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APRIL 2018 | ISSUE 136

THE GREEN ISSUE Special Feature by Ashley Taylor on the ease of small-scale composting.

Feature Resident Nicole Knauf discusses her Fernie Fresh Food Share initiative.

Sadie Rosgen and a Creative Minds preschool class go green with poetry.

A different look at an ethereal type of trail, one seldom considered, by Jeff Colden

Katie Hamar looks at sustainability practices within some of Fernie’s restaurants. FERNIEFIX.COM


BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE IN THE ELK VALLEY North Coal Limited is an emerging metallurgical coal producer located in Sparwood, BC. The company is focused on the exploration and development of the proposed Michel Coal Project, located in the Crowsnest Coal field in the Elk Valley. North Coal understands the unique challenges of operating in the Elk Valley and is committed to operating in a social, economic, and environmentally sustainable way. The North Coal mine design includes a unique combination of features which together will minimize changes to the water quality of Michel Creek using principles of best available technology.

NC Ad Fernie Fix.indd 4

North Coal is also committed to ongoing wildlife monitoring to ensure that mine design features have minimal impact on heavily used wildlife movement and migration corridors. North Coal will look to maintain those areas which have high wildlife use. Be sure to keep an eye out for the launch of our new website coming soon. Should you have any questions about North Coal Limited, please contact our office at 778-518-0775.

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APRIL 2018 ISSUE 136


EDITOR’S FIX | 5 GREEN ISSUE SPECIAL FEATURE | 6 Why Not Try the Rot? by Ashley Taylor

BUSINESS IN THE VALLEY | 7 Business News/New Business Making Social Media Work – Twitter: 3 Things To Start Implementing by Christina Pilarski Money Matters – Electronic Records Management by Jaime Hanson, CPA, CGA

ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT | 14 Feature Artist – Scott Cable At Peace and Yet On Fire with Sadie Rosgen Featuring Creative Minds Preschool: Family On the Planet, Planetary Scenario Rental Fix – Jumanji by Andrew Vallance

COMMUNITY AND EVENTS | 20 Feature Resident – Nicole Knauf Planning Ahead: Resilience by Kerri Wall Family Stoke – No Pain, No Gain by Shelby Cain Inside and Out with Rebecca Hall – Seeking Green in Ever-Changing Landscapes


Food Intelligence – Gwen’s Green Goals by Tiffany Schebesch, RD, BASc Family Wellness – Cleaning Out Your Bathroom Cabinet by Dr. Taina Turcasso, ND, RM

BITS AND BYTES | 44 The Answer Guy – The ‘Useful Tools’ List by Kevin McIsaac Astrology with Yann Loranger

FERNIE FUN | 46 Fix Trivia

Two Trails Diverged in a Wood by Jeff Colden – Game Trails Never Have I Ever – Three Weeks in Greece by Jesse Bell Hitting the Trails: Green Alligator Trail Run by Julie Kelly, FTA

COVER: Along the Road More Travelled. Photo by John Pelechosky,


THIS PAGE: Going bagless. Photo by V. Croome

For The Love of Food by Katie Hamar – Sustainability in Restaurants The Find – Keeping it Close by Crys Stewart

4 GREAT SKI HILL OPTIONS! Handcrafted Log Chalet

Ski in Ski out Condo SOLD

#213 5343 Fernie Ski Hill Rd 2 Beds 2 Baths 872 SqFt

5403 Highline Drive 5 Beds 5 Baths 3,763 SqFt 0.415 Acres

Live, feel and breathe the ski hill culture in this true ski-in/ski-out condo centrally located in the heart of the Fernie Alpine Resort. Amenities include underground parking, elevator, storage, hot tub, and gym.

Ski off the hill into this timeless hand-crafted log based architectural post & beam home, custom designed to maximize the mountain views and lighting of Fernie Alpine Resort. $1,600,000


Bear Paw Lodges Timberframe #201 5383 Highline Drive 5 Beds 4 Baths 2,610 SqFt

Condo at Timberline Lodge PRICE REDUCED

#524 4559 Timberline Cres. 2 Beds 2 Baths 861 SqFt

Perfectly situated within a few minutes walk to the base of the mountain and ski lifts. This 4 level split offers plenty of room for the whole family to spread out and relax after a big day on the hill.

Located at the base of Fernie Alpine Resort, this property is fully furnished, and features kitchen granite counters and stainless-steel appliances, and a beautiful rock-faced fireplace in the living room.



Looking for something specific? Contact Loralee to discuss your options.

Loralee Thomas Ph: 250-430-1070 • 1602 - 9th Avenue, Fernie, BC


timeased am d ain ernie


his ed, anite steel tiful the


situation we are in. That we are all feeling a little bit like John Sylvan, looking at the mess we have made and feeling a little sick to our stomachs.

My personal goal this year is to be happy with what we have, and to set a ‘green’ example for my kids. I also plan on Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change. ~ composting for the first time, and am stoked Stephen Hawking to see the reduction in curb-side waste! This So here’s the thing, we can change. While April, as we celebrate the beautiful Earth, I e are creatures of habit. We are also we might be creatures of habit and ease, we encourage you to set aside a time on your creatures who generally gravitate are also intelligent! It all starts with breaking own, with your partner, with your family, towards the path of least resistance, the those bad habits. With thinking and at your place of work, to set some green path of convenience. Unfortunately what planning. Going to the grocery store, or any goals. Let’s see what kind of impact we can this has led to is a beautiful planet, feeling store for that matter? Grab one of the many have in a day, in a month, in a year! I have a the eternal effects of plastic. Straws, lids, reusable bags you have. Store them in a feeling it’s going to be amazing. bags, wraps, electronics, toys… the list is convenient place. Leave some in your car in seemingly endless. case you make a last minute stop. Grabbing Krista Turcasso, Editor Recently I listened to an interesting episode a coffee? Do it the Euro way and enjoy in the café, or own one of the many trendy of CBC’s Under the Influence, where Terry Fernie-themed reusable mugs to take it to O’Reilly discussed inventors who came go. Enjoying a drink out with friends or to regret their creations. One being John FERNIE FIX | FERNIEFIX.COM family? Say NO to a straw, before you order. Published monthly by Claris Media. To advertise and for Sylvan, the inventor of the K-Cup, who to general inquiries: this day does not own a Keurig. And we can The big ones… buy less and share more. Box 1124, 361A 1st Ave. Fernie, BC V0B 1M0 If your time with something is done, find all pretty much understand why. p: 250-423-4062 someone who needs it. Post on Elk Valley Editor | Krista Turcasso Usually when I put together the “Green” Garage Sale or a similar site, or place at the Creative Director | Vanessa Croome Issue (this being the 12th time), I feel a bit Associate Editor | Kevin McIsaac reuse area at the transfer station. More is Associate Editor | Carolyn Nikodym hopeless. This year feels different. Like we not always better. More is just…more. More All content copyright Claris Media. The views expressed in are all experiencing the same disgust at the work, more cleaning, more waste. this magazine are not necessarily the views of the publisher.


Contributors ANDREW VALLANCE is a cinophile nerd who currently lives on the west coast. Girlfriendless, he spends his time going to movies, buying DVDs and flirting. ASHLEY TAYLOR grew up in the mountains of the Elk Valley. To give back she has put her passion for all things green into a budding new business focused on composting and growing luscious organic food for the local Fernie community. Check out Valley Vitals on Facebook. CHRISTINE PILARSKI of CIPR Communications believes in the power of meaningful relationships and strategic engagement, both on and offline. After a 35-years in publishing, CRYS STEWART enjoys road trips with her husband between Fernie and Ontario. When not writing, taking photographs or riding shotgun, she’s sharing a glass of red with family and friends.

JAIME HANSON is a staff accountant at GPI Chartered Professional Accountants. When she is not busy bean counting, she enjoys the great outdoors and experiencing all that Fernie life has to offer. JEFF COLDEN is expanding his horizons all the time, always looking for the next adventure in wine, photography and the great outdoors. JESSE BELL reminisces on her adventure to Greece last May, and is very much looking forward to spring. JULIE KELLY is the Manager for the Fernie Trails Alliance and loves spending time on the Fernie trails.

KATIE HAMAR grew up in the Maritimes and has lived in Fernie for the past five years. She is a self-professed foodie, wine lover and works as the Sales and Event Coordinator at Island Lake Lodge. KERRI WALL specializes in group facilitation, mediation, parent coaching, and leadership training. She welcomes inquiries at

KEVIN MCISAAC haunts the coffee shops and streets of Fernie to find his column source material. REBECCA HALL hasn’t done it all yet, but she’s working on it. She loves the Everly Brothers, new ice, and William Morris motifs. SHELBY CAIN has lived in the East Kootenays most of her life. She’s a fulltime writer and musician in the roots band, Wild Honey. Shelby’s first novel, Mountain Girl, is available at a book store near you. Her second novel? Any day now… DR. TAINA TURCASSO is a naturopathic doctor and midwife practicing in Calgary, Alberta. She spends most of her time catching babies, and is inching her way back to Fernie. TIFFANY SCHEBESCH is a registered dietitian and owner of Peak Nutrition Consulting where she helps clients create lasting changes towards their nutrition goals. YANN LORANGER from Happy-Culture Inc. is your resource for Astrology, Tarot and Apitherapy and offers courses at the College of the Rockies in Fernie.



Business in the Valley


Why Not Try the Rot?

or dairy. For those who are compost shy, the following guidelines can help you get started:


1. 50% Greens and 50% Browns: This is the easiest way to balance your compost when starting out. “Greens” are cutting board leftovers such as apple cores, soggy spinach, celery ends, and other vegetable scraps. “Browns” are fibre rich with low moisture content and include unbleached paper, non-waxed cardboard, leftover rice, and wood ashes. If your compost smells quite foul you probably aren’t adding enough browns!

A different look on decay for those coy to compost.


re you new to gardening or shy to try composting? Don’t worry; it’s nothing scary, really! Composting practices have been around longer than the wheel and you don’t need to make it complicated. As stated by Stu Campbell*, the first people to discover composting were simply observing their environment and “whoever they were, they were artists, not scientists.” Composting doesn’t need to be a lost art; all you need is willingness and resiliency to learn to make luscious, nutrient-rich soil. It’s easy to get bogged down in blogs and articles that make composting look like rocket science. Don’t get me wrong, there has been immense research put into modern composting but for small-scale composting the process of trial and error will do just fine. Even if your methods are far from perfect you’ll probably end up with decent compost; just let Mother Nature do her thing! So take a deep breath, and remember that rot and decay are naturally occurring processes and your job is to just help it along the way. Learning to compost should be a creative process; a little effort and a little artistry will go a long way. Why are we composting? As any experienced gardener will tell you, excellent soil quality can only be sustained using some form of composting. Unhealthy soil equals unhealthy plants and no amount of fertilizer is going to change that! Composting helps provide the essential nutrients plants require at a steady rate they can absorb, provides soil stability and structure, creates space for oxygen which is essential in the growth of roots and increases the soil’s capacity to hold water. Last but not least, composting can potentially divert tons of organic waste from landfills.

2. Bit-by-Bit: Chopping up your leftovers into small chunks and shredding paper will provide more surface area for microorganisms to do their work! The pulp from juicing is excellent compost content. SUBMITTED PHOTOS

...the first people to discover composting were simply observing their environment and “whoever they were, they were artists, not scientists.” - Stu Campbell* What about the creepy crawlies that live in compost piles? Well, they’re actually the stars of the show and are vital in the health of your garden or lawn, especially those too small to even see. These are called microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, and actinomycetes) and they’re essential to the vitality of all growing things. Compost provides the ideal environment for these little guys to thrive and therefore improve the health of the soil and plants. What should we put into to the compost? To be honest, there is very little organic matter you can’t compost but for those starting out, I would recommend sticking to vegetable matter and leave out any meat

3. Let it breath: Make sure that your compost pile is aerated by either turning over your compost frequently or using a container that allows good ventilation. 4. Compost Super Foods: The following are exceptional material to add to your compost: coffee grounds, crushed eggshells, hops (brewing waste), peat moss, and even some dog food! If you’re still not stoked on the idea of a pile of rotting veggies, perhaps starting with vermicomposting is the path for you. Vermicomposting uses various species of worms to help with the composting process; this is a great way to start composting on a smaller scale.You can either make or purchase ‘worm-homes’ that can be kept indoors. This is ideal for beginners as this small-scale system allows you to keep a close eye on the health of your worms and compost. I’ll have more tips for composting this summer in the Fernie Fix, so have no fear! Get dirty and you might learn to love the rot along the way. * Stu Campbell, author of Let it Rot!:The

Gardener’s Guide to Composting

Business in the Valley



Active Living Massage 1622 7th Ave 250-430-7055


ctive Living Massage, located within the Best Western Hotel in Fernie is proud to announce that Karina Ruffles is now a BC Registered Massage Therapist. Originally trained in the UK and now qualified to Canadian requirements, Karina brings over a decade of massage and injury rehabilitation experience to Fernie. She knows that her Fernie community is extremely active and understands the pains that can come with being adventurous! As a keen sports enthusiast herself she knows all too well the frustrations that pain and discomfort can bring to an active individual. From minor injuries to the more complex, she has the experience and skill to help keep you active. To book go to


Brecan Interiors 13 Kutenai Road 778-519-1040


recan Interiors is now serving the Elk Valley communities with home interior needs. They represent reliable leading suppliers from fixture brands like Kohler, Delta, Moen, and Aquabrass or tiles from Daltile, StoneTile, Julian Tile and EuroTile. For kitchens, they deal with Merit Kitchens, Kekuli Bay and Cascade Crest Cabinets. Brecan supplies countertops in maple, laminate, quartz or granite. Flooring from Divine to Twelve Oaks, and appliances Electrolux through Frigidaire. Brecan Interiors is now the exclusive dealer for Seally, Tempur-Pedic and King Koil mattresses in the Elk Valley and the exclusive Fireplace dealer for Regency, Enerzone, Kozy Heath and STUV, one of the premier fireplace brands in the world. Brecan Interiors has knowledgeable and experienced staff who are ready to help customers with any interior project, from design to installation. Located in the Ghostrider Industrial Park just off the highway, Brecan Interiors is open Monday-Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm, weekends and evenings by appointment. Drop by and visit their showroom, call directly or email for more details.

First Tracks to Russia Slide Show


n Saturday, April 7 at 7:30pm at the Royal Canadian Legion, Sara and Deryk Yuill will be presenting their four-month voyage of over 2300 nautical miles sailing aboard First Tracks-a 44’ sailboat during the summer of 2017. With their six-year-old daughter, Emily they started the adventure near Glasgow, Scotland, sailed to the Orkney and Shetland islands, across the North Sea to Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Russia, and Finland. Join them to experience the interesting history and natural beauty of sailing through this amazing region. Come early to the newly renovated Legion - check out the meat draw and stay late for a sneak peek of the soon-to-be-open Fernie Distillers next door. Jill Rutherford is one of the few female distillers in Canada and will soon be producing amazing “local spirits.” FERNIEFIX.COM


Business in the Valley


Island Lake Lodge 250-423-3700


sland Lake Lodge has been called one of the most unique and authentic places to stay in Canada by National Geographic Traveler Magazine. With more than 25 years of operations, Island Lake has gained a reputation for providing life changing experiences for both guests and staff alike. Island Lake was the recipient of the SUBMITTED PHOTO “2018 Employees First Award” at this year’s Tourism Industry Awards in Kelowna. Island Lake has always stated that “A great place needs great people.” With a unique culinary program, beautiful log lodges, full service spa, cat-skiing, biking, hiking, and views all around it’s a dedicated staff that make Island Lake a gem of the Canadian Rockies. Island Lake Lodge will be hosting a Summer Job Fair on April 12, 2-5pm at the Seniors Centre, 562 3rd Ave in Fernie. Bring a resume, meet the managers and be ready to experience Island Lake’s version of an “office with a view.”

l’Association Francophone Des Rocheuses Du Sud


ave you ever seen this logo in town? No, it’s not an AfroHair Association, but your local Francophone Association! They organize events and activities celebrating Francophone Culture. They are very inclusive and welcome everyone.You don’t have to speak French, but you must love cheese and baguettes (and wine!).You might have seen some posters around town promoting the “Tiguidous” or the “Club Baguette.” These two youth groups meet once a week to play and practice their French at the CBAL office behind the town hall. The AFRoS also organize events for adults. The fifth edition of the FrancoFest will take place on May 25 at the Arts Station. Stay tuned for when tickets go on sale. If you want to learn more or if you want to make sure not to miss the events, join the “AFRoS Fernie” Facebook group.

Business in the Valley



The Zero Plastics Project


s part of a larger Wildsight reduction project endorsed by the City of Fernie, the Zero Plastics Project is advocating for the reduction of single-use plastic waste in our town.

Are you ok I wonder if I really without a bag? need a bag? In the next two months,SUBMITTED Zero PlasticsPHOTO will The


Plastic Project


Oasis Ranch


be supporting businesses in their choice The ZERO Plastic Project to reduce plastic bags and straws and are hoping the customers and clients of these businesses support them by giving a positive response. The plan is to: • Offer alternatives to plastic bags and straws. Businesses interested in reducing plastic can find options at,, and

his secluded 240-acre ranch, homesteaded in 1962, is home to the Kootenays’ premiere source for humanely raised farm-to-fork pork and beef.Yvonne and Rick Miller, the second and third generation Mother/Son duo behind Oasis Ranch, alongside their partners, want you to experience the peace of mind that every omnivore deserves; knowing where their meat comes from, how it lived, was slaughtered, and who had a hand in the process. They are passionate animal caretakers with a desire to create a sustainable source of top-quality meats with minimal hands between farm and fork.

• Offer suggestions and a format for how businesses can introduce this reduction to their public.

Oasis Ranch offers direct sales of pork and beef packages with delivery to both to communities and homes within the East Kootenays. They also offer free farm tours, located 45 minutes south of Fernie.

Fernie is a proud mountain community that lives and sells an environmentally responsible culture. The goal of this project is to show visitors and citizens that our actions reflect our values.

Lush Kootenay Weddings and Events

• Accumulate information on where Fernie is in its plastic consumption now and track reduction over the next year.

Business in the Valley

NEW BUSINESS 250-423-9477


ernie has the perfect backdrop for getting married! Lush Kootenay is a new dynamic Wedding and Event service in town. Owner Faye Latulippe graduated from The Wedding Institute of Canada and is ready to listen, plan and execute your wildest dream wedding! After being in Fernie for 15 years, Faye knows the best caterers, rental companies, pastry chefs, wedding photographers and the perfect locations to get married. From mountain tops to riversides, she is dedicated to creating unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. From full planning, month/day coordination, custom wedding packages, and private events, get in touch with Faye for more details.You can follow and like her on Facebook and Instagram at Lush Kootenay. FERNIEFIX.COM


A wit


Soar Spring Fling Challenge 20 Classes | 30 Days | April 16th - May 15th

Summer School Camp Adventures

$145.00 Includes: Unlimited One Month Pass Select Workshops 25% Off Your Next 5 or 10 Class Pack 30% Off All Boutique Merchandise Prizes Throughout

Ages 3 - 5 Monday - Friday 9am - 3pm

Reset | Recharge | Renew to request a registration email:

Visit our events page for all the details


Fernie Pre-K

Ages 3 - 5. Monday - Friday 9am - 3pm Now accepting registrations for September 2018

Kindergarten to grAde 12, consider the Academy. Call to book a tour!



Located in the heart of historic downtown Fernie BC this Ministry of Education recognized independent school offers a full complement of high standard academic programming combined with a focus on athletics and the arts. Hosting students from Kindergarten through Grade 12,The Fernie Academy focuses on individual students preparing them for the challenges of today’s demanding world. To book a tour please call: 250-423-0212 451 2nd Avenue, Fernie B.C. CONTACT OUR PRINCIPAL Jocelyn Sombrowski:

Business in the Valley

Twitter: 3 Things To Start Implementing by CHRISTINA PILARSKI


witter has come a long way! Gone are the days of tweeting about your breakfast – now Twitter is used to have political debates, create brand awareness, and provide real-time customer service. Companies like WestJet, Amazon, and TD Canada Trust are great examples of the evolution of Twitter. In a recent presentation at the Rocky Mountain Social Summit, Cam Gordon from Twitter Canada explained Twitter as a “look at that” social media tool – compare this to “look at me” platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Twitter is public facing and about transferring information rather than socializing. Twitter is like a networking event.You arrive, you may know some people but not others, and there are probably business leaders you want to connect with.You are there to share opinions and learn about your industry and the economy.You stay for a definite amount of time and you have a plan to follow up with people afterwards. In Fernie: Twitter is like a Business, Beers, and Banter event. Facebook is an evening out with friends at The Northern. LinkedIn is the workshop you took last month at the Chamber.

1. Lists A list is a curated group of Twitter accounts. A list’s timeline will show you a stream of tweets from only the accounts on that list. Lists are great for eliminating noise on Twitter.You could make a Twitter list with all the business people you know in the Elk Valley – when you look at the list you will see all the conversations that matter to those individuals which will let you tap into trends, customer needs, and issues. To create a list: click on your profile icon to show the drop-down menu, click on lists, and then click create new list. Create a name for your list and a short description. Make it public if you want other people to be able to follow the same list or private if it is personal to you (use a private list to monitor potential clients or customers, employees, or your competition). Save the list and start adding individuals. 2. Moments Moments are a relatively underutilized tool


on Twitter. Moments allow you to group together collections of tweets to tell a story. Popular brands use moments to engage consumers in highly relevant stories that they care about, that are timely, and that help bring the consumer brand to life. Moments expand your reach on Twitter. During a staff-training day, you might use moments to share a behind the scenes look at your employees and products. During a major event, you might curate all the tweets you took into a moment. During Earth Day you might create a moment that would show your support. 3. Visuals People process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. While Twitter may seem like a text-heavy medium remember to incorporate visuals as much as possible in order to stand out. Use emojis, use photos or graphics, and use links in your tweets. Tweet with me directly by using @ CIPRComs and by using the hashtags #PRPower and #FernieSuccess.

ThE pErFeCt cAtCh Now available, for a limited time only.

EST. 2003

So – should your business use Twitter? If you want to make connections with community leaders, establish yourself as an expert, weigh into political discussions, or think your customers will require online customer service you should be. Ensure your Twitter account shares the same personality as your other online communications and find common themes to tie your platforms together. Once you are comfortable try these things to stand out:




2mins east of Fernie, off Hwy 3 Open 7 days a week.


tf: 1.855.777.BREW



@ferniebrewingco #drinkfernie #bccraft FERNIEFIX.COM


E SPOR TS STO RE OURIT E’S FAV BC’S Largest Rocky Mountain Dealer 20 - 60% off Storewide Spring Sale 20 - 35% off 2016/17 Bikes Sale Skis and Bikes Demo Clearance


Come see our 2018 Bikes and Sales! 401-1st Avenue 250-423-5555




Business in the Valley

Electronic Records Management

• Backup files can be restored in a format that is accessible and usable by CRA • That data is actually being saved to the backup device • Procedures are in place to ensure data is not overwriting prior back-ups



t is a beautiful Saturday afternoon in April 1950.You are at the Trites-Wood General Store on 2nd Avenue (where IGS is today), where you have just finished your weekly shopping. The clerk totals your purchase on the cash register and writes the sale in the purchase ledger.You pull out your pay packet from the Crow’s Nest Coal Company and count the cash to settle your purchase. In many ways, this was not so long ago and for some in our community they don’t have to imagine such a day; they remember. Business record-keeping was done with pen and paper, transactions were settled in cash. As we fast forward through the decades, the pen and paper have been replaced by computers and payments are most commonly made electronically through debit, credit, e-transfer and even via smartphones! Business transactions are made online, invoices sent through smartphones, contracts signed electronically, deposits are made directly. Increasingly source documents never see the stroke of a pen, or ink on a page.


• Back-ups are labeled, identifying what is stored on the back-up and the software and version used to store the data • Backups are tested to ensure they can be restored STOCK PHOTO

a record, and how long records must be retained and accessible. According to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), all individuals who are required to file a tax return and all persons carrying on a business or a commercial activity must retain records for a minimum period of six years from the end of the last tax year to which the records relate. Records are used to evidence the existence of transactions and include items such as ledgers, bank statements, receipts, invoices, cancelled cheques, work orders, contracts, tax returns, and emails to name a few.

In our ever-changing digital world, Electronic records and the management and storage of electronic records is becoming increasingly important. Whether you have made a conscious decision to try and reduce paper records and the associated costs of storage and management, or simply find today that more transactions originate electronically, it is important to understand your responsibilities related to electronic record-keeping.

Records can be in paper format or in a readable electronic format that is accessible and usable. Electronically accessible and usable means that the information must be able to be made available upon request from CRA and CRA must be able to view the information contained using standard software programs. With the fast pace changes in technology, this is an important point. Software programs, operating systems, and computer hardware are ever changing. As operating systems are updated, some older software programs are no longer supported. Hardware components and storage devices also change. How many computers are able to read a floppy disk today?

Let’s begin with a quick look at who is required to retain records, what constitutes

When using electronic record-keeping systems, it is your responsibility to ensure:

As mentioned earlier, CRA considers records in both paper format and electronic format to be acceptable. Records that originate in paper can be converted to accessible and readable electronic format and provided that the electronic imaging has produced an accurate reproduction of the original, the original paper document can be destroyed. The Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) has an Electronic Records as Documentary Evidence publication that specially defines the standards that must be met for imaging. If you are thinking of destroying paper support documents you should ensure that the imaging and backup systems meet the defined standard. What is interesting is that records that originate in electronic format, must be kept accessible in that format, and cannot be replaced by paper printouts. Another important fact is that the use of a third party service provider to manage record-keeping does not relieve a person of their record-keeping responsibilities. Therefore if you have contracted out record-keeping to a third party such as a bookkeeper, Internet transaction manager, or application service provider, you are still responsible to ensure you have access to the documents if CRA asks for them. For more information on the requirement for electronic record retention and management please consult with your professional tax advisor. FERNIEFIX.COM


Arts and Entertainment


Scott Cable I’ve always loved making art. I find it calming and freeing. As a kid when I wasn’t mountain biking I was drawing with pencils. As I got older my work became more impressive. After graduating high school though, I stopped drawing and creating for a while. Deciding to move from Sparwood to Fernie was the best decision I made regarding my art. Fernie has a large art community and being surrounded by people who loved creating as much as I did was inspirational to me. It made me want to jump right back into it. Liam Monahan, the owner of the Cryptic Hive Tattoo and Arts Theatre in Fernie, was my biggest inspiration and

has been an incredible teacher to me. He saw my work and encouraged me to take it further. He helped me realise how much potential I had. We collaborated on a painting together and it taught me so much. I believe that working with other artists is extremely beneficial to learning and advancing your craft. Originally when I started with acrylics I was inspired by the visionary art community. The way you could bring movement and power to a painting was really intriguing to me. Later, branching out and honing my skills in other genres such as landscape, sci-fi, and bio-mech I’ve focused on combining styles using my

airbrush, spray paint, and acrylics to create unique paintings. The use of Photoshop and digital painting programs has also helped me a lot in the designing of my paintings. Geometry and fractals in nature have been a big part of my creative process. Growing up in the beauty of the Kootenays has really helped with this direction of my work. I believe the area you live in plays a big part in the influence on a person’s art. I am very grateful to live in this area and hope that future generations get to experience its beauty like I have.

This past year I decided to leave my job so I could fully immerse myself in my art. Although I didn’t know at that time if it was the right choice, I now know that it was the right decision for me. In the future, I hope to continue learning and advancing my skills. I have always enjoyed working with wood and have started making my own canvases and custom frames. I would like to combine both skills and merge my woodworking more into my paintings. I’ve also been enjoying exploring the digital painting aspect of the art world and would like to incorporate that style more into future work as well. My work can be found on Facebook or Instagram under Scott Cable Art, or my website at I am always interested in learning and also teaching new skills and spreading my love of art to others. FERNIEFIX.COM


Fernie Puppy School Cathy Smith-Clark, CAPPDT • Professional Dog Training Instructor • over 30 years experience

Start Your Puppy off Right. Prevent Behavioural Problems. Privates & Spring Classes

Majic, Purdy Law Corporation

Trusted Legal Advice for over 30 years

George S. Majic, Q.C. (d. 2003) • Glen A. Purdy, Q.C Caeli H. MacPherson, JD Providing a full range of legal services, including:

Real Estate, Personal Injury, Civil Litigation, Criminal Defence, Family Law, Business and Corporate, Wills and Estates

Fernie Office 592-2nd Avenue P.O. Box 369 Fernie, B.C. V0B 1M0 T: (250) 423-4497 F: (250) 423-6714

Sparwood Office (By Appointment Only) 119 Centennial Square Sparwood, B.C. T: (250) 425-7216 F: (250) 425-0400


Hourglass Window Cleaning

These carpets are made for walking. Durable, stain proof, comfortable and soft, you will find unbeatable spill protection carpets that clean easily at Nufloors.

Don’t let dirty windows be a pane in the glass!

Nufloors offers outstanding floor covering choices, helpful knowledgeable staff and talented installers who ensure your new flooring looks exceptional in your home.


Visit us today and discover what we can do for you. 391 - 1st Avenue Fernie BC 250.423.4314 • 1.800.860.3136

Follow us on facebook

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Family On the Planet, Planetary Scenario by SADIE ROSGEN Featuring Creative Minds Preschool

As the late Whitney Houston sang, I believe the children are our future. So how do you write a poem with 16 four and five-year-olds who are learning how to read and write? Easy. They have a lot to say. Their arms shoot up in excitement as they tell you everything about their incredible lives with a few sage words about how we all ought to do better. This month I collaborated with my son, Cy and his class at Creative Minds Preschool. The children met our green theme with gusto as only children can, and let me tell you, the future is bright.

Family On The Planet

planetary scenario

By Alex, Aila, Audrey, Cy, Dawson, Declan, Evie, Grayden, Harrison, Kyra, Laszlo, Maisie, Nova, Rachel, Scarlett, and last but not least, Thomas.

by Sadie Rosgen

from outer space we land on the planet EARTH! we see pears and rainbows bees cowboys on horses unicorns panda bears dancing and a bunch of bugs WE ARE HAPPY! but people are cutting down trees and throwing garbage on the road NO! the animals are sad and mad we cannot smell the flowers we can only smell the yucky we have to clean up but who’s in charge? WE ARE! we need giant shovels a vacuum a huge garbage truck IT’S UP TO US… we want to feel safe when we’re sleeping in the dark be gentle with fragile things

this place we’ve inherited it isn’t ours for keeps or forever eternity will elude us as it should is the earth in misery on her spinning axis? can she keep moving with all of her scratches? she is not something we own oh! that bemoaning sense of ownership! stuck in a movie scene time machine the planet in which we love and get sad on is in a terrible mess and there’s the stress what will cease to matter is our idle chatter ourselves, our very selves! when the old girl kicks us off she’ll heal all day or so we say to calm ourselves to feel okay



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hris Van Allsburg is a writer and illustrator of children’s books and has won the prestigious Caldecott Medal for two of his books, Jumanji (1981) and The Polar Express (1985). Both of these books have been adapted to successful motion pictures. Jumanji was also adapted to an animated TV series which ran from 1996 until 1999. Jumanji is the story of Judy and Peter Shepherd, two children who, while on a walk in their local park, discover a magical jungle adventure board game. Disregarding the game’s warning message, they take the game home, start to play it, and soon discover that the dangers encountered in the game become part of their real life. Jumanji was made into its first film in 1995. Van Allsburg was part of the team that wrote the script, and the film was directed by Joe Johnston. The children in the movie were played by Kirsten Dunst and Bradley Pierce, but unlike the original story in which all the characters are children, this film introduces adult characters. The story centres on young Alan Parrish (played by the late Robin Williams) who became trapped in the board game in 1969 while playing with his best friend Sarah Whittle (Bonnie Hunt). Twenty-six years later, Judy and Peter Shepherd find the game, begin playing and unwittingly release the now-adult Alan. After tracking down Sarah, the quartet resolves to finish the game in order to reverse all of the destruction it has caused. The film was released in December 1995. Despite its lukewarm critical reception, it was a box office success, earning $263 million worldwide on a budget of approximately $65 million and it became the tenth highest-grossing film of 1995. The movie became a cult hit, and 23 years after its initial release, this quirky action comedy is still fondly remembered. It,

therefore, makes sense that Hollywood would try to recapture the movie’s success by releasing a sequel in December 2017. This latest effort is called Jumanji:Welcome to the Jungle. This excellent sequel follows the adventures of Spencer, Fridge, Martha, and Bethany, four high school students who accidentally get stuck in Jumanji, which is now a video game rather than a board game, are forced to take on the personae of characters inside the game. A comedic element in the film is observing the main characters as they try to adjust to roles that are completely opposite to what their teenage lives are in reality. Spencer, a nerdy hypochondriac, becomes a musclebound archaeologist played by Dwayne (the Rock) Johnson. Fridge, a popular football player, becomes a short, awkward zoologist played by Kevin Hart. Martha, a shy inoffensive misfit, becomes Ruby Roundhouse, a commando, martial artist and dance fighter played by Karen Gillan.


Bethany, a shallow, pretty, popular girl, becomes Professor Sheldon Oberon, a cartographer, cryptographer, archaeologist and paleontologist played by Jack Black. Our heroes struggle to escape the game’s jungle setting and defeat the villainous explorer Van Pelt, played by the great Bobbie Cannavale, who is best remembered for his secondary roles in The Station Agent, Blue Jasmine, Boardwalk Empire, Snakes on a Plane, and Parker. This is a great, action-packed movie with wonderful special effects. It is definitely worth a look. Two thumbs up!

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early 13 per cent of households in Canada experience food insecurity – ‘insecure or inadequate access to food due to financial constraints.’ There was an increase of 600,000 households between 2007 and 2012, and my guess is this trend continued resulting in more households today. Additionally, people are starting to recognize how much food is wasted and how it is contributing to greenhouse gas emissions and global warming, leading to initiatives to find ways to reduce this waste. A National Food Waste Reduction Strategy was created through the National Zero Waste Council, and provinces have implemented Good Samaritan legislation to absolve corporate donors of liability for the health and safety of food donated to food banks. Nicole Knauf is one of these influential individuals. Creator of the Fernie Fresh Food Share, Nicole is the first to admit that she is obsessed with zero waste when it comes to food. “Growing up in our family, it was engrained in us not to waste food. We didn’t throw anything away,” she tells me. Nicole’s first job was at a bakery and they would have to throw away perfectly good boxes of food. “I offered to bring them to the food bank, and they wouldn’t allow it.” That was before BC had passed the Food Donor Encouragement Act which protects businesses from liability. “It makes it easier for people to donate,” she tells me. Nicole has also worked in the restaurant industry, where she witnessed a lot of waste as well. “It was so hard to see perfectly good food thrown out.” A busy mom with two kids, and running a business with her husband Jon, Nicole recognized a desire to give back to the community when her kids both started attending school. “I wanted to create something of my own and discussed it with Jon.” A couple of days later, they


were preparing to go on holidays and Nicole was going through everything in the fridge to avoid things going to waste. “I was squeezing lemons, and freezing the juice, and Jon said, ‘well you’re pretty passionate about this.’” Not long after, she was going through the Columbia Basin Trust magazine and read an article on the Revelstoke Food Share and thought, ‘that’s what I am going to do.’ “From there, it took off,” she says. “I applied for a CBT and Summit Fund Grant, got in touch with Revelstoke who provided a framework to work from, and partnered with the Salvation Army… it happened so fast.” On the day of our interview, it was two months since she started and already 1,961 pounds of food has been diverted from the trash to people who need and appreciate fresh food. Twice a week, Fernie Fresh Food Share picks up food from participating businesses, drops everything off, weighs and labels everything. Regular businesses on board to date are Save On Foods, Starbucks, Freshies, Crumbs Bakery and Loaf, with

other businesses calling in here and there. Anything not used goes to compost or to Bolter Farms. “Everyone is stoked because they also hate seeing stuff go to waste. Fernie as a whole is a very environmentally conscious town, so people are on board and quick to support,” she tells me. The people who are using the program are super grateful, one telling her they don’t remember the last time they purchased produce because of how expensive it is. Fernie Fresh Food Share is not just for people who qualify for the Food Bank, it’s open to anyone who needs the help. “No questions asked. Groceries are so expensive, maybe a family can get food here and instead put that money towards an activity for their kid. Lesson the stress a little for some families.” Nicole adds, “People are struggling, it’s real. And if you are on disability, how do you ever get better if you’re just eating packaged foods? Fresh food is healthy.” Nicole is so happy with how well it has been received and with her partnership with the Salvation Army. “Barb was so

excited, she was in tears. She had been waiting for someone to come in and change things.” Now the partnership is looking at growing it to the next level, with an official commercial kitchen so they can make food out of what has been donated, educate people on how to decrease waste and make food go further, develop recipes and more. With Nicole’s enthusiasm and self-professed obsession, the sky is the limit with Fernie Fresh Food Share and I’m sure we aren’t alone in our excitement and relief in its existence in Fernie.

nicest place, but the rent was cheap. 3. What was your first impression? I couldn’t believe the amount of snow! And just the people were super friendly and fun. 4. What keeps you here? The town, the people, my family. Everyone and everything is here. 5. Do you have a favourite Fernie memory?

1. When did you first arrive in Fernie and what brought you here?

It’s hard because there’s pre and post kids. With the family, the first time we did Lazy Lizard together. Pre-kids, going down Cedar on a bluebird powder day with my sister soon after I moved here. I couldn’t believe it.

16 years ago and visiting my brother for a ski season brought me here.

6. What is your favourite time of the year in Fernie and why?

2. Where did you first live in town?

I would have to say summer, because of biking and the long days and camping.

For more information on how to participate, visit Fernie Fresh Food Share on Facebook. Thank you, Nicole!

7. Where do you see Fernie in 5 to 10 years? Well, I’m sure it’s going to continue to get busier and busier, but I hope it keeps its core values and core people as it should help it remain the same. 8. How do you start your day or what is one of your daily rituals? Coffee, always coffee. In winter, I check the snow report and get the kids going. In summer time, we make a bike ride plan. But coffee, year round. 9. Tell us something people might be surprised to learn about you. I couldn’t grow a vegetable if my life depended on it. I’ve tried and tried and tried, I suck at gardening. I’m really good at saving food, though. 10. Quote to live by: Whenever you find yourself on the side of majority, it is time to pause and reflect. Mark Twain

1442 10th in a fourplex. It wasn’t the

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hung out with half a dozen teenagers since the days when you were a teenager, you may not have a perspective that would help you know what to do. I am grateful that I spent years counselling at-risk teenagers because it deeply informed my parenting when my own child was a teen. Perhaps your angry son who spends most of his time playing video games is hard to connect with because he’s a teenager. Perhaps it’s because he’s depressed or even suicidal. Don’t be afraid to consult with someone who can help you sort out the confusion.



t’s important to think about sustainability and resilience for both the world outside and the world within us. Resilience is a key area of exploration when it comes to teenagers too. Young people seem to bounce back from hardship quickly. When they get on their bikes five minutes after they crashed and came howling we tell ourselves, “Look how resilient kids are!” Absolutely tragic things happen to some children and two days day later they are scootering down the street with their friends again. Often we see this and assume all is well because that’s what it looks like. But how resilient are we actually? There are addiction and divorce and #metoo all over the place. If children were naturally resilient we would be able to recover from hard things no worse for wear, and wouldn’t have to face these kinds of issues as adults. But that’s not how the human mind works. This is the myth of resiliency. The truth is that adverse experiences in childhood can have lasting negative impacts, especially in the absence of support from caring adults. Young ones get thrown off their mental and emotional balance by all kinds of things. Everyday activities like bedtimes, meals, and getting dressed can induce what appear to be random meltdowns. These emotional storms are difficult, but we know this stuff is developmentally normal for pre-schoolers so we try not to sweat it. When our children become teens things get bumpy in a different way. Generally, we need to watch out for risky behaviours like sexting and drinking in the woods, but we might think this too is developmentally normal – although disturbing – and we do our best to manage it. I think we could do better.



...just because a young person is busy playing and growing and we can’t see the distress in their mind, doesn’t mean it’s not there. In working with hundreds of teenagers over the last 20 years I’ve seen many of them fall through the cracks. It’s not right for us to encourage children to brush off the tough things that happen to them or to shrug our shoulders with bewilderment when they become disoriented teens. An attitude of ‘teenagers are difficult and there’s nothing to be done about it’ is fatalistic nonsense. It can be challenging to discern typically troublesome teenage behaviours from the ones that are red flags. How is a parent supposed to know when to step in or get additional support? Our children can seem like they’re fine until one day they’re not. Ask a professional If you’re a parent of a teen who has only

Consider past traumas Was your teenager hospitalized earlier in their life? Were you dealing with serious issues at some point? Separation, unemployment, and moving can be a crisis when we’re small. Remember – just because a young person is busy playing and growing and we can’t see the distress in their mind, doesn’t mean it’s not there. When traumas add up, we need to be even more watchful and present with our kids. Build real resilience Learning to recover from misfortune or change doesn’t happen if we never experience them. What really helps us build resilience is living through hard things and being able to process the embarrassment, disappointment, or grief that comes with them. It’s painful to watch our teenagers struggle but our role is crucial. First of all, comment on reality rather than trying to reassure. When teens hear things like, “you probably feel like everything is terrible,” or “your heart must be really broken,” it validates their experience. Secondly, stay close, emotionally available, and ready to listen.Your teen might need to talk, cry, or notice they aren’t alone. Earth can thrive if we treat her right. Same with our kids.



April 2018 MONTHLY EVENTS SUNDAY 1.4.2018 Griz Kidz Easter Eggstravaganza @ Fernie Alpine Resort Easter Brunch @ The Best Western, 10am-2pm Indie Films Fernie: Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool @ The Vogue Theatre, 5pm Easter Sunday Specials @ Max Restaurant TUESDAY 3.4.2018 14th Annual Banner Project Submission Deadline @ The Arts Station, 2pm WEDNESDAY 4.4.2018 Hot Dog Day @ Fernie Alpine Resort Fernie Caregiver Support Group @ Rocky Mountain Village, 1pm. A monthly meeting to receive support and information on your caregiving journey. Spring Registration Fair @ Fernie Community Centre, 5-8pm Senior Storytime @ Tom Uphill Manor, 1:30pm THURSDAY 5.4.2018 Ground Floor Coworking Space Grand Opening @ 100-131 7th Ave, Cranbrook. 4-6pm FRIDAY 6.4.2018 Learn to Meditate @ Essential Yoga Studio, three day workshop. Spring Registration Fair @ Fernie Community Centre, 5-8pm Open House and Pottery Sale @ The Arts Station, 6:30pm Wise Youngblood @ The Royal, Rock and Roll from Vancouver Island. 9pm Steve Hillis as Garth Brooks @ Royal Canadian Legion, 8pm SATURDAY 7.4.2018 Dirty Dancer Banked Slalom @ Fernie Alpine Resort. An event for all ages, entry includes two timed runs, a BBQ burger, beverage and chance to win prizes from local board shops. First Tracks to Russia: A Northern European Sailing Adventure Slide Show @ The Royal Canadian Legion, 7:30pm Spring Fling Sled Riding Clinic @ Elk Valley Snow shepherds. One lodge, two days, four separate clinics. International Beer Day @ The Pub, live entertainment and 16 new taps! Brush with Death: A Murder Mystery Evening @ The Arts Station, 7pm. Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres generously donated by the Blue Toque. Proceeds from the evening will contribute to our Arts Station Accessibility fund. Tickets available at the Arts Station.

WEDNESDAY 11.4.2018 Walkie Talkie Book Club: Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur @ The Heritage Library, 10am Senior Storytime @ Rocky Mountain Village, 1:00pm Chakra Healing and Meditation: Pathway to Self Discovery @ Essential Yoga Studio, 7:30-9:30pm THURSDAY 12.4.2018 Island Lake Lodge Summer Job Fair @ Seniors Centre, 2-5pm Uke 101 @ Fernie Heritage Library, 6:30pm Beautea Night @ Infinitea with Spa 901, 6-9pm Concert Series: Ken Whiteley @ The Arts Station, 8pm FRIDAY 13.4.2018 Bake Sale @ Western Financial Group (691B 2nd Ave), 9-5pm. All proceeds go to their community foundation, which is all given back to the community. Fun Friday: Wall-E @ Fernie Heritage Library, 2-3:30pm Workshop: Full Body Release using Therapy Balls @ Essential Yoga Studio, 7:30-9:30pm SATURDAY 14.4.2018 Deep Release with Therapy Balls: Feet, Legs and Hips @ Essential Yoga Studio, 7:30-8:45am Dig Into Gardening Workshop @ College of the Rockies, 9-12pm Weekend Family Storytime: The Lorax @ Fernie Heriitage Library, 1-1:30pm Super Saturday: Wall-E @ Fernie Heritage Library, 2-3:30pm Fernival @ Fernie Alpine Resort, with SLOAN, free concert. Raging Elk Powder Pedal Paddle Race @ Fernie Alpine Resort, 8am The Hillties @ The Northern, five piece band out of Nelson. SUNDAY 15.4.2018 Slope Soaker @ Fernie Alpine Resort, 12pm Fernival @ Fernie Alpine Resort, with BC/DC, free concert. MONDAY 16.4.2018 Spring Fling Challenge Begins @ Soar Studios. Can you attend 20 classes in 30 days? Soarstudios. ca TUESDAY 17.4.2018 Learn to Sew Classes @ Fernie Clothing Repairs and Altherations, 6pm. 6-week workshop, 6-8pm. WEDNESDAY18.4.2018 Senior Storytime @ Trinity Lodge, 1:30pm


THURSDAY 19.4.2018 Fernie Chamber of Commerce AGM @ The Best Western, 11:30am to 2pm Out of the Box: Dumspter Art Project Submission Deadline @ The Arts Station. 2pm. FRIDAY 20.4.2018 Yoga Workshop: Real Legs @ Essential Yoga Studio, 7-9:30pm SATURDAY 21.4.2018 Yoga Workshop: Strong for Handstands @ Essential Yoga Studio, 10:30-1pm Festivus Games @ Crossfit Fernie SUNDAY 22.4.2018 Earth Day Celebration @ The Fernie Arts Station, 3-5pm and 7-9pm Crystal Bowl Sound Bath @ Essential Yoga Studio, 7-8:30pm THURSDAY 26.4.2018 Plastic Bag Challenge: DIY Produce Bag Night @ The Fernie Heritage Library, 6:30-7:30pm FRIDAY 27.4.2018 Tea and Talk Book Club @ Fernie Heritage Library, 1:30pm Elk Valley Childcare Forum @ College of the Rockies, 6pm. Teck and Canadian Au Pair Solutions offer an opportunity to learn about childcare solutions in the Elk Valley. Soul Dance Company Auditions @ Fernie Family Centre, 6pm Three-Day Spring Yoga Retreat @ Lizard Creek Lodge, 5:30pm. TUESDAY 1.5.2018 The Yoga Challenge Begins @ Essential Yoga Studio

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Pair it up Appies @ Boston Pizza Pool Tourney Mondays @ The Pub Lasagna Specials @ Elk Valley Pizza Shoppe Wing Night @ The Fernie Hotel Free Movie Night @ Infinitea Massage Mondays @ Trillium Day Spa Ladies Night @ The Northern Local Jam Night @ The Kodiak Lounge Monday Mayhem with Goffles @ The Royal Store and Tasting Room Open @ Fernie Brewing Company Snowshoe and Dine @ Fernie Alpine Resort Pasta Night @ Loaf Happy Hour @ Loaf, 3-5pm Pizza and Beer Specials


Gourmet Pasta Specials @ Boston Pizza Wing Night @ The Pub Bar & Grill Pizza Night @ Elk Valley Pizza Shoppe Two for Tuesdays @ Trillium Day Spa Beer, Burger and Bingo Night @ The Northern Cheap Night @ The Vogue Theatre Dinner and Swim Special @ Fernie Stanford Resort Karaoke @ The Royal Half Price Appetizers @ The Fernie Hotel. Store and Tasting Room Open @ Fernie Brewing Company Happy Hour @ Loaf, 3-5pm Pizza and Beer Specials Pasta and Wine Night @ Cirque Restaurant

OUTDOOR & FAMILY MONDAYS Parent Power Hour @ Fernie Chamber of Commerce Dominoes, Duplicate and Mahjong @ The Seniors Drop in Centre Pickleball @ Fernie Community Centre Indoor Walking @ The Community Centre Ladies Only @ Fernie Old School Boxing Parent Tot Funtimes @ Fernie Family Centre StrongStart @ Isabella Dicken Elementary School ages 0-4 Tiguidous – Learn French While Having Fun @ CBAL Office Public Swimming @ The Aquatic Centre Cribbage Club @ Trinity Lodge, Grades 1-6 Drop-In @ Elk Valley Gymnastics, 11-12pm for ages 0-4 TUESDAYS Crib/Whist, Chess and Drop In @ Seniors Drop in Centre Storytime Ages 3-5 @ Heritage Library Ladies Archery @ The Elks Hall Junior Boxing @ Fernie Old School Boxing Club Indoor Walking Program @ Fernie Community Centre Open Climbing @ Evolution English Conversation Cafe @ CBAL Office Drop in Climbing @ College of the Rockies StrongStart @ Isabella Dicken Elementary School Fernie Community Choir @ The Fernie Arts Station Kindergym @ Fernie Family Centre Family Early Years Hub @ Fernie Heritage Library Free Guided Meditation @ Soar Studios Public Swimming @ The Aquatic Centre Earth Kids @ Fernie Heritage Library


High Flyers Pool Comp @ Kodiak Lounge Wings Night @ Boston Pizza Wine Evenings @ The Brickhouse Trivia Night @ The Fernie Hotel Waxing Wednesday @ Trillium Day Spa Wing Night @ The Northern Wax On Wednesday @ 901 Spa Store and Tasting Room Open @ Fernie Brewing Company Zak’s Jam Night @ The Royal Half Price Ice Bar @ Lizard Creek Lodge Ice Bar Tarot Readings @ Infinitea Happy Hour @ Loaf, 3-5pm Pizza and Beer Specials


Pizza Night @ Boston Pizza Jam Night @ The Brickhouse Hot and Cold Cocktail Night @ Infinitea Featured Pub Burgers @ Max Restaurant & The Pub Bar & Grill Burger and Beer Special @ The Fernie Medium Pizza Special @ Elk Valley Pizza Store and Tasting Room Open @ Fernie Brewing Company Pub Team Trivia @ The Pub Bar & Grill Thirsty Thursdays @ Kodiak Lounge Pizza Night @ Loaf Happy Hour @ Loaf, 3-5pm Pizza and Beer Specials Winter Bike and Dine @ Fernie Alpine Resort

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WEDNESDAYS Crib, Gentle Exercise and Tai Chi @ Seniors Drop in Centre Adult Badminton @ The Community Centre AA Meetings @ The Anglican Church Basement Competitive Boxing @ Fernie Old School Boxing Club Toddlertime Ages 0-2 @ Fernie Heritage Library Indoor Walking Program @ Fernie Community Centre Open Climbing @ Evolution English Conversation Cafe @ CBAL office StrongStart @ Isabella Dicken Elementary School Kindergym @ Fernie Family Centre Celebrate Recovery @ Mountainside Church Knit Clique @ Fernie Heritage Library Drop-In @ Elk Valley Gymnastics, 11-12pm for ages 0-4 Public Swimming @ The Aquatic Centre Wine and Wheel @ The Arts Station Latin Vibes: Rhumba @ The Arts Station Lego Club @ Fernie Heritage Library, ages 7+ Apres Ski Yoga @ Lizard Creek Lodge THURSDAYS Morning Yoga, Drop in, and Canasta/Cards @ Senior’s Centre Pickleball @ Fernie Community Centre RC Club @ Fernie Community Centre Community Basketball @ Fernie Secondary School Mixed Senior Recreational Boxing @ Fernie Old School Boxing Youth Archery @ The Elks Hall Bellies to Babies @ Fernie Women’s Centre Open Roller Skating @ Max Turyk Gym Indoor Walking Program @ Fernie Community Centre,


Nacho Night @ Boston Pizza Fish & Chips @ The Pub Bar & Grill Meat Draw and Members Draw @ The Fernie Hotel Date Night Special @ Spa 901 Fish & Chip Night @ The Pub Live Music @ Loaf, 6-9pm Happy Hour @ Loaf, 3-5pm Pizza and Beer Specials


Kids Pool Party, BBQ and Movie Night @ Lizard Creek Lodge Meat Draw & Bar Quiz @ The Legion Coffee and Baileys Special @ The Bridge Bistro Vinyl Appreciation Night @ Infinitea Rib Night @ Max Restaurant and The Pub Open Mic Night @ Fernie Hotel Happy Hour @ Loaf, 3-5pm Pizza and Beer Specials


Hip Hop Sundays @ Kodiak Lounge Cocktail Specials @ Cirque Restaurant Kids Specials @ Boston Pizza Caesars on Special @ The Brickhouse All day breakfast @ The Fernie Roast Dinner @ Infinitea Dinner and Swim @ Fernie Stanford Resort Curry Sundays @ The Pub Caesars Special @ The Bridge Bistro Happy Hour @ Loaf, 3-5pm Pizza and Beer Specials Half Price Cocktails @ Cirque Restaurant Swim


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StrongStart @ Isabella Dicken Elementary School Free Guided Meditation @ Soar Studios Public Swimming @ The Aquatic Centre Knits and Knots @ Fernie Heritage Library, ages 8+ FRIDAYS Cribbage @ Seniors Drop in Centre Jitney Darts @ Fernie Legion Toddlertime Ages 0-2 @ Fernie Heritage Library StrongStart @ Isabella Dicken Elementary School Kindergym @ Fernie Family Centre Public Swimming @ The Aquatic Centre Evening Uptracking Tour @ Fernie Alpine Resort Pre Ski Saturdays Stretch and Warm Up @ Lizard Creek Lodge SATURDAYS Karma Meditation Class @ Essential Yoga Studio Open Climbing @ Evolution Prenatal Yoga @ Essential Yoga Public Swimming @ The Aquatic Centre SUNDAYS AA Meetings @ The Anglican Church Basement Public Swimming @ The Aquatic Centre Guided Meditation @ Soar Studios Drop-In @ Elk Valley Gymnastics, 12:45-1:45pm for ages 5+



Roberta Milne Registered Massage Therapist

250 278 0537 online booking available

Embrace the


598 2nd Ave. Fernie BC 250-423-3709

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No Pain, No Gain by SHELBY CAIN


lastic water bottles are bad. I’m assuming you know this. It’s one of those well-known, undisputed facts that we acknowledge, accept, and endeavour to respect. As long as it’s convenient. And we’re not really thirsty. Because that’s very uncomfortable. To be so thirsty. No pain, no gain.You’ve heard this one before. An age-old slogan for improvement. It’s been around for decades and is generally applicable to a variety of challenges. It’s chiselled many a physique from flab to fab and guided us through everything from sleep training our babies to taking entry-level jobs that leave us blushing. If we want something good, we must hurt to get it. Until recently. When people began asking, “is all this suffering really necessary? Is it possible to achieve everything we desire in a more comfortable, less painful way?” In certain circumstances, I think the answer is yes. We can make pain-free improvements. We can be fit without drinking raw eggs and doing a thousand sit-ups at 5 am. We can get the baby to sleep without letting her cry herself to exhaustion. I couldn’t find a way around my job as a pooper-scooper at the vet clinic, though. That happened. But, when it comes to our environment and the damage we’re inflicting on it, can we find a minimally inconvenient approach to saving the world? Sorry, but I think not. The time for mild behaviour adjustments has passed. We have to get down and dirty and roll up our sleeves before it’s too late. No pain, no gain. I have good news. Help awaits. The future is bright, brilliant, and eager to join us as we clean up our environmental mess. I witnessed it first hand at The Fernie Academy science fair. Students were asked to improve on the design of a product that affects the environment. They had


some very cool ideas.Young minds full of momentum, clear of bad habits, looking for better ways to do things. They’re taking the research that our generation of scientists has been warning us about for decades and they’re saying, “Hey, this is bad. Let’s fix this.” Emerson Zimmerman and Leah Soetaert are two of these very special kids. They’ve designed a new water bottle made completely from Bamboo. I hold it in my hand. It’s streamlined and funky looking and I can picture it on the desk of everyone who works at Google. I want one. As I compliment them on their stylish design they tell me all the scary facts about plastic water bottles bursting from our landfills and oceans. They show me how much oil it takes to make one small water bottle. I’ve heard a lot of these facts before, but somehow, coming from these young faces with their bright eyes, it affects me. Deeply. It’s their world to inherit and maybe I need to get a little uncomfortable to help them fix it. Even if I’m thirsty and those plastic water bottles are so convenient. Even then.

The solutions are at our fingertips. Leaders in the Green movement residing right in our own community are screaming out for support. The Facebook site is a great place to find out what you can do. Eliminate single-use plastics like bottles and straws and bags. Buy products with less packaging. Can we eliminate plastic completely? Probably not. But how many times do you peel the unnecessary extra layer of plastic from something and put it straight in the garbage? Emerson and Leah quoted a Guardian article to me stating that only 7% of the materials we recycle are actually reused as something else. They think that’s bad. So do I. Let’s fix it. The Inconvenient Truth is, this is going to take some work. We have to feel the pain to gain a clean, sustainable planet for future generations to enjoy. Try to remember your reusable bags when you go to the store. Buy products in bulk if you can. Say no to straws. Tote a reusable water bottle around with you and fill it up from the tap. We owe it to Emerson and Leah to try harder. Thank you, in advance. From the future. FERNIEFIX.COM


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Seeking Green in Ever-Changing Landscapes by REBECCA HALL

“Nature’s first green is gold…” Robert Frost’s iconic poem came to mind recently when I attended the Fernie Mountain Film Festival at the Community Centre. Held over two days each year in mid-February, the event is a study of the culture of mountain environments and those who love them, explore them, and protect them. In Coast Mountain Epic, 29-year old Martina Halik and her 60-year old mother undertook a five and a half month ski touring adventure along the mountainous west coast of British Columbia, into the Yukon and ending at Skagway, Alaska. There wasn’t a lot of green along the way

and unfortunately a shortage of white in places too but this was an expedition that was all about the landscape. Watching and listening, I think I understood what these two incredible women sought; connection with an untouched environment and a challenge that would allow them to think only in terms of place and immediate need. In their own words, “it was life-changing.” Despite the frigid conditions, local gardeners were also thinking of the outdoors. Wildsight’s Seedy Saturday at the Fernie Family Centre drew a large crowd of green-thumbs keen to learn about cold climate gardening, swap and buy specialty seeds and connect with other growers in the Elk Valley. Our short but hot and sunny summers make for some spectacular garden displays but it’s essential to start early and this event was perfectly timed to inspire local gardeners to get a jump on the season. Experienced gardeners provided tips and information on how to make the most of

the Fernie growing season while kids dug in the dirt, planted peas and enjoyed crafts. As March rolled around, so did more snow. Hitting the ten-metre mark at the beginning of the month put Fernie well on track for a record-breaking year, and visitors and locals alike were all smiles at the annual Griz Days Festival. Piling on the plaid this year, the four-day annual winter festival is one of Fernie’s biggest and takes place at a number of venues in town and at Fernie Alpine Resort. The new Snow to Ice (cream) Challenge was a big hit, with 24 people completing all four sections and many more participating. Hundreds lined 2nd Avenue for the annual parade and enjoyed live music from Small Town Dirtbags and the iconic Rocky Mountain Lumberjack show, followed by fireworks. With lots more happening all weekend and plenty of live entertainment this was a fantastic Fernie weekend enjoyed by all ages. What did you love?


PHOTO CAPTIONS: 1. Martina Halik and Tania Halik. A dynamic pair whose back-story is just as impressive as their 2017 expedition. 2 and 3. Yori and Patty and Corine and Karina enjoying the vibe at the annual Fernie Mountain Film Festival. 4. Tina Hayes from the Fernie Heritage Library taking in the extensive seed samples, sale items and displays. Photo by Sharon Kelly 5. A great turnout to see the annual Griz Days Parade including the beautiful horses and plenty of music and colour from the Fernie Pride Society! 6. The unstoppable Abi Moore gets down on the FBC fun time float at the Parade.


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Game Trails by JEFF COLDEN


ernie has a great network of trails, some for biking, some for hiking. We have great community-minded people, who have spent a lot of time, energy and money making this fantastic trail network. We should thank them, profusely. We should volunteer to help, or at least donate to the Fernie Trails Alliance. However, these trails were all built by people. Not unlike -though perhaps on a more rustic scale our roads, bridges and rail lines. So as part of our annual green issue, I think we can go back to nature in a purer way. Fernie has a lot of another thing, besides trails. It has a lot of game, and by that, I mean game animals. Much like the folks at the Fernie Trails Alliance, deer and elk make their own trails. They are good, too. And they are everywhere. If you have never followed a game trail you should.You come across one, you start walking and you just follow it.You see where it goes. Their trails are different than the trails that we build. They don’t necessarily go anywhere -not anywhere we choose to go anyway. The grades are not steady, you will walk along flat and then all of a sudden you may need to use your hands to get up a very steep pitch. There is something ethereal or almost spiritual about walking down a game trail. I looked for another word than ethereal, as it seems odd to describe the most basic back to earth experience as otherworldly. However, the more I reflect on it, the more it fits. It is another world from the one we inhabit. The trail will not be built to accommodate humans. There will be fallen trees across it, it may even cross a stream. There will be no bridge. And you are unlikely to encounter another person -especially if you go before the first of September. Deer need to drink water, and anyone who has driven locally knows that they are


going to cross roads.You can seek your trail by driving a forestry road or walking the edge of a stream. It will not take long to come across one. Pick your trail and head down. Take your time. Hear the rustle of the leaves and birds. Smell the dirt and the moss. See the world as it is, not as a park ranger or Walt Disney would show it to you. A quick note on safety, as there will not be a trail map, so you cannot tell someone where you going. So, tell them where your car is. We are blessed with the mountains, creeks, and streams. It is very easy to navigate in the woods here. Going downhill leads to water. Water leads to more water. A small drainage leads to a stream, which leads to a creek, which - if

you head out near Fernie and don’t cross any ridges - will lead to the Elk River. That may be a fail-safe way to get home, but it may not be quick, nor easy. Just like on any adventure you take, make sure that you have warm clothes, extra food, and extra water, and give yourself lots of daylight to spare. Please do not mistake me, I love the trails we have in Fernie and you definitely cannot go biking on a game trail. If you are anything like me you do need to go biking. That said the real environment is not a park, nor -however lovely - a trail with berms and bridges with safety rails, it is the wilderness that surrounds us. So make a plan, gather some stuff, head out and have your own ethereal experience. FERNIEFIX.COM


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Three Weeks in Greece by JESSE BELL

Mediterranean, exploring mainland Greece and four islands byway of AirBnBs and hostels. Goodbye snow, hello sand. We’ve always wanted to travel together, just the three of us.


“Greece?” Mom suggests. Jenn and I can’t think of a reasonable objection. Greece it is.

Last May and with particular impatience for summer, my mom, sister and I book flights to Athens. Three weeks in the

Following a wild taxi ride to downtown Athens, we awake the next morning eager to explore the Plaka (market) and Acropolis. We walk below orange trees, and near to the market find ourselves on a too-quiet street.

ometimes it takes too long for the snow to melt, for the green grass to emerge and push through the brown. The sun’s delayed, spring apparently deferred for weeks. At times like these, it makes sense to go to Greece.

There’s a middle-aged man hiding in a corner, his hands in his sweatpants. Hoping to avoid an uncomfortable (and potentially dangerous) situation, we walk faster. A minute later, the man we thought to have avoided pops out from between two cars with his pants at his ankles, his thing in his hand. Welcome to Greece! “NO!” I yell, shaking my fist at him. “*#$%!” responds my sister. Trying to wash the filth of first impressions from our minds, we walk the market, eat souvlaki, and make it safely back home that evening.

We catch a flight to Crete, Greece’s most populous and largest island, and the birthplace of Zeus. We eat olives on a white sand beach and hike 22 kilometres through the Samaria Gorge. Mom, at the age of 61, finishes the hike with sore knees. We cheers her with oversized milkshakes. A few days later we arrive on Santorini and find ourselves in a hostel with our own private patio for sunbathing and cakeeating. The whitewashed cities of Fira and Oia cling to volcanic cliffs over the Aegean Sea. It’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. Donkeys decorated with gems walk the hundreds of steps up from the docks below. We ATV around the island, soak up the sunshine, and make our way to Oia for a windy sunset atop an old castle wall. I take photographs and notice my mom and sister giddy with Raki across from me. They laugh at the intense wind, more than tousling their hair. I’m overjoyed to share this with them.

For the next three days, we lose ourselves in narrow alleyways below florescentpink bougainvillea on the party island of Mykonos. Jenn and I dance at the Scandinavian Bar disco, spend the next day recovering from too much tequila.

“A little dream come true.” We swim in the Kool-Aid-blue water, eat garlic sea bass caught fresh that morning for dinner, watch the sunset from our patio, wrapped in blankets while sipping a bottle of Zakynthos red. After a tour through the ancient monasteries of Meteora among wondrous mountains on the mainland, we spend our last night back in Athens

“Can we just stay here, forever?” I ask her over $2 gyros. “Yes, please,” she replies. The next night we arrive on the island of Zakynthos. I drive the three of us in the dark to our own Utopia, a bed and breakfast overlooking the Ionian Sea. We want to swim the blue sea caves, touch down on Shipwreck Beach—a place I’ve only ever dreamed about. Feel the sand between our toes.

Under the glow of garden lights in the Plaka, we eat pasta, souvlaki, and the most flavourful, olive oil induced Greek salad with juicy peppers and tomatoes. Savour every bite, every last moment. And then we fly home. The grass has turned green, and our hearts have filled with love for Greece, the memory of the man in the black sweatpants on a quiet street in Athens but a figment of our imagination. Almost.

Our boat docks just offshore and I sink my feet into the white sand, the chalky cliffs towering above us. The shipwreck lays beached and rusting by the salty sea. I never thought I’d be here. My heart flutters.

Sometimes all we need is a little travel to put our senses in order.


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Green Alligator Trail Run by JULIE KELLY, FTA

Distance: Approx. 13 km Time: Approx. 1.5- 2 hours Difficulty: Blue

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ust off your shoes and hit the trails for a run on these green and blue trails. I have included our new Green Alligator trail, which is pretty “green” as it was just completed the end of last year. Thanks to the Fernie Ghostriders’ volunteer night and four work party sessions we got it done! Start at the old barn in Montane following the Montane trail all the way up to the Montane Hut. Take in the amazing views, cross the road and continue climbing up Roots. Cross River Road and watch for the Trans Canada Trail signage on your right. Continue on the double track and soon you will be enjoying some fun singletrack meandering through the trees. Watch for the South Castle junction, take a right and descend a short section connecting with La Bamba. Carry on Green Alligator, designed to take you off Cokato Road and link back with Montane. Cross the Elkview Lodge driveway and head up Luna Blue for a few switchbacks and fun descent to Montane. Climb back up, cross the power line and follow Montane all the way back to the barn. FERNIEFIX.COM


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Sustainability in Restaurants by KATIE HAMAR


ustainability means to meet the needs of the present without compromising the needs of the future. Many restaurants in Fernie incorporate sustainable practices into their businesses to help reduce their environmental impact; small efforts that make a big difference to their business, the environment, and the community. Blue Toque Gastro Diner’s green program pillars are continuous re-evaluation, local supply, and waste minimization. Their coffee is roasted in Cranbrook, their sausages are from a small family operation in Calgary, and their eggs travel fewer than 120km as opposed to the 600km which is more common in the industry. With a goal to never throw out pre-customer edible product, Blue Toque freezes, dehydrates and pickles excess produce. Any excess is donated to Fernie Fresh Food Share, a local food recovery organization, or composted and provided to a resident gardener. To reduce their carbon footprint, the diner has increased their plant-based menu options and eliminated beef and lamb due to these meats’ higher environmental impact. Two years ago, Blue Toque started purchasing 25 trees per month from Trees Canada. Over 400 trees have been planted due to this partnership, to date. In 2017, Blue Toque was named Fernie’s Greenest Restaurant by Wildsight’s Earth Day Green Awards. One sustainable practice that has become a trend in Fernie restaurants is to eliminate the use of plastic straws. Infinitea T-Bar, Nevados, Island Lake Lodge, Blue Toque, Cirque, and Yamagoya have all gotten on board to combat the more than 500 million drinking straws that are disposed of in North America every day. Infinitea, specifically, has never served plastic straws with in-house beverages and uses stainless steel straws instead. Nevados proudly


features the “#strawssuck” movement on their cocktail menu. Crumbs Cakery and Café prides itself on being self-professed “recycling nuts” due to the owner’s past work history in a recycling plant. To further reduce their impact, the café chooses sustainable takeout soup and cupcake containers. They are also a member of Fernie Fresh Food Share, helping to recover food which would have been previously thrown out and donate it to the community. Waste minimization has been a cornerstone of Infinitea T-Bar’s business since its inception five years ago. The menu was designed to ensure everything gets used. Since they are closed Tuesdays, they offer $6 meal Mondays to ensure all ingredients are consumed before they go bad, even if it means selling food at cost.Vegetable peelings and other scraps are collected and given to a small local farm where they are fed to chickens and used for compost. To enhance customer consciousness, Infinitea charges a $1 fee for takeout boxes (which are biodegradable) and has eliminated the printing of paper bills in favour of typing and displaying cheque amounts directly on the till.

Supplier selection plays a big role in a restaurant’s own sustainability. Island Lake Lodge continuously re-evaluates its partners based on their green practices, particularly within its wine program. For wines to be selected for their list, the lodge explores the wineries’ efforts to neutralize their carbon footprints and if they are using biodynamic and organic practices. Much of Island Lake Lodge’s food is sourced locally, with the majority of its beef coming from Bolter Farm, fewer than 100 km away, and weekly visits by the head chef to Fernie’s Mountain Market. It is these efforts and more that have earned the company a Gold level certification from Green Tourism, the world’s largest sustainable tourism certification program. When noting the sustainability efforts within Fernie’s restaurant industry, the effectiveness is not based on any one business’ actions. The positive impact comes from many restaurants applying small practices each day with awareness, responsibility and a commitment to continuous improvement. “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” – Vincent Van Gogh FERNIEFIX.COM


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Keeping it Close by CRYS STEWART


Heart Felt “Felting is so versatile a topic–from yurts to slippers and scarves,” said the multi-hyphenate talent, Sandra Barrett, at her studio/gallery Eye Of The Needle. But as a sculptor and craftsperson, she redefines felting as jawdropping works of wearable art. She also takes the concept of local sourcing to new levels. Take one of her unique hats, for instance. To make one, she’ll gather alpaca wool for the felt from her own animals who live on the acreage surrounding her home in Hosmer, which also happens to be where she and her husband, David Barrett, run the Fernie Forge. (Those cute metal buttons on some of her designs? As a qualified blacksmith, she made them, too.) While undertaking the laborious process of turning the wool into felt, she might add other materials such as rose fibre made from the plant’s leaves and stems. She pointed out that “the fibre adds a lustre to the matte texture of the wool.” Sometimes a finishing touch is discovered serendipitously. For a hatband flourish on the design she modeled for me (see photo), “I used the tail feathers from a rooster who was sadly eaten by a bear.” From humble beginnings come great things. Custom hat, on commission, starting at $250, at Eye Of The Needle, 260 5th St. See new textile works by Barrett in the Fernie Spinners and Weavers Guild Spring exhibit entitled Dreamscapes, at the Arts Station, 601 1st Ave., until April 24.


Freshly Minted


The taste of mint has got to be one of the freshest and greeniest (I’ve decided that’s a word). But keeping that flavour robust and authentic in commercial food production can be tough. So how does Dan Worth, co-owner and chief ice cream maker of Happy Cow Ice Cream Inc. (and former contestant on the foodie hit show Chopped) get his mint-flavoured ice creams tasting so amazingly minty? After harvesting, washing, and de-stemming the mint, he steeps the leaves in milk, slowly extracting all that fresh-picked flavour directly into the main ingredient. As for where he gets his mint, he’s got local sourcing down. He grows all his mint–Peppermint, Spearmint and Chocolate Mint–in patches in both his front and backyards at his home in Fernie. He explained that, from spring into fall, “It’s a daily routine. I pour my morning coffee and then go out and harvest some mint.” Now that’s keeping it real. 14 flavours available for ice cream cones, starting at $4 for single scoop, and over 30 flavours available by the pint, $9 per pint, 561B Hwy 3.

Living Green Gaetane Carignan of Naturaleza Ag had the quintessential lightbulb-turning-on moment when she discovered permaculture. After earning degrees in Environmental Sciences and Organic Agriculture, she realized “I didn’t have a framework to go and apply [what she had learned] in my life and community. Permaculture is the framework. It connects all those things and emphasizes the importance of those connections.” So what’s permaculture? It’s a systems-thinking approach to environmental, social and energy-supply problems as well as regenerative agriculture, doing all of this within ecologically informed and socially empowering design solutions.Yep, that’s a lot to wrap your head around. Think of it this way: Permaculture gives you the tools to care for the earth, care for people and to practice fair share. If that’s got you excited, check out Carignan’s Permaculture Design Certificate program at Fernie’s College of the Rockies–a hands-on course, including site tours and design projects, spread out over five consecutive weekends. Bonus: Carignan will be focusing on our region and the climate of East Kootenay. “Permaculture is a weird word,” she admitted to me in her office on 2nd Ave. But, she added later in our conversation, “Permaculture is life changing.” Permaculture Design Certificate program, $995., starting April 28. For more information, go to


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wen is ready to go green. After living in a small town for many years, she feels like she has cut down on her carbon footprint by walking to work most days, bringing her own reusable bags for groceries, and shopping at the farmer’s market when it’s in season. She knows she’s on the right track, but feels stuck with which foods to choose that are not only eco-friendly but also affordable. Looking at her grocery bill it seems like her meat and dairy are the “big ticket” items, however, she works hard at the gym and needs some good protein sources in her diet to fuel her working muscles. Gwen isn’t ready for a diet-overhaul; she would just like a few quick tips so that she can slowly start setting some “go-green goals” for the month of April. In search of an answer, she heads to her local dietician to find some answers! Are you eating these 3 green superfoods? Now, as a registered dietician, I don’t throw the word “superfood” around lightly, and you won’t find any expensive goji berries or wheatgrass on my list. I believe in sustainability as a cornerstone of environmental and healthy eating. If it fits well in our life, we are more likely to follow through with it. More often than not, this means going back to the basics of making time for homemade meals, using real foods and eating more plants. The reason these specific foods made the cut for my green superfoods list is that they’re packed with nutrition, inexpensive, environmentallyfriendly, and of course, green – to fit this month’s theme! They may not be trendy, but they will always be included in my list of healthy staples for an eco-friendly diet. 1. Garden Peas While new diet fads come and go the lonely little garden pea never seems to


receive the hype it deserves. This petite pea is a nitrogen fixer, which means it eliminates the need for fertilizer and works hard to leave the soil rich in nutrients. They also thrive in cool temperatures, reducing the water necessary to grow them. This makes them a great crop for our northern climate of Canada; you can often find these at the farmer’s market mid-season. Buying these guys locally also reduces the amount of pesticides in your diet. In one cup, this healthy carbohydrate source contains eight grams of protein, seven grams of fibre and 100% of your daily vitamin C. 2. Broccoli Part of the cabbage family, this healthy cruciferous vegetable actually emits its own natural pesticides, eliminating the need for synthetic chemicals to keep the bugs away. Although I’m highlighting broccoli, I feel the need to give a shout-out to other green members of this family, kale and brussel sprouts, which have similar natural pesticide properties. In addition to its environmental production, broccoli contains an anti-cancer property and powerful antioxidant known as sulforaphane. New research suggests this plant compound may also responsible for helping the body expunge environmental toxins. In the health department, broccoli contains fibre, vitamin C, vitamin, K, iron, and potassium. It also has more protein than most other veggies.

3. Green Lentils I’ve always referred to lentils as the underappreciated superfood. These little powerhouses emit only 0.9 kg of CO² during the entire production from garden to table, making them the top environmentally friendly protein source. Comparably, the lowest emitting animal protein, chicken, emits 7X this amount while beef produces a whopping 43X more CO² emissions than lentils. As an added bonus, they require little water to grow and improve soil fertility. One cup of cooked lentils, which require no soaking like dried beans, contains 18 grams of protein, and 16 grams of fibre – more than half the recommended daily amount for adults. And if this wasn’t enough to convince you, this one-cup serving costs about ten cents on average! I challenge you to find another protein source that comes close to this price range. Try incorporating more of these green superfoods into your diet today! Need some inspiration? Try a lentil shepherd’s pie, roasted broccoli and quinoa lunch bowl, or a curried garden pea soup. As an added bonus, don’t forget to buy local, in-season, and if possible, try growing some of your own foods to keep our lovely small town eco-friendly.




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Cleaning Out Your Bathroom Cabinet

Canadian-based company is Eminence Organics, who emphasizes its sustainable farming practices and natural, organic, and cruelty-free products. My favourites include the Cucumber Eye Gel, the Clear Skin Probiotic Moisturizer and the Citrus Exfoliating Wash. Naturopathica and Tata Harper are also great skincare lines with amazingly effective products.



he idea of going “green” is one that applies to many aspects of our lives, each just as important as the next. Whether it’s the food we eat, the water we drink, or what we put on our body, it ultimately has an impact on our health. As we are collectively becoming more aware of this, we search for the products that are the safest, most effective, and most affordable. Frankly, it’s overwhelming and the process of cleaning up everything in your life can take months, or even years. I have spent the last 15 years experimenting with these products and so I thought I’d share my favourites with you: Deodorant Deodorant is a difficult product to replace as all of the natural options don’t include antiperspirant, which your body is most likely very used to. Antiperspirants typically include aluminum-based compounds as well as phthalates and parabens, acting by plugging sweat gland ducts, thus disabling your body’s ability to eliminate toxins through sweat. Natural alternatives act by using natural ingredients to essentially neutralize the sweat and keep your underarms dry. It’s not an easy transition, and it takes awhile to determine whether or not a deodorant is working for you. My favourite brand is Miessence, an Australia-based company that prides itself on its organic skincare, body care, and hair care line. Their “Ancient Spice” roll-on deodorant is so good that I order it by the dozen. Another great brand is the US based Native deodorant. If you prefer to support a more local brand, try out Routine’s line of deodorants. They are a Calgary-based sister act who get rave reviews on their diverse deodorant line. Bonus: you can order mini versions of their products to find the one that suits you best.


Bodycare I am an avid soap collector. I buy soaps with crystals, charcoal soap, and ALL the soap that Coaltown Goods sells. My favourite soap, however, is Homespun Soap, available at the Fernie Arts Coop. They are amazingly scented, beautifully cut and stamped, and individually wrapped. Bonus: Try the Ginger Detox Bath Salts. Amazing! THERE ARE MANY NATURAL PRODUCT OPTIONS IN FERNIE | V. CROOME PHOTO

Whether it’s the food we eat, the water we drink, or what we put on our body, it ultimately has an impact on our health. Skincare For many of us, especially as we enter our thirties and forties, it’s so important to have a skincare line that helps us to look and feel our best. Skincare is a billion-dollar industry, with lots of heavy hitters out there making promises about reducing fine lines and wrinkles, improving elasticity, improving dark circles, and so on. The good news is that there are many great skincare companies providing those of us looking for something greener and cleaner with options. The company I have landed on is True Botanicals, based in Mill Valley, California. Their products are cruelty-free, vegan, nontoxic, handmade, and effective. They have four different lines for four different skin types (including one that is safe for pregnant women). Bonus: They ship to Canada for free (but you might get dinged on the duty). Another great,

Hydration - Simple is best, if a little messy. If your skin needs hydration as badly as mine does, especially during the winter months, get creative and make your own body oil.You can start with simply coconut oil, and add in other oils and butters to enhance different properties.You can add some essential oils if you like a bit of scent, or just keep its lovely natural scent. Toothpaste If you are looking for a cleaner, more natural, and less sweet alternative to your standard toothpaste, look no further than Kiss My Face Triple Action Toothpaste, with or without fluoride. It’s the best, and I’ve tried all the toothpaste out there. It will leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean, and eventually you won’t be able to tolerate the sickly sweet flavour of your old toothpaste. I promise. This is a simplified list of my favourite products, and of course I don’t mean to suggest that you make all of these changes all of once. All I’m saying is that when you work so hard to put good quality things into your body, it makes sense to treat the outside well too, and that doesn’t mean sacrificing quality or effectiveness. FERNIEFIX.COM


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The ‘Useful Tools’ List

Calibre lets you organize your eBooks. It will download meta-data for any that you have, sort them, let you search for them, find all the books by specific author, year, or almost any other data. And it does a decent job as an eReader if you have a format you can’t open.



t’s been a few years since I did a utility article and it’s time to update the ‘useful tools’ list. Some of these are oldies-butgoodies, some are new, and some are quite specialized and not for everyone. All of the utilities I mention here have free versions. Some have paid versions too. Take the time to read the information on the ones you want and make sure you get the version you want. Whenever I setup a new computer for myself or someone else I have several programs that I install immediately. PC Decrapifier – ( This is usually the first program installed. Its sole purpose is to remove pre-installed applications that you don’t want. It analyzes your computer and presents you with a list of programs to uninstall. It even tells you which programs other users usually uninstall. The rule of thumb is if you don’t know then leave it, but generally it’s pretty spot on. CCleaner – ( This is on every computer I come in contact with. Not only does it go through your computer and look for files that can be deleted (internet cache files, deleted files, log files, etc.), but it will scan your registry for orphaned libraries, help you uninstall applications, and help you disable unwanted startup applications and browser plugins. Truly a Swiss Army Knife computer utility. One warning, over the last few years, Piriform has started to make a few extra bucks by offering to install other applications at the same time as Ccleaner. A move for which the irony obviously escapes them. Just make sure you uncheck any such option upon installation. Libre Office – ( This is a free office suite. It has essentially all the same programs as Microsoft Office


and is pretty much compatible with it. There’s a spreadsheet (Calc), document editor (Writer – which I’m using to write this article right now), presentation builder (Impress), drawing (Draw), etc. The compatibility is excellent and the applications are much smaller and generally faster than the Microsoft equivalents. Unless you are an extreme power-user you’ll probably find this suite sufficient. 7Zip – ( This application manages archives. It’ll open almost any and build most. It works with archives from Windows, Mac, and the Linux worlds. It has decent ZIP recovery if you have a corrupted archive. It’s not as needed as it used to be due to better archive support at the operating system level now, but I still use it almost daily. Notepad++ - (Notepad-plus-plus. org) Is a solid text editor. Much of my text editing is done in a Linux environment so I’m a Vim guy much of the time. But for quick editing with lots of options like HEX codes, HTML, languages, etc. very little beats it. SyncBack SE – ( This is my go-to backup software. It lets you build profiles of what and when you want to backup and then you can pretty much forget about it. What I like about it is the files are backed up as they are. They are not compressed into a proprietary format that only that backup software can read. Calibre – ( I’m a book junky and don’t distinguish much between paper and digital. I like both.

f.lux – ( f.lux does exactly one job and that is to modify the colour and intensity of your monitor at different times of the day. It uses the times of sunrise and sunset to reduce the amount of blue in your screen (shown to keep you awake when you don’t want to be). Some operating systems are starting to include this feature, but f.lux was the first and is the best at it. KeyPass – ( If you’ve ever read my column before you’ve probably heard my admonishments about having good passwords and managing them well. This is the tool to do that. It has versions for almost every operating system and device. And used with something like DropBox it’ll keep all of them synchronized. iMazing – ( Helps you manage your iPhone or iPad from a PC. Does backups, transfers, restorations, you name it. MalwareBytes - (Malwarebytes. com) The native anti-virus programs on Windows and Macs are pretty solid, and not really an issue on Linux, but spyware, ad-tracking, etc. a solid anti-malware program is needed. This is the one. Go to the Pricing menu to find the free version. This one is also nice in that you can install it to USB from another computer in case your computer is already infected. FileZilla – ( Not everyone needs an FTP client, but if you do this is the one to get. Fast, constantly updated, great default settings, etc. p.s. If you have any specific questions for the Answer Guy send them to info@clarismedia. com. Chances are good that if you want to know others do too.

Bits and Bytes

April 2018 by YANN LORANGER


arly April will be all about work efficiency. There will probably be some tension around the topic, but the focus will definitely be there! As the month continues, we move into a phase of increased energy. If you felt a bit weak during winter, rest assured! Late April will bring back your dynamism… and maybe more! Since we all have a little bit of each sign within us, consider each of the following as addressing a specific part of yourself. Read it all for every aspect within yourself.

Aries (March 21 - April 29) Confusion Your natural tendency is to do a lot and follow your keenness, but things are not unfolding as they usually do. Sometimes in sports, there are magical moments where everything flows perfectly and we perform better than expected. Well, this month feels opposite to that and if you can figure out why the reward will be greater than expected.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20) Auspicious This will be a sweet month from beginning to end! Your vulnerable, soft, gentle and loving side will feel safe and will express itself more than usual because of this genuine secure feeling. Enjoy it!

Gemini (May 21 - June 20) Relax This is a tricky month where wisdom will be your best friend. If you’re patient, observe and let things happen without urging them, it will unfold nicely with a surprise towards the end of the month.You could compare the situation to a mother ready to give birth… hurrying things is often not the best option.

...we move into a phase of increased energy. If you felt a bit weak during winter, rest assured! Late April will bring back your dynamism… and maybe more! Cancer (June 21 - July 22) Source You feel far from the limelight and know there is some major action happening, but don’t necessarily feel included. It is time to give room to your feminine qualities. Never forget, when there is action, there is also rest and someone needs to care for that part of life, this is you!

Leo (July 23 - Aug 22) Solidarity If you try to push the doors open, they close even tighter. The doors will open with a red carpet at your feet if you work as a team.You need to work for the greater good or challenges will block your path.

Virgo (Aug 23 - Sept 22) Reward This month is great for you! You appreciate needing straightness, the easiness of dealing with your vulnerability, the patience, and observation needed to achieve success. This feels pretty much like paradise to you. Do something you really like during this pleasant month.

Libra (Sept 23 - Oct 22) Stand You may feel like the expectations are too high, feeling pressure to live a life that does not suit what you wish for yourself and your family. Don’t forget that everything changes and this pressure will soon vanish as fast as it appeared.


Scorpio (Oct 23 - Nov 21) Unrestraint While everyone is dealing with feasibility studies, evaluations and estimates, you allow yourself to be creative and surf the wave. Nothing is too big or risky, nothing is impossible! You ensure a maximum of movement and passion for the benefit of all!

Sagittarius (Nov 22 - Dec 21) Steadiness For you, the signs do not align with a clear message. Sagittarius is a centaur and centaurs observe signs, stars, and symbols. Some signs seem controversial and thus, you are not totally ready for the big move. You stand your ground firmly, but wait till it clears to take action.

Capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan 19) Able You are very empowered during this month. The energy, as well as the control of the energy, is within your hands. It is a good time to realize at least one of your dreams.

Aquarius (Jan 20 - Feb 18) Mature You would like to have more influence over the situation. The moment seems like a good one, but you feel left aside like a child would leave a piece of broccoli or onion alone on their plate. What about you? It’s time to appreciate the work of others.

Pisces (Feb 19 - March 20) Refocus You keep bragging about your ideas and strengths, but no one seems to care much these days. It could be a good time to dive inside and reconnect with your own inner presence and find yourself again!



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