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most recognized work is: An America Main contenders forHisNobel Dilemma: The Negro Problem and Modern Prize in economics Democracy (1944). In which he documented revealed! his ability to combine economic analysis with

a broad sociological perspective. We’ve passed the half of the year now and FRIEDERICH VON HAYEK the reports and nominations for Economist Economics Nobel Prize are being written, born in Austria. He has studied the legal framework of economic systems and sent and checked. issues concerning the way individuals, A trustable source from the committee in organizations and various social systems charge of electing the Economics Nobel work. His most recognized Prize’s Laureates has revealed some of the work is his Theory of business cycles. In this strong names to win the honorable prize. work, Von Hayek talks about how monetary According to our source, the strongest expansion, accompanied by lending which names on the nominee’s list are Professor exceed the rate of voluntary saving, could Gunnar Myrdal from Sweden and Professor lead to a misallocation of resources, Friederich Von Hayek from Austria. particularly affecting the structure of capital. According to the source both, Myrdal and According to our source, the Academy is of Von Hayek have been considered in the list the opinion that von Hayek's analysis of the of possible award winners since it was functional efficiency of different economic inaugurated in 1969, but this year may be systems is one of his most significant their year. Apparently most of the election contributions to economic research in the committee has proposed their names due broader sense. to their great advances and contributions Both, Myrdal and Von Hayek are also to Economic science. recognized for their studies of possible GUNNAR MYRDAL: changes in the organizational, institutional Economist born in Austria. He has anddirected legal conditions that prevail in our most of his research on economic problems societies, in order to improve them. in the broadest sense and the poverty of The Award ceremony will be up to December the developing countries. He has sought to but the two main contenders for the Prize are relate economic analysis to social, already setting up. The only question left is: demographic and institutional conditions. Who will receive the Nobel Prize? Anonymous author. "The Prize in Economics 1974 - Press Release". Consulted: 2 Feb 2014. From:

The vice president Gerald Ford assumes the Days agopower. the vice-

president Gerald The ex-president Richard Nixon abandon Rudolph the Ford, WhiteJr.House

assumed the power It seems that months it has been after nine as investigated brings over from what of it has vice-president the happened with the resignation of the president Richard Unites States. Nixon during the past months, one of seven civil servants of the President was accused of espionage in the building Watergate. Yesterday, the President Richard Nixon I resign to the power as leader of the nation of the United States of America as a result of an accusation towards his person for corruption, abuse of power and espionage by means of civil servants. In the previous months, the Senate of the United States initiated process of impeachment against Richard Nixon. It is known that Nixon think about how to respond to this act they think that the present´s resignation was by means of a letter that comes few days before

Watergate Scandal,” Watergate Scandal, Enciclopedia Británica, 19 Mar. 2013. Consulted 3 Feb 2014. From:

Happy birthday to you! LORRAINE GARY (37): Film and TV Series Today, as every day, some recognized members of our country add onestar. moreShe’s yearmainly known for her many host in shows like “The Virginian”, to their lives. Here’s a list of someappearances people “Mcmillan and Wife” and “O’Hara, U.S. whose birthday is today: Treasury”. Currently, the actress is filming a ANN BLYTH (46): Musical and film star. Universal Studios movie called “Jaws” that is She’s mainly known for his Opera songs and set to premiere next year. for her part in the film “The Buster Keaton Story”. The star is currently participating in a TV Series project called “Switch” in which she’ll play the role of a woman called Miriam Estabrook.

Anonymous. “Lorraine Gary”. IMDb. Without publication date. Consulted: 01/03/14. From:

FRANK GIFFORD (44): Former football player. He’s considered by many one of the Anonymous. “Ann Blyth” IMDb. Without publication date. Consulted: best players in the New York Giants’ History. 01/03/14. From: ref_=nmbio_bio_nm He’s known for his ability to play in many FESS PARKER (50): Film and TV positions, Series star.such as defensive back, halfback He’s mainly known for his part inand theflanker. Walt He retired from football in Disney’s “Davy Crockett” and the1962. “Daniel Boone” series. Recently, the actor tried to build his own TV Series called: “The Fess Parker Show” But the pilot wasn’t accepted by any television company.

Anonymous. Anonymous. “Fess Parker” IMDb. Without publication date. Consulted:“Frank Gifford” Pro Football Hall Of Fame. Without publication date. 01/03/14. From: Consulted: 01/03/14. From: ref_=nm_ovbio_sm.


New hot band to perform Give Lennon a Chance at the CBGB A call to clear the mist around the The Ramones perform at the CBGB deportation order tonight at 9:00 Approximately a month ago John Lennon,

the ex-Beatle, was ordered to leave the US Johnny, Joey, Dee Dee and, Tommy, The and was denied the opportunity to stay while Ramones, these four punks of Forest Hills in his suit on the Supreme Court, but his wife Queens, are the new proposal for an was conceded permanent residence. opening act at the CBGB’s. At first glance The officially given reason was a guilty pledge these guys look as a 50’s motorcycle gang, in 1968 for possession of Marijuana, this has with their black leather jackets and their byasitself generated a wave of tension around tight leather trousers. They seem if they the country, were going to attack in any moment, or as a lots of young Hippies, musicians, group of Glam Rock, but whatever these areprotestors, have been protesting pacifically, although John seems very calm not a group of Hippies, got a chance to andare willing listen to some of their demos, they someto make the Court’s will. serious stuff.

Swanson, Dave . "40 Years Ago: John Lennon Ordered to Leave the US by Immigration Authorities From:" Ultimate Classic Rock. 03 2013. 02 2014 <>.

Yoko Ono seems as calm as him, but in several live interviews they let their anger Pekka, Jari. "Something about the Ramones history" Ramones. 03 2014. 02 2014 show. Yoko Ono has now said that she is <>. la primera referncia para el atículo de Ramones pregnant from Lennon and that to separate When Dee Dee counts “1, 2, 3, 4!” the wall of be a crime against their rights as them would noise get into your ears and makes it ambassadors of Nutopia. difficult to stay on your feet. A heavy howl, While President Ford takes over the nation result of the combination of Joey’s guitar there is a possibility that the order against and Johnny’s voice, invades the air. The Lennon can be retired. time of the Glam Rock and the psychedelic riffs of the long songs have comeAll towe an are endsaying is give Lennon a chance. and the age of Punks has started.

Beginning of the And the recession goes recession on! Now, why are we on this situation? Everything Our country is began with the former US president: clearly goingRichard Nixon. Last year, through Nixon instituted an wage-price controls economic whichcrisis. kept prices to high, reducing the Every day we find product’s demand. Wage controls also more and more made salaries to high, which forced people who have lost their job businesses and this to fire workers. seems to be justplans the were that due to the decline Nixon beginningin production of the and the rising of crisis. unemployment would discourage more Nixon presenting the recession Statistics gathered by the United States’ prices increases. Bureau of Labor Statistics show that Nixon’s recession plans didn’t work that unemployment rate between August’s rate kept increasing beginning of this and last yearwell, showunemployment that and prices unemployment rate has increased fromwere still very high. This was beginning of nowadays’ recession in 4.9% in 1973 to 5.6% this year the (taking on count people who are 16 or older) which President Ford’s Administration and Congress are working on. President Statistics also show that the average Ford has said they’ re going to work on income of an American family has this situation in order to clarify it as early increased from $875 per month last year asthese possible to $925 per month this year, but are and to avoid the current recession very tricky stats. Even though the medianto become a depression. income has increased, the prices have also increased. This year’s prices are, in average, 11% higher than last year’s. U.S Department of Commerce “Consumer income: Household money income in 1974 and selected social and economic characteristics of households” United States Department of Labor. “Labor force statistics from the current United States Census Bureau. Published: August, 1975. Consulted: 03 Feb, population survey”. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Consulted: 03 Feb 2014. From: 2014. From: years_option=all_years&periods_option=specific_periods&periods=Annual+D ata

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Newspaper YEAR 1974