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fernando gomes architecture PORTFOLIO

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360 panorama. the canteen.

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out of the box. cv.

I.S.I admission office. the house of couple. molding. folding. the dust. aere perennius.

fernando gomes +62 856 9888 949 Universitas Gadjah Mada Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

360 panorama The restaurant. Based on potential view in every wind direction and the resulting modern form, inspired by Daniel Libeskin’s hallmark, visitors can eat and walk around at the same time, to relax and enjoy the 360” view presented. 360” Panorama, that’s what we called it.


the canteen This project is more directed to the workers & employees in the area, where the canteen is generally more economical than the resto. The canteen combine particular style from different periods and different origins - ecletic style. .


I.S.I. admission office The form of this building becomes a point of interest surrounding the campus area, which content art values on its facade. The design should be effective, see an office requires a lot of work spaces.


I.S.I. admission office This building is divided into two main facades, where part of its left accentuating the “spirit of art�, the way it should be owned by an instittute of arts and on the right side adapts to the facade of an office in common (formal). Art in the formality, is the concept.


the house of couple In the end, this project using a modern concept, which is shown on the walls and windows. There are several rooms which use brick as wall, thicker than usual (pasangan 1 bata) with “trapezium� windows inspired by Chapel of Notre Dame in France by Le Corbusier.


molding This project is an assignment of Fabrication Arc subject, collaborated with HONFablab (Fablab Yogyakarta). It uses one of fabrication techniques, molding. We were asked to create a structure

by using molding technique, where the structure should be sturdy and able to stand strong without using any connectors. Test done by using plasticin as material.


folding Thus, the theory of folding is one another fabrication systems. In this project, we were asked to explain in more depth how the theory of folding works. Application of the technique we do on a cardboard paper, starting from design its texture, then folding it up.


the dust This project looked at designing a north entrance of our campus using fabrication systems. The concept of the entrance is to create a space that characterizes the campus vision that puts the spirit of education and experiment. By using the technique of folded shell, those 2 principal points are expressed in the design. Dynamic, as architecture campus should be.


aere perennius This was an assigment of Studio Desain Arsitektur 5 where we learnt how to design a city hotel appropriately based on it theory and principles (utility, hotel system, standard measure, parking,etc) Perennius, what the hotel named, is a city hotel that has as a concept, an old-new vision, by seeking continuous design with the surrounding area which has a strong cultural value, Malioboro.


out of the box It’s the product of an architectural competition we follow. It’s how you react with yours own problems (architecture for you), in this case the problem is minimum of space to work and to make an assigment as an architecture student, and also with a lot of friends who often visit. The solution ideia is to break down the main window and transform it as a new additional space for us.


CV. education .11|present UGM | Universitas Gadjah Mada, Department of Architecture and Urban Planning

.08|.11 EPRC | Escola Portuguesa Ruy Cinatti, Timor Leste

.05|.08 EPRC | Escola Portuguesa Ruy Cinatti, Timor Leste



.12|present KMTA Wiswakharman sport and health division

.13|present PAMYI|Paguyuban Mahasiswa Arsitektur Yogyakarta member

.13|present WEX|Wiswakharman Expo 14 committee (decoration)

.13 Architecture Fair UI 2013 Architecture For You finalist (with Diki Elhasani & Miftah Fakhri)

.13 Interior Design of UGM Library top 8 (with Nenda Minerva & Adientya Febrina)

.12 Archfest Rumah Nelayan entry (with Nuel Siburian, Abdul Karim & Suva Nugraha)

.12|.13 WEX|Wiswakharman Expo 13 committee (decoration)

skills hand drafting, drawing, sketching, design softwares (Sketch Up, AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDRAW), computer literate (MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point)

courses .11|.12 VIONA|Jakarta Barat AutoCAD & 3ds Max course

.12 1st place University Vocal Group competition (PORSENIGAMA) as pianist

.12 1st place Faculty Vocal Group competition (Techfest) as pianist

.11|.12 WEX|Wiswakharman Expo committee (event)

fernando gomes +62 856 9888 949 Universitas Gadjah Mada Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia Universitas Gadjah Mada Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia


Portfolio Fernando Cardoso  

Architecture of Gadjah Mada University 2011