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Mo nd ay, June 10, 2013

Damascus Maryland Homes - Real Estate 20872 D amascus Maryland Ho me s

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To view the latest listings f or Damascus Maryland Homes click here

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Damascus Maryland is located upper North of Montgomery County. Its residents enjoy many community amenities that beautif ully complement lif e in the Washington Metropolitan area. Damascus is a f amily-f riendly community with new public parks and schools to accommodate the city. Damascus Maryland Homes have unique f lavor and styles merged with Maryland weather, convenience and openness.

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Af f ordability: Based on home prices, median income and mortgage rates, Damascus MD has the most af f ordable home prices in Montgomery County. Another benef it is that most homes f or sale in the area have the biggest lots and af f ordable prices if you are looking f or more acreage in Montgomery County Maryland "Damascus Maryland Homes Enjoy t he Best Prices in Mont gomery Count y " D amascus Maryland Ho me s

Posted by Fernando Herboso at 7:26 AM Labels: 20872, Damascus, Estate, Homes, maryland, Real

Fe rnando He rbo so Fernando Herbo so Ho nesty and integrity, alo ng with determinatio n and dedicatio n, are philo so phies that Fernando strives fo r in all aspects o f his life. Applying these principles to his business, has allo wed him to be a to p pro ducing real estate agent fo r the past 10 years. His backgro und as a business o wner fo r several ventures and co o wner and fo under fo r a Keller Williams franchise has given his real estate business a high level o f experience leadership and pro fessio nalism. Fernando Herbo so has a pro ven reco rd o f directly impacting his client’s financial

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client’s financial success and pro pelling smo o th transactio ns by applying refined management, selling, and nego tiatio n talents. If yo u are planning o n buying o r selling in the Maryland DC and V irginia area co ntact Fernando Herbo so , yo ur lo cal neighbo rho o d expert fo r a perso nalized custo mer care. Fernando takes pride in servicing his clients by delivering exceptio nal service and establishing life lo ng relatio nships. Fernando is the fo under and president o f Herbo so & Asso ciates llc

A co mpany that is fo cused o n pro viding incredible service to all his clients and

unparalleled suppo rt fo r all it's agents. Licensed in Maryland, DC and Virginia

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Damascus Maryland Residents in Montgomery County rarely find a reason to leave the community. That's because there's so much here to see an...