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ARCHITECTURE PORTFOLIO Fernanda Gra ciano Arquitetura e Urbanismo | UFG +40 733 538 605 Skype: graciano.fernanda

PLUG-IN BUILDING Exercise 1 | Design Studio V Individual Professors: Eline Caixeta e José Arthur Frota

The task for this project was to design a parasite building that would be “plugged” to the building of the Faculty of Arts. The addition is intended to be a place for socialization and creative hub for the students, as the Faculty building lacks this kind of space.F



Social Housing Complex Exercise 1 | Studio IV Fernanda Graciano e Pedro Iago Professors: Frederico Rabelo e Fernando Mello

For this project, the task was to create a social housing complex with special attention to the urban connections and social context of the region. The main points to develop were to maintain previous paths keeping the main accesses recognizable and using modulated system to make the construction faster and more efficient. Also A more humanistic approach of giving an organic dynamic of arrangements and leaving space for future additions were prioritized.



Student Accomodation Integrated Design Project 2o Year | University of Lincoln Individual Professor: Marcin Kolakowski

The challenge of the project was to give this privileged site a nice student accomodation and also give use to the place under the bridge which is normally neglected and hostile.


Highway reconversion Urban Planning II Fernanda Graciano, Isabela Gramacho e Rafael Lustosa Professors: Pedro Britto Transformation of a former Highway in a more humane region, studying problems related to pedestrian accessibility and how to prevent gentrification.


Mixed use building Studio VI Fernanda Graciano e Higor Nobre Professors: Lucas Jordano e Fernando Mello

Mixed Use building with a shopping gallery on the base and two towers of apartments. The design intends to give more openings to urban context and connect important axis using an organic interior layout. The towers have interiour courtyards and a intermidate terrace to enjoy the view of the city.


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ADDITION TO MODERNIST BUILDING Exercise II | Studio Design V Individual Professors: Eline Caixeta e JosĂŠ Arthur Frota On this proposal, the addition to a previous modernist building is designed to dialogue with the previous one as a form opposition and enance the neighbour by cutting the slabs in angles that make possible its full comprehention. It also works on an urban level as being part of several pocket parks connected in a circuit, intending to make an ode to local vegetation, giving the path more meaning in the context of the city, since the modernist building houses a Federal Institute of Natural preservation and research center.


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Structural Systems II Fernanda Graciano e Iana Grecco Professors: Jeovan Lightweight 50 cm high structure designed to resist 50Kg. Items taken into consideration were the density of the wood, resistence, the connections on the trelice and aesthetics.

EARTH DOME ArchiLove Workshop Professors: Marcin Kolakowski SuperAdobe Dome building

PUBLIC LIBRARY Design Studio VII Fernanda Graciano e Vanessa Soares Professors: Lucas Jordano The Public Library here is thought as a place that can offer the user a variety of different places to study, both in relation to openings/enclosures and perception of hight. The program was divided in two blocks, one for more public uses such as theater exhibition gallery and a CafĂŠ and the other with the actual book collection. The two blocks are connected with a passage way in a steel treliss that is also study/meeting area. The book shelves continue the ring formed by the treliss in plan, and are also trelisses themselves, with the passages trimming the intermidiate shelves.

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