, or hard, as you want.Your clothing needs to protect you from the elements while allowing sweat to ventilate away

quickly. Always start with your base layers. You can’t go wrong with merino wool for breathability and warmth. Next, add a wind-proof pant. Insulation in the front, stretchy fabric on the back is the Nordic skier’s go-to. They’ll give you protection while releasing body heat and wicking moisture. Ski Base has some great ones. While you’re there, pick up a lightweight mid-layer. The Salomon Agile Softshell jacket is a great multi-function option.You’ll get so much use out of it! Amazingly soft

and comfortable, it will block wind but breathe well. It also has reflective details to offer visibility on those (boozy) nighttime missions. The last layer is a water-resistant down jacket for the added warmth, lightness and ease of storage. The Columbia Lake 22 Down Jacket has 650-fill to warm you up but, when needed, will pack down tight. Fat Biking Ahh, Fat Biking, the latest winter activity to sweep Fernie. It’s hard to leave the house without seeing a gang of fat bikers heading up towards Montane. Rent a bike and find out what all of the fuss is about. It’s so fun! I spoke to the knowledgeable staff at Straight Line and found out that they even make specific winter biking pants, but get in quick; they only have a few pairs left. While you’re in there, you can find a 45Nrth Nooken Merino Wool Cap that is a perfect fit for under your helmet. 45Nrth is THE brand for Fat Biking. Their Wölvhammer boot is a must for those planning to be on their bike all winter long. Durable, waterproof and insulated with an option to click in, or use flat pedals. If you’re into it, you won’t regret the investment. As with any winter sport, layer up! Thermals, mid layer, and a lightweight, wind and waterproof jacket will keep you happy.

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As we grow up the mentality of playing can be sometimes forgotten… but not in this town.



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Having Fun With Food by KATIE HAMAR


s children, we are often told not to play with our food. When we grow up, play is the ticket to keeping food fresh and fun, and to avoid falling into a rut. Have fun in the kitchen by introducing new ingredients and methods to remember that eating can be exciting, creative and educational. Following are seven ways to have more fun with food. 1. Incorporate New Ingredients Have you ever cooked with buckwheat soba noodles, nori or kimchi? What about panko breadcrumbs, tahini, eggplant, oyster mushrooms, edamame, or green curry paste? Maybe you usually make hummus with chickpeas. Try black beans instead! Perhaps you have heard about turmeric’s health benefits but are unsure how to use it. Venture down new aisles and pick up a few items that are outside of your comfort zone. Allow them to be your inspiration for new dishes by looking up recipes that include these ingredients. 2. Rethink Old Ingredients That peanut butter that you usually put on toast would be delicious in a Thai satay sauce on thick rice noodles.You typically include zucchini in stir fries but have you tried spiralizing it to make “noodles” or grating it into chocolate-zucchini muffins? The maple syrup you usually drizzle on pancakes is a great substitution for refined sugar in baking and salad dressings. Look in your fridge and pantry and reimagine the use of old standbys. 3. Recreate a Favourite Restaurant Dish If you have a favourite restaurant menu item, recreate it at home! Try to recognize the flavours in the different elements of the dish and identify the ingredients. Guess the


preparation methods and look up similar recipes to piece together the closest recreation you can.You will have fun doing it and chances are it will be less expensive. 4. Get Inspired by Cookbooks… Then Wing It Drool over cookbooks and blogs, take in the food photography, read the ingredients, and understand various methods. Learn by identifying patterns in baking recipes, which flavours and spices are complementary, and how to substitute certain ingredients for others. Then, put the books away and go with your gut! A little of this, a little of that.You will likely have a few flops but you might also invent something delicious that is all your own. 5. Learn a New Technique Use a slow-cooker or food processor. Bake bread for the first time. Try your hand at rolling sushi or making homemade pasta. Dehydrate, ferment, pickle, roast, spiralize, mash, boil, or blend. Try any cooking method that is new to you to expand what you know about how food can be prepared and enjoyed.

6. Get Together Have regular potlucks with friends where you each bring a dish.You can assign a theme for everyone to follow, like Italian food, Family Favourites, or desserts only. You will be introduced to new dishes and share recipes, tricks and ideas. 7. Try a New Way to Eat Change up your diet paradigm and try a new way of eating for a day, a week, or a month. Maybe you have been curious about the paleo diet, going vegetarian, or vegan, or incorporating more healthy fats into your diet. Perhaps you only want to buy high-quality meats, dairy, and eggs. Whatever it is, do your research and pay attention to how the shift makes you feel. A different diet will push you to try new things and you may just find it agrees with you. Whether you are trying kimchi for the first time, throwing away your measuring spoons, or hosting a monthly potluck, having fun in the kitchen will keep you interested and inspired by food. Experiment with a new way of eating, dig out that old pasta maker, or use peanut butter in your savoury dishes. Go on… it’s okay to play with your food! FERNIEFIX.COM


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Firewall Basics by KEVIN MCISAAC


ecently I had to install a router at Mrs. Answer Guy’s office in order to allow wifi users to access the internet on their new fibre connection. Routers can be very complicated, but in general, setting them up to get an address from a server and then sharing that connection with a bunch of clients is pretty simple. The tricky part can be to make sure that no one can use that new route to come into the network and partake in mischief. The tool used to stop unwanted traffic into (or sometimes out of) a network is called a firewall. This is a term borrowed from its original meaning which was literally a wall built to stop a fire. If you’re a home user it’s likely that the router that your ISP installed contains a simple firewall. Firewalls can be very complicated, but most of the time don’t need to be. At its simplest, a firewall stops any new traffic from the internet from entering your network but allows new traffic to go to the internet from the network. And it also allows traffic in response to the outgoing traffic to go through. Think of this mode as being like the doorman at a bar that’s full. No one new is allowed in.You’re allowed to leave and you’re allowed to come back because you’ve got a smeared bit of purple ink on the back of your hand. Firewalls and routers use a technological bit of purple ink. Sometimes at home, but more often in a work environment, you’ll want to allow certain kinds of internet traffic into your network. One example would be where you have a web server and you want people on the internet to browse your website. In this case, a specific port is opened up in the firewall and directed to the computer hosting the web server,

but nothing else. This is commonly called a firewall pinhole. Extending the bar metaphor above, this would be like if the bar was in a hotel that also has a cold beer store. While you may not be allowed to enter the bar, you can enter the cold beer store to buy beer, but nowhere else. A more common example these days would be to support remote computing where someone working from home can log in and access work files. In this case, a login and often prearranged private and public keys have been set up to ensure only authorized workers can access the network in this fashion. Continuing with the bar metaphor, this would be a separate door with a speakeasy grill installed so a doorman can check your ID and see if you are ‘on the list’ before letting you in. Modern firewalls have application and packet inspection. Meaning that they examine each piece of data going in and out of the network to ensure that it conforms to allowed traffic. These are standalone computers in their own right with powerful processors so they can perform their analysis without impeding traffic speed much. They look for expected traffic: email, web browsing, etc.You can think of these types of firewalls as border guards. Not only do they check your ID, but they also look through the trunk of your car to make sure that you are carrying the kind of luggage consistent with your claimed reason for crossing. This is the technological equivalent of asking, “If you’re just popping down to Montana Shipping to pick up a parcel, why do you have a U-Haul full of furniture?” Lastly, there is a firewall on your computer. If you’re running Windows 10 you can check that it is running by clicking on Start -> Settings -> Update & Security -> Windows Security -> Firewall and Network Protection.You should now see a screen that indicates whether your firewall is turned on.

One of the options at the bottom of this screen is Allow an app through the firewall. If you click on this you’ll see a list of all the applications on your computer which are currently allowed to access the internet. If you have unusual traffic on your network sometimes a look through this list will reveal an application that shouldn’t be using the internet. Just for the record though, if someone from “insert large technology company here” calls you and says that they have detected unusual traffic on your computer and you should install this application so they can fix it for you remotely – don’t do it! This is the last firewall: you. No piece of technology can stop humans from making poor decisions. Know what software you’re installing. Make sure it’s from a reliable source. If it’s on a work computer check with your IT person first. Happy Computing!

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February 2019 by ASHLEY KRISTINA


ll planets are in forward motion in the sky and thus the grand theme is direct motion. This is the first time in three years that this level of power has come to get things done and the energy is determined, competent, responsible and goal-orientated. The New Moon occurs on February 4 at 2 pm MST and the sun, moon and mercury all align exactly at 15 degrees of Aquarius. This is rare and the energy of this moment is all about propagation of the inner light and how as individuals we play a sacred role and integrated part of the world that surrounds us. The energy is a feeling of absolute exaltation providing a willingness to express one’s inner riches. Venus, Saturn and Pluto are travelling together in the sky (in Capricorn) for most of the month which puts huge weight into the area of your chart where this transit is moving over. Personalised readings are advisable as this is a powerful transit and can not simply be placed into a generalised horoscope. Saturn and Pluto have the most weight in the Zodiac and the energy of Capricorn is reserved, strict and karmic. The month of love will feel sturdy and safe which is a lovely type of romance. The general energy becomes intuitive by mid-month and communication is heightened and quite mystical as mercury moves into Pisces. As the sun also moves into Pisces and the moon becomes full on the morning of February 19 there is a theme of Divine-Mystic interplay. This is the third month straight where the Sun and the moon oppose (making for a full moon) exactly as the sun shifts into the next sign, which is extremely rare. We are still going through the spiritual tunnel astrologically and it will be very beautiful to see what comes of all this.

This is the first time in three years that this level of power has come to get things done and the energy is determined, competent, responsible and goalorientated. Aries You are a young and pioneering energy that ‘does’ and thinks (maybe) after. Expect a month of some strong lessons.Your budget and work will be good however your health is ignored. Take care. Taurus 2019 offers you big life changes.You are used to going slowly so it will be different for you to watch it transform so quickly. Your career is going great and you might find yourself feeling rebellious for your nature. Gemini You feel innovative and expansive this month and you flirt with a great love story. Do not make any radical decisions and follow the place that feels good, not the place that creates chaos. Cancer The first week of the month might feel quick and exhausting for you however the water vibes that come through as the month progresses feel good. The Capricorn trine in the sky helps balance and direct you. Leo Household problems may affect your work environment this month and yet this month still brings material gain. Thinking of investing in real estate is a good idea.Your energy may be low so rest and maintain extra hydration and good nutrition. Stay positive.


Virgo A special month where you connect to heightened realms. A month of learning some spiritual truths and a feeling of the mystical, not the mundane that you are often so attracted to. Try to feel and not analyze. Libra Reflections and intuitions of the future are prominent this month and there are lots of changes occurring which might feel uncomfortable. Let yourself go with the path of least resistance. Trust in source energy to guide you to the right places. Scorpio 2019 is epically abundant for you. It’s like the road is paved and you must simply walk it.You are very attractive to people and people want to be around you and know you. Financial deals are promising. Sagittarius Patience! Just be patient in and with everything! Follow this advice for all of your month and with everything you encounter. Capricorn Focus on your love relationship, family and relationships.Your career is going well and does not need your attention whereas these places do. Compromise is a good route to success. Aquarius Happy Birthday you innovative geniuses! Creating a vision board and setting goals is the best place for your energy this month. Turn to your relatives for valuable advice to establish your values again, they probably changed lately. Pisces Happy Birthday sweet mystics! This month is a month where you can appear to walk this earth and keep your divine connections.You are the teachers of the divine, speak your sacred knowledge. FERNIEFIX.COM


Fernie Fun






SPOT THE DIFFERENCE Can you find five differences between these two pictures? Have a picture to submit for Fernie Fun? Send it to info@clarismedia.com.

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What did the cat say to his Valentine? “You’re purr-fect for me!” What did the squirrel say to his Valentine? “I’m nuts about you!” What did the light bulb say to his Valentine? “I wuv you watts and watts!” What did the drum say to his Valentine? “My heart beats for you!” What did the owl say to his Valentine? “Owl be yours!”



Somewhere in this issue is a little heart Can you find it?

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Avalanche Skills Training 1 Learn about avalanche terrain recognition, climatology, snow stability elevation, alpine touring practices, avalanche accidents, and search and rescue techniques. $249 | T. Carson February 4 to 9 March 4 to 9

Avalanche Skills Training 2 Extensive practical field experience augmented with one day of classroom theory and discussion. This course builds on the knowledge and skills learned in AST 1 by exploring more advanced topics and snow tests. Prerequisite: AST 1 and backcountry ski or snowboarding experience. $595 | S. Kuijt February 13, 14, 19 and 20

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Fernie Fix February 2019  

In this month’s Special Feature, Courtney Haeusler discusses free play and learning. Feature Resident Wendy Reade on her love of running FAR...

Fernie Fix February 2019  

In this month’s Special Feature, Courtney Haeusler discusses free play and learning. Feature Resident Wendy Reade on her love of running FAR...

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