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Fern Hugill The Pitch

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In the modern day a brand is affected by social stigma now more than ever. From the ever-growing changes in the way we communicate with each other, to the heightened presence that social media has on our lives. Keeping a brand alive can be a challenge. A change in society, can change consumers’ perception of even the most reputable brand and therefore, brands must take the steps to build back customer confidence with a rebranding strategy to improve their image. Playboy has been at the forefront of recognisable branding for nearly 60 years. If you showed anyone of a cultural status the rabbit’s head, it is almost certainly guaranteed that they would know what it represents. However Playboy recently, “announced a net loss for the fourth quarter ended December 31, 2010, of $14.7 million”, prnewswire. (2011) and a net loss the year previous “of $27.8 million.” prnewswire. (2011). Looking at figures collected from the Financial times online Morning star. (2010) It seems that Playboy have been at a loss for nearly the past decade. “The company’s value had fallen from almost $1 billion (£605 million) at the turn of the millennium to just $84 million today.” Telegraph. (2009). If this loss continues, the Playboy Enterprise will be bankrupt within the next decade. This deterioration could be down to a number of reasons, most likely because of a change in society’s way of thinking. The content of the Playboy magazine may consist of good journalism, however with the majority of consumers something else may come to the forefront of their minds when asked about the content of the magazine. To compete with rival American Men’s Magazines, Playboy has been forced to shift into a trashier market, rather than instill their sophisticated brand identity that was present in the earlier years. Playboy has ultimately embraced its unfortunate new position in the magazine world, with its only USP being the full frontal nudity it has to offer over its competitors such as ‘Maxim’. This USP also has a damaging effect on the company, as the magazine cannot be purchased within a high street store down to its ‘explicit’ full frontal content. This factor has a huge effect on the amount of money the company brings in on magazine sales, as most customers have to buy from online subscription. This prolific profit decline calls for drastic action. Using revolutionary tactics, the company needs to persuade the world’s modern day consumers to buy into a new branded Playboy. By taking a number of drastic but calculated steps, the iconic company can be saved from financial demise.

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Market Analysis The deterioration of Playboy’s financial income (see figure 2 right) could be down to a number of reasons, 
most likely because of a change in society’s way of thinking. The content of the Playboy magazine may consist of good journalism, however with the majority of consumers something else may come to the forefront of their minds when asked about the content of the magazine. Figure 1, is a screengrab from a survey that was conducted to collect primary market research about the brand. As you can see 93% of people feel that the Playboy Enterprise has a negative social stigma attachted to it. The magazine was founded under a Male Entertainment sector, the target audience being primarily of middle aged, educated men. Advertisements in the magazine focused upon style and luxury, and it featured monthly interviews of notable public figures written by respected journalists. To compete with rival American Men’s Magazines, Playboy has been forced to shift into a trashier market, rather than instill their sophisticated brand identity that was present in the earlier years. Playboy has ultimately embraced its unfortunate new position in the magazine world, with its only USP being the full frontal nudity it has to offer over its competitors such as ‘Maxim’. This USP also has a damaging effect on the company, as the magazine cannot be purchased within a high street store down to its ‘explicit’ full frontal content. This factor has a huge effect on the amount of money the company brings in on magazine sales, as most customers have to buy from online subscription. The Playboy Enterprise needs to be brought back to what its founding morals were based upon. The company has to regain its early reputation as being a sophisticated and classy magazine for the modern gentleman. Rather than competing with the cruder publications available on the market, Playboy will position itself alongside gentleman’s magazines such as ‘GQ’. The new target market of the brand, must infact mimick the orginial. A monthly Men’s magazine focusing upon well written journalism, with a host of current and popular public figures featured within. As well as features on popular mens cultural/social issues, style features and a few humourous antidotes throughout.

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S.W.O.T Analysis Strengths • The ability to innovate on a continuous basis • The ability to adapt to changing market conditions • A high brand equity • An excellent company awareness • A global distribution network • Public interest in campaign huge Weaknesses • Negative Social Stigma surrounding brand • Loss of finances in company means strict budget • If budget not kept could equal financial ruin • Lack of experience

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Opportunities • Huge market potential • Change in consumer perception • Fast-growing market segment • Weak or slow-to-react competition • Innovative Idea Threats • Very strong competition from both well established brands • Decline in sales • Rebranding backfires • Change in consumer perception that favors the competition • Lack of resources

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Hugh Hefner, the founder of the Playboy Enterprise, has been the face of the brand for nearly 60 years. Since the beginning the company has been constantly adapting to social wants and needs, but steadily losing the original soul of the brand. This class and sophistication shall return with Hefner’s successor, his youngest son Cooper Hefner. To begin Playboy’s repositioning Hugh Hefner will ‘abdicate’ as the face of the Playboy Enterprise, and his son will take his place. This will see in the new and exciting evolution of the brand with a drastic change in the way of which the company is run, and the direction it follows from then on. From this will be gained a mass media attention surrounding the repositioning and can only work in the brands favour to gain an immense amount of interest and publicity. Along side Hefner stepping down, changes will be to what the company produces. The magazine would become purely literal, void of any full frontal nudity, this would mean it would be readily available to purchase on the shelf boosting in store magazine sales and able to compete in the Men’s magazine market. By ridding the magazine of explicit content and focusing purely on enthralling journalism, Playboy will then regain its early reputation as being a sophisticated and classy magazine for the modern gentleman. Additional subtle changes would also be made, such as the typeface of the Playboy icon would alter, however the Playboy Rabbit Head Logo would remain the same, as it is such an iconic and recognizable cultural symbol. A revolutionary new website will be developed, as well as an exclusive online magazine for those consumers who have moved on from print publications. This is the way of which many global brands have revived their customer base, by connecting with the ever-growing Internet consumer. Brands are moving into technology now more than ever, and to succeed Playboy need to exploit this trend the most they can. To drive the interest in the new King of Playboy taking over from his father and the new and improved magazine being launched a extensive promotional campaign will work along side these. This will include a 40 second commercial to be premiered at the Superbowl 2015, as well as billboards/ print advertisements to promote the rebrand across the globe. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are at the height of modern day promotion for brands to use to their advantage. A global countdown to the new King’s ‘Coronation’ event would be promoted on these platforms, with a innovative countdown available for the public to access in addition to a series of exclusive content being available for subscribers. The final piece to ensure this evolution of Playboy Enterprise is a relaunch event at the original Playboy club in Chicago, IL. This event will see Hugh Hefner step down as the King of the brand, and Cooper Hefner step up as the new King – “Long live the New King.” This event will coincide with the social media countdown together with the availability of the new and improved magazine being obtainable on the shelves across the globe. Social stigma needs to be rid from the company, and the only way to do this is to do what no one has thought of before. Ultimately what would be gained from these individual elements is a pioneering and stimulating positive step forward for the iconic Playboy brand. Cooper Hefner is a unique way to reach these goals, the new King of Playboy.

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Press Release Playboy will release a press release on the 01.01.2015; this is exactly one month prior to the commercial being aired during the Super Bowl XLIX. This press release is set to be the first official confirmation from Playboy of the stepping down of Hugh Hefner as the face of the company, and the introduction of Cooper Hefner. The press released informs the press and media about the rebrand of the company, allowing them to then use this information to promote Playboy. Within the press release it explains that the rebranding campaign will start once the Super Bowl commercial has been aired, then all other outlets of promotion will follow. The document also informs the reader of the launch date of a new rebranded Playboy to be the 09.04.2015.

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Playboy Enterprises announces a global rebrand of the company after 60 years of business. After 60 years Playboy Enterprises has announced a global rebrand of the company in both the Media & Licensing sectors. The rebrand will come into effect on the 9th April 2015, with a vast promotional campaign launching during the Super Bowl XLIX Commercial slot on the February 1, 2015. In recent years, the Playboy Enterprise has come under much scrutiny and the brand feels like this is the perfect time to catch up with the modern day consumers needs. Founder of the company, Hugh Hefner says, “I have made Playboy what it is today, a global phenomena, a brand recognisable even at a glance. What I have set out to achieve, I have done so and I could have never anticipated the impact it has had on us all. However, after 60 years, I have decided that it is time to step down as the face of Playboy and allow my youngest son, Cooper Hefner to take my place at the helm of the business.” The dramatic rebrand will include several changes in the process of the business, including an improved magazine void of nudity, to rival the likes of GQ and Esquire.

ENDS NOTES TO EDITORS: Playboy Enterprises, Inc. is an American privately held global media and lifestyle company headquartered in Beverly Hills, California. It was founded by Hugh Marston Hefner to initially manage the Playboy magazine empire. The company is structured with two primary business segments: Media (which manages content for print, digital, social, mobile, TV and radio platforms) and Licensing (which licenses the Playboy name, Rabbit Head design and other trademarks, logos and images for use in connection with consumer goods, venues and events).


Name: Miss Fern Hugill

Tel: +1-323-276-4000

9346 Civic Center Dr, Ste 200, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 Tel: (312) 751- 9800


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Super Bowl XLIX Commercial This minute long film is the first glimpse the public will have of the new look Playboy Enterprise and the introduction of Cooper Hefner. The film centres around Cooper Hefner, with the film beginning with him been given the news that the time has come for him to make his grand entrance as the new king of Playboy. Cooper is then seen in his process of getting ready, all of while the camera never is directly shown a shot of his face. Throughout the film subtle references to his father and the ‘old’ brand Playboy will be evident, such as Bunny ears in the trash and a Hugh Hefner’s infamous pipe on the bedside table. In 2014 the Super Bowl attracted a live audience of 111.5 million viewers BBC (2013), this makes it the ideal opportunity for the initial launch to reach a global scale. The Super Bowl XLIX will air on the 01.02.2015, and the online viral countdown (pg. 10) will continue on until the Playboy rebrand launch date on the 09.04.15, this coincides with Hugh Hefner’s birthday. Once the commercial has been premiered all other outlets of promotion will then follow, including the release of promotional images and the launch of the online countdown to rebrand. The commercial will also be shown on American television networks during primetime advertising slots, as well as online promotion on websites such as Buzzfeed/Facebook/Twitter.

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Online Countdown The online countdown will run for 68 days, from the Super Bowl XLIX Commercial premier on the 01.02.2015 until the launch of the newly rebranded Playboy on the 09.04.15. The countdown has the ability to be accessed on PC and mobile devices; a mobile app shall also be launched downloadable for Apple and Android users. Once the countdown has completed, the new Playboy website will automatically be launched replacing this webpage and a new app available to download. The countdown has been added to the campaign to create a climax towards the final rebrand launch, the idea that the audience does not know what the clock is counting down too is extremely intriguing and will ultimtely build up interest in the rebrand.

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Promotional Images The series of promotional images will be released worldwide to celebrate the new look of the Playboy brand. The images aim to showcase a number of men, of which every other ‘normal’ man will be able to relate to at least one. From the more feminine man, to a burly gent; these images are a step away from the naked girls that the Playboy brand has always been so synonymous with. These promotional images will also been used for advertising purposes on a multitude of billboards across Northern American highways, as well as in other print publications. The idea behind the images is much like the film, to give the whole campaign of the rebrand a sense of mystery to drive a mass interest in the brand up until the launch of the newly branded Playboy on the 09.04.15.

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Social Networking Platforms There were “1.43 billion social network users in 2012” MediaMe (2012) and so the Long Live The New King rebranding campaign will make social networking platforms Facebook and Twitter, an integral part of driving publicity. Social media platforms have created new ways which content can be shared, while also radically increasing the number of people that this can then be passed onto. Consumers gain control of their advertising experience when, they have the ability to ‘like’, ’share’ and ‘retweet’ with their peers. This marketing technique, through user distribution, when applied to Long Live The New King campaign will rapidly increase brand awareness and interest in regards to the rebrand. Facebook – The current Playboy Facebook page, which has currently “14,634,800 likes” Playboy Facebook (2014) will be set up under the name ‘Long Live The New King’ for consumers to ‘like’ and ‘share’, this page will have regular updates of a vague and cryptic manner leading up until the 09.04.15. Once the rebrand has come into effect, the Facebook page will revert back under the original Playboy account of which alternations have took page according to the new theme of the company. Twitter – Much like the Facebook, the current Playboy Twitter account, which currently has “846,000 followers” Playboy Twitter (2014), will change to the rebranding campaigns name. Twitter users can then ‘follow’ the company and ‘retweet’ messages, much similar to those posted on the Facebook page. The unique advantage of Twitter, is that consumers can directly interact with the company by ‘tweeting’ the new account @LLTNK, as well as using twitter’s distinctive feature of ‘#” to gain more promotion between a multitude of users. Consistent to the Facebook page, once the rebrand has come into effect on the 09.04.15 is accounts will revert back to the original Playboy Enterprise one, but with alternations according to the rebrand. To make Facebook and twitter promotion a success, posts must connect with specific emotions, desires and lifestyles to their target market, in this case the newly rebranding target audience. The Super Bowl XLIX Commercial will be heavily advertised on these platforms, with the aim of it becoming a successful viral video across the global, and ultimately reaching a vast target audience.

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Website Once the countdown has finished at 6:00pm on the 09.04.15 and the rebrand has officially come into effect, a new website for the Playboy Enterprise shall launch. The countdown website’s html will be automatically transferred over to the new website, so the countdown page is obsolete and consumers are directly forwarded onto the new rebranded website. However to avoid confusion with web users still assessing the countdown webpage, the countdown will still be accessible for 3 months after the new launch website, but after this period of time only the new websites html www. will be available to use. The website’s homepage for the first 2 months after the launch of the rebrand will feature a rolling video of the Super Bowl XLIX Commercial, this means as soon as the webpage is access the video will begin to loop until the user is no longer on the homepage. The website will have the following pages of media available; News, Store,, Content, Experiences and Contact, these pages of the website, will be updated on a regular basis with relevant information of happenings with/within the brand. Content users will also be able to sign up to a mailing list, to get regular Playboy Enterprise email updates and have access to exclusive content.

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Advertising All promotional visuals that have been produced on behalf of the Long Live The King campaign will be extensively used across America and a variety of avenues online also. The Long Live The New King banner and promotional images, will be used as advertising on platforms such as Facebook and Yahoo, as well as the Super Bowl XLIX Commercial being virally promoted. An App available for Apple and Android users, for the countdown website will be created and downloadable from the commercial premier date, 01.02.15. Once the launch date has come and the newly branded Playboy Enterprise is in effect, this App will be frozen in production and the new website will then be available for mobile download app to the public on a global scale. The promotional images will be used on billboards across Northern America, as well as in print publications of which the rebranded Playboy target audience wishes to reach. In addition to these advertising techniques and coinciding with the online countdown website, the countdown will be shown on a digital mega board in the centre of Times Square New York for entirety of the 68 day countdown.

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12 Months of Magazines Covers (Cover Star’s may change depending on circumstance) April 2015 – Cooper Hefner May 2015 - Robert Downey Jnr. (Coincide with Avengers) June 2015 – Kobe Bryant (NBA season) July 2015 - Paul Rudd (Coincide with Ant Man) August 2015 - Seth Macfarlane (Coincide with TED 2) September 2015 – Kevin Spacey (House of Cards) October 2015 – Tom Brady (Football Season) November 2015 – Jay Z December 2015 – Harrison Ford (Coincide with Star Wars) January 2016 – Justin Timberlake February 2016 – Usain Bolt (Pre Olympics) March 2016 - Michael Fassbender (Coincide with X-men) April 2016 – Hugh Hefner (Hefner’s 90th Birthday)

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LONG LIVE THE NEW KING After 60 years ruling the mansion, Hef has passed the reigns onto his son. But what can the new king of the brand bring to the table? And is it true he really prefers brunettes? Meet Cooper Hefner, the new king of Playboy. Driving up into the heart of Beverly Hills, passing countless Hollywood superstar mansions I reach my destination. Greeted by mile high gates, entry into the Mansion is overwhelming. Welcomed by speakerphone, the gates begin to motion open and I follow onto a twisting driveway shaded by tall trees. I have to slow down to avoid any incident with a passing peacock; I’ve entered into a secluded Los Angeles paradise. I park my hire car in the gleaming Californian sun, and make my way to the doors of the Mansion. Built in 1927 by architect Arthur R. Kelly, the Mansion was purchased by Hugh Hefner in 1971 for $1 million. As can be imagined it has all of the upscale neighbors a home could ever need, boasting 22 rooms with the addition of a wine cellar, game room, tennis courts, and a zoo and aviary. The greeting on the front doorstep is overpowering and unexpected; Cooper Hefner appears from behind the door and extends a hand. Struck in awe, I swiftly shuffle myself inside the grand hall following Hefner straight through into the Mansions dining room. I

hardly have any time to take this whole experience in before I am introduced to another man Brian Olea, head of the staff at the Mansion. He acknowledges me with a wide smile and a prompt handshake; before scattering off to cater to the constant needs that the mansion requires each and every day. The dining room I’m seated in has a rich smart feel. There is an awful lot of mahogany, but I feel immensely comfortable, much like I’m sat in my Mother and Father’s home. Of course, this is not the residence of Cooper Hefner. Cooper, a re-

mensely cool manner. Perching on the front of the chair, he continues, “For me its normality, I don’t have anything else to base it off of. I guess it’s a little surreal when you base it off other peoples lives, but for me he’s just Dad.” But he isn’t just a Dad. Hugh Hefner

“i want to represent my dad and have a hand in the direction the company goes in.”

cent graduate of Chapman University, dwells in a house situated on the Playboy Mansion grounds, ‘My dad bought the house next to Playboy Mansion for my mom, who used to be a model. She’s moved out and I live there since I’ve finished college.” That model in question being Cooper Hefner’s mother Kimberley Conrad, who was Playmate of the Month in 1988. In 1989, the 26-year-old Playboy bunny married 63-yearold Hugh Hefner and the couple raised Cooper and his brother Marston before separating ten years later. The topic of his father transitions into our conversation with ease. Chatting with Hefner is extremely easy, possibly down to his im-

is the founder of one of the biggest brands the 21st century man has ever encountered, and the younger Hefner’s name lends itself to one of the most recognizable in the world. Whilst studying a film production major at Chapman University, Cooper was anonymous among the bustling throng

of college students, “It’s the name that’s famous not my face.” In this statement is truth of course. Cooper has been a somewhat of a ghost for the entirety of his childhood, and this could have continued on through his adult life if he had chosen so. However, Hefner’s older brother Marston has shied away from stepping up as heir, and so Cooper has taken this opportunity head-on. “I have a very good relationship with my brother. He has been away at the university of San Francisco and he is still trying to work out what he wants to do.” Cooper goes on to talk about his brother, his emotions relaxing ever so slightly. In comparison to his fathers other children with first wife Mildred Williams, who are now both in

their sixties, Cooper and Marston have a close relationship. Cooper speaks ever so fondly of his brother, “My brother and I had a room in each house. When my dad had parties, we stayed at our mom’s.’ Beginning to chuckle to himself, he continues, “As my brother and I got a bit older, around 14 or 15, we’d try to sneak into the parties but often we’d end up being chased by security.” All of a sudden, I feel a mighty presence, and the mahogany in the room seems to smell just that little richer. From the doorway behind me Hugh Hefner enters into the room, welcoming and grabbing my hand to shake it ever so unexpectedly. Astounded is the only word that darts into my mind. I follow the icon with my eyes across the room, until he sits himself next to his son. Hugh was 66 years old when Cooper was born, but regardless of the drastic age difference between them I have infrequently seen a partnership instantly so connected. Hugh lays a gentle hand on his son, as I ask Cooper what it was like growing up with the famous Hugh Hefner as his father, “When I was growing up I used to lie about who I was, not because I was embarrassed, not because of what my Dad did but because I just didn’t want the attention.” Cooper goes on to justify his words, “My father has done incredible things, things that people dream of doing and he’s accomplished so much that I was not aware of when I was younger. The older I’ve got, the more I’ve learnt about the company and spent more time with my Dad, there is nothing to be ashamed of.” Cooper and his father begin to chat between themselves, their connection is something to be

partly envious of. I feel somewhat rude to interrupt their conversation, but my time at the mansion is soon to draw to a close. I need to get the most important answer I set out to achieve, the new rebranded future of the Playboy Enterprise. Once I propose this question to Cooper, it seems like he has rehearsed the answer a thousand times, “We live in a digital age, and I think that is the new frontier for the magazine as well as the rest of the company.” I question him about whether a print magazine would be present in the future; the response I receive is strong. I take it almost as a promise, “I don’t see the physical magazine going anywhere for a long time. The business grows in a lot of other directions. But the magazine remains the heart and the soul.” Whilst his father glanced dotingly at him, I asked the younger Hefner how in his opinion the direction of print was taking, “I love picking up a magazine. I feel like print is not dying out, it’s just going through a transition.” This is of course true. Print is going through a transition. Technology is taking over the world, and no one can delay it any longer. “The funny thing is, I think that everything that once was cool is now cool again. My generation is obsessed in the yester-year and want to experience what the 60s and 70s had to offer. There is a new audience waiting for this re-emergence of the brand,” Cooper abruptly states. ‘I want to represent my dad and have a hand in the direction the company goes in, and for the company to go back to that era of being cool and sophisticated.’ “I am very passionate about gay

rights, I draw a lot of comparison to the civil rights movements of the 50s and 60s and the NOH8 campaign of today. Playboy has always been the voice of the underdog, those who cannot find their own voice.” Cooper Hefner has always publicly said his duty is to change the current perception of Playboy and introduce what his father tried to do 40 years ago. “My generation was introduced to Playboy as blonde hair and fake boobs. There was an out of touch moment when the people who ran the company didn’t understand what our generation was attracted to.” When the company was founded over 60 years ago, Hugh Hefner stated that the Playboy brand was 50 percent sex, 50 percent activism and political relevance. Armed with an idealistic mind, Cooper declares to me, “I am very passionate about gay rights, I draw a lot of comparison to the civil rights movements of the 50s and 60s and the NOH8 campaign of today. Playboy has always been the voice of the underdog, those who cannot find their own voice.” The newly branded Playboy is to market toward a modern audience that is interested in culture, style, news and women. The women fragment being void from the magazines and only a part of the online enterprise, so that shelf sales will become a vast increasing profit margin for the company much that has been lost over recent years. The one statement that has come across the most from Cooper is that he wants to break away from the past 60 years. “I am not my father. Although I don’t have a business degree, I have a fresh set of eyes that can make Playboy rele-

vant again to a market that thinks of it as a brand of yesterday.� From what I gather the most important thing for Cooper Hefner, is to establish himself as an individual and not just a younger more modern version of his father. My time at the Mansion has come to a close, and to say that my heart has sunk would be a lie. From my time in this majestic setting, what I have learnt and have been taught has added years to my existence, even if just mentally. I know certainly, that what I can truly take away from meeting this legendary family is the immense love and respect they have for one another. The new king of playboy will undoubtedly bring the brand into a deserved modern day success and I pledge to be a part of this experience as faithfully as I can.

And so I sing to the choir.

Long Live The New King.

Example Guestlist For Launch Hugh Hefner - Founder Cooper Hefner – Son of Founder Pamela Anderson – Former Playmate Tom Arnold – Actor Ray Anthony - Musician John Asher - Actor Roseanne Barr – Actress Hank Baskett – Former NFL Player Amanda Bentley – Former Playmate Sandy Bentley – Former Playmate Thora Birch – Actress Ron Borst – Memorabilia Expert Steve Buscemi - Actor James Caan - Entrepreneur Drew Carey – Comedian Jonny Crawford - Actor Erica Dahm – Former Playmate Andy Dick - Comedian Vin Disel - Actor Fred Dryer – Former NFL Player Carmen Electra – Former Playmate David Faustino - Actor Jeff Goldblum - Actor Seth Green - Actor Arsenio Hall – Talk Show Host Laura Harring – Former Miss USA Paris Hilton - Heiress Heather Kozar – Former Playmate Chris Jones - Journalist Martin Landau - Actor Mario Lopez – Television Host Nelly - Artist Jon Lovitz - Comedian Leonard Maltin – Film Critic Jenny McCarthy – Former Playmate Piers Morgan - Broadcaster Kate Moss - Model Jodi Ann Paterson - Model Kira Reed Lorsch - Writer

Tara Reid – Former Playmate Brande Roderick - Actress Regina Russell – Film Producer Rob Schneider - Comedian Paul Sorvino – Actor Pitbull - Artist Kevin Spacey - Actor Rod Stewart - Artist Ben Stiller - Actor Julie Strain – Former Playmate Justin Timerlake - Artist Verne Troyer - Actor Jean-Claude Van Damme Patrick Warburton Kendra Wilkinson – Former Playmate

Page 46.

Invitation For Launch

Playboy Enterprises announces a global rebrand of the company after 60 years of business. Hugh Hefner cordially invites you to attend the global launch event of the newly rebranded Playboy Enterprise.

Dress Code : Black Tie Thursday, 9th of April, 2015 – 6:00pm Playboy Club Chicago 116 E. Walton St. (950N, 100E) Chicago, IL 60611 RSVP Contact: Fern Hugill

Tel: +1-323-276-4000

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Magazine Timeline

>12 Months

Brainstorm Template

12 Months

Layout of magazine

10 Months

Develop; Logo Palette Typography Layouts Tone of Voice Secure Journalist Secure Photographer

8 Months

Final Imagery Final Journalism

6 Months

Critique Refine

3 Months

Send to Print

9th April 2015


Page 50.


Online Presence

>12 Months

Brainstorm Template Layout of Website

12 Months

Secure Web designer Secure social media content creator

10 Months

Develop online website content: Palette Typography Layouts Tone of Voice

8 Months

Final Website Final Social media content

6 Months

Critique Website/Social Media Refine Website/Social Media

2nd Feb 2015

Launch social media countdown Launch website countdown

9th April 2015

Launch new Website

Page 51.



>12 Months


12 Months

Secure avenues of promotion Secure commercial film necessities Secure promotional image necessities Develop Mobile App

8 Months

Critique Film/Images Refine Film/Images

6 Months

Final film Final images Press Release

2nd Feb 2015

Super Bowl XLIX Commercial Premier (February 1, 2015) All other promotional outlets launched together

Page 52.


Commercial Film

>12 Months


12 Months

Book Model/Venue/Equipment/Stylists & Staff

10 Months

Secure Model/Venue/Equipment/Stylists & Staff

8 Months

Film Commercial

6 Months

Edit Film Critique Refine

2nd Feb 2015

Final Commercial produced ready for promotion Premier of Commericial at Superbowl

Page 53.


Promotional Images

>12 Months


12 Months

Book Models/Venue/Equipment/Stylists & Staff

10 Months

Secure Models/Venue/Equipment/Stylists & Staff Test Shots

8 Months

Shoot day

6 Months

Edit Images

4 Months

Critique Refine Final Images produced ready for promotion

2nd Feb 2015

Release Promotional Images

Page 54.


Relaunch Event

>12 Months


12 Months

Draft Guest list Refine Guest list

10 Months

Invitations created Book Venue & Staff

8 Months

Send out invitations to guest

6 Months

Secure Venue & Staff

4 Months

RSVP final Guest List

2 Months

Brief all involved

1 Week

Ensure all needs met at Venue

9th April 2015

Coronation of the New King

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References prnewswire. (2011). Playboy Enterprises, Inc. Reports Fourth Quarter and Full-Year Results. Available: Last accessed 2nd Jan 2014. Telegraph. (2009). Hugh Hefner sells LA property as financial crisis hits Playboy. Available: http://www. Last accessed 2nd Jan 2014. Image references in document order Playboy Logo (2011) s400/Playboy-Logo.gif Last accessed 13th March 2014. Larevista (2011) Last accessed 13th March 2014. Survey Monkey (2013) Last accessed 2nd Jan 2014. Morning Star. (2010). Last accessed 2nd Jan 2014. Independent (2012) v202-playboy-sutcliffe.jpg Last accessed 2nd Mar 2014. Links created on behalf of projectWebsite - Online Countdown - Super Bowl Commercial - Twitter - Facebook -

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Long Live The New King - The Pitch